YMMV / Fate/Prototype

  • Ensemble Darkhorse: Rider from Pale Silver Fragments AKA Ozymandias AKA Rammesses II as well s Proto-Archer AKA Gilgamesh have both been extremely well received, Rider for being the very first Egyptian Servant and his interesting personality, and Proto-Archer for.............Well being another, less dickish, version of Gilgamesh

  • The Scrappy: A lot of fans do not like Caster from Pale Silver Fragments, while other Casters were indeed on the side of evil, this one Jumping Offthe Slippery Slope one too many times made him just detestable, it doesn't help his case that he is not as over the top evil as Fate/Zero's Caster, or as flamboyant as Fate/Apocrypha's, making him less interesting and far easier to hate.