Heartwarming / Fate/Prototype


  • In the Special Drama CD, when Ayaka received Christmas presents from three Servants (Red-framed glasses from Saber, a red dress from Archer, and a feathered charm from Lancer) and a guitar from Manaka.
    Manaka: Ayaka, Merry Christmas~!
    Saber, Lancer, Archer: CHRISTMAS!
    Ayaka: Thank you, everyone, many thanks!

Fate/Prototype : Fragments of Sky Silver

  • Despite how everything later turned out, Manaka's sincere devotion towards Saber, no matter how insane she is, is oddly sweet and heartwarming in itself. In a conversation with one of the Masters, she admits that her wish is to simply help grant Saber's own wish because he's the person that she fell in love with. Nothing more and nothing less.
  • Caster mentoring and hanging out around Misaya can make people go awww. At least until it all went to shit....
  • Rider, right after summoned, lashed out at his Master because he realized that the catalyst used to summon him was his wife Nefertari's necklace that could only be obtained by raiding her tomb.
  • Archer is a walking, talking version of heartwarming.
    • Him silently comforting his master when she had a serious case of Heroic B.S.O.D. after seeing Manaka, a child, in the Holy Grail War triggered her.
    • His Heroic Sacrifice, using his Noble Phantasm to help Saber stop Rider from destroying Tokyo. He even apologized to his Master for dying and he tells her that it wasn't her fault, and that he didn't regret his decision at all.
    • And to top it, his wish? To be able to see the stars after a battle since his Noble Phantasm kills him after used.
    Archer: (to Saber) Tell me, what do you wish for?
  • Berserker's relationship with his Master. He becomes a Big Brother Mentor and develops a close relationship with Tatsumi, even offering to teach him Alchemy if he ever becomes interested in it. Tatsumi, for his part, also regards his Servant greatly, and the two are arguably the best Master-Servant pair in the Holy Grail War, with Team Archer coming on close second.
  • Saber realizing how his wish is mistaken after having a brief talk with a young Ayaka about the latter's mother, later promising that he will protect her and her world.
  • After a grueling gauntlet to make his way to Manaka, Saber was too late to save her father or most of the young girls she'd made into sacrifices, and was forced to kill his Master just to save at least Ayaka... And then the Beast awakens. Arthur's only got one good arm to use Excalibur with, but he just doesn't have any strength left. And then, one by one, the souls of all the other Servants come to his side. Brynhildr, Arash, Ramesses, Jekyll, Serenity, Paracelsus; they all come for him, speaking words of encouragement and lending him what strength they have to give, that he might raise his blade one final time and save both the world and the girl in his arms from this nightmare.