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Video Game: Freedom Planet

Freedom Planet is a Platform Game that's being produced by up-and-coming indie developer Galaxytrail/Strife, based on characters by artist ZiyoLing, developed on the Multimedia Fusion 2 platform. The gameplay is similar to Sonic the Hedgehog in that it focuses on high speed platforming, but it puts an equally strong focus on combat and mixes in a bunch of other vaguely recognizable gameplay elements such as Mega Man styled combat and Gunstar Heroes styled bosses. The game is designed to feel like 2D Japanese import titles from the PlayStation/Saturn era, combining detailed sprites and environments with high quality music tracks, full voice acting and animated cutscenes. Strife has said that he wants the game out sometime in early 2014.

The story centers around a trio of Cute Monster Girls - dragon girl Sash Lilac, her best friend, wildcat Carol Tea, and hound dog Milla Basset - as they battle against an alien warlord named Lord Brevon who has crash landed on their planet. Their Supporting Leader, Torque the Shellduck, is on a mission to stop Brevon before he steals the Kingdom Stone, but since the bad guys took most of his equipment, the girls offer to help him in his quest with their unique abilities.

A demo that contains the first stage along with several unlockable features is currently available for PC. You can find it on their website here. It also will be coming to Steam, after a successful Steam Greenlight campaign.

This game provides examples of the following tropes:

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