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Funny / Fate/kaleid liner PRISMA☆ILLYA

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  • Sella and Liz are pretty funny. While Sella is overly serious, Liz is pretty laidback. Sella is also always getting pissed when Shirou takes over her job.
  • Ruby loves teasing Rin and Illya. The very first episode/chapter is already full of it.
  • Ruby and Sapphire are basically Kaleidostick versions of (happy) Kohaku and Hisui. Which is why they are voiced by their respective voice actors in the anime.
  • Rin is still the same old tsundere. And she is still constantly broke. Luvia on the other hand is still stupidly rich.
    • Rin and Luvia's bickering from other Fate/ related works is also still kept in.
  • Shirou is not the protagonist of this story, but he's still a Chick Magnet. He's also a Butt Monkey.
  • Irisviel. In almost every scene, except when she's talking about the Holy Grail War, she acts like a Cloud Cuckoo Lander and ruins the mood.
  • Similarly to Irisviel, if the scene features Illya's friends from school, it's going to be funny. That's just how they work.

    First season 
  • Ruby and Sapphire decided to switch Masters because Rin and Luvia couldn't stop fighting. When they tried to include their respective Class Cards, the Kaleidosticks ended their contracts. Midair. A few hundred meters above the ground.
  • Illya is a big fan of anime and magical girls. That's why she is extremely Genre Savvy, even more so in the manga.
    • Illya's reaction when Ruby showed up to make her into a magical girl:
    Ruby: Hello, there! I'm a magical stick of love and justice, Magical Ruby-chan! Do you want to be a magical girl? What do you think? Become a magical girl, join forces, and fight all that I deem evil!
    Illya: Way too fishy...
    Ruby: Ah, I bet you think this is way too fishy!
    • When she notices Miyu to be around the same age as her, she immediately figures out that Miyu will transfer to her class the next day. Ruby even lampshades how cliché this development is.
    • When Ruby concludes that they need to fly to hit Caster, Rin notes how difficult it is. However, Illya easily flies, because:
    Illya: Don't all magical girls fly?
  • Ruby in general really loves teasing Illya and Rin. There are way too many scenes, but here's an example: In the last third of Episode 1, where the story proceeds to skewer various magical girl tropes, with poor Illya along for the ride while the mildly psychopathic Ruby takes the opportunity to take revenge on Rin. What really makes the whole thing perfect is the brilliant voice acting, never faltering in that sickeningly sweet tone:
    Ruby: Very well. Illya-san, point me towards Rin-san while saying "damn you" in your head.
    Illya: Um. (points Ruby at Rin) *half-hearted* Damn yoooouuu.
    Rin: (Rin's getting electrocuted) AAAAAHHHHH!
    Illya: (shocked) Whoa, it shot something!
    Ruby: Fufu. Illya-san's answer is as follows: "I'm not giving this stick to anybody. Go back to where you came from, you twintailed hag!"
    Illya: I didn't say that!
    Rin: (starts shooting Gandr shots) WHAT WAS THAT FOR!? TAKE THIS!
  • There are so many Mythology Gags in this series. For instance, at the end of the first chapter, instead of Saber asking whether Shirou is her Master...
    Rin: From now on, you will be my Servant!
  • Illya is getting really excited when she finds a letter addressed to her. Ruby immediately thinks it's a love letter and Illya is getting all flustered and blushes. When she opens the letter:
    Rin: Tonight at midnight, come to the highest point in the schoolyard. If you don't show up, I'll kill you come for you.
    [cut to Illya and Ruby showing very disappointed faces]
    Ruby: Shall we go home, Illya-san?
    Illya: Yeah.
    • Rin's "love letter" is a reference to the Heaven's Feel route, where Shirou receives a very similar letter from Rin. Note 
  • In episode two, Ruby tries to teach Illya how to use a magical girl's strongest weapon. Illya is supposed to do a twirl, place her fingers on her cheeks and give a nice smile. When she tries it a few times and still doesn't see any weapon:
    Ruby: Very cute indeed.
    Illya: You are just making fun of me! Ruby, you are definitely making fun of me!
    Ruby: What are you talking about? A magical girl's number one weapon is her cuteness!
    Illya: I've never heard of something like that!
  • Illya does her transformation in a restroom because it happens in real-time, with all the music and light effects, and she finds it extremely embarassing.
  • Illya has no idea how to fight the Rider card. So when Ruby tells her to make some distance, she immediately runs away.
  • Miyu is way too intelligent for an Elementary School student to the shock of everyone, including Taiga. Miyu's confused look when told there was no need to solve for the volume of a cone with an integral is priceless.
  • Chapter/Episode 4 starts with Illya, Miyu, Rin and Luvia jumping into the Mirror World to retrieve the next card. 5 minutes/one page later they are back in the real world, utterly defeated.
  • "RUBY EYE POKE!" (never try to bully her little sister Sapphire)
  • Illya can fly without any difficulties because she assumes it's natural for magical girls. So what happens when Luvia orders Miyu to do the same?
    Miyu: Human beings... are not meant to fly!
    • And what does Luvia decide to do when Miyu is having difficulties with learning it? She throws Miyu out of a freaking helicopter!
  • The Anime gives us, Don't Think, Imasine!!! Though it's fixed in the Blu-ray release.
  • Luvia is accusing Rin to be stingy because Rin used less jewels to finish off Caster. Rin may not be poor, but she is nowhere near Luvia's level of wealthiness.
  • Illya and Miyu Take a Third Option and throw their sticks to Rin and Luvia to save them and defeat Saber Alter. When the two of them become temporary magical girls, Ruby starts the teasing again:
    Ruby: But as usual... Aren't you embarassed to wear such clothes at your age...?
    Rin: (starts smashing Ruby on the ground) Aren't you the one who forced me to! Wear! This!
  • During the intense fight between Archer Illya and Saber Alter, from the ground, Sapphire appears and acts very out of character:
  • Episode 6's ED card: Go Back to Camelot and take your clones with you!
  • Illya really has strange dreams...
    Illya: When I grow up, I want to be a cat...
    • And when she does wake up, she's extremely bored because she has a fever and can't do anything besides sleeping.
  • The first scene that usually comes to mind is Illya utterly freaking out over Miyu's maid uniform. When Illya sees Miyu in her uniform, she talks about a strange switch in a similar way she narrated her fight against Saber Alter, and ends up mounting Miyu while wearing an expression that would be more appropriate on a psychotic thrill-killer than a girl who thinks maids are cute. Poor Miyu. Then again, Miyu's face is kinda... orgasmic (?)
    • Ruby even scolds Illya for overdoing it and tells Illya to apologize:
    Illya: Please forgive me. It's the fault of that strange switch.
  • Sapphire is sending her memories via USB-port to Ruby to show her how Illya managed to defeat Saber, though Ruby is acting rather funny.
    Sapphire: ...
    Ruby: Haa, haa... You didn't play along, Sapphire-chan. Nee-chan is lonely...
    Sapphire: No need for dumb games, Nee-san.
  • Illya almost killed everyone when she nuked Assassin. How does she react when she remembers this and how she defeated the previous card? She teleports away and leaves everyone else dumbfounded.
  • Illya is very depressed after Rin relieved her from her magical girl duties. Then her mother Iri shows up out of nowhere and wants to take a bath with Illya "to improve [their] mother-daughter relationship".
  • Iri acts very serious when she reveals things about Illya's hidden power. When Illya asks for more details:
    Illya: Mama... you knew? About my power? Then tell me! What is that power? What do I-
    Iri: (shrugs) Who knows?
    Illya: Wha... Don't play dumb so suddenly, Mama!
    Iri: Well... it's like the saying "It's meaningless if you don't realize it on your own." or "It is too early for that.", don't you agree?
    Illya: What the hell!?
    Iri: (chops Illya) Aaaaah, geez!! Don't argue with me!
    Illya: DVExplanation !?
  • Miyu seems to cling on Illya a bit too much the day after they retrieved all cards. Whether she only sees Illya as her Heterosexual Life Partner or whether there is more is up to debate.
    Miyu: The only friend I'll have for life is you. Other people don't matter, do they?
    Nanaki: What are you saying!?
    Suzuka: And that's a very strange way to interpret friendship!
    Illya: (I-I don't get it! Well, that's nothing new, but I have no idea at all what Miyu is thinking!)
    Tatsuko: Damn you, Illya! You unlocked the Miyu route that we wanted to get!
  • Luvia manages to steal Rin's Class Cards and flees on a helicopter to get all the credit and become Zelretch's pupil. What does Rin do? She brings down the helicopter and lets Luvia kiss the ground. And then she is told that both her and Luvia need to learn some manners and stay in Japan for another year. Cue enraged Rin destroying her phone.

  • Illya recognizing just a second too late that 'I thought you were my brother' is really not the best excuse for why you just surprise-French-kissed someone.
  • Rin and Luvia bickering and complaining throughout the entirety of Illya and Miyu's transformation.
  • Iri pulls off a giant fist made out of strings to silence Chloe after Chloe almost attacked Iri. Then she proceeds to do the same with Illya just because. Chloe is seen with two bumps because she shares Illya's pain.
  • Chloe tries to flirt with Shirou. To stop her, Illya starts smacking herself (since she has the shared pain seal). Shirou is completely bewildered. It's especially hilarious in the anime:
    Chloe: D-Don't worry. It's nothing, Onii-cha-*smack*-BWAH!
    Shirou: Onii-cha-bwah?!
    • Then Rin and Luvia show up to take Kuro away... And see Shirou.
    Shirou: Huh? T-Tohsaka? And Luvia?
    Cue pink bubles and a sparkling effects
    Luvia: (Blushing) Shero...?
    Rin: (Also blushing) Emiya-kun...?
    Illya and Chloe (Thinking) WHAT'S WITH THAT REACTION?!
  • Illya's friends again. Highlights in this season include:
    • Extreme Dodgeball.
    • Calming Tatsuko down by putting a bag over her head as though she were a scared horse... and it works.
    • The net result of their attempts to 'make Illya into an elegant big sister'.
    • Chapter 12 of Zwei. The cooking duel chapter. The whole damn chapter, barring maybe six or so pages. Particularly any moment Tatsuko is on-panel.
  • Chloe stealing the Sacred First Kiss of all of Illya's friends, causing all of them to pile up on the rooftop and demanding compensation. Of all people, Taiga is also among them and looks the most depressed.
    You kissing demon!
    • Later, Tatsuko complains again, namely because she wanted to have her Sacred First Kiss with her older brother (though it's not clear which of the two). She gets immediately compared to Illya, who is not happy about that.
    • We actually get to see Chloe have her way with poor Mimi, as well as the aftermath. While Chloe is talking to herself about not getting as much mana as she wanted despite how many people she's 'drained', Mimi is in an epic state of Post-Kiss Catatonia, complete with swirly eyes, beet-red face, and letting out cute little whimpered moans as she sits there in a total daze.
    Illya: Mimi! Mimi, are you okay?!
    Mimi: Wow~... So many pansies~...
    Illya: S-She passed out? W... Was the kiss that amazing?!
  • Chapter 5 has Miyu's defence wall made of brooms rammed into the ground.
  • 2wei Interlude. Luvia absolutely freaking out at the idea of spending night at the Einzberns' house (with Shirou). To put in perspective: She somehow connects sleepover at his house with sleeping with him in same bed, "doing the deed", getting pregnant, and having Shotgun Wedding.
  • 2wei, Chapter 13, Illya and Chloe kissing in a stairwell to restore Chloe's prana—and Mimi seeing them and absolutely freaking out.
  • 2wei Chapter 18/19 is chock full of em... but the best is Mimi's horrid reaction to Illya and Shirou's forbidden moment, Ruby having drugged Shirou despite Illya's protests with a love potion!
    • Right before that, Ruby accidentally injects Shirou with a truth serum. He promptly starts being brutally honest with anyone he sees, starting with talking about Luvia's huge breasts being overwhelming, Rin's skirt being too short to cover the cloth underneath, Issei's eyes being scary sometimes, and "elementary schoolers these days are so well-developed", much to the horror of Illya's schoolmates. Ruby then injects everyone except Illya and Shirou with powerful sedatives that make them look like gold hindu statues. Except Tatsuko, who is still frozen but completely out of place, and even growling the background in the anime. Mimi wasn't sedated because Ruby forgot she even existed!
  • Chapter 5 opens with a towel-wearing Luvia with just a Scenery Censor. The description to that? "A young woman with a dynamite body!!!"
  • Chapter 24 has the Eighth Card running loose in the city, and Caren appeared to help put most people within the area to sleep to keep the happening secret. Before leaving, Illya turns toward Caren to ask a question with extremely serious intent: why isn't Caren wearing a skirt? Her answer and everyone's reaction is...priceless.
  • 2wei Herz episode 2 with Shirou and Issei has manga panels of the two of them drawn in an incredibly Bishōnen style as they discuss how much Issei likes the lunches Shirou brings. Suzuka is drooling and taking notes while Mimi blushes furiously and slowly approaches the camera.
  • Later that episode, Miyu and Illya are having a touching moment while in the background someone is advertising popsicles. Chloe turns to yell at them and sees Bazett.
    • Speaking of Bazett, when everyone is arguing over who gets Illya's "sisterhood", Bazett is rather aggressively trying to sell popsicles.
    Illya: YOU'RE STILL HERE?!
  • In Herz' first episode, Miyu pulls out a rainbow-sparkling credit card from Luvia, which causes Illya's friends to bow down in worship of her and saying how glad they are to be friends with Miyu. Miyu then doesn't waste even a single second to ask "When did I become friends with you?"
  • Herz' episode 4: Miyu underestimating the power of a roller coaster and then screaming from the bottom of her lungs. This is especially funnny since it clearly shows that Miyu is Not So Stoic after all. The same episode has Caren at a "lost child" center, giving her usual comedic Child Hater vibe. There are also two children other than the group who look creeped out at the happenings. The girl even looks like Nanako!
  • After meeting Child Gilgamesh and accidentally squeezing his crotch a few times, Illya and Miyu hide and ask him to cover himself out of shame. His response?
    Illya and Miyu: W-Worldwide!
    • Then after trying to cover up his nether regions with a leaf (to Illya and Miyu's disapproval) he goes fishing into the Gate of Babylon for his clothes, while getting shot at by Illya!

  • Kotomine Kirei, Mapo Chef Master, That is all.
  • The first side chapter of Drei (third episode of 2wei Herz). "Things have been intense lately. So let's have a chapter on boys' love instead."
    • Particularly the revelation that cute, innocent lil' Mimi has become a complete and utter pervert. "And then they *** with their *** and they did the ***!"
    • And not only that, but the example picture when Chloe's explaining the boy's love genre is a silhouette of Kirei and Kiritsugu. There are no words.
    • For a second, smaller funny during the main one, we have the girls taking a peek at the manga Suzuka handed them to "explain what BL is", and Illya absolutely freaking out. And for the whole rest of the scene, as Illya and Chloe share dialogue, Miyu is intently reading the doujin in the background.
    • After Suzuka's elder sister explains that they know Boy's Love is a fantasy and will eventually settle down with a boyfriend, Mimi says she isn't planning on it. When told she's a little young to settle for forever alone, she explains:
      Mimi: I just think boys should love boys and girls should love girls!
      Mimi: Why are you all running away!? WAIT!
  • After Chloe has Illya pull herself together by making it so that she realizes her own strength in Chapter 8, she collapses from a lack of mana. So she takes it from Illya via kiss, pulling her down and them wrapping her legs around her back so she can't get away. She kisses her so hard she loses all three of the Class Cards she has installed at the time.
  • After discovering Illya has been kidnapped, Chloe and Bazett run to find Gilgamesh and make plans with him. They find him...lying naked in a canopy bed he presumably pulled out of the Gate of Babylon, complaining about needing his beauty sleep. Chloe, completely unamused, projects an oversized paper fan.
    Gilgamesh: Oh! I've seen those paper fans before! Wait, you're not seriously thinking of using such a tacky thing on my head-[SLAP!!]
  • Then there's his response:
    Gilgamesh: [rubbing a bump on his head You know... when I'm an adult again the first thing I'm going to do is kill you.
  • After cleaving the massive cube at the center of the crater with the mysterious sword, Illya declared that victory is in their hands now... only for the sword to revert into a literal hand. Hilarity ensures as Illya noticed that the hand is flashing a peace sign.
  • The interactions between Miyu's Shirou and Julian during the flashback sequence are comedy gold, complete with trolling each other.


First season
  • Dinner, Bath, or Sella?
    • Shirou's WTF reaction is what sells it.

  • Illya and Chloe argue the finer points of bras and how they effect breast size/growth
    • Liz fails to see a correlation.
  • Ruby enters simulation mode to see how other female characters would act as magical girls. She starts with Sella, who would use magical powers for housework, then Liz, who would use Ruby as a remote and to heat ramen. Then Taiga, and finally Bazett. Only Ruby's reaction to the last one is shown.

  • The girls discuss what they overheard between Taiga and another teacher and mistake it as Taiga betting her body over who wins at the next School Festival.
    Suzuka: So to sum it up, if we lose *dramatic pose* Taiga will become his meat-slave!
    *everyone looks at her like she's really stupid*
    Suzuka: Wha... isn't it called like that? Ahem, then let me restate: if we lose *dramatic pose* Taiga will become his sex— *Smash Cut to Starlog*