Funny / Father of the Pride

  • Pretty much everything Siegfried And Roy do.
    "I am going to travel forward in time and scowl at you! (Beat, scowls) I have arrived!"
  • "Catnip and Trust"
    • This exchange, which appeared in most of the commercials.
    Sierra: You are the worst parents ever!
    Larry: No, we are not. My parents were!
    • When Kate asks him about it, Larry denies ever doing catnip, only for his friend Snack to come over and confirm otherwise.
  • "What's Black, White, and Depressed All Over?"
    • Foo Lin's cat Mr. Right at one point is seen mouthing the words "Kill me".
    • Nelson tries to pick a fight with Larry, but Larry doesn't take him seriously and finds him adorable instead.
  • In "Larry's Debut and Sweet Darryl Hannah, Too", Siegfried makes Roy pay a swear jar for saying the word "titty", when all he did was talk about Queen Nefertiti.
  • At the end of "Donkey", Larry ends up telling another Celebrity Lie by claiming to be friends with Justin Timberlake. Once Hunter's class expresses their excitement at the news, Larry runs for it.
  • "The Siegfried and Roy Fantasy Experience Movie"