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04:23:03 AM Mar 25th 2016
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Still can't resist one last snipe at Twilight and 50 Shades of Grey, I see
12:51:05 PM Aug 16th 2015
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I noticed we seem to have two (technically three, since one of them is a co-godship) gods of KnowledgeBrokers, Lord Varys and Phillip and JK. It seems one of them ought to be removed or repurposed.
09:38:17 PM Jun 29th 2015
edited by PerfectBalance
I would like to nominate the Indominus Rex from Jurassic World as the God of Monsters More Intelligent Than They Appear (aka, It Can Think). Here's an incompletely portfolio of what I have so far, but if anyone has any better suggestions or whatever, let me know. Will add more later.

Indominus Rex, Goddess of Beasts More Intelligent Than They Appear

Theme Song: Indominus Wrecks

Rank: Possibly a Lesser God at most.

Symbol: The Jurassic World Logo

Alignment: Chaotic Evil

Portfolio: Performing better than expected, created from the DNA of several creatures, both extinct and living, being driven to insanity due to growing up in isolation, secretly designed to be marketed as a biological weapon to the government , being nigh unstoppable, Chameleon Camouflage, All Your Powers Combined.

Domains: Beast, Technology

Followers: The Xenomorphs, The Graboids, The Velociraptors

Allies: n/a

Rivals: Tyrantrum

Enemies: Everything Else

High Priest: Caesar

Havoc broke out as soon as this monstrosity ascended to the pantheon, as she immediately lashed out at any and every god she encountered. The gods initially planned to bring her to the House of Beasts and sent the Beast Taming Trio to put an end to her rampage. This turned out to be more difficult than initially expected since she displayed surprising amounts of intelligence for a "dinosaur", managing to throw them off her trail multiple times. Though ultimately captured, the highly intelligent monster was instead sent to the House of Knowledge, locked in a larger replica of her pen in Jurassic World, in the hopes that with proper care and love, she could be tamed, or at least brought to a point where she won't try and kill whatever comes her way on sight.
08:31:29 AM Nov 13th 2016
Shouldn't it go to the House of Beasts ? Or Nature ?
05:15:23 PM Apr 1st 2015
Is there a God/Goddess of Badass Bookworms? If so, should we add a portfolio for them in this house? If not, who should we add?
08:23:21 AM Nov 13th 2016
edited by Elilou

I wanted to nominate Levy McGarden as an Intermediate goddess of Badass Bookworms. The girl practilally own a library (her room) ! And would long to go to this House if she learnt of its Library from her already ascended friends and lover.She is both very intelligent, knowledgeable and definitely badass. Goddess of Semantic Superpower would fit her well too.

11:13:04 AM Nov 13th 2016
edited by Elilou
Here is a start for an entry :

Levy McGarden, Goddess of Bookworms who can kick your butt anyway

  • Rank: Intermediate Goddess
  • Symbol: Her fairy tail tatoo, her bandana, her Gale glasses and her feather light-pen
  • Alignment: Neutral Good
  • Portfolio: a kind and cheerful mage who's been in Fairy Tail guild since she was a child. She is a very talented linguist and uses Solid Script Magic, her influence on Gajeel made him a better man.
  • Domains: Knowledge, Magic, Words, Friendship, Love
  • Followers: Daniel Jackson
  • Allies: all her Fairy Tail friends, Belle, Toph Beifong, Hermione Grandger
  • Opposes:
  • Ennemies : Mard Gear, Acnologia, Zeref
  • When some of her comrades and her boyfriend ascended to godhood, Levy was happy for them and congratulate them. But once Gajeel told her about the House of Knowledge and its library Levy couldn't stop thinking about it and begged him to take her there. Gajeel managed to get the authorization and surprised her with a visit in the Library during one of their dates. She quickly befriended Belle for their similar personalities and stories so Belle recomended her for an ascention. Since Levy impressed the Gods there (they hadn't seen such excitement over books since Belle first came in the library) and they recognized her skills, they accepted.
  • After making her ascension she celebrated it with a big party with her teammates and fellow guild members.
  • One of the other people she met and befriended in the pantheon was Hermione Granger. Both understand each other for being the only girl in their trio and having to deal with their comrades stupid antics.
  • Now Belle, Hermione, Levy and Lucy regulary meet in the Library while talking about books and other things.
  • Thanks to her visits in the House of Nature to see Gajeel when he is training, she also met Toph. Toph's spirit reminds her of Erza while her own kindness and cheerfulness reminds Toph of Katara. So the two eventually became friends. She sometimes helps Toph keeping a correspondance with Iroh by writing and reading letters for « The greatest earthbender of all times ».
  • Like all her guildmates she is very wary of Acnologia's presence in the pantheon and fears what he will do. So she has started to search and learn stronger spell to help and protect her loved ones during the upcoming battle.

11:28:23 AM Nov 13th 2016
There is actually a forum for that pantheon ascension. Look at the main page
11:30:26 AM Nov 13th 2016
Here is the forum to discuss and approve ascensions. First make sure no other god already has the trope (I checked, it looks good, but I'd be surprised if it wasn't already taken).
02:37:04 PM Nov 13th 2016
Thanks for the info. I went in the right place to discuss it.
11:29:46 PM Jun 25th 2014
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Wanted to suggest a deity of veterinary:

Iwashiro Tesshou, God of Kindly Vets
  • Rank: Quasideity
  • Symbol: His goggles; the R.E.D.symbol
  • Alignment: Chaotic Good
  • Portfolio: A Kindly Vet who is a Friend to All Children and Living Things; Has a Perfect Pitch; A Skilled Surgeon who is Awesome by Analysis and Passionate Determination despite being an Idiot Hero; Named his pet nurse-dog, Dog
  • Domains: Vets, Keen Sense of Hearing, Passionate Idiot Heroes
  • Followers: His friends and allies from R.E.D. and Meiou University, as well as the people and animals that he had helped, with Dog as his herald (on the other hand, he is still scared witless of Tsukasa Ryoutou)
  • Allies: Many of the Good Aligned Gods, especially in the Houses of Beasts, Nature, Friendship, Family and Knowledge
  • Opposes: Anyone who takes advantage of the misfortune of others, be it human or animal
  • Followers: Any vet who wishes to save lives, even the smallest of animals
  • The Gods in the House of Knowledge noted that they lacked a suitable representative of veterinary knowledge despite having a God of Medicine (a.k.a. Dr. Gregory House), and Tony Tony Chopper who can speak to animals. While they were discussing about electing a god of veterinary with the Houses of Nature and Beasts, which was a given as the two houses would need a good vet for the animals that live in there, Steve Irwin remembered that he had met a vet from the R.E.D. before his own ascension and thus decided to contact them to recommend a vet for ascension. Seeing no harm in it, the other gods agreed to it.
  • When the vet failed to appear at the scheduled time, the gods got frustrated and assumed that no one would come for the ascension. They got a pleasant surprise when they realised that the representative vet from R.E.D., Iwashiro Tesshou, had actually arrived earlier than expected but had ended up spending most of his time in the House of Beasts to treat the sick animals there alongside with Fluttershy who quickly accepted him as a friend. After witnessing his dedication and skills first hand, despite his book dumb, the gods quickly decided to make him the official vet-deity of the pantheon.
  • Tesshou frequently visits the Houses of Beasts and Nature to treat the sick animals that live there. Given his position as a vet, he was given a considerable amount of respect, or at least tolerance, by even some of the more aggressive animals there (few would want to harm one's own well-meaning doctor/vet after all). He also visits the House of Technology on occasion given his skills in modifying motorcycles.
  • As Tesshou has a bad habit of overworking himself, Tony Tony Chopper and Fluttershy volunteered to give him a helping hand so that he can get some rest. Sakaki, who aspires to become a vet, was more than happy to accept him as her veterinary teacher.
03:44:35 AM Jun 26th 2014
That should go to the House of Beasts rather than Knowledge.
03:51:21 AM Jun 26th 2014
Duly noted. Will be posting the profile there.
05:28:25 AM Aug 29th 2013
I'd like to nominate Bob the Skull from the Dresden Files for a place among the Knowledge Pantheon. He basically IS pure knowledge, after all.
08:28:32 AM Dec 13th 2013
What Trope would he be god of? Because if anyone can find that, putting him here would be a great idea.
09:53:53 PM May 25th 2013
Regarding Princess Cadance and Shining Armor's listing under Twilight Sparkle: I wouldn't think that being listed as followers of a Pantheon member means you have ascended. Being an ALLY would of course, but not merely a follower... or am I missing something?
01:10:01 AM May 26th 2013
It's unupdated info. You can just fix/elevate into allies.
11:02:02 PM Feb 23rd 2013
So, now that we know about Twilight Sparkle being a princess, do we change her portfolio in both the Knowledge and Magic Houses?
08:24:45 PM Mar 2nd 2013
That is being discussed on the Magic discussion page.
07:01:33 PM Jan 23rd 2013
edited by PDL
I'm incredibly surprised and disappointed that The Librarian isn't included. I guess he could be the God of Librarians or something.
07:46:50 PM Jan 26th 2013
edited by DracoDei
Apparently someone created an entry for him.
12:39:02 PM Jan 8th 2013
Why not have Reed Richards as the God of Science Heroes?
08:26:27 AM Dec 13th 2013
He's God of Comic Book Science.
01:14:01 PM Oct 18th 2012
Stephen Hawking for God of the disabled, yet intelligent. Who else is for this?
07:47:11 PM Jan 26th 2013
edited by DracoDei
Sounds like it might be good to me... Bentley spends two games uncrippled.
01:29:31 AM Apr 10th 2012
The Turian Councillor has been proven wrong, takes being proven wrong well and... do we still need him here or boot him to the mortal realm?
10:43:17 PM Nov 20th 2011
I suggest we make Dolores Umbridge from Harry Potter the Goddess of Evil Educators.
12:07:32 PM Dec 13th 2011
Doesn't fit, but only because she was defeated in the end.

In the end, whatever Kami becomes the patron of Evil Educators, they must REMAIN in power.
10:11:42 AM Feb 21st 2013
edited by DracoDei
Why do they especially need to remain in power? Not saying it isn't or is a valid criterion, I just don't know why you bring it up.

Also, do you mean: Or do you mean:
08:27:17 AM Dec 13th 2013
Dolores is both. She's also in both the House of Hatred and the House of Villains.
04:50:23 PM Oct 7th 2011
I think it might work to have Jade to be referred to as the Goddess of Intrepid Reporters, in order to differentiate between her and a suggestion I was going to make: April O'Neil as the Goddess of Sexy Reporters
03:42:06 PM Mar 11th 2011
Don't we already have Deadpool in the Theater Pantheon? Which place fits him more? Here or Theater?
05:27:34 PM Mar 11th 2011
I think theater. Breaking the Fourth Wall isn't about knowledge.
08:56:34 AM Mar 29th 2011
That, or Deadpool somehow belongs to both houses because he found being in just one too boring.
12:05:47 PM Dec 13th 2011
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