Creator / Kyell Gold

Kyell Gold is the Pen Name of a Californian novelist who is chiefly known for writing male homosexual romance literature for the Furry Fandom. His longest published works are in the Argaea series Volle, Pendant of Fortune and Shadow of the Father and the Forester Universe Out of Position and its sequels, as well as the novels Waterways and Green Fairy and the novella Bridges. He is also known for his short stories.

Gold, who represents himself as a Red Fox, is one of the most acclaimed furry writers, having won more Ursa Major Awards (the main awards given in the field of furry fandom works) than anyone else. He currently has eight awards (all since 2005); beating the previous record of six, held by Usagi Yojimbo creator Stan Sakai. Gold has also been acknowledged by non-furry writers. In 2010 he was nominated for the WSFA Small Press Award for short fiction.

Works include:

  • In the Argaea series:
    • Volle
    • Pendant of Fortune
    • The Prisoner's Release and Other Stories
    • Shadow of the Father
    • Weasel Presents

  • The Forester series
    • Out of Position
    • Isolation Play
    • Divisions
    • Uncovered
    • Bridges and Waterways, which are set in the same universe, but are a separate storyline.
    • Camouflage is technically part of this series (and directly connected to the events of Out of Position, which start the plot), though unlike the rest of the series it takes place entirely outside of it, and it's mostly a self-contained story.

  • Dangerous Spirits series
    • Green Fairy
    • Red Devil
    • Black Angel