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Greater Gods

Doomsday, God of Evil as a Force of Nature (The Ultimate Lifeform, David Bloome, The Monster That Killed Superman)

    Odio (Live-A-Live
Odio, God of Evil By Expectation (Demon King Odio, O-D-O, Odi Wan Lee, Ode Iou, O. Dio, Odie Oldbright, Odeo, OD-10, Oersted)
  • Greater God
  • Symbol: Statues of a Tyrannosaurus rex, an Arrogant Kung-Fu Guy, a tyrannical warlord, a thug with a Gatling Gun, a bald fighter, a bird-like 'buddha statue', a Nightmare Face, with a black, cloaky figure at the center.
  • Theme Song: When making his presence known, The Demon King Odio. When fighting, Megalomania. And when he really gets serious, Pure Odio. As Oersted, Wings that Don't Reach.
  • Alignment: Chaotic Evil
  • Portfolio: Big Bad, God of Evil, those who had crossed the Despair Event Horizon, Being Pushed Into Villainy, The Evils of Man, Omniversal-scale Annihilation, Existence As Long As There Is Hatred
  • Domains: Evil, Despair, Hatred, Time & Space
  • Allies: Nerissa
  • Enemies: Nearly every human-like Gods, Soldier: 76
  • Once he (as Oersted the Knight) was one of the champions of mankind. But mankind instead put him through such emotional wringer and crushed all his hopes and faiths, and thus Odio was born... With some tinkerings from Nerissa, of course.
  • He was also once old friends with fellow Gods (Knight-like Gods) Ky Kiske and Siegfried Schtauffen, but he couldn't understand how they didn't fall so hard as him.
  • Has many forms. His symbols are his current known forms.
  • Despite having the official rank of Greater God, Odio has the ability to destroy all of space and time with the Armageddon spell, which is an Overdiety-level power. It's unclear why he only uses this power under certain circumstances, but one theory proposed by the heroes of Odio's universe is that fundamentally, Odio is still Oersted on the inside, and may still have just enough humanity to hold back his true power.
  • "As Long As There Is Hatred... anyone can become an Evil God"
  • Due to his time-space existences, he's also often seen hanging around in the House of Time & Space.
  • He can't seem to figure out why Soldier: 76 won't just turn out like him after all the betrayals he got. Their stories were so similar, and he could use a companion... The good Oersted was instead hoping that 76 won't end up like him.

    Omega (Doctor Who
Omega, God of Being Pushed Into Villainy (Peylix, Omegon)
  • Greater God
  • Symbol: His Mask and The Great Hand of Omega
  • Alignment: Neutral Evil
  • Portfolio: Always loud, a disturbingly heartbreaking, raw, primal scream, Creator of Time Lord Technology, Unrewarded Service, What trapped him in the antimatter universe
  • Domains: Antimatter, Rage, Tragedy, Screams, Time
  • Allies: Rassilon
  • Enemies: The Doctor, Davros, Dalek Sec, The Anti-Monitor
  • He is one of The Founders of Time Lord Society along with Rassilon, he is also the founder of The Time Lord's Time Traveling Technology. One day when he attempted to harness the power of supernovas to power their technology, someone sabotage his machines to explode a star to early forcing him and his entire ship to plunge into a Black Hole.
  • He was thought dead but the first Three incarnations of The Doctor discovered that he never died but merely trapped in the antimatter universe unable to escape. This drove him to try and force The Doctor to take his place even if his antimatter body would tear apart matter in the universe.
  • He now wants to destroy The Doctor and most of The Time Lords for forcing him to stay in Antimatter so long that it eroded his old body and for leaving him in there. Though The Doctor has attempted to try and tell him otherwise, Omega refuses to hear it.
  • On the day of his ascendance Rassilon became overjoyed hoping that Omega will help him in fighting The Last Great Time War.
  • Rassilon even allowed him to regenerate, though it has to take time filtering out Antimatter leaving Omega to keep his mask on.
    • The Process has worked for his head and neck and it looks strangely like the face of The Doctor's fifth Incarnation.
  • Although he has gained a hatred towards most of the Time Lords he is attempting to kill Davros and Dalek Sec to end the Time War here and now.
  • Often gets loud and very, VERY, hammy when his plans start to fail or when he decides to gloat, easily claimed to be the hammiest villain of his universe. Is said to competition to Valvatorez for being the largest ham ever, though also not by choice.
  • Does not like people from trying to remove his helmet as he knows that it is all that is left of him until his regeneration kicks in, on a good day it looks like The Fifth Doctor with green veins and yellow eyes, on a bad day there seems to be nothing underneath the mask.
  • Not to be confused with the one from The House of Technology, but will have no problem allying with him.
  • Along side his friend Rassilon has joined YHVH's Regime under Rassilon's idea of that being the way The Time Lords will evolve under YHVH's Banner.

    Tenjuro Banno 
Tenjuro Banno, God of Greater Threat Villains (Professor Banno, iDad - call him that at your own peril, Banno Driver, Gold Drive)
Banno (in Tablet form) 
  • Greater God
  • Symbol: The iPad Tablet carrying his Consciousness. Actually, the Banno Driver itself
  • Alignment: Chaotic Evil
  • Portfolio: Morally Bankrupt Scientist, Control Freaks, Sociopathic Narcissists, Abusive Parents, Eviler Than Thou, God Complexes, Created the Roidmudes for Evil Purposes, Evil Knockoffs, Evil Former Friend to Krim, Excessively Cruel to Anyone, Lack of Empathy, Petty Villains, Being Hated by both Humanity and the Roidmudes like Heart, Brain, and Medic, Being a literal Devil, Archnemesis Dad to Go, Dying an Ironic Death, Asshole Victims
  • Domains: Science, Hatred, Insanity, Evil, Godhood
  • Follower: Ginias Sahalin
  • High Priest: Kiyoto Maki
  • Herald: Roidmude 004
  • Allies: All ascended Toku Villains (especially Ryoma Sengoku/Kamen Rider Duke and Mesogog), Monokuma and his Mastermind, Relius Clover, Dr. Weil, Ragyo Kiryuin, Embryo, the GUAE Trollkaiger, Dr. Wily, Nobuyuki Sugou/Oberon the Fairy King
  • Enemies: All ascended Toku Heroes (especially Shinnosuke Tomari/Kamen Rider Drive, Go Shijima/Kamen Rider Mach (his son), Chase/Kamen Rider Chaser, Heart Roidmude, Brain Roidmude, and Medic Roidmude), All Ascended Pretty Cures, Akane Tsunemori, All Ascended Sailor Warriors (especially Hotaru Tomoe/Sailor Saturn), Hank Pym, Ultron, The Terminator, Mega Man, X, Proto Man, Zero, Ichigo Kurosaki, Tidus, Ryuko Matoi, Satsuki Kiryuin, Ange, Tusk, Barry Allen/The Flash, Yuno Gasai, Zuko, Jin Kazama, The Parrs, Nanoha Takamichi, Fate T. Harlaown, Naruto Uzumaki, Minato Namikaze, Kushina Uzumaki, Kazuto Kirigaya and Asuna Yuuki, Yui, Night Raid, Monaca Towa
  • Opposed By: Krim Steinbelt
  • A former follower of Ryoma Sengoku who had managed to ascend in the pantheon due to his accomplishments of creating the Roidmudes for his evil schemes, as well as his overall actions were proven to be more evil than his creations. His other reason of ascending in the pantheon is to re-enact his master plan again, called the "Pantheonic Global Freeze" so he can conquer the whole pantheon.
  • His plans would consider him a threat to many Toku Heroes, such as the Kamen Riders, and Magical Girls, such as the Pretty Cures and the Sailor Warriors, because of the nature of the said plan where every surrounding would stop completely and he can digitized them into data through his Sigma Circular device. Because of this, the Toku Heroes and the Magical Girls stands up in a attempt to foil his plans.
    • Inspector Akane Tsunemori also hates his guts since his evil actions considers him a latent criminal and she will dare to stop his plans.
    • The Night Raid also considered him a threat and he was condemned to be assassinate by them since his stint as a Mad Scientist reminding them too much of their enemy Dr. Stylish.
    • On the other hand, the Trollkaigers, along with Dr. Weil, Monokuma and Junko Enoshima, were very supportive of him carrying his master plan as they wanted to spread anarchy and despair to any who oppose them.
  • Upon entering the pantheon, he also brought Roidmude 006's lifeless body with him while he also gained the means to assumed the form of his human guise.
  • He also brought 004 as his loyal herald as a means of helping him in his evil inventions due to 004 managed to copy a dying Krim Steinbelt back in the past.
  • Has managed to recruit Kiyoto Maki as his High Priest because he is amused of Maki's actions of being worse than any of the Greeeds much like how his action are far worse than any of the Roidmudes in general.
  • Has became enemies with Hank Pym because Hank describes his actions of creating the Roidmudes for his evil plans is far worse than him for creating Ultron because, unlike Banno, Hank intends to use Ultron for its benevolent use.
  • He also meets another robot in the form of Ultron, most likely due to his similar backgrounds with the Roidmudes, Banno was also surprised that his followers were his creations itself and Ultron was very cautious of him due to his reputation of controlling the Roidmudes for his petty plans.
    • Due to his reputation creating his creations for his own agenda, he became a public enemy number 1 in the eyes of many robotic deities like Mega Man, Proto Man, X, Zero, and The Terminator, since they were cautious of his act of corrupting every robots via implanting the control chip that could turn them into his destructive robot puppets for his evil plans.
  • He is close allies with Relius Clover because the latter was proud of Banno having the same path as he does. Relius was delight of his stint as he will assist Banno in conquering the pantheon through his master plan.
  • Has made in ally in the form of Embryo, despite the latter's dislike for chaos. He was quite impressed Embryo's manipulative and charismatic abilities and feels that he could learn a thing or two from him. Embryo is more than happy to lend his assistance... provided that Banno can grant him an audience the "lovely" Angel Roidmude.
    • His involvement with Embryo also made him enemies with Ange and Tusk because he became aware of them being allies with Shinnosuke.
  • Has also made an alliance with Ragyo Kiryuin as he is amused of her act of distributing clothes that contains an hostile Life Fibers on it, and Dr. Wily because thy both shared the same ambition of turning their robots into evil beings. The trio formed a pact and they worked together to create hybrid forms consisting of the Roidmudes imbued with the powers of the Life Fibers.
  • He quickly became enemies with the likes of Ichigo Kurosaki and Tidus after he notice that they sounds similar to his own while the two hates his guts for being an Control Freak he is. Go also sympathizes with them over how his father is making deities like them (even Claire Stanfield) look bad.
  • Due to him being the evil knockoff to the Drive System, he also made enemies with The Flash as the latter pointed out Gold Drive's color schemes are the same as his Arch-Enemy the Reverse Flash.
  • Due to him being an Abusive Parent, he drew an ire on many Good-aligned Families and Doting Parents such as the The Parrs, the Uzumaki, Nanoha, Fate, Kirito, and Asuna, even then likes of Jin Kazama, Yui, Hotaru Tomoe, Zuko, Ryuko Matoi, and Satsuki Kiryuin, hates his guts and they all described him as nothing but a "devil" who will do anything just for the sake of his own plans.
  • He was irritated that his opposition Krim and the Special Investigation Unit's Kamen Riders are ascending alongside him. He was very cautious towards his son Go, after all, his son was the one who ended his existence back then.
    • This gets worse that he, along with Ryoma Sengoku, got banned in the House of Technology because of their respective crimes they commit in their respective verses.

Intermediate Gods

    Lord Brevon 
Lord Arktivus Brevon, God of Cause-and-Effect Villains
  • Intermediate God, borderline Greater God
  • Symbol: His face, hidden in the shadows with glowing eyes and grinning menacingly
  • Theme Songs: Brev In Yo Hizzle, It's Bevron Time, and his battle themes
  • Alignment: Neutral Evil, though he views himself as Above Good and Evil
  • Portfolio: Being the Reason Why Heroes Exist, Alien Warlord, Bastard Alien, Faux Affably Evil, Killed or Corrupted Countless Heroes Who Have Tried to Stand Against Him, Coldhearted Tyrant in a Fairly Lighthearted World, Knight of Cerebus, Sees Himself as Above the Rules of Nature, Blaming Heroes for His Actions Despite Having No Real Reason to do What He Does, Uses Brainwashing as One of His Main Tactics, Taking Absolutely No Chance With His Enemies
  • Domains: Evil, Conquest, Villainy
  • Heralds: Syntax, General Serpentine
  • Allies: Melkor, Johan Liebert, Arfoire, Raul Menendez, Lord Fredrik, Darkseid, Thanos (he plans to turn on them soon)
  • Enemies: Sash Lilac, Carol Tea, Milla Basset, Commander Torque, the Vivid Team, Neptune, Rachet, Clank, Issei Hyodou, Kitty Pryde/Shadowcat, Hope Summers, Xion, Weiss Schnee and the rest of Team RWBY, Sonic the Hedgehog and his friends, the entire Grand United Alliance of Good, especially the GUAG Magical Girl Sisterhood, Homura Akemi, Dr. Eggman, Dr. Wily, every villain with standards
  • Competition: Dr. Doom, M. Bison, Arthas Menethil, Master Xehanort, Oda Nobunaga, Shinnok, Regime!Superman, Shao Kahn, Emperor Palpatine, Arcturus Mengsk, Agent Smith, Boros, the Grand United Alliances of Law, Chaos, and Destruction
  • Targeting: Issei Hyodou (Boosted Gear), Kitty Pryde (Black Vortex), Hope Summers (Phoenix Force) The Meta (His AIs), Shadow the Hedgehog (Chaos Energy), Pikachu (unbelievable electrical power), Utsuho Reiuji (Nuclear Power), Mithra (Mantra) (but not until he can do so without alerting Asura), Simon the Digger (Spiral Power and Core Drill), Iji Kataiser (Nanofield), the entire Treasury, a Yellow Lantern from Sinestro
  • Annoyed by: Barbatos Goetia
  • Only once in a lifetime does there exist a villain whose heart is as cold as space and black as night. And when that once-in-a-lifetime moment takes head, it force heroes from all over to face such a threat. Armed to the teeth with high-tech weapons of war and his equally powerful fighting skills, Lord Brevon is a warlord who will do anything to get what he wants.
  • There are many conquerors who seek to claim everything they wish, but none have ever attempted to go after the Pantheon's Main House, a house so secure not even Carmen Sandiego can break in. Brevon succeeded in doing just that, using the underground homes of the Fortress Dwarves to get his ship though, and having his troops shortly swarm the house. Cosmos was quick to express outrage and disbelief, stating that the Main House was impenetrable. Brevon's response?
    "Your floor isn't."
    • Of course, the Main House was no Shuigang Palace, and was filled with deities each just as if not more powerful than Brevon himself. Just as quickly as he lay siege to the Main House, it ended just as fast thanks to all of the Gods in them. While he managed to hold the depowered Madoka Kaname at knifepoint as a Human Shield, he was quickly thwarted by Homura Akemi, but was somehow spirited away before the Puella Magi could kill him. Evicting Brevon from the Pantheon altogether in the end was not to be, as Melkor was wholeheartedly impressed with the warlord's ruthless efficiency and his extremely bold entrance that he offered Brevon godhood in exchange for his services in the Grand United Alliance of Evil. The warlord immediately accepted the offer, and plans to start his take-over of the entire Pantheon, starting with the GUAE.
  • The reason for attacking the Main House? To let Sash Lilac know of his arrival. Ever since she defeated him, his empire has been ridiculed and his conquered planets have started rebelling against his force, all because he was defeated by a teenage (dragon) girl. To him, she ruined his reputation so much that she deserved death by his blade.
  • He has means of mutating certain beings into great monsters that serve him, regardless of previous allegiance. One would think he'd use this liberally, but the fact is this process only works for a select few, the criteria of which he's still figuring out. So far, the only potential ones have been Serpentine and Milla. Right now, he's hoping to find more potential test subjects.
  • HATES Neptune because he reminds her a lot of Lilac
  • Brevon once attempted to forge an alliance with Dr. Eggman, offering to help him with Sonic and company in exchange for help in defeating Lilac and her precious friends. Having done this sort of alliance before (even though he managed to patch up things with Dr. Wily), and hearing of Brevon's actions, Eggman shot the idea down. He also hates Brevon's guts for being a hypocrite and for crossing lines that even he considers going too far. Dr. Wily has vowed to support Eggman in case Brevon decides to attack them as well.
  • Regard's Dr. Weil as too short-sighted in his plots for conquest.
  • Some gods see Brevon as similar to Steven Armstrong in that they are far more dangerous out of their mechs than they are in them.
  • As powerful as Brevon already is on his own, he never relies on just his fighting skills. He uses whatever he can to achieve victory. If he discovers that his enemies have weaknesses, he will exploit them. The GUAG has warned its forces who fight with honor of this.
  • Brevon seeks to gain great power in order to achieve his goals, even after finding out the Yamato Reactor provides the entire Pantheon with as much as they could ever need; Brevon's never satisfied with 'enough'. As such, he has turned his sights on Issei Hyodou's Boosted Gear, Kitty Pride's Black Vortex, and Hope Summers' Phoenix Force to increase his power. This, in turn, has caused him to butt heads with the likes of Shinnok and Regime Superman, who are also targeting them for their powers. He's also taken interest in the Meta, Shadow the Hedgehog, Pikachu, Utsuho Reiuji, and other deities with great power inside of them.
    • He's also desiring a Lantern, probably a Yellow one, but Sinestro hasn't given his reply yet.
    • That said, there are certain sources of power he's not going for, or at least they're low on his priority list at the moment: Kingdom Hearts (he deems it too complicated a task, as Xehanort's machinations can attest to), the Triforce (because a stupid thing called destiny would force him to tangle with all three of its bearers and their allies, both good and evil), and the Human Child's Determination (Sans proved to be enough of a deterrent from dedicating too much effort on it).
  • Was once asked to 'gather' deities to be tasked in eliminating Mithra, led by Olga of the Seven Deities. He refused, seeing that there would be nothing gained by eliminating a girl who, in his mind, is very harmless. Besides, it was Olga and the Seven Deities' fault for making Asura kill them all in the first place, doing it in such a sloppy way that they simply didn't expect the God of Unstoppable Rage to retaliate. He dismissed them all as such amateurs. However, he did notice that Mithra holds a great power, which he expectedly seeks to control, but in such a way that her father Asura would never find out; even Brevon knows that would be suicidal.
  • In one mission for the GUAE, Brevon was also tasked in neutralizing key forces in the GUAG. Among these is the Elements of Harmony. Because he's unable to break into the Treasure Vault (after his forces and Syntax had a run-in with the deities in the House of Defense, particularly GLaDOS) to seize them or any of its other contents, he had to settle with neutralizing its bearers. A joint attack was pulled off, but all but one was successfully thwarted. Bad news for the GUAG, the successful kidnapping was of Fluttershy. He then followed this up with testing his mutation process on her. Good news, it was a success and now he knows more on its criteria. Bad news, his Dreadnought was stormed by a livid Discord, who undid the entire mutation with a snap, and turned Brevon into a non-reproducing parasprite for a week before leaving with his friend. Brevon's since learned to prioritize on the draconequus first next time.
  • Several villains who don't particularly like him often tease him that one day, Homura will take him out and that, with her powers, there would be absolutely nothing he can do to stop her, save for Lucifer giving her other things to think about. Brevon doesn't let these taunts get to him, though his plots on countering her have begun to take greater priority than even his revenge on Lilac.
  • Has taken liberal advantage of ADVENT willing to work with aliens like him and can really see the advantages they got. This merely puts them on the bottom of his "eventual betrayal" list once only the GUAE remains, since Earth is all they want.
  • Once thought he found a good ally in Barbatos Goetia after hearing of his exploits. Sadly, the very day Brevron met Baratos was when he was he was doing maintenance on his mech. Barbatos charged at Brevron while screaming "NO ITEMS EVEEEERRRR!!!!" Brevron quickly showed Barbatos why he doesn't give a damn for his way of thinking by shooting at him with a face full of photon.
  • As of late, after so many battles with the Pantheon's heroes, other villains, and everything in between, Brevon has started to wonder if he was making too big a step in trying to take over the Pantheon. He decided it might be time to cut his losses and prepare to simply return to his own empire. He'll have to find a replacement deity first, though, and the rules of the place mean that anything he's learned and acquired here will be forgotten and removed. Given that at least two Reality Warpers have personal vendettas against him, he's beginning to see this as an acceptable loss.
  • "Before you decided to throw your life away and interfere with our mission, you should have asked yourself one very important question… What makes you so special?"

    Cletus Kasady/Carnage 
Cletus Kasady, God of Fully Embraced Evil (Carnage)
  • Intermediate God
  • Symbol: The words "Carnage Rules" written in Blood
  • Theme Song: Carnage Rules, Maximum Carnage, Trail of Blood
  • Alignment: Chaotic Evil
  • Portfolio: Ax-Crazy, His symbiote is bonded to his bloodstream, Bomb Throwing Anarchist, The Corrupter, Enjoys dark Comedy, Evil Redhead, For the Evulz, Lean and Mean, Loves the Sound of Screaming, Before he got the symbiote. It just made him worse
  • Domains: Chaos, Killing, Blood, Nihilism, Fear, Family, Freedom
  • Allies: Norman Osborn, Dr.Otto Octavius/Doctor Octopus, The Kurgan, Bryan Fury, Skull Face, Jinx, SCP-106, SCP-993
  • Teeth-Clenched Teamwork: The Joker
  • Enemies: Spiderman, Deadpool, Flash Thompson, Venom, Yuno Gasai, Yukiteru Amano, Ichika Orimura, Teen Titans, Ryuko Matoi, Senketsu, Solid Snake, Link, Zelda, Clark Kent
  • Oppose: Anybody with fire ability or super sonic sound abilities
  • Host:
  • Unlike other symbiote wearers like Eddie Brock, Kasady does not care about suppressing the symbiote's powers and fully enjoys using it to go on large killing spree. He is currently trying to get others to do the same claiming that even the average person can commit murder, if only he has the courage.
  • Once started a killing spree with many other villains in New York in which Spiderman needed a group of other heroes to stop him and his "Family". Kasady is now thinking of starting a similar spree in the pantheon.
  • Many have found it strange that he does not work well with The Joker. Turns out he had worked with him before against Spiderman and Batman. The reason for the dislike is that Carnage thought the Joker's plans were too slow, convoluted, and stupid. The Joker deemed Carnage's methods lazy, unoriginal, and a tad gross.
  • Acquired his philosophy that life was essentially meaningless and futile, that "laws are only words". He also saw spreading chaos through random, unpattern bloodshed as "the ultimate freedom", thus he has attempted to allow people to gain that freedom or give them death.
  • Has tried to break many hope bringers and those that are fueled by friendship by attaching his symbiote to them so that they can see his world views and that the only real thing in life is the freedom of killing. So far, he has failed everytime to break them.
  • Despite Carnage being a psychopath, it's utterly loyal towards Cletus Kasady. How loyal? Once the Symbiote bonded with the Power Cosmic itself the Silver Surfer but left him once he learned of Cletus dying because he was seperated too long from Carnage.
  • Like many Symbiotes, Carnage is weak against fire and loud sounds. Because of this, he tries to avoid anybody with who can use it as a weapon like Johnny Storm, Recca, Black Bolt and Astolfo.
  • Probably the only deity to get along with Cletus and Carnage is Jinx who at times has joined the others in their carnage. She also one of the few other then Cletus himself to fully embrace the Symbiote.
  • Even though all Symbiotes have no gender, Cletus consider it female ever since it birth it's first "son", Toxin.
  • The Carnage symbiote really hates Superman since 'she' is reminded of the Sentry who ripped it apart one time.
  • Once the members of the Mutation Lair were able to seperate Carnage and Cletus from each other and dumped Cletus' dying body so they can experimate on the Symbiote. Big mistake. Because after the red symbiote managed to escape, he went on a rampage taking posession of many members of the pantheon, including Doomsday before reuniting back with Cletus. During its spree, he was able to severely injured many of its tempory host love ones like Yuno, Ichika, Dick Grayson, and Zelda and left many of its temporary host nearly drained of their life force.
  • After bonding with Norman, the Pantheon soon feared the rise of the Red Goblin.

Dimentio, God of Villainous Utopia Desire
  • Intermediate God (Overdeity as Super Dimentio)
  • Symbol: His grin in front of the Chaos Heart
  • Theme Song: Dimentio, Charming Magician, It's Showtime, The Ultimate Show
  • Alignment: Chaotic Evil
  • Portfolio: Faux Affably Evil, The Sociopath, Lack of Empathy, Ambiguous Past, Talks Like a Simile, Sadist, Dragon Ascendant, Reality Warper
  • Domains: Magic, Manipulation, Cruelty
  • Followers: Dr. Eggman Nega
  • Allies: Yuuki Terumi, Kefka, The Joker, Dr. Nefarious, Lawrence, Courtney Gears, Hisoka
  • Enemies: Mario, Luigi, Princess Peach, Bowser, Labrys
  • Additional Relationship: Dr. Eggman
  • After his seeming game over, Dimentio arrived in neither The Underwhere nor The Overthere but instead ascended into this pantheon. He was quite pleased at getting a second chance to realise his plan.
  • Annoyed that the four heroes that defeated him are in the pantheon as well and willing to work together if the time comes.
  • He's formed an alliance with Dr. Eggman but is aware of his alliance with Bowser and standards. Dimentio has planned to strike the moment the alliance takes a turn for the unsalvageable.
  • His own Pocket Dimension, Dimension D, was originally meant to grant him Overdeity status by multiplying his strength to 256 times it's initial amount. Unfortunately for him the effect is applied to anyone else in it, negating any advantage. He mostly just uses it as a prison or fancy battleground.
  • His alliance with Kefka and The Joker was formed smoother than he expected for some reason. He's still worried that it will collapse into infighting for top dog in the last stage of their plan.
    • He also managed to get along with Hisoka for the same reasons as Kefka and Joker, but the hunter made it clear that he also wanted to consider challenging the fellow magician to combat one day.
  • Once attempted to deal a blow to GUAG by overriding Labrys. After a lengthy reboot sequence, Dimentio was not pleased at the end result and that he had drawn attention to himself.

    Junko Enoshima and Monokuma 
Junko Enoshima and Monokuma, Destroyers of Hope (Junko: The Mastermind, Super High School Level Gyaru/Ultimate Fashionista, True Super High School Level Despair/True Ultimate Despair, Super High School Level Analytical Prowess, Ryōko Otonashi, Super High School Level Forgetful Girl, Super Duper High School Airhead; Monokuma: The Headmaster, Super High School Level/Ultimate Despair Headmaster Monobear, Totes Sinister Bear-in-Command)

Renekton, God of Torture-induced Madness (the Butcher of the Sands, the Eater of Souls, Renekhton, Wrekton, Rekton)

    Mayor Richard Wilkins 
Richard Wilkins III, God Of Values Upholding Villains (The Mayor, Mayor Wilkins, The Founder of Sunnydale, Olvikan)
  • Intermediate God
  • Symbol: The Sign of Sunnydale over a Hellmouth
  • Theme Song: Into The Mayor's Lair, War (When He Gets Serious)
  • Alignment: Lawful Evil (though acts like he is Lawful Good)
  • Portfolio: Affably Evil, He treats his subordinates in a friendly and patient way, Beware the Nice Ones, Complete Immortality, Made Multiple Deals with many Devils; A showoff when it comes to his own invulnerability, He won't stand any naughty language, Keeps his Promises, Has Been around since the 19th century, Evil Sorcerer
  • Domains: Deals, immortality, Demons, Magic, Niceness, Evil, Family
  • Allies: Gabriel Belmont, Randall Flagg, Calypso, Melkor, Naraku, Homura Akemi, Sou Fueki
  • Enemies: Buffy, Sam and Dean Winchester, Simon Belmont, Trevor Belmont, The Puella Magi
  • One of the nicer members of the GUAE, he is a polite man with an aversion to swearing and bawdy humor and a smile on his face. He fancies himself as a family man, but this does not stop him from wanting to Take Over the World. This extends to the many deals he has made to gain the powers that he has; though he does keep his promises, he is extremely ruthless, and not even his allies are exempt from being offed. In spite of this, he has such a "nice" personality that many good members of the Pantheon with some claiming him to be like a sort of "Evil Mr. Rogers".
  • Often gives Nyarko advice on her relationship with Mashiro, because he knows what type of relationship would be like between an immortal being and a regular mortal and how that sort of relationship might end. As he states:
    "You're immortal. He's not. It's not easy. I married my Edna Mae in aught three, and I was with her right until the end. Not a pretty picture. Wrinkled and senile and cursing me for my youth, it wasn't our happiest time. I mean, come-come on. What kind of a life can you offer him? I don't see a lot of Sunday picnics in the offing. I see skulking in the shadows, hiding from others. He's a growing young man and you want to keep him from the life he should have till it's passed him by. And, by God, I think that's a little selfish. Is that what you came all the way out here for? Is that your greater purpose?"
  • Is genuinely trying to help Homura, seeing her in the same light as Faith, and wants to listen to her instead of manipulate her.
  • Hates Buffy, to the point of calling her a whore.

    Takeshi Asakura/Kamen Rider Ouja 
Takeshi Asakura, God of the Big Bad Wannabes (Kamen Rider Ouja)
Kamen Rider Ouja 
  • Intermediate God
  • Symbol: The Ouja Advent Deck
  • Theme Song: "Spinnin' Around"
  • Alignment: Chaotic Evil
  • Portfolio: Big Bad Wannabes, Blood Knights, Evil Cannot Comprehend Good, Knight of Cerebus, Purple Is Powerful, Unite Vent, Stylish Villains, Evil Is Bigger, Crazy-Prepared, Petty Villains, Hate Sink, Jerk with a Heart of Jerk, Complete Monster.
  • Domains: Combat, Chaos, Depravity, Crime, Mirrors, Cobras, Death Games, Tragedy
  • Heralds: Venosnaker, Metalgelas, and Evildiver
  • High Priests: Kitazaki/Dragon Orphnoch and Divine/Sayer
  • Allies: All Ascended Toku Villains, The Kurgan, Ali Al-Saachez, Gleeman Vox, the GUAE Trollkaiger (especially Basco ta Jolokia and Yuuki Terumi)
  • Enemies: All Ascended Toku Heroes (especially Shinji Kido/Kamen Rider Ryuki, Ren Akiyama/Kamen Rider Knight, Shuichi Kitaoka/Kamen Rider Zolda, Mitsuzane Kureshima/Kamen Rider Ryugen, and Takatora Kureshima/Kamen Rider Zangetsu (Shin)), Masashi Sudo/Kamen Rider Scissors, Masato Kusaka/Kamen Rider Kaixa, Sora Shiun'in, Judai Yuki, Yukiteru Amano, Yuno Gasai, Reisuke Houjou, Shino Asada/Sinon
  • He made his way into the pantheon after he proved himself to be one of most despicable evil Rider ever exists due to him being entirely evil by committing every misdeed during the war of the 13 Riders. His ways had inspired many of his successors like Ryoma Sengoku and Katsumi Daido, since they do follow his footsteps of being an evil rider much to his amusement.
    • Shinji and Ren were not happy of his ascension in the pantheon since they had faced him during the Rider Battle back in the Mirror World, as the two Riders must prepare themselves once Asakura will make the same moves again.
  • Asakura is somewhat became allies with The Kurgan after he notice of his bloodthirsty methods had impressed the Rider. No wonder that the two of them will work together so they can cause a lot of killings in the pantheon.
  • He also had the same reactions with Ali Al-Saachez after he is impressed with his destructive actions back in his own universe. They also look forward to work together with their schemes to wreck havoc in the future.
  • Also formed an alliance with Gleeman Vox as Asakura was impressed with his DreadZone show. Gleeman also has plans for him to be a part of his game as Asakura doesn't mind about it as long as he gets to kill anyone in that cruel game show.
  • He was also being close allies with the Trollkaiger, mostly due to his close ties with another Toku Villain in Basco, also Terumi was rather impressed with Asakura's Rider form and his contract monster (which is a cobra), and it also reminds Terumi of his own Snake Motifs, which draws closer to Asakura's Cobra motif.
  • He was not very impressed with Takatora Kureshima because he thought he was his Armored/New Generation Rider equivalent but it turns out that the younger Kureshima, Mitsuzane, was following his footsteps until Asakura became disappointed with Micchy who had redeemed himself in the end. The Kureshima brothers also hate his guts because his depravity reminding them of both Sengoku and Sid (and also in Micchy's case, himself at that time).
  • He is not also impressed with Minene Uryu because he thought she is doing his footsteps after she switched sides on helping Yukiteru Amano. Speaking of Yukiteru, he, along with Yuno and Reisuke, hates his guts because of his criminal status reminding them much closer to Takao Hiyama.
  • He had an intense hatred towards Masato Kusaka after he heard his opinion on him being a "low life criminal" that even he knows better than to hang out with. This gets worse when Sora Shiun'in came along as the young duelist perceived him as an evil being probably due to how Kusaka teach his ways to Shiun'in. Upon knowing this, he swears to them that he will kill them someday.
    • Judai also hates him for stealing the Contract Monsters of the Riders he killed and fusing them, seeing Genocider as twisted form of his beloved fusion summon. It should be noted that this is also a reason why Sora Shiun'in hates him but Asakura only laughs at that and points out that his use of Frightfur Chimera makes them Not So Different.
    • To put it simply, almost everyone will usually agree that he, along with Sengoku and Banno, were actually worse than people like Kusaka.
  • Was very angered that his Arch-Enemy Shuichi Kitaoka had managed to ascend into the pantheon, after all they have a bad blood ever since he became a Rider during the conflict between the 13 Riders. As of now, he can finally settle the score with him when the right time comes.

    Vector/Rei Shingetsu 
Vector, Patron Saint of Villainous Reveals and Scary Faces (Rei Shingetsu, Ray Shadows, "Barian", Vector the Villainous, Vector the Manipulator, Vector the Victor, Rampant Vector, Mad Prince Vector, Vectroll, Veccy, Carrot Prince of Crazy, Baby Carrot)
Vector's Barian form 
  • Intermediate God
  • Symbol: A saluting Dandylion with his Nightmare Face, Number C104: Umbral Horror Masquerade and the Barian Emblem.
  • Theme Music: Vector's Tactic
  • Alignment: Chaotic Evil (Feigned being/has become True Neutral, used to be Lawful Good)
  • Portfolio: Villain reveals, Scary faces, Ax-Crazy Duelists, Jerkasses, Hammy Trolls, Walking Spoilers, "I only mean well/bad!", "Jyan-jyan-jyaaaaan!", Treacherous new buddies, Backstabbing Barian Emperor, Faked Kidnapping, Convoluted plans that work in the long run, Former Humans who had their lives massively screwed up until their deaths, Turning good due to friendship and kindness, Never giving up
  • Domains: Chaos, Evil (resigned), Friendship (formerly betrayed), Space, Horror, Trickery, War, Darkness/Light, Redemption, Deception, Planning
  • High Prietess: Terra
  • Followers: Professor Daitokuchi, Dennis Macfield, Zola, Ben Ravencraft, Peter Pettigrew, Genra, Stacey, General Pong Krell
  • Allies: Yuma Tsukumo, Anna Kozuki, Sora Shiun'in, Bruno, Marik Ishtar, Yubel, Carly Nagisa, Judai Yuki, Setsuna Higashi, Gentaro Kisaragi, Mitsuzane Kureshima, Stocking Anarchy, Kyoko Sakura, The Itazura Griefers, Discord, Re-Class, Terra
  • Teeth-Clenched Teamwork: The rest of ZEXAL Deities, Beatrice the Golden Witch.
  • Rivals: Johan Anderson
  • Enemies: The Septentriones (and more specifically, Phecda), The Trollkaiger (Especially Yuuki Terumi, Bernkastel and Nui Harime), Monaca Towa, Monokuma and his Mastermind, SHOCKER, Master Xehanort, Katsumi Daido, HYDRA, Kogane, Milleniumon, Tzeentch, Slaanesh, Masato Kusaka, Sora Takigawa, Takuma Saiou, Number 96: Black Mist, Vanitas, that other Vector
  • Complicated Relationship: Jack Atlas
  • Opposed by: Takumi Inui
  • Vector and Yuma's new pal Rei Shingetsu. What do these two have in common? They are one and the same person. Really, nobody saw it coming since Shingetsu was so totally nice but that was just an act to troll him, as it can be seen here.
    • He also revealed this while making the worse faces that he could think of, which earned him the other title. Vector was just that unhinged, and kept making the Higurashi-tier insane faces after that too.
  • Was once a follower of Terumi but no more due to his Heel–Face Turn. Many have wondered if he really should have the Evil All Along title because of this but Vector said that he was genuinely evil to begin with and his reveal made quite an impression with others trying replicate it. He managed to enforce his position by showing the time he was a SPACE POLICE (or more specifically, how he lied about being one).
    Kaito: I'm NOT letting you morons steal my big scene! I'll DIE first!
  • Vector's very close to Yuma Tsukumo. It moved him that he could put up with someone who wanted to troll and kill him for so long and still be willing to die for him, so he sacrificed himself and turned good for his sake after being revived.
    • The same goes to Gentaro Kisaragi, who actually did die for the sake of friendship. When he heard about "Project Alternate Gentaro", he cringed at the similarities with his actions at Sargasso.
  • Became friends with Adachi and Takano for being redeemed trolling not obvious villains. They and some other adepts have formed the Itazura Griefers to oppose the Trollkaiger and the Lol Rangers. None of them like the former but it goes double for Vector since Terumi used to be his mentor.
  • Has a high intolerance towards people who corrupt others since that was what turned him to evil in the first place, but especially Xehanort because of how he manipulated Terra, which hit him to close to home. That, and Vector is petty and doesn't like how Xehanort is as much of a devious schemer as he is.
    • The former mad prince doesn't like Tzeentch neither, as the Liar God reminds him even MORE of DT and it makes him wonder if he had anything to do with the corruption of the Barian World and/or DT. He does have a certain degree of respect for him. After all, it doesn't pay to underestimate your opponents.
    • However, what Vector truly believes to be his real enemy is the very existence of Rule 43, as it was its existence that gave DT the idea of corrupting him so Slaanesh is also a chaos god that he doesn't like for enforcing the rule in the Pantheon.
  • Some people like bringing up the fact that he cosplayed as Dandylion. But alas, the Trollkaiger really can't use this to get back at him since he thinks that the costume was very comfy.
  • Surprisingly, he respects those that follow his portfolio so long as they pull it off well enough. Deep down, he does wish that they would come around like he did but he doesn't pressure them. For this reason, he doesn't have a problem with Prince Hans and only chided him for grabbing the Villain Ball when keeping up the façade would have been better.
    • Still doesn't like Felix, his former follower. His betrayal and fake friendship wasn't as good by his standards.
    • Vector also commended Airy, Nui Harime and Raynare for their deceptive plans, though that doesn't stop him from opposing Nui, due to being a Trollkaiger member, and the latter, due to using the name Yuma as her alias. As for Airy, he is neutral about her as her being absorbed by Ouroboros reminded him of what Don Thousand did to him after failing.
  • Would be boiled off alive than admit it but he has grown fond of Setsuna Higashi and Terra. The former because she supports his friendship with Yuma due to how genuine it became in the end and the latter because Vector pities him for what Xehanort has made him go through, which kinda reminded him of his own brush with Don Thousand.
    • Curiously, this would make it the second time Terra's Horrible Judge of Character didn't backfire on him (Vector's title is kinda Obviously Evil and so is his appearance), though Ventus and Aqua still keep a close eye on Vector due to how deceptive the alien can be.
  • Has a very tense relationship with his fellows in the "Johnny-come-lately" department (aka "Bakuras") due to how he was really evil. Bruno does want to patch up, Johan is contemptous towards him as he feels that his acts are unforgiveable. This mostly stems from the fact that they are more different. His direct predecessor was a villain but with amnesia and Johan was possessed to become evil.
    • Jack doesn't like him neither. Jack doesn't like how Vector betrayed Yuma, though many can't ignore the physical similarities they have and that Vector has to the would-be child that Carly once dreamed of having with Jack. As a result, Carly has mentioned the desire of adopting Vector, much to Jack's dismay.
    • His relationship with his "distant cousin" Mitsuzane Kureshima was also heading to be rocky, what with Vector reminding him a little of Redyue. But after hearing his backstory and that he did become good in the end, they are on better terms than expected.
  • Vector didn't take it well that Kusaka "stole" his immediate succesor Sora away from him. This antagonism goes both ways since Kusaka would love to see Vector's head rolling on the floor for being an alien.
    • On a similar note, Vector has taken a liking to troll Takumi Inui for behaving so much like Nasch/Shark. Takumi doesn't like him that much as a result, and because of his saluting. In the other hand, he is partially glad that Vector is an alien since the horror stories Shark has told him about Vector has made him dread the idea of Vector and Kusaka teaming up to make their lives miserable.
  • May or may not be an alternate universe version of Marik. Marik's opinion about this was sheer disgust at first since it reminded him of Bakura and even Yami Marik (The Nightmare Faces don't help since Yami Marik was the Yugioh Trope Maker) at times, though he has recognize that they are very similar and Vector has also turned good as he did so they are able to have a civil relationship as long as Vector promises that he won't start acting crazy or backstab him.
  • As both are redheaded Ax-Crazy friends of Yuma who have tried to kill him once at least, Anna Kozuki is the only ZEXAL deity that doesn't have quite as much Teeth-Clenched Teamwork with Vector. It helps that she was... absent when he made the reveal. Although Anna didn't take well when she found out that it was him who brainwashed Umimi, she eventually grew bored of trying to blow him up since it didn't work and prefered to join forces against Raynare for sulling Yuma's name instead.
  • Due to their surprisingly similar pasts (where the father has killed their family and became cynic afterwards), he is somewhat chummy with Kyoko Sakura.
  • Really didn't take well No.96's ascension. He also doesn't like his new "buddies" Bernkastel or Vanitas neither and will try to kill them if he gets the chance.
  • Has gotten into fights with the Septentriones (especially Phecda) as of recently. They and the Admins that sent them see him as a "error" due to sharing the same Big Dipper Stellar Theme Naming yet being chaotic. An error that could be "fixed" in his case, but Vector is not aware of this.
  • Also present in the Houses of Emotion and Personal Appearance.

Lesser Gods

    Ali Al-Saachez 
Ali Al-Saachez, God of Villainy for the Hell of it (Gary Biaggi, The Indestructible Saachez, Prince Ali)

    Chairman Drek 
Ultimate Supreme Executive Chairman Alonzo Drek, God of Extremists Without Good Intentions

    The Illusive Man 
The Illusive Man, God of Villains with Vision (The Leader of Cerberus, Jack Harper, TIM)
  • Lesser God
  • Symbol: The Cerberus Insignia
  • Theme Song: The Illusive Suite
  • Alignment: Lawful Neutral (Though his enemies see him as Lawful Evil)
  • Portfolio: Affably Evil, Ambition Is Evil, Creates Many Plans to Work in his favor, The Chessmaster, Consummate Liar, The Extremist Was Right, Glowing Mechanical Eyes, Willing to work with aliens so long as it suits his goals
  • Domains: Control, Power, Righteousness, Manipulation
  • Allies: Sundowner, Mistral, Monsoon, Solidus Snake, Funny Valentine, Victor Von Doom, Lex Luthor, Maximillion Caxton, Nikolai Bulygin, Cao Cao
  • Enemies: Clark Kent, Commander Shepard and all their comrades, Raiden, Solid Snake, Ragyo Kiryuin, Harbinger, Satan, The Incubators, The Guardians of The Galaxy
  • He created Cerberus as he believed that he's trying to make humanity the most dominant species in the galaxy without their reliance on outside forces.
  • Out of his dislike for other beings, by various means he has attempted to make humanity strong enough to fight any outside forces.
  • Had a grand vision that humanity should rule the galaxy, and he will make sure they are given the power to do so, despite many of them opposing him.
  • When he discovered the Pantheon, he was displeased at how many non-human races there are. This led him to seeking allies to make sure that humanity would be the dominant species in the Pantheon as well; even if it means working with said non-humans.
  • Praises any Human that has been advanced with any sort of enhancement for evolving humanity to the next step and tries to either convince or have them kidnapped for experimentation to figure out how to use such abilities for the rest of humanity.
    • After recent events, he has renounced the type of tech he was using because it led him to his downfall by indoctrination. He has allied with Doctor Doom to use similar technology without these effects.
  • Is utterly disgusted with Ragyo Kiryuin, he admits that a good number of his operations are shady at best and dangerous at worst but he finds that her obedience to the Life Fibers and what she did to her children is a good enough reason to work with Shepard to eliminate her.
  • Has hired Desperado for various operations due to how well one of his best men, Kai Leng, operated.
  • He has taken his temple in the Pantheon and added it to his spaceship which often changes location in the Pantheon's space, thus no one except his allies knows where he is at a given time.
  • Once considered to be a part of YHVH's Ministry but Jack turned it down because, not even The Great Will or his angels should be in charge of humanity's destiny, but themselves.
  • Believes that The Incubators and even Satan himself should be destroyed and prove their views on Humanity wrong as to him Humanity can become strong enough to defeat any adversary no matter how powerful.
  • Agrees with Lex Luthor on the fact that Metropolis relies too much on Superman and that they should only rely on themselves.
  • Despite being one of his/her biggest enemies, he sees Commander Shepard as a Worthy Opponent who deserves the utmost respect. He desperately wants Shepard to join his side as opposed to killing him/her, and is quite annoyed when his underlings refuse to show the same respect.
  • There's a deep secret The Shadow Broker has on the Illusive Man: Apparently, the only person he's bedded twice was an asari Matriarch. So much for his Humanity Is Superior stance.

    Johann Schmidt/Red Skull 
Johann Schmidt, God of Nazism (The Red Skull, Dell Rusk, Bettman P Lyles, Cyrus Fenton, Tod March)

    Makoto Waltz Segai 
Major Makoto Waltz Segai, God of Villains with Unknown Motivations (The Hangman, Scarface)
  • Lesser God
  • Symbol: His cellphone with a Creepy Doll
  • Alignment: Neutral Evil masquerading as Lawful Evil in front of his superiors.
  • Portfolio: Invades Funeral Parlor's base, "Awesome McCool" Name, Bad Boss, The Chessmaster, Chronic Backstabbing Disorder, Combat Pragmatist, Dissonant Serenity, Faux Affably Evil, Loves Violence and Voids, The Sociopath, Torture Technician, Wild Card
  • Domains: Sociopathy, Torture, Military, Carnage, Violence
  • "Allies": Yuu, SHOCKER, Ryoma Sengoku, Sundowner, Gauron, Esdeath, Nobuyuki Sugou
  • Enemies: Shu Ouma, Inori Yuzuriha, Gai Tsutsugami, Mana Ouma, Lelouch Vi Brittania, Kallen Kozuki, Kamille Bidan, Night Raid, Kirito and Asuna
  • Opposed by: Anyone who has been tortured.
  • Makoto Waltz Segai is a major of the GHQ with a rather...interesting background. Nobody knows what he is up to nor what he intends to do, and rather eccentric to boot, but he is far from nice. He was often tasked with hunting down key enemies for GHQ and he was frightenly effective at killing them until one day he witnessed what Voids are capable of by watching Shu Ouma kill a bunch of GHQ soldiers and he is fascinated by them, to the point that he is willing to go out of his way to experience voids again.
  • Nobody expected him to show up, so this heavily alarmed Shu and Inori since that meant GHQ still had a presence after they were defeated. However, Segai pretty much came on his own without no one forcing him to come here. Apparently he finds the pantheon entertaining and wanted to be a part of it, though there are still hints that suggest he is stalking Shu to see him use the Power of Kings, last time he saw him he ended up dead after all.
  • He joined forces with Yuu once again, now that GHQ is out of bussiness he decided to aid him and join SHOCKER in their mysterious plan. He certainly is intrigued by one of Da'ath's allies, Ryoma Sengoku, who plans to make an Apocalypse Virus infested Kamen Rider, the very idea fascinates the major and is willing to go through with the plan all the way.
  • Back when he served as a GHQ Major, Segai was considered to be very effective at his job of capturing Funeral Parlor members (Shu being one of those), but now that he is unemployed after the organization went down, Segai decided to become a freelance agent. He prefers to target rebels because of the old days and he actually got to become enemies with personal friends of Shu like Lelouch.
  • Seems to have an amicable relation with Gauron, given their shared sadism and effectiveness when it comes of doing the job plus he mostly introduced Segai to the world of Mercenaries. Though they both really know that they are willing to backstab each other, which strenghtens their friendship for some reason.
  • His obssession with Shu often labels him as a Stalker with a Crush, but he himself explained that he does this not because of the man, but because he really loves Voids and their potential. Well, that's what he tells everybody anyway.
    • Strangely enough, this made him become friends with Esdeath, who also a Sadist that also stalks her foe, although her situation is truly a case of Stalker with a Crush. Plus, she values Segai determination to hunt down his foes and considers him a worthy ally. Segai on his part is very entertained about the motion of watching Esdeath slaughter her foes.
    • His alliance with Esdeath also caused Night Raid to label him as a potential target. Segai is not afraid of them though, he has a lot of experience with rebel groups after all.
  • Has been hired by Nobuyuki Sugou by recommendation of Ryoma Sengoku, with the explicit order of capturing his foes, Kirito and Asuna to get back at them. He also found a few similarities with Segai and compared Shu to Kirito at times, but Segai at least is not into little children as he says, but keeps his relationship strictly professional and will do as he says. Obviously neither Kirito not Asuna were happy about this.
  • Apparently a fan of torturing his victims to get information out of them and he doesn't hold back either. Many deities that have been tortured in the past really hate him for that.
  • Seems to have struck a deal with Sundowner, believing that without war Segai would be unemployed and simply have nothing to do. Besides, he doesn't have a problem in capturing children if he is commanded too.
  • Ultimately, it should be noted that Makoto Waltz Segai only holds loyalty to himself, having a really nasty habit of backstabbing the ones he deems useless. Even after having found himself a sizeable amount of allies, he himself still only does whatever he wants.

    Shin (Fist of the North Star
Shin, God of Motivation-Inspiring Villainy (Lord King, Star of Martyrdom, Successor of the Nanto Koshū Ken)
  • Lesser God
  • Symbol: The crest of the Southern Cross
  • Theme Music: Southern Cross
  • Fighting Style of Choice: Nanto Koshū Ken
  • Alignment: Lawful Evil
  • Portfolios: Bishōnen, Inability To Understand Goodness, Obsession On Might, Master of Nanto Koshuken, Motivating Heroes With Evil Acts
  • Domains: Law, Villainy, War, Martial Arts
  • Followers: Joe Chill, Dennis Carradine
  • Allies: High Councilor Kal-El/Regime Superman
  • Friendly Enemy: Kenshiro
  • Enemies: Raoh, Sigma, Raditz, Peter Parker/Spider-Man, Bruce Wayne/Batman, Clark Kent/Kal-El/Superman, Lois Lane, the other Shin
  • Conflicting Opinion from: Epsilon (Mega Man), Repliforce
  • Meet the man responsible for Kenshiro's deification. Shin, the successor of the Nanto Koshū Ken fighting style, was a childhood friend of Kenshiro's, but held one fatal flaw: he pined for Kenshiro's woman. This, along with some manipulation by Kenshiro's evil "Hokuto brother" Jagi, resulted in him assaulting Kenshiro, coercing Yuria into leaving with him, and conquering the former Kanto region with the KING organization and their city of Southern Cross, founded and built by him. This is what first drove Kenshiro on his rampage against the villains of his post-apocalyptic world. Unfortunately, it also drove Yuria to attempt suicide by jumping off the palace balcony in hopes that Shin would stop the madness.
    • Thankfully her suicide was averted by some friends who actually came to her aid in response to a different threatening suitor — Raoh. Knowing he couldn't take Raoh in combat, Shin left her in their care and pretended to have killed her in order to throw Raoh off her scent and settle the score with Kenshiro. He maintained the ruse throughout their final battle, and threw himself off the balcony as she had when it became clear the alternative was death by Kenshiro.
  • Even though the work was done after inflicting a good deal of pain to him, Kenshiro thinks of Shin more highly than the usual villain as a result of their friendship and out of respect to their mutual love for the same woman. Likewise, Shin also has a better opinion of Kenshiro after his mortal death, in which it's revealed that his villainy was due to him being had by Jagi. He's still a bastard, but has developed some standards in his villainy. Raoh, on the other hand, does not like him.
  • Spider-Man and Batman are both against him because he reminds them of both the crooks who killed their loved ones and started them on their crime-fighting lives as well some of the more tragic members of their Rogues Galleries. The latter also affords him a small measure of respect from them also.
  • Completely hates Raditz for having been friends with Jagi when the latter was in the Pantheon, and for being the same kind of lowly underhanded coward as that bastard.
  • Shin sympathizes with High Councilor Kal-El due to his villainy coming as a result of being manipulated into killing the woman he loved and going mad from the incident. This does not sit well with the original Superman and Lois Lane.
  • Fellow imperial villainous dictators like M. Bison and Frieza have attempted to forge alliances with him, but he has turned these down on principle, for they have no limits to the carnage they are willing to cause nor are they motivated by consideration for anyone else. He's beginning to rethink this when it comes to Frieza following the Tournament of Power, but is waiting to see what Frieza does in the future before ever trusting him.
  • Is willing to support Epsilon and the Repliforce for being played into their dangerous acts as he was, and holds Sigma in contempt for doing so (albeit indirectly in Epsilon's case, but still). The robot republic rebels are more than a little hesitant to accept his aid given that he's still a prideful villain himself.
  • For a short time a few were confused as to when he got temples in the House of Faith, or when a Supreme Kai relocated to the House of Villains. When he and said Kai finally met, they immediately disliked one another. The Kai sensed something sinister about him, while the Lord King pegged the shorter deity as a pacifistic weakling well out of his element.

    Walter White 
Walter White, God of Better Living Through Evil and Using Knowledge for Crime (Mr. White, Heisenberg, The Cook, The One Who Knocks)
  • Lesser God, seeking the power of a Greater God
  • Symbols: A blue crystalline head with a Nice Hat and Beard of Evil, a chemistry beaker with a piece of blue meth besides it
  • Theme Music: Baby Blue
  • Alignment: Neutral Evil (formerly Lawful Good)
  • Portfolio: Bald Villains, Evil Beard, Greed and Pride, Evil Intellect, Normal People Who Become Powerful, Villain Protagonists, Magnificent Bastards, Elaborate Schemes, Familial Love, Selfishness
  • Domains: Crime, Chemistry, Drugs (especially meth)
  • Allies: Has a few uneasy alliances, most notably with Moriarty, but he hates feeling like a subordinate to anyone else and thus will tend to look for opportunities to betray, backstab, or wrest power from anyone who holds power over him. Between this and his selfish egoism, he has alienated most of his potential allies.
  • Enemies: Vimes, Sherlock Holmes, Omar Little, Rick Grimes, every Super-Hero in the Pantheon, all criminals that he feels are too stupid or chaotic to Do Wrong, Right.
  • High Priest: Stringer Bell
  • Ascended to the pantheon when his series concluded with record high ratings and near-unanimous critical praise, securing his legacy in television history. His unprecedentedly gradual and meticulous Face–Heel Turn took over six years, two in Comic-Book Time.
  • While he claims to only be in the game of crime for the sake of bettering the life of his family, his raging ego has only increased since his ascension and he now demands respect and adulation from everyone around him.
  • His behavior is unpredictable, going back and forth between careful plotting and rash, ego driven action. Between this and his issues concerning other people controlling him, he is unpopular among many would-be allies.
  • Is on the edge of declaring Omar Little his Arch-Enemy, both because Omar keeps stealing his money and product and because Walter can't stand being defeated by someone he sees as an intellectual inferior.
  • Very common for him to tell people to say his name. When people reply, he only answers, "You're goddamn right."
  • Since ascending Walt has strangely begun to amass large piles of cash around his seat and bags of blue crystal meth have been sighted in the hands of departing visitors, making some wonder if Walt is up to his old schemes again.
  • While his genius and piles of cash are of value to anyone wishing to make an ally of him, and he has no supernatural powers unlike so much of the pantheon, Walt has a history of turning even the most powerful allies into corpses and securing their power for himself. Thus, many are hesitant to trust him, and those that do keep an eye on him at all times.
  • Walt has been seen discretely leaving David Xanatos' chambers on occasion. When the two are questioned, Walt has feigned ignorance and Xanatos has said he just wants to get to know a fellow schemer he hasn't met before. If they're sizing each up as enemies or if they're concocting some sort of plan together, no one knows.
  • While his family is still back on earth and has disowned him, Walt still tolerates no danger to them. Anyone who threatens them, regardless of power levels or alignment, will make a permanent enemy of him and he will use all in his power to destroy them.
  • Also holds a spot in the Pantheon of Crime; it's because of that house he holds the rank of Lesser God, because he is too widely distrusted and disliked by his fellow criminals to get a larger foothold… yet.

    The Wolfpack 
Umbrella Security Service Delta Team, Deities of Equal-Opportunity Evil (The Wolfpack, Lupo: Karena LesProux; Four Eyes: Christine Yamata; Beltway: Hector Hivers; Bertha: Michaela Schneider, Spectre: Vladimir Bodrovski)
Clockwise from top: Beltway, Four Eyes, Spectre, Vector, Lupo and Bertha


King Macbeth, God of Evil Ambition (Thane of Glamis, Thane of Cawdor, King of Scotland)
  • Demigod
  • Symbol: A pair of bloody hands
  • Alignment: Neutral Evil
  • Portfolio: Megalomania, Tragedy, Seeing Ghosts, Paranoia
  • Domains: Evil, Ambition
  • Superior: William Shakespeare
  • Allies: None besides his wife; he trusts no one else.
  • Enemies: Everyone else, especially The Weird Sisters and any other witches (including Bernkastel, Lambdadelta, Elphaba Thropp, and Charlotte the Dessert Witch), and the House of Prophecy.
  • Romantic Rival of: The Overlord, Ra's al Ghul, Littlefinger
  • He ascended after his short reign and death were told by Shakespeare.
  • Whenever his name is mentioned behind the scenes at a theater production bearing his name, things tend to go awry.
  • Ever since three witches screwed up his life by giving him prophecies, he is very hostile towards witches and members of the House of Prophecy now, regardless of their morality.
  • Even though Romeo and Juliet are happy to see someone else that came by way of Shakespeare, they're a bit put-off by his paranoid nature.
  • He sometimes looks like Jean-Luc Picard. When asked about this, Picard simply does his thing and goes the other way.
  • Goliath was surprised when he heard that Macbeth was coming to the Pantheon, thinking that it was one of his allies from his home universe. He was disappointed to find this Macbeth instead.
  • Was overjoyed when he heard that his wife had ascended. The rest of the Pantheon, especially the House of Royalty, is keeping constant watch on them as they worry that he and his wife are planning to usurp them. Because of this, spies and surveillance are constantly on watch in all of their temples to see what they are planning.
  • Engaged on a witch hunt with his wife after hearing that the Weird Sisters have ascended the Pantheon for their vague prophecy leading his fall and death. This got the couple banned from the House of Prophecy and Magic.
    • Upon their witch hunt, he stumbled across Gul'dan and was immediately disgusted that the warlock has the ability to contact demons to perform his deed. The fact that he is an ogre also makes Macbeth's hatred for him increase ten-fold.
  • Because of her ruthlessness and the ability to assist and convince Macbeth to follow go through with the killing, many evil overlord with thirst for power have set their eyes on his wife and scheming to win her heart or kill him off. These people include the Overlord (as she is similar to one of his possible consort), Ra al Ghul and Littlefinger. Macbeth naturally isn't pleased with this development.