World of Funny Animals

A world of Petting Zoo People without humans to pet them.

A whole animal universe is man-made, with shops, houses, technology etc. except that animals take the place of people. In some works, all kinds of animals take the place of people; all animals are human surrogates and considered equals to each other. In other works, some animals or types of animals take the place of people while others are considered normal animals. Sometimes, only one species of animal is a human surrogate. There are no humans in the setting, except a Token Human or two.

In some works where some animals or types of animals take the place of people and others are considered normal animals, there are both normal forms and human surrogate forms of one or more animal species.

Can involve Partially Civilized Animals, Civilized Animals, Funny Animals, and/or Petting Zoo People. Compare Sliding Scale of Animal Cast. Compare and contrast Alternate Tooniverse, where animals (or other cartoons) and humans each have a separate world which people can cross between.

May result in Furry Confusion.


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     Comic Books 
  • The world of ''Captain Carrot and His Amazing Zoo Crew!!," officially named "Earth-C" in the DC Comics multiverse system (post-Infinite Crisis, Earth-C was renamed "Earth-26"). Earth-C is designated as the world where most of DC's Golden and Silver Age funny-animal comics ("The Dodo and the Frog," "Peter Porkchops," etc.) take place.
  • Usagi Yojimbo, which takes place in Japan where every single animal except horses and lizards are anthropomorphosized. Lord Hikiji on the other hand...

  • Disney's Robin Hood has cast composed fully of anthropomorphized animals; except for Sir Hiss, and even he still got a bit of anthropomorphization by having him slither around with his neck constantly elevated. It also managed to avoid having regular animals coexist with the anthropomorphic animals, particularly at the end of the film, where they actually don't even show who or what was pulling the carriage during the finale.

  • Ysengrimus is pretty much the book that spawned a whole genre by itself. Not surprising, since the book uses anthropomorphic fable characters to make a satire about medieval times.
  • The Redwall Series and its Animated Adaptation. A world of humanized animals living in a permanent medieval time period, it's half Sugarbowl, half world of war.
  • Babar is a curious example, as it begins with normal animals who then learn to walk and talk like humans.


    Tabletop RPGs 
  • Ironclaw and Jadeclaw are Low Fantasy RPGs in a world where seemingly all mammals and birds are anthropomorphic. Calabria, the setting of Ironclaw, is divided between four major houses ruled by foxes, horses, boars, and wolves, but their vassals and subjects comprise dozens of other species.
  • Hc Svnt Dracones is a Post-human Cyberpunk RPG where a Mega Corp. repopulated the solar system with genetically engineered human-animal hybrids called "Vectors" following a nuclear war. The few remaining humans either modified themselves into Vectors or died off.

  • Every incarnation of My Little Pony after the original generation of toys lacks humans and its composed entirely of animals, mainly the titular ponies.

    Video Games 
  • Splatoon has a cast composed mostly by a large variety of aquatic animals, most of them anthropomorphized and with the shapeshifting squid-based Inklings as the main focus. One notable detail is that there's a grand total of one true mammal on the cast (Judd the cat); everyone else is, at best, a vertebrate fish, with the rest being nonvertebrates. This is a little unusual for this trope, especially since Splatoon doesn't take place underwater.

    Web Animation 
  • True Tail combines this trope with High Fantasy. The heroes are six adventurers (a cat, a rabbit, a bear, a fox, a phoenix, and a half-dragon/half-sheep hybrid) fighting an evil sorcerer (a vulture) and his undead army.

  • Ozy and Millie plays with this trope. The main characters are two fox children and their single parents, one of whom is a dragon. However, figures from actual history (such as several American presidents and John Lennon) are mentioned, although they're never shown.
  • The titular characters in Kevin & Kell are a rabbit and a wolf who are Happily Married, which is a big deal on their world since predator species are allowed to eat prey species.
  • Wurr: No humans at all. All talking animals seem to fall within one of three species (or subspecies) of civilized—albeit still quadrupedal—dog.

    Web Original 
  • Neopets was made into one of these a few years after its founding, with the title pets serving as the stand-in for humans, so the Petpets serve as stand-ins for animals.

    Western Animation 
  • Justified in the Saturday Night Live "Bear City" segments. A meteor crashed to earth, and the inhabitants of the town went underground in order to escape its effect. One of the unrealized effects was to make bears start acting like people (but they couldn't talk), taking the places of people in that society.
  • The main setting of Spliced, Keep Away Island, is this, but humans are presumed to exist in the rest of the world, as most of the characters were created by one.
  • Rare plant example: Veggie Tales, where all of the characters are either talking fruit or vegetables.