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Draconic Humanoid
Ask me if I can use Thu'um, I dare you.

I believe in miracles. After all, the majesty and grandeur of the dragon imbues my blood with magic. Touch my skin, feel the pattern of my scales. Look into my eyes. Feel the magic of my being. Know that I am dragonblood.
Benesvelk ux Thurirl tibur Elizar, a Dragonborn of Bahamut, Races of the Dragon

A Draconic Humanoid is a fantastic species that can pretty much be described as the offspring of Lizard Folk and Instant Awesome, Just Add Dragons. Not content with simple humanoid reptiles, the writer decided to give them wings, a Breath Weapon, and/or other draconic features. Another option is to put said dragon features onto an otherwise human-like body.

These may be the descendants of dragons and normal humanoids, or a species of their own.

Note this does not apply to actual dragons that can shapeshift into human forms, unless they shapeshift into a form which is half human and half dragon. See also Human Aliens when they budget-savingly stay in human form when the camera's running.

Subtrope of Monstrous Humanoid. Related to Our Dragons Are Different and Demihuman.


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    Anime and Manga 

    Comic Books 
  • The Savage Dragon comes from an alien race of dragon-like humanoids.
  • Dragon Man from the Fantastic Four comic books is an android built in the shape of one of these.
  • The main character of Fire Breather is one of these, thanks to his father being an actual 60-foot Dragon.



    Live-Action TV 
  • Game of Thrones. Although not seen, Daenerys Targaryen's stillborn son Rhaego is described as having come into the world with draconic features such as scales and wings after a blood ritual in which he was sacrificed in a sabotaged attempt to save Khal Drogo, demonstrating that the Targaryens are the real blood of the dragon.

    Mythology and Religion 
  • Older Than Print: In The Saga of Arrow-Odd, Odd and his men battle and kill a monster called finngalkn, a gigantic creature with the head and shoulders of a man and the lower body of a dragon.
    It had a human head and huge fangs, a long, thick tail, and talons of fantastic size with a great gleaming sword in each claw.
  • In Russian folklore, dragons (zmeys) can assume human form, and can even produce offspring with humans. Dragons in human form and half-dragons are often described as retaining certain draconic features.

    Tabletop Games 
  • Dungeons & Dragons: The trope is named after the "humanoid (draconic)" creature type from 4th Edition ("humanoid [dragonblood]" in earlier editions), which includes Half-Dragons and Dragonborns, the latter of whom gives us the page picture. 3.5E devoted an entire sourcebook to these, Races of the Dragon, giving massive amounts of detail on creatures ranging from the Dragonborn of Bahamut (not the same thing as the 4E dragonborn race) to the humble kobold. It also introduced the dragonwrought kobold, one born with more draconic features than usual (functional wings, for instance). The dragonwrought kobolds take this to an extreme if one interprets a sidebar in Draconomicon the right waynote , as they would then be true dragons no less than red or silver dragons are.
  • The Dragon-Ogres of Warhammer are an inversion of the usual fusion, since they're an ogre torso on a dragon's lower body, and are among the most powerful and ancient of all creatures.
  • Yu-Gi-Oh!: Necloth Warrior Exa is a humanoid dragon. He can wield the Dragunity Spear of Destiny, which is an indication of his draconian half. He can call upon the powers of Catastor and Decisive Armor.

     Video Games 
  • Battle for Wesnoth has the Drakes, one of the game's factions.
  • In Dungeon Crawl, one of the playable species is Draconians, who start out in an immature brown form, but after reaching a certain level change into a random color and gain a corresponding Breath Weapon. They also lack wings, but can gain some through mutations.
  • Maplestory has the Nova race, which resemble humans with dragon wings, horns, and tail. Two of them are playable classes: Kaiser, who can temporarily transform into the less human-like variation of a Dragon Man, and Angelic Buster, who lacks a tail.
  • World of Warcraft has several examples:
    • The Dragonspawn are said to be humans who were so devoted to the dragon flights they started to take on draconic characteristics.
    • Drakonids are humanoid dragonkin used as ground troops by the dragonflights.
    • In Blackwing Descent a creature that is actually called a dragonman is encountered, which is a human crossed with a dragonspawn.
  • The Drakels of the AdventureQuest-verse are green-skinned near-dragons against whom Dragonslayer class abilities are effective. They're also a Higher-Tech Species, equipped with various Magitek weapons ranging from genetically engineered warbeasts to Mecha.
  • In Rage of Bahamut, one character who debuted in the Mysteria Academy event is named Grea the Dragonborn. She has horns on her head and dragon wings, and her forearms are scaly.
  • The Dragon Quest series has the mandrake major/marshal monster line, a dragonman with a sword and shield. Several humanoid dragons show up, such as Lord Drak.
  • Sol Badguy from Guilty Gear is a Gear (the series' namesake, in fact), one of many magical, genetically-enhanced bioweapons created from multiple animal genes. The character's true form is that of a bipedal humanoid dragon with a crustacean-like exoskeleton, but having once been human, they wear a Power Limiter to retain their original human appearance. Concept art of his dragon form.
    • As of Xrd, he now assumes this form when he activates his Dragon Install super, as opposed to simply glowing like in the past games.
  • In Vagrant Story, the Lizard Folk count as "dragon" type enemies, and are therefore the only way to grind up your weapon's dragon affinity for killing the rare but powerful dragon boss monsters. Some of them do breathe fire, too.
  • In Final Fantasy Tactics Advance and A2, one bangaa class, the dragoon, allows them to have breath weapons. Ordinarily they'd be Lizard Folk, but it seems they're using their tangential relationship to dragons here.
    • A2 provides a straigher example with the Gria, who look mostly human, but possess draconic wings, horns, and a tail.
  • In Breath of Fire III the protagonist Ryu and Teepo descend from a dragon bloodline. Typically they appear human, but can transform into dragons at will. However, some of the higher level transformations turn Ryu into a Draconic Humanoid, taking Ryu's hairstyle but adding wings, tail, and scales.
  • Wizardry's Dracon race, which can breathe acid. The manual says they are the result of a mixture of human and dragon heritage.
  • The Dragonute/Dragonewt race in various Shining Series games play this trope straight,
    • Shining Force has Elliot and his son Eric being the most notable examples.
    • Shining the Holy Ark has Basso the Dragon-man who breathe, can not only fire but also, ice.
    • You can also play as one in both of the Shining Soul games.
  • Fire Emblem: Male Manaketes in the series typically have visible draconic features such as fangs, slitted eyes, claws, and wings. Most of the females on the other hand are cute little girls who appear human aside from occasionally having Pointy Ears or wings.
  • The Legend of Zelda:
  • In Dark Souls, the Chosen Undead can become one by joining the Path of the Dragon covenant. In Dark Souls 2, the Dragon Remnants covenant achieves similar results.
  • Dragon Fang Fogel of Ogre Battle: The March of the Black Queen used to be a human, but he was cursed into this form after he killed the Divine Dragon Bytalth in his quest to seek more power.
  • The Drake/Bahamun race from the Class Of Heroes series are defined by their draconic characteristics. The Drakes from the first game had wings growing from their backs, but the Bahamun from the second game have smaller wings that sprout from their head as a second set of Unusual Ears. Both races can learn a Breath Weapon attack that scorches every enemy on the battlefield, growing in power as they level up.
  • Mega Man X4: Magma Dragoon is a dragon-styled Reploid made in resemblance to Akuma of Street Fighter, with powerful combat moves and fire powers.
  • In Rogue Legacy, the Dragon is an unlockable class. It resembles a human with dragon wings and the ability to breathe fire.
  • In Dragon Age people who drink dragon's blood can develop certain powers, sometimes growing scales. A race in that world "looks dragony" - they're big and often have horns and strange ears - and holds dragons sacred, and there is a rumor that through magic or blood-drinking there is dragon in them somewhere.

  • Dragon City has bipedal dragons that are slightly taller than humans with a pair of wings on their shoulders, they can breathe fire but their toughened throat linings have atrophied. Erin does it once and can't speak for months afterward.
  • In Looking for Group there's the Guardians of Eight. An ancient order of dragon people connected to the origins of Kethenecia, the sword of truth, and the Archmage. Their appearances in the comic are pretty scarce, as they seem to be more active behind the scenes nudging the heroes in the direction of a brighter future.
  • The Order of the Stick, set in a Dungeons & Dragons inspired universe has a couple:
    • The Bounty Hunter Enor, a half-dragon half-ogre (one set of his grandparents were an ogre and a human and the other were blue dragons), has a mostly draconic appearance, including wings on which he can fly as well as lightning breath.
    • The Precursor Hero Girard Draketooth, was a quarter dragon (his grandmother was human and his grandfather was a black dragon) and doesn't fit the trope himself, being completely human looking. However, an illustrated family tree indicates that one of his parents and his aunt and uncle did look the part, having varying mixtures of human and draconic features.
  • Winters In Lavelle has the "Blue Princes" (and most recently, a Blue Princess as well), half-dragon/half-human offspring of a Dragon capable of shape-shifting into a handsome man who decided to usurp the kingdom. Unfortunately for the princes, they are as less easily able to hide their heritage and from what has been seen, and implied, it's generally the rule that they look monstrous and malformed with horns, scales, and asymmetrically sized arms.

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