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This won't end well...for them.

Katana is a DC Comics superhero first introduced by writer Mike W. Barr in Batman and the Outsiders back in 1983. A martial arts-themed superhero from Japan, Katana was one of DC's earliest Asian superheroes, as well as one of the few Asian superheroes of any notoriety.

Before becoming Katana, she was simply Tatsu Yamashiro, a young Japanese housewife. After Yakuza thugs killed her husband and children, Tatsu took up her husband's blade, Soultaker, and dedicated her life to cutting down evil wherever she encountered it.

The character has long been a supporting player in the DCUniverse, but finally ascended to a lead status as one of the main characters in the New 52 relaunch of Birds of Prey (a title that had previously been criticized for its lack of minorities). In 2013, Katana not only features in her own ongoing series written by Ann Nocenti, but is also a part of Geoff Johns' new Justice League of America line-up.

Outside of comics, Katana has been featured in several episodes of Batman: The Brave and the Bold, and appeared as a main character in Beware the Batman. More recently, she was a character in season three of Arrow, and in the Suicide Squad movie.

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