Creator / Lucy Lawless

"I like the one who plays me. She's kinda sexy."
Xena, on Lucy Lawless

Lucille Francis Lawless (born March 29, 1968) is an actress, musician, and singer from New Zealand. She began as a singer, then as a jazz musician, and transitioned to acting in the 1990s. Her first major role was in Hercules: The Legendary Journeys pilot Hercules and the Amazon Women as Lysia the Amazon. She later played Lyla in the regular show, and then appeared in one episode, "The Warrior Princess," as...

...Xena. The character proved so popular she got her own show, Xena: Warrior Princess, which made Lawless a star. Xena ran for six seasons, and Lawless continued to act in other roles. She appeared on the Broadway revival of Grease as Betty Rizzo. She made a cameo appearance on Spider-Man as a punk rock girl. But her next really big role would not be until the new Battlestar Galactica, where she played Intrepid Reporter D'Anna Biers, AKA Cylon Number Three.

Her next big roles were in Spartacus: Blood and Sand as Lucretia, No Ordinary Family as Helen Burton, and Parks and Recreation as Diane Lewis, a love interest of Ron Swanson.

She lives with her husband (Xena co-creator Rob Tapert) and their two children, and also has a daughter from her previous marriage. She is a member of Greenpeace, and was arrested in 2012 with five other activists for occupying an oil-drilling ship for 77 hours, though the $545,000 in compensation requested by Shell Oil was reduced to an $547 fine and 120 hours of community service. Lawless has since vowed to remain with Greenpeace.

The dwarf planet Eris (discovered in 2005) was originally nicknamed Xena (after Lawless's iconic role), and its moon Gabrielle for Xena's closest companion. Later on the moon was officially named Dysnomia, which is Greek for "lawlessness."