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Knowledge and Intelligence

The House of Knowledge, like the other Houses of the Pantheon, is bigger on the inside than the outside. There are no dead ends; each room opens onto other rooms, which are interconnected. Most of the House is a Library so vast that it is always capitalized, big enough that strange beasts live among the shelves in their own bizarre ecosystem. It's said that if you know where to look, you can find anything that could be stored on a shelf within it, from the novel you imagined on the bus to the Holy Grail. Unfortunately, what with the sheer scope and the nonsensical organization, it's pretty difficult to find anything specific on your own — there are hints that it was all organized neatly once, but since then there was a lot of hasty re-shelving. Like all libraries, it is part of L-space.

The rest is primarily given over to reading rooms, laboratories, and testing chambers, but there is at least one classroom and a humming bank of enormous dusty computers moved out of the House of Technology. There are also labs located in the basement of the House, but they are wholly dedicated to weird and mad science. Few have the courage to venture down there to find out what dastardly experiments are being performed.

Some sections of the Library are open to all visiting mortals, extremely minor deities, and the gods of the Pantheon, some require Yomiko's permission to access, and some are sealed off. There is a minor Vashta Nerada infestation in the Young Adult section. More restriction has been applied to the Library ever since Bill Cipher was ascended, as he could posses someone with Yomiko's permission and get through the seals in the Library.

Despite the library claiming to own every book that has been written and obtaining every book that will be (except the ones dangerous enough to be sealed in the vaults), Twilight isn't welcome on any shelf, and attempts to slip a copy into the library's collection will activate a magical seal that will immolate it. This also includes the highly reviled and laughed at Fifty Shades of Grey, a borderline example of an extremely abusive relationship and unintentionally hilarious writing in recent memory.

Also, The Ugly Barnacle and its author, Patrick Star, are banned because when the book was brought in for publication, the entire house burst into flames.

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The Three Seekers of Knowledge.

    Hermaeus Mora 
Hermaeus Mora, Daedric Prince of Forbidden Knowledge (Herma-Mora, the Prince of Fate, the Gardener of Men)
  • Greater God (Overdeity within Apocrypha)
  • Symbol: The Black Books and the Oghma Infinium.
  • Alignment: Neutral Evil
  • Portfolio: Keeping and hoarding knowledge from throughout the space-time continuum, a giant library, trading knowledge with mortals, owning insanity-inducing books, sounding grandfatherly yet acting ruthless, averting A Form You Are Comfortable With, commanding fate
  • Domain: Knowledge, Fate, Manipulation
  • Followers: The Dovahkiin, whether he likes it or not; the Shinigami King
  • Enemies: MIRAAK, Alduin, several Puellae Magi, Spyro
  • Out of all the deities, he has developed the closest interest in the Dovahkiin. Twice, Herma-Mora has influenced/forced the Dragonborn to help uncover knowledge for him, and, after the Dovahkiin defeated Mora's original Champion, Mora has declared the God of Dragonslaying his Champion and Herald. (Of course, the Dragonborn doesn't seem too happy about this.)
  • He claims that the Death Notes are his creations, and that he supplied the Shinigami King with the knowledge to make them.
  • Several of the Puellae Magi believe that Mora had a huge role in creating the Incubators' system; whereas Tzeentch took the initiative and Kyubey did the work, Mora supplied the means. (This mostly stems from the fact that the girls' Soul Gems have quite a lot in common with the Soul Gems from Tamriel.) None of the above parties have commented... yet.
  • He only drops his haughty and all-knowing attitude around H.P. Lovecraft, and acts rather respectful around him. It's implied that Mora was born from the Necronomicon written by the author.
  • Has expressed interest in capturing Aerith Gainsborough and entrapping her in Apocrypha. While her own power is as nothing to Mora, the tome of fictional plot twists she holds is of great interest to him.
  • Hermaeus Mora once sent Dovahkiin after Spyro, neglecting to tell the Dragonborn that Spyro was friendly. Spyro was able to stop Dovahkiin and explain that he was friendly before Dovahkiin could slay him. Dovahkiin apologised and plans on attacking Hermaeus Mora with Spyro’s help. For his part, Hermaeus Mora is unconcerned. What can Dovahkiin do to him, after all?
  • After hearing that his former champion, Miraak was brought back to the Pantheon, Mora took a moment to mock Miraak in the most brutal way possible. It worked as well as expected.

Mk 2 Histoire 
V Histoire 
Histoire, Goddess of Big Books of Information (Histy, Planeptune Oracle)

    The Librarian 
The Librarian, God of Librarians and L-Space Master (Dr. Horace Worblehat)
  • Greater God
  • Symbol: The Octavo.
  • Alignment: Neutral Good
  • Portfolio: Exceptionally strong and smart, Not hindered at all by being an Orang-utan, Gets ticked off at the M-word, Only ever saying "Ook" or occasionally "Eek".
  • Domain: Magic, Beast, Knowledge.
  • Allies: King Kong, Donkey Kong, Yomiko Readman, Twilight Sparkle, Rincewind
  • Was Once a Man but was transformed into an orangutan by a magic spell. On discovering that being an orangutan had certain advantages for a librarian - he can climb up to high shelves, for example - he refused to be transformed back into a human and has remained an orangutan ever since.
  • Another advantage of having an orangutan as a Librarian is that he is able to read certain books that would drive any human mad by reading them. However, The Librarian is not a human.
  • Flies into a rage when called a "Monkey". Actually, don't even say the word, he'll come after you and go "Librarian-Poo" on you. (He's actually an ape).
  • The Librarian is a member of a small elite group of senior librarians who have the knowledge and ability to travel through L-space, an extradimensional space that connects all libraries and other large accumulations of books. He used this knowledge to save books from the great library of Ephebe and to enter our world. The very strict rules that members of this group are pledged to enforce are: 1. Silence. 2. Books must be returned no later than the last date shown. 3. Do not meddle with the nature of causality. The Librarian has been known to break both the first and third rules on occasion, but he is adamant about the second.

Alternative Title(s): Knowledge Intermediate Gods, Knowledge Overdeities And Greater Gods, Knowledge Lesser Gods, Knowledge Demigods And Quasideities, Appearances Of Intellects