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L-R: Tattoo guy, Soundgarden man, some guy, the guitar man.

Audioslave was an American Hard Rock Supergroup, basically Soundgarden singer Chris Cornell fronting Rage Against the Machine, minus the rapping and politics. The band was founded in 2001, and disbanded unceremoniously in 2007.

The project initially began when members from both sides found themselves without a working band, which moved the Rage trio to do a couple of auditions and finally encountered Cornell. They recorded some demos under the arguably much cooler "Civilian," which Cornell objected to for sounding too political. The band's Self-Titled Album was released in 2002, essentially an amalgamation of their respective schools of sound: the grooving hard rock of Rage lead by the grungy singing of Soundgarden. This sound would remain more or less unchanged for their other two albums, Out of Exile (2005) and Revelations (2006). Differences between Cornell and Morello resulted in the band being disbanded by 2007 Cornell then resumed his ultimately unsuccessful solo career before eventually reforming Soundgarden and the Rage eventually reformed proper with frontman Zach de la Rocha in 2010.

Audioslave is mostly famous for introducing Morello's mad guitar effects to a rock soundscape, as opposed to Rage's rap-oriented compositions. Initially the band's direction prohibited Morello and the two other guys to compose politically-charged songs, but eventually this rule was nullednote , most famously heralded by the band being the first American rock band to play in the Cuba's socialist soil (2005).

  • Audioslave (2002)
  • Out of Exile (2005)
  • Revelations (2006)

Audioslave provides examples of: