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Dragon Knight

Everyone knows the classic tale of the Knight in Shining Armor and his quest to slay a dragon, often to rescue a princess from the dragon's clutches, or to claim the dragon's hoard. So what do you get when the dragon and the knight are one and the same? You get the Dragon Knight.

A Dragon Knight is a knight that assumes the abilities or appearance of a dragon, often combining swordplay with dragon-like abilities, such as fire breath. Sometimes a Dragon Knight is a Draconic Humanoid that has taken a knightly mantle, and sometimes a Dragon Knight is simply a knight with draconic motif in his armor and weapons.

They may even be an actual dragon, though they're often shapeshifted into a humanoid form.

In any case, a Dragon Knight character is an easy way to add a touch of awesomeness to your story; dragons are cool, so it stands to reason that a Dragon Knight would be even more so.

Compare Monster Knight. A Dragon Rider and The Dragonslayer (ironically) are almost always examples. They're usually a Magic Knight as well, and are another way Our Dragons Are Different.

Not to be confused with The Dragon Knight series of books or Kamen Rider Dragon Knight.


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    Anime and Manga 
  • A lot of Digimon turn into one in their later forms:
    • Imperialdramon's Fighter Mode in Digimon Adventure 02 resembles a warrior. This is taken further in the Short Anime Movie Revenge Of Diaboromon with Imperialdramon Paladin Mode.
    • Gallantmon in Digimon Tamers is the mega-level form of the vaguely dragon-like Guilmon. This is shown by having a mask of Guilmon's face on his forehead.
    • EmperorGreymon in Digimon Frontier is a Dragon Warrior digimon with a BFS and fire-based abilities, including the ability to summon multiple dragons made of flame. Dynasmon of the Royal Knights is also one, having a draconic appearance and the ability to transform into a massive ethereal dragon. The two have a tendency to gravitate towards each other when the Royal Knights fight the heroes.
  • Grunbeld in Berserk has dragon-themed armor, a flamethrower in his shield, and can turn into a dragon with scales that are harder than steel.
  • In Fairy Tail, Natsu, Gajeel and Wendy are all humans who use draconic magic, which they all learned from dragon foster parents.

  • The Targaryens, the ruling family of Westeros in the backstory of A Song of Ice and Fire, have a three-headed dragon as their sigil. They have a mystical connection with dragons and in the past were Dragon Riders. After dragons went extinct, many of them remained Dragon Knights by motif if not by ability.
    • Prince Aemon Targaryen, second son of King Viserys II and Lord Commander of the Kingsguard, was reputedly one of the finest knights in the history of the dynasty and was known as the Dragonknight.
  • In One Good Knight of the Tales of the Five Hundred Kingdoms, knight Champion Gina is transformed into a dragon so that she can be with her love Adamant, a dragon, while Adam's brother Periapt is turned into a human so that he can be with his love, Princess Andromeda. Adam decides that he wants to become a Champion, and he and Gina are the first dragon Champions.

    Live-Action TV 

    Video Games 

    Web Original 

    Western Animation 

    Real Life 
  • Real-life dragoons were not knights, but mounted infantry. They were named after dragons, an early wheellock firearm that was often carved with a dragon motif.
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