Thousand Year Reign

Kimiko: Why a thousand?
Master Fung: It is really 962 years, but a thousand sounds more ominous.

This is when The Empire, or some other organization, is somehow estimated to last a certain amount of time. 1,000 years is common, but there are likely other time frames. The important thing is that this is about assuming the length beforehand, not how long it actually lasts.


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  • In Gladiator, that is how long Commodus wants his incestuous line to last, when he thinks he's won completely.
  • Referenced several times in the WWII drama Conspiracy, which takes place at a time when the Nazis were absolutely convinced that they were moments away from victory.
    Neumann: Neumann, director of the Four-Year-Plan. Whom may I be speaking to?
    Klopfer: I speak for Martin Bormann, of the Thousand-Year-Plan.
  • In Star Wars Attack of the Clones Palpatine references the thousand years of the Republic. In A New Hope Obi-Wan refers to a thousand generations. note 


     Live Action TV  

  • The Lannisters in Game of Thrones have this goal in mind. In Season 1 Lord Tywin discusses the war plans with his son Jaime, explaining that the events of the coming months will either cement a Lannister/Baratheon dynasty on the Iron Throne that could last a thousand years, or they could collapse into nothing like the Targaryens (who made it to 300 years themselves).

     Video Games  


     Western Animation  

  • The "Woodland Critter Christmas" episode of South Park, where the The Antichrist is supposed to "bring a thousand years of darkness to the forest".
  • Spoofed in Xiaolin Showdown. One episode revolves around them locking up their dragon Dojo for the day, because on that particular day he'll turn evil, grow two heads and devour all of the magical Shen Gong Wu items, leading to 1,000 years of darkness. The spoof comes from the quote above.
  • In The Legend of Korra, Harmonic Convergence is a supernatural event that occurs once every 10,000 years, in which the spirits of harmony and chaos, Raava and Vaatu, must battle to determine which force will reign until the next Harmonic Convergence.
  • My Little Pony: Friendship Is Magic begins with Twilight Sparkle reading an old legend that states that the stars would aid in the escape of the Nightmare Moon on the longest day of the 1000th year of her banishment, when she would bring about nighttime eternal.

     Real Life  

  • Older Than Feudalism: 1,000 years was the prediction for how long Rome would reign made by Cicero, which is probably the Trope Codifier in the Western Hemisphere. (He wasn't entirely wrong. The Eastern Roman Empire lasted until 1453,note  and the Ottoman Emperor claimed the title of "Kaysar-i-Rum" "Caesar of Rome" until 1922.)
  • Ancient Chinese emperors tend to be greeted with "萬歲!" ("May you reign for 10,000 years") but most dynasties only lasts about 400 years or so.
    • There is a careful delination with these acclamations, Empresses are acclaimed "A thousand years!" And sometimes, particularly powerful officials would be sarcastically greeted (not out loud, obviously) with "Nine thousand years!"
  • Guess how long Those Wacky Nazis, who had a massive hard-on for Ancient Grome, expected the Third Reich to last?
  • "Tenno heika banzai" the Japanese battle cry that gives the phrase "banzai charge" means literally "Ten thousand years! [ to the Emperor]" Since the Emperor was understood to have a normal human lifetime, this wasn't meant literally.