Armored Dragons

While dragons tend to have a reputation of being Nigh Invulnerable, sometimes this isn't enough: Not all dragons are clad in titanium-strength scales, or sometimes they need extra protection from dragon-killing weapons that would easily pierce through their normal scaly hides.

When this is the case, it's time for even the dragons to suit up in a layer of crafted blacksmith armor. Not only may it shield a potential weak spot (like a single missing scale), it looks cool to wear, doubly so if it's silver or gold in color.

Dragon armor is more common if a Dragon Rider is also involved, as the armor provides places to affix a saddle and harness to. Can also occur if the dragon is presented like an ordinary Beast of Battle, as the fantasy equivalent of medieval war horses.

No relation to The Dragon (just to be clear).


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    Card Games 
  • Armed Dragon cards in the Yu-Gi-Oh! card game, which go through Evolutionary Levels. Armed Dragon LV 3 upgrades to LV 5, to LV 7 (and that can be replaced with LV 10, optionally). They're an increasingly-humanoid series of red dragons wearing dark, shiny metal armor.
  • The Duel Masters card game has races called "Armored Dragon" and "Armored Wyvern", both of which are essentially dragons in Powered Armor. Some carry guns.


    Tabletop Games 
  • Dungeons & Dragons
    • Some of the rule books allow for armor constructed for dragons.
    • Draconians in Dragonlance wear armor frequently.
  • As part of the 3rd Circle of the Legend System's Dragon racial track, you gain a suit of armor, fluffed as having really hard scales. What's interesting is that this armor can be enchanted like normal armor, allowing you to sense enemies, blast people to the ground and even slice nearby opponents up with your scales! Of course, nothing stops you from wearing armour before this, or even fluffing this circle as more traditional metal armor.

    Video Games 
  • Shows up in multiple Final Fantasy games. For example, the dragons of Cardia Island in Final Fantasy I, or the red and blue dragons found as Random Encounters in Final Fantasy IV.
  • In The Legend of Spyro: Dawn of the Dragon, you will occasionally come across different pieces of dragon armor to wear; each piece has its own special ability, and collecting a full set will give you a bonus ability with it.
  • Drakes in Battle for Wesnoth. The law-keepers go Up to Eleven with a full set of golden armor over their scaly body.
  • Mahou Daisakusen has Miyamoto the samurai dragon, who of course wears samurai armor.
  • Several dragons in World of Warcraft. The intro of Cataclysm in particular shows Deathwing getting his armor pinned to his scales. However Deathwing's armor is not to protect him, but to keep his body held together.
  • Argorok, a main boss in the The Legend of Zelda: Twilight Princess, wears a full suit of armor all over its body. In order to defeat it, Link has to destroy said armor to reach its hidden weak spot.
  • The dragons of Panzer Dragoon are all decked in stone-like armor - the same used by the Empire's airships - that doubles as Anti Gravity devices.
  • The wyverns used as mounts by the Wyvern Rider class in the Fire Emblem series frequently don armor. If they aren't armored initially, they often gain some once their rider promotes to a Wyvern Lord.

    Web Comics 
  • Both the Heterodyne dragon and the Baron's dragon in Girl Genius.

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