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Anime: Fate Prototype

There raise not the dead.
There cannot recover lost things, never again.
Even the greatest miracle can only affect the living—

Once upon a time, Kinoko Nasu thought of a story where various legendary figures were summoned by wizards and made to fight each other for the Holy Grail. That story would eventually become Fate/stay night, following the protagonists Shirou Emiya and the female knight Saber....

But before that there was this story, where the protagonists were Ayaka Sajyou and the male knight Saber.

Fate/Prototype is a twelve-minute OVA released with Season 3 of Carnival Phantasm, acting as a digest version of the original concept of Fate/stay night. It also encompasses a number of All There in the Manual material including character designs and story excerpts. The basic idea is the same as Fate/stay night, but the difference is in the details.

Four characters (Ayaka, Saber, Lancer, and Archer) appeared in the Hanafuda game in the PSVITA port of Fate/stay night Realta Nua, with their own scenario.

A Special Drama CD for Fate/Prototype was released on November 10, 2012. Another Special Drama CD was released in September, where Saber of Fate/Prototype being a guest star along with Blue Saber and Red Saber.

In March 2013 at the Anime Contents Expo Type-Moon released Fate/Prototype -Animation Material-, an artbook that contained storyboard illustrations of Fate/Prototype and scenes that weren't aired in the trailer.

A Prequel Light Novel of Fate/Prototype, titled Fate/Prototype: Pale Silver Fragments, written by Hikaru Sakurai of Liar Soft and illustrated by Nakahara. The Novel began its chapter's serialization of "Little Lady" Act one by one from the August issue to January Issue of Comptiq, completed in six chapters, which focused on the Sajyou family's past with Saber in the previous war. The next act called "Best Friend" began on the February issue of Comptiq, which explore more on Lancer's master, Misaya.

This article will contain unmarked spoilers for Fate/Prototype and Fate/stay night.

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