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Funny: Fate Prototype
  • Nearly everything in the Special Drama CD.
    • When Lancer discovered a message card, Archer tried to decipher it. His conclusion:
    Archer: In other words, something horrible happening to the Class Beastís ass that caused his smile to disa-
    Archer: Buuuaaagh-ka!
  • The Scene when Ayaka's team meet Kiritsugu's team in their Hanafuda Minigame scenario, especially when two Sabers met, while Ayaka starts panicking and questioning how did he turned into a girl or if Kiritsugu's Saber is his little sister.
  • Comics from Fate/Prototype Tribute Phantasm
    • Gentle? Ayaka-san
      Saber: *meets a Gorilla* You are the prototype of Iskander who I met before!!
    • Headhunter Misaya
      • When Lancer got hit by a rock thrown by Misaya, and has to excuse himself for a sec.
      Lancer: *irritated, head bleeding* Sorry, can you two wait for a while? I'm gonna go take a piss...!
      Saber: Your desire to urinate comes before stopping the blood?!
      Ayaka: Should I let you use our toilet?!
      Lancer: No, I feel like I'm bursting at the seams right now!
      • The second time Misaya threw a rock at Lancer, which falls in a meteor style
      Ayaka: MORE FALLING ROCK?!
      • Lancer tried to think of a better way to express Misaya better to Ayaka and Saber, so he tried to think of a better example to compare. As Misaya threatened him of using such example such as a Devil or an Alien, this is the only best example that Lancer could think of:
      Lancer: What do you guys think about Natto?
      • Misaya is not amused about this, so she gave up and dragged Lancer away.
      Ayaka: ...What was that all about?
      Saber: It sounded like he wanted to sell us Natto.
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