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Western Animation: Father of the Pride
Father of the Pride was a short-lived CGI Animated Sitcom. It was the first television production produced by DreamWorks Animation as well as the first show to use theater quality CGI. It aired on NBC in 2004.

Set in Las Vegas, the show depicts the secret lives of the animals who live there. The main characters are the family of white lions (father Larry, mother Kate, teenage daughter Sierra, son Hunter, and father-in-law Sarmoti) that form part of Siegfried and Roy's act. All the other animals in the Secret Garden (S&R's private zoo) basically act as sitcom neighbors.

The show was heavily hyped during the Olympics before it premiered, and featured loads of celebrities in regular and cameo roles. Dreamworks had high hopes for it, but before the premiere, Roy was attacked by one of his tigers, putting a pall on the proceedings. The duo insisted that The Show Must Go On.

But the show was a flop anyway, for several reasons. People were already sick of it by the time it premiered, thanks to all the promotion. It was very uncomfortable to watch the show with Roy's recent mauling in mind. And the show itself suffered from the notion, popular in the years post-South Park, that anything is funny as long as it is coming out of the mouth of a cute cartoon creature. Barring the Animation Age Ghetto issue, one must admit that seeing a cute lion character mime using her tail for...something else is a bit much for anyone. Plus, the show was way expensive and time-consuming, with each episode costing over 1.5 million dollars to make and over nine months to complete.

The show has been released on DVD, but good luck finding a copy. Pride is mainly remembered now for being one of the most colossal flops in the history of prime-time animation, though Dreamworks has had more success with animated series since then.


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