Pantheon / Living Objects

This particular sub-house stores every inanimate object that somehow lives in existence. If you're here, be mindful of what you're touching.

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Greater Gods

    Polygon Man 
Polygon Man, God of Living Polyhedrons (Polygonal Mastermind)

Intermediate Gods

    Aku Aku and Uka Uka 
Aku Aku and Uka Uka, Dueling Siblings of Floating Masks (Aku Aku: Aku-Aku, Uka Uka: The Great Uka Uka, Uka-Uka)
Aku Aku (Left) and Uka Uka (Right)
  • Rank: Intermediate Gods (Goes up a rank when they are Invincible)
  • Symbol: A Box with either the face of Aku Aku or Uka Uka.
  • Theme Song: Invincible Aku Aku and Invincible Uka Uka respectively
  • Alignment: Neutral Good (Aku Aku) and Chaotic Evil (Uka Uka)
  • Portfolio: Floating Masks, Witch Doctor, Cain and Abel, Expressive Mask
  • Domains: Mask, Magic, Voodoo, Good and Evil
  • Allies:
  • Rivals: Majora (For Uka Uka. His brother considers it an abominable threat)
  • Enemies: Each other
  • The twin brothers Aku Aku and Uka Uka were once two powerful Witch Doctors whose spirits now reside in masks. Given his younger's brother malicious nature, he sealed Uka Uka in an underground prison in hopes of keeping him at bay. While he ended up befriending Crash Bandicoot. eventually taking care of him and joining him on his adventures, Uka Uka was indeed freed from his prison and decided to enlist the help of Dr. Cortex.
  • Both are opposed to the idea of sharing house and originally only Aku Aku was the one considered for ascension, but he preferred to have his brother around him in case he decided to wreak havoc when he was absent. Though most of the time they are very civil with each other and try to keep conversations between them as short as possible.
  • Given that they were Witch Doctors in the past, it's no surprise that Aku Aku made friends with Voodoo, Vol'jin and Nazeebo, who are also witch doctors. Uka Uka only found Dr. Facilier on his side, but even then the Shadow Man is terrified of Uka Uka given that he doesn't have fond memories about Floating Masks, but the more he obeys the mask the better.
  • They have the power to turn anyone invincible for a very short time, which the GUAG AND GUAE found useful. But Aku Aku prefers that his power isn't weaponized at all and tries his best in stopping his brother from doing the same. Fortunately, Uka Uka isn't someone to keen on taking orders from anyone, so for now he refuses to be the tool of someone.
  • To their surprise, they weren't the only magical masks that wandered the halls of the pantheon and they learned about the existance of majora. While Aku Aku is indeed horrified that such creature could even exist, Uka Uka on his part says that conquering or destroying the earth is his job and won't allow Majora to take all the credit.
  • Aku Aku became good friends with Hata No Kokoro after learning that she collects mask and she is quite impressed by him. She once decide to use him just to mess with Reimu, prompting Crash to chase after her.
  • Both once decided to settle their differences by making some of his friends and minions duke it out in a series of minigames. While the stopped doing that, sometimes they would use Mario Land when they decide to compete against each other.
  • Aku Aku has been fighting evil for many centuries and considers his duty to defend earth from evil. Given his connections to nature he is in very good terms with the House of Nature and can often be seen there with Crash.
    • Given his ties to the jungles, Aku Aku is not very fond of Mordremoth and for a very good reason. However, he has been careful about dealing with said dragon without proper aid.
  • Uka Uka is known for having a very deep and threatening voice, which has cemented his status as a villain. This has made him buddies with The Kurgan, who in a surprising turn of events also sounds like him.
  • People have tried to guess what does Aku Aku say when he is summoned. The most common answer would be "Ooga Booga!".
  • Courage is very scared of Uka Uka given his bad experiences with scary masks thanks to Eustace. Uka Uka would often mess with the poor dog by jumpscaring him.
  • Samurai Jack initially though that Aku Aku was just another avatar of his archenemy Aku and immediately set out to destroy the mask. However, Aku Aku was able to explain that he was in no way related to Aku and he actually reminds him a lot of his brother.
  • Sometimes they can't be seen looking rather differently than usual, prompting many to believe that they are actually two unrelated masks. Some may even joke that this Uka Uka lost weight.
  • Can also be found in the House of Headwear.

    Alphonse Elric 
Alphonse Elric, God of Living Suits of Armor (NOT the Fullmetal Alchemist, Al)
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  • Intermediate God
  • Symbol: The blood seal on the inside of his neck.
  • Alignment: Neutral Good
  • Portfolio: Living armors, being the calmer of two brothers, being rather fast for his size, being cute and able to fight for himself, having a smaller older brother, possessing love for felines.
  • Domains: Family, Alchemy, Combat
  • Allies: Edward Elric (his brother), Roy Mustang, Alex Louis Armstrong, Van Hohenheim (his father), Rand al'Thor, Sakaki, Beerus the Destroyer, Greed the Avaricious, Eiji Hino/Kamen Rider OOO, Androids 17 and 18, Android 16, Avatar Aang, Avatar Korra.
  • Enemies: Father Homunculus, Lust the Lascivious, Pride the Arrogant, Nox, Albert Wesker, Relius Clover, Mordekaiser, Mard Geer Tartaros.
  • Followers: The Exalted.
  • Alphonse Elric has endured tragedy almost from the very beginning of his life. His father walked out on the family, his mother died of an illness, he and his brother Edward went out of their way to learn alchemy from a stern housewife, they tried using that alchemy to resurrect said mom with ingredients that together make up a human body…and ended up losing Ed's arm and leg and Al's whole body to The Truth for their troubles. Al's soul would've gone too, except Ed drew a seal in his own blood within a suit of vintage armor which once belonged to their father to keep the younger Elric brother around. Then they became part of the Amestris state military, with Ed as the official State Alchemist codenamed Fullmetal and Al as the unofficial sidekick/proof of Ed's skill…and proceeded to go through the death of at least one comrade and then learn the horrible truth about an Ancient Conspiracy and how all the above events were connected.
  • Inevitably, though, the Elrics and their friends both in and out of the military were able to defeat the masters of the conspiracy; the Homunculus from the Gate who called himself Father along with the "children" of his seven sins, as well as the many sellouts of Central Command. He ended up giving himself up to the Truth to give Ed his arm (and peak conditioning) back during the final fight against Father, being one of two key assists to help Ed finish Father off and getting his original body back (albeit largely emaciated) in exchange for Ed's alchemy. Even though his normal body has been fed back to health and he has a great reluctance of ever returning to a non-corporeal state, Rand al'Thor gave him the ability to shift his soul into his armor in situations where his normal body would be too risky to use.
  • He often spends time with his brother, either training together in hand-to-hand combat or studying alchemy. He often does this without his armor since this has the effect of newcommers to mistake Alphonse as the Fullmetal Alchemist, something that has a tendency to aggravate Edward.
  • His outwardly sunny attitude contrasts with his brother's tough-guy disposition; while Ed usually inspires with his actions and ends up in vitriolic friendships, Al is better at motivating and convincing people of their worth through words alone. For example, he's the only one outside of Greed, the one good homunculus, to get human chimera soldiers to voluntarily join his side, simply by convincing them that they were still human despite the experimentation. Androids 17 and 18 like him for this reason.
  • Has also befriended Android 16 due to being a kind-hearted non-organic giant who considers life precious, "the non-organic giant" being specific to his armor-soul state.
  • When they first met, Greed wanted to learn how to become immortal through soul-bonding like Al's case with his armor. This pissed Ed off since he knew Al was emotionally troubled about his inability to feel things as a disembodied soul, and immortality that can be undone with damage to a blood-drawn design isn't exactly solid to begin with. Since entering the Pantheon, Greed is immortal without such a cheap method as the armor. Unlike Ed, Al doesn't tend to pick on him about that as much.
  • Whenever he visits the House of Beasts, cats have a tendency to mysteriously disappear after he has spent time there alone. Other cat owners are also extra wary when Al enters their residing House.
    • That said, the cats usually turn up where they were supposed to be later on when he realizes they're safe. He was just trying to protect them. He and Sakaki have bonded over their common love of cats. Also manages to naturally get along with Beerus for this reason, though the God of Destruction is quick to demonstrate his power so Al realizes who should be protecting whom.
  • Al has the ability to capture and restore the souls of those killed by blunt force trauma to the head…provided it happens right in front of him so they don't get to fly away before he catches them.
  • Al was left absolutely mortified after seeing a video that basically told him that the human transmutation recipe he and Ed used in an attempt to revive their mother was completely wrong to begin with and had nothing to do with the soul.
  • Gets along really well with Avatar Aang due to their similar friendly attitudes and refusal to casually take or abuse life. Also likes Korra, Aang's successor, though he does find himself breaking up an argument between her and Ed at times since they're both tough-minded and headstrong. Between this and how similar the Avatars' past life connection is to the walking Philosopher's Stones, he thinks Korra would get along really well with his father.
  • Has loved stew ever since he could remember. Seriously. Even back when he was a kid before losing his body, whenever he was told stew was waiting for him at home he would shout an enthusiastic "FUCK YEAH!"

Fiddlesticks, God of Evil Scarecrows (The Harbinger of Doom)
  • Intermediate God
  • Symbol: His scythe and a crow.
  • Alignment: Neutral Evil
  • Portfolio: Pants-Shitting Scarecrows, Semi-Eldritch Abomination, Glowing Eyes of Doom, Bad Guys Using Dark Powers, Evil Laugh, Drain, CAWCAWCAWCAWCAW.
  • Domains: Fear, Crows, Scarecrows, interpCAWCAWCAWCAW.
  • Allies: Jack Skellington, Thaal Sinestro.
  • Rivals: Defenders of the Ancients (Radiants and Dires).
  • Fiddlestick's first appearance in the pantheon caused all crows in the House of Beasts to flock towards the temple of As Nodt. As Nodt was later found torn to shreds. This act resulted in the House of Justice to reevaluate As Nodt's position as the despotic god of fear. The Judge ruled that As Nodt's ascension was only due to supposedly killing Byakuya Kuchiki and not much else. As Nodt was then removed from the Pantheon.
    • Fiddlesticks originally attempted to take over as a God of Fear, giving an extensive list of those he had caused fear in, but Sinestro already had the position. He was instead given the title of God of Evil Scarecrows after the currently non-ascended Jericho Swain stated "Think logically for one secCAWCAWCAWCAWCAW". This was attested by the already ascended Darius and Draven, both having served under Swain at a time, claiming that it's Fiddlesticks' fault.
  • After ascending, Fiddlesticks was given an invitation to join The Sinestro Corps, to which Fiddlesticks accepted for currently unknown reasons. Although Sinestro himself is more than wise to prepare himself against possible backstabbing events, unlike that poor schmuck who summoned Fiddlesticks to Runeterra.
    • Fiddlestick is not happy with the addition of As Nodt to the Sinestro Corps, but Sinestro has managed to keep him in line. While he has promised not to rip As Nodt to pieces a second time, this does not exclude him from fearing and draining the former god...
  • While most gods are wary around Fiddlesticks, Jack Skellington appreciates his talents in scaring, and is in fact trying to find ways to incorporate his crows into Halloween festivities.
  • Is rumored to perform surprise parties, substituting his crows for balloon animals. Admittedly, what was missing is for him to conjure a Scary Black Man voice and then saying, "Surprise, motherfucker!"
  • It is not entirely sure what it is that people see when he casts his potent Terrify spell. Though there is a famous theory...
  • "Those who say 'you have nothing to fear but fear itself' have not yet felt the crows."

Lesser Gods

Banette, God of Creepy Dolls (Jupetta, The Marionette Pokémon)
  • Lesser God (Intermediate God as Mega Banette)
  • Symbol: A zipper along with the Mega-Stone Banettite
  • Alignment: Chaotic Neutral
  • Gender: Male
  • Ability: Frisk (Prankster as Mega Banette)
  • Moves: Sucker Punch, Phantom Force, Will-O-Wisp, Destiny Bond
  • Portfolio: Creepy Dolls, Ghosts Driven By Revenge That Absorb Similar Feelings From Others Which Makes Them Feel Cheerier, Those with Slasher Smiles, Non-Evil Darkness, Pranksters, Zipperiffic, Glass Cannons, Capable of Mega Evolution
  • Domains: Dolls, Ghosts, Zippers, Revenge, Trickery
  • Followers: Chucky The Doll, The Tails Doll
  • Allies: Suigintou, Alice Margatroid, Yubel, Judai Yuki, Uncle Howee, Hisako, Gengar, Bloody Marie
  • Odd Friendships: Yoshino, Murasaki
  • Rival: Freddy Fazbear
  • Enemies: The Other Mother, The cast of Toy Story, Gardevoir and Gallade, Absol, Most evil ghosts from the House of Ghosts, Casper, Coraline Jones and Chihiro Ogino
  • Unknown Relationship: Asuka Langley
  • Opposes: Most children on the Pantheon (excluding his partner), anyone with Dark-type or Dark Is Evil powers.
  • A cursed energy permeated the stuffing of a discarded and forgotten plush doll, giving it new life as Banette and now it seeks the owner than discarded it. Banette was ascended after Mako Reizei found it in a trash bin when she was going to throw away some garbage. There's no prize for the one who guesses her reaction.
  • Gets along very well with Suigintou, who understands his plight and was angry that he was found on trash given the implications. Alice Margatroid, who was with Suigintou when they first met him, also seems to be interested on him.
    • Also seems to have found kindred spirits with Hisako, due also being a revengeful ghost (Though the reasons are different).
  • Bonded with Yubel because of their rather similar origins, though the Marionette Pokémon is a little jealous that the demon managed to move on from that and lives happy with her not-former owner.
    • However, he doesn't seem mind that much Judai neither after hearing about his actions regarding a doll similar to him called Alice. It helps Judai is not a child so he has no reasons to mistake him for his owner.
  • So far the only puppet that hangs out with Uncle Howee that we can know for sure where it came from. The kids show host has been trying to dull down the hatred Banette feels for children. Only time will tell if it works.
  • Though they pity him, the toys from Toy Story oppose him due to him reminding them of Lotso. Banette doesn't like them neither, believing they are just deluding themselves if they believe that they will never be discarded like he was.
  • Possibly the polar opposite of Freddy Fazbear regarding their opinion on childen but they don't seem to hate each other that much so they prefer to compete over who is more scary for giggles.
  • Doesn't like Casper. AT. ALL. Not only is that ghost is a little too friendly to children to his tastes, the ghost himself is a child. Casper doesn't like him neither for hating children. It should be noted that Banette is not sure if Casper is his former owner, now dead. If this was the case, then his hatred would be double because it would mean he wasn't able to get his revenge on him.
    • Though he is able to set that aside when it comes to the more nastier ghosts like the Ghost Lady, Sadako and Samara.
  • HATES the Other Mother, who constantly plans to kidnap children to "love them" and then eat their souls. He may hate children, but that's horrible even for him!
  • Despite his flaws, he has something of a soft spot for people who do seem to really care about their dolls (Though odds say he would flip out at them if it turns out this wasn't really the case). Banette often goes to spend some time with Yoshino and Yoshinon from the House of Quirks and Murasaki and Bebeby from Personal Appearance.
  • Is confused at Asuka Langley. At times she claims that she hates him and at times she says she pities him. He would rather avoid her if he could help it.
  • Has a really hard time trusting children due to not knowing which was the one who discarded him. As such, everyone was surprised that Sora Shiun'in managed to earn his trust to make it his partner. Though considering that while he mutilates his own toys, he never considers them trash (In fact, it angers him if anyone else does anything to them!) so Banette must have been on to something with him... It helps that both are tricksters too.
    • Many feared that this partnership would turn into an Evil Duo but that's not the case. Banette is not actually that nasty. Banette may be driven by revenge but he also sucks away any negative feelings of the people around him. Including Shiun'in's. Indeed, the impish kid seems to behave himself a little better whenever he is with Banette...

Drifblim, God of Living Gasbags (The Blimp Pokemon)
  • Lesser Goddess
  • Symbol: A purple air balloon
  • Alignment: Chaotic Neutral, though often mis-labelled as Chaotic Evil
  • Ability: Flare Boost
  • Gender: Female
  • Moveset: Phantom Force, Fly, Shadow Ball, Explosion
  • Portfolio: Supernatural is Purple, Flying Ghost Balloon, Said To Kidnap Children, Living Gasbag, Bizarre Monsters, Hit Point Beast, Only It Can Have Flare Boost
  • Domains: Ghosts, Balloons, Kidnapping, Wind
  • Followers: Derrown, SCP-312, Sky Fish
  • Allies: Gengar, Casper, Hisako, Danny Fenton, Altaria, Nao Midorikawa, Klefki, Dumbo, Latias and Latios
  • Teeth-Clenched Teamwork with: The House of Children
  • Rival: Weezing
  • Enemies: Beedrill, Zubat, Springtrap, Crixalis, Eneru, Al'Akir, Tenshi Hinanawi, Sakuya Izayoi
  • Opposes: Ice and electricity users (especially Articuno and Zapdos)
  • Drifblim is the evolved form of Drifloon, also known as the Blimp Pokemon. A strange, purple ghost, this Pokemon resembles a balloon and gets around by being full of air. The winds ended up dragging her into the Trope Pantheon. There, she would argue her case in staying there, and proved her worth as the goddess of living gasbags. She originally wished to be the God of Balloons, only to find that Carl Fredricksen had taken it. She considered him a good partner for her travels, and joined his balloon float.
  • Like Drifblim, Weezing is a Living Gasbag and was considered for the position. While both are powerful gas creatures, the House of Wind and Air did not want Weezing there because of the stinking gas it produced and barred it to the House of Toxicity. Weezing often butts heads with her in hopes of taking her position.
  • Drifblim is a nocturnal Pokemon, and as such is often stuck with the other gods' night shifts. She'll avoid staying long in the House of Light and Darkness, as the day-night cycle there is confusing. As a living balloon, she naturally avoids the House of Bladed Weapons(though will use Explosion if really feeling threatened); Drifblim worries the most about Sakuya Izayoi due to the range of her knives. She also doesn't trust Beedrill in the slightest, due to the dagger-like stingers of his.
  • Drifbl's species, and its pre-evolution Drifloon, are somewhat notorious due to the legend that they kidnap children(and adults in Drifblim's case) to Arceus knows where. As such, Drifblim is considered an "evil" Pokemon, though the Drifblim in the pantheon is adamant against these rumors; yes, a few of its kind kidnap kids For the Evulz, but most either take them by mistake or for non-malicious purposes.
  • Even the evil Drifloon and Drifblim prove pitiful, since they either aren't strong enough to carry the kids or winds disrupt him. She also opposes Springtrap due to being a zombie child killer. It is unclear whether this is a PR campaign, a compassion towards children or both. The House of Children appreciates the support, but still
  • She can control drift by generating and releasing gas, but to truly fly she needs the gust and wind. As such, when not working she'll rarely leave the House of Wind and Air. She's very close to the Flying-type Altaria, who's Cloud Nine prevents chaotic flight paths, and the kind-hearted green-winded Nao Midorikawa. On the other hand, she hates the presence of Al'Akir in her house, as his tornados make piloting a nightmare.
  • Usually keeps an eye on the House of Weather to predict flight paths. This has led her to antagonize Tenshi Hinanawi, who's Weather Dissonance makes Drifblim's travel exceedingly difficult. Has a part-time job in the House of Travel, delivering packages and people to and from house. She's found Dumbo to be great help, and is friendly with fellow Pokemon Latias and Latios.
  • As a Flying type, Drifblim is vulnerable to ice and electrical attacks. This leads her to avoid the likes of Eneru, and especially the powerful Articuno and Zapdos who's hail and thunder is incredibly dangerous for her.
  • Though not too much of a concern, she really doesn't like Zubat due to a flock of them getting in her flight path and biting at her.
  • As mentioned, Drifblim is a ghost, and as such has a kinship with the House of Ghosts. She gets along with the friendly ghosts there, particularly Gengar who's kin come out at night. She does like Rotom, but wants to stay her distance because of its electric typing. She also likes to play pranks with Klefki.
  • So far, Drifblim and her pre-evolution are the only Pokemon with the Flare Boost ability; if burned, this boosts her special attack by 50%. This has been advantageous whenever she needs to get out of trouble in the House of Fire and Electricity.
  • Has been seen floating around in the House of Wind and Air.

Goliath, God of Gargoyles and Hurting Heroes

Steelix, God of Living Minerals (Haganeil, The Iron Snake Pokémon, Solid Steelix)
Mega Evoultion 
  • Lesser God (Intermediate as Mega Steelix)
  • Symbol: His head
  • Alignmemt: Chaotic Neutral
  • Gender: Male
  • Ability: Sheer Force (Sand Force as Mega Steelix)
  • Attacks: Crunch, Iron Tail, Gyro Ball, Dragonbreath
  • Portfolio: A Steel Ground Mon, Power and Defense, Mega Evolution
  • Followers: Most rock Pokémon
  • Allies: Ash Ketchum, Pikachu, Misty, Registeel, Ira Gamagoori, Steel
  • Opposes: All Fire, water and earth (Ironically) using gods and Martial Arts using gods, and Gajeel Redfox.
  • Enemies: Ghetsis, Ryoma Sengoku
  • Fears: Toph and Magneto
  • Steelix had ascended mostly after hearing that of the Pokémon partnerships and realized that Brock didn't have one and as his first Pokémon he immediately found a way to join his partner.
  • He is rather weary of Gajeel noting that he eats metal Remembering the one time it almost ate his tail. Since then Gajeel has apologized but the Pokémon is still on edge.
  • A few scientist are interest in his construct and want to experiment on him though evil scientist want to extract the minerals in order to be used for nefarious purposes.
  • Is deathly afraid of getting wet—as a result it tends to stay away from water gods or any body of water.
  • Once met with the Mob as they were excited to find "Solid Steelix" in their midst. While this Steelix was confused as to this name, he does smirk when he learned how he squared up against what was considered the Archangel Zapdos during the final battle at Mt. Silver.
  • He occasionally can be seen sparring with Gamagoori in order to test each other's limits and improve their defenses.
  • He fears Toph and Magneto after witnessing their ability to control metal and is afraid that they might turn him into a giant metal ball. Though both are hardly interested in the doing that to the rather large snake.
  • He was once a pain in the ass as a Onix well because of his strong defense... Or so he would like you to think. In reality, he was pretty easy to get rid off since he was kinda slow, couldn't hit hard and fainted at the drop of a hat to special attacks. He got better.

Tak, God of Living Statues


    Toys of Toy Story 
The Cast of Toy Story, Collective Deities of Living Toys