Pantheon: Royalty


In this house, the roads all lead to magnificent castles each owned by a specific king, queen, prince, or princess. Every day, there are fantastic parties for everyone to attend, and carriages that carry the royalty everywhere. While most of the gods here are friendly with others, there are some who would love to flaunt their wealth and power toward the public, believing that because they are royalty, they can be complete jerks to others.

Despite not being a princess herself, the House has honored one Charlotte LaBouff by making her an honorary "Princess-in-training". Charlotte is now an advocate and herald who helps the House find true, good-hearted rulers to the new house and spread word of their deeds throughout her work in the House of Commerce.

The only exceptions that they have is that one Prince Charmles is not allowed within 500 feet of the House. Every god will team up to beat him down and all goddesses here won't mind getting their hands dirty to get him out.

Lady Tremaine is also permanently banned from the Royalty house, and forbidden to go within 1 kilometer of Cinderella while she is outside, due to said horrible history regarding her.

Also, due to the possession of three of the Princesses of Heart, security here is very tight. Abusing one of the princesses, especially those with hearts of pure darkness (as the pantheon does not wish to recreate the χ-blade) will result in the person being temporarily banned. Continuous abuse will result in a permanent ban.

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The Fierce Protectors of Royalty

Aragorn Son of Arathorn, God of Good Kings and the Return of Kings (Dúnadan ("Man of the West/Númenórean"), Longshanks, Strider, Wingfoot, Elessar Telcontar ("Elfstone Strider"), Envinyatar ("the renewer"), Estel (Hope), and Thorongil ("Eagle of the Star"))
  • Intermediate God.
  • Symbol: The Sword Andúril, alternatively the Evenstar Pendant.
  • Alignment: Lawful Good
  • Portfolio: Authority Equals Asskicking, Royals Who Actually Do Something, Scarily Competent Tracker, Rightful King Returns, King Incognito, Fountain of Expies, Engagement Challenge, Cool Swords.
  • Domains: Leadership, Rangers, War.
  • Followers: Varian Wrynn, Alistair Therin.
  • Allies: Cosmos, Immortal God-Emperor of Mankind, Gimli, Thrall, Vol'jin, Lor'themar, Bilbo, Frodo, Stephen Colbert, Zuko, Baine Samwise
  • Enemies: Melkor, Sauron, Palpatine, Charles zi Britannia, Arthas, Ostarion
  • "All that is gold does not glitter, Not all those who wander are lost; The old that is strong does not wither, Deep roots are not reached by the frost. From the ashes a fire shall be woken, A light from the shadows shall spring; Renewed shall be Blade that was Broken, The crownless again shall be king." (Aragorn 1:10)
  • After years spent in the shadows providing aid where it was needed and Walkingthe Earth, Aragorn, the heir of Isildur, has returned to claim his rightful throne within the Pantheon as the 26th King of Arnor, the 35th King of Gondor, and First High King of the Reunited Kingdom.
  • Stephen Colbert remains the bearer of Andúril (having been knighted by Aragorn with said sword). In battle, Stephen Colbert is quick to return the blade to its rightful owner.
  • Many evil aligned gods fear Aragorn as his ancestors have plagued Melkor for years beyond count. Being able to resist the temptations of even the One Ring just adds to the reasons to be concerned.
  • Is actually on good terms with Thrall, Vol'jin, Baine, and Lor'themar, who have proven that their races are capable of decency and honor, unlike their kind in his home world. They assist him with defeating their less noble kin whenever they cause too much trouble.
    • Sylvanas on the other hand, has very little respect for life, and the only thing keeping her in check at the moment are the aforementioned Horde leaders.
    • It is Arthas that earns the most ire from him, however, as he represents what happens when men fall into evil, rather than being overcome by it.

     Princess Bubblegum 
Princess Bonnibel Bubblegum, Goddess of Reigning Princesses (PB, Peebles, Bonnie)
  • Intermediate Goddess
  • Symbol: Her Crown.
  • Alignment: Lawful Good (usually)
  • Portfolio: Anthropomorphic Food, practicing science while reigning, The Ageless, speaking Gratuitous German, Badass Bookworm Princesses, Flat Earth Atheism, Pragmatic Heroines.
  • Domains: Royalty, Leadership, Candy, Authority.
  • Followers: The many princesses of Ooo, Candy, Lana, Hilda.
  • Allies: Finn the Human, Jake the Dog, Lady Rainicorn, BMO, Princess Celestia and Princess Luna (former holders of this position), Yutaka Kobayakawa, Vanellope Von Schweetz, Meta Knight.
  • Enemies: Kirby, Pac-Man.
  • Opposes: The Ice King
  • Opposed By: The entire House of Magic.
  • The previous goddesses of this trope were needed to attend to matters in the House of Beast, but needed someone to fill this position in their absence. Princess Bubblegum was selected and ascended shortly after. With Princess Bubblegum's ascension, she has achieved the power to better protect and innovate for her citizens. Now she seeks to do the same for the Pantheon.
  • She is regularly found in the House of Knowledge or House of Technology, experimenting on various projects meant to improve life in the Pantheon, make the gods' jobs easier, or even try to stop the GUAE. Some have noticed that she tends to be a Pragmatic Heroine who sometimes goes into gray territory with her means. This tendency has allowed PB to form a friendship with Meta Knight, who similarly does questionable things for the greater good.
    • It was once suggested to Bubblegum that Finn the Human and Jake the Dog ascend, that they'd be able to help out around the Pantheon, given how much she praised their accomplishments. Bubblegum, however, insisted that they not be ascended, so that they could focus on keeping the Candy Kingdom and Ooo free of evil. Time will tell if she'll change her mind. Even so, Finn and Jake are followers of Gods in the Pantheon, Ness for the former and Hachiko for the latter.
      • Not anymore. They've been ascended.
  • On some occasions, she reads stories to all the children gods in the Pantheon.
  • Due to her nature, Bubblegum has had bad experiences with Pac-Man and Kirby, both of whom attempted to eat her on more than one occasion. They've been banned from her temple.
    • Likewise, her insistence that all magic is just unexplained scientific phenomenon, has not sat well with the House of Magic. She's been banned from entering as a result. Though Edward Elric doesn't mind her, since he's not affiliated with magic—alchemy was just lumped in with it.
      • Bubblegum's ire for Magic doesn't seem to extend to Nanoha Takamachi, though. This is probably because Nanoha's Mid-Childa magic is closer to high-end technology, which Bubblegum supports.
  • Has formed a friendship with Vanellope Von Schweetz, bonding over the trials of ruling over candy worlds. Bubblegum has helped tinkered some of the Sugar Rush karts to make them even crazier.
  • Due to the sound of her voice, some gods in the Pantheon (especially Pit) have occasionally mistaken her for Viridi. The two have met and they guess their voices sound a little alike.
  • Has had a run-in with Mao. Ironically, she was the one who tried to experiment on him.
  • Is really happy to see both Finn and Jake joining the Pantheon.
  • Has brought Johnny Test into her temple on occasion to experiment on him. While bringing a Disgrace into Pantheonic grounds seemed controversial, the decision to bring him in for testing was nearly unanimous.

Princess Zelda, Goddess of Wise Royalty (Shiek, Tetra, the seventh Sage, Hylia, Hyrule's Wise Princess/The Illusive Sheikah)