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What makes you a gamer isn't the systems you use, it isn't the genres you play, or even how good you are. What makes you a gamer is that you realize it's never "just a game." Because whether it's to save one special person or an entire world, if you want to be the greatest in a match, or the greatest of them all. We pour our hearts and souls into what we do, We get back up no matter how many times we're knocked down, and we keep going until we reach our goal, and that passion is what makes us who we are.
The Creed of the House of Gaming

The House of Gaming is a... colorful retro-themed house, decorated with a number of game rooms with every console in existence across the multiverse scaled for any set of hands that can hold a controller, and an arcade area with a twenty-foot-tall anachronistic pinball machine and, of course, many arcade games. Outside of the gaming center, there's a department where many deities are revising their high scores, and an achievement zone. There are also rumors of a copy of Half-Life 3 being hidden in the house somewhere.

Many deities originating from the video game industry visit this house. They challenge in many activities aside from participating in tourneys, and all aside of alignments. The recognized legends of this house are Friendly Rivals Mario and Sonic.

This house is located adjacent to the House of Technology, and gods from one house frequently visit the other.

The release of the eighth-generation consoles (PlayStation 4, Wii U, Xbox One, etc.) has prompted fewer returns for defective units than the previous generation. Some believe the rash of Red Rings of Death that plagued the seventh generation was caused by Newton Pulsifer's "unique" approach to machine assembly. Things have improved considerably with Fix-it Felix Jr. on the job.

Michael Jackson, an avid gamer, occasionally visits the house to provide music for certain games.

There has recently been a huge addition to this house for other kinds of games, like tabletop games, trading card games, board games, and poker games! It is simply known as The Inventory, and it is notable for being one of the few places where the gods can meet with certain mortals. Yes, certain mortals; you must be invited to this place if you're mortal. In fact, there is one mortal by the name of Reginald Van Winslow, former commodore for Guybrush Threepwood, mighty pirate. He is a prominent figure in this section of the House, ensuring that everybody has a good time, and is apparently is the right-hand man (or something) of the ambiguous manager of this wing. If you ever wanted to see different characters from different series play poker together, this is where you can find them, including Sam & Max, Strong Bad, the Heavy, Ash Williams, Tycho, Brock Samson, and Claptrap.

Love Machine isn't allowed at this house due to it being a malevolent AI program that could threaten the entire house, in addition to rendering almost everything here nearly unusable.

In addition, Nobuyuki Sugou was also banned to enter in this house due to his reputation of using 300 surviving SAO victims for his Mind Control research, releasing an overpowered spell on Kirito via his privilege as a Game Master, and his attempted rape towards Asuna Yuuki. Due to this, Sugou has been stripped of his access to his in-game persona Oberon as a punishment for his crimes.

Due to a growing number of gods present, it has been split into some subhouses.

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The Four Avatars of Gaming

The Gods that guard this house, keeping everyone else in line.

Mario, God of Fun and Mascots (Mr. Video Game Himself, Super Mario, formerly Jumpman, The Whimsical Italian Plumber)

    Mr. Game & Watch 
Mr. Game & Watch, Avatar of Hammerspace (Master of Two Dimensions, Mr. G&W, The secret guy)
  • Theme Song: Flat Zone 2
  • Overdeity
  • Symbol: Mr. Game & Watch waving his Scepter of Power. It only looks like a bell
  • Alignment: True Neutral
  • Portfolio: Hammerspace, Use of everything From Torches to Turtles to Fish to Buckets of Oil and Everything In Between, Flat Characters (literally), Secret Characters, Hyperspace Mallets
  • Domains: Darkness (he is monochrome, after all), the 2-D realm
  • Allies: All ascended deities who were born in 2-D gaming, most famously Mario, Link, and Samus, 9-volt and 18-volt, Cranky Kong
  • Enemies: Tabuu
  • Rival: King Tezro of Dotnia
  • Mr. Game & Watch spends much of his time trying to catch up to Tabuu and get his revenge for Tabuu making him the worst boss ever. Also is at odds with the King of Dotnia for being able to move in one more dimension.
  • Likes to show off his pandimensional Mismatched Sock Collection, made up of every sock in all of time and space that has ever been lost in the wash. Most are either indifferent or confused.
  • Whatever you do, do NOT mess with this guy. Besides being able to wield all Hyperspace Mallets and control all robotic implements that are too big to fit into a robot's body, he also has many, many, favors from Mario, Link, Sonic, Pit, all who gained their greatness in Nintendo, Deadpool, (G&W taught Deadpool a number of fourth wall weaknesses), and Solid Snake. You have been warned. If you don't want in over your head, and just want to see Spongebob vs. Deadpool, you can ask him.
  • It's possible that if he really wanted to, Game & Watch could cash in all his favors, battle Batman for the title of God of Preparations, and win, proving himself one of the most powerful beings under the Main House.
  • Mr. Game & Watch is looked up to by the CPU Candidates because they also represent handheld gaming.
  • In a mutual respecting relationship, 9-volt and 18-volt are both fanboys of him, and he in return absolutely adores the idea of them using his games along with other older deities for his microgames. It's possible that the three of them may of been the reason Pit may of gotten a third adventure, as well as his inclusion in the third smash game. Unlikely, but it's entirely possible they brought awareness to Nintendo's older games.
  • For the record, it's spelled Game & Watch. Not Game and Watch. Game & Watch.

    Pac Man 
Pac-Man, God of Gluttony, Champion of the Arcade (Yellow Fella, Most Recognized Gaming Icon In History, Zac, The Yellow Bane of Ghosts)
  • Greater God (Borders on Overdeity, as he can freely traverse the gaming multiverse at will and summon forth beings of other worlds with ease.)
  • Theme Song: Pac-Man (Namco Museum Vol.1), Pac-Man Park & Block Plaza
  • Symbol: Cherries, strawberries, oranges, apples, pretzels. Alternatively, "a pizza with a missing piece" (basically the 8-bit Pac-Man).
  • Alignment: Neutral Good
  • Portfolio: Big Eaters, Granddaddies Of Video Gaming, Hollywood "Just Not Getting Him", Namco's Golden Boy, Consumer of All, The Origin of Powerups, Spectral Exterminator, Booking It, Turning the Tables, Seen Everything, No Concept Of "Quitting", Cool Fathers.
  • Domains: Fun, Arcade Games, Eating
  • Followers: Mappy, Galaga, Reiko Nagase, Dig Dug, Pitfall Harry, Centipede, dozens of Expies, The King of Town, Master Higgins, "Tom-Tom", Klonoa
  • Allies: Mario, Sonic, Mr., Game & Watch, Yoshi, King Dedede, Aila Jyrkiäinen, Fix-It-Felix Jr.
  • Rivals: Kirby, Garfield
  • Enemies: Missingno.
  • High Priest: Jr. Pac-Man/Pacster/Pac-Man II (His son).
  • Though predated by Game & Watch by a few months, Pac-Man was the world's first actual character in videogames, as the collective of Game & Watch would not spawn a representative among the nameless figures until some time later. A pioneer in an uncharted land, Pac-Man broke the barrier of objects and vehicles being the only player representative in games, giving the players at last a true ally in their quest for the highest scores.
  • After the notion of creating a "continuity" for Pac-Man was abandoned, the yellow fella found himself transcending all manners of boundaries — without any sort of ties or anchors to keep him in place, his presence and power snowballed to a degree the likes of which never seen before or since. The act of joining the Mario Kart events was something he was able to do on a whim, and finding his way into the world where the artifact Pandora was being fought for was no trying feat.
    • Thirty years under his belt, Pac-Man finally decided it was time to pass the torch to a new generation. Giving Namco consent to give him a "reincarnation" in a younger and more modern Pac-Man (who turns out to be his son, an all grown up Jr. Pac-Man), the legend respectfully allowed himself to somewhat retire, going out on top as one of the most important figures in gaming history.
    • Following his contacting by old friend and "student" Mario, Pac-Man consented to join the great gathering of Super Smash Bros. for their fourth tournament. It was only shortly thereafter that he became aware of the Pantheon's presence at all and, as he's oft to do, strolled right on in. His legacy was quickly acknowledged and, well aware of the kind of power held behind that deceptively lighthearted package, nobody was exactly keen on the notion of telling him "no".
  • Pac-Man, while respected for his significance in history, is also regarded by some of the higher-ups in the justice-oriented Houses as a secret weapon. With his ability to consume quite literally anything, it is kept in mind that this frightening hunger could be unleashed on any rogue member of the pantheon, no matter how great or terrible. Thankfully, Pac-Man's neutrality isn't absolute, and he recognizes that going on a hunger spree amongst the gods would be wrong.
  • It has been seen that Pac-Man actually appears distressed or aggravated when in the presence of Missingno., the renown glitched abomination. While the young/modern members of the House can't figure out why, Game & Watch and the House Legends are well aware that Pac-Man's almost instinctive exception to the glitch harkens back to the "Progenitor Glitch", Level 256 that halted his stride years before...
  • Made the mistake of taking Light Yagami's favorite bag of potato chips...and EATING them without adding the extra "awesome".
  • He and Kirby spend the majority of their time gorging in the dining hall, cleaning up after legendary food fights or eating everyone's leftovers, usually leaving (or in Kirby's case, spitting out) the plates to be washed. There is no waste in this House.
  • Has currently built a miniature robot that looks similar to Mokujin, meant for beating the life out of anyone who gets in his way of an all-you-can-eat buffet. Has also used the mech to hunt down an overweight man who has suffered a mid-life crisis and believes he is Mega Man.
  • Is currently the only being to consume Mystery Food X, an indescribably-horrid dish created by Yukiko Amagi and her allies Chie Satonaka and Rise Kujikawa, without any side effects. Despite which, Pac-Man would still prefer his good ol' power pellets instead.
  • Once tried to eat Pinkie Pie after eating a Power Pellet, believing her to be one of the Ghosts.
  • Participated in the First Pantheon Gourmet Race and ended up in a three-way tie alongside Goku and Kirby. He naturally has a life-time membership of the Gourmet Racer Club.
  • For some reason, PacMan seems to like hanging out on Sark's airship. Amusingly, Sark never seems to take notice of the stowaway.
  • He's weary of slingshots, thanks to the many cruel things players did to him in Pac-Man 2: The New Adventures.
  • One day, for a joke, Ed reprogramed Pac-Man's famous maze. When the ghost munching God entered for a round, he found that the maze was tilting about, forcing all the ghosts, and himself, to tilt with the maze. He has since forgiven Ed for the prank (Granted, when you have a stomach of iron, it's hard for you to throw up in a tilting maze, and 30+ years of bumping into walls have given him a resistance to head trauma), and certain Gods have requested to try out this new variant of his famous game.
  • Panic struck the House of Gaming, as the Progenitor Glitch, 256, returned upon Pac-Man's 35th Birthday, seemingly intent upon consuming he and his rivals to bring all of their series to oblivion. In a bold and heroic bid that may very well have cost him not only life but existence, Pac-Man lured the nightmare away from the House into a hall of endless mazes. Though a slew of wild ghosts mindlessly sought to take their last chance to get him once and for all, Pac-Man escaped safely — leaving the all-consuming abomination trapped within the infinite stretch forever. At least, hopefully...
  • Also in the House of Food.

     Sonic the Hedgehog 
Sonic the Hedgehog, Progenitor of Animal Mascot Platformers (The Blue Blur, Nineties Video Game Legend, Fastest Thing Alive, Knight of the Wind, Suger-hog, Big Blue, "Iblis Trigger", Sonic the Werehog, Legendary Blue Hedgehog, "King Arthur", The Hyperactive Hedgehog, Olgilvie Maurice Hedgehog, Bob Beaky, The hero of Mobius, Sonic Man)
  • Greater God
  • Theme Music: Sonic the Hedgehog Title Theme overall and for Classic Sonic, Live & Learn for Modern Sonic, It Doesn't Matter -Sonic Adventure 1 Version- and -Sonic Adventure 2 Version-, and Sonic Heroes or We Can when teamed up with Tails and Knuckles.
  • Symbol: Silhouette of His Head
  • Alignment: Chaotic Good
  • Portfolio: Super Speed, Those Who Can't Swim But Walk Through the Water, Gameplay Roulette, Unexpected Gameplay Changes, Walking, Talking Woodland Creatures, Unnaturally Blue, Deadpan Snarker, Animals, Likes Chili Dogs, Mascot with Attitude
  • Domains: Speed, Personality, Heroism
  • Allies:
  • Friendly Rivals: Many other gods with Super Speed (though not all of them are friendly), Spongebob Squarepants
  • Enemies: Dr Eggman (sometimes a Friendly Enemy), Metal Sonic, The R-Dash 5000, Sho Minamimoto ("Who's zetta slow?"), The Godmodder, Davros, Tabuu, Lord Brevon, Arfoire, Black Doom, Nack, Mephiles the Dark, Neo Cortex
  • Teeth-Clenched Teamwork with: Arthur Pendragon
  • Odd Friendship: Steve Rogers
  • Special Relations: Mario (Friendly Rival and fellow member of The Brotherhood)
  • Sonic is a speedy blue hedgehog known for thwarting any sort of plan that Dr. Eggman throws his way and the world that they live in (though the hedgehog has stopped other threats in addition to Eggman). The hedgehog has, among other things, a number of different powered-up forms (the most iconic of which is Super Sonic), plenty of familiar faces from his world, and most of all, a cool, snarky, and headstrong attitude even when things get dire.
  • He's formed a bit of a bond with Arturia due to both having taken the title of King Arthur and ruled the land of Camelot for a time. They occasionally spar in order for Sonic to keep up with his swordsmanship.
    • Ironically enough, there's a bit of friction between him and the actual Arthur Pendragon. While they do work together to stop certain threats from arising, Sonic is wary that Arthur might end up becoming evil and Arthur doesn't like how Sonic ended up being the real King Arthur amidst the fact that the hedgehog slew his version of King Arthur.
    • Due to having once wielded an annoying talking sword that constantly called him "Knave!" and Fool!", he's actually able to stand Excalibur to an extent, though he admits his sword at least stopped calling him that after a while and would actually say something useful.
  • Sonic's relation with fellow platforming icon Mario has been quite interesting. Back then, the hedgehog was the primary rival for the plumber in platforming supremacy. As time went by, they've become friendlier towards each other to the point where it would be possible to consider them as Fire-Forged Friends with each other.
    • Friendly competitions between the two have been quite frequent. In a rather unofficial one, Sonic was able to defeat Mario, though it hasn't been mentioned that much since then (and the two tend to take their fights in the Smash tournament, of which Sonic has joined during the third iteration, nowadays). In less lethal matters, the two alongside their friends and rivals have visited the House of Sports to compete and in certain intervals, they are featured in Olympic events (some of the the events in question are actual Olympic sports and others are more fantastical).
  • Aside from his Super Sonic form, some of Sonic's powered-up forms include Werehog Sonic (which trades Speed for Power and is only usable at night), Darkspine Sonic (which is the result of Sonic getting unique rings that are representative of negative emotions), and Excalibur Sonic (as previously mentioned, it comes into play should Sonic get his hands on that talking sword). That said, Super Sonic is probably the most convenient super form for the hedgehog, though it (and his other powered-up forms) are only temporary and really only used if things get very serious.
  • Considered one of the fastest Gods in all the Pantheon. Whether he's faster than Barry Allen, Rainbow Dash, or some other speedster is a subject of heated debate. These speedsters are more than willing to engage in a race whenever the time comes for it.
  • To put it bluntly, it is quite difficult to talk about him and his contributions without getting involved into arguments as to how well these contributions have turned out. Sometimes the arguments include how he looks (and keep in mind that the modern and classic looks have met each other). Even amidst these heated debates and turmoil over some of them, Sonic has been able to carry on.
  • Sonic is great friends with Crash Bandicoot, another animal platformer hero with an attitude who has gone up against a Mad Scientist arch-nemesis a number of times.
  • Is worried about the Godmodder's position in the Pantheon due to the fact that the problems the godmodder caused before he ascended resulted in, among other things, Sonic being Glitched out of reality for several months along with Metal Sonic.
  • Gets along well with Neptune, but he thinks of her as his strangest friend.
  • Learned of Metal Sonic's alliance with Rainbow Dash's robotic Evil Counterpart, The R-Dash 5000, and has strengthen his own alliance with RD in case they need to take them down...and they, much like their counterparts, are purposely ignoring any and all implications of shipping from the masses.
  • Became friends with Mordecai and Rigby when he found them playing an arcade cabinet that featured one of his outings. He learned that they owned a Sega Master System, and his voice reminded them of Thomas.
  • Gives Segata Sanshiro the utmost respect, as he knows that it was because of him that their company of Sega was able to hold out for so long.
    • As far as Sonic and Sega are concerned, the Hedgehog has been able to secure a large number of friends (in addition to his already-existing entourage) from that organization, both classic and modern. The more colorful characters tend to hang out with him more often than the more serious ones (though it's due to the strictly professional relations regarding them that Sonic decided to let them handle their own matters whatever they are). Then again, he did invite Gillius Thunderhead to play tennis and go racing successfully.
  • Some people say that when Steve Urkel talks, occasionally he sounds like Sonic. It is largely assumed to be just a coincidence.
    • There have been other instances where people have claimed to hear Sonic sounding like Steve Rogers. The two somehow met each other by chance and the two blue heroes hold a good amount of respect of each other for preventing any troubles that befall their respective worlds.
  • Has been summoned along with an initial set of three other fellow Smasher gods by a certain teenage Mii who happened to be a follower of his to join her in MST and a trial of snark. He always seems to look forward to when he will be summoned next, and to have made a friend with a mortal Pokémon trainer from Kalos due to similarities.
  • Sash Lilac was someone whom Sonic was intrigued with. After hearing about her adventures and of how similar she is to him, he offered her a position in the Pantheon, which she eagerly accepted.
    • Upon hearing about Lord Brevon and what he has done, Sonic, along with Lilac and all their respective friends have formed an alliance to ensure that Brevon is stopped once and for all. Sonic was all for it, seeing that the warlord is much worse than the doctor, and even heard that Eggman is opposing him as well.
  • It hasn't been brought up often, but some think that Sonic's speed comes from his sneakers. There was one instance where Eggman slowed Sonic down by giving him a pair of heavy boots, but most have just considered it to be a weird point in Sonic and Eggman's ongoing rivalry, even taking into account the question of Sonic's source of speed.
    • There has also been a few wondering as to why Sonic would need a car or a hoverboard for certain moments when he could have just run to get somewhere. The hedgehog has pointed out that these aforementioned vehicles are really only used in certain competitions that he takes part in (then again, he did run in certain races before).
  • Sonic has made a few visits to the House of Food to eat chili dogs. Strangely enough, he also has a popcorn machine installed at that house, which has led some to ask if Sonic has popcorn as a secondary favorite food in addition to the chili dogs.
  • Ace's tale of his adventure and path to death by sacrificing himself for Luffy's sake touched about everyone with a soul in the Pantheon. However, Sonic was touched in a way that made him feel like a jerk, seeing how he realized that he more or less neglected and blamed Tails multiple times previously. He quickly went over to try and make amends, though Tails insisted that there was no harm done and that he was happy that Sonic just cares for him. Since than, the two adopted brothers joined the other two in their quest to help preserve and protect the peace of the other brothers in their group.
    • Has accepted Eggman's invitation to protect him, not just because he's the only one allowed to defeat Sonic, but he's just that compicated of a guy. Still, considering Eggman's betrayal tendencies, eyes have been on him.
  • Sonic's the name, speed's my game!

Ambiguous Ranks

Missingno. (also known as the Entity) , the Glitchiest God That Never Should

     Naoki Kashima 
Naoki Kashima, God of Bonus Bosses (Demi-Fiend, Hitoshura, Chaos King)
  • Demi...Fiend. In terms of raw power, very likely an Overdeity.
  • Theme Song: The Nocturne Random Battle Theme and its many variations.
  • Symbol: A demonic magatama
  • Alignment: True Neutral (conflicting timelines make it hard to make sure)
  • Portfolio: Walking the fine line, Existing between Two Identities, Silent Heroes, Destroying the Indestructible, Turning Enemies into Allies, Real Life Mythology, Power Tattoo, Snapped Controllers, Being made in the Morningstar's own image, Defeating the aspects of death to become stronger, and prove his power as the hope of the forces of Chaos, Hybrid Power, From Nobody to Nightmare
  • Domain: Philosophy, Balance, Order, Chaos, Strength, Diplomacy
  • Followers: Margaret (Persona 4), Elizabeth (Persona 3), Serph (Digital Devil Saga), Kazuya (Shin Megami Tensei)
  • Opposed by: Light Yagami, The Joker, Black Mage
  • Allies: Dante, Caerula Sanguis, Lain Iwakura, Lelouch Lamperouge/vi Britannia, Cu Chulainn, Medusa, Raidou Kuzunoha XIV, Yu Narukami, Minato Arisato, Aleph, Hyodo Issei, Luka
  • Rivals: Flynn, Absolute Virtue, The Fiends (especially Matador)
  • Teeth-Clenched Teamwork with: Guts, Flynn (if the Yamato Reactor is in danger)
  • Is... really tough to beat in a fight. Because of this and their respective reputations, he has something of a friendly rivalry with Absolute Virtue.
  • Is ambivalent about Lucifer. Says something about Lucifer as well since he inherited Lucifer's will.
    • Does look at Luka with interest, though, due to being Lucifer's (well, one version of him) son, his Angel powers, and having also killed a God. However, fights to see his skill have had to be toned down, as one match ended with him using Freikugel and Luka using Daystar, which ended up blowing up the entire wing of the House of Combat they were fighting in.
  • Is unassuming and speaks little to casual acquaintances, but has made some friends among the gods, mostly like-minded fans of puzzle games. One notable exception is Dante, after giving said demon slayer one hell of a fight.
  • Lelouch has managed to rope him into a game of chess. He didn't do too badly, actually.
  • Finds Lain Iwakura's search for knowledge and understanding poignantly close to his heart, and speaks with her more often than with others.
  • Has worked with Cu Chulainn before, and became fast friends with Medusa. Since both of them were originally from Real Life pantheons and Medusa's a likewise contemplative sort, this is not all that surprising.
  • His initial meeting with Serph and the Embryon Tribe was... strained.
  • Due to his experiences, he and his followers are virtual encyclopedias on Real Life pantheons. While this info is far less useful where he is now, the sheer number of stories he knows and his generous donation of his Demonic Compendium makes him a semi-frequent and unexpectedly popular guest at the Library.
  • Near the end of his original journey, he met with Akemi Nakajima as Izanagi and Izanami, who gave him a fragment of their power. While this was rather unneeded, Izanagi insisted Naoki deserved it after witnessing him finish the grueling Amala Grave Run.
  • As of recent, he has been developing a rivalry with Flynn at the House of Personal Appearance. It doesn't help they are both of similar power ranking and have been approached by both Lucifer and Masakado with important plans for the future. Both are wary of each other, though having tasted the hells of war and having similar alignments, neither is willing to throw the first punch, choosing to err on the side of caution rather than risk conflict over a petty argument on power levels.
    • Recently aided Flynn in defending the Yamato Perpetual Reactor from a siege by Magical Girls, who were in despair after "The Great Upheaval". It was, for lack of a better term, a massacre. The two have a grudging respect for each other after working together.
  • He is one of several gods who could conceivably find a way to trigger the definite Z-Class Apocalypse How. Reluctantly he's made a deal with Flynn to keep either from actually deciding doing so is in any way a good idea. Naoki grumbles about it but knows that between him and his followers, he has too much power to run unchecked. However, if he ultimately views the Great Will's control over the universe is far too great he will aid Lucifer and break the system. One world learned this the hard way.
  • Has no alignment to the Triumvirate Power of Bonus Bosses. Most gods fear what if him and the triumvirate fight over who will truly claim the title of Bonus Bosses.
  • Considering taking part in the Pantheonic Rebellion as an agent of balance. Holds no real opinion toward Madoka or her allies, but wants to make sure the Reactor isn't threatened again by her apostles if something happens to her. Pretty much his only goal is to ensure the Pantheon's balance between Law and Chaos, never allowing either side to fully dominate it, not even in the name of Good - he's too cynical to believe such pretty thoughts will last, citing Homura's rebellion as validation for this.
  • Got a surprise visit from Hyodo Issei, who asked to train with him to help him fight against a being immune to his Boosted Gear, that is Vali's hated grandpa, Rizevim Livan Lucifer. Issei spent most of the training session flailing uselessly as the Demi-Fiend casually slapped him around, but ultimately it paid off: Issei learned Pierce, or Penetrate as he calls it. However, he was cautioned to be extremely careful with the ability: it is, after all, a product of Lucifer's power...
  • Keeps close contact with Aleph, likely due to his reincarnation Jyoji Hijiri being one of the Demi-Fiend's closest allies.
  • One of the few gods to go toe-to-to with Saitama and end with no winner. Though Naoki used Tetrakarn, Saitama pulled back a punch from his legendary fists, with the force of impact from the punch hitting the reflective shield and sending both flying, as well as flattening pretty much everything in a thirty kilometer radius. Both were dazed but unhurt, and decided to end things there and get something to eat after Saitama suggested it.
  • Ryouna attacked him once: at first he regarded the shinobi begging him to beat the living daylights out of her with disgust, concern, and a profound sense of confusion. Then she pulled her guns on him, at which point he kicked her ass so hard that she was knocked out for an entire month. It goes without saying he didn't even go all-out against her. If he did, Ryouna would likely have been reduced to thin pinkish paste.
  • Recently entered a lottery and won the second place prize: a fight against Barbatos Goetia. He is preparing himself for that fight at the moment by placing his items in storage.

Herobrine, the Urban Legend of Minecraft
  • Unknown Rank
  • Symbol: A pair of pure white pixellated eyes on a pixellated brown background
  • Alignment: Evil, either Chaotic or Neutral
  • Portfolios: Humanoid Abomination, Urban Legend of Zelda, Griefer
  • Domains: Mystery, Shadow, Evil
  • Herald: Unknown. Though with the arrival of Alex as Steve's herald, it's only a matter of time...
  • Enemies: Steve
  • Herobrine is supposed to be the dead brother of Notch, creator of Mincraft, who roams the game, trying to ruin your gaming day. He is said to look exactly like Steve?, except his eyes are pure white.
  • Notch denies that Herobrine ever existed, but every major update has said that he has been removed...
  • Removed Herobrine.
  • Much like the Slender Man, Herobrine's existence, and power, is defined by those aware of him, and he's begun to be able to manifest himself in certain Minecraft worlds.

    Vic Viper 
Vic Viper, Patron Avatar of Shoot 'em Ups (Pilots: Variable, Itself, Anoa Aoba (Hyper Anoa), Leo Stenbuck)
Anoa Aoba 
Leo Stenbuck 

XCOM, Divine Army of Difficult Starts (Extraterrestrial Combat Unit, The XCOM Project)
The X-COM logo
  • Rank: Quasideities (Rookies and the crew), Demigods (Veterans), Intermediate Gods (Psionic Soldiers, Gene Mod Soldiers, MEC Troopers)
  • Symbol: The motto "Vigilo Confido", meaning "I am watchful."
  • Alignment: Chaotic Good
  • Portfolio: Multinational Team, Red Shirt Army turned Badass Army, Anyone Can Die, Badass Normal turned Psionic Soldier, Gene Mod Soldier, and MEC Trooper, Bad aiming, fighters against Alien Invasion, facing difficult challenges, researching alien technology and bodies, piloting Skyrangers, Subverting Exclusive Enemy Equipment through reverse engineering
  • Domains: Army, Defense, Alien
  • Followers: Xenonauts
  • Allies: Commander Shepard, Misato Katsuragi, the Strike Witches, Isaac Clarke, Gordon Freeman, Adrian Shephard, Master Chief, Serious Sam, General Fletcher, The Tactician, Agents K and J
  • Enemies:
  • Arch-Enemy: ADVENT
  • Mistrust: Kaworu Nagisa, every other alien regardless of alignment
  • When Earth is in danger from extraterrestrial invasion, the XCOM Project will be initiated to deal with the threat and ensure that Earth and humanity is saved. Starting with a rather few number of crews and soldiers, they can gain more soldiers and alien technology to make them a powerful army. The keyword is "can".
    • There are cases where the team failed to ward off the invasion and were shut down while the government of Earth making a pact with the aliens, a lot actually. Though that won't, stop them from defending humanity and building a resistance force against the alien-controlled government.
    • Note that despite being primarily being enemies with evil aliens, they will open fire against any humans that would side with those aliens. Considering that they have fought against EXALT and ADVENT soldiers, they'll know which humans fought for the evil aliens.
  • The XCOM crew included Central Officer Bradford, who gives communication to field operations, Dr. Vahlen, head of the research team, and Dr. Raymond Shen, the chief engineer, and various other crews like base personals, scientists, and engineers. They play their parts to ensure that XCOM can deal with many of the obstacles.
    • In the timeline where the XCOM failed in the alien invasion, the crew includes Bradford, returning after being depressed from the shutdown, An-Yi "Lily" Shen, daughter of Dr. Shen and chief engineer, and Dr. Richard Tygan, former member of ADVENT and head of research division. They ensure that the XCOM would bring down the alien-controlled government.
  • They were initially the only defense against the aliens, but since they have since made headquarters in the Pantheon, they gained assistance from other defenders of Earth from extraterrestrial life forms like Commander Shepard and the Men in Black.
    • Because of their stances against aliens when a threat presents itself to their planet, the Illusive Man wants to take advantage of them in order to impede his own agenda.
  • Regarding relations with alien, much of the Pantheon inform them that there are at least some good aliens or not as evil aliens than the alien that they have always fought. Regardless, they took their word for it and greet those aliens with extreme caution.
  • They were ready to open fire on Roger Smith before realizing that he is completely harmless, though he aggravates them to no end. He's offended that they considered him a less dangerous aliens since they have been fighting Sectoids with little difficulty and he has no psychic abilities.
  • They are currently surveying Queen Chrysalis because they thought she was affiliated with the Chrysalids.
    • They are also keeping a close surveillance on Lex Luthor because of his affiliation of aliens like General Zod and Brainiac.
  • When they were confronting the aliens in the deep oceans, they destroyed the Ultimate Alien which strongly resembled Cthulhu. He doesn't have a strong relationship with XCOM.
  • Dr. Shen is rather offended of the extent of cybernetic augmentation, as he is disgusted with the aliens and the creation of Floaters. While he has shown in the interest of the MEC Troopers which makes him look like a hypocrite, however, his team made it so that the soldiers could at least return to their normal lives, which the aliens show no concern about. So, he is tolerable of cybernetics if it A.: the alternative is unthinkable, or B.: If it doesn't destroy the cybernetically augmented person's spirit.
  • Alien should beware of being captured, because Dr. Vahlen has "methods" of getting information for XCOM.
  • As of recently, they have been looking to the Pantheon for any help against the Xeno invaders/occupiers. Those who agree must, unfortunately, start off as powerful as the Rookies and work their way up. Though there have been a few exceptions.
    • Due to his position as the God of Popular Mooks, Adrian Shephard managed to keep most of his skills after joining them.
    • Currently, they seek to increase their survivor rates by acquiring DEMONICA armor sets. While these have the same drawback, they feel the armor, in addition to their research programs, will make their field agents strong enough to tap into their full potential in time.
  • Whenever The Tactician is serving as the Commander for XCOM, operative casualties drop down to zero, much to the organization's relief. However, s/he reports severe stress after most missions, due to how difficult it can get to keep everybody alive.
  • All technologically advanced gods or gods that do use advanced technologies as their main weapons are wary around XCOM, due to their tendency to rapidly reverse engineer and manufacture their own versions of enemy technology and in some cases even improve upon them. Commander Shepard has warned Shen and Bradford that Reaper artefacts can indoctrinate those in close proximity so any advancement that could be discerned is not worth the XCOM project being compromised… again.

Due to the dual attribute of his title, Keima Katsuragi, Self-Proclaimed God of Dating Sims has somewhat a personal spot near the Galge section of this house... which he rarely uses during his visits.

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