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Recap: The Wild Wild West S 1 E 11 The Night Of The Red Eyed Madmen

A senator's daughter breaking up with her fiancÚ is the first step in a chain which leads West and Gordon to a militant group planning to overthrow the United States government. West manages to join the group and starts to gain their trust by overcoming various tests which they put him through, but he is in constant danger of being recognized, events are beginning to move quickly and somehow word has to get to the fort at Goldtown before things explode...

Tropes present in this episode:

  • Big Book of War: The Mars Academy has the "blue manual."
  • The Cavalry: Arrives just in time to keep the militants from scattering to the four winds and escaping.
  • Deliberate Values Dissonance: Played for humor at the end of the episode when Artie opines that the idea of equality for women is ridiculous and those who believe in it must be insane.
  • Idiot Ball: General Grimm's army clutches it to a man (and woman) after Jim impales their leader on a knife meant for him in front of an audience - namely said army. To paraphrase the Novelization of the movie of the musical of Annie (with "Jim" and "him" in for "Annie" and "her"), "Now, of course, if they'd all rushed him at once, Jim wouldn't have had a chance. But somehow this never occurred to any of them."
  • The Order: The Mars Academy is organized along these lines, recruiting like-minded individuals and subjecting them to a rigorous application process.
  • Soft Glass: Artie dives straight through a closed window as he makes his escape from the Academy. Doesn't seem to hurt him one bit.
  • Strange Salute: Artie comes up with one in his disguise as Col. Cross; it's basically a combination of three different, more common salutes.

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