Pantheon / Theatric Convention

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Greater Gods

    Kermit the Frog 
Kermit the Frog, God of Muppets (Kermie, The Frog, Joel's Dad)
  • Theme Song: The Rainbow Connection
  • Greater God
  • Symbol: A logo of his head.
  • Alignment: Neutral Good
  • Portfolio: Straight Men, Only Sane Men, Only Sane Employees, Interspecies Romance, Rainbows.
  • Domains: Theater, Music, Banjos, Swamps, Rainbows
  • Allies:
  • Enemies:
    • Non-Ascended: Wart, Doc Hopper, Rachel Bitterman, Tex Richman.
    • Ascended: Cirno
  • Tries to act as the Straight Man in the Theater Pantheon and acts as host for most of the performances in the Theater. If not that, he usually makes sure everything is in order prior to everyone's performances.
    • Gets along with Mickey Mouse in regards, since Mickey usually turns his temple into a lounge known as the "House of Mouse".
  • He and Wart were both up for the God of Batracians, with Miss Piggy and Bowser fighting on their behalf. The battle was described as timeless. Bowser won when Miss Piggy was buried under a mountain of Thwomps.
    • However, he's more than fine with the current holder of the title, Greninja, and the two often help each other when Cirno proves too much for them.
  • Kermit has spent a good fifty years searching for the elusive Rainbow Connection. But he will only be able to find it with the lovers and dreamers.
  • Kermit has honorably said that he spiritually shares his title with his late friend Jim Henson, and every single fellow Muppet in existence.
  • Has actually teamed up with many wrestling gods where the Muppets interacted with them throughout the show. It was a sight to be hold.
  • Shares a Commonality Connection with Jareth, as they both came from the same creator.
  • Joel has respect for Kermit because of his voice, which reminds Joel of his dad. However, Kermit didn't like it when Joel brought up the time Kermit had teeth.
    • Joel is also the main reason why Kermit rarely lets other people use his computer. Weird things tend to happen when the streamer gets his hand on Kermit's laptop, such as irremovable pixelated desktop strippers, meat, ticks and complete destruction through malware and viruses. A strange purple monkey also has a tendency to appear during those odd times.
  • To the surprise of many, he and his pals have actually participated in a racing game before.

Mario, God of Fun and Mascots (Mr. Video Game Himself, Super Mario, formerly Jumpman, The Whimsical Italian Plumber)

Intermediate Gods

Ginosaji, The God of Torturously Long and Drawn-Out Murders, and Spoons (The Spoon Killer, The Horribly Slow Murderer with the Extremely Inefficient Weapon)
  • Rank: Intermediate God
  • Symbol: A square seal containing katakana reading “su-pu-n”.
  • Alignment: Neutral Evil
  • Portfolio: Spoons, Slowly Beating People To Death With A Spoon, Spoon Tapping, Cruel and Unusual Death, Implacable Man, Immortal Assassin, Improbable Weapon User, Silent Antagonist
  • Domains: Spoons, Stalking, Torture, Insanity, Patience, Murder (eventually)
  • Followers: “It”, Johnny, The Owner, Alanis Morissette, Jane
  • Allies: Alakazam, Pyramid Head, Slender Man, Balloon Boy, AM, The Jigsaw Killer, Mewtwo
  • Enemies: Luke Skywalker, Neo, Mahiro, The Doctor, Virtually Everyone in the House of Food
  • High Priest: The Sheriff of Nottingham, whose propensity for both torture and spoons was previously unmatched.
  • Due to the immortal nature of gods, he tends to give up and randomly choose a new victim after a certain amount of time. This amount of time can range anywhere between a couple of hours and a few years. Although he can’t actually kill any of them no matter how many times he hits them with a spoon, it still hurts like hell.
    • The only exception was Kenny McCormick, who was hit with a spoon a single time, causing him to fall over backwards off a cliff and into a pit of spikes, killing him. Ginosaji was especially confused the next day when he saw Kenny walking by as if nothing happened.
  • One of his favorite methods of torture is to repeatedly strike his victims hands while they are eating, causing them to drop their food/drink in the process. This has earned him the ire of the ENTIRE House of Food.
  • While Celty Sturluson was his chosen victim, he exclusively attacked her helmet. While no physical pain was caused, the noise was beyond unbearable. Any attempt she made at taking it off only resulted in him immediately putting it back on.
  • Magneto once tried to use his powers to take away Genosaji’s various spoons. It worked at first, until he literally pulled a wooden serving spoon out of his ass and started hitting him with it. It was considerably worse than the small metal spoons he was using.
  • Johnny Cage once tried to fend him off by punching his crotch. He refuses to talk about what happened afterwards…
  • Once defeated Luke Skywalker in a lightsaber duel. Luke doesn’t like to talk about it.
  • Despite his negative opinion on any creature that relentlessly stalks its victims, The Doctor is openly impressed by his sheer talent with spoons.
  • The gods in general prefer not to engage him, out of fear of being repeatedly and mercilessly whacked with a spoon.
  • Was allies with Jigsaw to setting up the greatest, most psychologically painful trap ever produced. Out of relief of everyone in the Pantheon, the two butt-head over different methods (Jigsaw prefers to avoid the dirty works while Ginosaji wants to go there and attack directly) and parted way.
  • However, he doesn't chase after Tommy Wiseau after learning that the latter has weird fascination for spoons and plans to steal all his spoons so Wiseau can decorate his temple with them.
  • Is currently interested in recruiting Alakazam and Mewtwo given that both of them can be seen holding a spoon as their weapons. Mewtwo is annoyed by this given that only an alternative version of it holds a spoon.

    Monty Spam Pythons 
Graham Spam Spam Spam Chapman, John Spam John Spam John Spam Cleese, Michael Spam Palin, Eric Spam Eggs And Chips Idle, Spam Terry Jones and Terry Spam Sausage Spam Egg Spam Gilliam, Gods of Comedy and Spam (Monty Spam Pythons)

    White Mage 
White Mage, Patron Saint of Brick Jokes
  • Intermediate Goddess
  • Symbol: Her robes
  • Alignment: Lawful Good
  • Portfolio: White Mage, Dude Magnet, No Good Deed Goes Unpunished, Using a Huge Mallet, Defeating the Final Boss For the Sake of Joke Whose Set-Up Was Years Ago
  • Heralds: Priest, Shaman, and Healer
  • Allies: Fighter, Warrior of Light, Rosa, Terra, Aeris, Rinoa, Yuna, Cosmos, Amy Rose, Ryu
  • Conflicting opinions on: Black Mage, Thief, Red Mage, Vivi, Garland
  • Enemies: Sarda, Chaos, most of the Final Fantasy villains, YHVH, Zamasu
  • Ascended in recognition of her defeat of Chaos, even if the only reason White Mage and her group defeated the dark lord was to fulfill a punchline to an anticlimactic joke set nine years before (as Black Mage was in disbelief that a party of only healers could go anywhere). And needless to say, both Chaos himself and his vessel in White Mage's world, Sarda, are pretty unhappy about her presence.
  • Aside from Token Good Teammate Fighter, she's not all that positive about the Light Warriors, given they're jerks who caused her much pain, even if indirectly, and still wanted to take credit for the defeat of Chaos if not for her eventually campaigning for the Dark Warriors as the true saviors. Special contempt is reserved for Black Mage, who's not only as evil as it gets, but a perverted Abhorrent Admirer. Still, Red Mage and Thief seem to not have much resentments for White Mage.
  • She's gotten along pretty well with Fighter's original inspiration Warrior of Light, and all the magic women of the Final Fantasy series. Even if her Black Mage forever taints her opinion of him, Vivi is still trying to win White Mage over, and the fact that in her world Garland was a Ineffectual Sympathetic Villain who White Mage decided to campaign as part of the true saviors also makes her not fully oppose the version in the Pantheon.
  • Amy Rose decided to go after White Mage hearing she was another girl who attacked with an Hyperspace Mallet, and their similar personalities made them get along, even if their love lives are true opposites (Amy is ignored by the object of her affection, White Mage is disgusted to no end by the guy with a crush on her).
  • Decided to come closer to Ryu for reminding of his former bodyguard, Black Belt, and White Mage has since assisted Ryu on occasion by healing him after fights.
  • Even if she indirectly is the God of her world as Sarda accidentally sent her to the beginning of time, where White Mage ordered the creation of light and matter, the Main House still thinks she's not that much more powerful than the Light Warriors. That being said, being a creator figure makes White Mage an automatic enemy of YHVH.
  • Is well-liked by Cosmos for her defeat of Chaos and being a paragon of good even if the Crapsack World White Mage lived in made sure all her benevolent deeds eventually collapsed. Zamasu argues her world is awful because the universe being created by a mortal breaking the time taboo and declared it beyond saving, expressing his interest in wanting to blow the whole thing up out of disgust. White Mage proceeded to hammer him in the face for being such a prick.

Lesser Gods

    Dolph Ziggler 
Dolph Ziggler, God of Selling (Ziggles, Nicky, Nick Nemeth)
  • Theme Song: "Here To Show The World".
  • Lesser God
  • Symbol: #HEEL... even after turning Face.
  • Alignment: Neutral Evil as a Heel, Neutral Good as a Face
  • Portfolio: Selling, Attention Whoring, Camp Straight, Narcissism, Compressed Hair, Anti Heroes, #HEEL Even After Turning Face, Badass Boasting, Chick Magnets, Sarcasm.
  • Domains: Wrestling, Perfection, Show-Offs.
  • Follower: Heath Slater.
  • Allies: Miki Aono (borders on Conflicting Opinion), Vegeta.
  • Former Ally: A.J. Lee (his ex-girlfriend).
  • Rivals:
  • Enemies: Alberto Del Rio (non-ascended), The Wyatt Family
  • Cashed in Money in the Bank on Eragon in order to take his power. When the Pantheon saw his skills at making any more look intensely powerful, they awarded him a seat in the House of Theater.
  • Is often times called a show-off by other Gods, he retorts that "It's not showing off if you can back it up!'
  • Despite only winning about half his matches in the Pantheon, the other deities still have a good time watching both his victories and losses. He makes loosing look good!
  • His hair is considered a nightmare for the House of Shape and Craft. No matter what they try to do for it, it always becomes messed up like all hell whenever he starts a fight.
  • Underwent a Heel–Face Turn as a result showing a Never Say "Die" attitude after a serious fight against Alberto Del Rio, who performed a Face–Heel Turn.
    • As a result of this, Miki Aono is currently helping him with improving his perfect qualities without turning heel again. Sadly, he went back to his old ways as a heel, prompting the Pretty Cure to bring him back to his righteous path all over again.
  • Currently awaiting for the ascension of his friendly rival Big E Langston.
  • Does not like to remember that he used to be a cheerleader named Nicky or a golf caddy known as Nick Nemeth.

    Filthy Frank 
Filthy Frank, God of Taking Things So Far That They Become Funny Once Again (Papa Frank, Furanku-Sama, Kamikaze Failure Frank, b0ssnote , Francis of the Filth)

    George Carlin 
George Carlin, God of Black Comedy and Patron Saint of the Seven Dirty Words (That Old Fuck, Mr. Conductor, Rufus)
  • Lesser God
  • Symbol: A microphone with seven particular words encircling it
  • Alignment: Neutral Good, but loves playing as Chaotic Evil for the audiences
  • Portfolio: Acceptable Targets, Knowing How Far to Push a Joke, Swearing, Age-induced cynicism, Nice People Who Play Mean Characters, Enjoying Suffering, Refuge in Audacity
  • Domains: Dark Comedy, Swearing, Ranting
  • Followers: Many, many mortal comedians.
  • Upon ascending and having it explained to him what it meant, he proceeded to launch into a twenty-five minute long rant about how ridiculous the idea was that now he's the invisible man people pray to, what the hell sort of universe is this, although if it's for real, now that he's a god he can have fun playing with the mortals, especially the ones who were assholes to him while he was alive on earth. He concluded by saying "fuck the pantheon, fuck the gods...and fuck everyone now that I think of it!"
  • He still performs his famous routines on-stage every week for packed audiences. When it was once asked how he can continue to mock religion now that he himself is a god, he replied "You're just gonna have to figure that shit out on your own". He's eagerly waiting for the final battle between good and evil, as he think it's funny when a lot of people die — now a lot of gods dying, that's hilarious.
  • Is actually a very nice and gentle man, and is happy to receive visitors and chat with them when he isn't on stage.
    • In fact, when Ringo Starr of the Beatles isn't telling stories to child deities about Thomas the Tank Engine and friends, Mr. Carlin is happy to take over.

    The Ghost Planet Staff 
The Ghost Planet Staffmembers , Collective of the 2-for-1 Show (Space Ghost: Tad Ghostal, S.G.)
Left to right: Space Ghost, Moltar, Zorak
  • Theme Music: Hit Single; Ghost Planet National Anthem (and its remix)
  • Lesser Gods
  • Symbol: Space Ghost's desk, Zorak's 360 keyboard, and Moltar's lever; alternatively, the Ghost Planet building
  • Alignment: True Neutral, though Zorak has Chaotic Neutral tendencies (originally, Space Ghost was Lawful Good and Zorak & Moltar were Neutral Evil)
  • Portfolio: Completely Different Personalities Compared to Their Original Appearances, Talk Shows That get Derailed, Medium Blending, Stylistic Suck, Jerkasses
  • Domains: Talk, Comedy, Vitriol
  • Herald: Brak
  • Allies (or more accurately, those they can tolerate): TOM, Powerpuff Girls, Dexter, Batman, Homer Simpson, Nanoha Takamachi, Stan Marsh, Kyle Broflovski, Eric Cartman (mostly for Zorak), Kenny McCormick
  • Enemies (or nuisances to their show, mostly for Space Ghost at least): The Spy, Trollkaiger, Itazura Griefers
  • Originally, Space Ghost was a superhero and among his enemies included Zorak & Moltar. Times have changed and now S.G works as a talk show host. The aforementioned villains are stuck working with him as punishment (Zorak is bandleader and Moltar is director/producer). Although the main point of the talk show is to interview guests, the on-set antics between the host, bandleader, and director/producer make their way into the interviews, often leading to comedic disasters (and they happen off-set as well).
  • Prior to discovering the Pantheon, the three have had difficulties following the end of their show in the mortal world (since their former superior disowned them). They just happened to encounter the Pantheon by chance after being approached by Haruhi Suzumiya for something. Haruhi enjoyed their antics and offered to help them continue their show by doing a Pantheonic version of it. The three agreed to the offer, even if the schedules proved to be highly irregular (along with annoyance that they couldn't represent Talk Shows in general).
  • Although Pantheonic deities are sometimes called to be a guest on their show, mortals have also appeared as well. There is a decent chance that someone who went on the three's show will get ascended at a later point in time. Not that it matters to them much, since these kinds of people may be a guest on their show again if possible.
  • For whatever reason, regardless of if someone has powers or not, Space Ghost will ask his guests what superhero they are and what powers they have. It tends to get awkward for those who don't have powers and for those who do have powers, it isn't much better.
  • Space Ghost previously met Batman one time. During Batman's interview, S.G remarked that Batman could have his own talk show if motivated enough, though the Caped Crusader turned down the idea. There was also that time Zorak attempted to be "Batmantis" on the show (though only in a dream), though the mantis is willing to do it again if possible.
  • TOM went on the show one time and was surprised to encounter Moltar since the very early looks of the former resemble that of the latter (or Moltar may have hosted TOM's programming back then before TOM came along, it's hard to say). TOM did give the three credit for serving as a springboard for both Toonami (it was before anime was part of the block) and [adult swim].
    • The show also provided an early look at Dexter and the Powerpuff Girls one time. During their guest appearance, the girls told Space Ghost that showing a clip for less than a second didn't really count as a preview. The host responded that time issues was the reason, though the girls don't really buy into it.
  • They are all on really tense terms with French deities since Space Ghost attacked France over inventing the word montage (after seeing a montage full of his mishaps). Some (mainly the more dickish ones) went as far as refusing to appear on his show just to spite him, though the nicer French deities have attempted to reason with the production staff. Given S.G's attitude, it's proven difficult to say the least.
  • During the time that Nanoha Takamachi was a guest, S.G assumed that she was a popular star of an original franchise. She corrected him by saying that her popular adventures were originally rooted in a different outing. There was some awkward silence following that (since the three knew their original outings weren't going to be as popular as their talk show), though the rest of the interview didn't go as bad as some of the other ones.
  • The three all have very limited movement for some reason. This led to trouble when Inferno Cop was called in to guest star. During that interview, S.G called the cop out for "simply standing there for no reason at all" and an unexplained calamity between the two ensued. Those who were involved with the incident refuse to say anything about it.
  • The Spy has proven to be a significant disruption to the show thanks to his ability to disguise himself as anyone (including those involved with production, interviewees and Chad Ghostal, much to Tad's frustration). Even though Haruhi helped S.G get his show back on track, she hasn't acknowledged his requests to keep The Spy off the air, partially since Zorak and Moltar tend to enjoy S.G suffering from these kinds of incidents.
    • And on that note, devious pranksters such as Trollkaiger (and the Itazura Griefers to a lesser extent) have derailed the show several times. Most of the time, it's Space Ghost who gets upset whenever they turn up on the show uninvited.
  • The trio gets along pretty well with the South Park kids, given that both of them are groups who have a member that they can't tolerate much, but keep around anyways. Zorak in particular, enjoys Cartman's company and are seen talking in their free time.
    • To a lesser extent, this could be applicable to the Survivor Crew as well, as far as that "intolerable member of a group is kept for reasons" thing is concerned (though if anyone were to ask S.G about his group, he'd say that Zorak & Moltar are intolerable. The two think S.G is the intolerable one).
  • They have known a few gods prior to ascension thanks to having brief references to them on their talk show. Among the interviewees they had included Adam West, Weird "Al" Yankovic, Hulk Hogan, and Jerry Springer. S.G knows Homer Simpson due to interviewing the latter's superior and even watching bits and pieces of Homer's show (they have conversations whenever S.G isn't busy). Much to Luke Skywalker's bewilderment, Space Ghost somehow can't get Luke's name correct. James T. Kirk finds it odd that Moltar is writing fan-fiction about Star Trek. Even Tommy Wiseau was interviewed as S.G., Zorak, and Moltar were watching The Room. The three didn't like or understand the movie.
  • Zorak is largely known for his keyboard, which can produce a variety of sounds depending on what is happening. He's also the one who tends to talk to music-related guests whenever S.G isn't around. Zorak himself plays an electric guitar at times whenever he visits the House of Music.
  • Aside from their talk show, Space Ghost and Zorak, alongside their herald Brak, host a variety show. As of late though, only Zorak and Brak have done much of the work on that variety show (and Zorak is trying to find something for Brak just so the latter can shut up about not being ascended properly).
  • It doesn't happen often, but the three do become more dangerous if their original personalities come to surface. It really only happens if either the GUAG (in Space Ghost's case) or GUAE (as far as Zorak and Moltar are concerned) want them for more serious matters that don't pertain to the talk show.
    Mr. Slave 
Mr. Slave, God of the Ass Shove

    Robot Chicken 
Robot Chicken, God of Rapid-Fire Comedy

    Sideshow Bob 
Sideshow Bob, Patron of Rake-Related Injuries (Robert Underdunk Terwilleger)
  • Theme Music: Cape Fear theme (or something similar to it)
  • Lesser God
  • Symbol: A pair of big floppy shoes
  • Alignment: Neutral Evil
  • Portfolio: Monster Ex-Clown, Affably Evil Erudite Bastards, Recidivism, Revenge, The Chew Toy, Evil Redhead, Has Generally Been Targeting Bart, Even if Bob's Plans have been Ruined by Others
  • Domains: Retribution, Knowledge, Spite
  • Allies: The Penguin, Ratigan
  • Enemies: Bart Simpson, Homer Simpson, Marge Simpson, Krusty, Stewie Griffin, Billy
  • Commonality Connection with: Wile E. Coyote
  • Wary of: Norman Osborn
  • Dislikes: Chiaki Nanami, Travis Touchdown, Umaru Doma, anyone that likes (in his view) lowbrow entertainment
  • Bob originally served as Krusty's assistant and one who has a preference in high-class entertainment. Unfortunately, he became the victim of slapstick that happened on the show and his interests were not acknowledged in that stint. This made him hate Krusty, and to an even greater extent, Bart Simpson, who exposed him for a crime after Bob took over Krusty's show. Rakes are Bob's other archenemy; he has a life outside of Bart.
  • Originally the holder of Wicked Cultured, Sideshow Bob's title was changed for some unknown reason (most believe that it was a group of pranksters behind it). Naturally, when he found out that his new title represented slapstick and not something related to his interests, he was rather agitated to put it mildly.
  • He shares quite a few things in common with Wile E. Coyote. Both of them have intellectual quirks and are trying to defeat a prey that they consider inferior (Bart for Bob and the Roadrunner for the Coyote). They only talk about their escapades and don't exchange plans with each other whenever they meet.
    • Bob later found out that, on a darker note, he had a bit in common with Norman Osborn. Mainly, both were relatively decent people at first until a turn of events led them to be evil and have been constantly targeting someone (again, Bart for Bob and Peter Parker for Norman). While Bob had his family to support him and he even tried to be a nice person on occassion, Norman seems to have embraced his own insanity to torment Peter and others who have loved ones. Although Norman liked how Bob was tormenting the Simpsons family through trying to murder Bart, Bob doesn't want much to do with Norman and has kept the interactions between each other at an extreme minimum.
  • A highly notable trait of his is the big feet (this is what led to him getting busted the first time). If there is a use to it, it would be to crush grapes for wine. He sometimes goes to the House of Food to do just that. The wines are often served to villainous deities looking for something classy to drink.
  • As previously mentioned, Bob used to be a clown, but hated the job. Even if that's the case, that doesn't stop deities who are afraid of clowns, such as Billy and Wakko Warner, from opposing him by virtue of being an ex-clown (there's the evil thing as well, but that's a different matter).
  • Bob grew to dislike Stewie Griffin quite a bit after the baby kidnapped and tortured him one time. Of course, plans for payback against Stewie is in a lower priority for Bob compared to retaliation against Bart. To be fair though, Bart did get weirded out by what Stewie did in regards to Bob.
  • As someone who champions high culture, he has a distaste towards anyone that likes, in his view, inferior entertainment. Bob has been trying to get these deities to share his interests, but hasn't been really successful in that regard.
    • In an attempt to try and spread his highbrow interests further, Bob has been trying to convince some members of the House of Commerce to fund a new program that would be similar to his failed original attempt back at Springfield. Progress has been slow, but Bob is confident that it will work this time around.
  • Whenever he isn't planning revenge against Bart, Bob would visit the House of Knowledge to read up on some classic media. He would encounter a few other cultured villains there such as The Penguin and Ratigan on an infrequent basis, usually talking about their interests.
  • While Bob has still planned his revenge against Bart in the Pantheon, those plans have recently been thwarted by some more resourceful deities. Even these particular deities find it odd that Bob is still hellbent on defeating Bart, even if Bob's plans failed as a result of the interference of others.
  • Once again Bob hypnotizes Bart into becoming his apprentice and then made Bart into looking like him. The Simpsons try to find a way to save Bart before it too late. By the end The spell was broken when Bart started hearing Lisa cry for her brother back.
  • Deciden to make a visit to the House of Prophecy to see if he can get any positive news. He was frustrated upon learning that a rake would apparently be involved in ending his life. It goes without saying that Death Is Cheap in the Pantheon, but this only made Bob hate rakes (and his current title by extension) even more after that.
  • After enough time passed, Bob finally got his chance to kill Bart...over and over again, in fact. Unfortunately for Bob, that experience was short-lived and the Reanimator machine he used has apparently disappeared shortly thereafter. Despite that, Bob is still looking for a real victory against Bart.
  • Even though he's no longer Krusty's assistant, he still goes by the monkier Sideshow Bob rather than his real name, Robert Terwilleger. Of course, for simplicity's sake, most simply refer to him as Bob. Surprisingly enough, he's not angry that often if people call him Sideshow Bob; the anger only happens if someone reminds him of his clown past.

    Tom and Jerry 
Tom and Jerry, Gods of Slapstick (Tom: Tommy, Thomas)

    William T. Riker 
William Thomas Riker, God of Significantly Improved Storylines (Will, Number One)
  • Lesser God
  • Symbol: The Starfleet Symbol
  • Alignment: Lawful Good
  • Portfolio: Number One To Captain Picard, Gentle Giant, Badass Beard That Signified an Improvement in the Series, Guile Hero, Going to Holodeck Four, The Kirk, Happily Married To Deanna Troi, Lethal Chef, Not Taking Promotions, His Surname Being An Anagram of Kirk with An Added R, Deadpan Snarker, Ethical Slut, Military Maverick
  • Domain: Space, Law, Storyline Advancement, Good Receptions, Love
  • Herald: Deanna Troi (his wife)
  • Allies: Jean-Luc Picard, Worf, James T. Kirk, Spock, Leonard McCoy, Kathryn Janeway and Jonathan Archer, Hal Jordan, Captain Titus, Orion, Hellboy, James Raynor, Goliath
  • Enemies: Khan Noonien Singh, Borg Queen, Arael, Necrons and Orks, Darth Sidious
  • Teeth-Clenched Teamwork: David Xanatos
  • Ever notice when a series suddenly becomes better in quality? That's the work of William Riker, whose famous beard represented the moment where his series ultimately carved its own place in the Star Trek series. For such an achievement, and because he needed his XO to run the Enterprise-E to maximum efficiency, Jean-Luc Picard requested that Riker be ascended to the Pantheon. After much deliberation, the Court of the Gods agreed to his request.
  • Originally, he was something of an expy of famous Starfleet captain James T. Kirk, but with the beard came a newfound gravitas and sense of responsibility. Still, Riker considers Kirk something of a mentor and defers to his judgment whenever Picard is unavailable. Kirk is proud Riker ultimately became his own character and they remain good friends.
  • When last seen in the mortal realm, he had married Counselor Deanna Troi. The House of Love threw a big party to celebrate and has been trying to find a way to ascend Deanna as well.
  • Amazed that Kathryn Janeway and Jonathan Archer are also in the Pantheon as well. Janeway and Archer acknowledge it was through Riker's influence that their shows found a stable audience and lasted as long as they did and have recommended him in retaking his captaincy of the Titan, but Riker declines. He is happy enough serving Picard, who needs all the help he can get.
  • Was confused by Goliath for his Arch-Enemy David Xanatos for having the same voice. Once the mistake was cleared up, they became friends, with Goliath becoming advisor to Riker in battle strategy and philosophy.
    • Unfortunately, given the constant threats the Federation faces both inside and outside the Pantheon, Riker was forced into an uneasy alliance with Xanatos. Although Xanatos' intelligence and resources would be useful against the Federation's enemies, Riker knows that Xanatos would have something to gain at their expense. Goliath offered his assistance should Xanatos ever try something.
  • His wife Deanna was Mind Raped by Shinzon's Reman viceroy, causing him to develop an antagonism who rape their victims in their minds. For that reason, he has put Arael in his hitlist.
    • Speaking of the Reman viceroy, he once confused Orion and Hellboy for him due to his voice. Fortunately, the mistake was cleared up and they became good friends, gathering for combat training and drinks whenever they are able.
    • The battle with Shinzon has also made Riker wary of Darth Sidious, whose Death Stars are more powerful and destructive than the Scimitar.
  • Jim Raynor has become a good friend to Riker, seeing much of his XO Matt Horner in him. Until he can find a way to ascend him, Raynor often asks Riker to take command of the Hyperion whenever he goes on away missions. At first, Riker as reluctant but Picard advised him to take the Hyperion's bridge to keep his own captaining skills sharp.
  • Known for his tendency to play fast-and-loose with military protocols, he is steadfast allies with Hal Jordan and Captain Titus. Granted, Starfleet is only partially a military organization, but the three's actions regularly demonstrate how uptight and overly obsessed with rules and regulations militaries can be, especially the Ultramarines. Many heroic deities praise them for being more concerned with their missions than with how it would look on their records.
    • Thanks to intelligence gathered by Titus, Riker has become aware of the Necrons, who he sees as monstrous as the Borg, and the Orks, who are significantly more primitive and savage than the Klingons. Upon informing Picard of this, they have decided to upgrade the Enterprise with weapons and defenses in case a confrontation happens. On Riker's advice, Titus and Picard have also requested a formal meeting with the Emperor and his associates to discuss the possibility of an alliance between the Federation and the Imperium, not wanting to repeat what happened with the Dominion.


    Amy Wong 
Amy Wong, Goddess of Equal Opportunity Slapstick (The Klutz from Mars)

    Mr. Bean 
Mr. Bean, God of Comedic Sociopaths (Bean, Rowan Bean)

    Foghorn Leghorn 
Foghorn Leghorn, Patron Saint of Unintentional Criticism Validation (Foggy, Loud-Mouthed Schnook)
  • Theme Music: Camptown Races (part of it at least; usually sung by himself); Cock of the Walk (if he's feeling bold)
  • Demigod
  • Symbol: His face
  • Alignment: Chaotic Good/True Neutral
  • Portfolio: Large Ham, "Awesome McCool" Name, Motor Mouth, Jerk with a Heart of Gold, Clucking Funny, Meaningful Name
  • Domains: Chickens, Comedy
  • Heralds: Henery Hawk, Barnyard Dawg, Miss Prissy, Egghead Jr., Fowlmouth
  • Allies: Bugs Bunny, Daffy Duck, Billy Hatcher, The Farmer, Lolranger
  • Rivals: Itazura Griefers, Eustace Bagge
  • Enemies: Trollkaiger, Grand Duke of Owls
  • Sitcom Arch-Nemesis with: Link, Duck Hunt Dog
  • A loudmouthed and fast-talking rooster, Foghorn Leghorn is known for being a bit of a prankster towards those that deliberately harm him and making snarky simile-styled remarks at anyone he witnesses doing something kind of stupid. That said, whenever someone tends to fire an insult back at him, whatever Foghorn says in an attempt to refute it seem to indicate that the insult directed at him is accurate, whether he wants it or not.
  • The Grand Duke of Owls was really offended when he learned about another rooster. Although Foghorn doesn't really do a whole lot in the way of signaling when morning arrives (though there was that one time where an argument between Foggy, Sylvester, Henery Hawk, and Barnyard Dawg took place on what constitued a rooster that ended with whoever would did cock-a-doodle at morning being considered that animal), it didn't stop the owl from coming up with various schemes to at the very least, put Foghorn in an undesirable scenario.
  • Foghorn has taken plenty of issue towards Link's pointless attacking of Cuccos and finds it satisfying whenever these chickens attack Link in retaliation. Link doesn't care that much for the rooster, but decided not to attack him out of concern that whatever Foghorn could do in retaliation is just as bad as what the Cuccos could do.
  • If in a rather mischievious mood, the Duck Hunt Dog would go out and annoy Foggy with his assortment of weapons. Needless to say, Foghorn would often get back at that dog with his own set of tricks. In a way it's much like Foghorn's confrontations with the Barnyard Dawg, only with a lot more explosive cans and frisbees involved.
  • Despite being a kid in a chicken suit (something that Foghorn pointed out the first time they met in his own unique way), Billy Hatcher gets along pretty well with him regardless of the chicken not really doing much in regards to a rooster's typical duty signaling when morning will come.
  • After hearing about a group of pranksters Bugs Bunny befriended and formed a group with, the chicken decided to see what that wabbit was talking about. Foghorn occasionally gets himself involved with the shenanigans of Lolranger. As for the other prankster groups, he naturally didn't like Trollkaiger for being too deliberately malicious for jokesters and often gets into a kerfuffle against the Itazura Griefers.
  • He can usually be seen relaxing on the fields that are tended by The Farmer. The Farmer doesn't mind that much, though he (sometimes she) finds it kind of weird to be seeing a giant talking chicken amidst the normal-sized, non-talking, animals on a farm.
    • On the other hand, there's often conflict going on between him and rival farmer Eustace Bagge. Foghorn often belittles him over being a cruel and selfish person that has accomplished very little. Eustace would often fire back, claiming that Foghorn hasn't been that successful at other things either. Shouting matches between the two are not uncommon and they sometimes end with slapstick involved.
  • While he isn't the most pleasant guy out there due to his loudness, he is capable of showing niceness depending on what happens. On a handful of occasions, he is a legitimately caring person, though his intelligence isn't that great during those instances. That and he placed plenty of trust on Daffy (who is probably an even bigger idiot than Foghorn sometimes) in these moments.
  • No one is sure why he decided to promote fried chicken for a short period of time at the House of Food. It took a while before Foghorn realized the implications of such to stop him promoting meals that are basically that of his own kind. Either that or him being shown this and getting offended by it was the cause for him quitting that job.
    • Following that debacle, he decided to try and be a book narrator. Not only did it turn out that he'd make a bad example of such, but the whole incident ended up being used to promote car insurance, of all things.

Prince Hamlet, God of Talking to the Skull and Guilt Reminder (Prince of Denmark)
  • Theme Song: "The Ghost"
  • Symbol: A man holding a skull.
  • Alignment: Lawful Neutral
  • Demigod
  • Domain: Murder, Family, Love, Revenge, Interpretation, Insanity
  • Portfolio: Wants revenge for his father but can't decide to kill Claudius, Alternative Character Interpretation, , varying between Obfuscating Insanity and Ambiguous Disorder, inconsistent age, throws a play to reminds Claudius about his crime, Talks to the skull of a jester and laments about his life, Byronic Hero, Honor Before Reason, being mean to everyone, being mean to Ophelia, Mood-Swinger, Sociopathic Hero, Royal Brat
  • Allies: Mufasa, Jekyll and Hyde, Alexander the Great, Edmund Dantes
  • Enemies: Scar, the Hyenas, Macbeth, Lady Macbeth, any pirates in the Pantheon, Shylock, Romeo and Juliet, Faust, Cinderella, Lord Voldermort, Spider-Man / Peter Parker
  • Opposed by: Many deities from A Song of Ice and Fire, Guts, Pitch, Stephen Strange, the good-aligned deities in the House of Love, John Watson, the Doctor, Jessica Jones
  • Superior: William Shakespeare
  • Complicated Relationship with: Ophelia, King Arthur, Ramses
  • Annoyed by: Wade Wilson / Deadpool, Timon and Pumbaa,
  • Darker and Edgier version of: Simba
  • Pitied by: Those who lost their parents
  • Teeth-Clenched Teamwork with: Any ascended non-Death Eaters Harry Potter deities, Nicholas Saint North, Jack Frost
  • The Prince of Denmark who famously killed his father's usurper after a long period of time deciding, Prince Hamlet's spirit accidentally stumbles into the Pantheon. After finding out that he is the Trope Namer of two temples in the Pantheon, he was resurrect and ascend into the Pantheon.
  • One of the most contentious problems he was asked is what the heck is his age considering the fact that he is stated to be a student but remembers Yorick, man who died 23 years ago, in his famous monologue. He and his superior avoid this question whenever it was asked.
  • His indecision to not kill Claudius that ended up getting almost everyone killed isn't respected by many deities from Game of Thrones who are all scolding him for not seizing the chance to reclaim his rightful position.
  • His reunion with Ophelia, the woman that went insane because of him and the daughter of the man he accidentally killed, is a pretty tragic one. Ophelia, while still love Hamlet, can't forgive him for the murder of her father and brother while Hamlet is kneeling on the ground to beg for her forgiveness. The two of them broke off their relationship and left on bad term. However, Hamlet usually runs Ophelia's daily temple duty for her due to her insanity as a form of repentance.
  • Absolutely despises the Macbeths for their status as usurpers of the throne. The fact that they have many look-a-like didn't help the situation either.
  • Admits that he chuckles a little bit when seeing Bart Simpson's attempt to throw a play to get Moe Syzlak to commit his crime as a Shout-Out to him.
  • Was once visited by Deadpool because the merc heard about someone who also held a decapitated head and broke the fourth wall. Like most people, Hamlet is soon annoyed by Deadpool's behavior.
  • Him and Simba are frequently compared to each other due to the fact that the lion is basically a Lighter and Softer version of Hamlet. The two of them arranged a meeting with each other and actually got along pretty well. Hamlet wished Simba the best in ruling his kingdom while Simba holds Hamlet as a cautionary tells of himself.
    • Getting along with Simba, Hamlet of course despises Scar along with his lackeys and promise to turn them into a pelt whenever the prince came across the lion.
    • Seeing Mufasa on the cloud overwhelm Hamlet of the memory of his own father to the point that the prince drop to his knee and cry. Since then, he and Simba has been seeing Mufasa's grave and looking for any sight of him in the Pantheon.
  • Being responsible for Ophelia's situation, he isn't very welcomed by the good-aligned deities within the House of Love.
  • King Arthur and Hamlet has complicated relationship because while the King sympathize with his intention, Arthur dislikes his treatment of Ophelia and the people surrounding him that has nothing to do with Claudius.
  • A long running character, Hamlet's look has brought him many interesting interaction with many deities in the Pantheon.
    • Being Christian, responsible for Ophelia's insanity and sometimes looks like him, Shylock isn't Hamlet's biggest fan. The same story, minus the fact of being a Christian can be said for Romeo and Juliet and Othello.
    • Cinderella also isn't his biggest fan either due to the his treatment of Ophelia and for looks like her father-in-law. The same can be said for Stephen Strange and Peter Parker (for looking like his deceased father Richard.
    • Being the person who is sometime interpreted as two different people, this made him has some common ground with Jekyll and Hyde. The fact that one of their version looks the same is just a bonus.
    • Once scared the heck out of Faust because the latter thought that Mephistopheles AND a few version of himself has ascended into the Pantheon. Being Christian, Hamlet is absolutely disgusted with Faust action.
    • He and Alexander the Great get along surprisingly well for their share grief of their father being assassinated and shares look but Alexander usually criticizes Hamlet for his indecisiveness.
    • Discover a pleasant surprise when paying tribute to Edmund Dantes that the two of them looks similar.
    • A little bit freak out that he looks like the Dark Lord Voldemort and has entered an uneasy alliance with many Harry Potter deities to protect himself. A similar story happens to Jack Frost and Nicholas Saint North because of his voice.
      • This version of him also brings him many weird interaction. One of which is Ramses, whom he sympathize for losing a love one but disapprove of slavery.
    • Titania, Oberon and Puck absolutely refuse to interact with him due to many version of him looks like one of the mortals they met, or even Titania herself.
    • John Watson doesn't like to interact with him due to his ambiguous insanity as well as the fact that many versions of him looks like either Watson himself or Sherlock.
    • The Doctor also isn't his biggest fans after discovering that the two of them has a few look-a-like for his poor treatment of many people that wasn't involved with his father's murder.
    • Jessica Jones almost punched him because she thought that the Purple Man has ascended the Pantheon. She apologizes after clearing up the misunderstanding but still doesn't forgive Hamlet's treatment of the people around him that didn't play a role in King Hamlet's death.
  • To be or not to be. That is the question.

    Kaikaina "Sister" Grif 
Private Kaikaina "Sister" Grif, Goddess of Squicky Non-Sequiturs (Sister)

    Lucy (Whacked!) 
Lucy, Goddess of the Censor Box
Lucy, pictured during one of the few times she's wearing clothesClick here for how she usually walks around 
  • Demigoddess
  • Symbol: One of the censor bars she walks around with
  • Theme Song: Whacked! Theme Song
  • Alignment: Chaotic Neutral
  • Portfolio: Censor Box, Covers Always Lie, Extreme Omnisexual, Fighting Clown, Hidden Depths (business-savvy), Improbable Weapon User, Interspecies Fling (very brief), Ludicrous Gibs upon death, Really Gets Around, Regenerating Health, Scratch Damage if not armed, Seven Deadly Sins (Lust, in this case), Super Mode, You Gotta Have Blue Hair
  • Domains: Lust, Censorship, Game Shows, Cartoons
  • Allies: Juliet Starling, playboys who can back up their flirting, Mordin Solus
  • Enemies: Slaanesh
  • Opposes: Playboys who can't back up their flirting
  • Uneasy Alliance with: The House of Profession
  • Unknown Relationship: Panty Anarchy
  • When a demonic game show host named Van Tastic sought out contestants for a game show called Whacked!, it took on seven Toons, each one representing the seven deadly sins. Lucy represented lust, and constantly walked or ran around naked. As such, she was almost always presented as wearing censor bars. There aren't many other characters in fiction or people in real life so strongly associated with the Censor Box; thus was Lucy ascended, for better or for worse.
  • Though her temple is in the House of Theater, she's much more often found in the House of Love, especially the Lustful Acts and Lustful Behavior subhouses. She is a very promiscuous character, willing to "do it" with nearly anything with a sex drive.
    • We say "nearly" because, yes, there are exceptions. It is possible for her to be unsatisfied with her partner's...performance in bed — especially if they're...under-equipped, let's say — and if her interactions with Otto in this scene are evidence, she's not interested in pale, skinny, and/or lazy people, not to mention she seems disgusted by even the idea of (ahem) "bodily refuse". She also seems to dislike creatures with such bizarre anatomy as Toof.
    • Some are surprised to know there actually IS more to Lucy than her lust. She also seems to have a very authoritative attitude and sometimes demonstrates advanced knowledge of legal business. She'll likely analyze her audience — figurative or literal — to decide what she's going to wear for certain moments — and she is forced by the Court of the Gods to wear clothing whenever she's outside of her temple or the Lust subhouse. She has also once recited a long and accurately-detailed legal document based solely on memory, which is no small feat.
      • Her business savvy combined with her lustful nature makes her a source of confusion for the House of Profession. They're not sure what to make of her; she doesn't have the most clean reputation, but from what little they know of her Hidden Depths, she seems like she'd know how to make money if she were interested in that. They wonder if all this makes her a sort of "Bunny-Ears Lawyer"...
  • Lucy is aware she's far from the only "Lucy" in the Pantheon. Most of the other "Lucys" have expressed either embarrassment or disgust. This Lucy doesn't seem to care.
    • She also has a similar voice to certain other deities, which has similarly disturbed many of those deities and/or those who know them. One exception would be Juliet Starling — it's quite easy to mistake one for the other if you're simply going by their voices, especially due to their flirtatious personalities. They even can both fight, and when they fight their respective enemies, it ends in blood and gibs — some more gratuitous than others — though Lucy's style of fighting is very cartoonish compared to Juliet's. As well, despite Juliet's flirtatious nature, she's faithful to her boyfriend. This initially confused Lucy, since said boyfriend is now only a head. Of course, she then figured that they make it work somehow, and being well-versed in...private activities, she has a funny feeling she can guess how...
  • No one is certain how she and Panty Anarchy feel about each other, but there are rumors that they once "spent some time together" — or that they sometimes still do. These rumors are often brushed off as perverts' wishful thinking, and Lucy and Panty haven't said anything on the matter.
  • Many gods that are considered "casanovas" — such as Jack Horner — are delighted to meet a goddess that responds positively to their advances, though for that to last, they'd have to, let's say, perform well behind the scenes. There are those, of course, that are confused when Lucy responds to their flirtations with eagerness, and so might double back and leave, much to her frustration. But there are also those few that Lucy would decline for reasons already stated, as well as because they don't understand their own flirting because they don't have a sex drive.
    • There's one deity whose perversion disgusts even Lucy: Slaanesh. Slaanesh has done things even Lucy wouldn't dare to do in the bedroom, including some pretty horrible ones, all for the sake of feeling something. The lustful human does what she can to avoid any encounters with the depraved creature.
  • Mordin Solus was duly impressed to hear Lucy was capable of "doing the deed" with an anthropomorphic lion, even if she didn't particularly enjoy it. He said that if she ever needed to know about intercourse with certain species, she could talk to him. Lucy has him on speed dial.

Sakamoto, God of Mundane Made Awesome (Slope Book Sakamoto, Swagamoto)
  • Demigod
  • Symbol: His glasses
  • Alignment: Neutral Good
  • Portfolio: Parody Sue, Bishōnen, Ambiguously Human, Cold Ham, The Stoic, Chaste Hero, Friend to All Living Things, Crazy-Prepared
  • Domains: School, Cool
  • Allies: Good-aligned members of the School (especially Eikichi Onizuka), Squirrel Girl
  • Opposed by: Trollkaiger, Biff Tannen, Libby Chessler, Eliza & Neil Reagan, Randall Boggs
  • Weird Relations: Daffy Duck
  • Gakubun High School might simply be another Japanese high school on first inspection, with a selection of students that includes plain-looking ones, girls with an interest torwards love, and a number of delinquents. Of these students, only one of them is able to catch the entire school's attention and then some: Sakamoto. With great looks and lots of confidence, this cool student is able to get through anything in his own unique ways. Even if it's something extremely mundane, Sakamoto will end up performing that action in a very over-the-top way, even if he is very stoic on the surface.
  • Word about him reached the School of the Pantheon and a few mischievious students decided to greet him in a manner that would ensure with him getting humiliated on his first day. They decided to put up a large whiteboard eraser on top of the door that would fall onto Sakamoto as he opened it. Unfortunately for the pranksters, Sakamoto caught the eraser as he entered the room, making the girls present excited and the students who planned the failed prank were originally jealous of him as a result.
    • Of the benevolent members of the School that get along with Sakamoto, Eikichi Onizuka is greatly friendly towards him since Sakamoto has had a record of meeting delinquents and making their lives more interesting and Onizuka, a former delinquent, has made it his goal to help his students enjoy life. The two often hang out with each other and exchange stories of their own adventures.
  • Despite him being popular amongst those who have seen him, there are a few deities (namely persistent bullies) who outright refused to like him for what he is, even if those who were jealous of Sakamoto initially grew to admire him (such as the students that tried to prank him). The fact that Sakamoto has come across them a few times bullying some friends that he made and thwarted the bullies just made them even more spiteful at him.
  • Trollkaiger has tried multiple times to ruin Sakamoto's reputation with a variety of pranks. Unfortunately for them, his stoic attitude, combined with strange circumstances that never ruin his good looks, have made these pranks failures. The group despises him since not only does he not have any real reaction to the stuff they throw at him, but the fact that Sakamoto's admirers are sometimes around when Trollkaiger unleashes their pranks at him have made the group feel humiliated, especially when it's Sakamoto they want humiliated, preferably in front of a large crowd.
  • He doesn't really have much interest in romantic relationships despite getting a varied set of female admirers (and there's a number of guys who are interested in Sakamoto as well). The fact that his sexual knowledge surpasses that of a normal teenager according to a health education exam that he took just made it a little more ironic.
  • If Light Yagami could take a potato chip and eat in the hammiest way possible, then Sakamoto could potentially take a different potato chip and eat it in the most stylish way possible. At best, the two are only indifferent towards the other and at worst, there's a general dislike between them.
  • Daffy Duck, of all beings, has a very strange relation with Sakamoto. Daffy has had a tendency to be hungry for attention, only to have these efforts be for naught. Sakamoto has gotten a lot of attention simply by doing things in a cool way. Daffy has often tried to get that attention directed at him, but to no avail. At some point, Daffy met up with Sakamoto and talked about how the duck tended to get upstaged by Bugs despite the Wabbit not trying as hard to get the attention (as Daffy puts it, Bugs simply munches on a carrot and people love the wabbit for it). Sakamoto had no ill will towards the duck despite that and while Daffy is still a bit resentful of Sakamoto's popularity, he has some sort of respect towards him since the talk.
  • He is good friends with Squirrel Girl given that they have gone through a variety of strange situations and solved them in equally wacky ways. Sakamoto has also taken a liking to the squirrels that she keeps and helps her take care of them every now and then.
  • A few deities have wondered whether or not he is actually a human considering, among other things, how extremely perfect he is and the fact that has actually teleported some short distances a few times before. There have been a number of guesses on that (one of these guesses is that he's apparently Bayonetta's son), but it's safe to say that many of these guesses can be downright crazy.
    • Even Denzel Crocker got in on the guessing game and, unsurprisingly, believed that everything that happens because of Sakamoto is the result of fairies. Even amongst the already bizarre guesses of Sakamoto's true identity and why strange things happen the way they do when he's around, it's one of the more ridiculous ones and has been considered by many to be a very unlikely possibility.
  • Some deities have expressed interest in a movie based on Sakamoto's adventures. Whether or not it can get made is an uncertain possibility. And then there's the issue of whether or not the theoretical movie will actually have him as the main character since some of the scripts proposed focused on someone else that Sakamoto met at different points (with those scripts telling the story from that person's perspective).
  • Traveling to outer space happens to be something of interest for Sakamoto. If anything, it's possible for deities to imagine space-centric adventures that Sakamoto will take part of. For the time being, astronauts such as Olimar have been visited by Sakamoto, mostly in relation to what kind of planets are out there.

    Scottie Ferguson 
John Ferguson, The God Who Has The Vertigo Effect (Scottie)

    Yusuke Fujisaki and Hime Onizuka 
Yusuke Fujisaki and Hime Onizuka, Gods of the Boke and Tsukkomi Routine (Yusuke: Bossun. Hime: Onihime, Himeko)

    Zia Rashid 
Zia Rashid, Goddess of Fire And Water Juxtaposition (Zia, Zebras, Doll, the Eye of Ra, Ra)
  • Rank: Demigod note 
  • Symbol: Her scarab necklace.
  • Alignment: Lawful Good
  • Portfolio: Fire/Water Juxtaposition, Action Girl, Ambiguously Brown, Playing with Fire, Badass Boast, Defrosting Ice Queen, Doomed Hometown, Conveniently an Orphan, Talking in Your Dreams, The Power of the Sun, Resurrective Immortality
  • Domains: Fire, Magic, The Sun, Egypt, Godlings
  • Allies: Ra, Osiris/Julius Kane, Anubis/Walt Stone, Bast, Geb, Yami Yugi, Yugi Muto, Hermione Granger, Harry Potter, Zuko
  • Forbidden Friendship: Percy Jackson, Annabeth Chase
  • Teeth-Clenched Teamwork: Sobek, Set, Neith
  • Enemies: Apophis, En Sabah Nur/Apocalypse, Tom Riddle/Voldemort
  • Distrusts: Azir
  • Annoyed By: Ron Weasley
  • Respects: The Egyptian Gods, Ramses, Moses
  • Opposes: All Demons
  • The ascension of Zia Rashid was originally met with confusion since there are already gods for many major traits of her's; there's already gods of the Sun (Amaterasu and Django), Fire (Recca Hanabishi), Functional Magic (Harry Potter) and many others. Ra then stepped forth in the form of a old, but muscular man and told them all how Zia was the host of Nephthys and later became his own host. Thus with it now known that Zia was the host of what could be considered a water (river) goddess and later a fire (sun) god she became the goddess of Fire And Water Juxtaposition in the Pantheon.
    • Zia started hosting the goddess Nephthys after Julius Kane released the gods Horus, Isis, Osiris, Set and Nephthys from the British Museum. The four gods Horus, Isis, Osiris and Set then quickly went to take the closest individuals with the blood of the Pharaohsnote , which left Nephthys to seek out the closest magician, Zia. Unfortunately Zia being a fire elementalist made her a poor host for Nephthys and; though the goddess did try to protect her from Apophis, she could have ended up killing Zia herself. Her death was prevented by Iskandar who put her in suspended animation and a sarcophagus made of water. When she was freed by Carter Kane and Bes she was quickly taken to the Nile river where she released Nephthys, who apologized for taking her as a host before she took the Nile as her new body.
      • Shortly after releasing Nephthys Zia met a revived; yet senile and demented, Ra who gave her a golden scarab, that contained part of his soul Khepri, which Zia turned into a necklace. By keeping the the golden scarab with her she allowed Khepri to protect her, though the real reason why Ra gave her the amulet was to prepare her to become his host. Before the final battle against Apophis both Zia and Ra held the scarab amulet which created a warm glow that enveloped them both before Ra turned to dust only to be reborn with Zia as his host. Zia/Ra then went with the other gods to meet Apophis in battle.
  • Also has a temple in the House of Elements & Nature Other.
  • Ironically She never defeated Apophis, that was the Kane siblings. She along with Ranote  were devoured by Apophis, thankfully though they were able to breakout of him and even release the souls he devoured once the Kanes execrated him.
  • Zia stopped hosting Ra after the defeat of Apophis and thanks to the nature of the pantheon Ra doesn't need her as a host, that said Ra still cares for her greatly and their relationship is comparable to that of a grandfather and granddaughter.
  • Is the only survivor of a Egyptian village named Al-Hamrah Makan, which was destroyed when her father accidentally released a monster from a red statue.
  • According to Carter Kane Zia resembles Nefertiti.
  • Zia was actually hardly there note  for the events that took place during The Red Pyramid, instead the person who was in it was a shabti pretending to be her.
    • She does; however, have at least some of the shabti's memories.
  • Doesn't like the gods Set, Sobek and Neith for all three have attempted to kill several of her friends.
    • It also doesn't help that Set tried to destroy all of North America by turning it into a desert.
  • Doesn't trust Azir for his codename (Seth) is a evil name. This is of course likely due to the connection with the name Set.
    • Unfortunately her reasons are justified with proof in the name of Setne.
  • Though she's never met Percy Jackson and Annabeth Chase until she's joined the Pantheon, she did know of them thanks to the Kane siblings. And, though she likes them and is willing to help them at times, she is unwilling to get to close to them due to the risk of possibly creating some hybrid magic which has proven to be incredibly dangerous thanks to Setne.
  • Like most magicians in the House of Life she holds Ramses in high regard for being one of the great pharaohs of Egypt's history. Of course like most people from in the modern age she's not a big fan of the whole slave thing.
    • Ironically she also has a lot of respect for Moses, since he is to date the only foreign magician to have ever defeated the House of Life.
  • Absolutely hates En Sabah Nur/Apocalypse for being known as "The Bringer of Chaos" which goes against Ma'at. It also doesn't help that he assumed Set's identity.
  • Gets along well with Yami Yugi, though she doesn't particularly like how he used to deal out punishment, namely the "Shadow Games". It helps that he is a pharaoh.
    • She also gets along with Yugi Muto.
  • Being a scribe of the First Nome naturally attracted the attention of Hermione Granger who came to her to learn more about Egyptian magic. Through Hermione Zia also learned more about the rest of the golden trio. Though she likes Harry she finds Ron Weasley incredibly annoying with his terrible table manners and lack of respect for magic.
  • Though she acknowledges that there are some good demons in the pantheon, she opposes all demons due to being beings of Chaos.
  • Sometimes practices her fire magic with Zuko.


    Rod Serling 
Rod Serling, God of Genre Anthology (John Phillips)
  • Quasideity
  • Theme Music: The Twilight Zone Themel
  • Symbol: A door with a panel
  • Alignment: True Neutral
  • Portfolio: Narrator, Ambiguously Jewish, Shell-Shocked Veteran, Author Tract, Downer Ending/Bittersweet Ending, Fair for Its Day/Values Resonance, Nightmare Fuel Station Attendant
  • Domains: Stories, Knowledge, Travel
  • Followers: Charlie Brooker
  • Allies: The Crypt Keeper, Alfred Hitchcock, Ebenezer Scrooge
  • Enemies: Calvin Candie and Stephen
  • Opposes: The House of War, especially Sundowner, Apocalypse, Johann Schmidt/Red Skull and Nazism in general.
  • Pitied by: Hawkeye Pierce
  • "For many years, I have observed various stories throughout the fifth dimension. I have taken viewers through The Twilight Zone, given them a peak at the Night Gallery and has hosted as well as written various other works through my untimely death. And yet death was not the end of me. It has taken me to a new dimension as vast as space, and as timeless as infinity. It serves as a melting pot of various other figures from other worlds. With my return, I now describe my own time with other deities. It is an area which the residents call...the Pantheon."
  • Born in the state of New York, my life changed abruptly while serving in World War II. It is not an experience I would want anyone else to feel, but it has done a great deal in my perception of humanity. By exposing the darkest underbelly of humanity, I hope that viewers can learn to become better people.
    • While I do not condemn those who reside at the House of War, I have often tried my best to dissuade others from either entering the house of setting up a temple there.
    • With that said, there should be a special place in hell for those who fight not for their ideals, but to make a profit. Unfortunately, there is a deity just for those people, and he just happens to love it. Still, though Sundowner's demise did not end his practice, I await the day that he receives karma for encouraging death.
    • Then there is a mutant who believes that war will bring out the strong to rule the land. Yet there is no guarantee that anyone would be alive to witness this vision, nor may there be a land worth living in. Indeed, I believe war should only be fought for a resolution that is best for the planet. En Sabah Nur may depict me as weak, but I see greater strength in those who resist their most primal urges.
    • It has appears that Hawkeye Pierce sympathizes with my disdain for war. A surgeon during the Korean War, his comedic nature belies a fear for the horrors of war... as do I. It is not a subject Hawkeye would actively talk about nor will I force him to do so.
  • There was a time when I had entered the Pantheon as the God of Horror Hosts, but that role ended up at the hands of the Crypt Keeper. Contrary with various reports, I was quite content with the change of power, even serving as a follower. Alas, my stories amassed a fanbase sizable enough to strike out on my own. Though I carved a name out for myself for shows without main characters.
  • I have always found it intriguing to see others in the real world transported into the Pantheon. One of my closest counterparts is Alfred Hitchcock. The director of various famous movies, he was even the host of his own anthology series. It predates my series by four years. Some of his followers claim that this basis should reward the title to him, to the chagrin of my own followers. With that said, we prefer to discuss our series over arguing which one is superior.
  • Many have been led to believe that my detest of war means that I believe the war against Nazism was unjustified. This cannot be further from the truth. As a Jew myself, I had a special urgency to reject that philosophy. In fact, some of my best works have been critical of the brand. It is with great regret that there are as many Nazi deities as they are now. I wish to eradicate the brand, and I have no doubt they wish to do the same to me.
    • No, I do not find the Downfall Hitler to be funny at all. Desensitizing the group does the world no favors.
  • I have also rallied against the evil of racism in America. At that time, segregation was widespread throughout the country. While that practice has been outlawed throughout the land, I strive to continue to fight for equality. It had come to my attention that a few have been hampering my efforts, particularly Calvin Candie and Stephen.
  • The Pantheon has provided a unique opportunity to discuss my works with various other characters. For example, I asked Mr. Scrooge on my take on A Christmas Carol. He felt the story to be too preachy. With that said, that was a nice reception than many others who are horrified at the prospect of a unified planet. While I understand the worry, I felt that it was necessary to find a better understanding to prevent further conflict.
    Rod Serling: Up beyond the Pantheon. Beyond the vastness of the multiverse, up there is an entity of writers. Ones who will continue to write and rewrite stories of our journeys, our triumphs and our failures. All while there is still an Earth that exists. Forever rebooting... in The Twilight Zone.

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