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Slime Girl
Without beating around the bush, a Slime girl is a girl made of slime.

Slime girls are a thicker variation on the idea of being made of water. They tend to come in a variety of colours and substances, which range from fairly harmless unspecified slime to piles of living sludge.

Slime Girls usually follow a similar pattern. Their lower halves will usually be spread in puddles in which they could be mistaken to be bathing. When they eat they simply ingest the desired object, without leaving any waste substance. The "hair", if there is such a thing, will generally be a darker shade then the rest of the body and will appear to flow down the slime girl's back like a cascading waterfall. Whilst Slime Girls don't mind small droplets of water, if deposited in a sufficiently large body of water they will dissipate and die.

This trope could be considered Blob Monster meets Cute Monster Girl.

Their personality varies as with most races, although they tend to be rather laid back and gentle unless provoked. In fictional nature, Slime Girls are usually the bottom rung of the ladder.


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    Anime & Manga 
  • The manga Daily Life with Monster Girl features a Slime Girl as an illegal immigrant into Japan. Ms Smith refuses to do anything, given that she never receives a pay rise. Said slime is called Suu and she appears to be mostly harmless.
  • Princess Vina from Dragon Half is a slime-half.

    Video Games 

    Web Art 
  • As noted above you can find semi-realistic or just hand-drawn Slime Girls on any site that's big enough and runs on user-generated content. Just put "slime girl" in on deviantArt and you'll see what I mean.

    Web Comics 
  • Myrrh from The Wotch is the result of a maid fusing with a Blob Monster created by a rather crazy wizard. She maintains the shape of a nude woman, though she often shapeshifts her body to give the appearance of clothes as a Sight Gag.

    Western Animation 
  • An episode of Darkwing Duck had Gosalyn get transformed into a slime creature after being exposed to a concoction created by Bushroot.

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