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    Nyarlathotep (Cthulhu Mythos
Nyarlathotep, God of Avatar Combat (The Crawling Chaos, God of A Thousand Forms, Stalker among the Stars, Faceless God, Messenger of the Outer Gods, the Black Pharaoh and countless other names)
Just one of his many, many forms
  • Rank:Overdeity
  • Symbols: A black mask, an inverted ankh and a circle with wing-like arms
  • Theme Song: Its theme from "Malevolentia" will suffice
  • Alignment: Chaotic Evil, no Blue and Orange Morality about it
  • Portfolio: Humanoid Abomination, Herald, Devilish Mindset In Sharp Contrast To His Peers, Scary Black Man, Fighting a Shadow, Posessing Countless Different Forms, Petty Villainy, Nepharious Pharaoh, Keeper of Forbidden Knowledge, Sadistic Tricksters, Gambit Roulette, Magnificent Bastard, Does Things For Kicks, Fascinated By Homo Sapiens, I Have Many Names, Cosmic Entity, Conspiracies, Dangerous Secrets, Forbidden Magic
  • Domains: Chaos, Evil, Knowledge (Memory, Thought), Magic (Arcane, Divine), Trickery (Deception, Thievery), Darkness (Loss, Night)
  • Followers: The Million Favored Ones, the Brotherhood of the Black Pharaoh
  • Superior: Azathoth, his father
  • Chronicler: Howard Philips Lovecraft
  • Allies: The Persona Nyarlathotep, AM, Dr Weil, Bill Cipher, Medusa Gorgon, Johan Liebert
  • Other relationship with: His fellow Outer Gods and nephew/neice Yog-Sothoth and Shub-Niggurath
  • On speaking terms with: Most evil sorcerers or mad scientists
  • Rivals: Randall Flagg (possible alter ego), Tzeentch, Yuuki Terumi, Hermaeus Mora
  • Enemies: Nyaruko (his Good Counterpart), the Egyptian pantheon and every pharaoh (includes Anarkaris, Ramses and Yami Yugi), Aleph, Lord English, the GUAG in general and anyone who might threaten it or the Outer Gods' status quo like Team Dai-Gurren, the Emperor of Mankind and Madoka Kaname
  • Interested in: The Lich, Utsuho Reiuji, Mandy, Eric Cartman, Delirium of the Endless, Dr Wily, Giygas, En Sabah Nur, the House of Mentalism as a whole
  • Feared by: The Doctor
  • Opposed by: Humanity in general, the Disguises sub-house, the House of Shape, The Flying Spaghetti Monster, the Elric brothers
  • The Crawling Chaos. The Black Pharaoh. Howler in the Dark. All are many names for the same entity, an Outer God best known by the moniker of "Nyarlathotep". This entity serves as the herald of the Outer Gods, their messenger and possibly soul. However unlike them who see the Earth as little more than an atom in the vast cosmos, he is fascinated by human beings. And unfortunately Nyarlathotep is neither amoral nor benevolent, but a deeply malicious and cruel god who takes joy in bringing men to madness.
  • Shouldn't be mistaken for the same being as his namesake from the Persona series. That Nyarlathotep was born from humanity's evil, while the original version pitched by Lovecraft is a representation of the Outer Gods' soul and/or their psychic power. The OG Nyarly was at first upset at someone posing as him but eventually came to admire him. They both have the desire to bring despair to humanity after all. With Nyaruko however he doesn't take kindly to any Lighter and Softer iteration, while she despises how evil he is. Him and Randall Flagg are implied to be one in the same, but the former insists he's merely a fan. The two eventually considered each other to be worthy opponents and have been battling each other, much to mankind's misfortune.
  • Sometimes decides to take female form. While he has stated that Nyaruko isn't related to him, a couple known iterations are. In one reality she goes by Nya as a shockingly seductive form, though takes a number of obviously named iterations. There is a good glimpse on how insanely powerful the Outer God really is, to the point of fighting multiverse-tier Humongous Mecha. Another female version was nothing to underestimate either.
  • It isn't made clear why he's so different from the Outer Gods or even the Cthulhu Mythos in general. While they're defined by ignorance and/or indifference towards humans and morality, the Crawling Chaos is a genuinely evil being who treats mankind as a kid with a magnifying glass would ants. While some of it involves keeping his superior's status quo and the control of knowledge, most of the time its to be a dick. Him and Terumi battle to see who's the better troll. This all started when he asked Terumi to follow him because they have the same pleasures, only to be told that he would inflict his own kind of despair specifically.
  • The form seen is one of many. It is said to have one thousand masks with great variety, though he prefers human-looking forms to better manipulate people. They include the faceless and flailing Dweller in Darkness, the winged sphinx Faceless or the most well known Black Pharaoh. When he takes human form, usually a tall, slim, joyous man. While countless gods have tried to punch him out, it's almost always in vain because they are mere avatars. No-one knows if he even has a real physical body, let alone a true form. Lovecraft's description in his dream resembles Nikola Tesla.
  • Has a fondness for Ancient Egypt, having once ruled there as pharaoh. He appropriated the Egyptian suffix -hotep, meaning peace or satisfaction, into his own. Naturally every single Egyptian god except possibly Set and Apep thinks him as an abomination. All other pharaohs consider him a dire enemy. As the Black Pharaoh he seems interested in the powerful Ancient Egyptian En Sabah Nur aka Apocalypse, believing that his creed will be useful for his desire to cause mischief and mayhem.
  • Because of his ability to change forms, he has a position in the House of Shape. Or rather had; he abused his time there, and was banned. Not that it can keep him out anyway. For similar reasons he is officially banned from the House of Disguises, less he bring utter chaos. May already have.
  • One of the best players of the Gambit Roulette in the whole omniverse. Much of what he does is part of his grand plan, which is at minimum the degradation and destruction of mankind, and carrying out Azathoth's will. It's speculated he might be the Daemon Sultan's disembodied mind, which is frightening to consider. Tzeentch is his only real rival in this, with no-one being sure who's plans are who and who's the better schemer. Most believe even they aren't sure. Nyarly has had a lot of fun with the House of Mentalism.
  • Prefers causes madness and self-destruction to death and annihilation. His desired state for humanity will be a world gone mad before he wipes it all out. Seeing the similarly eldritch Bill Cipher's Weirdmaggedon was incredibly amusing to him, and the two have a "friendship" of sorts from it. Medusa Gorgon sees this desire to bring out madness as an advantage to his experiments. He was impressed by the savage state that Dr Weil inflicted upon humanity, and him and AM share many views on humanity and joy in crushing them. Perhaps most disturbing, he is interested in what he could do with Delirium of the Endless.
  • A propreiter of forbidden and great knowledge, which has both enhanced people and driven them to utter insanity. There's usually some sort of cost. He has been seen as a showman of sorts with his new inventions, though given how malicious he is these inventions are either going to cause more harm than good or are part of his plan. Seen as a patron to many a Mad Scientist and Evil Sorceror, and is rather interested by what Dr Wily has done with it.
  • Said to have brought nuclear power to humanity, all to bring their end. This, and the fact that nuclear power is a way of summoning Azathoth, has made him interested in the Lich and Utsuho Reiuji. Utsuho, like the Doctor, dreads the idea of ever meeting him. For the Lich, being the spirit of nuclear warfare, is awe-inspiring. To him, the Lich is one of his greatest inventions. However the Lich denies involvement, and expresses disappointment in Nyarlathotep. He could've wiped out all life on Earth, arguably the entire universe on a whim. Seems like a waste of potential to him.
  • Noted that Hermaeu Mora and Giygas are really similar to Yog-Sothoth and Azathoth. With the latter his interests may involve some plan about his master, but no-one knows if that's the case. With the former he sees competition in terms of wisdom and knowledge. He initially believed that the Flying Spaghetti Monster was some sort of lost Outer God and ended up going to a bar with him. The Flying Spaghetti Monster soon found him appalling, and has been kicked out of Pastafarian Heaven ever since.
  • Opposed by countless beings, though its not like he is concerned by them. He is more concerned with two factors about the Trope Pantheon. First, the Trope Pantheon, unlike his own reality, is not a Cosmic Horror Story where he's unstoppable, but a reality where even cosmic entities and cosmic horrors can be overtaken by "mere" mortals. Second, there are beings in it who could threaten his status quo like Aleph, the Emperor of Mankind, Team Dai-Gurren and Madoka Kaname. Still, there are humans he has some fondness on. He was impressed by what Johan Liebert brought, and has an odd fascination in Mandy and Eric Cartman for out-thinking powerful beings. Particularly Cartman, who managed to tame Cthulhu of all beings.

Greater Gods

    Kenpachi Zaraki 
Kenpachi Zaraki, God of Blood Knights (Captain Zaraki, Gotei 13's 11th Division captain, Kenny, Ken-chan)
  • Greater God (Overdeity if he were to actually learn master-level swordsmanship)
  • Symbol: His Zanpakuto, Nozarashi.
  • Alignment: Chaotic Neutral
  • Portfolio: Implacable Men, Katanas, Power Limiting Eyepatches, Sociopathic Heroes, Getting Lost, People Who Are the Only Ones Allowed to Defeat Other People, Those Who are Not Left-Handed, Ensemble Darkhorses, .
  • Domains: Strength, Chaos, Death
  • Worthy Opponents: Akuma, Rugal Bernstein, Ichigo Kurosaki, Vali Lucifer, Augus
  • Disciples: Geist
  • Has a pink-haired Perky Female Minion named Yachiru, who is actually his zanpakuto.
  • Kenpachi is on a constant quest to fight every single other god to the death. Unfortunately, he lives in a world where nobody can die. Sucks to be him.
  • Fights Absolute Virtue nearly every other day. Despite losing every time, he continues to fight because it's just too fun.
  • Is defeated swiftly by the Emperor of the Vandereich. This puts a hamper on his godhood, as he now is put under training by Unohana Retsu, while a dangerous man named Azrael is seeking to usurp Kenpachi's seat should he fail to uphold his status. Thankfully, Kenpachi has been making a good progress in upholding his throne, thanks to said Training from Hell.
    • Similarly, he tries to do the same with newcomer Augus. He still finds it just as fun despite losing against him almost as much as against Absolute Virtue.
    • Is currently safe in regard to Azrael, who got bored of waiting for him to be kicked out of his throne and decided to look for another position to apply to.
  • He gets along swimmingly with Vali Lucifer, due to their shared desire for fighting. Not only that, Kenpachi is one of the few deities who can keep up with him when he's in his Juggernaut Drive.
  • Zaraki recently ascended to the position of Greater God after destroying a meteor that would have wiped out the Seireitei and cutting through a room which was a pocket of space with his true Shikai, Nozarashi. Fellow blood knights and other warriors in the Combat pantheon were pleased; his enemies were not.
    • Ever since an encounter with an alleged Reality Warper in Soul Society, however, glitter tests have been sanctioned for Zaraki and Nozarashi. The House of Combat is worried that a "positive" result would mean Kaldor Draigo's release to Purgatory was for naught. If the result is true, he would be demoted to The Fallen. The test almost instantaneously went negative as he was grievously wounded in the fight and was defeated quickly after. However, this did allowed to become a greater God.
  • Akuma once attempted to take over the throne of the God of Blood Knights, but after a very long, extended battle, he recognized Kenpachi's (slightly) greater battle-lust.
    • That bout began all the way back when he happened to be in Kenpachi's path while the swordsman was out for a stroll in the woods. Long story short, Akuma and Kenpachi ended up chopping down some giant trees, carving a mountain in half and causing an enormous eruption of lava. Kenpachi lost every round, but not without taking a limb and a shoulder from Akuma. He had quite a lot of fun and can't wait to fight the Raging Demon again, especially now that he can turn into an oni himself.

Intermediate Gods

    Chen Stormstout 
Chen Stormstout, God Of Drunk Fighters (Legendary Brewmaster, Wandering Brewmaster, Storm, Earth and Fire, Merrymaker Chen, The Priority Panda)
  • Intermediate God
  • Symbol: A giant barrel full of Booze and a Staff
  • Theme Song: His titular theme
  • Alingment: Neutral Good
  • Portfolio: Highly mobile despite his size, Likes to Drink and Eat a lot, Big Fun, Pandaren, Badass Beard, Boisterous Bruiser, Breathing Fire, Great Cook, Guile Hero, Honor Before Reason, Nice Hat, Size Strength, Wandering Azeroth in search of the greatest boozes, All Monks Know Kung-Fu, Being cool to his niece Li Li, Splitting Into Three Different Forms, Barrel Throwing
  • Domains: Pandas, Brews, Drinks, Monks, Barrels
  • High Priest: Mangix the Brewmaster
  • Allies:
  • Rivals: Kharazim the Monk (On a friendly note), Donkey Kong
  • Enemies: Garrosh Hellscream, Arthas Menethil, Diablo, Lord Shen, Bashmaster
  • Opposes: Leoric
  • Hailing from the far lands of Pandaria, Chen Stormstout is a Brewmaster Monk who Travels the world of Azeroth in hopes to learn about the different brews present. He was originally going to be given the position as the God of Pandas but he declined and left the position to Po while at the same time deciding to train the Young Panda Warrior. However, after Po stated that he could easily take the position for Drunken Combat, Chen changed his mind.
    • However, when he arrived he discovered that his position was already held by Rock Lee. Nonetheless, Lee agreed to give the position to Chen if he was able to put up a fight. To the Latter surprise, Chen did a spectacular performance and as he promised, the position of Drunken Master was awarded to the Pandaren Monk.
  • Now that he is able to spend more time on the Pantheon, he decided to start focusing more on Po's training. Chen is having high hopes for the Young Warrior and when the time is right, he will gladly take him under his wing and bring him to Azeroth.
  • He was happy to learn that his old buddies Rexxar and Vol'jin also had an spot here and invited them to hang out like old times. However, there was a nasty surprise for him when he found that Garrosh Hellscream has also found his way here and he still hasn't forgived him for his crime against Pandaria.
  • Thanks to his pupil Po, he was introduced to Litchi Faye-Ling, but specially, her little panda Lao Jiu, Po's little apprentice. Chen was surprised that such little thing can be carried as a hairpin but nonetheless agreed to train him alongside Po.
    • He also became close friends with Litchi, after finding out they had a lot of things in Common, like their combat styles, their love for drinks and Litchi's love for Pandas. Chen usually prepares her special Brews just for her. However, when he heard about her backstory, how many in the Pantheon was accusing her for trying to save a friend, and the implications that she's drinking to ease her pain, even Chen thought that such kind of drink session was too insensitive and mean-spirited and at times, tries to console her that he's on the same boat, he'd do anything to see those close to him safe and protected (especially his niece Li Li, but just to be on the same boat, he put Rexxar and Vol'jin in the equation).
    • And for some reason, once he got out of the session, Chen usually found himself dressed up rather... 'cutely' by her. He just laughed that off.
  • Naturally, he tends to hang around Moe's Tavern, and he even befriended most of the usual visitors of said place. What makes Chen stand out is that he always comes prepared with Booze of his own, which other Gods always want to try out, much to his amusement. He often helps Moe manage the place from time to time.
    • On separate occasions, Chen makes visits to another bar known as the Quindecim, primarily to help Decim with the drinks and they sometimes exchange drinks in their free time. The fact that the two of them are also great cooks helps quite a bit.
  • He is really close with the Nephalems after battling alongside them several times. He especially gets on really well with Sonya and even they invented a brand new tag team move called "Washing Machine". While they didn't specify what the move is about, they clarified that involves craters and barrels, for some reason.
    • He also hold a really fierce rivalry with fellow monk Kharazim. While the latter has jokingly remarked that Chen isn't a true monk, they both have immense respect for each other.
  • Chen usually has many story to tell to anybody interested thanks to his countless travels around the World. However, he will charge you $9.95 per minute, that's why nobody bothers to hear him.
  • Chen is no slouch when it comes to magical abilities. He is even capable of splitting into three different Pandas with special abilities called Storm, Earth and Fire. He however tends to not use this ability too much, because he is tired of the unwanted attention they brings because they are cute.
    • However, Earth always wonder why were they named like these:
    • Aditionally, he is also able to transform himself into a big rolling barrell, which has brought him trouble sometimes with Donkey Kong, since everytime he transforms, the Gorilla grabs him and throws him somewhere else. They are however on pretty good terms.
  • He really doesn't like Leoric. One could say because of the Skeleton king evil attitudes, but in reality there was one time that Leoric say really mean things to him prompting him to cry and start drinking from the barrel. Leoric then started wacking him with his maze but grew bored after seeing Chen tank them like it was nothing. Some people think that it was Chen's plan all along to show who's the boss in terms of being a tanky fighter.
  • Because of their wandering nature and having travelled around their respective worlds, Chen became good friends with both Kino and AZ. They ocasionally share the stories they experienced in their journeys.
  • Sometimes, he brings his niece Li Li to roam around the Pantheon, a fact that Li Li finds very fun and interesting, because the Pantheon is so big and has a lot of different places. Chen ocasionally chats with Iroh because of their similar roles as uncles and their complicated relationship with their respective siblings.
    • However, Chen has been getting criticized of being too carefree sometimes with his niece, to the point that he even allows her to fight in the Nexus. Chen doesn't pay attention to these comments, as he knows that Li Li is very capable of taking care of herself without his interference.
  • Turns out that when festivities arrives on his homeland, Chen usually changes his usual style and becomes Merrymaker Chen, Bringing alcohol and drinks to any person who just wants to have a really nice time.
  • "I bring pandamonium!"
  • Also has a spot in the House of Food.

    Hanzo Hasashi/Scorpion 
Hanzo Hasashi, God of Spectres and Dragging Opponents Closer (Scorpion, The Ninja from Hell)

    Hilda (Under Night In-Birth
Hilda, The Goddess Whose Powers Do the Fighting (Glittering Darkness, The Witch of Rarity)
  • Theme Song: Overwhelm Despair
  • Intermediate Goddess
  • Symbol: A ring of swords
  • Alignment: Neutral Evil
  • Portfolio: Benevolent Boss, Casting a Shadow, Combat Stilettos, Fashionable Asymmetry, Long-Range Fighter, Mismatched Eyes, Noblewoman's Laugh, Rapunzel Hair, Shaping Your Attacks, Slouch of Villainy, Younger Than They Look
  • Domains: Darkness, Evil, Void, Air, Pride
  • Allies: The Evil Queen, The Enforcers, Queen Sectonia
  • Rivals: Karin Kanzuki, Naga
  • Enemies: Orie Paladia, Waldstein, Vatista, Merkava, Adon, Kaori Kanzaki
  • Opposed by: Jackie Estacado
  • Respects: Chernabog
  • Worthy Opponent: Gaara
  • Complicated Relationship: Carmine Prime
  • Not to be confused with: The other Hilda
  • Some people are so badass, they don't even need to move to attack. Hilda? She does so while sitting on a shadow seat while kicking your ass, even laughing at you while it's happening.The GUAE were happy to sign her up to the cause in the Pantheon.
  • While she claims she runs the organization Amnesia, there is growing evidence that there are greater forces at play. Her ascension is likely due to getting a proper footing in the Pantheon, allowing it to enter the Pantheon.
  • Was delighted to find many in her world in the Pantheon. All the reason to enjoy destroying those who hate spited her. Waldstein is a prime target as taking him down leaves Linne open to kill. Her new divine powers will make that task a lot easier.
  • Her relationship with the other In-Births in the Pantheon are strained at best. Attempts to get Merkava to her side were met with frustrating defeat. She has had the most headway with Carmine, but even she knows that any alliance with him will be short lived. He only looks after himself after all.
  • She only wished she knew of Gaara at an earlier time. The God of Sand is infamously known for blocking almost any attack while standing still. He's just not as cocky with it as Hilda. When the two fought, neither her shadows nor his sand were able to penetrate their defenses. Calling it a draw, Hilda hoped to recruit him to her organization, an offer Gaara stated will never happen.
  • Claims to have the most obnoxious laugh in the Pantheon, using it while her opponents are hopelessly getting comboed by her blades. Karin and Naga beg to differ.
  • Once tried to convince Jackie Estacado to join his side. When the God of Darkness replied he had no interest in the matter, she attacked him, hoping to get a response. That response ended with her kicked out of his temple. Afterwards, he decided to have closer ties with Hilde instead, only making her angrier.
  • Complains how Chernabog doesn't try to have a greater presence in the Pantheon proper. The Evil God of Darkness rebuked any argument to join her, satisfied with remaining in Bald Mountain. Even then she's confident he will change his mind.
  • Loves to brag about how great her power is. She is often joined by the Evil Queen in spiting their enemies. But even quite a few villains admit that neither woman are good strategists. It can be particularly frustrating to see her make unnecessary attacks against potential (and even actual allies).
  • Still, she is quite fond of her followers. Even if one decides to leave her side, she is quite supportive of them. The Enforcers were quick to confirm this, hoping that her support becomes a model for all owners of henchmen. Of course that's merely because she expects them to come back sooner or later.
  • Recently joined forces with Queen Sectonia regarding the collection on In-Births. Hilda was willing to let the insect queen be the prettier of the group... as long as she admits she's better at fighting. This was oddly enough to smooth out any kinks between the two.
  • She was challenged by a Muay Thai fighter named Adon. He was tired of the praise she has been receiving and doesn't deserve it, especially one who doesn't even move to fight. Hilda obliged to fight him... and quickly dispatched the man. Not used to such a character, Adon now trains to overcome those limitations to find a way around her shadows.
  • Rumor has it that her ascension was the result of getting kicked out of Kaori's temple. While Kaori denies those accusations, Hilda left things open to interpretation. It would explain while Hilda spends a significant amount of her resources against the magician.
  • Just because they share the same name doesn't make her anything like the Hilda from a certain Sunrise anime. The Hilda from that world shares that sentiment.

    Kamui Tokinomiya 
Kamui Tokinomiya, Goddess of Iaijutsu (The Millennial Guardian, burned by destiny, Kam-kam, Miss Kamui, Black Lady)

Kuphulu, God of the Mummy Wrap Technique
  • Intermediate God
  • Symbol: A profile of his face
  • Alignment: Neutral Evil
  • Portfolio: Badass Long Robe, Bandage Roper, Bounds and Gags His Victims, Combat Bandages, Dark Is Evil, Evil Is Hammy, Fingerless Gloves, Knotty Bandages, Large Ham, Lightning Bruiser, Mummy Alien, Mummy Wrapper, Nice Headdress, Red and Black and Evil All Over, Thep Khufan Can breathe In Space and Speak English, Whips It Good
  • Domains: Mummies, Mummy Wrapping
  • Allies: Zs'Skayr, many members of the House of Crime
  • Enemies: Ben and Gwen Tennyson, Kevin Levin, Vilgax, Max Tennyson, Amaterasu, Ezalor, Bright Man, Ra, Princess Celestia, Chanticleer
  • Teeth-Clenched Teamwork with: Dr. Viktor, Albedo
  • Opposes: Charmcaster
  • Opposed By: Good and non-chaotic deities of the House of Justice
  • Rivals: Anakaris
  • Abhorrent Admirer: Stocking Anarchy
  • Kuphulu's ascension arose from the House of Combat's desire for more entertaining opponents. Fortunately for them, they did not have to look for long. The mummy alien's technique was truly a sight to behold. Despite being a Mummy, Kuphulu appeared to avert just about every cliché typically associated with them. He and the rest of his species do not suffer from the detriments of a zombie gait, for one, as his species is not actually undead at all. On the contrary, he is actually very quick and agile, able to run circles around many deities in the Pantheon. His bandages also work very much like combat tentacles, and his fingers alone can become whips that can leave cracks in stone at a moment's notice. What really interested the Pantheon, however, was his favored technique of bounding and gagging his opponents with his own bandages. There was very little hesitation on Kuphulu's part when he was offered his position, and the rest of the House of Combat maintains to this day that he really is far more interesting a spectacle in person.
  • Kuphulu's species is known as the Thep Khufan, a race of Mummy-like aliens from the planet Anur Khufos. Kuphulu, however, operated from the more multicultural Anur Transyl. Aside from their combat tentacle-like bandages and impressive reflexes, Thep Khufan also possess an extensive healing factor, being able to reform even after being shredded to bits, as well as an ability to survive in the vacuum of space. It is also worth noting that Thep Khufan, like other races of the Anur System, possess an immunity to the effects of Corrodium, which their home planet is rich in. It's a common misconception amongst the Pantheon that Kuphulu was the genetic donor for Ben Tennyson's Thep Khufan form, Snare-Oh (formerly Benmummy). This is not true.
  • Kuphulu was absolutely ecstatic to see that his master, Zs'Skayr had also ascended. He wasted no time at all in playing some serious catch up with the Ectonurite. Nowadays Kuphulu has become Zs'Skayr's personal dragon, much more so than Dr. Viktor anyways. Let's just say that he and Viktor's relationship has been tense since they both ascended. If you do anything to hurt Zs'Skayr or hinder his plans, you also hurt Kuphulu, and you do NOT want to do that. This is why he holds so much animosity towards Amaterasu, Ra, Ezalor, Bright Man, Princess Celestia, and Chanticleer.
  • Zs'Skayr has a deep-seated rivalry with Vilgax. Because of this, Kuphulu holds a profuse hatred for Vilgax. The Thep Khufan stays vigilant, always keeping a watchful eye on his master's rival. This, of course, annoys Vilgax greatly.
  • But of course there were some old acquaintances that Kuphulu was not happy to see in the Pantheon. Ben Tennyson had also ascended, along with his cousin Gwen, has grandfather Max, and close friend Kevin Levin, who now disliked the Thep Khufan by extension. Just the sight of Ben Tennyson would make his blood boil now, if he had blood. He brings back humiliating memories of how he tied up Kuphulu with his own bandages and left him behind. It doesn't just end there, though. Ben also took control over Kuphulu, along with Dr. Viktor and fellow colleague Crujo with his newly acquired Vladat form, Whampire, as a means to storm Zs'Skayr's castle. Ben just loves to talk about this, too. Daring to make fun of Kuphulu for said incidents is extremely ill-advised.
  • Kuphulu has not forgotten Charmcaster and her determination to steal back the Alpha Rune, which was needed for Zs'Skayr's scheme. He keeps a really close eye on her should she ever try to get in the way of their plans again.
  • Though Kuphulu isn't all too fond of Albedo, he not only puts up with him for his master's sake, but also to possibly get back at Ben Tennyson someday.
  • Most Egyptian deities appear to have a generally neutral opinion on Kuphulu. The only exceptions are Ra and Set. Ra dislikes Kuphulu due to his association with Zs'Skayr, and the feeling is definitely mutual. Set, however, seems to view Kuphulu more favorably.
  • Kuphulu and Anakaris have a pretty unfriendly rivalry going on. Something about Kuphulu never sat right with the pharaoh. Most speculate that this is because he reminds him of his cartoon counterpart that should never be spoken of around him unless you're ready and willing to face his wrath. Their conflicting alignments don't seem to help matters either, and neither does Kuphulu's affiliation with Zs'Skayr. Whenever they fight, though, it truly is a spectacle, and many deities actually look forward to these brawls. Popcorn is usually passed around while deities place their bets on the winner.
  • Being a former low-grade criminal himself, Kuphulu has close ties with many members of the House of Crime. He can often be seen joining in on gatherings at the Mos Eisley Cantina on Tatooine. Because of this, Kuphulu is disliked by a notable amount of deities in the House of Justice, most namely the good and non-chaotic deities.
  • Stocking Anarchy has an extremely obvious interest in Kuphulu, much to his annoyance. It's no secret to anyone why that is. Panty thinks this is hilarious, while at the same time she can't help but wonder how one would even have sex with a member of Kuphulu's species. Of course her mind is full of ideas.
  • Agents K and J keep Kuphulu under close observation for the same reason they watch Dr. Viktor, that being his affiliation with Zs'Skayr. They consider Kuphulu to be the bigger threat of the two, seeing as he is definitely the more loyal one.
  • Kuphulu denies having any form of special connection with Cthulhu. He really wishes that everyone would stop asking, and is particularly annoyed by the steadily growing trend of deities being impressed by someone supposedly being tight with Cthulhu, only to be disappointed when they find out that they actually said Kuphulu.

    Ryuji Yamazaki 
Ryuji Yamazaki, God of One-Handed Fighting
  • Theme Song: "Villainous" (Outlaw Team Theme), "C62 - KOF XIV Ver." (his theme as of his latest outing)
  • Intermediate God
  • Symbols: His Knife and White Fur Coat.
  • Alignment: Chaotic Evil most of the time
  • Portfolio: Ax-Crazy, Animal Motifs (particulary the Snake), Badass in a Nice Shirt and Vest (in most cases), Also Seen in His Fur Coat, Beating A Dead Player, Blood Knight, Watched as His Boss Died in Front of Him, Can Go for Three Days Without Sleep, Refused Yashiro Nanakase's Offer to Join The Hakkeshu, Multicolored Hair, Psycho for Hire, Doesn't Give a Damn About His Orochi Heritage, Has an Exploding Headbutt, With Great Insanity Comes Great Power, Knife Nut, Maniacal Laugh, Trying to Catch Me Fighting Dirty Mixed With Combat Pragmatist.
  • Domains: Yakuza, Violence, Knives.
  • Allies: Sadira, Darius, Kazuya Mishima, Harley Quinn, Juri Han
  • Rivals: Kano, Bane, Vega, The Joker
  • Enemies: Chun-Li, Asuka Kazama, Black Orchid, Kitana, Kazuma Kiryu, Cody Travers.
  • Odd Friendship: with Deadpool.
  • Ryuji Yamazaki. Gangster. Assassin. Dojo buster. The knife-wielding fighter found his way into the Pantheon. How he managed to earn his ascension is unclear, but some people say that Orochi was responsible for his being made divine. Either way, things are going to be a lot more interesting...and violent.
  • Yamazaki wasn't always so bat-shit insane. He grew up in Okinawa as an orphan, and as a kid, he idolized the local Yakuza oyabun, Sorimachi. Yamazaki found purpose in life, left his hometown, and joined the Yakuza, working his way up the ranks, until he found himself working under Sorimachi himself. For Yamazaki, life was good under his mentor. However, during a business trip to Osaka, Yamazaki's hesitation had ended with the torture and death of his boss at the hands of a rival gang. This is what cause Yamazaki to snap (and develop his violent alter-ego), and he proceeded to murder Sorimachi's killers. In the aftermath, Yamazaki fled Japan, relocating to Hong Kong's Kowloon Walled City, where he made his living as a drug trader, arms merchant and broker. At one moment, he's calm and collected. On the other hand...
  • There is an ongoing debate over who is more crazier: Yamazaki or Vice. So far, the debate it still ongoing, and will not reach a conclusion anytime soon. No one is dumb enough to approach Yamazaki to ask that question.
  • Aside from his usual activities, Yamazaki is surprisingly enough, friends with Deadpool. Not because Deadpool buys some of his weapons from Yamazaki, mind you, but the friendship came following a two-day brawl which had ended in a draw (and damaged the Power Dome). Since then, both men have been seen together drinking sake, trading stories over chimichangas (for Deadpool) and horse sashimi (for Yamazaki).
  • Ever wonder why Yamazaki keeps his right hand in his pocket? It's a tic he had subsconsciously developed following his late boss once complimenting Yamazaki about the power in his right fist. His right hand is also the same one he uses to slash and stab with his knife, or use some specific moves such as his signature Guillotine and Drill attacks.
  • Speaking of knives, he has his eyes set on some of the Pantheon's knife fighters, particulary Leon Kennedy and Cody Travers. The idea of testing his own skills against their own makes his blood boil.
  • When he's not busting heads, Yamazaki is seen at the House of Food. Even a madman like him has got to eat.
  • For a complete psychopath, he wants nothing to do with Orochi and the Hakkeshu. After all, if everyone else is dead (as it is Orochi's goal in an attempt to save the planet) then there would be no one left for him to stomp on. He is also able to resist the Riot of the Blood, due to own sheer will and stubbornness that would make Doctor Doom proud.
  • His given name is subjective to the "Ryu" issue as well in terms of spelling; the "Ryu" in his name also has a long "u" vowel, so one non-lazy way of typing his name's romaji is "Ryuuji".

    Samurai Sentai Shinkenger 
Samurai Sentai ShinkengerMembers , Battle Deities of Samurai Epics (Takeru: Shinken Red, Take-chan, Tono (My Lord). Ryunosuke: Shinken Blue, Ryu-san. Mako: Shinken Pink, Mako-chan, Nee-san. Chiaki: Shinken Green, Chiaki. Kotoha: Shinken Yellow, Kotoha. Genta: Shinken Gold, Gen-san)
The Shinkengers in their civilian forms. From Left to Right: Genta Uemori, Mako Shiraishi, Chiaki Tani, Takeru Shiba, Ryunosuke Ikenami, and Kotoha Hanaori.
Clickhere  to see their transformed state.

    Tokugawa Ieyasu 
Tokugawa Ieyasu, God of Barehanded Hero-Fighters (Matsudaira Takechiyo, Lord Happy, Eastern Savior, Irdene)
  • Theme Song: This, Naked Arms
  • Intermediate God
  • Symbol: Crest of the Tokugawa clan.
  • Alignment: Lawful Good
  • Portfolio: Heroes Who Prefer Not To Use Weapons But Their Own Fists, Public Domain Characters, Patience, Bare Fisted Monks, Taking Levels In Badass, Messiahs, the Power Of Bonds, Rapid-Fire Fisticuffs, Honor Before Reason. Formerly Distressed Dudes.
  • Domain: Patience, War, Friendship.
  • Allies: Date Masamune, Kenshiro, Captain Falcon, Nanoha Takamachi, Adell, Makoto Nanaya, Honda Tadakatsu, Oichi, Tidus, Ashe, Stahn Aileron, Leona, Yasuo, Kisuke Uzuki, Hattori Hanzo, The Saber Marionettes, Sanada Nobuyuki and Inahime, Azai Nagamasa.
  • Friendly Rivals With: Sanada Yukimura, Maeda Keiji, Chosokabe Motochika, Shobu Kirifuda.
  • Enemies: Ishida Mitsunari, Oda Nobunaga (Yes, he's his former ally, but he changed his mind after seeing his atrocity), Toyotomi Hideyoshi, Yuuki Terumi, Otani Yoshitsugu.
  • Tokugawa was well known for his patience and his desire to unite and form a bond with everyone. He used to reign as one of the main rulers of the Friendship house until one thing was noticed. In process of him trying to bonds with others, people asked 'Why fight with fists?'. His answer: He fights with fist just so that he ALSO feels the pain of those he hits. A well done answer in the eyes of the Pantheon, which got him a new house. Ieyasu is kind of worried that the Friendship House will lose one main guardian, but he has faith it will be resolved.
  • Spent a good chunk of time being a distressed boy… until he suddenly grows up, takes lessons in kicking ass with Kenshiro, and becomes a god on his own.
  • Stories has it that running away can make him victorious. This doesn't sit well with Sir Robin.
  • He's made it his mission within the GUAG that he will obliterate the borders between Token Evil Teammate and truly good teammates, as well as rescuing all the Token Good Teammate in the GUAE, with the power of bonds.
    • That being said, he's aware that there are good bonds, and bad bonds... He's mostly against bad bonds, but came to realize that sometimes it could become a Necessary Evil that had to exist in order to help people where normal good bonds and methods just won't do.
  • Is recently seen sparring and trading punches with Adell. Adell was a bit worried that Ieyasu's hands looks like it's about to bleed everytime his fists met with the Vulcan Blaze, but Ieyasu always assures him that he wanted to fight that way to feel and empathize with his enemy's pain. The facts that his mentalism seems to hit Adell's style just boosts their bonds further.
    • Makoto once got herself mixed up with one of their sparring sessions - one philosophical debate later, and all three have come to accept each other's company.
  • Makes a point to, if he's free, spectate any sparring or duels between Tadakatsu and Lu Bu. While such violent conflicts would seem like something he'd detest, Ieyasu knows this is how the two grow closer together.
    • Speaking of duels, has a few with Yukimura, Motochika and Keiji... the ones who formed part of his Arch-Enemy's army once. They left the army by breaking their bad bond with Mitsunari.
  • Since Oichi's breakdown, Iyeyasu has done his best to care for her, praying for a day that her mind might heal. However, to his surprise, she has not apologized for subdueing her brother Nobunaga. Later, he was relieved that Azai Nagamasa had ascended to protect Oichi. He visits her house often whenever the Nagamasa daimyo is away.
  • According to Nico Robin, he's the one who unifies Japan (by bonds, of course) and kickstarts the Edo Period by becoming a well respected Shogun.
  • Rumored to have a relative in Yoshitora.
  • Due to their shared philosophy and love for a united nation built on bonds and peace, Ieyasu became fast friends with Ashe and often offers to provide support for her in battle or helping her quest for unification. Ashe's only comment on him, aside of the mutual respect, is that he sounds like a certain Ionian wanderer she met in Runeterra. That wanderer, Yasuo, eventually made it to the Pantheon and Ieyasu also at least tries to form a bond with him and promises to clear his name.
    • Him symbolizing the sun and his friendly attitude also made him friends with fellow Runeterran, Leona, especially after the latter saved his soldiers and several Mouri soldiers for protection, which Ieyasu decreed as 'phenomenal'.
  • Was deeply shamed by the fact (or the idea) that one of his descendants, Tsunayoshi, would turn out to be an evil bastard. Where the ninja Kisuke only told him about this in the possibility that the spirits of Tsunayoshi's ancestors would come after him for killing the shogun of Japan, Ieyasu forgave Kisuke for whatever he had done, as he did it for a good reason.
  • Is not a historical Assassin, though he's in good terms with Ezio.
  • He's quite surprised that his aide Hanzo has risen and has thanked him for his escorting at Iga. Though with Hanzo's more 'down-to-earth' look, Ieyasu himself wonders if he'll one day meet his 'fat gentleman' counterpart as Hanzo described.
    • Because of Hanzo, he witnessed how Tadakatsu 'copied' himself, creating one who is more humanoid and speaks. Ieyasu is still impressed with this Tadakatsu, but something piqued his interest: "Did you say you have a daughter? When can I see her?" Well he eventually gets his chance, and quickly formed a bond between him and her and her husband Nobuyuki, also noting that maybe he'll get his own 'alternate form' soon.
      • He then notices how Yukimura doesn't scream a lot, and that Mitsunari is mainly more cold towards him than angry. Even though he's not very happy about Keiji being more ambiguous and less straightforward, Ieyasu is happy to encounter the more noble counterparts of those he knows in his home universe. However, he's recently embarrassed about one of his devoted retainers getting quite of a bit of spotlight nowadays, by the name of Ii Naomasa. One thing, however, Ieyasu seems to be one of the few Sengoku deities whose versions work in tandem in perfectly good bonds.
      • In the case of Mitsunari, both Ieyasus seem to lament over the bullshit that happened at Sekigahara, though they all wish the katana-wielding version would just stop fuming and screaming in their faces...

Wobbuffet, God of Countering Attacks (The Patient Pokémon)

    Zato-1 and Eddie 
Zato-1 and Eddie, Gods of Puppet Fighting (Zato-ONE)

Lesser Gods

Balrog, God of Dirty Boxers (Mike Bison, Boxer, Violent Boxer, The Crazy Buffalo)
  • Theme Song: Theme of Balrog -SFV Arrange-.
  • Lesser God
  • Symbol: His Red Gloves.
  • Alignment: Neutral Evil
  • Portfolio: Scary Black Men, Eagleland Type 2 Negative, Gigaton Punch, Headbutts, Those Who Fight For Money, Use of Punching Attacks, Lightning Bruisers, Being Heavily Modeled After Mike Tyson, Jerks, Dumb Muscles, Gratuitous English, Using Every Dirty Trick To Win.
  • Follower: Axel Hawk.
  • Allies: M. Bison, Urien, Kano, Aran Ryan
  • Enemies: Ryu, Ken Masters, Chun-Li, Guile, Charlie Nash, Zangief, Dudley, Cody Travers, Edmond Honda, Sagat, Ippo Makunouchi, Coco, Toriko and Komatsu
  • Balrog's ascension to the Pantheon was requested by his boss, Master Bison. With this event, the Three Shadaloo Devas began plotting a takeover in the Pantheon.
  • Loathes Sagat for betraying Shadoloo, and swears to give the Muay Thai master a deserved punch in the gut.
  • He's the brutish polar opposite of Vega's narcissism, which often drives the two at odds with each other. One time this was evident was when they teamed up together in their quest for retrieving Pandora's Box.
  • Often visits the House of Commerce by just making bets to every God who challenges him.
  • Has an enmity with Dudley because he represents everything the contrary for him. He also has enmity with Ippo as he stood for the perversion of everything Ippo represents. And now that both gods are in the same House, the hostility has reached a boiling point.
  • He's been seen doing jobs for people outside of Shadaloo as of late, particularly ever since the details of Shadaloo's downfall in the mortal world were revealed to include his selling them out to Urien and the Illuminati for a lucrative payday. One fellow criminal he really works well with is Kano, since both are jerks who are fighting just for the money. In fact, they both tried to jump Guile at one point when Guile came after Balrog for answers about something. Unfortunately, this coincided with the Pantheonic return of Charlie Nash, who took down Kano with his Judgement Saber and sent Balrog running.
  • Wiz and Boomstick arranged a boxing match for Balrog against TJ Combo. The Crazy Buffalo is eager to smash his opponent's face in. He came out of it with a twisted arm and a lost head. Balrog now anticipates the day TJ Combo ascends to the Pantheon for a rematch.
  • Most recently, Balrog adopted a young orphan named Ed. While Balrog isn't the best person, he actually liked the kid and was saddened that a fight between them (due to a big dose of Poor Communication Kills on Balrog's part) caused them to split. Various gods actually feel sorry for them.
  • He and Vega joined Bison in a feud with another Four Heavenly Kings group due to that group's counterpart to their newest member refusing to join Shadaloo in F.A.N.G.'s temporary stead.

    Bob and Rufus
Rufus and Robert Richards, The Acrofatic Gods (Rufus: Acrobatic Giant, Graceful Heavyweight, Robert: Bob, The Perfect Body)
  • Theme Songs: Theme of Rufus and Weigh is the Best Excuse (Bob's SFXT Theme), respectively
  • Lesser Gods
  • Symbol: A Braided Ponytail (Rufus) and a Wasp on a Yellow Circle (Bob).
  • Alignment: Chaotic Good for both
  • Portfolio:
  • Followers: Speed, Paul Blart: Mall Cop,
  • Allies:
  • Rival: Ken Masters (also Rufus).
  • Enemies:
  • Both Bob and Rufus got in a few brawls due to Rufus mistaking Bob for Ken Masters in a restaurant. Ironically, Ken was in the restaurant, having ramen with Ryu upstairs and not even noticing the escalating fight. A fight ensured, and it was decided that they were evenly match. As such, the two were forced to share the title for their unique blend of acrobatics and power. Neither fighter was a fan but do not want the other to take over the job.
    • It's not that they don't respect each other. Bob is impressed with how fast Rufus was able to imitate movie actors, while Rufus was glad to find someone who wears his extra weight as a badge of honor. It's just that their personalities do not mesh well. Bob wants Rufus to do a better job cleaning himself up, while Rufus wishes Bob took his weight management less seriously.
    • Both are among the first fighting characters that create a new mold of fighters. Previously, fighters of their size are usually powerful, but slow. Not with these two. They can perform flips and acrobatic feats just like their peers and hit as hard as the rest. Naturally, this has caused them to be crazy good in their games, to the players' chagrin.
  • Rufus and Zangief once traveled together, after getting in a fight with Bob, over Pandora's Box (with Zangief being the Only Sane Man in their partnership). They don't want to recall the incident, although the Trollkaigers threw it out into the open that the two lost their sculpted physiques thanks to the box's influence.
  • Po is always excited to meet new fighters. He was especially pleased to find people who fight just like him. Bob explained his diet regiment and Po hopes to stick to it to help him out. Rufus on the other hand wanted to challenge the Panda to a fight. While he put of a great fight, Po ended up victorious. Rufus now strives to have Po as an additional rival to eventually surpass.
  • Exclusive to Rufus:
    • Despite Ken being in the same house as he is, Rufus just can't get to him. He once mistook Dante for Ken Masters (since the two sound the same), which ended with Rufus running for the hills when Dante started using him for target practice. Then he met up with Charlotte Labouff and mistook her for Ken because she had blond hair and was rich (with Charlotte having to kick him out of her temple). The Trollkaigers have a bit of a laugh as they mislead the poor guy to whom he 'thinks' is Ken Masters.
    • When Dhalsim arrived at the Pantheon, he once again thought that the Hindu was an alien. The yoga master sighed deeply and reiterated that he wasn't. Rufus wanted to fight him just to make sure. It didn't end well for him.
  • Dudley would rather never fight this man again, stating his 'uncouth mouth' offended his gentlemanly sensibilities.
  • Exclusive to Bob:
    • Don't confuse Bob with Hwoarang... whose nickname is B.O.B. (Boy on Bike). Bob himself doesn't take any offense since he understands that his own name is usually a common one.
    • His partner in the Pandora Box incident? Julia, of all people. While the two haven't previously met, they managed to like the company. Michelle can't help but wonder if Julia has a crush on him, which was met with slight scorn.
    • Bob actually worked as a Bounty Hunter once, but he doesn't see eye to eye with Boba Fett.
    • Isn't that involved with the Mishima saga compared to other participants, though he shares much of the same disdain for Kazuya and Heihachi Mishima. He would gladly prefer to work with Lars and Alisa to finally rid the world of them.

Christian Cage, God of the Weak, but Skilled (William Jay Reso, Captain Charisma, The Instant Classic)
  • Theme Song: Just Close Your Eyes
  • Lesser God
  • Symbol: A capital C with a crown on top
  • Alignment: Chaotic Good (Neutral Evil as a Heel)
  • Portfolio: Canadians, not really brothers with Edge but treated as family, fighting females, double-crossing his tag team partners, snarkers, Alliterative Name, those not giving up, constantly going from face to heel
  • Domain: Canada, Wrestling, Partnership
  • Allies: Edge, AJ Styles, John Cena, Matt and Jeff Hardy, Paul London and Brian Kendrick, Rey Mysterio, Shawn Michaels, Daniel Bryan (as a face, but most if not all become rivals if he's a heel)
  • Rivals: Randy Orton, Gangrel, The Undertaker, Kane, CM Punk
  • Conflicting Opinion: Seth Rollins
  • Ascended after revealing that despite not being a wrestler who is super strong, he makes it up with his arsenal of wrestling moves. Reviewing this portfolio, the Court agreed he deserved a house.
    • In actuality, Gangrel asked that Christian be brought in. Upon finding out the truth, Christian pretty much screamed in terror as Gangrel recalled the days where Christian was a long haired quiet boy that was by his side. Christian pretty much went catatonic.
    • Nowadays, Christian has no clue how Gangrel went from stoic sarcastic wrestler to a friend to the Cutie Mark Crusaders. Although he takes the friendship better than Edge does.
  • Has a finisher called the Killswitch, the Unprettier, or the Impaler. His previous finisher was called the Implant DDT or the Impaler. Yes, he went from one move to the other with the same name. No one could tell what it was. So he just shrugged.
  • Edge pretty much hugged Christian in relief when he ascended. The two celebrated "For the benefit of those with flash photography" with a 5-second pose. With Christian back, E & C can now be seen going head to head with the Hardyz, the Pantheon's Greatest Tag Team and Londrick for epic TLC matches.
  • Really has no problems with Luna, and was saddened when he found out about her death. Luna doesn't mind but would still like to know just what was the whole history with Gangrel and the Brood.
  • Hates Randy Orton with a passion due to him losing his World Heavyweight Championship after winning it in honor of Edge when he retired. Also doesn't see eye to eye with CM Punk since, according to CM Punk:
    Punk: I don't come out here each and every night, bitching and moaning, and bitching and bitching (Ad infinitum)
  • Also had a happy reunion with former Coalition partner AJ Styles after AJ's ascension to the Pantheon. He's not sure what to make of AJ's Darker and Edgier leanings since they last worked together, not to mention the whole Bullet Club thing, especially with AJ's heralds Anderson and Gallows, but they get along nonetheless. Although he does find it funny that AJ's latest black vest has studs similar to those on Edge's trench coat.
  • Like Edge, he has had to retire from wrestling. The two spend their time making a show known as "The Edge and Christian Show That Totally Reeks of Awesomeness". And, also like Edge, he's not ready to forgive Rollins (who has made a Heel–Face Turn) after Rollins threatened to paralyze Edge from the neck down (even after Cena relented). Of course, there was also The Shield giving him his last beating leading up to his retirement just to stop Edge from protesting Triple H, so he's got plenty of reason to be sore at Seth.

Dudley, God of Those Who Fight Like Gentlemen (Sir Dudley, A Ravishing Star in the Sky of Battle, The Righteous Boxer)
  • Theme Song: Theme of Dudley -SSFIV Arrange- or "You Blow My Mind".
  • Lesser God
  • Symbol: His Blue Boxing Gloves next to the Victory Rose.
  • Alignment: Neutral Good
  • Portfolio: Those Who Fight Like Gentlemen (Namer of the Trope), Quintessential British Gentlemen, Badass Mustaches, Blue Boxing Gloves, Cultured Badasses, Genius Bruisers, Cool Cars, Corkscrew Blow, Use of Punches in Fights, Roses, Counter Attack That Takes Damage to Perform, Cool Spots Inside Brash Personalities, Those Dressed With Impeccable Taste, Tea Drinkers.
  • Domains: Boxing, Class, Tea, Roses, Cars.
  • Followers: T. J. Combo, Mickey Rogers.
  • Allies: Ryu, Alex, Elena, Henry Hatsworth, Little Mac, Glass Joe, Alex Louis Armstrong, Akihiko Sanada, Mary Lennox, Rocky Balboa.
  • Worthy Opponent: Many of the boxers from Punch-Out!
  • Teeth-Clenched Teamwork with: Takatora Kureshima.
  • Enemies: Balrog, Vega, M. Bison, Gill.
  • Former Enemy: Mitsuzane Kureshima.
  • Not to be confused with: Dudley Dursley (who ironically has taken up boxing)
  • Was formerly Henry Hatsworth's follower... however he says that is time for Dudley to officially ascend to the Pantheon.
    • The two still get along, and they also invite Iroh and Professor Layton for tea in his humongous rose garden.
  • Accompanied fellow Goddess Elena in a quest to retrieve Pandora's Box. He really wasn't interested in the box itself (or about the situation in general), but just wanted to make sure Elena was alright in their mission. In the end, he took a piece of the Pandrora's Box and buried it in his garden, which blooms spectacular flowers to this day.
    • When he came to the Pantheon, Elena burst with joy along with her good friends Gentaro and Pinkie Pie, welcoming him with a celebratory party. He was avery happy to find Elena safe and sound.
  • Has a strong enmity with Balrog, as he considers the God of Dirty Boxers as a bad influence in the Pantheon and does not consider him a true boxer and that enmity has reached a boiling point now that the two of them are in the same house.
    • However, after he learned the story about how he had a breaking out with a boy named Ed, Dudley felt absolute pity for Balrog and wonders if it's possible for someone like Balrog to actually have feelings other than greed in his heart.
  • Found himself as a mentor figure to Little Mac, amazed by the young boy's determination and never-give-up attitude. Also is willing to have tea and croissants with Glass Joe, and is willing to also mentor the Frenchman into becoming a better boxer, praising on how Glass Joe is still able to keep fighting despite his 1-99 win-lose record.
    • Is probably the counterpart of Soda Popinski due to them being boxers with an affinity for a particular drink (Tea for Dudley, Soda for Popinski). Dudley has politely put down Popinski's request on trying his soda though.
  • His mansion is one of the most luxurious in all the Pantheon, and has an extensive collection of Cool Cars along with the above mentioned rose garden.
  • For some odd reason, he has one of Freddie Mercury's outfits. Dudley states that he actually is a fan of his music, and Freddie himself enjoys having tea with the boxer.
  • Harry Potter was a bit hesitant about interacting with Dudley at first, due to how his name and profession reminded him of his piggish cousin. However, the two got to know each other better through some tea. Also had to tell Matt and Jeff Hardy (along with Edge and Christian) that no, he's not related to a Tag Team known as "The Dudley Boyz"
    • And then Harry's cousin, and parents, ascended into the Pantheon. Vernon has to admit that Dudley is a respectable gentlemen, and the boxer is glad to know that Harry and his cousin have a better bond with one another.
  • Is never seen without his blue boxing gloves on, and is capable of grooming himself AND sipping tea with them. Unlike with Strong Bad, no god asks how he's able to type with boxing gloves on, seeing as it would be too un-gentleman like to ask such a thing.
  • Was amazed to find Alex make his way to the Pantheon, and the two have planned to bring in the Street Fighter III fighters to ascend. Elena has also agreed to join them- after all, many of them are her good friends!
  • Is good friends with Elena, and thus was the one who kept Elena grounded when she found about "Project: Alternate Gentaro" and looked in utter disappointment to Takatora for not realizing his younger brother's treachery. Is willing to team up with Takatora to end the madness... and also because someone has to make sure Elena doesn't kick Takatora's teeth in. This especially came in handy when Elena activated the power of Pandora's Box in an attempt to kill Alternate Gentaro
    • Mitsuzane has confirmed to show remorse for his actions and is currently atoning for it. As the gentleman that he is, Dudley has decided to forgive the boy for his mistakes and invites him for tea every now and then.
  • Found an unusual goddess by the name of Mary Lennox enter his temple, asking if she could "Have a little earth". Dudley agreed that she could, and Mary now takes care of his rose garden.
  • Doesn't like the Death Battles that his fellow gods get subjected to, but when he learned that Balrog was fighting his follower TJ Combo, he decided to help train Combo for the bout. He was happy to learn TJ Combo winning...not so happy about how it ended with Balrog (literally) losing his head.
  • Was NOT HAPPY to find Gill in the Pantheon, still bitter on how Gill took his father's car. He's also not happy to find Urien and Kolin here either and is keeping a sharp eye on them.
  • Has become closer to Rocky, who says Dudley reminds him of his late friend Apollo Creed.
  • "Keep it classy!"

Elena, Goddess of Dance Battling (Capoeiristra of the Wind and Earth, Warrior of the Savannah Saltador)
  • Leitmotif: "Beats in My Head" -USFIV- Arrangement.
  • Lesser Goddess
  • Symbol: A Silhouette of a Rhino.
  • Alignment: Neutral Good (Chaotic Neutral as Saltador)
  • Portfolio: Those Who Are One with Nature, Tall and Beautiful Women, large school girls, Energetic Females, wishing to make friends with everyone, using only her legs for fighting, being both very tall and friendly, being able to heal herself, tomboyish rulers.
  • Domains: Healing, Nature, Friendship, Dance, Travel
  • Followers: Eddy Gordo, Tiger Jackson
  • Allies:
  • Commonality Connection with: Sakura Oogami
  • Friendly Rival: Sakura Kasugano (moreso on the friendly part)
  • Odd Friendship with: Akuma (Don't ask how that happened), Dudley Dursley.
  • Teeth-Clenched Teamwork with: Takatora Kureshima. (They have since buried the hatchet)
  • Enemies: M. Bison, Balrog, Urien, all gods in the House of Hatred and Villany. Every evil god involved with "Project: Alternate!Gentaro" (especially Funny Valentine, Enrico Puccini and especially QUEEN CHRYSALIS)
  • Former Enemy: Mitsuzane Kureshima.
  • Conflicting Opinion: Vega, Juri Han, Gill, Kolin
  • High Priestess: Christie Monteiro (future co-holder).
  • Elena came to the Pantheon, not in a sense to fight people, but rather to make friends. Thus she has been a frequent visitor to the House of Friendship and befriended (although many say "fell in love") with Gentaro Kisaragi. Jokes are abound that when Gentaro finally confesses his love for her, they won't kiss, but instead do his handshake.
    • She also loves traveling in order to find new people, thus she also enjoys going to the House of Travel, travelling with the likes of Kino, Bartz Klauser and Wander.
  • Elena has the ability to hear the thoughts of trees and learn their secrets. Thus the GUAE and the Council of Shadows ensure that there are no trees in the vicinity. The House of Nature adores her though, the Lorax especially.
    • Once used her hearing abilities on Jack and Annie. The two kids were amazed at how Elena could hear the "Good magic" that dwelled deep within.
  • Also loves studying in the Academy where she likes making more and more friends. Alongside Gentaro, she also befriended Pinkie Pie, and decided that the three would become the Avatars of Friendship and befriend everyone in the Pantheon.
  • Was very happy to find her good friend Dudley establishing his own temple, after having met up with him to find the whereabouts of Pandora's Box. She surprised him with a large get-together alongside Gentaro and Pinkie Pie. Then she found out that Alex also made it, and now she is helping Dudley and Alex on their quest to bring the Street Fighter III characters into the Pantheon. When Remy emerged, many gods thought that he would shut her out. They were surprised to find the two having a pleasant conversation in French.
    • Has actually befriended nearly every Street Fighter God in the Pantheon (except for those who work for evil since she dislikes evil).The LOL Rangers once dared her to befriend Akuma. She did...and took a selfie with him! The results of this caused the LOL Rangers to laugh for days on end.
  • It is really hard for her to make enemies, but she once came across Mitsuzane Kureshima who was part of a Beat Rider dancing group, and was angry at how he would go for the side of evil to save his friend. Infuriated, she challenged him to a dance battle which ended awry when Micchy became Armored Rider Ryugen to turn the tables. If it wasn't for Wreck-it Ralph and Dudley, Elena would've kicked his teeth in. Then she learned how Mitsuzane made it to the Villains House...Let's just say this was one of the very rare times when one could see that Elena was pissed. And then things got even worse when she got wind on how Micchy planned on breaking Gentaro and bringing out his alternate self. Better yet, when she found out that it happen. Elena was actually wishing to actively kill Micchy, if Dudley didn't calm her down with tea.
    • Then, not long after, Elena learned of Mitsuzane's older brother coming to the House of Ambiguity. Elena was angry beyond belief and learned that there were others who didn't like Micchy's attitude (The Shield and Matt Hardy being the top two on the list). Takatora had to listen to Elena's tirade of what happens to those who hurt her friends and was willing to kick his teeth in. Once again, Dudley came just in time but also did not like how Takatora's carelessness caused a lady like Elena to be pissed off. Thus, while Elena will team up with Takatora, one can say that she won't give him a friendly smile when they make eye contact.
    • Mitsuzane has confirmed to show remorse for his actions and is currently atoning for it. Elena decided to forgive him after hearing his rhythm. However she will never ever forgive Queen Chrysalis for her role in "Project: Alternate Gentaro" for killing Gentaro and causing the rise of the Friendship Asylum, and the same hatred goes to Enrico Puccini and Funny Valentine also. Mentioning their names in any fashion is her Berserk Button as of late.
    • During the events of the Friendship Asylum she accidentally unleashed the Iron Giant's wrath and even let herself become consumed by the power of Pandora's Box to kill Alternate Gentaro. She has apologized for her actions. While she still keeps her optimistic and cheerful personality, those who threaten to hurt Gentaro will face her wrath. This has also extended for her to train in combat not only to make friends but also so she can protect them.
      • To put it in a nutshell: her absolute hatred for the asylum is equal to how much Guile can't stand M. Bison and times that by how much anger you'd generate from Fluttershy if you made her become Saddle Rager. And then when it appeared in the incident known as "Tarot Crusaders", she was shown SCREAMING HER HEAD OFF IN FURY. Gods in that vicinity trembled in fear.
  • She's currently teaching Kai the art of Capoeira in order to improve his abilities within the handstand style.
  • A few gods around the pantheon claim to have noticed that she sometimes sounds a little like Hatsune Miku, but none of them are sure if there's a connection.
  • After the events of the Friendship Asylum, many have asked if she and Gentaro are going out. She only replies that they are Just Friends, and is happy to have Gentaro be with Nadeshiko Misaki in the Toku Base. The events of "Tarot Crusaders" revealed that yes, finally, the two have decided to become more than friends. However they have decided to put their relationship "on hold" so Elena can finally finish writing the origins of the Friendship Asylum known as "The Friendhsip Anomaly". And when she finished it, the two decided that they were Better as Friends for the time being, but will continue their relationship when the time is right.
    • Is said to be the purest Street Fighter around—Gouken (Akuma's brother and both Ryu and Ken's teacher, as a reminder) even notes that her attacks have zero darkness in them. This means that she is a candidate of a pseudo-Princess of Heart, putting her in Xehanort's radar. She's not happy about him in the slightest, calling him just as bad, if not worse than the Friendship Asylum itself (which, if you noted above, is saying something). Any mention of him, or the Heartless, is guaranteed to make her kick someone's teeth in.
  • Has gotten along splendidly with Rishid and Marik Ishtar, the two treating her like a sister. She bawled over their pasts and hugged them close and the two have comforted her in dealing with the aftermath of the asylum incident. It's because of this closeness that the two have decided to join her in the madness that is "Tarot Crusaders".
  • Found Gentaro interacting with Daisuke Yamamoto one day, exchanging handshakes and hand gestures. Elena finds Kamen Rider Amazon a sweet and friendly soul with a pure rhythm...but she's a bit unnerved to see how Amazon dispatches his enemies.
  • Never liked Prince Hans at all—she could tell just by reading his rhythm that he was bad news. And then her hatred for him multiplied when she learned that he sided with Funny Valentine in order to gain a throne for himself thus making him responsible for Gentaro's death and then planted Mitsuzane's Sengoku Driver and Grape Lockseed on her doorstep so that she would take the blame for the Iron Giant's rampage. She has now given a letter to her father to prevent Prince Hans from entering her home and then barged into his temple while giving him a wallop via Pandora's Box.
    • The reason why Hans did all this? He was jealous of the idea of Gentaro becoming a prince if and when he gained Elena's hand in marriage. Gentaro didn't like the answer that the Prince got involved with most, if not all of the chaos that ensued in "Project: Alternate!Gentaro" and also beat the prince into a pulp before stating that whether Gentaro married Elena isn't important—but if Prince Hans did anything like that, Gentaro wouldn't be afraid to do something worse than the beating he gave Hans.
  • After the fall of Shadaloo, Elena has no idea what to feel about her former enemies: she was shocked to hear that Vega really desired a friendship with her, and she's seen Juri Han slowly warm up to a friendship with Cammy White and as for Balrog? She had no words for him after she learned how he spilled Shadaloo's secrets for cash but upon learning on the separation between him and a young boy named Ed, she has decided that even he can feel something other than greed in his heart.
    • Was not happy to learn that Gill and Urien were in the Pantheon, though. While she understands that Gill's intentions are pure, his actions are something she cannot condone. Even if Gill returned Dudley's father's car back, she's still keeping an eye out on the Illuminati. As for Kolin, she does feel sorry for what happened in her past, but the fact that she sides with Gill means that Kolin will have to be her enemy if they have to fight.
      • And it's because of that that she learned of Gill's "neighbor" Dartz. If the tragedy of what Marik and Rishid went through was bad enough, and all of the things she's seen throughout "Project: Alternate!Gentaro" didn't break her down, after learning what Dartz went through (and what he inflicted on others), she found herself sobbing in utter grief when she learned about all the people who had been hurt by the Great Leviathan and the Seal of Orichalcos. She has vowed to be there for Dartz (when he's not crazy, that is).
  • "I'll show you my dance! You ready?"

    Hwoarang and Steve Fox 
Hwoarang and Steve Fox, Gods of Extremity Extremists (Hwoarang: Blood Talon, Boy on Bike, Free-Wheeling Kicks; Steve: Stinging Hook)
Left: Hwoarang. Right: Steve Fox.
  • Potential House: Fighting Styles
  • Lesser Gods
  • Symbol: Hwoarang's own Feet, clashing with Steve's Fist.
  • Alignment: Chaotic Good for Hwoarang, Neutral Good for Steve
  • Portfolio: Limb-Specific Combat, Button Mashing Mechanics, Stance System Masters.
  • Domains: Combat, Rivalries, Nationality.
  • Allies: Ling Xiaoyu, Asuka Kazama, Julia Chang, Drizzt Do'Urden and Artemis Entreri
  • Teeth-Clenched Teamwork With: Lili Rochefort (for Hwoarang).
  • Rivals: Each other, Kyo Kusanagi and Iori Yagami, Juri Han, Jin Kazama (Hwoarang), Little Mac, Ippo Makunouchi (Steve)
  • Enemies: Kazuya Mishima, Heihachi Mishima, Bryan Fury, Amélie Lacroix/Widowmaker, Balrog
  • Special Relatinship: Nina Williams (Steve), Kim Kaphwan (Hwoarang)
  • Two limb-specific martial arts, the Boxing and the Tae-Kwon-Do, already have many representatives, and then there's this odd pair. Hwoarang and Steve Fox ascended to the Pantheon.
    • The pairing was so popular that they even teamed up in a crossover with the Street Fighters. They may be complete opposites, but they work pretty well as a team... when they aren't trying to one-up each other.
  • Neither are big players on the grand scheme of things, but they have some connections. Steve was greeted by Paul Phoenix who was always impressed with his punching power, claiming only he could come close to his own. Meanwhile, Xiaoyu met up with Hwoarang to discuss Jin. Oddly enough, he's fond of the Chinese girl despite her insistence to give Jin some slack.
  • The duo join a small group of partners who are rivals with each other. They have gotten advice with Kyo and Iori on how to handle their single temple. They also challenge the duo on fights when they want to let loose.
    • They are at least thankful they are better suited as partners than Drizzt Do'Urden and Artemis Entreri, who people who often want to kill each other. The elf and assassin hope to at least get the same level of cooperation.
  • It was inevitable that the two will receive challenges to the title. Balrog was unimpressed with the duo and demanded that they stepped down so that he could claim their temple. This was where sharing a title becomes advantageous as neither want to give it away. Thus the boxer and taekwondo expert quickly dispatched the Shadaloo agent.
  • Both have encountered the sadistic woman known as Juri Han. She finds the Korean to be an amusing boy who needs to be put in his place. Juri is also interested in Steve's relationship with Nina. She wonders how the assassin would react if she were to kill the boxer. Both guys find her to be annoying at best and want nothing to do with her.
  • Exclusive to Hwoarang:
    • Is eager to renew his lifelong rivalry with Jin Kazama, even though the later has his mind on other things. The Korean remains skeptical that he has truly made a change for the better and hopes they can settle their rivalry once and for all. It's not that Hwoarang is to be taken lightly. When the two faced off in the 5th Iron Fist Tournament, he almost one, only losing when the Jin's Devil Gene kicked in.
    • He would eventually get that rematch in Fated Retribution... and won. And lost an eye in the process. The rivalry has simmered down a bit since then, even though he still sees Jin as a jerk for giving him no credit for sparing his life.
    • Would like to reminder that you shouldn't ship him with Lili. He doesn't like to be associated with her spoiledness, save for some occasions where they must team up.
  • Kim was initially overjoyed to finally have another Taekwondo expert who wasn't a murderous psychopath. He hoped that the newcomer shared his sense of justice. Hwoarang was not that kind of person. He isn't evil or anything, but does not care much about the fight between good and evil. He is interested to see how good of a fighter Kim is.
  • Exclusive to Steve: Ever so often he felt like he was being watched by someone. It didn't look like a guardian angel, but it seemed to have helped him out. It has revealed to be Nina Williams, and it didn't take long for him to figure out why. She is his mother. Needless to say, the reunion in the Pantheon was rather awkward.
    • Among those who want him dead it the Widowmaker. Not that she has anything against him; she was merely collecting a contract on his head. One she would have gotten if she hadn't been interrupted by Nina Williams. Not too good at close quarters combat, Widowmaker fled using her zip line.
    • Has a more amiable rivalry with his Boxing Battler friends Little Mac and Ippo. The later is impressed with his use of the Dempsey Roll and likes to see what it would take to hit through that. Little Mac was willing to help Steve gain back the ability to ko opponents with one punch.

    Ikki Kurogane 
Ikki Kurogane, The God who Fights Like a Normal (The Worst One/Failure Knight, Another One/Uncrowned Sword King, Kuro-bou)
  • Lesser god (Intermediate God while using Itto Shura)
  • Theme Song: Identity
  • Symbol: His sword Intetsu
  • Alignment: Neutral Good
  • Portfolio: Being one of the strongest blazers despite being an F rank, Master Swordsman, Multi-Melee Master,Determinator, Going Through Intense Training In Order To Better Himself Black Sheep, Iron Woobie, Itto Shura/Itto Rasetsu
  • Allies: Stella Vermillion (His girlfriend/fiancé), Shizuku Kurogane (His younger sister), Tohka Todo, Rock Lee, Naruto Uzumaki, Touma Kamijou, Zuko, Benkei and Shigure Kosaka, Hinata Hyuuga, Iroh, Roy Greenhilt, Toka Todo. Kirin Toudou
  • Friendly Rivals: Kazuto "Kirito" Kirgaya, Yuuki
  • Rivals: Kenpachi Zaraki, Jetstream Sam
  • Enemies: Ghetsis, Relius Clover, Atoko, Nobuyuki Sugou
  • Uneasy relationship with: Satan Jacob, Vali Lucifer
  • He was thought to be the weakest blazers at Hagun Academy. As he is the only F-ranked Blazer. He first gained notoriety after crushing the Hunter a blazer who a Long-Range Fighter with Invisibility. He gains even more notoriety after defeating Touka Todo better known as Raikiri in a Single-Stroke Battle despite the latter being exceptionally skilled at iaijutsu.
  • He also ascended to join his beloved Stella.
  • His ascension came after the fact that his special ability, Itto Shura is Explosive Overclocking which he can only once per day for about a minute also it leaves him extremely fatigued afterwards. He also has a more powerful version call the Itto Rasetsu which allows him to concentrate his power in a single blow. However after using this technique he was bedridden for a full week. It should be noted that this was after he was drugged and tortured by his father's goons.
  • He's befriended Naruto, as the god of determination. They found a common ground in how they won't allow anything to stop them from accomplishing their goals.
  • He wants the acknowledgement of his father. Unfortunately, he'll never get to due his father philosophy. He befriended Zuko, who went through similar circumstances. As he too was exiled by his father and Shinji who like him will also never get his father's approval. Not to mention having an evil sibling. Zuko later introduce him to his uncle Iroh. Ikki notes that Iroh reminds him of his grandfather with him being powerful and kind.
    • He's befriended Hinata Hyuuga as she too was viewed as a failure. She sympathizes with him as his father isn't as understanding as hers is.
  • During one of his training he encountered and later befriended Rock Lee, who also lacks the ability is also a bit of a anomaly. He can be often seen sparring with his new friend in order to make sure their bodies are in tip top shape. Also he's rather skeptical to wear the might suit that Lee gave him.
  • He doesn't know what to make of Vali and Satan despite the fact that they sound similar.
  • He's befriended Touma thanks to their similar bad luck and both are essentially Almighty Janitor due their abilities not be properly measured. As well as their determination.
  • He's also form a friendship with Kenichi, who also went through Training from Hell in order to become stronger despite their lack of talent. Kenichi's jealous of him and his relationship with Stella. As he knows he can't move forward with his relationship with Miu because of the latter's grandfather who he has to defeat and let's just say that isn't a easy task. Of course he was happy to hear of his friend finally managing to marry his beloved.
  • He can be seen training with Kirito. They were both thinking of introducing their girlfriend in a potential couple sparring. Intially he was worried because he initially confused him for Kirihara because they sounds similar. After hearing about Sugou from him he's gain a dislike for the finding him to be cowardly scum.
    • He's also been challenged by Yuuki after hearing about his mastery of the sword.
  • He's impressed the likes of Shigure and Benkei with his mastery of various weapons and on occasions gave him advice to further improve his training.
  • He has an ability call Blade Steal which allows him to see an opponent's technique and replicate it. Though some are immediate other take time and occasions he can replicate a technique he never saw before.
  • He surprised people how quickly his relationship with Stella went. Compare to most of the wishy-washy guys in the pantheon. They tend to further their progress with every major tournament battle he wins. After he defeated The Hunter, he confessed and they started dating. His successful victory over Tohka, he proposed to her and she accepted and after their fight at the finals they did the deed. He made a few people jealous because of this. He's also attracted the likes of Atoko who plans on breaking them just because.
  • As a skilled swordsmen, he has created a seven original techniques. He has only revealed six of them and each are as impressive as the last.
  • He has garnered the attention of Kenpachi and Jetstream Sam. After hearing about his exploits especially after facing the strongest swordsman, Edelwiss and surviving. Sam is especially interested to see if his quick draw is faster than Ikki's Itto Rasetsu after hearing how he defeated Raikiri in a Single-Stroke Battle. Even more so after hearing how he was drugged and mentally fatigued at the time.
  • Has become friends with Roy Greenhilt, given their similar issues in trying to prove the validity of physical strength in universes where Linear Warriors, Quadratic Wizards is in full effect. However, Roy was also shocked to discover how horribly Ikki was abused by his father under the excuse of family honor. Since his own father was an insufferable jackass at worst, Roy was not happy when he found out the extent of Ikki’s suffering. At the very least, Ikki has his great-grandfather to look up to, much like Roy’s admiration of his grandfather. For his part, Ikki is grateful for finding someone who has so much in common with him and has offered to give Roy a hand in defeating Xykon.
  • It should go without saying but you shouldn't harm Stella. One unfortunate soul did that and well he lost his hands.

    Ikoma and Mumei 
Ikoma and Mumei, The Divine Duo of Male Might, Female Finesse (Mumei: Hozumi)
Mumei and Ikoma

    Kazuma Kiryu 
Kazuma Kiryu, God of Curb Stomping (The Dragon Of Dojima, The Fourth Chairman)

    Ling Xiaoyu 
Ling Xiaoyu, Goddess of Feminine Fighting (Dancing Phoenix)

Mirana, Goddess of Mounted Archery (Princess of the Moon, Priestess of the Moon, POTM, Mirana Nightshade)
  • Lesser Goddess
  • Symbol: The Sacred Arrow, crossed with a leaping Sagan (her pet), imposed on the Moon
  • Alignment: Lawful Neutral
  • Portfolio: Tiger Archery, Rearing Pose Before Leaping To The Fray, Lady of War, Lunacy Magic, Excelling Decently In All Areas, Bare Shoulders, Entitlement, Looking Down On Those Beneath Her, Moonlight Shadow, Powerful Arrows That Require Prediction
  • Domains: Combat, Riding, Moon
  • Allies: Most Radiant Heroes, Amaterasu, Malfurion Stormrage, Sailor Moon, Yuri Tsukikage, Chikane Himemiya, Hawkeye, Green Arrow, Archer
  • Followers: Many Rangers/Nomads of Fire Emblem
  • Rivals: The Champions of Runeterra, in particular, BOTH Leona and Diana, Balanar, Gilgamesh
  • Archery on a mount was one thing, but there are VERY FEW that is capable of utilizing something like leaping on their mount in battle and still be a competent archer. That was when, out of nowhere, because of already concealing herself with the Moonlight Shadow, Mirana leapt out of nowhere and enters the battle with her trusty steed Sagan, both shooting arrows and calling forth star strikes and inspiring her allies. On realizing that, the Pantheon saw it fit that she is chosen for the position and trains other horse archers to utilize leaping on their mount while doing archery.
    • If anything, when no one was looking, Mirana actually grinned once no one's looking for one reason: She was once again ahead of her rival/servant Luna to enter the Pantheon, considering it something deserving for someone of her class in the eyes of Selemene.
  • In spite of her list of friends and dedication towards the moon, Mirana... isn't that much of a pleasant person. She's incredibly haughty and condescending. In her defense, however, that was still better than being a total megalomaniac. She will still defend those who are in her protections, especially when it comes to the night creature known as Balanar... Most of her friends still tolerate her because if they are fighting for the same cause, Mirana can be civil.
  • Surprisingly, she's NOT on good terms on both Leona and Diana, in spite of looking like she would side with Diana. Firstly, Mirana's condescending attitude and the fact that she abandoned the Solar Throne for Selemene rubbed Leona the wrong way that if they are to visit Amaterasu's house together, there's at least a spark of rivalry running on their eyes when they glare at each other at least once. However, even Mirana was baffled with how Diana carried out her dedication towards the Moon, she wouldn't even think of mass massacre.
  • In her ascension, she attracted the attention of Malfurion Stormrage, who mistook her as his beloved Tyrande. While Mirana actually gives her respect to Furion, the arch druid recognized that his beloved wasn't this much of a condescending woman.
    • Later on, Mirana reveals that Tyrande was one of the few she looked up to, and in exchange, shared some things with her. Then Malfurion realized just how she recently she can turn her whole team invisible...
  • If she put her mind right into it, she is one of the fiercest archers in the Pantheon, capable of shooting one arrow in a straight line and massively stunning the victim for massive damage. Unlike the one that belonged to Ashe, Mirana can shoot a lot more... but any low-level minions won't be bypassed. So when she says "It was not luck, but skill!", Mirana is not joking. Predicting like that takes skill! (It's called yomi.)
  • Has a rocky relations with Chikane Himemiya, while Mirana respects her, she committed the mistake of looking down on her partner, Himeko Kurusugawa, due to her 'commoner' status. One Death Glare later, their relationship became a little more sour than usual, because it looks like Mirana is having a hard time living it down.
  • Is one of the people who recognizes Carl by his real name, not his title Invoker.
  • She has respects on various other archers in the Pantheon, particularly also the true lords of archery, Hawkeye and Green Arrow, who in return gave friendly teasing. Though, there was an incident when she met Archer, in which her haughtiness caused Archer to remark that she's getting close to become a 'female Gilgamesh'. And when Mirana paid this Gilgamesh a visit... she had to admit that she may be prideful, but there's someone even worse...
  • A mounted bow will always claim victory

    Ms. Fortune (Skullgirls) 
Ms. Fortune, Goddess of Detachment Combat (Nadia, Koshka)
  • Theme: The Fish Man's Dance
  • Lesser Goddess
  • Symbol: A fish skeleton
  • Alignment: Chaotic Good
  • Portfolio: Losing Your Head (and other limbs), Literal Classy Cat-Burglar, Subjecting Others To Terrible Puns, Immortality, Scars Are Forever, Body Horror, Pulling Themselves Together
  • Domains: Life, Severing, Cats
  • Allies: Peacock, Makoto Nanaya, Teddie, Blake Belladonna, Miss Sarah Fortune, Mami Tomoe, Nathan Drake, Taokaka, Sly Cooper, Ratatoskr, Squigly
  • Friendly Enemy: Bloody Marie
  • Enemies: Carmelita Fox, Roman Torchwick, Monsoon, Wario, Eliza, Lord Raptor, The Yellow Devil
  • Conflicting Opinion: Fuyuhiko Kuzuryu, Peko Pekoyama, Filia
  • A number of people have pursued her for the Life Gem that granted Ms. Fortune her abilities. However since she swallowed it, it may be retrievable only through crushing her to death.
  • Shortly after ascension she was glad to see a familiar face in Peacock. While the Medici mafia have no presence in the pantheon, they've still had fun taking down other mafia members and bullies.
    • She honestly doesn't know how to feel about Filia as while she's a Medici, she's also so nice. She is irritated with Samson though.
  • She has a better opinion of Fuyuhiko despite him being a Yakuza as he's kind enough to his friends and subordinates. Her opinion of Peko Pekoyama isn't as generous, considering Peko's devotion to Fuyuhiko being distressingly familiar. It was worsened once she learnt of what happened to them, especially on Jabberwock island.
  • While Ms. Fortune and Mami Tomoe get along well, Mami is dismayed that Fortune sometimes dresses up as Mami, especially so considering Ms. Fortune's condition.
    • Her meeting with Makoto Nanaya was also awkward as Makoto originally thought she was to look for someone that looked like herself. They became friends pretty quickly after that.
  • Ms. Fortune has spent less time in the pantheon since her friend Minette and several girls from her hangout of Little Innsmouth were abducted. Some of Ms. Fortune's allies such as Sly Cooper have offered their assistance.
    • The banding of thieves gained Fortune her the unwanted attention of Carmelita Fox considering they should share a common enemy in the mafia.
    • Fortune fears further delay in the rescue as she has had to train harder ever since she learned a robot duplicate of herself was being constructed.
  • Unsurprisingly gets along with Teddie. Pun drinking games are forbidden in their presence. Beyond that their friendship is surprisingly deep.
  • She is sometimes confused with Miss Sarah Fortune. Nadia is annoyed that people can confuse them as Sarah's a bounty hunter and Nadia is the one with a bounty.
  • Has asked several cooks in the pantheon if she can have a cheeseburger. Don't say she can has one out of context however. That's racist.
    • Successful quests for cheeseburgers can be indicated by hearing 'OMNOMNOMNOM'. It could also mean she's picked a fight.
    • One instance of the former led to her being suggested by Peacock to meet with Monsoon. As it turns out Peacock just wanted to annoy him. Since Ms. Fortune and Monsoon have similar abilities, the resulting battle was drawn out enough that the two declared a brief ceasefire.
  • Ran into Blake Belladonna by chance when robbing Roman Torchwick. They've since bonded over their shared dislike of him and his attitude towards them.
  • Incredibly unhappy to learn that her enemy Eliza ascended as she would prefer not to be her eternal drinking fountain.
  • Caught the eye of Lord Raptor who was sulking after failing to infiltrate Hsein-Ko's temple yet again. He professed his love to her and she flatly refused. She was immediately bested in combat and dragged off to his temple in the House of Music. What she immediately went through was considered disgustingly unspeakable. After being rescued by Peacock and Miss Sarah Fortune, she immediately downed some of Moe's Forget-Me-Shots so she would never remember that horror again.
    • As such, she was beyond elated when she heard about what Bloody Marie did to him after he tried the same thing to her. Even though they had previously fought because Nadia had tried to get the Skull Heart to wish her dead gang back to life, that along with Peacock's words on the subject led her to see the Skullgirl in a much more positive light.

    Orie Paladia 
Orie Paladia, Goddess of Chaining Low Damage Attacks (Orie Harada, The Fifth Executioner, Orie Valadier)

Yoshimitsu, God of the Sword and Fist Combo
  • Lesser God
  • Symbol: His mask, which varies on the version of him
  • Alignment: Chaotic Good
  • Portfolio: Badass Baritone, The Bait, Cast from Hit Points, Confusion Fu, Cool Sword, Dark Is Not Evil, Highly Visible Ninja, Just Like Robin Hood, Deliberate Injury Gambit, Stance System, The Unintelligible
  • Domains: Chaos, Good, Trickery
  • Allies: Bang Shishigami, Robin Hood, E. Honda, Yoshi, Grand United Alliance of Good
  • Rivals: Voldo, Ryu Hayabusa, Faust Baldhead, Samuel Rodrigues
  • Enemies: Vega, Balrog, the GUAE
  • Opposes: Bryan Fury, Nightmare, Soul Edge
  • At first Yoshimitsu tried to follow the ways of Ryu Hayabusa, God of Ninjutsu. But try as he might, he just couldn't properly follow the techniques. He couldn't even do simple ninja hand signals. After getting kicked out, he bumped into Bang. Turns out the god was a huge fan of his antics and offered a spot in the Pantheon. Yoshimitsu took it without a second thought, and one can see him teach others the style of fighting with the sword and fist.
  • First on the list? Crashing Bryan Fury's temple, hell-bent on taking his life. It was a long and grueling fight before other villains managed to force the ninja out. Yoshimitsu has yet to forget the day Bryan repaid his generosity by going on a path of destruction. Bryan welcomes the opportunity to quash the pesky ninja once and for all.
  • Has one of the most confusion movesets ever seen in a fighting game. Incredibly hard to hit and difficult to block, his unorthodox methods can overwhelm unexpecting opponents. He even came close to defeating Voldo to take his title, only losing after failing to hit his Seppuku attack on both fighters. Luckily, he can heal himself.
    • He also calls Faust his rival in that regard, even though he isn't as serious in the rivalry as Voldo. That may due to the fact that they may be the only deities that can handle the other's company. They also have to deal with others within their professions disrespecting them. When not butting heads, they can be seen watching the other do their jobs in the House of Profession.
  • The identity of Yoshimitsu has been heavily debated. It appears as if he changes form every iteration. It gets worse once one discovers he comes from a long list of ancestors dating back to the 16th century. The most plausible explanation is that his godhood passes down to whoever holds the mask in his timeline.
    • It's during that time in the past that he hoped to destroy Soul Edge once and for all. It was awkward to see both enemies Bryan Fury and Nightmare at the same time. Still, he is just as determined to destroy both.
  • Besides Bang, the one person he sought inspiration from is none other than Loveable Rogue Robin Hood. He may not look the part, but Yoshimitsu spends much of his time exchanging wealth to the poor and needy.
  • While his old friend Ganryu wasn't to be found, he was at least glad to find his patron in the form of E. Honda. He would watch every one of his matches against opponents, cheering for the sumo wrestler.
  • Also spends time in the House of Gaming, trying out all the arcade games there. He may be a good sport, but he doesn't take kindly to sore losers. Those players never get the chance to have a rematch with him.
  • Participated in the Pandora incident alongside Ryu disciple Raven. It was there that they confronted M. Bison lackeys Balrog and Vega. The two have yet to forgive them for disrupting their plans.
  • Does not like Samuel Rodrigues, especially with him holding the title God of Katanas. He has proven to be more than a match for him, and as such only vocally speaks out against him.
  • Had an interesting interaction with Yoshi, God of Friendly Mount Creatures. The thought of riding his partial namesake sounded fun. Together they rode throughout the Pantheon, raiding the House of Commerce as they did. Mario allows it when his mount isn't needed.
  • The fact that there is an entire organization dedicated for evil disgusted him. Though in that case it meant confronting them a lot easier. It took many in the House of Combat to talk him out of that suicidal mission. Instead, they suggested him to sign up for the GUAG. Yoshimitsu happily joined the group to take down the villains.


Ayra, Goddess Who Delivers Death of a Thousand Cuts (Ira, Aira, Sword Demoness, The Sword Princess of Meteors, The Proud Female Swordsman, The Princess of Isaach, Astra's Wielder)
  • Demigoddess
  • Symbol: The Divine Blade Balmung, symbol of Isaach, and Ayra's Blade.
  • Alignment: Neutral Good
  • Portfolio: Action Girl, Descendant of Odo and Isaach Royal Family, protective of her nephew, Shannan, Proud Warrior Race Girl, Astra, Hyper Speed, Aloof Dark-Haired Girl
  • Domains: Multi-hit, Combat, War
  • Allies: Sigurd & Seliph, Tailtiu, Chrom, Lucina, Owain, Marth, Samus Aran, Kamui Tokinomiya, Scáthach
  • Enemies: Arvis and other evil deities who betray others, Grima, Illidan Stormrage
  • High Priest: Shannan, Larcei, Ulster
  • Ayra, descendant from the crusader Odo and princess of the Isaachian Royal Family, have wielded a skill that only her family learns, Astra. The ability that allow the user to attack with five consecutive strikes should it activate. She, along with her nephew, Shannan, and her children, Larcei and Ulster, have wielded this ability during Sigurd's and Seliph's crusade. Though reports has shown that in Leif's liberation of the Manster District, a mercenary named Galzus was seen using Astra as well as a girl named Mareeta who learned it druing his war, despite them not having any relation to the Royal Family though she heard rumors of a man escaping from Rivough after it was besieged and overthrown by her father and the rumor of the girl being the man's daughter with possibilities of them possessing major Odo blood.
    • She believed that the art of Astra were taught in many other dojo in different worlds as they aren't related to the Isaachian Royal Family, with Owain as proof.
    • However, those dojos did not open in realms like Elibe or Magvel, it was only after Ike heard the rumors of the Sword Demoness that he creed that every swordmasters of the Greil Mercenaries better start learning the arts (and eventually all of Tellius). Needless to say, Ayra was... 'miffed' at the likes of Roy, Lyndis, and Ephraim and Eirika, for forgetting her arts.
    • Though she doesn't like to give her family's secret art to any strangers, with many evil beings in the Pantheon as well as the creature Grima, which reminds her of the ultimate enemy Loptyr, with even threats of his return, she decide to teach other in performing Astra in case this crisis may happen.
  • One of the "scariest" lady in Jugdral. Don't double-cross her or she'll hunt you down then place your head on a pike, even if it takes her to Hell for it.
    • She is contested with Samus with the award for Nintendo's most badass lady, though Samus has the edge with popularity.
  • Though she is the mother of the bladesmen who would fight alongside Seliph, Larcei and Ulster (AKA "The Murder Twins", they really learned well from their mother), whom their father would be are different with each telling or interpretation. Most agree, however, that their suspected father were Chulainn, a gladiator from Sophara (not related with the spear-wielding Irish demigod Cu Chulainn), Lex, a nobleman from the House of Dozel, or just a normal soldier of Chalpy (who's rather homely) named Arden.
  • She is often reminded of the Scarlet Fencer, Navarre, in terms of her fighting style and archetype. Though some noted that she is never seen wielding a Killing Edge, one of the staple that makes them deadly, though she practically has Astra in order to make up for it.
  • To this day, nobody has ever known what happened to Ayra after the disastrous Battle of Belhalla. Some say she perished like the rest, some say she was captured by the Loptyr sect and then turned to stone, or some think that she survived them all, but faded from the pages of Jugdral history. Regardless of the theories, Ayra still made it to the Pantheon and meet with her allies. But unlike Sigurd, she probably hasn't forgiven Arvis for his stint.
    • Another theory which might only happen if her husband was Lex was that she took refugee to his brother Danan, only to be backstabbed and killed. However due to how uncertain who her husband is, take it with a grain of salt.
  • Also to note, despite her symbol being the Balmung Sword, Ayra cannot even wield it, that was reserved to Shanan as she lacked the Major Holy Blood of Odo. Still, give her a sword and she'll still hack things up like a pro.
    • Much like Tailtiu, several sword-based Gods acknowledged her deeds and granted her a temporary boon that allowed her to wield the Balmung sword and raising her into a Lesser Goddess status. Ayra seemed okay with it, but only on one condition: She wants that boon removed forever from her in any event that Shanan makes it to the Pantheon.
    • Eventually she has been seen using a personalized weapon, simply titled 'Ayra's Blade', and keeping Balmung out of sight for awhile (she's just safekeeping it for Shannan). She makes up her lack of force with a new Astra technique that can only belong to her and made available with hyper speed to execute the Death of a Thousand Cuts: the Regnal Astra.
  • Want to win her heart? Here's one possible method: Survive her Astra. Using skills like Nihil does not count. One of the few who has accomplished this feat is the aforementioned Arden, but he's stacked with armor and protection. Good luck...
    • Some would say that Kellam would make a good suitor for Ayra in this case, since he is very tough on his own. The problem is that Ayra can't seem to even spot him even when he's nearby.
  • Try not to show Sain to her as she had to tolerate an idiot named Alec, whose appearance and personality is almost like him. And since Sain doesn't have Nihil, as far as we know, she'll probably use Astra on him if he tried to hit on her, and he might not survive because his defenses might not be enough.
    • Though she would tolerate Stahl, a green knights who is not a flirt. Though he should still be cautious of pissing her off since he doesn't have Nihil.
  • She once named Ulster as 'Skasaher', which was derived from Scáthach. When the Witch of Dun Scaith visited out of curiosity of the naming choice, she ended up acknowledging Ayra's battle skills and potential.

    Guybrush Threepwood 
Guybrush Threepwood, God of Insult Sword Fighting
  • Demigod
  • Symbol: The island of Monkey Island
  • Alignment: Chaotic Neutral
  • Portfolios: Witty Bantering, Volleying Insults, Talking as a Free Action, Piracy, Breaking the Fourth Wall, Can talk to Animals, Has a Badass Beard, Is a Combat Pragmatist, Gets Not Respect, A Genius Ditz, A Guile Hero, A Lovable Rogue, Obfuscates Stupidity, Is Older than he Looks, Why Did It Have To Be Porcelin?
  • Theme song: Secret of Monkey Island theme
  • Domains: Ocean, Piracy, Banters
  • Herald: Elaine Marley
  • Allies: Luffy, Johnny Sfondi
  • Rivals: Jack Sparrow, Isabela, Deadpool, Cervantes Kunkka
  • Enemies: Admiral Sakazuki, all evil undead gods, Cervantes
  • During one of his ventures outside of the Pantheon, Jack Sparrow ended up stranded in a strange place where duels are decided on how witty one's insults are. Luckily, one of his followers was there to help him out, a man named Guybrush Threepwood. Together, the two pirates managed to stop the plans of the undead pirate LeChuck, who planned on raising an army of zombies to rule all the seas. For his help, Jack Sparrow decided to ascend him as the God of Insult Sword Fighting. Upon request, Elaine became his herald. Unfortunately for him, Sparrow took all the credit, even though it was Guybrush that did most of the work.
  • Most of the reason he can't get much respect of his pirating skills is due to his : he looks like a kid in his teens when his age is well into the twenties. More observant gods believe he has the potential to gain a higher ranking than the one he currently has.
  • As he is yet another pirate who ascended, Sakazuki put him on his pirate hunting list, though he is on the low end on the priority list.
  • Luffy greeted Guybrush's arrival with a crushing hug. The two can be seen chatting over at the House of Friendship. Despite his boorish nature, he turned out to be the only pirate that respects his accomplishments.
  • Another pirate that he is fond of is Johnny. Neither are that vicious as pirates go, and often go on their way to protect their crew. Not one to steal paramount, he has also been respectful to Elaine to her surprise. He's offered his aid whenever LeChuck returns to try and claim her as his wife.
  • Miss Fortune counts him as one of the few pirates she is willing to trust, though that is due to not thinking of him as much of a pirate.
  • Isabela welcomes Guybrush's arrival into the pantheon, wishing to challenge him to a duel with blades, insults... and of another kind. So far duels of the last kind have been denied by Elaine.
  • No god in the pantheon had challenged Threepwood's Insult Sword Fighting as much as Deadpool. The two often go at each other for hours on end, slinging insults at each other.
  • Is wary of the undead in general due to his rivalry with LeChuck. Any of them that are evil, makes it that much better reason to destroy them.
    • Although Cervantes did not ascend as his undead self, Guybrush is keeping a close eye on the Spaniard pirate for any sort of discoloring.
    • Is also suspicious on whether Kunkka is a ghost or not. Though his ability to summon ghost ships unnerves him, he turned out to be more amiable than Cervantes. But one can never be to sure on the truthfulness of the undead.
  • Became rather appalled when he found out the current price of AAA computer prices. Even when adjusted for inflation, they cost well more than the $20 dollars he advocates that all computer games shouldn't exceed. He tends to spend much of his time in the Houses of Gaming and Commerce in protest.
  • To the surprise of many of the House of Beasts, Guybrush can talk to dogs and monkeys. Guybrush claims he learned by reading language books. Unfortunately, he has no idea how to retrieve them.
  • Is glad that there currently isn't a God of Porcelin, because if there was, than he would high-tail it out of that house. Some say he is preparing his temple for the day. Becomes paranoid whenever he visits the House of Craft as a result.
  • Raiden could have sworn Guybrush sounded like a Navy Seal. Turns out the two share the same voice actor.
Threepwood: I'm Guybrush Threepwood, mighty pirate.

Murasame, God of Combat Failures
  • Demigod
  • Symbol: His chain-sickle with the weight end wrapped around her family heirloom sword Hien and the sickle end wrapped around a (repaired) portrait of Ikaruga
  • Theme Music: Power of 6th Place
  • Alignment: Chaotic Neutral
  • Portfolio: Martial Arts Failures, Being A Joke Character (If A Bit of a Lethal One), Promoted to Playable, The Failure Child, Hating Her More Talented Adoptive Sister, Hiding His Insecurity, Smart Businessman Who is a Twit, Trying to Bridge The Gap Between Himself and His Sister, Becoming More Handsome Because of That, Not Buttoning His Shirt, Chain-Sickle, Jerkass Woobie, Unintentionally Sympathetic
  • Domains: Combat, Weapons, Siblings, Development
  • Allies: Ikaruga (his adoptive sister), Dan Hibiki, Kurei, Hilda, Noah Kaiba
  • Rivals: Scharlachrot, Seto Kaiba
  • Enemy: Shinnok, Raynare
  • Commonality Connection with: Issei Hyodo
  • Fears: Azrael, Asura
  • Murasame had it rough. He was born as the sole true heir to the Houou family of business and shinobi. However, his really questionable skills as a shinobi made his family really displeased with him to the point where they adopted Ikaruga, a distant relative to them, to continue with the Path of Shinobi with the heirloom sword Hien. Murasame was less than pleased and had antagonized his adoptive sister ever since. Unfortunately, he still lacks much of skill, as he commonly trips up while using his chain-sickle.
    • However, as time went on, he started to mellow down, coming to a conclusion that if he can best her at something (which is being smarter than her with him inheriting the business side of his family and all), he is okay with her taking the thing he never really had. Where the gap hasn't been shut down completely, he is at least in much better terms with her than he was before.
  • The first person to congratulate him was Ikaruga, obviously. However, when she asked if he was fine with his position, he said this to her.
    Murasame: You know what? I don't care. For my entire life I had to settle with petty titles. So this is hardly anything. As long as I have something to make claim to, fine. Of course I will make sure that I will gained something much grander than this and best you. But for now, I suppose this will do.
  • He used to be a really notable "unnamed follower" of Parsee Mizuhashi due to his fierce jealousy forwards Ikaruga. However, ever since he started to calm down on her, he has made sure to stay as far away from her as possible.
  • Issei was rather... displeased with him, not only for sounding like Kokabiel, but also sounding like himself. However, after Issei started doubting his motivations, Murasame said this:
    Murasame: Alright, boy. Let me ask you something. Let's say that if one day, someone came up and stole something what should belong to you because you aren't "good enough". Your fancy gauntlet, your harem, whatever. Now, what if you had to deal with the fact that not only do those things belong to them, but you had to accept them as your family. Now, would you be fine with that? Well, would you!? Be glad that you are the only son. Because if you had a sibling, its either you or them.
    • Issei was silent at first; he then admitted that he could understand where Murasame was coming from, as he himself doesn't think all that highly of himself either. Still, he stated, being good at something was good enough. And after learning that there really was someone after his gauntlet, Shinnok, Murasame offered Issei his support. He did also apologize to Issei on the last part after hearing that his mother had miscarriage twice.
  • He was informed later that he sounds like a "wimpier" version of both Azrael and Asura. He fears both of them, though Azrael thinks that he is too weak to be bothered with. He also personally promised to Asura that he stays away from Mithra just in case.
  • He has attempted to improve his skills ever since he ascended. One of the people he tries to test his skills against is Scharlachrot. She tends to ignore him.
  • He tends to sympathise with Noah Kaiba due the fact that he also fell out of his father's favour for an adoptive child (then again, Noah's father never had true favourites). Noah seems to be willing to help Murasame in his business career, but Murasame seems to prefer not for now.
  • Just a warning: Clothing Damage applies to him as well. Then again, he ain't that bad looking.
  • There might exist a female version of him. Whenever or not she is Murasame, who gained power by transforming into a girl (like Souji Mitsuka), she is Murasame from an alternate dimension, or its just a cruel prank, no one knows.
  • Besides what many might think, he is far from being utterly incompetent. If he really puts his best into it, he can easily wipe out everything between normal mooks to Elite Mooks en masses.

O'Bannon, Goddess of Classic Comedy Brawlers (DD-450, Most Decorated Destroyer of World War II, Tier IX American DD)
  • Demigoddess
  • Symbol: A model of the USS O'Bannon, or alternatively: a potato and her hairpin with the "can do" motto on it.
  • Alignment: Neutral Good
  • Portfolio: Throwing potatoes at enemies, Playing pranks on anyone deserving of it, Surviving hell and back, Weaponizing the environment around her, Moe Anthropomorphism, 17 Battle Stars, Ace Custom, Named after a late American sailor, Expert at CQC, Officially part of a branch of the US Armed forces
  • Domains: Names, Destroyers, United States Armed Forces, Military Superheroes
  • Allies: Akagi, The Admiral/ "Commander", Steve Rogers, Sasha Blouse, The Scout, The Soldier, Solid Snake, The Boss, Jackie Chan, Charlotte E. Yeager
  • Commander: The USN Admiral in charge of STEC
  • Enemies: All Abyssals, but most notably Wo
  • Teeth-Clenched Teamwork/ Headbutting Heroes: With most IJN kanmusu due to the past between their respective countries. The only thing keeping her working with them is due to their Enemy Mine situation with regards to the looming Abyssal threat.
  • The very first thing she did upon her ascension was to play pranks on all of the IJN kanmusu who have also ascended, more or less as payback for their pasts as enemies.
  • O'Bannon's combat style mainly involves two factors: weaponizing her surroundings, and improbable weapon-using (namely potatoes).
  • Surprisingly, she doesen't actually eat the potatoes despite her attachment to them (as far as her fellow ship girls and commanders know, at least). Rather, she keeps them handy for...a lot of things...
  • Unlike the other ship girls and kanmusu who have ascended, O'Bannon comes from a universe where the Abyssals are a genuine threat to humanity, not to mention being under actual military command.
  • I-19 has a strong dislike for her and her potatoes. One can only guess as to why.
  • If anything, the IJN kanmusu she's closest to is Akagi, due to the latter's eating habits. She has the potatoes, and she has the appetite for them.
  • Interestingly, she, Kitakami, Yamato and Musashi, Fubuki, Shimakaze, and probably a few other kanmusu have actually met before (in vessel form, no less) in two particular games, which makes her Teeth-Clenched Teamwork with them a little but more justified. Granted, it was their superior officers and their governments playing the pieces during that time, but the feelings are still there.
    • With regards to Kitakami, even she felt sorry for her upon finding out that the devs removed her vessel form from the former game after it went Open Beta.
    • In both games, O'Bannon (or rather, her class, the Fletcher) comes armed with 5 5''in guns and ten torpedo tubes mounted in quintuple mounts. While her torpedoes aren't as impressive as Shimakaze's or Kitakami's (having only half the range and less explosive power), they at least work and do their job.
      • With the latter game she even gets an unlockable Anti-submarine version which removes 1 gun and replaces it with a depth-charge launcher. As if the potatoes weren't enough to make a submarine worry...
  • Interestingly, she shows none of this bitter dislike towards Bismarck, presumably due to her historical counterpart being assigned exclusively to the Pacific, thus never encountering any Kriegsmarine ships.
  • Despite being a destroyer, she appears as much older than her IJN counterparts, apparently due to the differing philosophies of their respective nations. Another interesting note is that she was "summoned" (for lack of a better word), rather than constructed. The reasons for this are still unknown.
    • Also, unlike the IJN Destroyers, her emphasis is primarily with firepower and radar, rather than with torpedoes and optics. As a consequence, her night-fighting skills are equal to or better than most Japanese ships.
      • Capable of holding her own against Sendai in said night-fighting (in this case, a practice bout), of which the latter historically faced against 5 of her sisters in the past.
  • Like all IJN kanmusu, her job is fighting the Abyssal fleet. The difference here is the form that these Abyssals take.
  • And like the IJN kanmusu, she takes orders from a Commander/Admiral, but one under a completely different uniform and nation, in this case the commander of STEC-USN.
  • Upon discovering the existence of the Wo-class Abyssal unit, she gets the shock of her life in discovering that its characteristics were very similar to one of her most famous allies in Enterprise (down to the fact that the former can similarly launch aircraft at night).
    • She also vehemently denies being anything remotely associated with the Abyssals because of this similarity upon being accused. Anyone who brings this up ends up getting a potato shoved up their mouth.
    • The Abyssals themselves were awestruck upon being on the receiving end of her fighting, which involved potatoes, improvised weaponry, more potatoes, and what can easily be summed up as pandemonium. In short, they never expected her or her potatoes.
    • The IJN kanmusu, meanwhile, were in awe of how she took them down in practice bouts, with nothing but potatoes and stuff lying around her.
  • Unlike her Japanese and German counterparts, she slides more into Neutral Good territory, on account of her hobbies and tendencies.
  • Sasha Blouse looks up to her due to their common interest in potatoes. Their relationship can best be described as a mentor-student one.
    • With regards to the House of Food as a whole, this becomes her go-to place for getting potatoes for various pranks, fights, and other problems.
  • She looks up to Steve Rogers as an inspiration due to being a Military Superhero herself, and has an even more special friendship with Jackie Chan (the latter being quite amused by her choice of improvised weaponry). Other ascended deities she looks up to include Solid Snake and The Boss, primarily due to also being a CQC expert herself (albeit practicing a different form of it).
  • With regards to The Scout and The Soldier, she gets along pretty quickly with them, even lending the latter some potatoes to use against anything Gray Mann has to offer.

    Palla, Catria & Est 
Palla, Catria, and Est, The Goddess Trio of Code-Named Attack Commands (The Whitewings; Palla: Elder Sister, Elder Whitewing, Paola; Catria: Middle Sister, Middle Whitewing, Katua; Est: Little Sister, Junior Whitewing)
From left to right: Palla, Catria and Est
  • Demigoddesses
  • Symbol: Their Signature Triangle Attack
  • Alignment: Lawful Good
  • Portfolio: Power Trio Composed of Green, Blue, and Pink, respsectively, Wield the Signature Technique "The Triangle Attack", Riders of Pegasi
  • Domains: Technique, Signature Attack, Trio
  • Followers: Shanna, Thea, Juno; Bors, Barthe, Gwendolyn; Florina, Fiora, Farina; Vanessa, Tana, Syrene; Marcia, Tanith, Elincia, Sigrun; Barst, Bord, Cord
  • Allies: Marth, Caeda, Tiki, Robin, Lucina, Ike, Roy, Corrin, Sumia, Erinys, Hinoka and the Hoshidan Royal Family
  • Enemies: Gharnef, Grima, Lord Shen, the Overlords, Oda Nobunaga, Garrosh Hellscream
  • Sympathizes with (Catria): Sayaka Miki, Tenri Ayukawa
  • The three sisters from the Kingdom of Macedon are known as the Whitewings, a squad of Pegasus Knights under the command of Princess Minerva. These sisters have the special technique that made them very powerful, the Triangle Attack, where upon surrounding a single target, they unleash a simultaneous strike that is guaranteed to inflict a critical hit.
  • As they have journey from afar like Valencia, the three ventured afar to meet with other people. With the knowledge of other Pegasus Knights beside them, they heard that some had their own variation of the Triangle Attack and hope to see them perform it.
    • Both Est and Catria once mistaken Erinys for Palla because of their similar appearance and profession. Still, the three were impressed that she was able to rule a country and view her as an equal to their own Princess Minerva. Still, Erinys is a little embarrassed that the one who took on the sisters 'Triangle Attack' in her realm turn out to be working for the Granvalle Empire. That, and they also gave condolences when being told about her dead sister Annand.
  • Est has the notoriety of being the weakest of the bunch but hold huge amount of potential because of her high growths.
  • Another notoriety is that Est gets captured a lot. She was first captured by the pirate boss Grieth in Valentia, forcing Palla and Catria to travel to the continent to rescue her and she was captured by the Archanean and used as a hostage to force her husband to betray his country.
    • She doesn't take these kidnappings well, to the point it affects her terribly. It was theorized that her reasoning for leaving was the hostage situation that forced Abel to fight against Marth and thus, found herself to be a burden. Not a case upon ascending in the Pantheon as the two managed to catch up with her and after a few counseling, they lift her spirits back up.
  • Catria has a secret crush on Prince Marth, to which everyone is aware of. She is ashamed of this as she is infatuated with the Prince who is also married to Caeda. At that point, it is no longer a secret as the Pantheon is aware of her lovesickness, as even Caeda is aware of her crush, though Catria still doesn't want to bring it up and resume back to training.
    • Catria actually sympathizes with those that had unrequited love, especially since she is aware that Palla loved Abel but he was already taken by Est and she didn't want to interfere. The more she hears from their account, a bit of mix feelings of depression and determination bounds with her.
    • She sympathizes with a companion of Sumia who is a bit a lot like herself, Cordelia. She was even jealous that she'll get over it and find a Second Love.
  • They and the party from Valentia were the first to witness Grima during its infancy upon exploring the abandoned catacombs of Thabes. They thought that the abomination was sealed away upon defeating it, but it wasn't meant to be and it would rise again in the future and nearly destroy the world, including Archanea. Needless to say, they were ready to bury the beast again if needed.
  • Due to their country nearly fell to ruin because of Michalis's ambitions, they do not support any lords that desire for more at the expense of others.
  • If there is one thing that depresses them are siblings having to fight each other. They know as they witness the clash with their lady Minerva and her brother Michalis which drove the family and their kingdom apart.