Western Animation / Fantomcat


Fantomcat is a 1995 animated series by Cosgrove Hall.

The series centres on the character Phillipe Lentheric Guerlain de Givenchy, the Duke of Fantom, a masked swashbuckling hero who thrived in 1699, in mortal combat with his nemesis Baron Von Skeltar. De Fantom was treacherously cast into a painting within the halls of his house, Castle De Fantom, and became trapped for centuries. As time passed, the area around Castle De Fantom became a bustling metropolis called Metro City, a city submerged in crime rings led by the fiendish arachnid Marmagora. It's then Fantomcat is freed from his prison and joins up with Tabitha "Tabs" Wildcat, a stern detective, MacDuff, a timid mouse, and Lindberg, a bumbling, acrophobic pigeon, to fight the evil that has grown in modern times.

Fantomcat ran for two seasons with the last episode broadcast in 1996. Despite being made by a British studio, it was animated in Spain.