Pantheon / Bladed Weapons

The Bladed Weapons Sub-House

Upon the decisive splitting of the House of Weapons, this very house was one of those created. Here lies the realms of all Deities whose preferred weapons are known to slice through anything that can be thrown at them, even bladed ones that can be thrown at unsuspecting enemies. Known to be littered with slash marks.

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Greater Gods

    Jack Rakan 
Jack Rakan, The Other God of Swordsmanship ("Rakan of the Thousand Blades" "The Ultimate Swordsman" "The Ultimate Mercenary" "The Ultimate Hard Worker" "The Man Who Cannot Die" "The Immortal Fool" "That Damn Guy Who You Can Stab With Swords All You Like And It Won't Do A Damn Thing, Damn it")
  • Greater God
  • Symbol: One Thousand Swords (His Artifact is "The Hero of a Thousand Faces")
  • Alignment: Chaotic Good (Although he tends to veer into Chaotic Stupid at times)
  • Portfoilio: doing things that should be impossible, BFS, Blood Sport, Boisterous Bruiser, Field of Blades, Game-Breaker, Genius Bruiser, Lightning Bruiser, Obfuscating Stupidity, Obi-Wan Moment(x2), Person of Mass Destruction, Psychic Powers (Mind Reader), Rule of Cool, Trickster Mentor.
  • Domain: Destruction, Glory, War.
  • Allies: Negi Springfield (Student), Evangeline (old friend), Asuna Kagurazaka (????), Augus, Kamina, Issei Hyodo
  • Enemies: Few live long enough to earn this title, although his blase attitude towards most evil and fun personality don't hurt. Evangeline, while they are old friends... she has a tendency to make serious attempts on his life because he annoyed her. He takes the attacks in good spirits though.
  • Both a former Gladiator and War Veteran, Jack Rakan has participated in countless battles that have forged both strength and skill over a period of forty years. Rakan is an exceptional battle analyst as demonstrated when he analyzed Negi's Raiten Taisou and pinpointed it's weaknesses only after observing it once. Despite this fact, everyone in the pantheon still thinks he's an idiot.
  • Joined the Pantheon because he damn well felt like it, and no one has the balls to tell him to leave (and those who do don't really care anyway). Has a friendly rivalry with Cloud, the original god of BFSs, who's really more confused than anything concerning the situation.
  • Augus from the combat house interests him, and even he finds Augus's sword to be amazing despite the size of his own swords. Augus possibly finds Jack worthy of his own blade. The pantheon fears the day they fight all out with each other.
  • So far, he is the only one who has ever called Evangeline by the nickname Loli Grandma and get away with it.
  • Does get along well with Kamina on several occasions, since they have quite similar portfolios.
  • He also gets along quite well with Issei: Jack's taken him as his latest protégé following his kinship with Negi, but some have saw the two of them together doing a few perverted pranks to the Pantheon's other goddesses. Issei does think, however, that Jack's voice reminds him of another good friend of his, Azazel.
  • Upon Setsuna Sakurazaki's ascension, he promptly asked her if she still wants to learn the Zanmaken: Ni no Tachi from him. But since he added "In-Celebration-Of-My-First-Kiss-With-Ojou-Sama-Special" to its name (presumably so that she wouldn't worry too much as to difficulty of the technique), she has yet to take up the offer.

    Miyamoto Musashi 
Miyamoto Musashi, Grandmaster of the Swords (Shinmen Takezo, Kensei, Sword Saint, The Number 1 Swordsman In The World, Miyamoto Bennosuke, Niten Dōraku, Shinmen Mushashi no Kami Fujiwara no Genshin, Saber)
  • Greater God
  • Symbol: Two bokken made out of wooden oars, crossed together.
  • Alignment: True Neutral
  • Portfolio: Sword Fight, Wandering Swordsmen, Dual Wielding, Pragmatism In Combat, Crazy Hair, Samurai Ponytail, Walking the Earth, Cockiness, Arrogance, Compassion, Bokken Of Death
  • Domain: Swords, Combat, War
  • Allies: Cloud Strife, Jack Rakan, Samuel Rodriguez, Nariko, Roronoa Zoro, Sanada Yukimura, Haohmaru, Liu Bei, Guan Yu, Zhang Fei, Arturia Pendragon, Ryu, Gracia.
  • Enemies: Oda Nobunaga.
  • Musashi, a most celebrated swordsman during his life in Earth and codified in history alike. He arrived in the Pantheon very late than scheduled, because apparently he was partying hard. Everyone that greeted him gave him a funny look, which prompted Musashi to say along the line, "Oh come ON, I didn't come late to take advantage of fatigue like I did with Kojirou!".
    • True to his nature, right after the establishment of his house, he pretty much challenged every other sword-based Gods he came across in a duel. Results so far has been unknown, but Musashi gave pretty hell of a fight.
    • One of his noteworthy opponents were Arturia Pendragon, who claimed that she has fought his former rival Kojirou, and wondered how he fared. The result's the same, but Musashi has certainly proved himself as the guy who beats Kojirou.
  • Many Gods like Sanada Yukimura were surprised that this Musashi is a lot calmer and compassionate, because as he recalled, the Musashi he knew of is a LOT more bratty and obnoxious. Musashi rolled his eyes on that statement, maybe that's how he was when he was a kid?
    • Said gods are also VERY surprised in that the Musashi before them actually is VERY skilled in combat and wields his swords with great-and-elegant form. Yukimura among others, is greatly impressed and is nearly given a run for his money (as well as his control over his Killing Intent).
    • Musashi himself however, is also surprised with how many changes the Pantheon had with people he used to know. On one hand, Toyotomi Hideyoshi, the one he used to 'serve' (or just his son) ended up as a power-hungry tyrant, but Musashi can still respect his desire to make Japan a strong nation. Tokugawa Ieyasu became so friendly it surprised Musashi (then again, the other Ieyasu is just as friendly). Ultimately, Oda Nobunaga has became so demonic Musashi is now disgusted to him and swore to oppose him.
  • Takes massive pride in his Hyouhou Niten Ichi-Ryuu (Tactical Two Heavens As One-Style), a variation of the Enmei-Ryuu (Circling Bright-Style) of swordsmanship. As mentioned before, he codified dual-wielding; this was mainly through the "daishou" set of swords, as he uses a wakizashi and katana in solid and artful tandem despite their non-matching sizes.
  • Also noted that his house is apparently very stinky, because Musashi always refused to bathe (the historical Musashi may have may found it valid in keeping his guard up against any foe). Thankfully, his house is still more bearable than Pudge's, and there are times he airs it out a lot.
  • Legends has it that he once dual wielded not just a bokken and katana, but two magical swords known as Fusion and Lumina. They're swords of immense power, but no one has been able to confirm whether the swords were located in Musashi's house or not...
  • Known to have also made a wooden oar out of dangerous materials to make swords from it. Some Gods, like Nightmare, has even tried replacing their swords with wooden oars, but none was as deadly as how Musashi's oar-sword turned out to be.
    • That said "oar" is also part of his stronger set of swords; it's a strange hybrid between an eku-oar or suburitou, while his other sword is a jitte-styled blade in nod to his historical father Miyamoto Munesai, a renowned jitte master. The said wooden oar is also a nod to his historical nod with the aforementioned Kojirou, and Musashi makes it no secret in that he may have cheated on that fight like many others; his historical Book of Five Rings has the writings to prove it and Musashi is willing to own up to his pragmatic youth.
      • Compared to his more bratty alternate-self mentioned above, Musashi is glad his "oar-suburitou" hybrid is of a more reasonable size compared to his other-self's much-longer oar. That, and he's bore witness to his awkward technique....he gives him praise for unpredictability, but cannot stand his lack of form and discipline. Needless to say, Musashi is a bit disguised with his other self and is taken back to his questionable and ambiguous youth. Sadly, said youth also shares a voice with another infamous portrayal of his....
  • May be patiently waiting for the day his rival Kojirou will ascend to the pantheon, since Musashi's feeling lonely nowadays. He's also interested in how far his signature Tsubame Gaeshi has developed nowadays.
  • Feels somewhat odd towards both Haoumaru and Amidamaru, since they seem to be loosely based off of Musashi himself.

Poseidon, God of Tridents (God of the Oceans, Earth-Shaker)
  • Greater God
  • Symbol: His trident
  • Alignment: Chaotic Neutral
  • Portfolio: Master of the seas and prefer method of attacks, God of storms, of earthquakes, possesses an enormous, easily triggered temper due to always being second-best
  • Domains: Tridents, Oceans, Horses
  • Allies: Zeus, Percy Jackson, Kyogre, Hercules, Hera, Aquaman, Wonder Woman, King Triton
  • Rival: Earthshaker
  • Enemies: Kratos, Medusa, both Hades, Odysseus
  • Opposes: Groudon
  • Teeth-Clenched Teamwork with: Athena
  • In the House of Water and Ice, the wave moved when Poseidon first stepped into the Pantheon after his ascension. It was the suggestion by his brother Zeus who wanted another Olympian at his side. With Poseidon's trident that could cause storms, earthquakes, and tidal waves, it convinced the Count enough to ascend Poseidon.
  • A few days after his ascension, Poseidon underwent a medical examination par a request from Percy, as he was concerned that his father may still be infected by the evils of Pandora's Box, specifically Wrath. The results have since come back clean, much to Poseidon and Percy's relief.
  • Still hasn't forgiven Kratos for sinking Atlantis, and plans to see him answer for his transgressions, especially for that uncalled butchering of that princess he kept. That was a rather dear princess to him.
  • Though Zeus was partly responsible for his ascension, he himself is very resentful toward him due to his status as second-best to Zeus. He manage to hold on to that resentment, almost....
    • There was one time when Poseidon sided with his imprisoned father and the Titans for Zeus' throne. His plan was thwarted by the mortal Arkantos and since then, Zeus has kept a close eye on Poseidon so that there will be no sign of rebellion among the Olympians.
    • At the very least on this, however, Poseidon managed to counter that Zeus was once inflicted by the evil Fear from Pandora's Box, turning him into an exaggeration/mockery of his usual self. Zeus counters back that he was also infected by the evil Anger, since both of them went through divine cleansing together, but Poseidon wondered if he really changed that much.
  • Do not mention the 'Poolseidon' around Poseidon, an incident that Poseidon could never live down.
  • He despises Odysseus for blinding his son Polyphemus and made him suffer in his voyage home until the gods convinced him to stop. Since Odysseus' ascension and much of the gods are not intervening, he is likely to unleash his wrath against him again.
  • As the god of the ocean, he hold a domain within the House of Water and Ice, even if he isn't a residing member of the House. He's known for keeping a cage of sea monsters in his ocean home and known to sent them on anyone that enraged him, especially the Kraken.
    • He is a bit intrigued with King Triton who bear a lot of resemblance to him, especially since he has a son who bear the same name. Though whether he would question him of their familiarity, he is certainly pleased to see him running his undersea kingdom.
  • He and Athena do not get along, especially since the two competed on who will name the great city in Greece which was given the name Athens. Regardless, the two would put aside their petty fighting for a common goal.
  • Medusa is certainly unpleased of the god of the ocean who raped her in Athena's temple and getting the blame by the virgin goddess.
  • He once mistaken the Bride for Medusa as they look alike. Medusa and he once "dated" in which it is confirmed by Percy.
  • Among his role of the god of oceans, he is also the god of horses and one of his offsprings is Pegasus, the winged horse. Pegasus himself is rather conflicted with Poseidon's "side" of the story and method of his birth, and most equine deities seem to not care about heeding his call, much to his frustration.
  • He is also capable of creating earthquakes, hence his other name, Earth-Shaker. Earthshaker himself was rather flabbergasted that the god of the seas can also manipulate the earth and create earthquakes, even annoyed that he "copied" his title.
  • In a conflict between Groudon and Kyogre, Poseidon would take the side of Kyogre as Groudon's power to evaporate the ocean would pose a danger to his domain.

Shana, Goddess of the Flaming Swords (The Flame-Haired, Hot-Eyed Hunter; Yukari Hirai)

Intermediate Gods

Artorias, God of Worn Out Corrupted Divine Swords (Knight Artorias, Sir Artorias the Abysswalker, Artorias of the Abyss, The Wolf Knight of Farron, R2orias)
  • Theme Song: Artorias the Abysswalker
  • Intermediate God
  • Symbol: The Three Greatswords of Artorias and Greatshield of Sif
  • Alignment: Lawful Good (Chaotic Evil if The Abyss in him gets out of control)
  • Portfolio: Total loss of control, All three of his greatswords, Black Knight, he can channel the power of the Abyss to reinforce his attack power, Embodiment of the Abyss, Handicapped Badass Lightning Bruiser, Master Swordsman, Magic Knight
  • Domains: Knighthood, Honor, Darkness, Berserker, Rage, Heroism
  • Heralds: The Abyss Watchers
  • Allies: Gwyn, Great Grey Wolf Sif, The Maiden in Black, Ragna, Hakumen, Midna, Guts, Princess Luna, Arturia Pendragon, Lancelot, Riku, Siegfried, Maximillian Caxton, Ornstein and Smough, Ludwig the Accursed
  • Enemies: MANUS, Dragons, ALLANT, Master Xehanort, Yami, Chernobog, Nightmare, Nightmare Moon
  • Once found by Gwyn and The Maiden in Black in a completely unstable state, recklessly and relentlessly charging at them, howling and screaming like a maddened beast. Together, both were able to find a way to bring him back to a more stable level and return him to his senses. To their horror, though, they both realized the Abyss within him had ravaged his body to the point he can neither live without it or even remove his armor. Artorias' armor now serves less to protect whatever remains of the knight than as a restraint and prison for the monster within him.
  • Due to being almost entirely corrupted by the Abyss he can never return to his normal self and can lose himself to it if pushed too far. While his faith and powerful resolve can allow him a measure of calm, the dark presence within him shall never fade. This also affected his mighty Greatsword, as it has become severely worn out, with parts of the hilt missing and the blade covered in black slime. Like its wielder, it can be cleansed for brief periods before the Dark again corrupts it.
  • He is often working along side Guts any time he can. Both knights are very similar, and Artorias has pledged to help Guts defeat Griffith, who he sees as a perversion of the knight ideal.
  • Others are surprised that he can talk when earlier he was a little more then a roaring monster, though what Siegfried heard when he first regained speaking. They gained an understanding with each other knowing how it feels like to be in such a state and often work together.
  • He sympathizes with Princess Luna, knowing the effect Darkness can have on one's soul.
  • He often treats Arturia as well as Gwyn, his king, often commenting he'd like to be a knight for both.
  • He is slightly disheartened by that fact the only other Knight of Gwyn here is Ornstein. He dearly hopes Ciaran and Gough will join them someday; while he is indeed glad for Ornstein's company, he really can't stand Smough. Still, he has found many that would help him with his current "condition". Riku, for instance, is trying to show Artorias "the way to dawn".
    • He has recently, however, warmed up to Smough greatly after he heard about his heroic Last Stand against the forces of Aldritch, and his failed, yet valiant defense of Anor Londo. While he certainly, does not approve of his eating habits, he considers him more then worthy of the title of "Knight".
  • Harbors a deep hatred for Manus, Father of the Abyss, who corrupted him and is largely responsible for his current corruption and the Abyss within him, and Allant of Boletaria, who seeks to snuff out the First Flame and spearheads a plan to slay his lord. While at first he was content to hunt other creatures of darkness such as Yami and Chernobog, but Allant waking up Manus and ensuring its eventual release has steadily increased the risk of his wrath spiraling out of control, ironically upping the possibility of the Abyss taking control of him.
  • Those gods who have never heard Artorias' story are almost always brought to tears simply by hearing the tale. Those who hear of Sif and The Chosen Undead's tragic and inevitable duel years later are more often than not inconsolable.
  • It should be noted that Artorias is a lefty, and his right hand is his weaker arm. And he's STILL able to obliterate his opponents.
  • When the Bearer of the Curse returned from his travels to Brume Tower, Artorias found out that his sword had been passed down from one swordsman to another after his death and somehow ended up in the hands of the most recent bearer of his lord's soul, the Old Iron King. While proud it was still used in the fight against the Dark, he's a bit miffed at its current decrepit state.
    • He became a bit moody for a while when he learned that everyone who wielded his sword were also ironically left-handed, unlike his current state.
    • When he learned of the Fume Knight, Raime the Rebel, he was disgusted at how instead of fighting the dark, he embraced it. Artorias is now planning to take him on with Guts when he also discovered that Raime is the protector of one the ascended Children of the Dark, Nadalia.
  • Is unsure how to feel about the Fanatical soldiers known as "The Abyss Watchers", while he is flattered that so many would see him as inspiration he is unhappy with how overzealous they are to stop the Abyss. while many volunteered to protect his temple he has made sure they stayed far away from him as possible, not because of who they are but what the Abyss has done to them. He has convinced himself that it is his fault for their current state and wishes that they steer clear to try insure that they can be safe from the Abyss inside him.

    Cú Chulainn 
Chulainn, Lord of the Spear (Lancer, Setanta, The Hound of Ulster, Blue Spearman of the Wind, The Hound of Culann, The (Prototype) Hound of Culann, Caster, Ireland's Prince of Light, Berserker, The Mad Hound of Culann, Cú Chulainn Alter, Mad King Cú Chulainn)
Younger Cú 
As Caster 
As Berserker 
'Normal' Berserk mode seen in the Battleground of Gods 

Gallantmon, God of the Jousting Lance (Dukemon, Guardian Deity of the Net)

    Jack Cayman 
Jack Cayman, God of Chainsaws (Jack the Chaser, Deathwatcher)

    Kisuke Urahara 
Kisuke Urahara, The God of the Sword Canes (Getaboshi/Hat & Clogs)
  • Intermediate God
  • Symbol: His sword Benihime or Hat and Getaboshi
  • Alignment: True Neutral
  • Portfolio: Nice Hat which often hides his eyes and he never takes it off, Crazy-Prepared, Science Hero, Awesome by Analysis, Genius Bruiser, The Chessmaster, The Ace, Obfuscating Stupidity, Omnidisciplinary Scientist Surgical healing and attacks with bankai
  • Domains: Science, Intellect,
  • Allies: Yoruichi Shihouin, Ichigo Kurosaki, Orihime Inoue, Kakashi Hatake, Roy Mustang, Aikuro Mikisugi
  • Teeth-Clenched Teamwork: With most of the members of the Gotei 13
  • Opposed by: Mayuri Kurotsuchi
  • Enemies: Aizen, Embryo, Terumi
  • Worthy Opponents mostly one-sided: Light Yagami Xanatos, Petyr, Kane (C & C)
  • He was invited by his colleague, Yoruichi. Of course she told him that he had to find a way in. He had no problem and quickly found a way in. After his ascension he tried to touch Yoruichi's butt again and was immediately kicked in the head.
  • Aizen wasn't pleased to hear of his ascension and plan on take out one of his archnemesis. As he knows he is one of the most dangerous gods, as his delayed plan had taken Aizen himself out.
  • He often makes plans with some of his fellow members intellectual members of the pantheon such as Batman, Shiroe and, Shikamaru. Unfortunately for the other alliances, this tends to work very badly in their favor.
  • His Zanpakuto is very versatile from Sword Beams, to Deflector Shields, to creating powerful bindings.
    • His Bankai is vastly different as it allows him to heal or rip apart his opponents or the environments like a surgeon.
  • He has plans to further enhance the house of combat.
  • People hate going to him when they need to mass teleport, as they wind up freefalling.
  • He often finds himself in various gambits versus his fellow Chessmasters, such as Petyr, Xanathos, Kane (command & conquer).
  • On top of his combat skills and strategic mind, he is also a genius scientist and inventor, creating objects such as gigai, which allows the ethereal to interact with the living world, a Cloak that allows the wearer to totally mask their presence, and other items. Sometimes, however, his items don't work out very well or were just prank items, which has prompted responses of the users such as: "'Amazing Armor of Justice', my ass! More like Armor of Junk!"
  • He has a habit of writing messages in red paint, such as:
    "Please meet at the Urahara Shop immediately".
    "P.S. If you think this message looks like something out of a horror movie, you have no sense of humor."
    • This really tends to annoy the gods who are a part of law enforcement.
  • He noticed how he sounds similar to a few gods. He has formed alliances with a few like Aikuro who is just as odd, made enemies with others such as Terumi (who he finds to be disgusting) and is mostly indifferent to the rest.
Lea, God of Deadly Rings (The Flurry of Dancing Flames, Axel, Number VIII)
  • Theme Song: The 13th Struggle (when fighting), At Dusk, I Will Think of You (when with friends)
  • Intermediate God
  • Symbol: His chakrams, the Eternal Flames, in silhouette.
  • Alignment: Chaotic Good (Formerly Chaotic Neutral)
  • Portfolio: Poisonous Big Brother Figures, Hot-Blooded Redhead with Constant Backstabbing Habits, Multiple Allegiances And Those Who Play By Their Own Rules, Precision Guided Rings of Fire, those who quickly became popular with fanbase and production and thus becoming more important to the plot, "Got it Memorized?"
  • Domains: Fire, Villainy, Heroism
  • Allies: Roxas, Xion, Riku, Ventus, Sora, Donald Duck, Goofy, Mickey Mouse, Ruby Rose, Clank, Shobu Kirifuda
  • Enemies: Master Xehanort
  • Ascended after he saved Sora from one of Xehanort's schemes. For this, he was given the power to wield his own Keyblade and take the Mastery Exam.
    • Lea 1:1 "Hey, look, I'm a god now! Got it memorized?"
  • He is generally frustrated when people refer to him by his former name, Axel. Though he has long since given up correcting everyone, saying that either name works perfectly fine. Then he got even more frustrated when he was compared to someone named Reno.
    • With the ascension of Axel the Dark Hero, Lea thinks that this might be a good opportunity to remind people to call him Lea, to help avoid confusion.
    • Roxas and Xion still refer to Lea by his Organization XIII name, which he does not mind at all.
  • Has been in battles with both Travis Touchdown and Raiden for different reasons. Travis confuses Lea for his twin brother Henry, while Raiden is amused to find someone with a similar voice than him.
  • Really wanted Xion to give up her position as ambassador in Suetopia, but due to events with regarding Sora's memory restoration, Xion's existence has been erased from the minds of everyone who ever met her, including Lea's.
    • Ruby Rose, due to her strong resemblance to Xion, is capable of triggering Lea's memories of his forgotten friend, if only for a second. Ruby has even offered to help Lea free Xion from Suetopia by pretending to be her (though she'll need a Black Cloak and a fake Kingdom Key) should he ever ask.
    • After Roxas finally ascended and regained his memories of her, the three broke into Suetopia to bring Xion out, with Ruby serving as a decoy. After this, the newly reunited trio are often seen eating ice-cream together, with Ruby joining them sometimes.
    • Occasionally, Ventus joins them, having actually met Lea before he became a Nobody. As Ven said when he saw Lea in the Pantheon, "Lea. Yeah, I got it memorized."
    • Another occasional guest in their ice cream habbits is one (or both) of the Gardevoir who have ascended, because of their unique connections with Roxas. Both Lea and Xion are quite confused on this matter.
  • Lea is considered to be one of the best dancers in the Pantheon. His hips don't lie.
  • Wasn't keen on "Project: Alternate Gentaro" until he learned that Sora got corrupted. He was livid, and is now teaming up with other gods to get Sora out of there—he at least owes that to Roxas.
    • It's thanks to Lea that Carmelita Fox, the Fireys, and Riku were able to escape the asylum. Lea was also secretly in league with Clank, who gathered information about the asylum while pretending to be corrupted.

    Luke Skywalker 
Luke Skywalker, God of Lightsabers and Mental Purification
  • Theme Music: The Force theme or the main title theme
  • Intermediate God
  • Smybol: His green Light-Saber.
  • Alignment: Neutral Good
  • Portfolio: Mental Purification, Ace Pilots, The Artificial Hand, Heroic Resolve, Former Rookies, Training from Hell, Sneaky Departures, Dork Knights, Growing a Spine, Love Redeems.
  • Domain: Light, Redemption, Heroism, Honor.
  • Herald: Rey
  • Allies:
    • Fellow Star Wars Deities: Obi-Wan Kenobi, Yoda, Leia Organa
    • Other Allies: Clark Kent/Kal-El/Superman, Steve Rogers/Captain America, Tony Stark/Iron Man, Kirk, Doctor Stephen Strange, Naruto Uzumaki, Son Goku, Asura, Travis Touchdown, Hayato Kanzaki, the majority of the Heroic Super Robot Gods, every Knight in the pantheon.
  • Enemies: Sheev Palpatine, Nyarlathotep, The Anti-Monitor, Melkor, The Joker
  • Ascended by making Darth Vader redeem himself for his sins. Other gods have tried doing this on the most irredeemable villains, but only a few succeeded. Many heroes penalized and scolded Luke for doing so, except Obi-wan, as he knew who Vader was.
  • One of the few deities to doesn't get broken into despair from Nyarlathotep's lectures. This makes the Crawling Chaos smile, as Luke is Anakin's son.
  • Earns the respect of many Ace Pilots such as Sanger Zonvolt, Kamina, Guy Shisioh, Simon, and Axel Almer, who offered him to ride their robots when they're not active. He's even an honorary member of the GUAG Robot War Division.
    • Is likewise highly respected by many of the knightly deities in the pantheon. Artix Von Krieger holds him high respect.
  • Whenever he's not saving the galaxy, he trains with Obi-wan and Yoda to perfect his Jedi skills.
  • During the first him he battles against a ranged fighter who didn't use laser blasters, he found out just what happens when he tried to block a lead bullet: it turned to molten liquid which burned him. He's since learned to use to Force to divert their trajectory or just plain evade them, and has advised every Jedi that ascended after him not to block bullets.
  • Despite the fact that he does not like redheads, he ends up marrying one anyway.
  • Is extremely abhorred that if one would twink his voice a bit, he'd sound like The Joker. He really doesn't like it when Palpatine uses a trick to fool the people of GUAG that Joker's in the house, when it's actually Luke all along. Because Joker disgusts him, probably on the same level as Palpatine.
  • Once got in a Death Battle with Harry Potter as arranged by Wiz and Boomstick. Luke won due to finding Harry's weak point to be his scar.
  • For some reason, he gets along well with the Akira Ishida family due to the Japanese dub of his series.
  • Met up with Travis Touchdown and his collection of Beam Katans. The two are currently trying to debate whether or not a Beam Katana is different than the Lightsaber, or it's just a Lightsaber but with a different name.
  • He was quite happy when his wife managed to move to the Purgatory and became even happier when she finally redeemed herself. He is now trying find a niche for her within one of the Houses.
  • Refuses to tell any of his followers what he's been doing for the last 30 years, but will only say that they'll find out December 18th, 2015.
    • Turns out he was on Ahch-To in self exile after Han's son betrayed him. A young force sensitive scavenger named Ray found him with BB-8's map. She's become Luke's herald.
  • Also present in the House of Mentalities.

Nariko, Goddess of Swordsmanship Through Dark and Demonic Deals (Wielder Of The Godly Blade)

Nu-13, Goddess of Summoned Swords (The Calamity Trigger, V-13, No. 13)
  • Theme Music: Awakening The Chaos II
  • Intermediate Goddess (Borders on Greater Goddess when in her Unlimited Mode)
  • Symbol: Her Nox Nyctores, Lux Sanctus: Murakumo, plus her glowing red visor and Azure Grimoire atop of it on her emblem.
  • Alignment: Chaotic Evil
  • Portfolio: Batshit crazy people, psychotic mercenaries, Sword Summoning, Robot Girls, Clones, hug.exe, Being a Sadistic Psycho-Bitch, Killing anyone who gets in the way of her love.
  • Domains: Chaos, Swords, Combat, Clones, Domination, Hate, Madness, Love (twisted), Time, Souls
  • Allies: Ragna the Bloodedge, or so she says. The rest of the Yandere Quartet also counts, as well as Justice, Omega, Shinnok, Quan Chi, and Mileena.
  • Followers: Saika, Weiss (a.k.a. Sophie), The Master, Penny Polendina
  • Teeth-Clenched Teamwork: Yuuki Terumi and Relius Clover
  • Enemies: Everyone and everything that isn't Ragna, or so she says. In actuality Ragna the Bloodedge, Jin Kisaragi, Noel Vermillion, Rachel Alucard, Hakumen, Kokonoe, Lambda-11, Vegeta, Raiden, Shizuo Heiwajima, Revy, Eda. As of recent, it looks like everyone (save for the Yandere Quartet and very few deities such as Justice), The Saber Marionettes
  • Ascended as part of a retaliatory strike against Kokonoe's ascension by Terumi and Relius. The day she arrived in the Pantheon, her voice resounded throughout as follows: "Loading... loading... loading... loading... Complete."
    • Upon hearing this, Ragna immediately burst off running for the darkest area of the Pantheon he could think of. Eyewitnesses report that his facial expression was similar to when he encountered the Ghost Lady.
  • Her goal is to become one with Ragna, form the Black Beast, and cause The End of the Pantheon As We Know It, because she hates everything in existence except for Ragna.
    • She still holds some respect for Yuno Gasai, having served her before in the House of Emotion. Yuno herself is encouraging every bit of her Yandere acts for Ragna.
  • Has some competition with Sakuya Izayoi and Gilgamesh, due to their similar fighting styles.
  • Anyone who gets in the way of HER Ragna faces the wrath of her ultimate technique - hug.exe. Don't let the name fool you, it is not a pleasant experience. Just ask Ragna.
  • On some occasions, presumably while she's running in Safe Mode, her personality strangely becomes that of a Valley Girl who talks like a pirate.
  • Really wants to stay away from Vegeta due to his reputation to make machines expierience fear beyond programming.
  • Has a strange relationship with Lambda. While she feels a sense of kinship around the older Murakumo, which might have something to do with her soul having at one point been inside her, she still hates her with a passion due to Ragna being more comfortable around her than herself.
  • When news has it that she was 'responsible' of the dark fate that befell Ragna, it made the majority of Pantheon look at Nu in anger and vengeance. Nu's response was a mere thought that the whole Pantheon is against her relationship which made her declare that the whole Pantheon can just get stabbed to death for getting in her way with Ragna.
  • After gaining emotions by synchronizing with Noel, she has found out that there is only one thing she feels; pure hatred. Hatred so strong that after Ragna "rejected" her, she started to hate everything, including Ragna and wants everything to die. She was ultimately subdued from her rampage and severely depowered. When people demanded that she pays for everything she's done, Noel stepped in and offered to 'rehabilitate' her instead. One can wonder if she can one day succeed obliterating Nu's dangerous Yandere factor out of her.
  • A bit annoyed that someone who pilots a mobile suit that resembles her is a total tree-hugging naive pacifist moron (in her opinion). She thinks that if she piloted the AGE-FX, she'd probably shred all the Vagans in one sitting, and Flit would approve.

     Samuel Rodrigues 
Samuel Rodrigues, God of Katanas (Jetstream Sam, Minuano)
  • Intermediate God
  • Symbol: His High-Frequency Murasama Blade.
  • Theme Music: The Only Thing I Know For Real
  • Alignment: True Neutral/Neutral Good back in his pre-Desperado days
  • Portfolio: Brazilian Samurai, Katanas Which Have Been Upgraded for the Modern Age, Being Descended from a Family of Brazilian Katana Masters, Worthy Opponent, Living Only for Fighting, Being Badass Simply By Being DAMN GOOD With a Katana.
  • Allies: Bladewolf, Archer, Zero, Samurai Jack, Inigo Montoya, Deadpool, Heishiro Mitsurugi, Genji Shimada, Akame
  • Rivals: Raiden, Kamui Tokinomiya, Uzu Sanageyama, Beatrix Kiddo, Emu Hino, Vergil, Taskmaster and any Swordsman that is able to give him a good fight.
  • Enemies: The House of Justice (Given his past as a mercenary)
  • Teeth-Clenched Teamwork: His old Buddies from Desperado Enforcement (Sundowner, Monsoon, Mistral, Steven Armstrong), Blake Belladona.
  • Odd Friendship: Rikuo, Yang Xiao Long
  • Samuel Rodrigues was an Ordinary swordman that came accross Raiden and actually defeated him in their first encounter. He ascended after his mortal death at the hands of Raiden in their second duel in the Badlands and the Pantheon very impressed with his skills, allowed him to ascend as the God of Katanas.
  • Even though he was born in Brazil, he is actually Half-Japanese and descends from a long line of swordsmen, dating back to 16th century Japan, Thanks to his father. However, when one of the pupils of his father murdered him, he actually underwent ardous training before killing said person himself and avenging his father.
    • He was amused when he heard of Inigo Montoya but then became a close friend of his after hearing that he lost his father. They like to spare in their free time toguether.
  • Even though he was working with Desperado Enforcement, he now has distanced himself from them and returned to working as a mercenary like the old days. He has memories of those times like taking various odd jobs, including a job as a bodyguard and as a cleaner for the Mafia.
    • He is surprisingly fond of Deadpool, a fellow mercenary like him, but he is weirded out that he sounds suspiciously like Monsoon sometimes.
  • Even for an intermediate God you Shouldn't understimate him. Sam is skilled enough with his blade that he can take on Greater Gods and hold his own without breaking a sweat (He defeated Raiden in their first Encounter and even went Toe-to-Toe with Armstrong).
  • When he met Uzu Sanageyama, he was surprised with his skills in Kendo and Challenged him to a battle. After a long sparring, Sam was very impressed with Uzu and declared him a Worthy Rival.
  • Has a huge admiration for Samurai Jack, since his fighting styles reminds him of the times he trained under his father. Fighting Jack is also very entertaining for the Cyborg, since the former is no slouch when dealing with robots himself.
  • Seems to be a fan of fireworks and explosions. That's one of the reasons he seems to visit the house of Explosives a lot.
  • Though he might appear just as robotic as his fellow Winds of Destruction, the vast majority of his swordsmanship and agility comes from the man himself. On those rare occasions he loses a swordfight, his opponents are shocked to see he's barely enhanced at all, save for his right hand, which he lost in his battle against Senator Armstrong on top of World Marshal's Denver HQ when they had their, "Work interview".
  • Sam holds the privilege of having the best Shit-eating Grin in all of the Pantheon. It's so popular that he even made advertisements for Colgate
    • Even other people had tried to copy Sam's Grin. Particularly, Eliza was able to mimic his smile almost perfectly
  • Occasionaly visits the House of Technology to visit his friend Bladewolf. Nobody knows how this two became friends, but it is rumored that Sam was one of the main reasons Bladewolf decide to "be more human".
  • On the rare moments when he gets drunk and spars with another drunk Raiden (and Waluigi), this happens, earning the WTF looks from other gods and an amused smile from Dio.
  • His encounter with Remnant huntress Blake Belladona didn't exactly go very well, since his fighting style is very similar to her ex-boyfriend Adam Taurus, right down to his sword matching the one Adam uses in combat. While Blake did handle herself pretty decently, she was no match for Samuel's technique. However, she changed her mind after learning that he wasn't as bad as she though Sam was and let him be. She however doesn't entirely trust Sam either.
    • To make matters worse, Sam also was interested in challenging her partner Yang Xiao Long. However, he was pretty dissapointed that Yang's encounter with Adam left her with her right arm missing. Yang at first was a little hesitant to interact with Sam given that he thought he was up to no good but surprisingly, he is pretty understanding of the situation, given he too lost an arm. He has promised that when she gets better, he would return to challenge her.
  • Was weirded out that the only other Brazilian god around was the Merman known as Rikuo. They have actually become friends overtime and Sam has grown interested in battling Rikuo some day.
  • There has been a video circulating that retells how his fight with Raiden actually went about.
  • "We've both heard enough speeches about higher causes by now. History will decide who's right. End of story."

    Shishio Makoto 
Shishio Makoto, God of Serrated Swords (The Leader of Juppongatana/Ten Swords, A Demon of Hell, The Battōsai's Successor)
  • Theme Song: The Last Wolf Suite
  • Intermediate God
  • Symbol: His Sword "The Mugenjin" and The Symbol of The Ten Swords
  • Alignment: Chaotic Evil
  • Weapon of Choice: The Mugenjin
  • Portfolio: Amazing Deducting Skills, He is covered head-to-toe in bandages, Blood Knight, Card-Carrying Villain, Diabolical Mastermind, Fair-Play Villain, What he has with his Loved one Yumi, Has a knack for surviving many Injuries, The Social Darwinist, Übermensch, Visionary Villain
  • Domains: Chaos, Rage, Fire, Swords, Evil, Feigning Death
  • Allies: Oda Nobunaga, Lu Bu, Achilles, Steven Armstrong, Lucifer, The Joker, Harley Quinn, Gilgamesh, Algol, Azula
  • Teeth Clenched Teamwork: Akainu
  • Enemies: Himura Kenshin, Cao Cao, Raiden, YHVH, Arturia Pendragon, Mordred, Roah
  • His Sword The Mugenjin is a self-sharpening serrated edge flaked away in a regular pattern as it was used, and it had become soaked in the flesh and body fat of the victims he had killed over the years. As a result he is able to execute fire-oriented techniques using the oils as fuel.
  • His philosophy is that "the flesh of the weak is the food of the strong", he expands on that claiming that he believes in his idealized vision of Japan, wherein one must be a great warrior to survive, and hence will one day become a universally proud and strong nation in the global arena.
  • This has made him aligh with Steven Armstrong as he believes that what he is going to do with America is what Shishio wants with Japan.
  • To this end he constructed a group known as the Juppongatana, though this group is not in The Pantheon he has decided to try and recreate that here with members of The Pantheon.
  • Has fought in a grand battle, this battle made him align with Akainu, though due to their personalities they only ever work together to fight the enemy after that they often try to turn on each other.
  • Is trying to get Kenshin to fight him again, this is due to the fact that he wants to prove himself stronger as well as see if Kenshin can try and prove his philosophy wrong.
  • In The Mortal World after surviving an assassination attempt that rendered him unable to produce sweat, Shishio must avoid being in any fight for more than fifteen minutes in a row. Due to the strange nature of The Pantheon he can hold out for much longer.
  • Finds the relationship between The Joker and Harley Quinn similar to his own relationship with Yumi, though he has told Joker to better understand how that sort of love can be used to have Harley give her life up for him if needed and has claimed that Harley needs to become stronger to truly be of use if she really cares for her "Puddin".
  • Scares most Demons in the House of Otherness as it is claimed that if he were to ever go to Hell he would not only enjoy it, he would take it over completely.

    Strider Hiryu 
Strider Hiryu, God of Audible Sharpness (Strider, The High-tech Mercenary)
  • Intermediate God
  • Symbol: His cypher, Falchion.
  • Theme Music: Raid
  • Alignment: True Neutral, but is commonly set as Neutral Good
  • Portfolio: Highly Visible Ninja, Plasma Cypher, *SWHING!!*, One-Man Army, Consummate Professional, The Stoic, Scarf of Asskicking, Super Soldier, Retired Badass, Super Speed
  • Domains: Ninjas, Weapons, Sound
  • Followers: V, Lion-O, Taka
  • Allies: Ryu Hayabusa, Raiden, the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles, Takeshi Hongo and Hayato Ichimonji, Miyabi, Greninja, Maximilian Christiansen, Luke Skywalker, The Marked Ninja, Beatrix Kiddo, Link
  • Enemies: Lord Deimos, Galactus, Onslaught, Albert Wesker, Doctor Doom, The Kurgan, Palpatine
  • Rivals: Wolverine, Vergil, Ghost Rider
  • Feared by: Crimson Viper
  • Admired by: Batsu Ichimonji
  • Hiryu is a Strider, a highly-trained ninja-like Super Soldier. He is one of the few ninjas who can run straight into a group of trained soldiers with firearms and survive without a scratch. Mainly because of his Falchion, a plasma "cypher" that can cut through anything like butter. All while making a lot of sound. SWHING!
    • To his surprise, he has gained a massive following. Aside from being a badass ninja, his famous sounds have inspired many across multiple worlds to to the same. Though Strider is quick to point out to his followers not to overdo it, citing many cases where weapons sing even with the smallest of movements.
  • Was considered to be the new God of Ninjas after he managed to defeat the current owner of the title. Ultimately, the idea fell through, but Hiryu held no hard feelings towards it or Ryu. In fact, it was Ryu that helped find a title for his former high priest, respecting him as a Worthy Opponent.
    • Some also say that Hiryu would have also ascended for Scarf of Asskicking, but the dual Riders beat him for that. Though again, he doesn't seem to really care for it.
  • He really rarely talks. But when he does, they say that he sort of sounds like Donatello or a Greninja/Gekkouga.
  • There was one time when he was send to defeat Miyabi for reasons he didn't know at the time. Miyabi herself took Hiryu as a challenge, wanting to test his Falchion against her Seven-Pronged Sword. While Hiryu defeated Miyabi in the end, he quickly found out that it was a trick by GUAE to get rid of her. As such, he refused to kill her, and the two have mutual respect of each other.
  • Is really close allies with Raiden not only because both are ninjas with really sharp blades but for another aspect; Hiryu hates innocent people being used for experiments and easily discarded masses, especially children. If he finds you doing any of those things, then hope that he merely slices you in half.
  • Has been involved in multiple world mergings, though he was bit late on one of them. Still was a great occasion as he was one of the most dearly missed omissions in the initial game.
    • No one was more excited for his return than Maximillian, citing Strider as one of his favorite characters as well as one of the Pantheon's greatest advocates for his ascension. He's currently trying to get his team of Strider, Doctor Doom and Wesker together, with poor results. The three gods despise each other and would rather not work together, although Doom does admit he and Strider were a formidable team, especially in the previous game.
    • Has a rather rocky relationship with Wolverine despite the fact that the latter has a famous audible sound of his own. It's most likely due to the fact that Wolverine has an unfavorable relationship with ninjas in general.
    • Dante entered his temple one day, offering a box of pizza as a gift. That's because Strider's seen as the only cause of the sounds of Rebellion, Dante's sword in Devil May Cry. It doesn't even have a sheath. The high-tech mercenary quietly accepted the gift, becoming close allies afterwards. The same cannot be said with Vergil, though the two respect each other for similar styles. The battles the two have usually end in stalemates.
    • When Crimson Viper learned of his ascension, she quickly retreated to her temple and made many new safety precautions against ninjas. It's safe to say that she' frighten that the myth has finally attained godhood. Strider himself dismisses her, claiming she uses her technology as a clutch instead as a tool to fight.
    • Ghost Rider was amused when Strider had the gall to not only to challenge him, but calling him the prey. However, many gods assumed that Strider merely wants to lift some of the burden of judging the guilty, feeling pity over a many who was tricked into his current role.
  • Many gods hope to improve the sharpness of their blades and have turned to Strider for help. Strider ultimately decided to help Luke Skywalker's lightsabers as well as taking paid missions to thwart the Empire, drawing the ire of Palpatine.
  • Respects the Marked Ninja's emphasize in stealth instead of combat. The two can agree that a shared mission simply won't work, as any use of Strider's blade would alert their position. If there is any sort of cooperation between the two, it would be on separate missions.
  • Respects the The Black Mamba's reputation as a revered assassin. The two would have certainly been rivals if she was still in the business but now pay each other tribute from time to time. Beatrix does it for how her blade sounds whenever she unsheathes her samurai sword.
  • Has denounced the Kurgan, both as a brute without any sense of code and for horrible use of audible blades.
  • Gave his blessings to Link for the famous shhhwing whenever he performs the Spin Attack, going back to his first game. Don't expect the two to converse though; Link is the God of Silent Protagonists after all, which suits well for Strider.
  • Batsu, being his long-time fan, is surprised to see him in the Pantheon.
  • "Unless you're a target of mine, you will never see me. If you see me, then it's already too late."

     Xiahou Dun 
Xiahou Dun (style name: Yuanrang), God of Intimidating Scimitars (The One-Eyed General, Marquis Zhong)
  • Theme Song: Summer
  • Intermediate God
  • Symbol: His Eye patch and his sword, the Qilin Fang
  • Alignment: Lawful Neutral
  • Weapon of Choice: The Qilin
  • Portfolio: Undying Loyalty, Eyepatch of Power, He's Cao Cao's right-hand man, Envious of Guan Yu, Tall, Dark, and Snarky
  • Domains: Loyalty, Fearlessness, Strength, Envy
  • Allies: Cao Cao, Xiahou Yuan, Masamune Date, Dian Wei
  • Rivals: Guan Yu
  • Enemies: Oda Nobunaga, Liu Bei, Zhang Fei, Sun Ce, Lu Bu
  • His sword is known as the Qilin Fang (or Kiringa in Japanese reading), a powerful and large Podao that is used to completely defend his cousin and lord Cao Cao. He even provided his portrait for such a weapon.
    • Some say via Word of God, it's meant to be a foil to his rival Guan Yu's motif for the Azure Dragon, AKA Qinglong/Seiryuu. Some say that the original names of both his fourth and level 11 weapon reference the infamous "huolin/kakurin" (seizing bright) term, which nods to a certain person's written work being mysteriously cut-off by something akin to a qilin being hunted (or one's dying hours). Perhaps this has brought up rumors in that Xiahou Dun's stronger weapons reference a possible fact that "the qilin's fang itself may have ended that said work"....
  • He is often asked how he lost his eye, to which he answers that it was shot out by one of Lu Bu's archers at the battle of Xiapi (the novel version of his history states that Cao Xing did it). He then ripped out the arrow with the eye still speared on the end of it and then decided to eat it, claiming that it had the essence of both his father and mother in it, and letting it merely waste away would be a severe disrespect. He then took quick care of a frightened-as-hell Cao Xing afterwards.
  • During an event he has worked alongside another Oda Nobunaga and Masamune Date. His cousin's disgust with this Nobunaga means that if Cao Cao wishes it Dun will kill the man. On the other hand, this Masamune amuses Xiahou as much as the other one, and no longer worships a snake, so he has elected to aid him if he ever needs it.
    • He is even amused with the fact that they sound alike.
      • Also nodding to that, he seems to be getting along recently with Roronoa Zoro. However, Zoro himself finds it odd that whenever Xiahou Dun converses with the Koei-Masamune, it sounds like Zoro himself is conversing with Mr. 3.
  • Is often envious of Guan Yu. Cao Cao sees potential in The Saint of War and has often tried to recruit him, but Dun does not share the sentiment. Should Guan Yu ever make even a hint of a move to oppose his lord, he will strike him down in an instant. However, he also feels a bit of a friendship with Lu Meng as they are both foils to Guan Yu in someway.
    • He also doesn't want Guan Yu to be fully dragged down by his horrid historical counterpart and states that he wants to have a fight with Guan Yunchang fairly with nothing weighing them down.
  • He would often raise an eyebrow over comparisons to Saix. It doesn't help that they sound alike.
  • He apparently held the secret recipe of 'Eyeball Dumpling', and rumors has it that it's how he ate his own eye. He just doesn't talk about it as much as before because everytime he mentioned that, his talk mate understandably gets Squicked.
    • That, or Xiahou Dun tries to put up a brave face when thinking back to the supposedly questionable sensation.
  • Historically, Xiahou Dun himself states he was more of a politician who studied even on the battlefield, and not an actual warrior. Nonetheless, he's been holding up on both his political and fighting skills on the Pantheon nowadays, even if it's not focused on battlefield strategy. That said, he's also very solid on the field of logistics and states that it's always wise to find his advantages to fall back on first as a priority.
    • Fellow gods who are fans of the original Three Kingdoms novel may like to have a "dream-match" with Xiahou Dun against Wang Lang, hoping he talks the corrupt minister down the same way Zhuge Liang did; apparently learning of Xiahou Dun's politician skills and remembering that one moment in the said novel seems to have brought this amusing thought on. Xiahou Yuanrang himself states that a fool like Wang Lang will barf blood a second time when faced with his arguments.
  • He lately got funny looks directed at him by Gintoki Sakata, who recalls that he might have chopped off his own dick and ate it like how he ate his eye. Of course, Xiahou Dun is disgusted with that, what came out was, "Who is this 'Kagura Dun' you spoke of!?"
  • He used to be called 'The Blind General', but we stopped putting that as an alternative name, because Dun was known to get so severely pissed at that, even historically. There was an incident when he was patrolling Queen Grimhilde's house and then the Magic Mirror makes mention of that, then he smashed that mirror to pieces out of anger. He claims to have gotten better, but we're not too sure.

    Yuuto Kiba 
Yuuto Kiba, God of Erupting Swords (Prince Charming, Casanova, Darkness Knight Fang, The Prince of Kuoh Academy, Shura)
  • Intermediate God
  • Symbol: A crimson knight chess piece.
  • Alignment: Neutral Good
  • Portfolio: Beautiful Male, Broken Ace, Chick Magnet, Nice Guy, Swords User, Weak, but Skilled, May or May Not Be Into Issei, Fragile Speedster, Was Once a Girl Because of Azazel's Gender-Swapping Gun, Owes His Life To Issei After Saving Him, Having Lots of Homoerotic Subtext with Issei
  • Domains: Swords, Heroes, Vengeance, Popularity
  • Allies:
  • Enemies: Vali Lucifer (occasional Teeth-Clenched Teamwork), YHVH, Satan, Lucifer, Ragyo Kiryuin, Yuuki Terumi, Mard Geer Tartaros, Ryoma Sengoku, Gilgamesh (Fate), Raynare, Ornstein, Shinnok, Gul'dan, Quan Chi
  • Teeth-Clenched Teamwork with: Jin Kisaragi
  • Rival: Gilgamesh (Final Fantasy)
  • Opposes: Excalibur
  • While both Shirou Emiya and Archer would be more well know of the Field of Blades trope, both of them have already ascended with different titles, thus leaving Kiba to opt for the title. His Sacred Gear, Sword Birth, has the power to sprout different swords out of the ground to attack his enemies. Not only that, it sword has a different ability to counter his opponents.
  • Issei, who has rooted for Kiba's ascension from day one, is happy to see that his best friend has finally ascended. Kiba, of course, wasted no time to go to Issei's temple upon arriving in the Pantheon grounds as a proper deity.
    • Koneko was just as happy to see Kiba again and gave him a big hug.
  • There are some deities who wonder if Kiba's relationship with Issei is just best friends or much more. It doesn't help that his proclamation of protection for Issei sounded a bit more then just friends. While Issei shrugs all claims in a very flustered fashion, Kiba just laughs in disbelief.
    • On a related note, Kiba actually turned himself into a woman to take care of a sick Issei. Apron and all. And it freaked Issei out since Fem!Kiba (or, as many call her, Yumi) was just his type.
  • Amazingly, Kiba is able to endure Excalibur's lecture...for one hour and forty-five minutes before he too can't stand him. (ﺧ益ﺨ)
  • Compared to Issei, Xenovia and Irina, Kiba is actually good friends with Ryuko Matoi and Senketsu. Might be the fact that they were both revenge prone and experimented on. This is also why he is ally with Laura Kinney.
  • Once had a run in with FF Gilgamesh who challenge Kiba in a duel for his Demon Swords he won after defeating Siegfried. After a hard fight, Kiba emerge victorious. After Gilgamesh proclaimed him "his eternal rival", one of many, he leaped out of the scene, leaving a confuse Kiba behind.
  • Like the others in the Occult Research Club, Kiba wasn't happy that Raynare some how made her way into the pantheon.
  • Was surprise to find that there was a Siegfried and a Arthur Pendragon in the pantheon. Especially when he found out that the former was female and could stand Excalibur. He often spar with the two.
  • Does not like Ryoma Sengoku because his callous attitude towards people reminds him of Valper Galilei. He also despises Ragyo Kiryuin for experimenting on his daughters.
  • Was surprise to find out that there were some deities who sounded like him like Mamuro Chiba, Fox McCloud, and Shiki Tohno. He actually look up to Mamoru for his protective nature.
  • Like the other members of the ORC, Kiba has befriended Luka, whom he respects for his desire for a peaceful coexistence between monsters and human beings. Luka in turn does sympathize with Kiba due to his bad experiences of getting experimented on by religious fanatics, saying that it reminds him of his experiences with angels in his own world.
  • Kiba's ability to create multiple sword isn't limited to just Demon Swords, he can also create Holy Swords thanks to his second Sacred Gear, Blade Blacksmith. It also has a second ability call Glory Drag Trooper which can create an army of dragon knights and copy its user's techniques and speed. Though, for now, they can only copy Kiba's speed.
    • Found out that the original Jeanne d'Arc also have a similiar ability of summoning dragon knights to do her bidding. However, she denies ever leaving any descendants in her time.

Lesser Gods

Baraka, God of Mutant Blades (Baraka Obama)

    Clarice di Lanza 
Clarice di Lanza, Goddess of Absurdly Sharp Claws (The demoness who dared to become human, Auntie Clarice note )
  • Lesser Goddess
  • Symbol: A pair of demon wings and Sorwat's tail peeking behind a veil
  • Theme Music: Fault Carol
  • Alignment: Supposedly Lawful Good, though is more like Chaotic Good
  • Portfolio: Morally Ambiguous DEMON Nun, Air-Slicing Fingernails, Cloudcuckoolander, Church Militant, Eyes Always Shut With Red Eyes, Dark Is Not Evil, Blatant Lesbian Crush on Elsa, Sacrificing Her Health to Use Her Arcana, Immortality
  • Domains: Nuns, Demons, Claws, Sin
  • Allies: Elsa la Conti, Petra Johanna Lagerkvist, Scahrlachrot, Eko, Zenia Valov, Heart Aino, Catherine Kyoubashi, Byakuren Hijiri, Xenovia Quarta, Rosette Christopher, Asia Argento, Akeno Himejima, "Good" demons (especially demon lords)
  • Opposed by: Most of House of Faith, Demon Hunters
  • Enemies: "Evil" demons, Kyouko Sakura
  • Absurdly Sharp Claws possessors usually are capable of slicing people with no problem with sharp claws. What can the demon turned immortal nun Clarice do? Well, she can slice through the air itself to attack her opponents with just her fingernails, with a direct attack from them being really lethal to anything.
    • When presented an argument about Lust and how her claws are said to be "The Ultimate Spear", she presented the argument on how useful her claws are if she cannot get in reach?
  • The House of Faith is mixed about her. For one hand, she is a demon nun. On other hand, she is a ''good' demon nun, if little bit immoral. Especially since she only stopped being "evil" out of boredom and joined the Celestial Union due of Elsa la Conti. The only ones who seem to get along with her are Byakuren, a youkai monk, and Xenovia, an exorcist-turned-devil.
    • Similarly to Byakuren above, she seems to get along with Asia Argento and Akeno Himejima, a devil who was a nun and fallen angel miko respectively. Asia is surprised that she can read holy scripture without being hurt like she used to, though.
  • For her surprise, she does seem to get along well enough with the current goddess of Church Militants, Rosette Christopher.
  • After seeing Simon Belmont, she wonders if the la Conti family is in any way related to the Belmont family. Though she is not sure how to approach Simon to ask about that.
  • Sometimes visits Himeko and Chikane to get advice about her relation with Elsa.
  • She seems to have mixed opinions regarding demons in the Pantheon. On one hand, she seems to respect demon lords (like Zetta, for example) and their offspring (like Dante, the son of Sparda). On other hand, she will stand up to those who try to destroy the world she is trying to protect (like with Vergil).
  • Claims that she is "eternally fifteen-years-old" (no relation to Belldandy claiming to be seventeen years old note ). Please keep that in mind. Calling her old is one of easiest way to make her open her eyes, which is never a good sign.
  • As a note, she knows nothing about the lambs if you were to ask her.
  • Leina and Tomoe were surprised about her, for not only sounding like a priestess they have met, but actually being a good fighter.
  • Has been sought after by Special Lovers Squad do join their ranks due of how violent she can get if anyone harms Elsa. She is still considering it.
    • As a note, she doesn't hate the Yandere Quartet at all. In fact, she secretly admires their devotion. She even jokes that she would make a better candidate for the group than Scharlachrot, as she views Weiss as a sister and the last thing she has to a connection to the world around herself. But on more serious note, she is concern about Scharlachrot's state of mind, and was able to free her out of her mind control thanks to Zenia and Elsa. Though once Yandere Squad was formed, she decided not to enter because.
  • There are many gods in House of Justice what look at Clarice with a bad eye, due of her Arcana being the Arcana of Sin. However, Clarice says that Sorwat is the bearer of sin and the punisher for those who have sinned. When that didn't work, she got rather annoyed.
    Clarice: Those in power claim that which is inconvenient for them as a "sin", and deter it with "punishment". You find me as a "sin" because of who I am. But I am much as likely to bring out "punishment" as I am likely to "sin". Only I am capable of determine those terms when it comes to me. And I am afraid that if we cannot accept that fact, we will never see eye-to-eye.
  • She was extremely joyful when she found out that her dear Elsa was ascended.

    Cut Man 
Cut Man, God of Sinister Scissors (No-brains, Kung-Fu Cut Man, Cutsman)

    Elektra Natchios 
Elektra Natchios, Goddess of Sais
  • Lesser Goddess
  • Symbol: Her pair of Sais.
  • Alignment: True Neutral, with shades of Good
  • Portfolio: Sai Users, Anti Heroines, Being a Greek Ninja, Waif-Fu, Being Impaled and Surviving From It, Professional Killers, Pressure Point Paralysis, Constantly Changing Sides, Femme Fatales.
  • Domains: Weapons, Combat, Trickery, Darkness
  • Allies: Matt Murdock/Daredevil (currently Just Friends), Steve Rogers/Captain America, Kain Highwind, Deadpool, Raphael of the TMNT, Wolverine, Chun Li, Kasumi, Mai Shiranui, Kevin Levin, Gabrielle (Xena), Jean Grey, Ryu Hayabusa
  • Rival: Selina Kyle/Catwoman.
  • Enemies: Bullseye, Mileena, The Shredder.
  • Not So Different from: Jenna Rink
  • As a mortal, she was trained in China and by the Hand as a deadly assassin, seeking revenge on Daredevil. After nearly succeeding in taking him down, she met her end at the hand of Bullseye. She was eventually revived and found herself in the Pantheon.
    • Elektra had one mission at first... to get a payback on her killer, Bullseye. She tracked him down and started a long and epic battle with the enforcer. Daredevil got himself involved and together drove him off. Daredevil managed to convince her to hold back thoughts of revenge and merely enjoy the Pantheon as it is.
  • It was surprising that it took so long, but she did eventually meet up with Black Widow. After coming to blows because someone leaked Natasha's files on superheroes, Elektra eventually gave her a shot at fixing the mess. The two haven't said much to each other ever since. A shame, as many point out how similar these morally ambiguous women are.
  • Wolverine isn't exactly a fan of her. She admits she played a part in that; she has attacked him in a few occasions. She has also worked for the Hand, which Logan has a strained past with. Neither wants to put up the work to amend their relationship, so they avoid each other whenever they can.
  • It's a bit complicated with Ryu Hayabusa. She has let go of her ninja past, but maintains good relationships with the God of Ninjutsu. The Dragon Ninja warrior claims that the Hand is a sect that separated from his domain long ago. He has long since tried to rein back control with no luck.
  • As the Goddess of Sais, she has worked and trained many other fighters using that style. She had a hand in helping Gabrielle ascend after training her in the use of sais along with Xena.
    • Has a friendly rivalry with Raphael. The turtle was interested in the title and has fought her over it. All of their battles have ended with a standstill. It's likely that Raph likes her style too much to kick her out of the Pantheon. She has also become a valuable ally against the Shredder.
    • Elektra would love to find a way to kick Mileena out of the Pantheon. Loathes Mileena for being just as ugly on the inside as she is on the outside. She sees Mileena as what she could have been if she fully embraced the dark side. She takes solace that Mileena lost her mortal body in the events of Mortal Kombat X.
  • Fought Catwoman in the DC vs. Marvel crossover… and won in short order. Not that Catwoman minds. Elektra is one of the few superheroes that wouldn't bat an eye over her trade. Then again, both admit agreeing all the time would make things boring, hence why they stick around with heroes.
  • Has... mixed feeling of her portrayl in the Daredeivil series. While she was impressed with her avatar's fighting skills, she wasn't sure what to think of the character's personality. Still, she paid homage to the show by adapting the look in the comics.
    • Currently, and for the shock of not Daredevil, but of Deadpool (former teammate in Red Hulk's Thunderbolts), she's now dating The Punisher. It turns out they had a lot more in common than they thought. While the team didn't work out in the end, the two promised to see each other more often. After all, they both enjoy sticking projectiles at Deadpool to shut him up.
  • In spite of being an Anti-Heroine, she gained the respect of Captain America through hard work. He hopes that his influence can inspire her to become a better person. It remains to be seen if that will work.
  • Even though she has died only once as far as she recalls, her death remains a defining moment of her history. Jean holds sympathy for her as she went through the same ordeal.
  • She was hesitant to meet with Jenna Rink for a long time. Her adult form reminds Elektra of her avatar which brings bad memories of her movie appearances. But she found the strength to meet the kid who turned out to be an alright person. To her surprise, Jenna's boyfriend looks like the Hulk. After talking down the girl's anxiety, Elektra decided to stick around a bit longer. She even scares away the likes of Libby when her posse gives her trouble.
  • Elektra would rather not here this song even though it's not a bad song. It just brings out bad memories. Also don't talk about the playground scene. Some things are just better off buried.

    Fiora Laurent 
Fiora Laurent, Goddess of Rapier Combats (The Grand Duelist, Fio)
  • Lesser Goddess
  • Symbol: The crossing of two rapiers above the symbol of House Laurent
  • Alignment: Lawful Neutral
  • Portfolio: Elegant Rapier Combat, Sensing And Hitting Weak Spots, Smug Sense Of Superiority, Sexy French Accent Despite Not Being Actually French, Going Through Armors, Being an Attractive Teacher Off Time
  • Domain: Weapons, Combat, Royalty
  • Allies: Champions of Runeterra (specifically those hailing from Demacia, except those from House Crownguard), Weiss Schnee, Helena Douglas, Marth, Ryuko Matoi & Senketsu
  • Rivals: The Defenders of the Ancient (especially Yurnero the Juggernaut), Garen Crownguard, Luxanna Crownguard, Lyndis, Zorro
  • Enemies: Darius, Draven, Katarina du Couteau, Kitana
  • Once, she was a follower of Weiss Schnee, until Weiss herself was thinking to relocate. Out of her possible replacements, it was Fiora who came out on top and eventually won the rights of succeeding Weiss. A goddamn tough battle too, as Fiora was capable of deducing Weiss' weak spots and quickly striking it, with Weiss only barely managed to block it. As far as Fiora's concerned, while she still respects Weiss, it is yet another way to restore the honor of House Laurent.
    • Before she took the title, she was challenged by Weiss's former high priest. The challenger Zorro took her to the limit, but Fiora eventually succeeded in defeating the masked man as well. Zorro later commented on holding back on her, taking a liking to the Demacian. The two are strictly rivals though.
  • In spite being Demacian, she doesn't seem to get along well with those hailing from the Crownguard house, such as Garen and Lux. Even if they try to be nice at her, Fiora doesn't seem to tell why she's annoyed at them, instead choosing to be smug as hell with their style. In truth, it's because their house tried to offer an Arranged Marriage to control her, she refused, this caused her father to fall from grace.
    • In addition, during her days being a follower of Weiss, Fiora had an encounter with Garen's housemate Yurnero the Juggernaut. What happened afterwards was an invisible battle where both combatants moves lightning fast trying to slice each other with their ultimate strikes. Ultimately however, Fiora's Blade Waltz lost against Yurnero's Omnislash, rendering Fiora unable to use that technique again. Although she recovered and retrained with the help of Weiss, Fiora has never forgotten the humiliation and swore to one day be victorious in a rematch with Yurnero.
  • She was surprised to see someone called Jax in the Pantheon, but when it turned out it's just a certain Major Jackson Briggs, Fiora quickly lost interest. It's not the Grandmaster at Arms that she's a rival with.
  • There were at least some people who took note of her house's fall from grace and offered their help, such as Marth or Helena Douglas. For once, Fiora is pretty grateful at them and accepted them as friends (though on Helena, there's one and another reason.)
  • Is absolutely disgusted at the actions taken by Kitana, with Fiora claiming that by submitting to her own anger and embracing evil, she pretty much lost every dignity she could have preserved thus someone unworthy of some 'Royalty'. Fiora refused to even acknowledge they sound familiar, insisting it's just some demon using mimicry.
  • She was once visited by Lyndis who thought that she was one of the Pegasus Knights that was the big sister of one of her best friends Florina. Unfortunately, Fiora made the mistake of smugly criticizing her sword play and a bit of her plainswoman background, and so they ended up becoming rivals after she managed to parry the strikes of an angered Lyndis.
    • She also had a similar thing happening towards Shulk, who nearly mistook her as his Mechon friend Fiora. Of course, he had a premonition not to insult her further or anything and chose to leave before Fiora could spew a smug remark.
  • Though not exactly an accomplished artist, Fiora is known to make up some 'pretty pictures' out of air with her rapier. No one knows if she ever does that on a paper.
  • Sometimes she trades her rapier to a longass thick ruler and starts teaching things on the Academy. More or less, she's annoyed that any class she visits tends to be very unruly, doing misconducts just so for a chance of getting spanked by her in 'discipline'.
  • With her strand of red hair, there were many who thought she could be a long-lost relative to Ryuko Matoi. Fiora decided to pay her a visit and after one mighty duel, declared her one of her Worthy Opponent, and also getting a privilege to wear the Senketsu for a short moment.
  • Others try. I succeed!

    Hayato Kanzaki 
Hayato Kanzaki, God of Sword Beams (Black Hayato)
Click here  to see Black Hayato.

    Ivy Valentine 
Isabella Valentine, Goddess of Whip Swords (Ivy, Daughter of Cervantes)

    Jason Voorhees 
Jason Voorhees, God of Machetes (The Man Behind the Mask, Hockeypuck, Uber Jason, Jason X)
  • Theme song: "Friday the 13th", "He's Back (The Man Behind the Mask)"
  • Lesser God (Intermediate God as Uber Jason)
  • Symbol: A hockeymask with a bloody machete behind it.
  • Alignmet: Chaotic Evil
  • Portfolio: Evil people who love their parents, being almost unstoppable, VERY big knives, murderous madness, quiet menace, Unstoppable Rage, The Reason He Wears a Mask in The First Place, Having Three Variations (Slasher, Relentless, Unstoppable)
  • Domains: Fear, Undead, Chaos
  • Allies: Arthas Menethil, Big Daddy, Maximilian Christiansen, Erma
  • Rival: Leatherface
  • Enemies: Freddy Krueger, Ash Williams, all of New York City, anybody who steps foot at Crystal Lake, The Angry Video Game Nerd, all Mortal Kombat characters (especially Liu Kang)
  • Despite his ascension, he now spends most of his time trying to hunt down Freddy Krueger. After an incident with one Ash Williams, the three have seen each other in a never-ending struggle and epic brawl that's caused many to gape in awe.
  • There was a time when he found a discarded chainsaw once used by Marcus Fenix, the God of Chainsaws. All he did was stare at it for hours, wondering what to do with it.
  • Arthas has for some time tried to make him join the Scourge. Despite being allies, he refuses this offer.
  • Even though he kills almost everything in sight, he still seems to have some sort of mental incapability that hinders him from killing anyone younger than 17. This has led to him becoming friends with Erma, whom for some reason finds him so huggable; not that he's complaining, and neither should you if see him go to a tea-party with her in pink clothing, though you REALLY don't want to anger him either way.
  • Is among the Gods defeated by the Angry Video Game Nerd because Jason forced him to play his NES game. He and Freddy sometimes put their differences aside to plan for his demise.
  • While wandering around, he came across a lot of interesting targets. They're a lot stronger than his usual marks, but they're also very evil to one another. His mother will be most pleased with their deaths.
    • In an alternate timeline, Jason caught the attention of Earthrealm's new emperor, Liu Kang, who wanted him to fight in his planned invasion of Earthrealm. He choked him to death with his own intestines, though it wasn't permanent due to being undead. The real Liu Kang is now far more wary of succumbing to his own hubris. He would thank Jason, but there's no way he's getting anywhere near him without good reason.
    • He encounters Leatherface once again and is not pleased to meet him. They had a rivals in the past when they thought that they would be likely allies until it was clear that Leatherface was more loyal to family than "friends." The normally emotionless Jason attacked Leatherface for his betrayal. Their re-encounter in Mortal Kombat reignited their rivalry and were ready to kill each other again.
  • He's a dangerous, dangerous man.... and he knows your house.

    Kenshi Takahashi 
Kenshi Takahashi, God of Blind Swordsmen (Blind Kenshi, Keanu [by Cassie Cage], The Telekinetic Daredevil)
  • Theme Song: The House of Pekara from Deadly Alliance.
  • Lesser God
  • Symbol: His Sword, Sento.
  • Alignment: Lawful Good
  • Portfolio: Bloodline of Eurasian Warrior Kings, Telekinesis, The Father of Takeda, Formerly an Arrogant Swordsman Until he Was Blinded, Cool Old Guys, Gunning After Shang Tsung and the Red Dragon, Drifters (Original Timeline only), Handicapped Badasss, Wields a Cool Sword Named Sento, Tall, Dark, and Handsome, Prophet Eyes
  • Domains: Blindness, Kombat, Swordsmanship, Telepathy and Telekinesis.
  • Allies:
  • Rivals: Cloud Strife, Haohmaru
  • Enemies:
  • Odd Friendship: with Guts and Anakin Skywalker/Darth Vader
  • Ambiguous Relationship: Ermac
  • Both Kenshi and his son had been invited to the Pantheon. For Kenshi, his ascension was something of a shock, but it does allow him to spend more time with his son.
  • Kenshi was a lot like Anakin Skywalker in his youth. His sword skills knew no equal but he was severely lacking in humility. Fortunately, he wasn't arrogant enough to pull a Chakan and claim that he could beat Death in a fight. However, Shang Tsung was the catalyst in not only causing his blindness, but also consuming the souls of his warrior ancestors. But Kenshi did get Sento out of the deal. So now, Kenshi has a new purpose in his life aside from eradicating the Red Dragon: sticking the pointy end of Sento into Shang. Repeatedly.
  • According to a certain event, he, like Johnny Cage, used to be a Power Ranger. Eric Myers was slightly amused.
  • Both Kenshi and his son were seen training with Professor X and Jean Grey in order to hone their mental abilities. Goes to show that you never stop learning.
  • Though he's pretty happy for someone of his circumstances, Kenshi sometimes uses his being blind to gain sympathy from women. Some of the more lurid parts of the Pantheon say that Kenshi also gropes women "by accident". He is offended by these accusations. Fortunately, he is wise enough not to push his luck with the fairer sex, though he has his share of female admirers in the Pantheon.
  • Met Toph Bei Fong when Sento sensed her and she sensed him via her Seismic Sense. Kenshin had to admit that the master earth/metalbender is a feisty one, as she reminds him of Suchin, while Toph wants to see just how strong Kenshi is. It is also through Toph that Kenshi met Matt Murdock. There are rumors that Wiz and Boomstick are looking into having both Daredevil and Kenshi throw down.
  • The Holy Emperor, Souther, hates Kenshi, because he reminds Souther of Shuu, the blind master of Nanto Harukoken. Raoh, Toki and Kenshiro also mistaken Kenshi for Shuu during their first meeting.
  • For the record, Keanu means cool breeze, despite the fact that Cassie said it due to his resemblance with Keanu Reeves.
  • Jacqui Briggs enjoys sparring with Kenshi, due to the fact that the blind swordsman has less fart jokes than Cassie's dad.
  • Has a great respect for the red ninja Ermac, which is very mutual. Nobody can figure out why the two have this strange connection. The truth is, in the previous timeline undone by Raiden, Kenshi freed Ermac from Shao Kahn's control; in return, Ermac taught him telekinesis and they became good friends. Oddly, despite the reset, they both retained the abilities they'd learned from each other.

    Kisuke Uzuki 
Kisuke Uzuki, The Celestial Wielder of Blood-Thirsting Blades (Kanbei)
  • Lesser God with any of his other 107 swords. Greater God with Oboro Muramasa
  • Symbol: A katana or nodachi and its sheath crossed together and seven skulls
  • Theme Music: Tacit Understanding
  • Weapon of Choice: His 108 Demon Blades, including the Oboro Muramasa
  • Alignment: Chaotic Good
  • Portfolio: Amnesiac Anti-Hero, Wielder of Demon Blades, Oboro Style, Ninja, Scarf of Asskicking, Sir Swears-a-Lot, Soul Fusion, Dead All Along, Mental Time Travel, Walking the Earth.
  • Domains: Swords, Ninjas, Heroes
  • Allies: Odin, Goemon Ishikawa XIII, Arthuria, Ryu Hayabusa, Tokugawa Ieyasu, Homura and the Crimson Squad, Dust
  • Enemies: Soul Edge (and Nightmare due of that), Arachne, Aya Shameimaru, Yuugi Hoshiguma, Nyotengu
  • Opposes: Anyone who wields a Muramasa (or demonic blades in general)
  • Ascended into the Pantheon after gods noticed that he can wield many swords what thirst for blood without succumbing to their will thanks to the mastery over the Oboro Style. He would have ascended with Momohime, but after discovering that her skills come from being possessed by the ronin Jinkuro, who always ends up in some sort of situation no matter what path he and Momohime takes, two of which being Kisuke's fault, making her unable to ascend with him.
  • He has one of largest collections of weapons in the Pantheon, having about 108 Demon Blades. Aside of having different attributes, all of them are extremely sharp, being able to cut almost anything, like demons, dragons, gods and even a soul out of some one's body without damaging the body itself. Unfortunately, they break a lot, and where he can fix them by sheathing the broken blade, he has an unofficial title of God of Breakable Weapons.
    • However, the rest of those cannot compare to his last Demon Blade, the Oboro Muramasa, which is sharp enough to allow him to cut through fate itself, allowing him to transfer him memory and the blade into his past self.
  • Is trying to get the Soul Edge to himself, so that he can expend the evil within it, leaving behind just the sword, just like what he intents to do with Kuzuryuu Muramasa. Considering that he would most likely be able to resist Soul Edge's influence, the Soul Edge is understandably afraid of him.
  • He seems to have a bad habit of accidentally walking into women taking a bath in hot springs (or women walking into him while he is taking a bath). Fortunately he has managed consistently avoid Pervert Revenge Mode. He does wonder if Sun Wukong is messing with him as he usually is accompanied with monkeys as he goes to take a bath.
  • Yusuke Fujisaki once tired to have a Boke and Tsukkomi Routine with him due of having two guys who sounds the same doing one being brilliant. Kisuke offered to be the "Straight-the-hell-out-of-here Man".
  • One of few people he can be genuinely nice to is Arturia. The only reason is that hearing her talk bring him memories, but refuses to say anything further. Only further hint he gives is that he wonders if she has ever carried a bow.
    • However, where their relation is just a man protecting a royalty out of personal reasons, some gods at House of Love have tried matching them together. Kisuke sometimes mutters to himself that "why he had to ask help from that kitsune in the first place..."
  • He once visited Bahamut as a way to find out if he was mad for a possibility that he beat some sense to what he assumes is one of his avatars, though Bahamut did not take offense to that. He is already after many different youkai, or creatures what are closely related to some youkai, just in case. He is also keeping his eyes out for Cerberus and Great Grey Wolf Sif, in case they turn out to be as bad as that damned dog god Inugami.
    • He also gathered enough courage to tell Tokugawa Ieyasu that he killed one of his descendants. However, after Ieyasu heard why he did it, he forgave him for his actions, feeling ashamed how one of his descendants would turn out to be so evil.
  • If you were to ask him why he has a dislike for anyone else who wields a demonic blades, he wouldn't really tell you. Only think he knows is that he feels like he made a promise to desroy all blades made by Muramasa. Of course he is doing this so that no one ends up being corrputed by those blades.
  • At first, he tried to attack Homura because he wanted to destroy her Engetsuka, thinking it was a Demon Blade. However, after they found out that the both of them are degenerate ninjas out to destroy greater evil forces, he let her go and he is now an ally of sort to the Crimson Squad.
  • There is an interesting reason why he isn't called a god. When he realized that in one timeline, he went ahead and lashed out at Amitabha for letting Torahime die before she would complete her mission and as such, he isn't worthy of being called a god.

    Lord Deimos 
Lord Deimos, God of Heat Swords

    Maka Albarn and Soul Eater Evans 
Maka Albarn & Soul Eater Evans, Divine Duo of Scythes (Maka: "Tiny-Tits" by Soul; Evans: Soul, Soul Eater, Death's Last Weapon)
  • Lesser Gods
  • Theme Music: Resonance
  • Alignment: Lawful Good, though they sometimes cross into Neutral Good
  • Symbol: The Soul Eater logo
  • Portfolio: Ship Tease, Slasher Smile, Weak, but Skilled, With Great Power Comes Great Insanity.
  • Domains: Order, Madness
    • Maka: Knowledge
    • Soul: Weapons
  • Allies: Death the Kid, Black Star, Tsubaki, Crona, Pit, Arturia, Nazuna, Scyther.
  • High Prophet (Pro Tempore): Duo Maxwell
  • Followers: Most non-ascended Grim Reapers, Marluxia, Hidan, Zasalamel, Shuhei Hisagi
  • Enemies: Asura, Medusa, Airi (toeing the line of "rivalry" rather than true hatred).
  • Friendly Rivalry with: Ruby Rose, Undyne
  • Maka was originally the only one supposed to ascend, but since Soul is her weapon and the reason she was given this title, he ascended with her.
  • Maka can often be found in the House of Knowledge reading up on different universes.
  • Maka has on occasion sung the Excalibur song, or at least hummed it, which irritates Soul to no end.
  • She also speaks with Crona quite a bit and has struck up a friendship with Pit, who is a little jealous at her ability to fly with Soul's help. She sometimes tries to help him fly, with him usually crashing.
  • Soul is usually hanging around Black Star and Death the Kid, but has recently begun talking to Arturia as both have served as their respective ally's "weapon" in battle.
  • As Soul uses the piano in his soul as a weapon, some wondered if he should have a place in the House of Music as the new God of Pianos, but he respectfully declined the position, claiming his playing wasn't good enough to qualify.
  • Soul has been the subject of several attempted seductions at the hands of Morrigan and Lilith of the House of Otherness. He ends up getting massive nosebleeds every time, but Maka always fortunately stops them.
    • Unfortunately, he ends up on the receiving end of a Maka Chop every time.
  • They can sometimes be seen together, even holding hands. They deny any implications that they're boyfriend and girlfriend. Everyone Can See It though.
    • Any further pressing has resulted in one or the other quoting their creator's words on how their relationship isn't much different compared to a normal meister and weapon, though anyone believes that is another topic.
  • Rumors has it that Maka has once been seen with Edward Elric, who flexed his automail muscles.
  • Due to Airi's soul-draining ways, Maka and Soul have crossed blades with her a few times. It should be noted, however, that there is a level of grudging respect between them, as the two of them realize that should Airi stop draining souls altogether, she'll fade away, making her actions a little more understandable than that of the average Kishin. Airi herself admires their teamwork, and admits Maka's ability to wield a scythe is outstanding.
    • They also have a rivalry with Ruby Rose, one of their former followers, though it's of a far more friendly type. They currently have a bit of a competition on who can use a scythe better, and they genuinely enjoyed each other's company. Though Soul's been slightly worried ever since Maka took interest in how Ruby's scythe is also a gun...
  • Maka has recently had to correct a long-standing theory on her mother's name being Kami. It turns out it was a translation error (basically, Spirit was referring to the woman as his ex-wife.) This cause a bit of a stir as the supposedly only bit of definitive information on her was now false.
    • Maka has become uncomfortable with discussing her mother in general recently. She's even admitted that she is unsure on how her mother actually is as a person and how she's actually doing. This has become a larger issue since she hasn't appeared during any of the crisises in their universe. When Maka tried to rationalize her mother's lack of presence due to her avoiding Spirit, she was reminded that her father is willing to work with Stein (despite the latter's experiments on the former for the five years of their partnership that led to their fallout and led to Spirit meeting his future wife) and even managed to repair their friendship. Then when Shibusen allied with the Witches to stop Asura and even ending their bitter centuries-long feud, Maka was forced to admit that her mother really had no excuse for this. Since then, she's become tight-lipped and melancholic whenever she thinks about the implications.
    • Soul eventually intervened and told the questioners that it wasn't cool they kept bringing it up since Maka is uncomfortable about the implications. However, he has promised to deliver a definitive answer should their superior ever reveal it. As of right now, people have ceased questioning Maka about her mother though many note that since then, she's become more amicable and openly nicer with her father, Spirit (especially since he would've died along with several other comrades in the final battle, if not for the timely intervention of Mabaa, the Witch Queen.)

    Mogul Khan the Axe 
Mogul Khan, God of Axes (Axe, Mogul Khan't Touch This)
  • Theme Song: "Axe Special Delivery"
  • Lesser God
  • Symbol: His Axe, duh
  • Alignment: Chaotic Neutral
  • Weapon of Choice: Didn't you see his name?
  • Portfolio: Axe-Fightings, Referring Himself in Third Person... on His Class, Beard of Barbarism, Blood Knight, Counter-Helix, Berserkers, Faux-Sophistication, Axe-based Puns, Testosterone Poisoning, Being the One-Man Army.
  • Domains: Axes, Combat, War.
  • Followers: The Legionnaires.
  • Allies: Lesale Deathbringer the Venomancer, Medusa, Labrys, Grom Hellscream.
  • Rivals: The Champions of Runeterra. Although Darius and Draven would count as Friendly Rivals. Also, every single Radiant Hero in the Pantheon (especially Yurnero the Juggernaut).
  • Herald: Goodkind.
  • Was once a lowly member of the previous holder of the Axe throne. But seeing as the previous holder wasn't doing much in axe-fighting, Axe... well, axed him with his 'Culling Blade' and claimed the throne for himself, swearing to raise the throne to its fullest glory... with lots of blood.
  • Like his buddy Lesale, Axe is found hanging around with the Champions of Noxus, who he consider most of them rivals. In particular, the axe brothers, Darius and Draven. Even Darius was surprised that Axe could match his Noxian Guillotine with the aforementioned Culling Blade (which Axe playfully mocked that his was the original). In spite of that, both has respect on each others' strength.
  • He may not look very smart, but occasionally, when situation demands, Axe will bring his thesaurus to battle.
  • Whenever a tower (usually one of the Dire Ancient's towers) falls, Axe's middle finger rises.
  • A feared phrase to come out of his mouth would be, "Good day." The reason is that Axe usually says this when he's using Culling Blade to kill some poor schmuck off.
    I said good day, sir!
  • If you're wounded enough, there is no escaping death by Culling Blade. It doesn't matter what protection you have, whether it is death prevention, spell resistance, or even a spell meant to convert damage to healing, Axe's sheer might completely nullifies anything and everything to ensure the kill. Your only hope is that you jump out of his way when he sees you, because admittedly, he's kinda slow, but God help you if he just happens to have a Blink Dagger nearby...
  • Axe was quite surprised to learn that, in a world called Newerth, there's an entire group of humans known as Legionnaires who emulated his fighting style save for one of his abilities. Axe himself joked that the Legionnaires clearly weren't manly enough to replicate his Battle Hunger. That said, Axe does appreciate the Legionnaires' style and strength, and considers them truly worthy of being his followers.
  • No one knows why he prefers to be called "Axe" rather than his real name, Mogul Khan, and the Oglodi isn't telling.
  • Axe actually 'learned' his style from Grom Hellscream. He still retained the throne because Axe exemplifies what Axe users should look like: Big and Muscular! (Well, Grom is as well, but he's considered thin for Orc standards...). He also once had a long ponytail, but before both's ascensions, Grom told him to get a haircut, and he did.
  • Axe is the general of the Red Mist army. Don't let it fool you though, for it is an army of one.
  • Lately, a bard by the name of Goodkind has been following Axe around in the pantheon, writing stories about his adventures within it. These tales might not involve raiding castles, but Axe considers them satisfactory nonetheless. Also from that tale, there is one thing: If Axe punches you while yelling his attack names ("Axe Left Hook!" "Axe Uppercut!"), consider that like getting smacked like that with an axe.
  • "No business but war. No family but death. No mercy but the grave!"

Momiji, Goddess of Naginata-Wielding Maidens
  • Theme Songs: The Ninja Gaiden Sigma 2 and Dead or Alive 5 Ultimate versions of Fuga
  • Lesser Goddess
  • Rank: Greater Ninja of the Hayabusa Clan
  • Symbol: The Dragon's Eye
  • Alignment: Lawful Good
  • Portfolio: Action Girl, The Apprentice To Ryu Hayabusa, Badass Shrine Maiden/Kunoichi, Boobs of Steel, Lady of War, Last of The Shrine Maidens, Rapunzel Hair/Tomboyish Ponytail, Friend to All Children, Took a Level in Badass
  • Domains: Ninjas, Shrine Maidens, Naginatas, Apprentices
  • High Priestess: Seong Mi-Na
  • Signature Weapons: The Heavenly Dragon Naginata and the Heavensong Bow
  • Allies:
  • Rivals: Saito no Musashibo Benkei, Billy Kane, Hotaru
  • Worthy Opponents: Takeda Takahashi, Blake Belladonna, Oberyn Martell, Red Sonja, Hawkeye, Green Arrow, Kung Jin, Shigure Kosaka
  • Enemies: Kitana, Juri Han, Sadira
  • Odd Friendship: with Hisako
  • Ascended to the Pantheon at the recommendation of Ryu Hayabusa when the Main House was looking for a protector to guard the House of Treasures. That and she was trained by Hayabusa himself.
  • Momiji had aspirations to become a kunoichi, while her elder sister, Kureha, served as the Shrine Maiden of the Hayabusa Clan. However, she was slain by Doku, which left Momiji to take over. This, however, does not stop Momiji from becoming a powerful warrior in her own right.
  • The first of her two signature weapons is the Tenryuu Naginata, or the Heavenly Dragon Naginata. Like the Dragon Sword, the naginata's blade was carved from the tailbone of a dragon. The Naginata is a 'shizuka' type naginata weapon used by the Dragon Shrine Maidens, and as Momiji can tell you, the weapon is pretty damn light, flexible, and powerful, allowing attacks that are impossible for a normal naginata to perform.
    • Her skills with the Naginata has attracted the attention of both Oberyn Martell and Billy Kane. But it's her rivalry with Takeda Takahashi and Blake Belladonna that really gets her blood pumping...and depending on where the fight takes place, either Momiji or Blake's temple is riddled with bullet holes, various slashes and scorch marks.
  • The second weapon Momiji wields is the Heavensong Bow, and is traditionally carried by the Dragon Shrine Maidens. Carved from the wood of a sacred tree, the Heavensong Bow is used in what is know as the 'Heavensong Rite,' in which the shrine maidens-in-training pluck the bowstring like a music instrument to drive away evil spirits, and the power of the arrows launched by is is for lack of a better term, insane.
    • Momiji also spends time at the Ranged And Explosive Weapons given her love for archery. A friendly rivalry has formed between her and Kung Jin, while she has formed a friendly rivalry with both Hawkeye and Green Arrow.
  • Somehow, she, like Kasumi and Hayabusa, finds herself in Feudal Japan, where she met other famous heroes of the past such as Joan of Arc and Achilles. She did manage to return back home.
  • Whenever she speaks English, she tends to get weird looks from certain deities, as she sounds similar to some of the other deities, such as Toph Beifong and Sailor Mercury.
    • She gets even more weirder looks from the Japanese-speaking deities, especially from the deified House of Son, as she sounds like Pan...and Videl.
  • Maya Fallenegros has scouted Momiji for membership with the Night Hand. Momiji refused, citing her responsibilities as the Shrine Maiden to the Hayabusa Clan. Momiji did say that if Maya needed help, then she would aid her in any way she can.
  • Most guys think that if you disarm Momiji, then she is defenseless. Guess again. Those who try to fight her hand-to-hand discover a bit too late that she was not only trained by the aforementioned Ninjitsu God himself, but that her signature ninpo, the Art of the Crimson Lotus, hurts like crap.
  • Saito no Musashibo Benkei didn't think too highly of Momiji at first. That changed when he found out that she was Hayabusa's former pupil in the ninja arts. Now Benkei is curious about the deified shrine maiden. He is now waiting, biding his time, until the perfect opportunity comes to challenge het.
  • Frank West is now working on a PERFECT EROTICA photospread, only this time, he's doing various kunoichi. Momiji, Ayane and Kasumi top that list.
  • Momiji has a soft spot for children. Threatening and/or harming any children is her Berserk Button.
  • How is Momiji friends with Hisako, you may ask? Both had experienced tragedies in their lives, with Hisako's being lethal, and both are masters of the Naginata. For Hisako, Momiji's presence is soothing for her tortured soul.

    Pyrrha Nikos 
Pyrrha Nikos, Goddess of Javelins (The Invincible Girl, Umber, Captain Canada, Canadian Magneto, P-Money)
  • Lesser Goddess
  • Symbol: Her symbol, javelin on a red shield and her weapons Miló and Akoúo̱
  • Theme Song: Shine and Dream Come True
  • Alignment: Lawful Good
  • Portfolio: A world Renowned Huntress with a lot of personal Issues, Apologises a Lot, Nicest member of team JNPR, Action Girl, Has a crush on Jaune but he doesn't notice her feeling, Humble Hero, Hypercompetent Sidekick, Polarity, Put on a pedestal and incapable of making many friends, Stepford Smiler, Team Mom, Being a very Selfless and Heroic person, Red Is Heroic, Being the first Major Character to be killed
  • Domains: Combat, Magnetism, Love, Destiny
  • Allies:
  • Rivals: Erik Lensher/Magneto, Monsoon
  • Enemies: Roman Torchwick, The Meta, Felix
  • Complicated Relationships: Achilles
  • Pyrrha Nikos was once a famous Huntress hailing from the region of Mistral in the World of Remnant, where she was known as one of the best students that attended Beacon. Her ascension happened no longer after her leader, Jaune Arc, ascended as well, and she was given the title of the Goddess of Javelins.
    • However, there was a period of time that Pyrrha went missing from her temple and the rest of her friends weren't around to answer what happened to her. As it turns out, she was killed during the Grimm invasion in the Vytal Tournament while fighting a woman named Cinder Fall. Luckily, she recovered in the House of Life and Death but she was too scarred emotionally to talk about what happened to her.
  • The first few days after her ascension, many noticed that she might have a crush on his partner Jaune Arc but Pyrrha has denied it so far, Even though everyone knows she is lying. She however knows that one day she might get the chance to be someone special for him.
  • Her semblance is Polarity, which gives her the ability to control any metal around her. That ability caught the attention of Magneto himself and the mutant was very impressed with Pyrrha's powers. Nevertheless they both considered worthy opponents.
    • Another one who also challenger her was the Cyborg Monsoon, who was very interesting to learn about Pyrrha more thoroughly. Their battle was very even but monsoon decided to drop the fight after a while and declared himself her rival ever since. Given her fate after the Grimm invasion in vale, Monsoon has gained even more interest on the Huntress given her Philosopy on destiny and to learn more of her Heroic Selflessness. She also understand how scarred she is, given that he too died in his home verse
  • Since so many people has some trouble spelling her name, many started calling her P-money. She actually doesn't mind being called like that.
    • Other has also started calling her Captain Canada, given how she uses her shield and because she is a really Nice person.
  • She also made friends with other redheaded heroines that are also very strong warriors, like Erza Scarlet or Signum. She often joins them for training in the house of Combat!
    • Another redhead she befriended was Stella Vermillion for being a world-wide famous fighter just like her and even they both have sparred occasionally. Stella also helped her slowly open up to her Teammate Jaune and encouraged her to confess her feelings just like she did with Ikki. This gave Pyrrha enough will to kiss Jaune one time before never seeing him again. Stella has tried to console the broken down Pyrrha after hearing such story
  • Often been compared to Kanade Amou, for being both Redheaded heroines who happen to be The Aces of their respective teams. Their relationship also goes deeper, given that both turned to ashes after their respective deaths. While Pyrrha knew of Kanade's story and even was friends with her, she became much closer friends after having experienced a similar situation
  • As a lancer, Pyrrha was jokingly told that she would suffer like the others. They were eventually right, as she almost becoming the Fall maiden and having experienced death did leave her in a broken down state
    • Trollkaiger once dedicated her the song ''"You Give Love A Bad Name" by Bon Jovi, which she didn't found funny at all. Apparently, It has to do with her demise. (And Cinder's to blame)
  • Unlike her teammates who get along quite well with their Genderbent inspirations and counterparts, Pyrrha is unease around Achilles. While she acknowledges him as a supremely skilled warrior, his general attitude is off putting. Plus, she hasn't forgiven him for what he did to Jaune when contacted him by mistake. However, when Achilles heard that Pyrrha also suffered a similar fate like he did, she started to warm up to her.
  • There was a time where she went into a period of mourning, along with the rest of people of her world. When asked, she would only say, "A very important person to all of us has passed on."Thankfully, she was glad to see said person ascended.
  • Given her celebrity status back in remnant, she became a mascot of cereal brand called "Pumpkin's Pete". She says that it was a fun experience but stated that the cereal isn't very good for your health.
    • That's why she befriended fellow mascot John Cena and he has been teaching her a few of his moves so she can use them in combat.
  • There was one time where she was confronted by a Fishwoman creature by the name of Undyne after hearing that Pyrrha was an extraordinary fighter and challenged her to a battle. The match ended up being a draw and Pyrrha was very impressed with Undyne's resolve and eagerness to keep fighting. They became Friendly Rivals since then and occasionally spars with her whenever she has time.
    • They dropped their rivalry and got to know each other better after a while. What surprised both women was that they had a lot similarities like being two Redheaded Warriors who were pretty famous among their peers and they both are very Heroic people. Undyne even gave her a hug after hearing how Pyrrha battled against Cinder Fall in spite of losing in the end. Undyne on her part says that she would have done the same thing if she was on Pyrrha's place (Which given their nature of her world's timelines, she is not lying at all if the fabled "Undyne the Undying is to go by)
    • She also often joins her with Papyrus' training. She's been enjoying training the skeleton because it reminds it of the time she trained Jaune to become a better fighter, (Which she sadly can't do anymore). She also has taken a liking to Papyrus after he referred to her as a cuter and nicer Undyne, which made her blush.
  • Has a very strained relationship with Felix after he threatened to shoot Jaune and because she didn't like how Felix sounds exactly as Jaune. Felix doesn't like Pyrrha either, being reminded too much of agent Carolina and also threatened to shoot her and Ruby in the face.
  • Out of everyone ascended who comes from her universe, there was only one who could relate to Pyrrha's situation and that was surprisingly, Roman Torchwick. They are both still enemies but he has also expressed surprise that He wasn't the only one to get killed in the invasion of Beacon
  • Of all her friends, only Ruby approached to her and they both had a private talk about their situation. She says that Jaune was really devastated after he found out about her death and Ruby stated that she joined the rest of JNPR to search answers on Mistral, where Pyrrha happens to be from. She only wished Ruby good luck and asked her to look after Jaune in her absence.
  • "Do you believe in Destiny?"

    Sakuya Izayoi 
Sakuya Izayoi, Goddess of Knife-Throwing (Perfect and Elegant Maid, PAD-chou, Dog of the Devil.)
  • Theme Song: Lunar Clock - Luna Dial or Flowering Night
  • Lesser Goddess
  • Symbol: A silver pocket watch surrounded by knives
  • Alignment: Lawful Neutral
  • Portfolio: Throwing Barrages of Knives, Time Manipulation, Ninja Maid, Elegance In Battle, Mystical White Hair, Mysterious Age And Origins.
  • Domains: Knives, Time, Servtitude
  • Allies: Mistress Remilia Scarlet, Shiki Nanaya, Elenore Baker, Hong Meiling, Patchouli Knowledge, Flandre Scarlet, Fiona Mayfield, Reimu Hakurei, Marisa Kirisame, Valkenhayn R. Hellsing, Jolyne Cujoh
  • Enemies: Dio Brando, Enrico Pucci, Dracula, Joel, Doomguy, Lord Shen
  • Conflicting Opinion: Youmu Konpaku (her relationship with her debatable due to the large and inconsistent fanon)
  • She is the finest there is for Dio's students. Like Dio, she also dislikes Yuuki Terumi since his tirade against vampires also goes to her mistress Remilia.
  • She was extremely angered about years of not being put in ZUN's products, although she always said about only taking actions if the Scarlet Devil Mansion is involved, in her anger she was goaded to stay more loyal with the GUAE. As of recent, ZUN gave her appearance in the recent Touhou game, slightly appeasing her anger, but she's still unable to escape their clutches, unless someone elevated Remilia.
    • After appearing in another game as a boss, she finally decided that she had to save her mistress. For that, she gathered the rest of the Scarlet Devil Mansion crew and the surprising help of Seija Kijin in order to save Remilia. The mission was successful, allowing Remilia to ascend into a goddess, free Scarlet Devil Mansion and break the last link she had with GUAE and Dio Brando.
  • Do not bring up pads around her. However, this is not because she cares about her breasts, but because she is sick of people bringing them up.
  • There is a chance that if something unexpected would happen to Elenore Baker, Sakuya would take her place as the Goddess of Ninja Maids until things get better.
  • There is really big question about Sakuya's origins, with many theories having been thrown around. Sakuya refuses to comment on them and discussing about them Remilia is equally unsuccessful.
  • Some time after her abandonment of GUAE, Dio, most likely bitter for her not only betraying him, but getting away with it, attacked Sakuya, thinking that he would kill her in a minute. Unfortunately for him, the student overcame the master, as Sakuya had both learned enough of Dio to survive his attacks and had studied his defeat by the hands of Jotaro Kujo extensively, and the battle ended with Dio being covered with knives.
    • After this, Joel came after her, and with the help of Doomguy, managed to take her out. Unsurprisingly, she's opposed to Joel as a result of this.
  • Besides what many would think, she seems to be fine with the fact she isn't appearing right after being brought back. At least she got to appear after a long hiatus. And she thinks that maybe Reisen deserve a spot in limelight.
  • Some of the members of Occult Research Club note that she looks like Grayfia Lucifuge to them. Issei wonders in the back of his head what kind of person she is drunk.
  • Often has to make sure Lord Shen doesn't make his way through the Weapons house. These battles happen largely because of their skills with knives in combat.
  • After hearing of her rebellion against Dio, Jolyne became interested in her, and the two have become steadfast allies, helped by the fact that they sound alike.
  • In terms of being friends with others, she may or may not be as close to others and mainly works with them on a professional level; one such person people theorize annoyingly is Youmu Konpaku, a fellow white-haired girl and stage 5 servant boss who also is a master of bladed-weaponry.
    • Some people say Youmu tends to act as a fangirl towards Sakuya via Onee-sama-style, but a few other parallels lead to the fact that both of them are notable JoJo's Bizarre Adventure references; Youmu's said to be the Polnareff to Sakuya's Dio.
  • While she's usually very calm and collected, do NOT make her angry. She will chase you as long as necessary, something that not even her mistress is exempt from on occasions.

Vatista, Goddess of Razor Wings (Puppet of Resurrection, Unit no. 10076)

Yomi, Goddess of Sword Plant (The Petite And Penniless Princess Pain-Provider, Chopped Bean Sprout Mask, Sis, HelloComputerImYomi)
  • Lesser Goddess
  • Symbol: A Burrowing Ratsnake with it's head having been chopped off with her sword "Ragnarok" on a garden of mung beans
  • Theme Music: Envious Gaze, A Silent Fury, Sprouts of Fire, I Devote Myself To Sprouts -My Lovely Bean Sprouts-, Initials M.Y.S., Bean Sprouts and My Seafood
  • Alignment: Chaotic Neutral (used to be Neutral Evil)
  • Portfolio: Bean Sprouts, Swinging Around A Huge Sword, Sword Plant, Arm Cannon, Automatic Crossbow, Affably Evil Maniac, Team Mom, Pimped-Out Dress, Rapunzel Hair, Shinobi
  • Domains: Bean Sprouts, Shinobi, Swords, Poverty
  • Allies:
  • Enemies: People who hate bean sprouts, Lysandre, Orochi, the other Orochi
  • Former Enemies: Students of Hanzou, Hebijo and Gessen Academies
  • Opposes: The House of Commerce, Royalty, and rich people and upper class in general (especially Eliza and Neil Reagan)
  • Unknown Opinions of: Murasame
  • Originally, some of the gods decided to amuse her and ascended her as the Goddess of Bean Sprouts (and trust us, she is obsessed with them to the point you cannot question it). However, when others noticed that she tends to plant her humongous broadsword into the ground to the point where she uses it as an attack technique, some gods decided to actually take her ascension seriously. She didn't mind.
  • Due of living her entire life in the slums, and having her parents die so that she can live with little bit more fortune, she hates rich people. To her, they are heartless bastards who don't deserve their fortune. However, after meeting Ikaruga, she started to mellow down, but still dislikes them unless they can proof to her that they are good people and care about those below them (like Perrine, who's actions to rebuilt her homeland honestly shocked her).
    • Good way to get her trust even if you are from the upper class is to proof that you came from either the lower class or the middle class. Flynn for example, has avoided provoking Yomi even if samurais are part of the upper class of his world due the fact that he was dirt poor back in the days.
    • However, one person she absolutely despises is Lysandre. Not because he is rich, oh no. But because he would only allow the rich to enter his ideal world. Needless to say, she is ready to storm the House of Hatred to get his head.
    • Oddly enough, she doesn't really mind living in poverty that much. She would gladly donate everything she has if it means making sure one less person would starve. In fact, she sometimes goes around Pantheon in order to "advice" people to tone down on their "luxurious" life.
  • Some say that she practically stole Guts' arsenal of weapons. For the most part, she doesn't seem to mind, though some gods wonder if in order to differentiate herself from Guts, she upgraded her sword to have an in-built chainsaw inside it.
  • She once tried going to the Bladed Weapons sub-house of House of Weapons. She was first stopped by Shirabe for sounding like Kirika and then by Shigure Kosaka for sounding like her. She didn't really feel like going back before her reassignment.
  • Is surprisingly good chef, even if her cooking can be on the cheap side (like cooking wild grass).
  • She seems to be a fan of Norse Mythology, as noted with her Theme Naming of her Ninja Arts, though no one has asked her to confirm that fact.
  • Became fast friends with Eve Santaclaus after finding out that Eve used to be homeless and makes her money by helping people celebrate Christmas. This only improved when Eve found her bean sprout delicious. Since then, Eve has talked to Yomi about good people rich and poor who she's given gifts to and set up parties for, in hopes of helping Yomi get past her hatred of rich people. Time will tell how well this works.


     Banzai Chargers 
Banzai Chargers, Gods of Bayonet Charges

    Kaede Nagase 
Kaede Nagase, Patron Deity of Oversized Shurikens (Student No. 20, Mahora's Koga Chuunin, Baka Blue)
  • Demigoddess
  • Symbol: Her Oversized Shuriken. Alternatively, her artifact, Tengu-no-Kakuremino.
  • Alignment: Lawful Good
  • Portfolio: Absurdly Large Shurikens, Cool Big Sis, Flash Step, Harem Nanny, Ninja, Statuesque Stunner, Supernatural Martial Arts, Younger Than They Look
  • Domains: Stealth, Weapons, Combat
  • Allies: Negi (her teacher), Asuna (classmate, sparring partner on occasion), Nodoka, Yue, Evangeline (views her as an on-off acquaintance, but nonetheless occasional ally), the Go Ninja Legion and the Kunoichi Go'nin-shuu (Pro tempore/Floating status), Suzune (secondary teacher), Gondar the Bounty Hunter
  • High Priest: Sarutobi Sasuke
  • Friendly Rival: Mana Tatsumiya
  • The Gods in The House of Prophecy had anticipated a ninja to take up the title, but most of them were expecting that the same would be appended either to Sasuke or Naruto (the latter because of his Rasenshuriken). None of them expected Kaede to lay claim to the title, until she brought out her shuriken from the Tengu-no-Kakuremino and demonstrated its use in combat, both as an offensive and as a defensive weapon.
  • She has been invited to be a part of both the Ninja Shi-Tennou and Kunoichi Go'nin-shuu, but declined due to her association with her teacher and the Ala Alba group, serving as one of its best combatants (especially in light of "The Great Upheaval"). Nonetheless, she promised to lend them a hand whenever possible.
  • She was apparently left speechless when Simon narrated to her of the time when Team Dai-Gurren fought the Anti-Spirals in a pocket universe. She scratched her head upon mention of "galaxy shurikens", then breathed a sigh of relief at the end of the story.
  • She's apparently wary of Wart from the House of Beasts. The reason for such concern has yet to see light.
    • When Wart got replaced by Greninja though, she had a rather satisfied look on her face since she finally found a good "Practice Target" for her ninja skills.
  • She quietly welcomed Mana upon her ascension by challenging her to an old-school sparring session reminiscent of their Mahora Budokai showdown years ago. After that, they went to the House of Theater for the usual R & R, but like Mana she struggled to get a student discount.

    Mai (Avatar
Mai, Goddess of Outlining Knives
  • Demigoddess
  • Symbol: A knife embedded in a wall.
  • Alignment: True Neutral when with Azula/the Fire Nation, leans towards Neutral Good later on.
  • Weapon of Choice: Throwing knives.
  • Portfolio: Victory Is Boring, Knife Outline, Badass Normal, Deadpan Snarker, The Stoic, Shipping Sacrifice, Emotionless Girl, Not So Stoic When her Boyfriend is threatened
  • Domains: Calm, Knives, Love
  • Allies: Zuko (Sometimes), The Gaang (Possibly), Raven, Temari, Kairi
  • Enemies: Azula, Bullseye
  • Will They or Won't They? with: Zuko, who she has had an up and down relationship with (currently on a "down", but time will tell what happens).
  • Opposed by: A portion of the Zutara fandom. She, for the most part, doesn't care about them unless they try to kill her off.
  • Didn't really care about her ascension, though she was surprised to discover several people from her world had already ascended.
  • Mai has been trying to avoid Azula since her ascension, and Azula has been trying to capture/kill Mai since her ascension.
  • While she will not comment on it, many believe that she has become friends with Temari and Raven due to their somewhat abrasive personalities towards those they don't care for and often those they do care for, as well as their ranged expertise.
  • Does care for her little brother Tom-Tom, but often pretends not to.
  • Sometimes confused for May and Mei, or vice-versa. All three are used to it by now, but are considering putting up signs in their temples with directions to the other temples.
  • Doesn't really care for followers, but won't dissuade them as long as they don't bug her. (Though those who bring her fruit tarts and leave her alone otherwise she often looks on somewhat favorably.)
  • Dislikes Bullseye, who says she was an amateur for not killing anybody with sharpened weapons, whereas he had killed hundreds with Noodle Implements.
  • Stays away from the house of Emotion, due to her stoicism. Though rumors abound that she and Zuko have been seen together near the House of Love.
  • Once, the Trollkaiger trolled her by showing her How I Became Yours and its sequel while she was in her temple. While nobody else knows what her reaction was, several of the team's members were found later in the hospital with knives in... certain locations.
    • Also, she went missing for several hours afterwards and was later found visibly smiling. When questioned what she had done, her response was to look at Katara and tell her to not do the same thing... or else.note .