Awesome / Fate/Prototype

Fate/Prototype (From moments shown through the OVA Trailer)

  • Ayaka using Witchcraft to defend herself against Lancer and Misaya's canine familiars.
  • Saber's summoning. In which the former quickly destroys Lancer's spear with nothing but a single swing from Invisible Air, pushing the latter back a distance, all the while maintaining a calm and collected look on his face.
    • Granted, the spear he broke was a normal one provided to Lancer by Misaya, but point goes to how it was executed.
  • Ayaka's The Glasses Come Off Moment and activating her Command Seal in calling forth Saber.
  • The intense battle between Saber and Archer. It's basically the two tearing their way through from a subway station all the way up to skyscraper, at one point cutting said building in half in the process, and eventually culminating in Enki facing off against Excalibur which, according to supplementary material, ends in Saber's victory.

Fate/Prototype: Pale Silver Fragments

  • The Battle of Tokyo Bay: where Saber, Archer, and Lancer team-up in order to take down Rider as he tries to burn down Tokyo in order to kill Manaka. Even with their combined strength, Rider is so exceedingly powerful that Manaka has Assassin go behind the scenes and kill of Rider's Master and his clan, cutting off his mana supply in the process. Even then, he still has enough strength to use Dendara Light, an attack that takes a combined effort from Excalibur-Proto and Stella to counter. Ancient Egypt does not mess around.
    • Archer gets a special mention for utilizing Stella in the first place. Despite it resulting in his own death, he ends up going out with a smile on his face, signifying that he was satisfied with his end as he was able to protect the people of Tokyo from Rider. Now that's a true hero.
    • Saber himself gets a special mention in that battle as he takes down the Sphinx by himself, which is stated to be equal to three Servants in strength.
  • Manaka should get a mention as she basically manipulates the entirety of the First Holy Grail War to her own ends. In fact, the only real challenge she had come across would have been Rider. Afterwards, no one is even able to trouble her at all.
    • Special mention to the fact that at one point she stops Lancer's spear with just a finger. Even if Brynhild and her spear are powered by the love she feels for her targets, to which she feels nothing at all for Manaka, the latter is still basically standing against a Heroic Spirit of legend, and Manaka's basic reaction is amusement.