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    Chou Chou 
Chou Chou, Goddess of Befriending the Enemy and World Conquest (The Undisputed God, The God of Creation, Undisputed God of the Universe, Chouchers, Chouey, Cream puff)
One of Chou Chou's many forms

Greater Gods

Eris, Goddess of Slinking Evil (Discordia)

    Ganondorf Dragmire 
Ganondorf Dragmire, God of Villainous Scheme Hijacking (Ganon, The King of Darkness/Evil/Thieves/Disrespect, Demise, Demon King, Calamity Ganon, Crenando, G-Cash)
  • Theme Song: Ganon's Tower
  • Greater God
  • Symbol: The Triforce of Power. Alternatively, a flaming effigy of his head
  • Alignment: Chaotic Evil
  • Portfolio: Sorcererous Evil Overlords, Declaring Himself a God and having the power to back it up, Conquering Hyrule, Reviving From the Dead, Revealing himself to be the true Big Bad (over and over... and over)
  • Followers: The Archmage, Myotismon, Vilgax, Shendu, Twinrova, Agahnim.
  • Allies: Dracula, Xehanort, Bowser, Vaati, Dr. Eggman, Dr. Wily, Zant, Ghirahim, King Boo, Sigma, Giygas, Vanitas
  • Enemies: Link, Zelda, Mario, Luigi, R.O.B., Peach, Fi
  • He and Link have done battle many, many times. However, no matter how many times Link kills him, Ganondorf continues to return to oppose him. Though some have speculated it has to do with Time Travel and his standing as Link's archnemesis, no one knows how he does this. He's gotten smarter in later years and has fought Link through a network of allies and minions to conceal the fact he's still alive, but it hasn't resulted in much more success than when he did it himself.
  • Some have prophesied that when the final battle of Good and Evil is almost done, Ganondorf will rise from Melkor's ashes and reveal Melkor was an alter-ego of his, and he's been the controlling force of the House of Evil all along. Though few pay this theory any mind, Link fully expects it.
  • Has once stated that he and Captain Falcon are more similar than the Pantheon thinks.
  • There was a short time where it was debated if Ganon should keep his position after it was learned that He's merely the incarnation of the hatred of a being even greater than himself: Demise. Ultimately it was decided he would remain a god as his predecessor is dead for good, and Ganondorf is more or less the same being.
  • With Zelda's arrival into the Pantheon, Ganondorf has redirected a portion of the GUAE's efforts into capturing her. Drawing her and Link together, Ganondorf hopes to again claim the power of the Triforce, which he believes could even overule the collective power of the Main House. Whether this claim is true or not, no one is willing to find out.
  • Is actually opposed to the House of Crime, due to his people the Gerudo worshiping members of the House rather than worshipping him.
  • His alliance with Eggman and Bowser has the potential to draw out the fullest potential of science, magic, and brute strength within the GUAE's ranks, making this Power Trio a high target on the GUAG's agenda.
  • As the protectors of Hyrule have continued to grow stronger within the Pantheon and threatened to completely overwhelm him, Ganondorf put his faith in Ghirahim's magic studies, and has been granted even greater power and form.
  • Currently trying to figure out how to handle the legion of fangirls drawn to him by his new appearance since the ritual. While a bit flabbergasted at first, the King of Evil simply laughed and decided to weed out the worthiest of them to turn into a new society of Gerudo thieves, since his own stopped worshipping him.
  • Where his own version of Captain Falcon's Falcon Punch might not be as powerful, he is shown with his Warlock Punch that he is a force to be reckoned with even without magic. Observe.
  • One of his alternate weapons are two giant 8-Bit dungeon boss keyswhich disturbingly look like serrated Keyblades. The good KH deities look worried, while Master Xehanort and Vanitas reacted with raised eyebrows.
  • As of his latest incarnation, Ganondorf seems to have given up his humanity in exchange for raw power, becoming an abomination of (literally) pure Malice, known as the Calamity Ganon. This form also came the closest to total victory of any of his incarnations, nearly killing Link, successfully killing the four other Champions, turning the Guardians against their creators, and plunging Hyrule into a Dark Age for over 100 years. As such, comparisons have been made between Ganon's new form and Giygas, who also traded sanity for power, and to Vanitas, who is interested in testing whether Malice is related to the darkness that he himself is made out of.

    Hades (Kid Icarus
Hades, God of Playing the Field (Lord of the Underworld, Jerk, "Go Home")
  • Greater God
  • Symbol: His "representative" symbol from Kid Icarus: Uprising
  • Theme Music: Hades' Infernal Theme
  • Alignment: Chaotic Evil
  • Portfolio: Planning In Circles Around other Divinities, Holding Legitimate Godhood, Seeing All Allies As Cannon Fodder, Manipulating Another God For Two Games, Being A Dangerous Riot, Putting Tim Curry To Shame, Continuously Feigning Kindness, Being Second-Strongest In His Universe, Constantly Mocking Everything That Moves
  • Followers: Medusa, Pandora, Thanatos
  • Enemies: Pit, Palutena, Viridi, most everyone in the GUAG, Ruby Rose, Grenth
  • Worthy Opponent: The other Hades
  • Domains: Death, Chaos, War, Evil
  • Ultimately seeks to turn the entirety of the Pantheon at ends with one another to collect the most powerful of souls. Sadly—for him—he does an absolutely terrible job at concealing his intentions.
  • When confronted by the other Hades of the Pantheon, the Hades here promptly laughed and mocked him for being defeated by a single punch. Even upon being informed the punch had been delivered by Hercules, he did not waver from his initial statement. For THIS Hades to be defeated it took having his heart destroyed, getting cut in half, getting his head crushed, and FINALLY getting hit by a large Wave Motion Gun to kill him, and he doesn't want to damage his reputation.
    • However, he was genuinely impressed when he saw that Hades' true form and what he could, actually commenting he would probably have to bring out his Devastation Ensemble to even the odds. As such, whenever the two of them cross paths nowadays, Hades just gives his counterpart a lazy wave and occasional taunt. From him, that's high praise indeed.
  • Notable for being able to tolerate Excalibur.
  • Hades was initially legitimately surprised that Hazama had already claimed the position of Trolling God. However, Hades was just as quick to laugh it off and comment that the other god was "merely keeping his crown warm for him".
  • Works with Grima in experiments involving souls, and together they have created several new types of monsters.
    • Also helped remake Grima's body after he decided to show that he could survive an attack from Asura.
  • He and Viridi were recently in a battle sparked after he commented that she and Pit should get married. They destroyed half of both the Houses of Nature and Villains and most everything in between.
    • His words on the subject afterwards? "Yow, she's a feisty one!"
  • He can sometimes be found speaking with Excalibur over a cup of tea. Supposedly, Hades is trying to new ways to annoy people and is receiving education from Excalibur. He denies this, though, claiming he's simply learning about his "friend's" world and history. Regardless, most gods leave the room whenever they start talking.
  • Recently, Hades spent several days keeping pressure off of his back. While he has refused to disclose any information to most anyone who asks, eavesdropping on a conversation between him and Excalibur has revealed that it was related to an unseen bout between him and the recent-recruited Bowser in the Underworld.
  • Was offered a place in the Usurpers faction in the upcoming Pantheonic Rebellion by Satan, but declined. For now, he's content to just sit on the sidelines and watch events unfold (and maybe harvest some fallen souls in the meantime).
    "Look at you, scurrying around behind old Melky's back and betraying him. It's classic. Besides, the Pantheon is my flower to plunder, not yours!
    • He may or may not be planning to harvest all of the Upsurper's souls if they fail. To this end, he has been seen consorting with Yhwach recently, likely to make some sort of deal on that end to lay off of them.
  • Shown here, he is not a fan of the adventures of Ruby Rose. Whenever the two encounter each other in the Pantheon, Hades quotes this video at the girl to troll her. Though the mortal who made the video with Hades agrees with him, he acknowledges that her series was at least trying).

... Okay, so who's nex-


Harbinger, God of Villainous Overrides (The First Reaper)
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Intermediate Gods

    Dolores Umbridge 
Dolores Umbridge, Goddess of Tyrants Who Take the Helm

    Dr. Facilier 
Doctor Facilier, God of Villainous Helping (The Shadow Man)
  • Theme Song: "Friends On The Other Side"
  • Currently Intermediate God with the Friends' power, formerly Quasideity
  • Symbol: The charm from the Friends or his cane and hat with a set of tarot cards
  • Alignment: Neutral Evil, pretends to be Neutral Good
  • Domain: Voodoo, Trickery, Impersonation, Shadow
  • Portfolio: Helping others for his own agenda, The Barnum, Controlling Shadows, Jackass Genie, Lean and Mean, got dragged to the other side
  • Allies: The Disney Villains except Judge Frollo, Bernkastel, Kirei Kotonome, The Incubators, The Other Mother, Orochimaru,
  • Enemies: Tiana, Charlotte LaBouff, every good Disney deities, especially Ariel and Snow White, Shrek, Spawn, Commander Shepard, Goliath, Voodoo, Vol'jin, Nazeebo, Master Chief, Link, Black Panther, Coraline Jones, Crash Bandicoot
  • Respected: Johan Liebert, Hannibal Lecter
  • Interested In: Dark Link
  • Ascended because the evil deities in the Pantheons are impressed that he almost succeed in talking both Naveen and Tiana into a deal with him just by using words alone. He is able to properly escape the Other Side and got this position because the Disney Villains want to expand their influence in the Pantheon and thus negotiated the Friends From the Other Side that Facilier is more useful in the Pantheon.
    • However, it should be noted that he is still in debt with the Friends From the Other Side and is determined to repay it. This led Facilier to be extremely dangerous to those who felt for his trick as he is very desperate to collect souls and pay off his debt in order to keep ruling in his temple.
  • Charlotte LaBouff was NOT please when she heard what he did to her best friend and has to be held down from attacking Facilier right after he got ascended. Tiana on her part decided to avoid Facilier as much as possible due to the fact that he still has his power but not before saying that she wished that he would dig a little deeper and finally find what he truly wants. Facilier ignores her.
  • He is grateful for the Disney Villains' negotiation with the Friends to give him a chance to pay off his debt and promised to do what he can (for now atleast) to pay off this favor.
    • However, contact with the Disney Villains brought him to the attention of Judge Frollo, who condemned him for using witchcraft. This annoyed Facilier and he threatened to turn Frollo into frogs if he ever see Frollo again.
    • Due to this alliance, he isn't very liked by the other Disney good deities but he got especially hated by Ariel and Snow White due to the fact that he operated very similar to Ursula and the Evil Queen.
    • Because of his connection with the Disney Villains, he sometime brags that he is the love child of Captain Hook and Cruella De Vil. No one really believes him considering that the two live in two different time periods and places.
  • Because of his method of operation, he earned the respect of other magical beings who used similar tactics like Bernkastel, Orochimaru and Kirei. He is also curious about the Incubators' work and was very displeased when heard that he isn't suitable to make a deal with them due to not being a prepubescent girl.
    • He also greatly respected those who desmonstrated impressive ability to utilize his temple's power even without power such as Johan and Hannibal Lecter.
  • After finding out that he is able to sound like a lot of gods in the Pantheon, Facilier would gladly taking advantage of that fact in order to trick their allies into making disastrous deals with him.
    • Spawn and Goliath was NOT pleased when Facilier used their voice into tricking their love ones into dabbles with dark magic, as well as due to the fact that they had fallen for similar tricks in their universe.
    • He also almost succeed in collecting Commander Shepard's soul by taking advantage of his similar voice to Shepard's deceased officer David Anderson and faked his appearance as a ghost to tricked Shepard through guilt into a deal with him. His plan was foiled by the crew of the Normandy and Shepard was VERY pissed off when hearing the situation.
    • Black Panther also swore to hunt him down when T'Challa stopped a scheme hatched by Facilier to convince the people of Wakanda into making a deal with him by faking the voice of a version of their king.
    • After finding out that his voice is similar to the Cat in the world of the Other Mother, Facilier attempted to trick Coraline Jones into making a deal with him. However, she was able to deduce that the Cat doesn't talk in her mortal world and foiled his plan. Coraline came to despise him ever since but Facilier scored point the Other Mother's book for his trick and similar method of operation. However, they came to a clash when neither of them want to share the souls they caught with each other and immediately parted way due to conflict in interest.
  • Because of his usage of voodoo to trick and hurt people in such petty but horrific ways, he earned the ire of many good deities who used voodoo, which included Nazeebo, Vol'jin and Voodoo (who doesn't like the cheap tricks Facilier does), all of them swore to erase Facilier in order to cleanse the name of voodoo. They got assistance from Crash Bandicoot because Facilier both reminds Crash of his evil brother Uka Uka and tainted the good name of his good friend's Aku Aku name as a former witch doctor.
  • Because of his power over shadow, Facilier was very interested when he found out about the existence of Dark Link and sought to control it to do his bidding. His effort hasn't been proved successful so far but Facilier earned the ire of Link himself in the process.

    Kazuya Mishima 
Kazuya Mishima, God of Epic False Heroes

    Mayuri Kurotsuchi 
Mayuri Kurotsuchi, God of Unpunished Villainy (Mayuri-sama, Captain Freakshow)

     Raul Menendez 
Raul Menendez, God of Almost Successful Villains (Odysseus, Cyclops, Old Cyclops (by Frank Woods), Dezzy, Nexus Target, The Messiah of the 99%)

    SCP- 993 
SCP-993, God of Corrupting Children (Bobble the Clown)
Still image from "Bobble's Kitchen Surprise"
  • Rank: Safe by SCP Standards, Intermediate God by Pantheon standards
  • Symbol: A still image of his show
  • Alignment: Chaotic Evil
  • Portfolio: Depraved Kids' Show Host, Corruption And Harmful to Minors, Monster Clown, Kids Show That Deserve Higher Than An R-Rating, Self-Aware TV Shows, Eldritch Abomination
  • Domains: Clowns, Corruption, Depravity, TV, Madness, Children (Abused)
  • Allies: Pennywise, the Joker, Johan Liebert, Asdrubael Vect, Gleeman Vox, Grimm, Cletus Kasady
  • Interested in: Evil children like Eric Cartman, Mandy, Hansel and Gretel. Also Arya Stark and the Monsters sub-house
  • Enemies: The SCP Foundation, Fred Rogers, Uncle Howee, Mr Slave, Iroque, The Men in Black, Emmet Brickowski, Barney the Dinosaur, Toriel, The Powerpuff Girls
  • Opposed by: The entire Children sub-house and anyone protective to kids, good members of the House of Craft
  • SCP-993 seems, at first glance, rather strange to be locked up in the SCP Foundation. It seems to be an educational TV show, run by Bobble the Clown. However not only is the TV show sentient(and allegedly existed as far back as cave paintings), but a deeply malicious Eldritch Abomination who guides children under ten on how to preform depraved acts. Cannibalism, murder, torture and [DATA EXPUNGED], it seeks to corrupt kids and was rightfully contained in the SCP Foundation. At least until the GUAE Corruption Agents decided to break it out.
  • Gods under 10 are forbidden to watch Bobble the Clown. They will be knocked out until the program ends, and the gruesome activities in the show will be ingrained in their mind. Repeated exposure can result in permanent psychotic and schizophrenic symptoms. Any broadcasts of SCP-993 are to be intercepted and recorded for future use, and anyone under 10 who watches must be dosed with a Class A amnesiac after giving a description. With his ascension into the the Trope Pantheon, he has been denied any access to the House of Children, Technology or Theater.
  • He is one of the very few beings to earn Fred Roger's outright hatred. As Mr Rogers is in charge of a children's show to help them out while SCP-993 wants to turn kids into psychopaths, It's Personal for him. Given his reputation, the clown would rather not get close to him. For similar reasons the normally peaceful Barney the Dinosaur is revolted by him. Uncle Howee has some particularly sadistic payback to get back at the monster.
  • Asides from performers, anyone who values kids hates his guts. Mr Slave has a soft spot and wishes to shove him up his ass, while Toriel doesn't want his hands on any kid. Emmet Brickowski opposes his depraved crafts, and the Powerpuff Girls see him as a major villain to deal with. He's tried to control the last ones, but as they're Made of Good it hasn't gotten anywhere.
  • Was rather amused by watching Gleeman Vox. While his tastes are somewhat different, he's fine helping his show spread to all ages. Grimm is working with him in order to better despoil children's work. New episodes of Bobble the Clown have had Asdrubael Vect and the Dark Eldar join in so as to make the show even more corruptive.
  • Indigo-1 and the Indigo Tribe considers eliminating him a top priority. While they brainwash or use More Than Mind Control to redeem psychopaths, SCP-993 creates them. Bobble has sent out episodes on how to overcome them, as they're ruining his work, though it's unclear what that work would lead to other than his entertainment. According to some he may be the Horseman War, with the other three being SCP-237-7, SCP-027 and SCP-053.
  • Rather frustrated by his containment, and wants to get out. In the episode "[EXPLETIVE] YOU, [EXPLETIVE] YOU, [EXPLETIVE] YOU", Bobble the Clown angrily gives instructions on breaching containment for various SCPs and how to kill personnel there. Once he got in the Trope Pantheon, he's tried to break in the Monsters sub-house and find gods there to get at the Foundation. Also leering at the things in Maximum Security. He wants to eliminate the Men in Black as well, seeing them as similar to the Men in Black.
  • Despite being barred from the Children sub-house, this still hasn't stopped him being interested in the children of the Trope Pantheon. He likes the malice that Eric Cartman and Mandy have embraced, initially believing that they were influenced by him. This isn't the case, and he's all the more amused by their natural cruelty. Considers Hansel and Gretel to be impressive, and was amazed by what Johan Liebert has accomplished.
  • Has shown some interest in Arya Stark, admiring her vengeance. More accurately, he hopes to pervert and mold it so that she commits atrocities worse than the likes of Ramsay Bolton. Thankfully it hasn't gone anywhere yet since she's not listening to him.
  • Seems to get along with Pennywise, to most gods' terror. They are inhumanly cruel things who have lurked around since time immemorial, and take the form of clowns. While there's an annoyance when it comes to dinner, it doesn't hinder their Villainous Friendship. He likes the brutality that Carnage inflicts, and fellow Monster Clown the Joker is amusing to him.
  • Believes that he gets a bad wrap, and has made his fans make a trope page for him to be honest. It's Blatant Lies.

Lesser Gods

    Basco ta Jolokia 
Basco ta Jolokia, God of Harming Children and Depraved Exchange

Bradwarden, God of Trampling (Centaur Warrunner, Centaur Warchief)
  • Lesser God
  • Symbol: Horn and hoof
  • Alignment: True Neutral
  • Portfolio: Our Centaurs Are Different, Gladiator Champion Without Any Challenges Who Seeks Worthy Foes, Hoof Stomp, Double Edge, Return, Stampede, Blood Knight, Violent Culture, Very Tanky in Health and Aggressive Playstyle
  • Domains: Centaur, Trample
  • Allies: Khorne, Leonidas, Cú Chulainn, Samuel Rodrigues, Undyne, Saxton Hale, Zaraki Kenpachi
  • Rivals: Axe, The Champions of Runeterra especially Xin Zhao and Hecarim, Chiron, Ventari, Maximus, any Worthy Opponents
  • Enemies: Tirek
  • Opposed by: Centorea, Simba
  • Teeth-Clenched Teamwork: Baine Bloodhoof
  • Odd Friendship: Tiny
  • A champion among the centaurs in the arena of Omexe, Bradwarden found himself empty when he has no one to fight. Upon hearing of the War of the Ancient and the Pantheon, he stampeded through into the face his next challenge. It is said that he trampled the unexpected as he paved through the road of the Pantheon with the crushed victims.
  • He would enter the House of Combat in order to find someone that is worth a challenge. He fights mostly gladiator champions to see if they were as strong as him. One of the gladiators included Xin Zhao, one of the survivor from Noxian games and now a warrior of Demacia, in which Bradwarden would gladly face.
  • As a gladiator who has killed to satiate his bloodlust, he appreciate those that kill for glory and wars. In additional, he would see his allies as worthy opponents to face in a duel.
    • Some thought that his love for combat would attract the attention of the Chaos Gods, especially Khorne, and corrupt him to a Chaos Chosen leading the Beastmen.
  • Among other centaurs, he considers the passive ones to be weaklings as his culture is based on violence. He is not well-liked by Cerea since he is a lot like the male centaurs in her world, thuggish and violent. He viewed Chiron with bitter rivalry because of their more passive nature compare to a centaur and considered Ventari a coward.
    • However, he consider Tirek unworthy of being a centaur because of his reliance on magic rather than his strength. And he's ugly...
    • It does consider Hecarim as his most intense rival and he may consider him a Worthy Opponent as he shows the strength and dread of a centaur.
  • Because of the similar attack, his Double Edge is often compared to the move some Pokemon are capable of using. Despite the same name as Return, it is not the friendly-powered attack, but a damage-reflecting passive ability.
  • Baine is not respectful towards him as in his world, the centaurs are the arch-enemies of the Tauren.
  • Some believed that Bradwarden wasn't always... bloodthirsty. He was once known as "Centaur Warchief" and his goal was to defend the Sentinel from the ongoing Scourge. He used to be a heroic centaur... until something happened and he became the Blood Knight he is today. He has made no comment on the issue.
  • Despite the two heroes being of different backgrounds and motives, Tiny and Bradwarden are good friends. They bonded when they made a famous strategy of Tiny tossing him into the battlefield and let Bradwarden get the initiative by stunning them.
  • Like Godzilla, he was prohibited from meeting Bambi. While he would compare the little fawn to Enchantress, considering how Godzilla and Bambi met, it was a safety precaution.
  • Because of how Simba saw that his father was trampled by a herd of wildebeest, he doesn't like him for that traumatic incident.

    Lord Galbatorix 
Lord Galbatorix, God of Off Stage Villainy

    Tai Lung 
Tai Lung, God of Meaningless Villain Victory
  • Lesser God
  • Symbol: An blank Dragon Scroll
  • Alignment: Neutral Evil
  • Portfolio: The Chosen Wannabe, Cats Are Mean, Hero's Evil Predecessor, Arrogant Kung-Fu Guy, One-Man Army, Fallen Hero, Wished to make his master proud, imprisoned in Chorh-Gom Prison for twenty years, Pride, uses nerve strikes, chance of redemption only to care only about the Scroll
  • Domains: Pride, Meaningless, Victory
  • Allies: Unlikely to have any because of his pride
  • Rivals: Adon
  • Enemies: Po, The Furious Five, Rufus and Bob, Ryu, Kim Kaphwan, Minato Namikaze, Chen and Li Li Stormstout, Panda King, Aang, Katara, Korra, Hinata Hyuga, Obi-wan Kenobi, Neo, Harry Potter, Wyldstyle
  • Orphaned, he was taken in by Shifu and trained under him at a young age. Wishing to please his father, he wanted the Dragon Scroll which lead to him becoming arrogant, and was denied by Master Oogway because of it. Outraged, he ravaged the Valley and tried to take it by force, only to be defeated by Oogway when Shifu hesitated to defeat his son. He was then imprisoned in Chorh-Gom Prison for twenty years until he escaped. He was defeated by the Dragon Warrior and Shifu's new student, Po.
  • He actually did get what he wanted: The Dragon Scroll. Only to be meaningless as he found that the scroll is completely empty and he didn't understand the metaphorical meaning in which Po understood about there is no "secret ingredient."
  • He and the Furious Five fought each other at the Thread of Hope and he defeated the Five with his nerve strikes. Of the Five, Tigress is the most hostile toward him because the two were adopted by Shifu and she hated him for making Shifu so bitter and how much he was almost like her.
  • He at first made fun of pandas when Po showed himself to be the Dragon Warrior, he was humiliated by him in their fight. He has since hated pandas because he lost to THE big, fat panda. Another panda that he hates that isn't Po is Chen, who is almost like him.
  • After he was defeated by Po through the Wuxi Finger Hold, nobody knew what happened to him. Though, when Po used the technique on himself to take him and Kai into the spirit realm, it is logical to think that he was sent there as well. He was also a piece of jade armlet worn by Kai when he turned all masters in the spirit and mortal realm into jade.
  • His nerve strike techniques is a bane for martial artists and benders, especially the latter as it blocks their chi which prevent them from bending. Though it has little effect on fat people like Po, because their fat makes striking the pressure point very difficult to find.
    • He made an enemy of another chi-blocker, Hinata Hyuga, whose clan specialize on striking pressure points and she doesn't like that he was evil for hurting innocents and being selfish.
  • There are some accounts of villains who accomplish their goals only to gain little to no value. For example, Eggman hosted a World Grand Prix and he achieved getting a rare treasure, but he only found a flying carpet which is worthless when compared to the modern Gears.
    • Another is Ganondorf who tricked Link and Zelda into leading him into the Sacred Realm and the Triforce. However, when he touched it and he was not perfectly balanced in virtue, he only possess the Triforce of Power and the Triforce of Courage and Wisdom were given to Link and Zelda, respectively, and they eventually defeat him. Another time was when he beats up Link and summoned the complete Triforce, King Daphnes Nohanson Hyrule touched the Triforce before he did and granted his wish of completely flooding the ancient land of Hyrule, his entire goal was conquering the land.
  • Tai Lung sometimes boast that other Chosen Ones are nothing compare to him, despite the fact that he was rejected for his pride and lust for power. Actual Chosen One just ignore him since they have better things to do than deal with a wannabe.
    • Even some Chosen Wannabe like Wyldstyle wouldn't go that far as advocate as what Tai Lung done.
  • He found that are other arrogant martial artists, though as usual, they tried to challenge each other over who is the superior master so the rivalry is rather explosive and "legendary."
  • Because he end up turning against his old master, Shifu, many masters have been wary of him, especially those who's students betrayed them.


    General Tarquin 
General Tarquin, God of Initial Villain Unthwartablity (Tarquin)
  • Demigod
  • Symbol: He in his helmet and armor, raising his finger as a teacher pointing something out, above a box containing one of his "Tarquin's Tips"
  • Alignment: Lawful Evil
  • Portfolio: Great knowlege in the story structure, but not his place in it, wearing scary armor, being Evil Counterpart to several people at once, Evil Overlord, Dragon-in-Chief, Evil Genius, The Bluebeard, The Chessmaster, Crazy-Prepared, very cool and pragmatic, hot despite his age, self-centered, Villain Of Another Story
  • Domain: Evil, Knowledge, Theater, War
  • Allies: Lex Luthor, David Xanatos, Grand Admiral Thrawn, Draco Malfoy, The Narrator
  • Enemies: Elan, Abed Nadir, Light Yagami, The Joker, Lelouch, The Question
  • Rumored to have created the Evil Overlord List. Even if he didn't, he is clearly trying to standardize it. Many other gods are trying to stop him, because the last thing the world needs is for every villain to become as savvy as him.
  • Often seen visiting houses of Knowledge and Theatre.
  • Lelouch wants to defeat him to destroy his evil reign and Light wants to dispatch him as a part of some scheme. Knowing he has no chance against their combined skills and knowledge, Tarquin does everything he can to fuel the flames of their rivalry, so they'll keep fighting each other.
  • Joker wants to kill him for turning down his offer for Villain Team-Up. While his explanation that he "doesn't work with loose cannons" was considered a compliment, Joker has a reputation to maintain.
  • Rather fond of Yuno Gasai and had used several of her methods to "win over" his soon-to-be wifes. However, he still won't work with her - again, he doesn't work with loose cannons, especially after her change of heart.
  • There were rumors he has a plan to get Azula back into sanity, have her reclaim position of Goddess of Manipulative Bastards and then torture her until she breaks again and agrees to marry him. This is supposed to trigger a large variety of reactions from both mortals and other gods that he will harvest and use to steal both Draco Malfoy's and Griffith's positions at the same time. Tarquin denied it, saying that such a plan, while possible, would be way too risky and there are much easier and safer ways to obtain more power. Most of the other gods were convinced. The Question just added another conspiracy to unfold to his list.
  • Is very self-centered, when finding about anything suspicious going on, he is likely to assume it concerns him personally in some way.
  • His biggest weakness is an inability to recognize when he's not the Big Bad of a particular story. When this goes into full swing, his Genre Savvy can backfire, rather spectacularly.
  • Although previously judged a Greater God, in reality Tarquin's power level is much lower. After the incident where His son Elan threw him off an airship for killing his brother Nale, Tarquin was realized to be misjudged and his power level lowered. Tarquin is still angry about this.
  • THEN it was decided his original trope was redundant with Genre Savvy, loosing his title and position to a relative nobody like Abed Nadir, on top of anything else, utterly broke him. Deemed to valuable to let loose, the Grand United Alliance of Evil stepped in to give him a new title, the one he had built his life around, that narrative logic dictates that evil is guarantied to succeed until the finale of the story. This new title has also granted him a seat in the house of Narrative, where he is expected to twist fiction to serve their designs, but mostly his own, but this serves them well enough that this is tolerable, for now.
    • His new position has found him a new ally in the Narrator. They share the desire to create stories for themselves only to have the heroes to completely throw them away. While the Narrator is ecstatic to have someone willing to go along with his story, Tarquin expects to finally be given his due and be made legendary, he's still unable to accept his place in the narrative.
  • Also present in Narrative Structure.

    Nobuyuki Sugou/Oberon the Fairy King 
Nobuyuki Sugou, God of Abusive Game Masters and Hedonism (Oberon the Fairy King, Alberich)
Oberon the Fairy King 


    Cruella De Vil 
Cruella De Vil, Patron Goddess of Animals Suffering (Vampire Bat, Inhuman Beast, Debil)
  • Theme Song: "Cruella De Vil", much to her fury
  • Symbol: A giant fur coat and a long cigar holder
  • Alignment: Chaotic Evil
  • Quasideity
  • Domain: Cruelty, Animals
  • Portfolio: Drives Like Crazy, Anita's old "friend", Large Ham, Laughably Evil, Lean and Mean, really wants a coat made out of dalmatian puppies fur
  • Allies: Mr. Burns, the Disney Villains
  • Enemies: Lisa Simpson, the House of Beasts but especially dogs and Pongo and Perdita, Scoorge McDuck, every intelligent animals, animal-like and animal shapeshifters in the Pantheon, every Pokemon trainer and partner in the Pantheon, Tarzan, Genn Greymane
  • Sitcom Arch-Nemesis with: Norma Desmond
  • Opposed by: The House of Commerce
  • Not to be mistaken with: Madame Medusa
  • Teeth-Clenched Teamwork with: Ghetsis Harmonia
  • After the incident with the puppies, Cruella de Vil was rotting in jail before the Disney Villains accidentally broke her out. This is because they mistook her for her proclaimed love child Dr. Facilier. While a lot of them are upset that they rescued a non-magical user, Cruella is grateful that they helped her get out of jail in order to finish her planned coat made out of animal fur and vowed to help them anyway she can.
  • When hearing that the dalmatians that ruined her plan have ascended, Cruella was furious and sought to capture Pongo & Perdita to seek revenge. Luckily, their temple was carefully guarded by their fellow animals deities who heard about Cruella's ascension and took careful measure and her entry was soon denied.
    • However, every single deities related to animals are extremely worried when they discovered that a version of her has the power to control beasts. They planned to keep the Disney Villains and Cruella from getting any access and information about this version as any cost.
  • Her ascension caused a major uproar in the House of Beasts after hearing about her action and the fact that she still doesn't change her way. Cruella dismisses all of them, considers them pests and accessories for her new gigantic coat.
  • Was severely disliked by the House of Commerce as while they respected her fashion sense and business strategy, they don't like how shockingly poor she treated her employee, openly antagonize them whenever Cruella doesn't get her way. Scoorge McDuck especially hates her because she once tricked him into a business meeting in order to capture him and turn him into a duck feather coat. Luckily, he was rescued by the Disney good deities.
  • Because of her extreme cruelty, animal hatefulness and alliance with Mr. Burns, Lisa Simpson openly despises her.
  • Has an extreme fascination with fire.
  • Was delighted when discovered about the existence of a variety of creatures in the Pantheon, vowing that she would catch them all and turned into several giant coats.
    • In addition, Cruella is extremely fascinated with a breed of creature called Pokemon given the fact that they can be experimented into different species and has power to control various aspect of their universe. Needless to say, every Pokemon trainers despises her and keep their pokeballs far out of her reach.
  • Cruella's quest to captures Pokemon let her to discover Ghetsis Harmonia and the two of them propose to found an Animal Wrongs Group in common interest of capturing and experimenting on Pokemon. However, this group immediately ran into conflict given the fact that Cruella wants to kill the Pokemon to make a coat while Ghetsis wants to actually use them. Add that to Cruella's managing style and the group's success rate isn't very high given the fact that its Mooks always end up leaving rather quickly.
  • The only person in the Pantheon who despises her own theme song, given the fact that it was written by Roger to mock her. Every animal-related deities catch on to this and resort to sing it whenever she's around.
  • Was very furious when people mistook her as Norma Desmond. Cruella decided to pay her temple a visit to see who she is. What results is a catfight that required physical restrain from other deities because both of them insulted each other's career choice. The two are on really bad, but funny, term ever since.
  • Tarzan once mistook her for his gorilla adoptive mother Kala because they share the same voice. When learned about what she did and support, he is disgusted and vow to not let her harm any animals in the Pantheon.
  • King Genn Greymane despises Cruella due to the fact that after learning about the worgen curse, Cruella tried to send people to provoke Genn's followers so that they can become worgens themselves and collect their fur for her coat. Not only is this incident gave bad rap for his people, it can potentially create many confuse newly cursed worgens that would wreck havok to other place in the Pantheon. He tracked her down with Pongo and Perdita's help and gave her a piece of his mind.
  • Rumors has it that Cruella has a son named Carlos. Cruella fiercely denied this, citing that she would never have children; that, in the one in million chance, she does, they will hate and despise dogs not afraid of them and they will definitely NOT perform a Heel–Face Turn.