YMMV / Fate/Prototype

  • Base-Breaking Character: Fans either love or hate Manaka, there is no in-between. Either she's a badass and refreshingly fun Big Bad (and Villain Protagonist in Fragments) who spins around many typica tropes and whose child-like craziness makes quite the contrast with the usual angsty villainesses who need tragic reasons to ever turn to the bad side, or she's a stupid and flat Villain Sue without any qualities to compensate for how much of an asshole she is to anyone not named Saber and who gets away with way too many things.
    • What makes this a bit funny is that this may well be why the character didn't make it into F/SN proper; even internally, Nasu & co. probably realized that she's interesting but definitely rubs some people the wrong way, and she was probably split into a few different characters so that the narrative wouldn't be so loaded on just one person.
  • Ensemble Darkhorse:
  • Fan-Preferred Couple:
    • From Prototype:
      • Proto-Saber/Ayaka is popular enough. But some fans prefer Proto-Rider/Ayaka instead. That or with Proto-Lancer.
      • Proto-Saber/Proto-Archer is also well-liked. Although it's very much different from the dynamic that their FSN-Counterparts have.
    • From Prototype Fragments:
      • Some like pairing Archer with Assassin. His immunity to her poison makes him one of the few people who could get near her.
      • Berserker and his Master are very often paired up together, unsurprising considering that they're one of the the Master-Servant pair with the best relationship in the war.
  • Foe Yay:
    • Lucius Tiberius from a flashback in Fragments is overflowing with joy at fighting the Dragon Arthur.
    • Proto Mordred also has some umhealthy desires for their father.
    Mordred: Father. I'll destroy everything that you love! You won't need anything, won't desire anything. I'll make you love me till you scream out in despair!
  • Ho Yay: With a Cast Full of Pretty Boys, who's even surprised?
  • No Yay: From Fragments, Assassin and Zombified-Tatsumi
  • The Scrappy: Paracelsus. While other Casters were indeed on the side of evil, the former Jumping Off the Slippery Slope one too many times made him just detestable. It doesn't help his case that he is not as over the top evil as Gilles, or as flamboyant as Shakespeare, making him less interesting or fun, and far easier to hate despite his very pretty looks.