Pantheon / Other Weapon Tropes

Compared to the other three Sub-Houses of the House of Weapons, this is dedicated to Deities who are skilled in other types of weapons and weapon-related tropes. This Sub-House also has the most bizarre appearance as it is littered with countless scratches, holes, scorch marks, and everything in between.

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Greater Gods

Algol, God of Shape Shifting Weapons (The Great Hero King, The Demon Star)
  • Theme Song: The Supreme Sword, Regalia or Thanatos
  • Greater God
  • Symbol: Soul Edge and Soul Calibur around his throne.
  • Alignment: True Neutral
  • Portfolio: Declares that the concepts of morality mean nothing to him, The man blocks Soul Edge's unimaginably powerful cursed power with his bare hands, Has 10 weapons hidden inside his own body, His main weapons are Soul Edge and Soul Calibur, and his body is formed out of both swords' energies
  • Domains: Power, Strength, Fighting, Willpower
  • Allies: Kars, Esidisi, Santana, Gill, Whamuu, En Sabah Nur
  • Rivals: Ogre, Akuma, Raoh, Lu Bu, Gilgamesh, Shao Kahn, Alexander The Great, Garland, Kenpachi Zaraki, Augus, Jecht, Gajeel Redfox
  • Enemies: Soul Edge, Soul Calibur, Sophita, Siegfried, Edge Master, Yoda, Darth Vader, Taki
  • He formally merged with Soul Edge and Soul Calibur and now with the Power of Chaos, can manifest blades, shields, wrist blades, or cannons from his body at will. He also has several weapons that come out various parts of his body.
  • Appeared in the pantheon in a large building surrounded by lava know as The Tower of Souls. He wishes to see gods from The House of Weapons, War, Combat come to him to give him a great battle and make Soul Calibur and Soul Edge appear so that he can claim them and return to the mortal realms and reclaim his lost kingdom.
  • Is one of the few beings in the realm that Soul Edge has no effect on, it fears him as much as it does Gilgamesh.
  • This is why he wishes to fight Gilgamesh as he wants to test his true power and see if he is worthy to be hailed as a King.
  • After Soul Edge corrupted his son and forced Algol to kill him, he decided that he would create a weapon that would counter act Soul Edge and formed Soul Calibur To his surprise he did not realize that the sword would turn out to be just as evil as Soul Edge.
  • Has gained the notice of many would be conquers in Alexander, Kahn, Garland, and Raoh and he invites them all to fight against him to see who is truly worthy to rule the realms.
  • His Tower of Souls has gain the attention of many battle hunger fighters such as Akuma, Kenpachi, Augus and Lu Bu, and he shows nothing but glee at the thought of battling them, though he finds it strange that Lu Bu sounds so familiar, he saw this as a sign that they should battle.
  • Although Sophita tries her hardest to defeat him and hopefully destroy the soul swords, his only ever reply with urging the brave mother to return to her children in bliss. Though sadly he has discovered that her children are now in possession of both Soul Swords and he will defeat them to gain back the swords if need be.
  • Algol had met Kars in the past and though he was human at the time, his work on Soul Edge and Soul Calibur attracted his attention, thus when Kars discovered Algol in the Pantheon he was happy to lend Algol his resources and make him an honorary Pillar Man so that he can help Algol reclaim his old kingdom.
  • Some claim that he sounds similar to Sol Badguy, the statement just amuses him.

Altera, Goddess of Human Weapons (Attila the Hun, Etzel, The Great King of Destruction, The King of Combat, The Scourge of God, Saber Mars, Velber-02, Sefar)
  • Theme Song: Altera's Theme
  • Greater Goddess, Overdeity as Sefar.
  • Symbol: Her Sword, Photon Ray.
  • Alignment: Chaotic Good
  • Portfolio:
  • Domain: Destruction, Civilization, Alien Invasion, Swords, War
  • Good Civilizations: Reinforce Eins, Signum, Vita, Hayate Yagami, Gilgamesh, Alexander the Great, Commander Shepard, T-800 Model 101, Kriemhild
  • Bad Civilizations: Ares, Braniac, YHVH, Big Brother, the Grand United Alliance of Destruction, Harbinger
  • Odd Civilizations: Jeanne D'Arc, Larry Daley
  • Civilizations That Oppose Her: All Greek and Roman Deities, Diana of Themyscira/Wonder Woman
  • Respectful Civilizations: Scathach, Nero Claudius Caesar Augustus Germanicus, Mulan
  • Fearful Civilizations: Excalibur and its Wielders.
  • Remembered as the notorious "Attila the Hun", Altera was feared by both the Western and Eastern Roman Empires during the time of her reign. Despite what history has written however, she was never related to the Huns by blood. They only found her among some ruins, clutching to her titular sword with no memory of friends or family. In fact, "Attila" was merely a name given to her by the elders and the only of which history knew her by. During her rule she was described as a "Scourge of God", and in combat it barely even registered to her that she had an army at her beck and call. The only thoughts she had were of Invasion, Domination, and Destruction. All to the point of complete insatiability that even when dying in a pool of her own blood, she could only think of were ways to destroy Rome.
    • In reality, Altera was never human to begin with. She was actually an alien super weapon designated as Velber-02, one of three known Anti-Cells originating from the Umbral Star, Velber. An alien threat which appears within the Milky Way every 14 millennia to cleanse all sentient life it detects. Altera herself was sent to Earth in the previous cycle 14,000 years ago to destroy and devour it's population, but ultimately failed in her mission and met her end at the hands of a certain Holy Sword. This version of her was known as Sefar, the White Titan, which was recorded by history as one of the oldest paintings known to man. The one we know as Attila the Hun, was in fact, an amnesiac backup body.
  • Photon Ray is actually a divine construct that once belonged to Ares, the God of War. Whom Altera has stolen from after personally defeating the former in combat during her campaign as Sefar. For this Ares loathes her more than anything or anyone, both for the humiliation and the loss of his prized weapon. In fact, the reason for such high mana costs to use Photon Ray's Kill Sat, is to redirect Ares' attack away from Altera herself.
  • Even having ascended after destroying her mainframe and preventing her Titan Self from becoming Sefar again. Altera still carries the destructive urges she had in life. Fortunately she is now more than capable of keeping them in check.
    • She actually loathes what she was created for, having long since grown tired of wiping out civilizations and harvesting their knowledge. This has put her in opposition to Brainiac in spite of their similar functions and purposes. Since then, the two have come to blows with each other and as of recent the Coluan has expressed interest in adding the former Titan to his ever growing collection.
    • Furthermore, the former weapon has made an oath for when the time Velber appears again, she will stand and fight against her former creator.
  • The comparison between Harbinger and Velber have not been lost to her, and upon crossing paths with the living ship, has declared it and rest of the Reapers her enemies. Since then, she has been seen allied with Commander Shepard.
  • Still remembers Nero from their conflict in the Moon Cell and still considers the Roman Emperor the worthy opponent she was during the said strife. Altera has expressed a regard to trade blows again in a future spar.
  • She was also amused to see her three generals, Jeanne D'arc, Gilgamesh, and Iskander to have also ascended.
    • Though intriguingly enough, of the three, she is the most personable with the Saint of Orleans to the point one could consider the two genuine friends. Gilgamesh himself even referred the pair as "War Goddess Sisters" during the War in The Moon Cell. For this reason, the Hun could be seen entering the House of Faith on occasion.
  • Both Altera and Iskander have found their specific episode from Deadliest Warrior Hilarious in Hindsight due to the circumstances for the latter's recruitment during the two's time in the Moon Cell.
  • While she has stated she would like to be able to do something other than destroy and believes her ascension could give her that chance. She has from time to time, expressed nervousness and feelings of displacement in the pantheon and wonders if she really does belong here.
    • Despite her uneasiness however, she has described her new life in the pantheon as a "good dream" and has become noticeably more mellow and open now than she ever was as a mortal.
    ...Good. This is good. It is a wonderful dream. A dream I'd be proud to show anyone.
  • Has a tendency to describe things she likes and dislikes as "Good Civilization" and "Bad Civilization" respectively. So far, we do know she considers chocolates, dangos and beams as "Good Civilizations", while anyone who makes remark about her small chest and gacha games are considered "Bad Civilizations".
  • Is deathly afraid of Excalibur and it's wielders as it was the cause for her death all those millennia ago. She has made every attempt to avoid proximity with it and said wielders, placing as much distance between them and her whenever possible regardless of their actual character or personality.
    Those Holy Sword wielders...they aren't here are they? I...don't want to... see that light ever again.
  • Despite having unmatched combat and military prowess to the point of even fighting Scathach to a stand still, she completely fails socially and always has trouble conveying herself. It was so bad that the Huns were more her handlers rather than subordinates during her time as a human. This also hasn't helped her gain many friends on her arrival.
  • Holds poor relations with deities of many mythologies due to what she did as the White Titan 14,000 years ago, especially Greek. Artemis even once called her a vile abomination of the world. Not that she cares about these thoughts however.
    • To be more in depth, both Greek and Roman Pantheons are steadfastly against her regardless of her motivations and goals. To them she is a complete monster that has only been temporarily sated, ready to lash out again at any moment. Both groups are highly wary and make sure not to be within close vicinity of her. It is also to be noted that ever since her arrival, said pantheons have shored up their defenses and made their domains more guarded.
    • While not to the level of the Greek deities, The GUAG has expressed concern over the prospect of Altera reverting into the White Titan Sefar and going berserk. The Alliance has put her under surveillance and prepared appropriate counter measures if such a event were to occur in the future. They have also kept extra attention to key individuals from other houses and organizations that may potentially use the former Anti-Cell for their machinations.
  • The Hun surprisingly enough, remembers the events that transpired in a certain New York Museum and considers them one of her fonder memories, even if she was in the form of a big burly man. She was also pleased to find Larry has a place in the Pantheon and can be seen frequently visiting the House of Knowledge to catch up on the guard's recent shenanigans.
    • Though when asked whether or not the Hun really did break down and cry, inquirers were met with a rather embarrassed denial.
  • Holds high respects for Mulan for both her bravery and her accomplishments against her Hun army. Especially the one where it involved a certain avalanche.
  • It baffled many deities in the Pantheon when they found out just how sweet and gentle Altera's Titan form was, in a stark contrast to her human self's usual stoic and borderline emotionless personality. Even in that form though, she is still socially inept as ever.
    • She has also apparently downloaded research on nursing when she resided in the Moon Cell and holds knowledge of 68 varied healing techniques. Due to this, Altera can be seen doing menial tasks in the House of Health an Diseases from time to time. Though why she would see the need to personally know such information is up for debate.
  • Despite it being the name she had while as a human, she has expressed dislike being called "Attila". She never explains why, but some have found out that it's because she believes it doesn't sound cute or charming. Those who hold this knowledge tease the woman to no end for it.
  • Has been conversing with deities with similar backgrounds as herself such as Reinforce Eins, The Wolkenritter, and the T-800. From this, she has been able to gain a few but very valuable friends.
  • Expressed dislike for those like YHVH and Big Brother, comparing them and their ideologies to living under the servitude of Velber, but on a more grander and oppressive scale.
  • On multiple occasions since her entry, The GUAD have extended invitations to Altera to join their ranks, believing she would be a irreplaceable asset. All of these were denied vehemently, sometimes even escalating into violence and now Altera stands against the organization. The alliance considers this a great loss, the Hun considers this a security of her freedom.
  • The place where she takes up residence takes form of a mostly bare bones cave, similar to the one she resided in during her stay in the Moon Cell with exception of a rather extravagant caged bed that she never sleeps in. When asked about it, she states that she is waiting for her "Prisoner" to come and find her.
  • "When...will I wake from this dream?"

    Kyle Rayner 
Kyle Rayner, God of Shaping Your Attacks (Green Lantern 2814.2, Ion, Parallax, Oblivion)
Click here  for when he was a Green Lantern
  • Greater God (formerly Intermediate as a Green Lantern), Overdeity as Ion
  • Symbol: His "crab mask", with the White(formerly Green) Lantern symbol
  • Alignment: Neutral Good
  • Portfolio: Last Green Lantern (formerly), Mr. Fanservice, Space Police, The Green And Later The White Lantern Ring, Art Attacker, Mr. Imagination, Bad Luck With Girls, Beware the Nice Ones, Combat Pragmatist, Dork Knight, Shaping Your Attacks
  • Domains: Light, Artists, Police, Heroes, Space
  • Followers: Rio Wesley, Fiendfyre, Burn
  • Representing: The Life Entity
  • Allies:
  • On good terms with: The mangaka in the pantheon and good-aligned gods from the Gundam series
  • On speaking terms with: Orion
  • Teeth-Clenched Teamwork with: Sinestro (former enemy), Atrocitus
  • Enemy Mine with: Larfleeze
  • Enemies:
  • It was a dark day for the Green Lantern Corps. Thanks to Parallax, Hal Jordan had been driven mad. He went on a murder spree that seemed to destroy the entire order, and slaughter all but one of the Guardians of the Universe. That one, Ganthet, had to find another candidate for Green Lantern. That candidate was freelance graphic artist Kyle Rayner, who while at first seemed unfit has proven himself worthy of the ring. Skilled at shaping his attacks in creative ways few if any other Lantern can match, he was chosen to become part of the Trope Pantheon.
  • Initially disliked for replacing Hal Jordan, however as time passed he became a hero in his own right. The two may have had a rough start, but Hal and Kyle have become good friends. Both of them also had to deal with Parallax possessing them, with Hal helped rescue him from. They both hate Pazuzu for his own possessions.
  • The last several years have been a boon of power for Kyle. For some time he had the entity of willpower Ion in him, affording him reality-bending power. Having come to master the seven colors of the emotional spectrum when the old Guardians went mad, he's become a White Lantern and thus capable of channeling the power of any Lantern Corps. While he does represent the Life Entity he can't bring people back from the dead, much to Sinestro's displeasure when he tried in vain to revive Korugar.
  • Some snarkier gods have suggested that he should be the god of Women in Refrigerators, which has usually been met with punches to the face. Still, much like Spiderman and Daredevil he's had some bad luck with three of his girlfriends getting killed(two got over it) and his mother's death by Sinestro virus. Still not as bad as Daredevil, whom he feels really bad for. They've started a group called "Heroes Against Fridge-Stuffings."
    • Comes to no surprise that he hates Bullseye, since his love of killing love interests hits hard and he's arguably even worse than Major Force.
  • His mother died at the hand of the sentient virus Despotellis, so it comes to no surprise that he hates the likes of Nurgle and Typhus. Thankfully for the Green Lantern Corps, they have an "anti-virus" counterpart in the form of Leezle Pon. Having heard of such an insidious virus, Osmosis Jones has agreed to help out Kyle and the Green Lantern Corps from its ilk.
  • Him and Sinestro used to be enemies, with a Green Lantern symbol scarred in his back from an encounter between the two. However numerous Enemy Mine situations and Sinestro's partial Heel–Face Turn means they are begrudgingly at peace with one another. He ended up dating his daughter Soranik Natu, but thankfully the Cartwright Curse didn't hit and she ended up breaking up with him over an old flame. As you can imagine Sinestro's glad they broke up.
  • He's a big fan of manga and Gundam. Naturally, he was happy to see so many Gundam deities in the pantheon and has been fanboying about them. You can usually see him hanging out in the House of Craft, with Eko and Rohan Kishibe.
  • Ungoliant was very interested upon learning that a White Lantern had ascended, and hopes to take the ring and Kyle's life for herself. Nekron, unable to deal with the power of a White Lantern, has been helping her out in this endeavor.
  • In a Bad Future, his White Lantern powers drove him insane. There, he'd use the powers of the Life Equation to brainwash people because Utopia Justifies the Means. He managed to avoid this fate, officially forming the White Lantern Corps. His experience with this and with Darkseid has led him to oppose the likes of YHVH, who has shown interest in the Life Equation and the power of the Life Entity in general.
  • Asides from this incident, he's faced his inner demons before in the form of Oblivion; the distillation of his fears, doubts and darker impulses, a dangerous cosmic entity. A different iteration of this being would trouble him as a result of him being one of the only beings who fell into the Source Wall and returned. Many in the House of Knowledge are trying to figure out just what he saw, as well as Darkseid given his own history with the Source Wall.

    Yui Ikari 
Yui Ikari, Goddess of Empathic Weapons (Evangelion Unit-01, Oni System, Yui-sama, Yui Ayanami)
Evangelion Unit- 01 
  • Greater Goddess (full-blown Overdeity when Awakened)
  • Symbol: EVA-01
  • Theme Song (as Eva Unit-01): The Beast II
  • Alignment: True Neutral, just plain Chaotic when Awakened, hints of Neutral Evil as of 3.33
  • Portfolio: Mama Bears, Rage beyond all comprehension, 12,000 Plates Of Fortified Armor, Possession Of An Infinite Power Source, Eating Her Opponents and Husband, Going Apeshit On Everyone Threatening Her Son, Doing Battles The Messy Way, Becoming A Goddess To Unite Humanity, Becoming A Literal Monument To Mankind, AT Fields, Armor-Integrated Restraints Manipulating her son on doing her what she desires Well-Intentioned Extremist
  • Domains: Bloodlust, War, Violence, Death, Madness.
  • Allies: Shinji Ikari (her son), Asuka Langley Souryu, Rei Ayanami. Also regards most of the Good aligned mecha associated gods highly, due to how well Shinji grew up thanks to their influence, Fi, Asura
  • Enemies: Pretty much everyone who looks at her son the wrong way, especially Haruhi Suzamiya, Arael, Ragyo Kiryuin
  • Opposes: Gendo Ikari
  • Currently floating somewhere in interstellar space but some eyewitness accounts have reported her to be dormant due to being Impaled with Extreme Prejudice.
    • Was recently freed from her dormancy by Lucifer, who informed her of the situation with Haruhi Suzamiya's constant use of the Reset Button on her son, ruining any happiness he could ever gain, ensuring his perpetual sorrow. What happened next was probably the scariest moment of Mama Bear ever as Yui tore through the entire pantheon in her search of Haruhi, intending to kill her. After a very long battle that saw Superman and Goku barely holding back the enraged mother and the destruction of the Reset Button, she was finally stopped by her own pleading son. While Yui did stop her rampage, if only for Shinji's sake, she warned that if any other deity ever messes with him, she will kill them regardless of alignment.
  • With Yui properly ascended, she was given her human form back. Though, she is able to turn her self back to Unit-1 but without the armor.
  • Has joined the GUAC, becoming a soldier of the Morningstar Battalion. Despite being a member, her loyalty to Lucifer is pretty low. The Lightbringer's not passive, though: he ensured her continued loyalty by taking measures to improve Shinji's lot in life by promising to investigate alternate titles he could switch over to in order to leave his... conflicting... portfolio behind. He also relayed proof of her husband's acceptance of a post in the GUAL, knowing her smoldering wrath will keep her well within the GUAC's aegis for the moment. Yui has grudgingly admitted that Lucifer's got her attention at the moment, with the eventual possibility of joining the Battalion for good still on the table.
    • Became fast friends with Asura, finding their share interest of doing nearly everything in their power, almost destroying the universe in the process if need be, to protect their children. There are some in the House of Love who actually ship the two.
  • Her relationship with both Asuka and Rei is kind of complicated. On one hand, she finds Asuka's and Shinji's relationship to be a bit worrisome and she is pretty much angry (at Gendo) that Rei is an altered clone of herself. But after finding out how much crap they went through and getting to know them a little, she decided to officially have them made her legal wards, hoping to fix any mental damages they have suffered. Since then, she has actually become quite taken with them, doting on them along with her son, trying to help Rei un-repress and learn about her own emotions while giving Asuka (whom she now knows is the daughter of an old, very close friend and has been through multiple horrific traumas) some motherly attention in the hopes of carefully improving the girl's self-image and mental/emotional state.
    • The fact that Yui 'adopting' Asuka and Rei would make them Shinji's "sisters" combined with his own confusing attraction to them has not gone unnoticed by many.
  • Hates all parents in the pantheon who are known to deliberately abuse their own children. She especially loathes Ragyou Kiryuuin because of her molestation of her daughter Satsuki and experimenting on her other daughter, Ryuuko Matoi, as well as the perverse glee Ragyou takes in emotionally tormenting and physically harming her daughters. She has sworn to oppose the elder Kiryuuin at every turn, deeming her a monster and a living insult against the very concept of motherhood; Yui has also become slightly protective of Satsuki and Ryuuko as a result.
  • Despite Yui's violent nature when it comes to protecting her son, many of the nicer mothers of the pantheon have nothing but respect for her.
  • Is not happy of the rumors flying around that she orchestrated the event that lead to Shinji witnessing her being absorbed into Unit 1. Whether she is upset because those rumors are false or that they are true and them finding out is unknown.
    • Is also not happy when people, especially Sigmund Freud, think her relationship with her son is more then mother and son.
  • As of late it turned out that she did manipulated her son into witnessing her absorsion into Unit-01 and on accomplishing Instrumentality, resulting in the distancement of her son and adoptive daughters.

Intermediate Gods

Akame, Goddess of Poisoned Weapons (The Red-Eyed Killer, Akame of the Demon Sword)
  • Theme Song: Kinpaku, Le chant de Roma
  • Intermediate Goddess (borderline Greater Goddess when her trump card is activated)
  • Alignment: Chaotic Good (formerly True Neutral as an Imperial assassin)
  • Symbol: Her Teigu, Murasame
  • Portfolio: The Perfect Assassin, Tormented Siblings, Hiding her Emotions, Red-Eyed Killers, Big Eater, Wears Red and Black but is a Good Guy, Poisonous Instant Death Katanas, False Love Interests, "I Will Bury You"
  • Domains: War, Rebellion, Murder, Chaos
  • Allies: Night Raid, Monkey D. Luffy, Ken Kaneki, Ryuko Matoi, Satsuki Kiryuin, Pannacota Fugo, Ezio Auditore, Samuel Rodrigues, Valeera Sanguinar, Oberyn Martell
  • Enemies: Prime Minister Honest, Esdeath, Seryu Ubiquitous, Steven Armstrong, Gregor Clegane, Ryoma Sengoku, Tenjuro Banno, Sora Takigawa
  • Rivals: Erza Scarlet
  • Opposes: Many evil emperors in the Pantheon
  • Akame ascended with the rest of her teammates soon after Esdeath's arrival to the Pantheon. With their biggest enemy gaining a Rank Up and the ascension of another Jaeger, the members of Night Raid decided to let one of their members split and find a new house to reside in, in order to prevent the two Jaegers from spreading their influence across the Pantheon. Akame was the one who was chosen to leave the original temple, as she was the one who killed Esdeath and therefore stood the best chance in an encounter with her.
  • Has been hired by the higher-ups of the GUAG to "incapacitate" some of Melkor's top lackeys. She's proven to be an effective thorn in the GUAE's side, thanks to her assassin skills and One-Hit Kill weapon.
  • When she's not busy killing evil shmucks, Akame can be found eating lots of meat, usually with Luffy. They like to exchange stories about their adventures; Luffy was sorry to hear about all of her friends who died, but was also happy that most of them were able to come with her to the Pantheon.
    • Yukihira Souma was the first cook of the house she ran into, and he was more than happy to take the challenge. But Nakiri Erina wouldn't have any of that, saying that she wouldn't allow a "mere commoner cook" have the right. Akame then decreed that they both cook for her, stating that the loser would have to be the victor's servant for life. These clear motivates them both and they wasted no time making their dishes. Akame's reactions to the meals were as expected but when it came time to decide a victor, she said that she would have to take a rain check on it and bolted.
  • Kaneki was surprised to hear Akame speak, thinking that Touka had somehow made it into the Pantheon. He was happy to hear that she wasn't some monstrous killer out to get him, and the two have become friends ever since.
  • Respects Satsuki for going through hell for the sake of her sister, in spite of all the morally gray things she did, just like Akame herself. Of course, a meeting with Satsuki meant a meeting with Ryuko. While a lot of people were hoping to see a fight between the two red-and-black sword wielders, they struck up a friendship almost immediately.
  • Went to the House of Health and Diseases to see if they had a cure for the side effects of her trump card. After finding nothing, she decided not to use it unless she really needed to.
  • Some Gods like to ship her and Tatsumi together. Akame respects his and Mine's relationship too much to make a move on him. There are also those who ship her and Leone together, to whom Akame doesn't have much objection towards.
  • Jetstream Sam wanted to tried out Akame's Teigu, since it reminds him of his own sword, Murasama. Akame agreed, but only because his nanosuit means he won't be affected by the blade's poison. Akame soon learned of his story, pitying him for once being a hero who fought warmongers.
    • Afterwards, she confronted his boss, attempting to poison him. Thanks to his nanomachines, Armstrong was unfazed and came out victorious. Interested in her skill, he challenged Akame to fight him again. Akame's response?
      "I knew people who tried to turn the world into ruins. I've stopped them. I knew someone who tried to continue the war for their own sadistic benefit. I killed her. You're exactly like her. I'll come back, and when I do, I will bury you'."
  • Is good friends with Oberyn Martell, who was able to embarrass an evil kingdom with his dying actions. Oberyn is currently researching the origins of Murasame, and Akame is allowed to wield his weapons.
    • Some time after the formation of their alliance, Oberyn told Akame of Gregor Clegane, and asked if she could deal with him. Naturally jumping on the chance to take care of warmongers, she went to the House of War to confront him. After breaking his armor, Akame slashed Clegane and managed to incapacitate him. Clegane has vowed to get his revenge on her, and Esdeath, a frequent visitor of his house, is more than happy to help him.
  • Erza doesn't approve of her occupation, but otherwise has no reason to oppose her. The two of them can be seen having swordfights with normal weapons sometimes.
  • Has an intense dislike for emperors like Palpatine and Frieza. She's aware of their overwhelming power, but is currently working to infiltrate their temples and slice them with Murasame.
  • Also in the House of Toxicity.
  • If you can't find a reason to fight, then you shouldn't be fighting.

     Alexia Ashford 
Alexia Ashford, Goddess of Weaponized Offsprings
Alexia, in human form
As Mutated Alexia, First Form 

    Black Bolt 
Black Bolt, God of Voice Weapons (Blackagar Boltagon, King of the Inhumans)

    Kazuya Oki/Kamen Rider Super- 1 
Kazuya Oki, God of Versatile Gloves (Kamen Rider Super-1, Super Rider)
Kamen Rider Super- 1 
  • Intermediate God
  • Symbol: A stylized red "V"
  • Theme Song: "Kamen Rider Super-1"
  • Alignment: Neutral Good
  • Portfolio: Cyborg, Practitioner of Sekishin-Shourinken, Scarf of Asskicking, Tricked-Out Gloves/Power Fist, Master of Disguise
  • Domains: Cyborgs, Martial Arts, Gloves
  • Apprentices: Gentaro Kisaragi, Ryusei Sakuta
  • Allies: All ascended Toku heroes (especially the heroic Kamen Riders), Yozakura, Benkei, Domon Kasshu, Weiss Winterprison
  • Enemies: SHOCKER, Lysandre, Charles zi Britannia, Monokuma and his Mastermind, Kazuya Mishima
  • Kazuya Oki was a scientist in International Space Development Program, who willingly took part of a project to turn a man into a cyborg for the intention of creating an astronaut able to survive the harshness of space without a bulky space suit. Unfortunately the lab was attacked by the evil organization Dogma after the experiment was complete, leaving Kazuya the only survivor. After the incident, he went to Japan to practise Sekishin-Shourinken in order to transform on his own will, eventually giving birth to the hero known as Kamen Rider Super-1.
  • Super-1 is equipped with the Five Hands, five sets of gloves what have different functions based on the pair he is using.
    • Super Hands: Super-1's default silver gloves what give his fist striking power up to 300 tons.
    • Power Hands: Red gloves what allows Super-1 to lift, push and pull objects up to 50 tons.
    • Elek Hands: Blue gloves what allows Super-1 to shoot 10,000 volts of electricity from his hands.
    • Thermal Hands: Green gloves what allows Super-1 to either shoot fire of freezing gel out of his hands.
    • Radar Hands: Golden gloves what come with drones what can scan a 10 kilometer radius what is shown on a screen on the gloves. The drones themselves also double as missiles.
  • The trope of Tricked-Out Gloves originally belonged to Yozakura, but after some arrangement, she gave up that trope to Kazuya. Yozakura seems to be inspired by Kazuya, thinking that maybe she would be able to modify her gauntlets to have more versatile options.
  • When he heard that there was a god named Benkei in the Pantheon, he thought he was one of his past two mentors. At last, it was the historical Benkei. That being said, he doesn't mind this Benkei at all. This Benkei does say that even though Kazuya is a martial artist, he is surprisingly good with a sword if given one.
  • As he was originally meant to be an astronaut before becoming a hero, he is a mentor figure for Gentaro and Ryusei.
  • He has a particular dislike forwards anyone who practices Social Darwinism, as the Dogma Kingdom's plans revolve around that idea. He also has a particular dislike for those who would bring wanton destruction, like Jin Dogma.
  • He wasn't happy to hear that there is another martial artist called Kazuya in the Pantheon. The dislike is mutual from Mishima.
    • However he was happy that he became allies with another Kazuya, named Ryuuzaki, who also deals with stopping an alien invasion just like how Oki's attempt to stop the Dogma's invasion on Earth.
  • And then he hard of yet another Kazuya by the surname of Minegishi, though he's caution around him as it's not really known what he ultimately stood for.
  • He also happens to be friends with Domon Kasshu as both were trained in a unique form of martial arts. No wonder that the two became interested in their respective martial arts as they might apply these skills in their training.
  • He seems to have a hidden talent of being able to disguise him really well if situation requires.
  • Like many Toku heroes before, he absolutely loathes Monokuma and its mastermind Junko Enoshima for their reputation of pitting 15 students in their murderous "School Life of Mutual Killings" in Hope's Peak Academy by forcing them to kill each other just for the sake of despair. Upon hearing this, he joins with other Toku heroes in an effort to stop their plans in the pantheon.
  • He was not pleased that SHOCKER has finally made their move into the pantheon, due to the fact that the remnants of his sworn enemies had joined in their cause for World Domination. Because of this, he joined with fellow Toku heroes in an attempt to stop them.

    Lady Lady 
Lady J and Rain Hasumi, Goddesses of Equippable Allies (Lady Lady)
Lady J on the left, Rain on the right
  • Rank: Intermediate Goddesses
  • Symbol: A cross and Lady J’s flower headband
  • Alignment: Chaotic Neutral / Chaotic Good
  • Portfolio:
  • Domains: Love, Travel, Firearms, Transformation, Freedom
  • Allies: Mamori and Mirei, Chris Redfield, Claire Redfield, Leon Kennedy, Jill Valentine, Maka Albarn and Soul Eater Evan, Tsubaki Nakatsukasa and Black*Star, Raiden, Homura and the Crimson Squad, Himeko and Chikane
  • Enemies: Albert Wesker, Alex Mercer, Mana Ouma, Shiro Tagachi, Ryoubi, Etna
  • Rivals: Beelzemon
  • Ascended alongside Mirei and Mamori after helping the efforts to stop Albert Wesker and the spread of the T-Valkyrie Virus, which was created by combining the T-Virus with the Arms Virus sampled from their blood.
  • Free spirits at heart, the two usually spend their time doing whatever they fancy: Rain riding around the Pantheon astride Lady J’s motorcycle form, getting involved with things if they catch their interest, taking periodic trips to the House of Love to…ahem…improve their synchronization level.
  • Sometimes get involved helping Chris, Jill and Leon cleaning up viral-related messes: usually Wesker isn’t far behind such things, and anything that gets under his feet is fine by Lady Lady. Chris and his compatriots certainly appreciate having Rain’s Wave Motion Gun on their side: it tends to leave zombies and other lesser BOWs in less-than-stellar shape, and even Tyrants take an impressive amount of damage from it. However, Lady Lady has rejected official BSAA employment for the sake of keeping their autonomy. Besides, biohazard cleanup is really a hobby for them, and a way to piss off Wesker.
    • The two have also fought with Alex Mercer, Shiro Tagachi and Mana Ouma, three more individuals with a focus on viruses. They haven't had a chance to deal with William Birkin yet.
  • As a fellow Child Soldier, Raiden sympathizes with Rain; he's noted that her situation as a 9-year-old Exter just gets sicker the more he thinks about it.
  • Lady J has the distinction of very nearly beating out Cattleya for largest chest in the Pantheon, clocking in at a staggering N-cup. While such a thing has never really bothered her before, she has found herself on the receiving end of a couple of very vindictive goddesses:
    • Lady J and Rain found one of their make-out sessions rudely interrupted by a hail of sniper bullets. The culprit turned out to be Ryoubi, who had gone nearly psychotic with rage upon seeing Lady J's figure. A scuffle ensued, and Ryoubi was ultimately left covered with tire tracks.
    • Found themselves on the receiving end of Etna's ire as well, for much the same cause. In that case, they managed to make a quick escape from the demon.
  • Became friends with Himeko and Chikane, having bonded over their respective plights; overall they seem to have a bit of a Cool Big Sis relationship with them. Although unfounded, it's been said that Lady Lady has given the shrine maidens 'relationship advice' for when the time is right; advice that has left Himeko red in the face.
  • According to Asia Argento of the House of Health and Diseases, something about Lady J seems strangely familiar.
    • Bell Cranel of the House of Passion had a short moment of frantic joy when he thought he heard Aiz Wallenstein's voice; turns out it was just Rain.
  • Approached by agents of the GUAC on a few occasions, Lucifer having taken note of their free-spirited natures and offering aid in crushing those like "The Organization", who would capture and exploit Arms-infectees. Lady Lady has taken it under advisement; as tempting as it sounds, there's something about the Forces of Chaos they don't entirely trust.
  • Like Mirei and Mamori, Lady Lady has encountered Maka Abarn and her friends Black Star, Death the Kid, and their weapon partners. For a while, the two were quite impressed at the fact the weapons can transform instantaneously and on their own; for an Exter/Liberator team, that's a sign of absolute trust and synchronization with their partner. While the confusion was cleared up and the distinction made between Arms infectees and DWMA weaponry, the point still stands; Lady J and Rain know True Companions when they see them.
  • Rain made the mistake of cutting Beelzemon off on the road once: the Demon Lord took the act as a challenge, and by the time their race/battle had concluded, they had left four kilometers of road a crater-filled mess, backed up traffic for miles, and Beelzemon had reduced Lady J's outfit to shreds with Corona Destroyer. Strangely, the two sides left looking oddly happy with what had transpired: despite their defeat, Lady J and Rain are thrilled to have a new rival to overcome after what felt like ages of being unstoppable, and Beelzemon was impressed that a pair of (relatively) normal humans were able to push him into Burst Mode.

    Mega Man 
Mega Man, God of Power Replication (Rock Light, The Blue Bomber, The Super Fighting Robot, Rockman, Blue Metal Hero, Jump 'N Shoot Man)

    Soul Edge 
Soul Edge, God of Evil Weaponry (Inferno, Nightmare, the Sword of Salvation)
  • Intermediate God
  • Symbol: A single eye.
  • Alignment: Chaotic Evil
  • Portfolio: Evil Weapon, Demonic Possession, Always Chaotic Evil, Your Soul Is Mine, Eyes Do Not Belong There.
  • Domains: Evil, Chaos, Fire
  • Followers: Cervantes, the Malfested (Soul Calibur)
  • Allies: Sephiroth
  • Enemies: Soul Calibur, Cloud, Shang Tsung, Gilgamesh, Link, Sophitia, Ivy Valentine, Siegfried, Taki, Kisuke Uzuki, Ermac
  • Similar Artifacts: Miroku's sword form
  • Soul Edge plans to use Sephiroth's power to kill Shang Tsung and steal his souls, thus granting him the power of a Greater God.
  • It FEARS Gilgamesh, due to being one of the few among the Pantheon who can use it without even coming close to falling under its influence. He is perhaps the one existence among the Pantheon whose soul that Soul Edge has no intention of claiming.
    • However, Soul Edge got more nervous when Kisuke ascended, because since Kisuke can wield so many evil weapons without being corrupt by then thanks to Oboro Style(one of them even having a cursed god sealed inside it), he would be immune to Soul Edge's powers. Heck, he might fear Kisuke even more than Gilgamesh as Kisuke has all the intentions to purge Soul Edge until it is just a giant slab of metal.
  • Its opposite, Soul Calibur, isn't any better.
  • Eventually Sephiroth and Soul Edge parted ways (Whom abandoned the other is unclear). Currently, Soul Edge has reunited with its most familiar host Nightmare.
  • In the time it took to pick a host, Soul Edge has taken delight in proving just how many "heroes" were willing to wield its power, even including Link among its personal record.
  • Once it has had enough bloodshed to reclimate to the Pantheon, Soul Edge intends to release its true form as Inferno and destroy its rival Soul Calibur. The first step in drowning the Pantheon in blood and darkness.

    Squall Leonhart 
Squall Leonhart, God of Improbably Slick Weaponry and Gunblades (Leon, SeeD Commander, The Lion, Rinoa's Knight, the Relentless Revolver, Solitary Lion)
  • Intermediate God
  • Theme Music: Don't Be Afraid in combat, Blue Fields elsewhere
  • Symbol: The Griever emblem
  • Alignment: Lawful Good with Neutral leanings
  • Weapon of Choice: His Gunblade, the Lionheart
  • Portfolio: Angst, Lion Motifs, Handsome but damaged youths, Stoic-ness, Leather Clothing, Impossibly Cool Weapons, Vibroweapons, Revolver Preferences, BFGs, Kind-Hearted Jerks
  • Domains: Gunblades, Angst, Lions, War, Courage
  • Allies: Rinoa Heartilly, Most good Final Fantasy deities, Sora, Donald Duck, Goofy, Kazuma Kenzaki
  • Enemies: Ultimecia, and by extension, the other Warriors of Chaos, Hela.
  • Followers: Ikkaku Madarame
  • His title comes with a dubious legacy, as while he codified the Gunblade, in its original incarnation the "Impossible" part of Impossibly Cool Weapon irked some fans, who thought the idea of a sword with a gun for a handle was ridiculous. Later refinements of the design into dual gun-and-sword combinations have redeemed both it and him. He's also proven that the original design works perfectly well as-is in his subsequent appearances.
  • For some reason, many of the more energetic and cheerful members of the pantheon seemed drawn to hang out with him. Squall tries to get them to go away, but they don't listen, and while he doesn't admit it, he's gotten used to their company.
  • Ascended by pioneering the style of combining the Cool Sword and the Cool Gun into one weapon. Bonus points for using a revolver.
  • Has a love-hate relationship with his fellow god and father, Laguna Loire. While he sighs and belittles him, you can catch him smiling if you look close enough.
  • The fact that he sounds so much like Yuuki Terumi is something that greatly disgusts Squall.
  • Many followers have invented a rivalry between him and the God of Swordsmanship but both parties remain fairly passive on the subject.
  • Is known for telling those who annoy him to just go talk to a wall. Whenever this happens, Squall is capable of conjuring a wall for the annoyer to speak with as he leaves. However, this will not work on Excalibur.
  • Many in the Pantheon couldn't believe their eyes when they saw Squall smile. The reason? Because of Rinoa finally ascending to the pantheon.
    • After ascending, Rinoa has been doing her best in making Squall socialize more and also helping mending his relationship with his father, Laguna.
  • Denies any connection or relationship with Annie Leonhart, despite the common last name, all while claiming that he's had enough with newfound lost relatives.

Lesser Gods

    Ana Amari 
Ana Amari, Goddess of Healing Weaponry (Veteran Sniper, Captain Amari, Janina Kowalska, Shrike, Horus, The Alchemist, Grandma)
  • Theme Song: "Old Soldiers" when she appears with Jack Morrison, "Legacy" otherwise
  • Lesser Goddess
  • Symbol: The eye of Horus and her biotic rifle
  • Alignment: Neutral Good (Was more Lawful Good back in her younger days)
  • Portfolio: Action Mom, Alliterative Name, Badass Longcoat, Blue Is Heroic, The Chick, Friendly Sniper, Cool Old Lady, Deadpan Snarker, Combat Medic, Lost her eye to Widowmaker, Eyepatch of Power, Faking the Dead, Knight in Sour Armor, Mama Bear, Parents as People, Shell-Shocked Veteran
  • Domains: Snipers, Healing, Support, Heroes.
  • Allies:
  • Rivals: Kardel Sharpeye, Nova Terra
  • Enemies: Reaper, Widowmaker, Sniper Wolf, Haman Karn
  • Ana Amari was one of the founders member of Overwatch and also one of the most loved ones. Through all her career, Ana was known as one of the best snipers in the world, having succeded in a number of important missions. Until one day she was pressumed dead after a mission when Widowmaker shot her in the eye. But that wasn't the case, Ana instead went to hiding, since the stress of killing so many people had gotten to her and she preferred to leave all her friends and moments behind. And now, she is ready to return to the battlefield once more, but this time she is going to protect the one she loves the most.
  • Her biotic rifle was once intended by Mercy to only heal, but thanks to a reverse engineering by Torbjörn, Ana's rifle now is able to both harm enemies and heal her allies. Mercy is not happy that Ana has modified her weapon, but nonetheless is happy that she is now here.
  • Shortly after ascending, Ana was welcomed with open arms by every one of her old friends from back in Overwatch times. However, her happiness was short lived when Reaper decide to show up. Both Ana and him have quite a history that they really don't want to talk about.
  • There has been an ongoing speculation about who could possibly be Fareeha's father. Ana herself hasn't said anything on the matter, but other sources might point that this person is very important.
  • At 60 years old, Ana's is one of the oldest snipers among the ranks of the pantheon and is quite respected by the more younger generations. Her aim isn't as good as how it used to be back in her prime, but she is still is a very good shot and has caught quite a lot people off guard.
    • That said, the presence of Widowmaker doesn't amuse her at all, given how she is responsible for shooting out Ana's eye out and eventually forcing her into hiding. It's clear that Widowmaker likes to remind of Ana's fall of grace, but Ana simply doesn't take her attacks all that seriously.
    Widowmaker: You were once a legend, but what are you now? Just a shell of a woman.
  • Thanks to her egyptian heritage, Ana got to personally meet the ancient gods of the egyptian pantheon. Most deities, especially Ra and Osiris, welcomed her assuming she was a follower of Horus, given the tatoo she has under her left eye being the Eye of Horus.
  • Seems to get along a lot with Iroh, due to former military leaders who are also very capable fighters for their age. And Ana loves to drink tea, so she also a frequent visitor of his tea shop.
  • Has noticed that there are a couple of deities that happen to sound like her in certain cases. For example, one of thoses is Integra Hellsing, another white-haired, dark-skinned woman with an eyepatch who belongs to an organization that fights for the world's safety.
  • There were tales of an alchemist that once joined a group of heroes in order to defend the castle from the invasion of Dr. Junkenstein's minions. Ana can't quite recall those event, but she stated that she has no idea how alchemy works.
  • Being a mother, Ana is quite known for being protective of the younger members of the pantheon, especially those from the house of Children. That would explain why he doesn't want her daughter Fareeha to join Overwatch, even though she is already an adult.
  • "Never stop fighting for what you believe in"
  • Can also be found in the House of Health and Diseases...even though she herself has no medical license

    Anna "Kaboom" Kozuki 
Anna Kozuki, Goddess of Siege Trains (Anna Kaboom, Fem!Jaden)
  • Lesser Goddess
  • Symbol: Superdreadnought Rail Cannon Gustav Max and Number 81: Superdreadnought Rail Cannon Super Dora, next to her cannon, D-Gazer and a bouquet
  • Alignment: Chaotic Neutral with Good leanings depending on her mood.
  • Portfolio: Railway Deck Duelist, Fierce Tempers, Played for Laughs Woman Scorned (Due To A Mistake), Hotheaded And Energetic Ore-Using Tomboys with Big Boobs (In Spite Of Age), Really Strong Cute Bruisers with a Really Big Cannon, Focusing on Damage With Zero Defenses, Heroic Sacrifices, Popularity Inversely Proportional To Her Actual Screentime
  • Domains: Trains, Love, Popularity
  • Allies:
  • Teeth-Clenched Teamwork: Makoto Itou
  • Enemies: Sora Shiun'in, Raynare
  • Ascended after she proved that she was a One-Girl Siege Engines with her Railway Deck, which includes all sorts of locomotives, trains, railcars, trolleys, etc., all combined with cannons.
  • First thing she did after ascending was, of course, to try to greet Yuma... And then almost instantly tried to blowing him up again with her Flying Blaster because she thought that he had forgotten about her, especially after she heard that he and Kotori became a couple.
    • She got the wrong person... Again. Turns out that the "Yuma" she attacked was no one other than Raynare, who obviously wasn't the person she was looking for. She doesn't seem to care unlike the last time this happened after hearing what kind of person she was, and it digusts her that a woman who tried to kill someone who loved her for no good reason at all could have a name that's homophone to her friend.
  • Can often be found wandering through the several Houses or in the House of Gaming looking for challenges against her Railway Deck. Many in the latter House told that while she's skilled at the game, her dueling style is... Iffy at best due to fact she has no way of backing up the offensive with some defenses. She never listens to them. Not it would matter considering that her dueling style is very similar to her personality anyways.
    • She can be also be seen hovering with her Flying Blaster through the House of Travel... And crashing due to not paying attention. She met Subaru Nakajima this way, who was amused to meet someone who travels in their own weapon just like her sister Wendi, with a similar personality to boot.
  • She seems to get along a little with Mami Tomoe, since it impressed her how she could turn her flintlocks into a freakin' towering railway cannon built onto two separate trains. Mami in the other hand, while she is mostly nice to her... She would prefer it if she wasn't so temperamental. Though she did admit that it wasn't that different from hanging out with Sayaka and Kyoko. Mami has been trying to see if she can get her to "duel" with her Flying Blaster someday.
    • She gets along a little better with Yoko, who understands her kind of personality a lot more, though she would prefer it if she used the cannon more frequently at people who actually deserve it and not just because they annoyed her.
    • The fact that this trio of gun-using girls are quite stacked is not lost in anyone. There was once a person who asked Anna if she was going to join the Poly Racks as their Tagalong Kid. She responded by punching the smuck away.
  • There are times she misses the rest of her friends... So she often hangs out with Aki and Carly to compensate since there aren't too many duelists her age or gender.. But she, along with Aki, can be seen sighing for some reason...
  • Bonded with Sekai Saionji and Kotonoha Katsura over the fact their love interests are idiots and they don't have any reserves when it comes to the... "Punishment". Though the reasons why they lose their temper at them are different. She doesn't seem to care about the rest of the Yandere Quartet one way or the other. And yet she ended up joining the Yandere Squad.
    • It's for this reason she doesn't like too much Makoto Itou, though she seems to like that the high school student protects the weak from bullies. So she often helps him with that but it's not above in trying to blow him up if he does something against Kotonoha or Sekai.
  • Why they call her a Female Jaden... Well, she does look like him. In fact, there are people who believe she is actually a daughter of his with Asuka/Alexis or Aki. She is not. She really is not but she and the real Jaden seem to get along just fine.
  • Her appearance on the Pantheon made Lelouch give a Double Take. His reaction to her can pretty much be resumed as "So not only there's a girl that looks like my friend Kallen, now there is a girl that is named like her too?!"
    • By the way, she is not related with that other Kozuki. Ironically, they are both in the same House which gave them the chance to met each other.
  • You see her and Sora Shiun'in on the same place? Well, if you are a Demigod or a Quasideity, Run for cover. Very strong girl prone to anger with a cannon + Really athletic psychotic boy that can knock out adults + Hatred For Xyz: Horrible mix! These two simply can't stand each others' guts and are pretty destructive too.

Astolfo, GOD of Paralyzing Sound (Rider of Black, The Twelfth Paladin of Charlemagne, Trap BOY)
  • Lesser GOD
  • Symbol: HIS La Black Luna horn
  • Alignment: Chaotic Good
  • Portfolio: Badass Adorable, Cute Little Fang, Excited Young Boy, Motor Mouth, Protecting People Just Because, World's Most Beautiful MALE, Eternally Optimistic, The Ditz, Braided Haired Pretty BOY, Looking Like a Lady, Plucky Comic Relief, Nice GUY
  • Domain: Beauty, Heroism, Trap
  • Allies: Jeanne d'Arc, Siegfried, Medusa, Alexander the Great, Bridget, Artoria Pendragon, Hasta, Charlotte Dunois, Ky Kiske, Princess Luna, Cosmos, Cayden Cailean, Rin Hoshizora
  • Enemies: Mordred, Achilles, Melkor
  • Unknown Rival: Aphrodite
  • While there aren't that many well known people to fit the Sonic Stunner trope, the Court of the Gods finally found someone in the paladin Astolfo. Owner of the La Black Luna, a magical horn gifted to him by the good witch Logestila of Avalon, the sound has been describe as a combination of a dragon's roar, a giant bird's cry, and a divine horse's neighing. It can cause anyone to be paralyze with fear and can even shatter the most lowly of mooks.
  • We swear to Cosmos, Lucifer, Melkor, and YHVH that Astolfo is 1000% male. Ok, so maybe his battle outfit is more feminine than what you expect. Alright: his civilian outfit has a skirt, shows his midriff and his hood has bunny ears; then there was that time he wore a female School Swimsuit with thigh-highs; and the other time in Agartha where he wore a pink sailor fuku; but honestly, Astolfo is totally male.
  • Has gained a rival in Aphrodite after the former found out that many consider him more beautiful then her and he should take her World's Most Beautiful Woman title despite being male. Astolfo for his part is oblivious and barely notices the insults Aphrodite throws at him.
  • Heard that the unbreakable sword Durendal was in the pantheon. Wanting to retrieve it for his cousin, Roland, if he ever ascended, he set out for the mighty sword.
    • He first encountered Xenovia Quarta, who owns a version of Durendal. After he asked for the sword, and she refused, they fought. After battling for quite awhile, Astolfo was informed that Xenovia's Durendal head shattered at one point. Deciding that couldn't be the true Durendal, Astolfo apologized for his actions and left.
    • Astolfo then went to the treasury to see if the Durendal in there was Roland's. Unfortunately, no one told him how this one would cause anybody with a weak will to lose their mind and go berserk, which is precisely what wound up happening. Luckily, the 2nd Division Symphogear rescued him before any real damage could occur. Amazingly, he wasn't that shaken by the event and only smiled and thanked his saviors before heading off, still hoping to find the true Durendal.
  • With the sole of exception of Achilles, Astolfo has made friends with both Alexander the Great and Rider and the three have races against one another.
    • Speaking of riding, many were surprise that Astolfo's personal mount was a hippogriff when most knew him riding the magical horse Rabicano. Astolfo has mentioned he can summon Rabicano, he just prefers the hippogriff.
    • In addition of the aforementioned riding stuffs, Astolfo has an additional bonding reason with Medusa... with the fact that they used to have shitty Masters (Celenike and Shinji, respectively) and suffering because of it until the ownership changed. Even Medusa agreed that if she was on Astolfo's shoes, she'll take cue from Medea and kill that Master outright. When noted that if he discarded his virtue as a Paladin of Charlemagne, he wouldn't have to suffer for it, Astolfo surprisingly agreed... but he still doesn't want to discard that honor of his, he'd rather live through it.
  • Astolfo was well known as a lady's man. But with his ascension, many consider him a Guys Man as well.
  • Has become very close to Arturia Pendragon, her compassionate nature reminding him of Joan of Arc. This closeness has cause Arturia's own 'son', Mordred, to become jealous. To 'him', it's just a painful reminder of the closeness 'he' was denied.
  • Made fast friends with fellow traps Bridget and Hasta. Some gods, well, actually Haruhi Suzumiya, try to force the trio to cross-dress. While Hasta and Bridget don't like the idea, Astolfo seems to be ok with it.
    • On the flip side, Astolfo also befriended fellow Frenchmen Charlotte Dunois. Humorously, Astolfo actually mistook Charl as male before being corrected.
  • Because of his journey to the moon to find a cure for Roland's madness, Astolfo is able to summon Princess Luna as a personal mount. However, the princess of the night only allows him to ride her in the most dire of situations.
  • Is adored by every member of the Sacred Knights. Many see Astolfo as a sort of little brother, even if he may be older then most of them.
  • Was overjoyed when Jeanne d'Arc finally ascended. He was however worried when she sided with both Cosmos and YHVH. He believes that YHVH has done something to Jeanne. Thankfully for him, about this, he got to reunite with his fellow Black Faction Servant, Siegfried, and urged that he joins in investigating, since Astolfo seemed to have attracted a 'similar but lesser curse' when he got into Chaldea... So they got something in common more than affiliation.

    Big Bull 
Big Bull, God of Rocket Powered Weapons (Bull, King of Altambra)
  • Theme Song: Over in a Flash
  • Lesser God
  • Symbol: [死角] "Blind Spot"
  • Alignment: Lawful Neutral
  • Portfolio: Cyborg, the Jet Hammer, Puns, Bulls, Glowing Mechanical Eyes, Large Ham, Transforming Mecha
  • Domains: Weaponry, Propulsion, Machinery, Gangs
  • Followers: The Bull Gang, Ido
  • Allies: Jack Cayman, The Bloodhooves, Gene, Bayonetta, Labrys
  • Was upset that the prime beef that he was didn't get included in the House of Beasts, but is willing to make due with this ranch instead.
  • Petitioned to have his shrine near Jack's, to make sure his sworn brother is well.
  • Since having his gang join him in the pantheon, things have gotten remarkably louder than normal, if such a thing was possible.
  • Has been striking a friendship with the two gods of minotaurs, though they are flattered by his choosing his body in their image, they do often get uncomfortable with his speech pattern.
  • While he is impressed at how well Vita can nail someone with her hammer, he's not going to concede to any hammer being better than his Jet Hammer.

Bisharp, God of Natural Weaponry (Sword Blade Pokémon)
  • Lesser God
  • Symbol: Bisharp's bladed "helmet"
  • Alignment: Lawful Evil, Lawful Neutral on a really good day
  • Gender: Male
  • Ability: Defiant
  • Moves: Swords Dance, Iron Head, Sucker Punch, Low Kick
  • Portfolio: Blades All Across The Body, Chess Motif, Asskicking Equals Authority, Humanoid Abomination, Steel-type, Dark-type, Mighty Glacier
  • Domains: Steel, Dark, Leadership
  • Heralds: Pack of Pawniard
  • Allies: Ghetsis (sort of), Ishida Mitsunari, Shadow Moon, The Shredder
  • Enemies: Gallade, Alphonse Elric, Wolverine, X-23
  • Rivals: Aegislash
  • Opposes/Opposed by: A good portion of Toku heroes, Martial Artists
  • Looking like a samurai of sort, Bisharp's natural anatomy features an axe blade on its forehead, retractable wrist blades, razor-sharp fingers, "rib cage blades" and "hooves" made out of couple of blades. Bisharp can stab and slash more ways than one would bother to count.
  • Bisharp hardly ever fights alone, instead preferring to use a pack of Pawniard to weaken the opponent before finishing them off. Bisharp also determent dominance by fighting anyone who would oppose their rule of the pack.
  • Due of the general behaviour of him, Bisharp is said to be so far the only truly evil Pokémon. As while his image resembles that of a Toku hero (especially a Kamen Rider), the general biology makes him be more like a kaijin and the comparisons to Gallade makes him look like a Psycho Ranger. That is why Bisharp has a general dislike forwards Toku heroes, and the opinion is mutual.
    • On the flipside, he seems to be getting along with the members of Demonic Legion. Though that being said, he is being rather selective regarding whom he really considers being allies.
  • It should be noted that Bisharp would be good if he was under the right owner, like Grimsley. However, considering that he is used by such villains like Ghetsis, Shadow Triad, Bryony and Fraud (and to lesser extend, Mitsunari), it is hard to decline the general evil background Bisharp have.
  • One of few deities who can reliably go toe-to-toe against Aegislash as Defiant prevents any stat drops from King's Shield.
  • The Cutie Mark Crusaders, who have a track record on helping those find their place in life, once encountered Bisharp and decided to give him a new friend: Gangrel. The reaction the Pokémon had to seeing the vampire wrestler playing with the ponies had was...different, and it gave him the idea that if a stoic, sarcastic vampire wrestler could be good, then Bisharp can also become good too. He is now scheduling play-dates with Gangrel (yes, Gangrel) for more observations, and the Crusaders are happy for that because Gangrel won't be so lonely with the Crusaders in the House of Prophecy now.

    Black Orchid 
Black Orchid, Goddess of Retractable Weapons (B. Orchid)

    Blake Belladonna 
Blake Belladonna, Goddess of Sheath Combat and Literal Pistol-Whipping (Kitty, Black, Bellabooty, Fraidy Cat Blake)
  • Theme Song: "From Shadows"
  • Lesser Goddess
  • Symbol: Her personal symbol, a purple flower.
  • Alignment: Neutral Good
  • Portfolio: black-wearing females who are on the side of good, wearing a large black bow, that hides her cat ears, dark haired, broken girls, showing a warm and icy personality, running away from her problems
  • Domains: Weapons, Combat, Cats
  • Superior: Monty Oum
  • Allies: Team RWBY (Ruby Rose, Weiss Schnee, Yang Xiao Long), Team JNPR (Jaune Arc, Pyrrha Nikos, Lie Ren, Nora Valkyrie), Ichigo Momoya, Taokaka, Lulu, the Beast, Belle, Sun Wukong, Son Goku, Kairi, Kuroka, Zelda, The Monster Hunters, The Vivid Team, Rexxar, Felicia
  • Enemies: Roman Torchwick, Gaston, the Psycho Rangers (particularly Psycho Black), Megatron, Amon
  • Is Deathly Afraid of: The Meta
  • High Priestess: Paine
  • Sometimes is seen in the House of Knowledge, catching up on a book series called "Ninjas of Love". For some strange reason, when others try to read the series, there's no copies. From what others have heard, the series is nothing but filth but with nice katanas.
    • It was during one of Blake's visit that she encounter Belle who also enjoys some reading. Blake also got to know her husband, Adam aka The Beast. There was a bit of a awkward moment since the Beast name and appearance reminded her of old boyfriend, Adam Taurus. And let's say that compare to Belle and Beast, their relationship wasn't good.
  • Usually hangs out with Ichigo Momoya who consoles her over social issues regarding Blake's identity as a Faunus. She's also been consoled by the House of Friendship (well most of it, seeing as there's this thing called the "Friendship Asylum" going on) telling her that she was fine as she was.
  • She is friends with Sun Wukong, in which he reminds her of a Faunus friend of the same name, personality, and even weapon.
    • In a similar vein, she is also friends with Son Goku.
    • Blake actually thought she heard Sun in the Pantheon. When she investigate the source, she found out it was actually Sting Eucliffe. She was perplexed how Sting looked a bit like Sun and had the same fashion sense.
  • Was not happy when Roman Torchwick ascended, and it was made even worse when she found out they'd be in not only the same house of the Pantheon but the same section as well. Though Blake realizes this would give her a good opportunity to keep an eye on Torchwick, though not to the point of exhausting herself (to her team's relief). Thankfully, with the introduction of the Blunt Weapons sub-section and then the Weaponized Objects sub-section, Roman was moved there.
  • Despite that her being a Faunus is suppose to be a secret, many in the pantheon already know. It doesn't help that she does show cat-like behavior including loving fish. Some have sworn they saw her sleeping in an empty box. They haven't said anything, waiting until she comfortable to reveal it herself.
  • As a cat Faunus, Blake is nervous around any and all deities she identifies as canine, like Hachiko, Krypto, and Clifford. Unfortunately for her, many of them seem to be very affectionate with her which cause her to perch herself on high places. Jake doesn't elicit this reaction from her, as he doesn't often act or look very much like a dog.
  • Spends a surprising large amount of time around Kuroka, who to many people looks a lot like some sort of long-lost sister. Blake on her part tolerates the nekomata and her teasing, saying it's no worse than Yang's puns. However, she does appreciate Kuroka's presence as one Cat Girl to another.
    • Some like to joke that Kuroka is Blake and Yang's daughter from the future. Blake usually responds with a heated blush and bids a hasty retreat.
  • Is all but terrified of the Meta, a serial killer who seemingly abandoned his humanity for power. Otherwise, most of the Red vs. Blue deities have a good relationship with Blake - the biggest exception being Doc, who upon hearing her voice ran in fear, saying it reminded him of a mad doctor he met once.
  • Has declared a truce with Torchwick for the foreseeable future, dedicated to the mourning of their creator's passing. She was very happy to see him ascend.
  • Is noted to sound like Zelda and Annie Leonhart in Japanese. While she gets along with the former, she is wary of the latter.
  • Has started to oppose Reaper. Why others believe it's because she is reminded of Adam Taurus, it actually goes deeper. She actually saw a alternate reality in which she ends up like Reaper. Right down to appearance, shadow powers and betraying her allies.
    • Blake has also made enemies with both Amon and Megatron. This is because both of there back stories, being fighters of equality but losing their way, reminds her all too much of the White Fang and their descent into violence.
  • There are some in the Pantheon who aren't happy when Blake left her team after the fall of Beacon by the White Fangs and Grimms. Especially when dealing with Yang who lost an arm for her. Some consider her a bad friend while others are understandable as they believe she thinks she herself is to blame for the tragedy.
  • Don't worry, despite her title, she's not pistol-whipping the next guy that says 'Shenanigans'.
  • Please, do not call her Noire. Blake will own up to liking dirty books, but knowing some people think of her as a downright pervert bordering on succubus has struck a wrong chord with her.

    El Mariachi 
El Mariachi, God Of Concealed Ordinance (El, Juanito - his real name)
  • Theme Song: Cancion Del Mariachi from Desperado.
  • Lesser God
  • Symbol: A Guitar Case Full Of Weapons
  • Alignment: Chaotic Good
  • Portfolio: Badass Mexican/Dashing Hispanic, Known Only As El Mariachi, The Gunslinger (Type C), Guns Akimbo, Roaring Rampage of Revenge, Shrouded in Myth, Lost His Girlfriend And Later His Family To Violence, From A Mariachi To The Most Feared Gunman In Mexico
  • Domains: Mariachi Music, Firearms, Vengeance, Lost Loves
  • Herald: Galgo
  • High Priestess: Henrietta
  • Followers/Bandmates: Lorenzo and Fideo
  • Allies: Frank Castle/The Punisher, Roberta, Raiden (Metal Gear), Kurtis Stryker, Leroy Jethro Gibbs, Ezio Auditore, Inigo Montoya, Kenshi Takahashi, John Wick, Rorschach, Irene Lew, Don Diego de la Vega/Zorro
  • Suspected Mentor To: Beatrix Kiddo/The Bride
  • Rival: Revy
  • Conflicting Opinion: On Walter White
  • Opposes: If you're a corrupt military officer (due to the death of his wife and daughter) or a drug dealer (due to the death of his girlfriend and the maiming of his hand), then you're high on his shit-list.
  • The Mexican underworld knows of his exploits. A man clad in the garb of a mariachi carrying a guitar case full of weapons have carved a path of destruction through Mexico's various drug pushers and drug dealers - including his own brother. All for vengeance. And the man only known as El Mariachi has come to the Pantheon.
  • Before going vigilante, Juanito was a guitar player in a mariachi band. Then his girlfriend is murdered and he gets a bullet in the hand. It's said that Beatrix Kiddo scrimped notes on him on how to perform a Roaring Rampage of Revenge. The Bride has not yet commented on the claims.
  • Now that his hand is restored following his ascension, El and his bandmates, Lorenzo and Fideo, have reformed the band. They are a popular act within the Pantheon. Just don't go threatening innocent women while El is playing, lest you shall be on the unfortunate end of a guitar-assisted bitch slap.
  • Ezio Auditore and Kenshi Takahashi both can understand very well where El is coming from. After all, Ezio lost his family to the machinations of the Templar-backed Borgias, while Kenshi lost his lover to the Red Dragon. Through this shared tragedy, does El make two new friends.
  • As it turns out, the guitar case full of weapons isn't the only thing El has up his sleeves, pun intended. To honor two of his comrades who died whist fighting Bucho and his gang, El also has two spare guitar cases of which has two submachine guns hidden inside, while the third is a rocket launcher. And that's not counting the guitar which doubles as a machine gun. To quote Revy:
    Revy "Where does he get all this shit?!"
  • Not to say that Revy finds El annoying. Far from it, the deified gunwoman of Lagoon Company is actually a fan of his work. Revy has seen the carnage left in his wake, and she is actually inpressed, especially when it comes to his shotgun.
  • He also has an admirer in the form of the Lovelace maid, Roberta. It also helps that her young charge, Garcia, is taking guitar lessons from El. While El is put off by her bloody past as the 'Bloodhound of Florencia,' he sees that Roberta is trying to redeem herself, hence the role as Garcia's protector.
  • Aside from Roberta, Frank Castle is a fan of his work due to their shared similarities, which is why El got his start as his follower. Both men lost their families to violence; Frank's because they witnessed a mob hit, and El due to a vengeful General Marquez. Like Revy, The Punisher admits that El has a wicked talent with that sawed-off shotgun of his.
  • Interestingly enough, both El and his herald, Galgo, could pass as twins. It wasn't because of their shared likeness that got Galgo his current gig as El's herald. Galgo was recommended to the post by Barney Ross' avatar, of which El whole-heartedly accepted.
    • Even more interesting is that El is sometimes mistaken for Don Diego de la Vega, better known as Zorro also due to the likeness of one of Zorro's many avatars. Zorro, on the other hand, is a fan of El's music. His methods in dealing with drug dealers...not so much.

    Evan Machillan 
Evan Machillan, God of Bear Traps (The Trapper)
  • Lesser God
  • Symbol: The wooden mask he wears
  • Alignment: Chaotic Evil
  • Portfolio: Bear Traps, Wears A Grinning Wooden Mask, Wields an Improvised Cleaver, The Dreaded, Implacable Man
  • Domains: Traps, Killers, Blades, Masks
  • Allies: Jason Voorhees, Michael Myers, Leatherface, Freddy Krueger
  • Rivals: The Butcher
  • Enemies: Laurie Strode, Bill Overbeck
  • Evan Machillan was the son of Archie Macmillan, the head of Macmillan Estate mining facility. He idolized his father and followed on his footsteps, doing even rather amoral things as his father's sanity started to decrease. One day his father asked him to trap hundred workers into the mines and trapped them in there, which he did. After which the fate of Macmillan family is a mystery, with Evan gone and his father found dead. Now he is almost inhuman killer known as The Trapper.
  • The Trapper, as a killer, is almost a lumbering giant, wielding a large cleaver made by hand and trying to track his next victim while blowing through most obstacles. However, in order to help himself to his victim, he is known to place around bear traps to catch any careless victim in place. He tends to scatter them around to any given area he might be in.
    • Just a note, but don't bother trying to trap him in a bear trap. Junkrat thought it would be funny to trap him in one of his Steel Traps, but he broke out of one without any problem. His legs are too strong to be hindered by them too much.
  • The Trapper actually serves a greater being called The Entity, an evil god who wish to torture any unfortunate souls who might come to its grasps while setting any victims to an eternal game of cat and mouse with its chosen killers. While The Entity's presence in the Pantheon is minuscular enough where it can't trap anyone in a "Groundhog Day" Loop, it is still capable to appearing if The Trapper gives it any offerings to torture the victim's soul before they are freed. However, this behaviour does hurt The Trapper bit, as he is compelled not to kill no one on the spot, instead carrying his victim to be hanged to any meathooks to be offered to his deity. That is, unless he doesn't make any particular offering before his hunt, then he can slice and dice his victim to pieces.
  • Gets scarily along with Jason, as he seems rather similar to the horror icon to the point where both of them care for their parents.
  • Gets annoyed by The Butcher, as he seems to mistake his sacrifices on meathooks as "fresh meat", which just ruins everything.
  • Not actually interested on capturing any bears with his traps unless they end up becoming his chosen victim. Of course that doesn't mean bears particularly like him.
  • With his connection to the Pantheon, The Entity was able to make a surprising to move and pull Laurie Strode to have an extended role in its game, alongside Michael Myers. She wasn't happy to be chased around by a entire group of psychos.
    • Apparently The Entity enjoyed the whole thing so much, it decided to pull Bill into one of it's games as well. Yes, not even the actual death has rest when The Entity is involved.
    • And after that, he decided to get Leatherface to join the fray. The gods are getting more and more wary about The Entity's influence as the time goes on.
  • His temple has a basement where he tries to hang most of his victims. Whenever or not it is a sex dungeon is unknown.
  • Might enjoy playing metal music when hunting down victims.

    Floyd Lawton/Deadshot 
Floyd Lawton, God of Wrist-Mounted Weaponry (Deadshot, The Man Who Never Misses)
Deadshot, seen in the DC Extended Universe 

    Jax (League of Legends) 
Jax God of Unconventionally Lethal Weapons (Grandmaster at Arms, the Jolly Gladiator)
  • Lesser God (Intermediate with an actual weapon)
  • Symbol: A lamp post
  • Alignment: Lawful Good
  • Portfolio: The Ace, Badass Baritone, Boring, but Practical, Cherry Tapping, Counter Attack, The Faceless, Game-Breaker, Improbable Weapon User, Lethal Joke Item, Mysterious Past, Smug Super
  • Domains: Combat, War, Law, Good, Strength
  • Allies: Jackie Chan, Leonidas, Musashibo Benkei
  • Rivals: The Defenders of the Ancients, Heishiro Mitsurugi
  • Worthy Opponents: Kenpachi Zaraki, Akuma
  • Enemies: Lester/Bullseye
  • Unknown Rival: Fiora
  • Not To Be Confused With: Jax
  • There was an interesting turn of evens in the latest feud between the Champions and the Ancients. Those of the Summoner's Rift introduced a new fighter into the fight: a gladiator covered from head to toe in armor. Not that impressive... that is until he single-handedly wiped the floor with the enemy team. The Defenders of the Ancients call foul, and the Court of the Gods were in agreement. Turns out that this man didn't even have a temple of his own. The man had a counterproposal; if he only uses mundane weapons such as his signature lamp post, he will enter the Pantheon as such. The Courts agreed, sending him in the House of Weapons.
    • His final test before ascension was to survive a fight with Benkei, his initial patron. The battle was tense, lasting several minutes with neither side backing down. Eventually, Benkei stopped fighting and smiled. His pupil was ready, and with that he personally ascended Jax into the Pantheon, even helping him built his temple. Nowadays, Jax lets him borrow weapons he don't use.
    • Many deities became terrors in a game due to inadequacies from their creators. Jax became one In-Universe. Indeed, Jax only uses mundane weapons for his enjoyment as well as staying in the Pantheon. When he does use an actual weapon...
    • Once there, Jax was immediately challenged by Fiora once more. She has eagerly awaited a rematch between the two. She was soundly defeated, but the latest lost has motivated her to continue her training. One day, she can lay claim to the title as the best duelist in the Pantheon.
  • He has been seen using other odd weapons, such as fishing rods, a spatula and a chicken's foot. Most items that appear to be weapons were actually props. Doesn't prevent him from kicking any more ass than he usually does. Jax merely brushed it off as usual, not even considering calling what he has with Fiora as a 'rivalry'.
  • To his disappointment, Gragas has yet to ascend into the Pantheon. Jax hopes that he can help his friend achieve this goal in the near future.
  • There have been many who challenged the man. Blood Knights who heard of his exploits rose to take him on. So far, no one has had much luck:
    • Mitsuguri was the first on the scene, demanding to bring out an actual weapon to the fight. Jax complied... and promptly ended the fight. The Ronin now has a new rival to train against.
    • Was met with the God of Blood Knights himself, Kenpachi. The fight that followed was intense, with onlookers declaring it a draw. Kenpachi will likely be asking for more rematches to come.
    • Jax has no qualms fighting against Bullseye. He feels disgusted with all the lives he have taken. Bullseye awaits the challenge with another known for mundane weapons.
    • The demon Akuma also started a brawl. That one was cut short when the Raging Demon unleashed his Oni form, prompting the entire House of Power to take him down.
  • No one has been more impressed with his improvised weaponry than Jackie Chan. Jax himself humbles himself before the man, as Chan may well be the one person who is more feared than him in the Pantheon. Any fight with these two will likely end with the entire Pantheon in ruins.
  • Finds it amusing that there was another Jax in the Pantheon, one with a completely different moveset. The Jax of Mortal Kombat fame is just glad that swordsmen can stop bothering him about asking for a fight. The two Jaxs don't mind the others' company, actually. That and they enjoy to trash talk their opponents.
  • Gained an ally in the form of Leonidas. Though few believe Jax is of Greek origin, the spartan was most impressed with his combat prowess, even when without an actual weapon. He has put Jax in charge of training his followers on how to master Improvised Weapons.
  • "Who wants a piece of the champ??"

    Kingler and Scizor 
Kingler and Scizor, The Power Pincing Gods (Kingler: The Pincer Pokémon, Scizor: Hassam, The Scissor Pokémon)
and Mega Scizor 
  • Lesser God (intermediate as Mega Scizor)
  • Symbol: Their Claws
  • Alignment: Chaotic Neutral
  • Ability:
    • Kingler: Sheer Force
    • Scizor: Light Metal, (Technician as Mega Scizor)
  • Moves:
  • Portfolio: Mighty Glacier
  • Domains: Claws
    • Kingler: Crabs, Water
    • Scizor: Bugs, Steel
  • Followers: Crawdaunt, Skorupi, Drapion and Clawlitzer
  • Allies:
  • Teeth-Clenched Teamwork with: Volcarona (On Scizor's end)
  • Opposes:
    • Kingler: All lightning and Vegetation gods
    • Scizor: All Fire Gods
  • Opposed by: Filia
  • Enemies: Ghetsis
  • Ascended after a contest to see whose claws were more powerful. It came to be a tied as Kingler's had the power but Scizor's were sharper. So it was decreed that they both take the title.
  • The funny thing is that both of their signature move aren't them using their claws it is instead the smashing the claw across the opponent's face.
    • Kingler's favorite is to bash his opponent with his crabhammer and pummel his poor foe into oblivion.
    • Scizor really loves to Bullet Punch people. Just beware when facing him, you're gonna get bullet punched. one way or another.
  • Kingler became friends with the Shen Gaoren when he went to the house of beasts because he heard there was a large concentration of fellow Pokémon deities there and that's when Kingler met one of the few other crab deities and became good friends with him.
    • Scizor's partnership with Vatista was rather unintentional on Scizor's part as Vatista heard a Pokémon deity who was a Fish out of Temporal Water, could use lasers like her, and was red was going to ascend, she had planned to partner with him but when Vatista heard that another Pokémon deity who uses more physical attacks was going to ascend Vatista decided to become partners with him.
  • It's common knowledge that a crab's weak point is under it's belly. It's unknown if it'll work on Kingler. It's most likely that it will. Good luck avoiding it's 10,000 Horsepower enhanced Claw.
  • Scizor is scared to death of Volcarona, for obvious reasons. Volcarona has continued to try and befriend it, much to its displeasure.

Nami, Goddess of Weather Weaponry and Meteorology (Cat Burglar, Weather Witch)

    Nathan Spencer 
Nathan Spencer, God of Grappling Hooks (Rad, Bionic Commando, Major)

Owain God of Naming Weapons (Eudes, Wood, Self-Proclaimed Chosen One, Odin Dark)
Click here  for his Odin Dark alter ego
  • Lesser God
  • Symbol: His sword, Missletain
  • Alignment: Chaotic Good
  • Portfoilo: Giving names to any weapon, Large Ham, Magic Knight, Warrior Poet, Birthmark of Destiny, Hot-Blooded
  • Domains: Weapon, Magic
  • Allies: Chrom, Lissa, Lucina, Robin, Corrin, Leo and the other Nohrian Siblings, Kenshiro, Vulcan
  • Enemies: The House of Villains, Grima
  • Rivals: Gilgamesh
  • Owain gives names to weapons as he believes bestowing a name gives the weapon a divine spirit and transforms it into a partner instead of just a tool.
  • Is skilled in weapon maintenance, likely due to his philosophy, and gets along with Vulcan for this reason.
  • Owain's exact lineage outside of his mother, Lissa, is not known. Common theories of his father include Vaike, Lon'qu, and a male Robin. Regardless of his father's identity, Owain equally values both parents.
    • In some cases with a female Robin, however, he is her husband and father of Morgan.
  • Receives a few snickers around the Pantheon whenever he mentions his sword hand twitching or his hand hungers.
  • There is only one name for a weapon which he has ever disapproved of: Pointy Demonspanker. Owain's reason for disapproval was because it was what Lucina renamed the legendary Falchion.
  • Owain's hammy behavior is actually an act to improve the moral of his friends. After Grima's defeat in a future of despair, Owain stopped his theatrics because people started responding favorably to them.
  • Parasoul once mistook Owain for one of her Egrets due to similar voices and hamminess.
    • Rin Tohsaka has mistaken Owain for Archer due to similar reasons.
  • Owain has mistaken the voice of Nagisa, Yuno, and Saber for those of his mother.
  • Owain once got in a scuffle with Gilgamesh when the former went on a quest for the legendary sword Excalibur. Gilgamesh claimed to have it, and offered to let Owain borrow it for a week if he could give him the Mystletainn in exchange. Both parties were later disappointed when they discovered they had swapped Excalipoor and Missletainn by accident, with Owain getting the raw end of the deal since Missletainn isn't that useless. They fought, and Owain managed to get back his original sword, but the experience has left him a little bitter towards the red-robed swordsman and eager for a rematch.
  • Eventually, Owain finally met the real Excalibur. While both had similar personalities, it ended with Owain making the (ﺧ益ﺨ) face saying that he would need more training before he could wield such a sword.
  • Owain's meeting with Sigurd and Seliph resulted in the latter two mistaking Owain's personal sword for the legendary Mystletainn. To their relief, the Missletain turned out to be an ordinary sword.
  • Holds a book containing tales of his adventures in another realm. Owain states that he will not reveal its contents until the proper time as the information within would add to the trauma his uncle Chrom suffered upon learning about possibly becoming a great grandfather.
    • Speculation about the contents of Owain's book intensified when he met Corrin, as Corrin seemed to already know Owain, but referred to him as "Odin" (or "Odin Dark") and asked why he wasn't practicing magic anymore. Owain insisted that Corrin simply mistook him for someone else, but many believe otherwise...
    • The time to reveal eventually arrive when he met his liege there, Prince Leo of Nohr, who blew his secrets. Owain ended up revealing everything, but as Leo assured, nothing bad went on. Some of them were even impressed. Even they're also surprised on how Owain, as Odin, will father a very adorable daughter named Ophelia. But they'll still hide that fact from his mother Lissa, because they think her getting revealed as a grandma at such a young age would be too much for her... until the cover was blown thanks to Soleil. When Lissa asked about it, before she could say she's not even mad, this escaped Owain's lips while he's holding his head and looking to the sky: "NNNNNOOOOOOOOOO!!!!!"

Riven, Goddess of Broken Weapons and Exiles (The Exile)

Ryouki, Goddess of Coffin Cases and Shield Combat (The Saintly Big Sis of the Devious Ryo Twins, Ryoukey-dokey, DJ Ryouki)

Talim, Goddess of Dual Tonfas
  • Theme Song: "Guided by Wind".
  • Lesser Goddess
  • Symbol: The Wind.
  • Alignment: Neutral Good
  • Portfolio: Dual Tonfas, Little Miss Badass Adorables, In Harmony with Nature, Shorter Powerhouses, Girlish Pigtails, Mikos (Sort Of), Apologises a Lot, Purity Personified, Waif-Fu.
  • Domains: Nature, Combat, Good, Weapons.
  • Allies:
  • Teeth-Clenched Teamwork With: Taki.
  • Enemies: Oda Nobunaga, Soul Edge, Cervantes de León, Kefka Palazzo, Yuuki Terumi, Bernkastel, Calypso, Lord Deimos.
  • Respects: Algol.
  • Herald: Hong Yun-seong.
  • Talim, the last Babaylan Priestess, used to be the High Priestess of Orchid for the Tonfa title. Orchid had to focus more on her newest set of Retractable Weapons since her return in Killer Instinct 2013. Talim has earned her place as the new Goddess of Tonfas after seeing her performance in the tales of souls and swords.
    • They are currently allied each other as she supports Orchid's resistance against Ultratech.
  • She gets well along with Nakoruru since both of them are nature guardians. Also, with the guidance of Captain Planet, it gets better.
  • Talim is one of the most goodhearted Deities in the Pantheon, and naturally doesn't hate anyone, unless the situation involves the most depraved Deities in the Pantheon for her to bring the divine punishment on them.
  • So far, she's the only one who actually understand Algol's situation during the Schtauffen Homecoming incident. She may or may not helped him to bring back his son. Whatever it actually happened, their respect is earned nonethless.
  • Missed the events of Soul Calibur V. Time will tell if she's going to return soon since the whole Time Skip happened. At least she's informed on what actually happened by Sophitia's spirit and Talim felt horrible on how "poorly crafted" the story was. Talim would blame on Patroklos' rash decisions and Pyrrha's inability to defend herself properly, but she shouldn't act badly on Sophitia's mortal children in that moment.
  • "Wind, guide me."

    Tatsu Yamashiro/Katana 
Tatsu Yamashiro, Goddess of Weapon-Based Nicknames (Katana)

Thresh, God of the Hook and Chain (the Chain Warden)
  • Lesser God
  • Theme Song Thresh's login theme
  • Symbol: Soul Lantern
  • Alignment: Neutral Evil
  • Portfolios: Ax-Crazy, Chain Pain, The Dreaded, Faux Affably Evil, Flaying Alive, Paranoia Fuel, Punishment Box, Softspoken Sadist, Torture Technician, Variable-Length Chain, Your Soul Is Mine
  • Domains: Torture, Evil, Death, Chains, Souls
  • Followers: Jacob Goodnight, Big Ed
  • High Priest: Pinhead
  • Allies: Quan Chi, Shang Tsung, The Dark Judges, Mordekaiser, Xykon, M. Bison
  • Rivals: The Defenders of the Ancients, especially Pudge and Akasha the Queen of Pain, Scharlachrot
  • Enemies: Lucian, Hanzo Hasashi/Scorpion
  • Opposed by: The entire House of Crime, as well as virtually all in the House of Justice expect those mentioned, Laurie Strode and Sidney Prescott, Andromeda Shun
  • Teeth-Clenched Teamwork: Ermac
  • Deities in the House of Weapons woke up to a horrific site. Five bodies were hung by a hooked connected by chains to a relatively new building. The person revealed himself to be a wraith wrapped in green flames. He and his followers have been interested in the souls found within the Pantheon. Now, they get a chance to enact their torture techniques with the other deities. Wayward travels beware, Thresh has arrived in the Pantheon.
    • When Lucian found out that his arch-nemesis has ascended, his screams of raged rivaled that of Asura himself. He marched straight over to Thresh to enact his revenge. After several minutes of fighting, they were broken up by several high-level deities. Both were hereby banned from their respective subhouses in order to keep the peace. If Lucian wants his revenge, he would have to settle with the Summoner's circle. Thresh himself is still feeling salty over those light bullets he got during the assault on Bilgewater.
    • While Lucian was sulking at his failure to get revenge, he was faced with an unlikely ally. Scorpion was wronged the same way by Quan Chi, an evil sorcerer he unwittingly allied with for a long time. He promised to help get his revenge. The fact that Thresh has considered siding with him makes the chance of a double helping of revenge all the more likely.
    • Lucian managed to get some bit of revenge on Thresh... by stealing his bike. When he complained to the House of Justice, they promised to look over it. The bike hasn't been seen since.
  • What was one of Lucian's greatest reasons for hating Thresh was his utter indifference for his victims, including his wife. That gained the approval of M. Bison, who shares a similar philosophy.
  • Many of his followers consist of many monsters one would see in horror films. Indeed, the hook and chain is an ideal weapon for those who want to gore their victims. Final girls Laurie Strode and Sidney Prescott strive to spread awareness to prevent their followers from falling victim to their antics.
  • The shift in followers into Thresh's temple took many of Scharlachrot's former followers away from her. The two groups have agreed not to go to war over the matter, instead competing for jobs criminal masterminds may ask them to do.
  • His good chain counterpart took this as a worrying prospect. Andromeda Shun is at least glad that the two factions decided not to join forces, or he would be in serious trouble.
  • Among the first to congratulate on his ascension was Mordekaiser. One of the few champions willing to join Thresh on his killing sprees, the two make a formidable team when paired together.
  • It's hard to believe that such a being could get allies, but it has indeed happened. Shang Tsung had always hoped that Thresh would ascend, seeing his abilities as an asset for Shao Khan. The wraith decided on working with the group, finding the huge amount of souls too enticing not to check out. Though one wonders how long this alliance can last before Thresh turns towards his employers...
    • There is one being that was off limits. Ermac relies on one thousand souls for his body to function. The deadly alliance wisely predicted that Thresh would try to take some for himself. The wraith promised not to meddle with Ermac's form, but the two have already made countermeasures in case one tries to backstab the other.
  • Among the Defenders of the Ancients, two of them hold a special interest in him. Pudge sees him as a direct rival as the two play similarly, using their hooks to reel in their prey. Expect the two to try and one-up each other should they face each other in familiar territory. The Queen of Pain also sees him as a rival... but is more amiable about it. She made a game out of it, challenging him to tasks such as who can make their victims last the longest or who can make their victim talk first. Her only regret is that she can't do the same to Thresh... at least not yet.
  • Why most of Thresh's victims have been criminals was subject to debate. It was revealed that his past life was that of a ruthless warden who tortured his victims to the point of death. It was only a rioting mob of prisoners that put him down. That revelation put the entire House of Crime on edge, with every single member opposing what he had done.
  • It's telling that the House of Justice is willing to side with the House of Crime to oppose this man. Even Rosco voiced his disapproval in his actions. The difference is that there is one exception. The Dark Judges have been seen in his temple, hoping to forge an alliance with the wraith to ride the world of criminals. Thresh sees it as an appetizing proposal, but predicts it may falter once he moves on from their targets.
  • Xykon met up with Thresh shortly after his ascension. The lich was impressed with the way he tortures his victims and appreciates his utter disdain with rivals. He does hope to work on Thresh's evil gloating, claiming that his soft-spoken nature doesn't truly strike fear into his enemies eyes. Thresh agreed, though he thinks he's doing a perfectly fine job as is.
  • "Writhe, like a worm on a hook."

    Tsubaki Nakatsukasa 
Tsubaki Nakatsukasa, Goddess of Multi Changing Ninja Weaponry

Bandit, Tinker & Pirate, Triumvirate of Weaponized Animals (Bandit: 1; Tinker: 2; Pirate: 3)
Tinker, Bandit, Pirate
  • Lesser Deities with the cybernetic upgrades; Quasideities without it
  • Symbol: An ID tag with "We3" on it
  • Alignment: Somewhere between True Neutral and Chaotic Neutral
  • Portfolio: Phlebotinum Rebels, Secret Project Refugee Family, Xenofiction, Mature Animal Story, Speech Impaired Animals, Power Trio, A Group of Cyborg Animal Weapons Meant To Be Used For Military Operations, What Measure Is a Non-Human?
  • Domains: Animals, Warfare
  • Allies: Red Genesect, Fluttershy, Cyrax, Bladewolf, Kotaro Minami, Sonic, Tails, Knuckles, Crash Bandicoot, Buddy Baker, Takeshi Hongo & Hayato Ichimonji, Inori Yamabuki
  • Enemies: Ghetsis Harmonia, Cruella de Vil, Napoleon, Viktor, Dr. Eggman, Sundowner, Senator Armstrong, Monsoon, Mistral, Sektor, Neo Cortex, The Grox, Metal Face, Fulgore
  • Opposes: Muruta Azrael, Lord Djibril
  • Commonality Connection with: Kiryu
  • Pitied by: Judy Hopps & Nick Wilde
  • In a slightly futuristic world, a government decided to set up a program known as We3, which was meant to create animal weapons to be used in wars. Consisting of a dog (Bandit AKA "1"), a cat (Tinker AKA "2"), and a rabbit (Pirate AKA "3"), the project got shut down despite some progress being made. The one who spearheaded that project decided to let the animals go and from there, the trio was left to fend for themselves. Did these animals ask to get turned into weapons of war? Most likely not, but their ordeal certainly took a toll on them.
  • When their journey came to an end, Pirate was the only one of the group that didn't survive and the others removed their cybernetic upgrades a while after that. The House of Life and Death took care of bringing Pirate back to life, though the House of Technology did something unusual in regards to the armor. They can be removed from the animals and put back on if necessary, though only if someone from the group's friends does that.
  • A few animal lovers such as Fluttershy and Inori Yamabuki heard about the group's ordeal and have offered to take care of them whenever the trio isn't in action to fend for themselves.
  • Some animals are capable of human speech while others aren't. Although these three can't "talk" in a traditional sense, their suits are able to translate their thoughts into what can be considered simple articulation. All of their "thoughts" have differing speech patterns as well depending on the animal. Those who are capable of talking to animals are hoping to provide a clearer translation of the group's thoughts.
  • This trio came as a surprise for Sonic, Tails, & Knuckles as the latter three had been used to freeing animals from robots while battling against Dr. Eggman. Animals that were being used as cyborg weapons and not fully stuffed inside a robot was a different thing. Nevertheless, Sonic, Tails, & Knuckles befriended We3 given what that group had gone through.
    • As for Eggman, he's quite interested in the capabilities of these cyborg animals and is hoping to enhance them to move closer to his goals (and by that, it means stuffing them inside some sort of giant robot that is capable of using that group's individual abilities and then some). Needless to say, We3 and Team Sonic are not going to let that happen.
  • Judy Hopps & Nick Wilde learned about what this trio had gone through and were quite saddened to hear about it, especially since before being turned into cyborg weapons, the trio were just normal animals (in particular, Pirate's final fate hit Judy & Nick the hardest). The two are hoping that these three don't end up worse than before.
  • The trio was not pleased to hear about Cruella de Vil and Ghetsis Harmonia, both of whom are known to treat animals poorly (in Ghetsis' case, the animals are more fantastical than normal ones). The two don't really pay much attention to the trio.
  • Even though they had to deal with humans that performed some questionable actions, the group learned that there were a few reasonable ones out there, such as a homeless man they encountered during his journey. This is partially why they don't want anything to do with Napoleon and his agenda to make animals superior to humans.
  • Despite Crash Bandicoot not being a cyborg, he ended up being made to fulfill the goals of an evil scientist. Regardless of his eccentricity, We3 were able to become friends with him since they all had to escape from being used for something bad. The unusual capabilities of this trio simply gave Neo Cortex another idea on using altered animals for his schemes.
  • Although Bladewolf is a robot and not a cyborg, it didn't stop him from being friends with these three (Bandit is particularly friendly with Bladewolf). Not only were they were also built for less-than-noble purposes, but him and this trio were also looking for freedom from their creators (or at least trying to survive in the case of Bandit, Tinker, & Pirate).
    • It was through Bladewolf that Bandit, Tinker, & Pirate learned about the group that Bladewolf was originally created from. We3 became antagonistic towards Desperado Enforcement, especially Sundowner for using war for little justification other than profit. One would have to wonder if an equivalent of We3 is being planned by the Winds of Destruction, though Sundowner appears to be really interested in that idea in addition to his already-in-use child soldiers.
  • Both this group and Kiryu are animal-based weapons that went off on their own thanks to circumstances. Kiryu's inspiration is destructive, so to speak and Kiryu's potential tendencies have made the group a bit unsure on whether to hang out with it or not.
  • Lord Djibril & Muruta Azrael have earned the group's ire thanks to the two having an affinity for war and being heartless humans in general. What bother the animals most is that Muruta & Djibril were involved with a program that turned normal humans into ruthless killing machines and the three dread thinking of what would happen if these plans become applicable to animals as well (in addition to the cybernetics).
  • Many ruthless cyborgs such as Sektor and Viktor became interested in the trio's capabilities and have tried to get these animals to join them. A lot of the meetings that have occurred with such so far have resulted in violent battles. These cyborg animals are only trying to survive and causing more misery for others to please other ruthless cyborgs is not part of the trio's plans.
    • On the other hand, the animals are much more friendly towards others such as Cyrax, Kamen Riders 1, 2, and Black, mostly due to the fact that all of them received cybernetic upgrades and became a deadly force against their will.
  • Their real names are indicative of their outsider status and have no direct relation whatsoever to the profession of their names in question.
  • They can also be found in Beast Other. They're more likely than not to be there if they are not wearing their cybernetic upgrades.

Yozakura, Goddess of Power Gauntlets (The Mighty Matriarch With Massive Mitts, Yozakuu, BrooklynRage)
  • Lesser Goddess
  • Symbol: A wild boar, carrying her gauntlets on its back
  • Theme Music: Floral Freedom, My Ultimate Feast, Ready to Say Goodbye
  • Alignment: Lawful Good, used to be Templar Good
  • Portfolio: Using Gauntlets with Pile Bunker Cannons, Mighty Glacier, Promoted To Parent to Eleven Siblings Before Being Separated, Extremity Extremist, Team Mom, Bare Your Midriff, The Comically Serious, Cherry Blossom Girl, Shinobi
  • Domains: Fist-fighting, Gauntlets, Siblings, Shinobi
  • Allies:
  • Rivals: Most weapon-wielding gods, Katsuragi (Friendly Rivalry)
  • Opposes: Kick Chicks, those who would grope some one willy-nilly
  • Enemies: Any Abusive Parents or those who are jerks to their siblings, Evil-aligned gods who really are evil
  • Former Enemies: Students of Hanzou and Hebijo Academy, The Crimson Squad
  • One of the top students of Gessen Girl School, Yozakura wields a particular pair of weapons: metallic gauntlets with built-in Pile Bunker Arm Cannons, what can grow in size and allows her to fire blasts of energy. Truly a goddess not be meddled with at a close range.
  • Close allies with Zenia and Bullet due of their preference on weapons. Though both of them agree that she should drop her mentality that "only men and women with no shame" are allowed to kick, with her saying that a proper lady knows how to use her fists and look good doing it. This is why she opposes most Kick Chicks.
  • She is also good friends with Vi due of her weapons. In fact, she feels good that her Knight Templar tendencies were turned around, otherwise she would have never thought that dark could turn to light like Vi did. Though she admits that Vi has a long way to go before she is in proper light.
  • According to her, it is only fine to grope some one if its some one you love behind closed doors... and unsuspecting guards on a mission. No one is sure if she is serious or not, but probably the former.
  • Is highly respected by parental gods due the fact that she was made to look after her eleven siblings once her mother died, and feel sorry for her due the fact that they were separated after her father died.
    • She is also respected by House of Food since she had to cook for all of her siblings. She is also good at making rather large-sized meals in general.
  • Commonly challenges other weapon-wielding gods into battle in order to understand her weapon even better and how to combat any kind of weapons.
  • Said to sound a lot like Sicily. She finds some disappointment on her, saying that where one of her signature moves is a holy-powered punch, her affinity with fists is piss-poor.

    Zenia Valov 
Zenia Valov, Goddess of Pile Bunkers (Lost child who plays in the flames of war, Zeni, Red Eyes Lady, The Golden War Spear, Elfriede Achenbach, Elfie)


    Gold Third 
Gold ThirdMembers , Goddesses of Golden Weaponry (B-Sha: Presto Mask, Premium Hero Charge C-Sha: One of the Golden Pair, Stylish Hunter Glutton K-Sha: Yandere Mercenary, High School Student Soldier S-Sha: Uninterested Monster, Judgement Punishment Providence E-Sha, Yes/No)

    Zhang Xingcai 
Zhang Xingcai Goddess of Superior Shield Functionality
  • Demigoddess
  • Symbol: Her Sword and Shield
  • Alignment: Lawful Good
  • Portfolio: Action Girl, Aloof Dark-Haired Girl, Badass Family, Grapple Move, Luckily, My Shield Will Protect Me, Fork Fencing, Cool Sword, Ramming Always Works, Composite Character, Daddy's Girl, Dangerously Short Skirt, Hair Decorations, Knight in Shining Armor, Lady of War, Raven Hair, Ivory Skin, The Stoic, The Ugly Guy's Hot Daughter, Shield Bash
  • Domains: War, Defense, Family, Royalty
  • Allies: Guan Yinping, Guan Yu, Zhang Fei, Liu Bei, Jaune Arc, Tokugawa Ieyasu, Honda Tadakatsu, Gracia, Takatora Kureshima/Kamen Rider Zangetsu, Sanada Nobuyuki & Inahime
  • High Priestess: Shield Knight
  • Enemies: Cao Cao, Dian Wei, Lu Bu, Oda Nobunaga, Xiahou Dun
  • Rivals: Lu Lingqi
  • Almost immediately after her father ascended, she appeared in the Pantheon, reasoning that if she hadn't heard from him in the past hour, the odds were that he had probably drank himself silly and destroyed something. As it turned out, she was spot on and she ended up dragging him out of the House of Food, completely hammered and having wrecked most everything breakable in the place. She dragged him back to his seat in the House of Combat and was deified directly afterwards, for the express reason of keeping him in line. Like most things, she approaches this dutifully.
  • She often ends up sparring with her friend Guan Yinping since her normal sparring partner, Yinping's brother Ping, has not ascended. Yinping's strength makes her a great opponent, but Xingcai has been trying to teach her some discipline to better control it.
    • She also fights Lu Lingqi at times, although on less friendly terms. Lingqi's parents make a more cordial relationship difficult, but both respect the other's strength and skill and recognize that battling each other improves their own. That, and their fathers tend to be a relate-able pain to deal with as the two facepalm from those said fathers in the distance.
  • While initially surprised that Honda Tadakatsu was a bit more, er, metallic than she remembered, she nevertheless has discovered that he is still just as strong and honorable as he used to be, and is more than willing to pay him the utmost respect for this. However, perhaps the whole "father switching" idea she had with his daughter Inahime could take a pass this time.
  • Still faithfully serves the Shu banner, no matter what plane. Should the war between the Three Kingdoms restart, she is more than willing to venture out onto the battlefield once again.
  • Has been helping the somewhat hopeless Jaune Arc increase his proficiency with his sword and shield skills. Despite said hopelessness, his dedication and perseverance always inspires her and she refuses to give up her attempts to help him, as she is used to dealing with people who seem not to amount to much. When asked, she merely states that Jaune reminds her of two people that she knows,note  and, like them, she just can't leave him alone.
    • With that, she has met and also sparred against his primary trainer, Pyrrha Nikos, and the two became friends very quickly.
  • She became close friends with Takatora Kureshima due to the Kamen Rider having the same preference of weaponry as her own.
  • She's quite glad that her friend across the realms, Inahime, has ascended... but she's more surprised that she brought a husband, because Xingcai didn't recall meeting him during the struggle against Orochi. Then again, she forgot to bring her friend Yinping as well...
  • Has been annoyed at how people pronounce the "c" in her name, but since that said struggle against Orochi they've been getting it right as "Shee-ng-tsai" instead of "Shee-ng-kai".
  • She was at one point captured by some mysterious men along with Guan Yinping, where these men attempted to Break Them by Talking, in Xingcai's case... the fact that historically, her father was very much a big scum who abducted and raped her mother, thereby making her the daughter of a whore and a bastard. She nearly fell into a Heroic B.S.O.D., but thankfully before the capture, she has met and shared stories with a certain Himura Kenshin. She proceeded to give them a harsh Shut Up, Hannibal! stating that regardless of how she was conceived, she believed in her father's shame about it and how he has been trying to make up for that, and very proud of his actions in trying to be a good father for her. When these men resorts to show that 'historical accuracy' tells all, she condemns these men to just getting blinded with some bad things and then resorting to Never Live It Down on someone they don't like without exploring other possibilities. Just in time for Yinping showing off her strength to break them free, and then they proceeded to confront their fathers... and assured them that they can't be mad at them for their flaws. Though Xingcai suspects that there's also a nebulous movement in trying to bring down their family.