Pantheon: Romance

Due to the Pantheon split project, The House of Love has divided into four sub-houses

The Romance sub-house is the most populated of the subhouses. It is the same as the Passion sub-house, but it's filled with moonlight, some beautiful flowers, a collection of romance music, and a rivers. As a natural warning, don't hurt the ones they love dearly.
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Greater Gods/Overdeities

    Gabriel Belmont 
Gabriel Belmont, God of Evil Born From Love (The Dragon, Dracul, The Prince of Darkness, The Lord of Shadow, The Lord of Evil, Lord of Castlevania, Dracula, The Evil One, God's Chosen One, Inner Dracula, Behnard Castle )
  • Theme Song: Dracula's Theme and The Final Fight, formerly Belmont Theme.
  • Greater God, Overdeity while channeling the holy fury of God
  • Symbol: A Dragon made of smoke. Alternatively, a burning Golden Cross
  • Alignment: Borderline Chaotic Neutral or Chaotic Good post Lords of Shadows 2. Formerly Lawful Good.
  • Portfolio: Badass, Fallen Angel, Revels In Being Evil Because Destiny Says So, Can turn into smoke, bats, giant dragons and more, willing to take eternity to get his revenge, Went evil after losing everything, including his humanity, Being feared by pratically everyone, Redeeming his soul through the same love that turned him evil
  • Domains: Love, Chaos, Rage, Blood, Despair, Darkness, Light, Fire, Cold.
  • Allies: Sou Fueki, Victor Belmont, Homura Akemi, Obito Uchiha, Albedo Piazzolla, Davy Jones, Dante Alighieri, Big Boss, Asura, Master Chief, The other four members of "The Children of Night", Sayaka Miki, Riku
  • Odd Friendship: Madoka Kaname
  • Enemies: Alucard (Hellsing), Dracula (the other one from the Main Timeline), Satan, Zobek, YHVH, Lucifer, Mundus, Ornstein, Ancologia
  • Former Enemies: ( post Lords of Shadow 2): Flonne, Trevor Belmont, Alucard (Adrian), Simon Belmont, all deities with a Screw Destiny purview
  • His son: The Alucard from his timeline
  • His wife Marie was the one thing that kept him from becoming a darker person then he already was and he was happy until she was murdered and it caused him to become cynical never knowing who did it or why, that was until the day when earth was cut off from the heavens and much to his horror later he found out that he was his wife's killer due to being controlled by Zobek.
  • Gabriel went on a quest to save the world after it had been cut off from the heavens, along with Zobek he went on to fight the Lords of Shadow and reclaim a powerful artifact know as The God Mask to break the spell only to later to find out that Zobek was the Lord of the Dead and he later finds out that the key conspirator of all this was Satan
  • He lost his faith in ever seeing his wife again after succeeding in his quest, then he would lose his humanity and ability to ever see his wife again after becoming a vampire to fight an ancient enemy know as The Forgotten One and gained god like power but lost faith in every thing else and decided he wanted revenge on the world, The Brotherhood, God and Satan.
  • Is confused and saddened when around Trevor or Adrian (Alucard) As they are one and the same in his universe and he regrets killing and turning Trevor into his universe's Alucard. On the other hand, he was surprised to face the Sypha in the Pantheon, as his universe's Sypha died with little resistance, but Sypha here proved to be more than capable to drive off Gabriel's minions with her magic. And he did not recognize Grant at all but does remember a pirate king of the Danasty family dying in his castle thus he sees Grant as no threat.
  • Is openly ready to fight any and all vampire hunters as he has been shown long ago that this would be his eternal fate fighting them and his descendants, when they fight him he claims only this "Your Pantheon has betrayed you! You cannot kill me. You will die in vain, just as the others did!"
    • Even more so if they try to just kill him with just Holy Weapons as they turn out to do nothing to Gabriel.
  • Even though it is what he is know as in the Pantheon do not refer to him as Gabriel as he will yell "Don't you dare call me that! EU SUNT DRACUL!"
  • He has found a kindred spirit in Albedo as he believes that after he gains his revenge on Satan, he only wants one thing his own death, though recently he decided to simply walk the earth and is trying to have Albedo travel with him.
  • Although he will not speak of it he still cares for Marie even now and will often be one of the few remnants of humanity left in him.
  • Actively hates YHVH as he reminds him of God who he feels abandoned him and his family to the destiny that turned him into the monster that he is now
    "Where is this brother who is the supposed savior? Where is this warrior of light? More lies dreamt up by the Church to keep us subservient to their will, no doubt. How is it possible that God exists when he allows the murder and killing of so many of our brethren?"
    • And while he has no opinion on Madoka, he decided to join the Pantheonic rebellion with the intent to kill YHVH.
  • He also actively hates Lucifer as he feels he is no better then Satan in his manipulations.
    • Despite that, Gabriel shows a lot of kindness towards Homura due to her reminding him of himself.
      • Recently, his continuing support and kindness towards Homura Akemi after the Great Upheaval has made him a target of the Sisterhood. A strike force led by Sayaka Miki sneaked into his castle, and entered his Throne Room demanding him to cease. Amused, but annoyed about the girls entitlement, and his eyes, unjust hatred of Homura , he gave her one of his famous Breaking Speech before engaging and slaughtering the entire force by himself. Despite Sayaka's recent increase in strength and ability to conjure her witch form, she was no match for the strength of the Dragon. Reminding him of the Brotherhood of Light, and ironically his former self, Gabriel spared Sayaka on the pretense never to attack him or his castle ever again. Both parties are still very sour on the matter, but the Sisterhood dares not to attack him again, fearing his wrath.
    "I was like you once. A champion of light and goodness. But I fell...fell into darkness. And now, I'm feared as the Prince of Darkness. Ironic don't you think? Your definition of good is just as flawed as mine was, and that damnable group of paladins. You think you can judge Homura? Your no better then she. *Dark laugh* There's a reason why your so called "good" cannot destroy me. For I am it's chosen one!!!
  • He is also grown to hate the entire House of Love, more specifically Fionne.
    "Love, look at what it cost me, did they tell you of my wife's own death at my hands? Did they tell you what would happen to my child? Did they?! Did they tell you that blood would fight against blood, for all eternity!? ... Tell me, is this Love's reward for the devoted and the foolish?!"
    • That view is gone now, but he's still cold to them due to his traumas.
  • He claims that his path was set before him and he cannot change what he is now, for those that say other wise he claims that they are merely fooling themselves, only very few in his eyes actually changed their fate. He has since recanted those beliefs and gained a new respect for those people, especially towards Rika Furude.
  • Know to many that he has sworn to forever be a thorn in the side of many good aligned members but what many don't know is that he uses his great power to make sure darker villains worse then him do not gain more power in hopes to keep the world safe from them.
  • He has much to say to the alternate Dracula and Alucard if/when they decide to fight against him:
    "I will make those monsters pay. They will know fear. They will taste the bitterness of defeat and look into the eyes of the dragon as their lives spills onto the ground before them. Look upon me, demons. For I am darker and more terrible than thou. I am that dragon. And you... are my prey!"
    • Alucard just sadly laughed, and told him:
    "Been there, done that. How do you think I became what I am?"
  • Is nicer to any Gorgons like Medusa and Rider as he is often reminded of the Gorgon Sisters of his castle serving him gratefully and finds that these creatures need nicer treatment.
  • He is also nicer to the more good aligned vampires like Karin and Seras due to the time he spent with Laura, a vampire that helped him defeat The Forgotten One.
  • Due to recent events he wants something to be clear, he will never be as good a person as he used to be, he will only be good to his family and is still out to destroy his enemies, however, if the forces of Good need to stop a more powerful controlling threat, they can call on him to fight against those darker forces.
  • Has made a bizarre friendship with Davy Jones knowing what Love can do to a person and what it is like to play the role of the monster and due to recent events is trying to help him decide his own fate.
  • When he heard that Zobek ascended despite him shattering Zobek last time they met, he made a vow to destroy his "Old Friend" once again and show him that even Death is not enough to stop Gabriel.
  • His Battle with Satan has left the world safe after defeating Satan's Acolytes and making sure to destroy his greatest weapon "The Leviathan", he has permanently cut Satan off from earth forever, he is now trying to achieve the same goal in The Pantheon.
  • His humanoid appearance is just a ruse, and a shape he takes. His true form is massive crimson and black dragon-like spirit, filled with the power of chaos and hate.
    • Because Gabriel is a dragon in humanoid form, Ornstein has made it clear that Prince of Darkness is among his prey as well. While Gabriel doesn't care all that much for the Dragonslayer, he will fight if given no choice.
  • It's unknown how powerful he really is, as he was able to destroy an army of over 500,000 with a single blast of holy energy, which devastated the entirety of Europe, and could be seen from space.
  • The entire Pantheon fears him to an extent. While they would die before admitting it, Zobek and Satan are secretly terrified of Gabriel.
  • Despite being uneasy, Adrian and Victor Belmont convinced Simon and Trevor that Gabriel is firmly on there side now. Now, any creature of the night fears to face the combined might of the Belmont Clan, Alucard, and The Dragon.
  • While Zobek, Gabriel, and Satan share a mutual hatred of each other, all three are willing to put aside there differences if the Great Will and Lucifer show there faces around them. Especially if it's just Gabriel and Zobek. The trinity of Death, The Fallen Angel, and The Prince of Darkness, while extremely rare, is not a situation anyone wants to face.
  • Has made a recent friend of Dante Alighieri, after hearing about his near-fight with Satan. Gabriel offered the warrior his assistance in any later conflicts. While Dante was a little skeptical due to the vampire's fearsome reputation as the Prince of Darkness, after talking with him for awhile, Dante came to realize they have alot in common, such as there sinful pasts, there intense desire to atone, and being betrayed by their faith. Dante offered him his everlasting friendship, and has been visiting him of late, trying his hardest to restore Gabriel's faith in god. While Gabriel hasn't been that forthcoming with the idea, he nevertheless greatly appreciates that Dante cares so much about his well-being.
  • Is very sympathetic towards Big Boss, knowing how much bad love and betrayal can do to a person. He's made an effort, as there in the same house, to comfort the fallen soldier over the death of the Boss, and destruction of Motherbase.
    • Big Boss appreciates the effort, and has pledged him, and his diamond dogs support towards the vampire.
  • Also respects Asura as he knows what is like to go on revenge for losing someone that loved. It helps that to Gabriel Durga sounds a lot like Marie.
  • To the terror of Satan, Gabriel has recently joined the GUAG, specifically the Sacred Knights division. He's recently sworn to permanently kill him, as well as "free" Homura from Lucifer's influence, by showing him why he's the one and only Prince of Darkness. While Lucifer wasn't bothered in the slightest by this at first, according to some sources, his eyes twitched when he found out that Gabriel channels the full power of Jehova, the Christian God, and used it to explode an entire continent killing over 500,000 knights in a single blast of holy energy,
    "I am strong. Powerful beyond measure, beyond imagining. You are ants to me, lower then filth. I will have my vengeance. You will not will stand in my way. You will pay. Even if it takes an eternity, you will both pay... For I am the dragon, Dracul! I am the Prince of Darkness! That... is my vengeance."
  • Ever since his son ascended, a unwritten rule was made to never' harm him. All gods follow this rule to the extent it has surpassed the "Don't harm Mithra or Asura will beat the crap out of you" rule. You know why? Because if you do, Gabriel wont beat you up. He'll make you regret you ever lived.
  • Besides his position in the GUAG, he also has a place among the "Children of the Night", as Tyrant's second in command, as afforded to his status as the one and only "Prince of Darkness". He does alot of the "heavy lifting" and dirty work for the group, frequently fighting alongside Alucard (having somewhat mended there previous shaky relationship) and Remilla. Despite some issues, he mostly gets along with the other four, and doesn't mind assisting Tyrant.
  • He really hates, the Arch-Angel that shares his name, which is quite mutual. Gabriel hates her mindless devotion to the God of order, while the other Gabriel thinks is a miserable traitor, as he technically is an angel himself. Gabriel has pointed out that, as much as he despises it, Gabriel serves God, not the lord of order, whom he refuses to acknowledges as the same being. The arch-angel hasn't done anything then throw insults at him though, as she knows Gabriel's power is beyond her own.

Intermediate Gods

    Big Boss 
Big Boss, God of Attracting Even Males (Jack, John Doe, Naked Snake, Saladin, Vic Boss, The Legendary Mercenary, The Legendary Soldier, Ishmael, The Man Who Sold the World.)
Click here  to see young Big Boss/Naked Snake
  • Theme Song: Sins of the Father.
  • Intermediate God
  • Symbol: The Flag of Zanzibar Land
  • Alignment: Neutral Good as Naked Snake, Chaotic Good as Snake, Chaotic Neutral, borderline Chaotic Evil as Big Boss, Chaotic Neutral as Ishmael/The Man Who Sold the World. In the pantheon, is generally Chaotic Good, but if someone hurts one of his men, goes to Chaotic Evil.
  • Portfolio: Caring For His Subordinates, Using Extreme Ways To Dissolve Threats, Tragic Hero, Fallen Hero, Attracting Men So Much They Make Up Contrived Plots For His Sake, Fans Of Santa Claus and Cardboard Boxes, Those Driven to Villainy,
  • Domains: Soldiers, Darkness, Tragedy, Leaders, Deception, Cunning.
  • Allies: The Boss, Revolver Ocelot, Solidus Snake, Jecht, Nicholas St. North
  • Enemies: Cipher/The Patriots, Skull Face, Liquid Snake, most of the Gods in Justice House, Esdeath
  • His son: Solid Snake
  • Followers: His Diamond Dog( not really), MSF, and Outer Heaven mercenaries
  • Upon ascending, the first thing Big Boss did was to rush into The Boss' house and in honor, saluted her, which she replied well. The creation of bad puns together will have to wait.
  • Apparently, his ascension was a plot of Ocelot who feels that he deserves to be in the Pantheon. With how Ocelot was proven to be able to be the Magnificent Bastard he is for the sake of Big Boss, it was the reason why his ascension was accepted.
  • Still has an uneasy tension with Solid Snake. What was known was his Final First Hug back then was… genuine to say the least. He still won't admit that the latter is his son, but he respected him as the man he is.
    • That being said, his love is only hid skin deep, and you can tell he clearly cares for him.
  • Some would say that he is the 'Evil Counterpart' of Mana Aida, where she attracted girls, Big Boss attracted men. Big Boss just sighed seeing Mana's overblown optimism, wondering if she would eventually break down like he did.
    • And just as Big Boss ascended, there's been some Gods that have been ogling some looks because of how manly he is.
  • He also dislikes James Bond, where he thinks that his spy flick is ridiculous and overblown.
  • Aside of dissing The Boss or harming his subordinates, a way to piss him off is to say that Santa isn't real.
    He's real, I tell ya! He… he used to bring me presents…
    • Wasn't sure what to make of Jack Skellington, since the Pumpkin King's attempts at being Santa Claus were...horrible, to say the least.
  • One of these days, Big Boss is going to tell one last tale... one that would link how he went from a Well-Intentioned Extremist into a self-proclaimed demon that deserved to be kicked in the nuts by Solid Snake.
    • A good chunk of the tale turned out to actually focus on his Body Double, who was the Big Boss that Snake killed in Outer Heaven (he considers him to be Big Boss just as much as himself).
  • Is friends with Steven Armstrong, as both of them have similar ideology, and have no qualms with using child soldiers.
  • Is keeping his eye on Hatsune Miku, or at least the Vocaloid program due of her voice sounding like those use in AI Weapons.
  • While he was offered a position in the GUAC by Luficer and Steven Armstrong for his skill and his vast mercenary forces, he declined. Saying the reason he fights is because he wants a place for his men, not chaos for the sake of it. He also told Lucifer to his face, that he doesn't like manipulation, and doesn't approve of what he did to Madoka or Homura.
  • Really doesn't like Esdeath, whom he struggles not to open fire upon with his cardboard tank. He thinks she gives mercenaries a bad name. When she tried to compare him to herself citing there mutual lust for war, he snapped, saying he doesn't fight because he enjoys it like Esdeath, but actually needs conflict, which he isn't proud of. He told her there's a reason, he's known as the "legendary mercenary" and not her, not so gently reminding her this wouldn't be the first time he's fought supernatural soldiers, and dominated them in combat.
  • Occasionally takes his alias of Ishmael, appearing before deities with his face covered in bandages. When people ask who he is...he'll be very cryptic. Telling them that there looking at themselves.
  • He has a reputation for being a huge dork, and a lovable moron. Turns out he's far smarter, and cunning then he appears.

Esdeath, Goddess of Villainesses Who Want the Hero (The Empire's Strongest, Ice Queen)

    Gideon Graves 
Gideon Gordon Graves, God of Evil Exes and Bastard Boyfriends (G-Man Graves)
  • Intermediate God
  • Theme Music: Gideon's Wrath
  • Symbol: Three Gs that form an inverse Triforce
  • Alignment: Neutral Evil
  • Portfolio: Evil Exes, More Than Mind Control, Implausible Fencing Powers, Final Bosses, Evil Guys with Glasses, Being Evil for Romantic Reasons.
  • Domain: Love, Domination, Evil
  • Followers: The League of Evil Exes, Tavas Ikalik, Delmore.
  • Allies: Angus Bumby, Hoyt Volker, The Yandere Quartet, Raynare.
  • Enemies: Scott Pilgrim, Hyodo Issei
  • What a dick.
  • While already cold and distant as a boyfriend, Gideon became even worse after being dumped, using his resources to plague those who've spurned the affections of twisted men and women.
  • Started The League of Evil Exes after Ramona his Muse left him, he then formed the League after he posted a drunken rant on craigslist, hates Scott defeating them as it took him a good amount of time to get their contact information to form the League like Two Hours, TWO HOURS!
  • He is also very polite to the people around him usually referring to others as "Buddy" even Scott though smarter gods know that this is a false front and it hides cold calculating nature.
  • Hates it when people attack him when he is chewing gum as he fears if he swallows it, it will be in his digestive tract for seven years.
  • He is also a master at using Subspace even inventing a Subspace Power known as The Glow, it uses Subspace inside the minds of those it infects, causing them to become overwhelmed by their personal issues. It suppresses positive emotions such as friendship and love, and simultaneously enhances negative feelings like suspicion, jealously, and self-loathing.
  • Gideon calls that "Emotional Warfare" and it is one of the ways he made his millions.
  • Is despised by Issei of the House of Power because of being a bastard boyfriend, something he deeply hates due to his Dark and Troubled Past.
  • Also likes to take control of others through microchips attached to the back of the neck.
  • If he is left without a weapon he can pull it out of the dresses of women around him.
    "Yes! I had a sword built into their dresses in case of emergency! THAT'S JUST THE KIND OF GUY I AM!"
  • He is also able to use Scott's Power of Love against him by ripping it out of him.
  • If he is against stronger swords like The Power of Understanding or Self-Respect he has his own sword to use against them, it is called The Pixel Katana which he can summon through hand seals similar to Naruto, the blade of Gideon's Pixel Katana is made entirely of blue and white video game pixels (hence its name).
  • When challenged in Subspace he likes to use it to grow himself into a brutishly muscular version of himself surrounded by his fawning (and brainwashed) ex-girlfriends. If fast enough he can be knocked out of it, if the person is too slow then he will transform into what looks like a cross between Safer Sephiroth and the Tyrant. His lower half is even composed of faces of the other exes.
  • He formed the League to take control of Ramona's Love life but he also has another reason and that is to complete his collection of his seven former girlfriends, all of whom have been stored in cryogenic freezing capsules.

    Johann Faust VIII 
Johann Faust VIII, God of Loving the Dead

    Juvia Lockser 
Juvia Lockser, Goddess of Love at First Sight and Defecting for Love (Juvia of The Deep, Rain Woman, Juvia of the Great Sea)
  • Intermediate Goddess (Greater Goddess if significantly pissed off)
  • Theme Song: Juvia of the Great Sea (battle theme), Aria
  • Symbol: A Gray plushie surrounded by a myriad of Teru Teru Bozu.
  • Alignment: Neutral Good (formerly Neutral Evil)
  • Portfolio: Falling in love with Gray with a glance, Dogged Nice Girl, Unleashing hell on those who would harm Gray and subsequently envious of those who would even think of getting near him, Making a Splash, Being able to transform into water, the only one in her unit to turn good, Unconsciously shipping others via her own hallucinations
  • Domains: Love, Water, Anger
  • Allies: Gray Fullbuster, Natsu Dragneel, Erza Scarlet, Gajeel Redfox, Cana Alberona, Gildartz Clive, Wendy Marvell, Hinata Hyuuga, Nyarko
  • One sided rivalry: With Lucy Heartphilia(friendly), And Chelia (inverted)
  • Opposes: Yuno Gasai, KISS
  • Enemies: Anyone who would harm Gray, Terumi.
  • Ascended after hearing about Gray's ascension. She immediately attempted to find her way in the pantheon, insisting that she get a house near Gray. However, the Main House said she was better for the House of Love and she immediately went with it.
  • Is none too pleased at finding that Gray is popular with other women. Luckily she won't go into crazy extremes like Kotonoha. She'll prank them though.
  • She once almost immediately accused Lucy Heartfilia of being one of those people much to latter's dismay. She's gotten a bit better though. But pretty much anyone who tries to either flirt/harm Grey is going to unleash her wrath to the point that she can scare Erza Scarlet. Thus, this has been decreed the sixth dumbest thing to do as confirmed by the Main House.
  • With her ascension it's rumored that the GUAG will form a new unit in order to directly oppose the Yandere quartet. Though it's mostly because Nyarko wants to form a Sentai unit of her own. Juvia will only be interested if it involves Gray somehow. It was eventually successful.
  • After hearing that Terumi was responsible for Gray's brief stint as a stripper, she went quiet. Sometime later, Terumi's house was flooded.
  • It's noted that she sounds like Rena Ryuuguu on one hand and Yuno Gasai on the other hand. Juvia lets people know that she isn't nearly as crazy as the latter.
  • Had a bit of a moment when she was in the House of Friendship, due to the fact that she never had lots of friends due to her powers (and subsequently making a myriad of Teru Teru Bozu). Her cries turned into a gentle rain though.
    • However be careful if she goes into Ocular Gushers mode: if she cries hard enough everyone within a five foot radius will be swept away.
  • She is wary of KISS, remembering the time she was brainwashed by a KISS look-a-like. They have made explicitly clear to her that they wouldn't harm her anyway.
  • She gets along rather well with Hinata. As they have a lot in common. They even inspired each other to make scarves for their beloved.
  • Breaking Speeches do not work on her for the last guy who tried, she ripped apart from the inside.

    Kagome Higurashi 
Kagome Higurashi, Goddess of The Oft-Shipped
  • Intermediate Goddess
  • Symbol: the Shikon no Tama
  • Alignment: Neutral Good
  • Portfolio: High School Girls, Time Travelers, Takahashi Tsundere, Archery, Mikos, Girlfriends of Half Human Hybrids, Reincarnation
  • Domains: Time, Exorcism, Hunt, Portal, Travel
  • Followers: Mimi Tachikawa
  • Allies: Katara, Inuyasha, Raven, Takumi Inui/Kamen Rider Faiz
  • Enemies: Masato Kusaka/Kamen Rider Kaixa
  • The center of all gossip in the entire Pantheon, as she's rumoured to have been going out with everyone, gender notwithstanding. Even with Companion Cube.
  • On extremely good terms with Masaya Aoyama, since the latter's temple has sometimes sheltered Inuyasha.
  • Originally, this title was offered to Ranma Saotome as an alternative to his current position as the God and Goddess of Gender Bending. There were no survivors.
  • Was not happy to hear that Inuyasha ended up ascending in the Fallen house. At the very least, the fact that she is in the Pantheon proper means that he isn't completely ruined on the chance of being freed from there.

    Lezard Valeth 
Lezard Valeth, God of Infatuated Villains
  • Theme Song:How Wicked Ruler, In Order To Acquire The Light In That Hand (when battling)
  • Rank: Intermediate God (Greater God if he gets a hold of Gungir and/or the Dragon Orb)
  • Symbol: His glasses superimposed over The Philosopher’s Stone
  • Alighnment: Chaotic Neutral
  • Portfolio: Evil Genius, Large Ham, Love Makes You Evil, Rage Against the Heavens, Stalker with a Crush
  • Domains: Evil Specs, Self-Made God, Necromancy
  • Allies: Follo, Gaston, Lucifer (maybe?)
  • Followers: Road, Lucia, Harry MacDougall
  • Enemies: Lenneth and her Sister Valkyries, Freya (its personal), Edward Elric, some members of the House of Love
  • Rivals/Opposed: Harry Potter (for looking like him), Belldandy, Negi Springfield.
  • Reason for Ascension: Nearly Pulled off one of the grandest schemes in the history of storytelling in order to try and the attention of Lenneth, the Goddess he’s obsessed with, in order to ‘become one with her’. He kidnaps his old teacher’s husband and turns him into a monster, which he then provokes into killing said teacher. He then captures and murders many elves and other beings in order to take out their souls for experiments in soul transfers, make homunculus out of them. When his initial plan fails, he deliberately kills himself to turn into a spirit and allies himself with a powerful vampire to ensure that Odin has no chance of surviving Ragnarok by making it so that his newest agent, Hrist, fails her mission. He then reconstitutes his body, thereby surviving Ragnarok, goes back in time, and immerses himself with another Valkyrie who’s on Midgard at the time. During a critical battle, manages to steal her soul with no one the wiser. When he confronts Odin, he overpowers him, takes his soul and Gungir and the in order to create a new world and time line, all of which finally alerts the ascended Lenneth of his involvement. All According to Plan. He does eventually fail in his grand scheme but the sheer magnitude of his plans is what got him in here instead of the Disgraces.
    • Needless to say, he’s NOT on a lot of people’s favorite list here in the Pantheon. However, he does have a decent-sized group of followers who consider him to be, if anything, a great villain.
  • The House of Magic strictly forbids him from entering their halls due to rarely anything good coming out of his experiments in soul transfusion. Edward Elric is especially watchful of him due to the subject of his experimentation.
    • However, since the events of the Great Upheaval, his undeniable talent in magic is under consideration for use. He scoffs at the idea of willingly working with them but if Lenneth (or Belldandy) should ask him, he may consider it.
  • Has been known to laugh maniacally when things start to go his way (such as in a chess match). Lenneth is keeping a much closer eye on him, but since he has arrived he has slightly mellowed out on his obsessive behavior but she is sure that he will eventually try something again because of them being in different Houses.
  • Now that everyone knows the tale of his deeds, his ego has inflated ridiculously to the point where one can’t walk by his temple without hearing him.
    "Bow to me – Worship me! Honor my name – Lezard Valeth!"
  • When Belldandy of the House of Love, came to speak with him, he actually welcomed the chance to 'discuss' his obsession with her, a Goddess of similar status as 'his beloved'.
    "Love? Who says what love is, or how it shall be measured? Who decides whether it is indeed 'wholesome and pure' or 'twisted and evil'? All I have done, I have done in her name, for her sake! I defied all of the petty gods of my world and what their works had wrought. I freed her from the shackles of that abominable fate as servants to an impotent god and system! And yet I find that I am hated and cast off! How many of these so-called 'heroes' who grace these halls can admit to doing even a fraction of what I have done in the name of love!? How many of them have destroyed and killed for the sake of their loved one!? How many of them have usurped power and status, just to grace a speck in their beloved's eye!? And they dare to judge me and my actions as mere folly!? I say to them that their words are the true heresy! ... Please forgive my harsh tone just now, my Lady. I imagine that you see myself as being dangerous, and I shall admit, I am. I am a fool in love with a goddess who spurns him. Were she to command anything, even my own death, I would obey gladly, if only I could remain by her side. Your lover, a mortal is he not? Woe be it to him if he should ever fall from your graces. You might find a despair, a madness, deep within him that you yourself did not foresee."
    • Belldandy was unnerved by him, but she says she sees a glimmer of hope that with time and patience, he can be guided onto a less destructive path. Lenneth cautioned her about becoming too close to Lezard, lest his considerable ‘affection’ start to drift in her direction as well.
  • Asura, yes THAT Asura, has a personal distaste for the mage, and not only because Lezard tried to become the kind of god that he vehemently opposes. There’s just something about his voice that sets off the Destructor…
  • He has caught the attention of Mephiles due to the complex nature of his schemes, in addition to the timeline-fudging aspects. Lezard has no plans to work with Mephiles, since he has a result for his plan, while Mephiles just craves destruction.

Rio, God of Redemption Through Love (Black Lion)

Lesser Gods

    Princess Anna 
Princess Anna, Goddess of Romance Novel Mentality (Feisty Pants)
  • Theme Song: Do You Want to Build a Snowman?
  • Lesser Goddess
  • Symbol: A sandwich
  • Alignment: Neutral Good
  • Portfolio: Being In Love with Love, Adorkable, Big Sister Worship, Genki Girl, acting before thinking, Desperately Craves Affection, Love at First Sight, Not a Morning Person, Unwitting Instigator of Doom, Heroic Sacrifice, Love Redeems
  • Domain: Love (romantic and familial), Fantasy
  • Followers: All residents of her kingdom, Madame Bovary, May Chang, Lumpy Space Princess
  • Allies: Queen Elsa (sister), Olaf, every Disney Princess (including President Vanellope von Schweetz), Sora, Mello, Flonne, Tsubaki Yayoi, Lina & Rylai, Carly Nagisa
  • Enemies: Prince Hans, Master Xehanort, Maleficent, The Evil Queen, Vanitas, any evil gods in the House of Love, Dio Brando, Lisa Simpson
  • Pities: Bentley Turtle
  • Opposes: Penelope Mouse
  • Not wanting to be separated again, Elsa worked out a way to ascend her sister into the Pantheon. Elsa spoke to the Court of Gods, whom allowed Anna to fulfill this position in the Pantheon, due to showing the downsides and possible consequences of fairytale romance. (The implied threat of being frozen over by an angry queen should they decline may have also helped Anna's case).
  • Living in a fairytale world and being a Disney Princess, Anna was very much a believer of True Love, even if it was only at first sight. But throughout her journey to reunite with her sister, she became aware of how dangerous this thought process was, and what it almost cost her and her sister. Thus she broke the trend for girls like her (though some would say she didn't).
  • Learning from this experience, Anna decided to help her followers realize the difference between embellished love stories and actual relationships.
  • In the Pantheon, Anna likes spending time with Olaf and Elsa (in whichever house she's currently in). While visiting Elsa in the House of Nature, Anna is sometimes seen trying to climb any mountain that happens to be there, to improve her mountain climbing skills. No luck, yet, but she's persistent.
  • She's actually never heard her own sister's big song (obviously since she wasn't there at the time), so she asked to hear it. Even though they've heard each other sing before, Anna was still impressed (but then, it's easy for older siblings to impress their younger ones).
  • It is rumored that Anna sometimes eats sandwiches that belong to other gods and goddesses. At one point, she encountered Gramma Stuffum's "Slamwitch", and tried to eat it, but was stopped by Gordon Ramsey, who then told her about how two other deities became sick after being in contact with the Slamwitch.
  • Like her sister, she's friends with fellow chocolate eater Mello, though Elsa sometimes worries if he might be a bad influence. Thankfully, Anna's smartened up when it comes to sensing the danger in people, and Mello's only interested in catching Light again. He sees no reason for the sisters to become necessary losses in that pursuit.
  • Has no relation to the other Anna, nor her sisters of the same name.
  • Has perhaps one of the biggest hearts in the whole pantheon. Not only did she forgive her big sister for shutting her out for years, but her love for her was so great it gave Elsa a way to control her powers. As of such, A lot of the positive love gods in the house make friends with her rather easily.
  • Since her ascension was Elsa's big project, her big project now is working on having her boyfriend Kristoff ascend as well. She's still working on it, but is approaching it with the same determination she had during the eternal winter.
  • Due to her title, she finds herself easily befriending Tsubaki Yayoi, who kinda had a similar mindset as her. Anna definitely gave her pity that Tsubaki'd have a wonderful life... if she's not surrounded with the despicably manipulative type like Terumi.
  • Much like her sister, Anna finds herself also visiting the siblings that bicker a lot, Lina & Rylai. Being the 'big sister', Anna is 'closer' to Lina and often tried to break up any ongoing bickering. Much to Anna's surprise, even if Lina stated that their rivalry is just too deep-rooted to just fix altogether, she at least respects Anna as a big sister and likes her theme song.
  • Anna made good friends with Carly Nagisa, the latter having dreams of her Prince Charming, Jack Atlas, to come so they could be together. It's through this that she learned of an alternate Carly whose love made that world INCREDIBLY dark. Then she learned about Carly's friend Gentaro Kisaragi, which spiraled into learning about "Project: Alternate Gentaro", and how Alternate!Gentaro dismembered someone (although the person who caused it deserved it) alongside the creation of the Friendship Asylum. Anna is going to do her best to stop this madness and no one is going to stop her.
  • She is not happy when she heard that Prince Hans has ascended into the Pantheon. In fact, the mere sight of him would provoke her into punching him in a face.
    • She holds a similar grudge with Penelope Mouse for manipulating the Cooper Gang and breaking Bentley's heart. Anna has made a lot of questions on Penelope's true motives, and asks if she has always been evil, like Hans.
  • Some of the gods question why all her promotional material features her with a white streak in her hair, when she loses it at the end of her adventure. Usually, Anna shrugs at this and says, "spoilers I guess."
  • Really, REALLY doesn't like Dio Brando. Mostly because he sounds like Prince Hans.
  • Anna also doesn't get along well with Lisa Simpson, either, with the two always fighting when in close proximity. It's probably because Anna sounds like Harper Jambowski, who is Lisa's latest enemy. Although Anna is aware that Harper is a Spoiled Brat who should be locked in the Disgraces, that still doesn't give Lisa the right to treat her like this.

    Bekki Natsumi 
Bekki Natsumi Goddess of Love for Younger People(AKB 40)
  • Lesser God (Intermediate God while using the power of Gaia)
  • Symbol: Her fairy dress
  • Theme Song: Ponytailed Forty Year old
  • Alignment: Chaotic Good (Chaotic Neutral when around couples)
  • Portfolio: Christmas Cake, Looking half her age, Acting half her age, becoming enraged at happy couples or at the mention of her lack of relationships, The Middle-Aged Genma fist.
  • Domains: Love and School
  • Allies: Yoshinoya-sensei, Tomoko.
  • Followers (actually they're drinking buddies): Minako Kurosawa, Fran Fine, Donna Noble, Tomoe Wajima, Mayumi, Noriko Kashiwagi, Ashigara (Anime Ver.)
  • Enemies: Andy Stitzer, Yuno and Yukiteru, Edward and Bella, Mr and Mrs Ayasaki, Abusive Parents.
  • Opposes: Nearly every couple in the Pantheon, regardless of alignment.
  • Ascended due to the fact that she's forty and still single. It's a very sour subject for her.
  • Spends her free time looking for her potential significant other with no success so far.
  • Do not mention her status to her face, otherwise you will be hit with her special attack the Genma fist that demoralizes anyone with range. The Trollkaigers found this out the hard way.
  • Was nearly banned from this house due to her hate for couples, until Mako appeared and defended her claiming that the psychotic rival offing Kotonoha was there. The other Gods while stunned, had to agree with this logic.
  • She especially hates Edward and Bella for their superficial perfect life.
  • Until now, she just realized that they was another goddess for the title but she mysteriously disappeared. It was stated that the former fit better than the latter. Bekki did not take this well.
  • She also a substitute teacher for whenever Onizuka-sensei is absent.
  • It gets a little odd when she is in the same room with Homura, due to sounding very similar to each other.

Diaochan, Goddess of Manipulative Love (Chousen, The Deceptive Dancer)
  • Theme Song: Cicada
  • Lesser Goddess
  • Symbol: Several petal flowers that came out when she dances.
  • Alignment: True Neutral
  • Portfolio: Manipulating Men With Sex, Great Beauty of Her Land, Dancing and Kicking Ass With It, 'Good Girl' In The Middle Of Scumbag Faction, Whipping, Wounded Gazelle Gambit, Ms. Fanservice, Loving Bad Boys (like Lord Lu Bu)
  • Domains: Love, Mentalism, Manipulation, War
  • Allies: Lu Bu, Lu Lingqi, Achilles, Yoko Minato/Kamen Rider Marika.
  • Enemies: Cao Cao, Dian Wei, Liu Bei, Guan Yu, Zhang Fei
  • Ascended on the recommendation of Lu Bu himself. Although he was an ex-manipulation victim, Diaochan loves him for real.
  • And just like the relationship between Kyosuke Nanbu and Excellen Browning, harming Diaochan in the earsight of Lu Bu is considered an extremely bad idea.
  • On a bad day, it was said that she would be quite teasing and even advancing on other men, making even Lu Bu jealous and begins ass kicking. When all's done, Diaochan would usually reveal that the victim was really bad news so she had to somehow 'spur' Lu Bu in. Lu Bu never gets mad about this. EVER.
  • Due to impressing Achilles he has sworn to protect Lu Bu's closest allies if it means being allies enough for them to constantly battle each other.
  • Is known as one of the greatest beauties amongst her land. Other Chinese Goddesses like Chun-Li or Litchi Faye-Ling usually agree, although Diaochan gets flustered when mentioned as such.
  • Somewhere along the realms, there is someone else with the same name... except this one's a constantly-naked bald, muscular man with pink thong and is VERY GAY and insists that he is beautiful. Diaochan's reaction on learning this man's existence was nothing short of a terrified Jaw Drop with her face Blue with Shock. Well, who can blame her...
  • She heard that Lu Bu's daughter ascended, but she's never met her for some strange reason.
  • Despite assisting him once, she is now an enemy of Cao Cao and all those that serve him due to him being responsible for Lu Bu's death in the mortal realm. Liu Bei, Guan Yu, and Zhang Fei fall under this for the same reasons. But she is usually more bitter at Guan Yu, because she remembered about several timelines where he wouldn't even hesitate to kill her on sight rather than risk her using her repertoire to drive a wedge on their brotherhood. So far, Guan Yu wouldn't do that if they have something in common to fight for. Like Orochi.
    • There was one timeline that Guan Yu actually hesitated... but then calls in the smith that created the Blue Dragon Saber to do the dirty job, so either way, Diaochan is still extra bitter at him.

    Edward Scissorhands 
Edward Scissorhands, God of Lovelorn Grotesques (Ed, Eddie)

    Excellen Browning 
Excellen Browning, Goddess of Love Innuendo and Teasing (Ex-neesama, Miss Excell)
  • Lesser Goddess
  • Theme Music: Silver Fallen Angel
  • Symbol: Chibi-Weissritter with a heart sign nearby. Or a set of bunny suit.
  • Alignment: Lawful Good
  • Portfolio: BFGs, Playing Ms. Fanservice, Very Cool Big Sister, Half Einst, Strong Against Alcohol, Fun.
  • Domains: Love, War, Fun.
  • Followers: Yoruichi Shihouin
  • Allies: Kyosuke Nanbu, Lamia Loveless, Setsuko Ohara, BRIAN BLESSED, Lockon Stratos, Sanger Zonvolt, most of the GUAG
  • Friendly Rival: Akeno Himejima
  • Not to be Confused With: Excel
  • Has teased virtually every deity in the Pantheon with the chance to see her or the deity of their choice in a bunny suit. Reactions vary. Her favorite victim of teasing is Ichigo Kurosaki, Issei Hyodo - who had a rather uncontrollable reaction once, and recently Guy Cecil, who gives out the best flustered reaction, she thinks. Her goal is to make her boyfriend Kyosuke pull that reaction, but she has yet to succeed.
  • Usually her main 'victim' was Lamia, but after the deification of Setsuko and learning her dillema, Excellen shows a wise side and turns Setsuko to her main 'victim' in order to cheer her up. Lamia wholeheartedly agreed to the decision.
  • Tends to join BRIAN BLESSED in adding merriment to the Pantheon, and thus the great BRIAN BLESSED has considered her a rare breed of female Boisterous Bruiser. At one point as a result of that, Excellen insisted that her name be transcribed as (S)EXCELLEN BROWNING ♥, but got refused.
  • With the opening of the Real Robot Division of the GUAG Robot War, on proxy of Kyosuke being promoted into leader, Excellen got promoted into vice-leader. Excellen thinks that finally this is going to have the GUAG arrange a marriage between her and Kyosuke (which prompts her to act bashful and say "Oh nooo! I'm not ready for thiiis..."), but the reason was (thankfully also acceptable for her) because the GUAG recognizes that the two are one of the best duo-team in the Pantheon.
  • On the ascension of Kaguya Nanbu, at first Excellen thought Kyosuke was cheating on her. She's just joking, she just felt like meeting the girl personally. When they actually met, Excellen ended up glomping her and ends up requesting to Kyosuke that she'd be the 'third daughter'. She's happy when Kyosuke rolls with it.

    Hiyori Tamura 
Hiyori Tamura, Goddess of Slash Pairing Lovers and Those Who 'Pair' People Off In Their Mind

    Houki Shinonono and Lingyin Huang 
Houki Shinonono and Lingyin Huang, Dual Goddesses of Childhood Friends Who Desire Much More (Linyin: Rin)

Hungary, Goddess of Aggresive Protective Instincts (Elisaveta Héderváry, Erzsébet, Elizabeta, Hun-chan.)
  • Lesser Goddess
  • Symbol: Her Flag.
  • Alignment: Chaotic Good.
  • Portfolio: Violently Protective Girl Friends, Ninja Maid, Spears and Frying Pans, Yaoi Fangirl, Bokukko, Lady and Knight, Bodyguard Crush, Cuteness Proximity, Raised as the Opposite Gender.
  • Domains: Love, War, Protection.
  • Allies: Austria (her husband), Liechtenstein, Katara, Bryan Mills, Terra Branford, Sapphire Rhodinite, Amy Rose, Rias Gremory, Aigis, Itsuki Myoudouin, Setsuna Sakurazaki, Konoka Konoe, Rapunzel, Mion and Shion Sonozaki, Kyouko Kirigiri, Chika Oguie, Hiyori Tamura, Peko Pekoyama and most good aligned deities in the house of love and family.
  • Odd Friendship with: Princess Tutu.
  • Followers: Wendy Testaburger. Non action guys tend to appreciate Hungary and her followers for watching out for them.
  • Enemies: Yuno Gasai, Kotonoha Katsura (and everyone else in the Yandere Quartet), Medusa, everyone who's tried to harm her husband, and the entire GUAE Mutation Lair.
  • Yuno is very fond of tormenting Hungary via Breaking Speeches about how they're Not So Different. Her rebuttal about the defense of one's love interest being no different than protecting one's kids and that Yuno is just a psychopath who uses Yukki as an excuse to murder people really pissed Yuno off.
  • Is frequently aided by Sapphire in part because Hungary's protective nature reminds her that her husband isn't nearly as strong as she is.
  • Gets along well with Aigis, due to both of them developing a Bodyguard Crush and having to be forcibly separated from the person they loved for a long period of time. (even though one of them didn't involve death)
    • Aigis has recruited her to help rehabilitate her potential replacement. Hungary accepted.
  • Also gets along well with Itsuki Myoudouin, due to their similar personalities and being Raised as the Opposite Gender. She, along with Rapunzel, have been trying to convince her into weaponizing frying pans...
  • Unfortunately, there are a few gods who don't have the world's highest opinion of her husband. This seems to have died down after she overheard this, and she decided that the best option was to use the frying pan on them.
  • Is incredibly disturbed that Medusa sounds exactly like her.
  • Occasionally joins Chika and Tamura in their slashing of everyone in the pantheon.
  • Founded the SLS's 2nd Division after she approached Nyarko and asked to form a second division in the Special Lovers Squad, due to her absolute distaste for the Yandere Quartet's methods of "protecting" their love interests.
    • During Vienna Burning, she was the first victim of the Yandere Quartet's plan to destabilize the SLS's 2nd division. She was rendered comatose after the bombing of several towns in Hungary, and hospitalized. However, she was able to recover, and accompanied Shion into the GUAE to save Austria.... where she discovered that they'd been using him for medical experimentation. This led to a Curb-Stomp Battle and her absolute hatred of the entire GUAE Mutation Lair. She's currently visiting him in the hospital and thanks Kyouko Kirigiri for assisting in his rescue.

     Irene Lew 
Irene Lew, Divine Patron of Designated Love Interests (Sonia, Sea Swallow, Irene Liu, Sea Wolf)
Irene as Sonia
Irene in the Original Trilogy 
  • Lesser Goddess
  • Symbols: Her Desert Eagle Magnums And A Super-Bazooka
  • Alignment: Lawful Good
  • Portfolio: The Heroine of the Original Trilogy, Both an Action Girl and Faux Action Girl, Was A Redhead, Now A Blonde, Back from the Dead, Bare Your Midriff, Damsel in Distress, Had '80s Hair In The First Game, Fanservice Pack, The Gunslinger, Mission Control To Ryu And Ayane, 10-Minute Retirement
  • Domains: Romance, CIA, Blondes and Redheads, Guns, Intrigue
  • High Priestess: Annie Walker
  • Additional Relationship: Ryu Hayabusa (her husband, whom she is Happily Married to)
  • Allies: Kasumi, Ayane, Crimson Viper, Sonya Blade, Cassie Cage, Jacqui Briggs, John Preston, Kurtis Stryker
  • Opposes: Revy
  • Enemies: Kano, Vega, M. Bison
  • Contrary to popular opinion, Ryu Hayabusa is a married man. And Irene had made quite the impression on her first day inside the Pantheon. Of course, Hayabusa shows up in the aftermath, following spent shell casings, empty clips, and the bodies of enemy ninjas, which led to Irene, leaning up against the wall, barely winded. "You're late," Irene notes. "You've been busy," Hayabusa replied.
  • Supporters of the Ryu and Kasumi pairing are in denial that Ryu is married to Irene. They also believe that both Sonia and Irene are two seperate persons. But it was Ayane who confirmed that Irene and Sonia are one in the same.
  • Ryu and Irene had known each other for a while. They had met when Irene was going by her alias, Sonia. Then, Irene dropped her alias and went by her real name. After a series of adventures involving the Jashinzo statues, the Dark Sword of Chaos (in which she had died and was revived), her backstabbing former boss and an ancient dimensional warship (in which she almost died), she and Ryu got hitched.
  • Both Irene and Revy don't get along. This mostly stems from the both of them being on opposite sides of the law. The House of Ranged and Explosive Weapons tend to end up with several more dozen bullet holes whenever Revy and Irene trade bullets.
  • Irene also works as an analyst for the GUAG. When she was a mortal, she once worked as an analyst for the C.I.A. when she stopped doing field work. She's also the go-between for Ayane and Kasumi.
  • When she and Revy aren't trying to kill each other, she has become a mentor or sorts to Sergeant Cage and Specialist Briggs. Technically, she's around the same age as Cassie and Jacqui, but she enjoys playing mentor...and trading barbs with Cassie.
    Cassie: My dad beat up Shinnok and saved the world.
    Irene: My husband saved the world six times and counting.
    Cassie: Well, shit.
  • Has been seen at John Preston's temple learning the art of the Gun Kata from his High Priestess, Violet Song jat Shariff. As it turns out, Irene is a prodigy. A very dangerous prodigy. Irene hates it when people call her a "kidnap-magnet." She signed on to the Gun Kata classes in to hone her skills.

    Isabella Garcia-Shapiro 
Isabella Garcia-Shapiro, Goddess of (Really) Young Love and Unresolved Sexual Tension

    Keiji Maeda 
Maeda Keiji, God of Matchmakers (Pretty Boy, Lady Killer, Adorned in Beauty and Splendor, the Maeda Vagabond)

    Kotonoha Katsura 
Kotonoha Katsura, Goddess of Removal of Romantic Rivals

    Laura Bodewig 
Laura Bodewig, Goddess of Wacky Marriage Proposals
  • Theme Song: An Die Freude
  • Lesser Goddess (becomes Intermediate, when using the Schwarzer Regen; full-blown Greater Goddess while Fused with both her IS and Junketsu)
  • Symbol: Her black-and-red leg band (Schwarzer Regen's standby mode.) Alternatively, the Schwarzer Hase (Black Hares) emblem.
  • Alignment: Chaotic Neutral
  • Portfolio: Artificial Human, Super Soldier, The Comically Serious, Taking everything seriously, Declaring Ichika as her wife, Rei Ayanami Expy, Jerk with a Heart of Gold, Electronic Eye which powers up her Infinite Stratos unit, Defrosting Ice Queen
  • Domains: Comical seriousness, Romance, Mechas, Soldiers
  • Allies:
  • De Facto High Priestess: Ui Wakana
  • Odd Friendship with: Yoko Littner
  • Enemies: None, although those who dare harm or woo Ichika are sure to gain her bitterness.
  • Quickly ascended after declaring Ichika as her wife in front of everybody after a heated IS battle.
  • The first thing she's done after entering the Pantheon is go greet her best friend Charlotte. When she heard of Chifuyu residing here in the Pantheon too, she squee'd. Being a huge fangirl of hers, that came as no surprise by many a god.
    • She makes no secrets of her shipping Chifuyu with Aikuro Mikisugi.
  • Lucifer is pondering if she should join the GUAC because of being a Super Soldier, which he could definitely use to prevail against YHVH's GUAL. She is quite amused by this, as she could finally use her IS in a real battle like it was designed to instead of using it purely for sports.
  • Whatever you do, don't ever point out that Ichika should be her "husband". The last deity who did ended up at the receiving end of her Schwarzer Regen's rail cannon and got blasted into space.
  • Along with Charlotte, Rin, Houki, Cecilia and Chifuyu, she is currently trying to give Ichika and the IS Academy Student Council President Tatenashi Sarashiki a place in the Pantheon. Although they might have a big problem with the former's primary attribute, as this might get him thrown into the Disgraces (not counting the fact that there is already someone carrying that attribute). They're having a slightly easier time with Tatenashi, however, since she could get deified for a good primary attribute of hers.
    • And there's that issue regarding her hatred for the aforementioned Disgraced deity, which is actually on a personal level since she shares the same voice as him... and she's definitely pissed about it.
      • Luckily, Ichika ascended later and all have been put to rests
  • One time Satsuki lent Junketsu to Laura so she can use it in combination with her Schwarzer Regen, much how Ryuko lent Senketsu to Charlotte. The results were... Shall we say, "unbelievable power flown through her veins"?
    • After this event, Laura isn't very willing to wear a Kamui. She said her IS's strength was already more than enough for her.
  • Became good friends with Elzam von Branstein after realizing that her IS shares the same color pattern with his own mecha. She still wants to know how he can override anybody's theme song, as she wants to do the same with her own.

    Mana Aida/Cure Heart 
Mana Aida, Goddess of Girl-On-Girl Harem (Cure Heart, Oogai Middle School's Student Council President)

Raynare, Goddess of Bastard Girlfriends (Yuuma Amano, Reynalle, Shitty Fallen Angel)
  • Rank: Lesser Goddess
  • Symbol: Her black feathers
  • Alignment: Neutral Evil
  • Portfolio: Fallen Angel, The One Who Kicked off the Plot, Killed Issei for Being Boring And Messed Him Up in Romance, Light Is Not Good, Dog Kicking, Smug Snake, Human Name Coinciding with the Time of Day She Planned to Kill Him, Evil Is Sexy, Dirty Cowards, Unreasonably Popular Villains, Personally Vaporized By Issei's Second Love
  • Domain: (Not Good) Light, Magic, Cruelty, Fake Love.
  • Allies: Gideon Gordon Graves, Shinnok, Tsukuyomi, Quan Chi, Zobek, Shao Kahn, Tanya, Ornstein and Smough (especially Ornstein), Mileena, Yuuki Terumi, Bi-Han/Noob Saibot, Shang Tsung, Sadira, Draco Malfoy, Embryo, Gul'dan.
  • Enemies: The ascended members of the Occult Research Club, Issei Hyodo and Rias Gremory especially, Scott Pilgrim, Brief, Asuka, Homura of the Crimson Squad, the other members of the GUAG Relationship Enchancers (Negi Springfield, Hayate Ayasaki, Ichika Orimura, Ange), the other members of the GUAG Special Lovers Squad (Nyarko, Kuroko Shirai, Mele, Juvia Lockser, Miu Furinji, Ooi, Hungary, Setsuna Sakurazaki, Sapphire Rhodonite, Peko Pekoyama), Bayonetta, Johnny Sfondi, Kagura Mutsuki, Panty Anarchy, Ato-ko Shirogane, Asura, Cuuko, Shu Ouma, Luka, Sekai Saionji, Anna Kozuki/Kaboom, Masato Kusaka/Kamen Rider Kaixa, Alice
  • Teeth-Clenched Teamwork with: Kotonoha Katsura, Yuno Gasai, and Nu-13
  • Distaff Counterpart to: Gideon Gordon Graves
  • The first girl Issei had ever gone out with and tried his best to be a gentleman to her, she repays him by stabbing him in the gut and leaving him for dead, both because of his Sacred Gear and that she found him to be a boring boyfriend. This woman is responsible for his... issues.
  • Issei was NOT HAPPY to hear that his ex had somehow reached the Pantheon and won't hesitate to give her another beating if he sees her again. Raynare for her part, while pissed at him for leaving her at the mercy of Rias, recognized the power gap Issei gained since the last time she saw him, and does well to avoid him until she can find away to match him.
  • Shinnok and Quan Chi have expressed a degree of support for Raynare, partly because of the former's desire to steal the Boosted Gear and the latter to back him up, which would be difficult as he is now nothing more than a head thanks to Raiden. Dragonslayer Ornstein also sympathized with her due to their shared hatred over Issei. Executioner Smough, who is instead neutral to Issei, just followed suit.
  • Scott Pilgrim hates her for manipulating Issei's feelings for her, considering her to be a fem-version of Gideon. Fittingly enough, she and Gideon have aligned with one another because of similar circumstances.
  • Due to what she's done to Issei, Raynare is on the shit list of anyone who's become friends with him. Other than the aforementioned Scott Pilgrim, Touma Kamijou in particular finds her to be worse than Accelerator himself before he turned good, while Kirito and Asuna both say she reminds them of Nobuyuki Sugou, Issei's cohorts at the Relationship Enhancers - Negi, Hayate, Ichika, and Ange (as well as former member Criminy) - have also put a "strike on sight" policy on her. And the less we talk about Raynare around the Special Lovers Squad (Rias included), the better. Panty Anarchy is also openly antagonistic towards her for various reasons: firstly, she wouldn't do to Brief the same things Raynare has done to Issei - although Panty does throw Brief around from time to time; secondly, she dislikes the fact Raynare targeted one of Panty's number one gods she wants to have sex with in the Pantheon; and finally, she can't stand her presence as a fellow fallen angel. Cuuko also has Raynare very high up on her shit list, because to her, anyone who desecrates love like Raynare did deserves to be reduced to charcoal. Asura, who has recently begun trusting Issei, openly hates her as well since her actions remind him of how he was betrayed by his former comrades. Luka and Alice even believe that Raynare might be a follower of Ilias, YHVH's equivalent from the world where they come from.
  • Asuka is rather displeased with Raynare due to one aspect that almost made Issei beat her up. In an ensuing battle Raynare gained the upper hand on Asuka, but then Homura came by to protect her, and after being reminded of her so-called "boyfriend" she had she swore to rip Raynare to pieces if she ever gets her hands on her.
  • Some gods wonder if Raynare was a spawn of Yuuki Terumi designed to make Issei's life terrible. While the two haven't commented on that regard, Terumi is delighted to see that Raynare has managed to deal massive psychological damage to Issei. Rumor has it that Terumi himself has planned her ascension all along as some sort of "prize" for her...
  • While the Yandere Quartet do see her as a potential ally when it comes to their mutual hatred for Issei, only Tsukuyomi is ever able to get along with Raynare; Yuno, Kotonoha, and Nu-13 don't seem to be able to stand her. This might be due to the fact that the three of them truly love Yukki, Makoto and Ragna and would never due anything so vile to them (even Kotonoha's case had some certain justifications). Thus, they find it very difficult to work with someone who would manipulate others' feelings and not even bother with it; and because of that, they fear the utter collapse of the Quartet with her ascension. However, Raynare has a way better time with Embryo, Issei's Evil Counterpart, who thinks she is just her type of girl.
    • In the other hand, Sekai Saionji, an ally of the Yandere Quartet, resents her because she killed Issei for no good reason, unlike her who always had some justification for doing the same to Makoto. A knife to the gut (she avoided it but still) was the only thing Raynare got when she tried to become allies with her because of these supposed similarities.

    Scott Pilgrim 
Scott Pilgrim Earned A Seat On The Pantheon! New Title: God of Fighting To Be With Your Love
  • Theme Song: Scott Pilgrim Anthem
  • Awesome (ie Lesser) God
  • New Symbol Unlocked: Heart T-Shirt and The Power of Love sword
  • Alignment Level Up: From Chaotic Neutral To Neutral Good
  • Portfolio Multiplier: Adorkability, Crouching Morons, Hidden Badasses, Jerks with Hearts of Gold, Tetris Effect, Medium Awareness
  • Domain Stats: Love +1, Clue-Gaining+1, Redemption+1, Awesome+1
  • Gained Followers: +7
  • My Allies Are: Travis Touchdown, Sonic the Hedgehog, Link, and Hyodo Issei have joined the party!
  • WARNING! WARNING!: Gideon Graves and Raynare approaching!
  • Found a shortcut through Subspace leading right into the Pantheon of Love. Also earned $35.20.
  • Gets along somewhat surprisingly well with Travis Touchdown since they're both otakus.
  • Keeps on asking Sonic what the cheat codes are for his second game. Sonic states that he has no idea what Scott is talking about.
  • Maintains close ties with Issei; the two are often seen hanging out and talking about their respective girlfriends - Rias and Ramona. He would also let him sneak into the House of Romance with Rias just so they can make out. They both are antagonistic towards Gideon Gordon Graves, too.
  • Has impressed the Final Fantasy IV gods for knowing their bassline for the wild battle theme (although he insists that it's called Final Fantasy II in confusion to Firion and the Emperor)

    Syaoran Li 
Syaoran Li, God of Prolonged Confessions (Li Showron)
  • Rank: Lesser God
  • Symbol: His Rashinban sensory device.
  • Alignment: Lawful Good
  • Portfolio: Cannot Spit It Out, Allergic to Love, The Rival, The Comically Serious, Defrosting Ice King, Dogged Nice Guy, Grumpy Bear, Jerkass Façade, Kung-Fu Wizard, Outnumbered Sibling, Paper Talismans, Puppy Love, Wise Beyond His Years.
  • Domains: Love, Friendship, Magic.
  • Allies: Sakura Kinomoto, Kero, Tomoyo Daidouji, Fujitaka Kinomoto, Yuko Ichihara, Indiana Jones.
    • Non-Ascended: Meiling Li.
  • Enemies: Lucifer, anyone who threatens Sakura.
  • Conflicting Opinion: Homura Akemi.
  • Ascended to the Pantheon following the events of the Great Upheaval in order to protect Sakura from Lucifer and some of the GUAC members who're willing to threaten her (save for Homura Akemi).
  • Aware of his alternate selves from other universes. But when he learnt of the full details of their existence, he spent four hours sitting quietly trying to register all he knew, though he was glad they shared their passion for archaeology.
  • When he first met Indiana Jones, Syaoran brought his sword with him as a mark of respect. He got the shock of his life when Dr. Jones shot it out of his hand. Learning Syaoran's intentions, Indy apologised and invited him and Fujitaka to an archaeological dig.
  • Often butts heads with Kero, but when it comes to Sakura, both work together through Teeth-Clenched Teamwork.
  • Felt he was a good swordsman until he entered the House of Bladed Weapons, and was quickly intimidated by number of impressive users and weapons. Ended up getting into a fight with Roronoa Zoro which ended in a tie. By pure chance, Kenpachi Zaraki was wandering the House and was impressed by Syaoran's skills. As soon as Syaoran got a taste of Kenpachi's spiritual energy, he had to run for his life out of the building to escape the blood knight.

    The Trolls 
The Trolls, Gods and Goddesses of Multidimensionally Entangled Lovers (Collectively: Team Adorabloodthirsty; Individually: Aradia Megido, Tavros Nitram, Sollux Captor, Karkat Vantas, Nepeta Leijon, Kanaya Maryam, Terezi Pyrope, Vriska Serket, Equius Zahhak, Gamzee Makara, Eridan Ampora, and Feferi Peixes.)
  • Ten of the twelve are Lesser Gods and Goddesses; Aradia Megido and Vriska Serket are Intermediate Goddesses
  • Symbol: Any suit of standard playing cards, or an arrangement of twelve appropriately colored zodiac signs.
  • Alignment: Probably at least one of each (but most are Jerkasses)
  • Portfolio: Theme Naming around the Western Zodiac, Falling In Love With Aliens (Kanaya, Karkat, Terezi, and Vriska only), Being Reared By Wild Animals, Being Played By A Game Because It Can't Go Any Other Way
  • Domains: Dream and Love are shared by all twelve, but they each have at least one other domain as well.
  • Allies: Each troll has his/her own. note 
  • Enemies: Each troll has his/her own, but they all oppose Lord English, and only Vriska doesn't oppose Terumi Yuuki, but they're not allies. Eridan, for example, used to oppose the entire House of Magic on the grounds that magic is fake.
  • The Romantic Comedy gone Serial Escalation: Troll society has four different types of relationships, all based on biological imperative, which must all be fulfilled for each individual to reach romantic fulfillment. Naturally, this leads to problems.
  • The four kinds of troll love are:
    • Matespritship ("Flushed Quadrant", ): Conventional romantic love.
    • Kismesis ("Caliginous Quadrant", ♠): Mutual hate that, somehow, leads to procreation in the same manner as matespritship.
    • Moirallegiance ("Pale Quadrant", ): Two trolls temper each others' attributes.
    • Auspistice ("Ashen Quadrant", ): This occurs when a third troll is introduced into a kismesis to stabilize the relationship so as to prevent kismeses from killing each other and destabilizing the social order.
  • Ascended after a lengthy explanation on how this all works. Gained power when it was later revealed that through Sgrub they created the universe.
  • Terumi considers some of them a "disgrace to the art of trolling" after having read some of their attempts. ("Some" meaning "everyone that isn't Vriska or Terezi".) And even those two clearly have emotional problems that Terumi just loves to mess with.
  • It's believed that if Vriska ever fought Bernkastel the universe would undergo a Reality-Breaking Paradox from all the luck and probability manipulation. Nobody tells either deity this, for fear they would take it as a dare.
  • Terezi can often be seen hanging around the House of Justice.
  • Karkat and Vriska have both penned novels in their time beyond the fourth wall. The first wrote an allegedly historical romance about a resistance leader and his beloved disciple; the second was a rather...trashy story about the life and loves of Spinneret Mindfang, as 'recorded' in diary format. Despite accusations of preachiness and self-insertion respectively, both tales were well-received among the Pantheon.
  • Gamzee was disappointed to find that the House lacked sopor, but managed to content himself with melange spice.
  • Do not leave pictures of buckets laying around in public. They will find you disgusting for leaving such lewd material for everyone to see. No one is sure how they would react if they saw pictures of Kisume (a girl in a bucket), but it probably wouldn't be a good idea.
  • Were a bit bewildered by Vol'jin in the House of Otherness; to quote Karkat, "THE FUCK? IS THAT WHAT TROLLS IN OTHER WORLDS AND TIMESTREAMS LOOK LIKE?" Likewise, Vol'jin was rather confused by the Alternian Trolls, and especially by their four romances. However, he agreed with the twelve alien trolls to call Matespritship, Moirallegiance, Auspistice, and Kismessisitude the Alternian-Beforan Romances.
  • Feferi is currently working with Madoka to redeem Eridan. Though slightly jealous that Madoka's knowledge of Hope so clearly exceeds her moirail's, she is glad that someone is there to protect it.
  • Karkat personally dislikes Princess Anna, but has taken it upon himself to convert her to the quadrant system- most commonly by arguing that her sisterhood with Elsa is a textbook moirallegiance. Anna is not convinced.

    Sasami Masaki Jurai 
Sasami Masaki Jurai, Mini-Goddess of Love Underdogs (Sasami Kawai)
  • Demigoddess (shares a body with a Greater Goddess, is set to fuse and upgrade sometime around puberty)
  • Symbol: A pair of cherry-shaped hair ribbons
  • Alignment: Neutral Good
  • Portfolio: Princesses from Space, Part-Time Magical Girls, Cooking, Cute Young Girls Who Only Look Young, Extremely Suitable Mates
  • Domains: Family, Space, Trickery
  • Followers: Mutsumi Otohime, Nayuki Minase
  • Allies: Tenchi
  • Sasami's role in the Love house is similar to that of a lady-in-waiting. While she knows she won't be the first one to land a mate, she doesn't lament her status, instead using her free time to fight evil.

    Sekai Saionji 
Sekai Saionji, Goddess of Possessive Love

    Tsubaki Yayoi 
Tsubaki Yayoi, Goddess of One-Person Love (Izayoi)
  • Lesser Goddess (Intermediate Goddess as Izayoi)
  • Theme Music: Condemnation Wings normally, becomes Justice Sword when she transforms into Izayoi.
  • Symbol: Her Sealed Weapon Izayoi on her emblem (Tsubaki Yayoi), Her sword on her emblem (Izayoi).
  • Alignment: Lawful Neutral; As Izayoi, Lawful Revolving Door
  • Portfolio: Hero-Worshipper, Pitiful People, Being used as a metaphorical punching bag, Red Hair (Desirably So), Lady of War, Not-So-Good Light Strength, Temporal blindness, Clingy Jealous Girl, Being controlled by others (and breaking it).
  • Domain: Love, War, Heroism
  • Allies: Jin Kisaragi (though she wants it to be more), Reika Aoki, Hakumen, Noel Vermillion (After a bit of persuading), Makoto Nanaya, Cecil Harvey, Ky Kiske, Kain Highwind, Yukiko Amagi, Robin, Aki Izayoi, Mashiro Moritaka, Cherry
  • Enemies: Terumi Yuuki (After being finally told of the truth), Ragna the Bloodedge (It's Personal... sort of?), Handsome Jack.
  • Formerly a follower of Parsee Mizuhashi (she technically still kinda), she used to follow Terumi and the GUAE all because Noel took away things she desired. It took the efforts of Edward Elric (who pointed out her hypocrisy of calling him and Noel sinners she claims the latter took away the opportunity to be with Jin and accusing the former supporting the "couple," when she herself claimed to serve justice in the GUAE under the effects of the Mind Eater), to bring her back to the GUAG. When she was told of the evils of Terumi and GUAE and how it corrupted NOL, Tsubaki finally knew what she had to do and aligned to the position of her dreams: Heroes.
    • Still, like Litchi, she is to be put in the Token Evil Teammates quarters until there is a clear message about her Heel-Face Turn. Tsubaki didn't mind and considered it her atonement for being that much of a jealous girl. Noel, Makoto, Jin and Hakumen at least visit her a lot. Fortunately, she managed to graduate with flying colors and be accepted to the normal Pantheon in good graces again.
  • Good or evil, there'a one thing that's constant. Her red hair is still gorgeous.
    • That being said, her appearance reminds Naruto Uzumaki about his mother minus the graceful personality she has.
  • Occasionally Thinks Like a Romance Novel, something which many Gods would mock her over due to utter naiveness. Well they don't say it in front of Jin or Hakumen, though...
  • Is a member of the GUAG Five Sacred Knights.
  • Once seen pictures of Jin with another girl by the name of Aoki Reika. Needless to say, she was jealous until Aoki corrected her that she has the same powers as him, and the two became friends.
  • Has recently unlocked the full power of the Sealed Armagus: Izayoi.
  • As of recent, one thing has been discovered about Tsubaki... She hates Ragna. Reasonings may look complicated, but she still blames him for the misfortunes happening to her circle of friends. Not even her redemption removes that aspect of hers.
  • Has recently reformed The 3 Stooges of Torifune, a comedy troupe Tsubaki, Noel and Makoto formed during their school days.
  • She has become enemies with Handsome Jack. He hates her because her voice sounds similar to one of his sworn enemies, and she hates him because he's as big of a jerk as Terumi.
  • Is rather close to Robin, due to the fact she reminds him/her greatly of one of the Shepherds, Cordelia. She's also rather grateful Robin has offered to help pair up her and Jin, though she sometimes gets a little uncomfortable when Robin starts to sound like Jin.


    Anzu Mazaki/Téa Gardner 
Anzu Mazaki, Goddess of Falling for Alter Egos (Téa Gardner)
  • Demigoddess
  • Symbol: Four hands held together in a circle, with a smiley face drawn over all of them.
  • Neutral Good (with shades of Lawful)
  • Shorttank, Girl Next Door, the one girl in the main group, Yugi’s only friend from childhood and defender against his bullies, the Masculine Girl to Yugi’s Feminine Boy (also being much taller than him), being rescued by the Other Yugi and falling in love with him (not the regular Yugi, sadly, at least initially), feeling romantically conflicted about the two Yugis.
  • Love Interests, Friendship, Identities.
  • Allies: Yugi Muto (whether they're Just Friends or not is unclear), Aki Izayoi, Carly Nagisa, Lois Lane, Mary Jane Watson, Usagi Tsukino, Ahiru, Katara, Kairi.
  • Conflicting Opinions on: LittleKuriboh.
  • Teeth-Clenched Teamwork: Seto Kaiba.
  • Opposes: Bandit Keith.
  • Was very happy to meet Yugi in the Pantheon. Was even happier to see the Other Yugi/Yami Yugi (understandably so, as he had already passed on to the afterlife). Then it got awkward. The presence of both has made her interactions with them a bit strained, because she never really got to sort out her feelings for the two, or even tell the Other Yugi how she feels. Yugi really just wants her to be happy, though, and both Yugis are just as friendly to her and to each other as always, which helps a lot.
  • While Kaiba is an ally of Yugi and co. now (sort of), she still feels very uneasy around him. They'll cooperate if it's necessary, but don’t expect either of them to be happy about it.
  • Has opposed Bandit Keith from the second she found out he was in the Pantheon. She already knew he was nothing but trouble; his foiled plan to kidnap Yugi just proved her right.
  • She has made friends with other duelists around the Pantheon, but even though she's always spent time with male friends (or maybe because of it), she has particularly bonded with Aki and Carly. Especially the former, due to both being The Chick in their respective groups and having some issues regarding love (albeit of different kind); but most of all, Anzu sympathizes with how Aki got pretty much relegated to the sidelines in her world, since Anzu was already used to it in hers. She's not too fond of Anna Kozuki’s attitude, however, because, in Anzu's eyes, she seems to have invited herself into Yuma’s love life just like Rebecca did. note 
    • Was baffled upon seeing how similar Sho is to Yugi, though his actual personality is very different, despite both being (very short) shy guys with a love for card games.
  • Can occasionally be seen in the House of Gaming, playing DDR. Sometimes watches duels between her friends there, but is otherwise uninterested. Even though she got to duel a few times, it's not really her thing. Whenever Yugi appears with a new non-Duel-Monsters-related game (such as board games and the like), however, she's happy to join.
    • When not hanging out with Yugi and company, she's usually in the House of Theater, where she's still training hard to become a professional dancer. There, she met Ahiru. Anzu admires her effort to become a dancer, as well as how in-tune with other' feelings she is. They can often be seen practicing together.
  • She has also made friends with Lois Lane, as both have strong personalities without quite being out-right Action Girls, and they’ve bonded over both having faced the alter-ego love dilemma. Unfortunately for Anzu, Clark and Superman actually ‘’were’’ the same person, while the issue with Yugi is still rather complicated and confusing for her. She tried seeking advice from other deities (including Mary Jane Watson and Usagi Tsukino), but alas, their cases were pretty much the same as Lois Lane's.
    • Something good came from it, however, as now Anzu talks often to both MJ and Usagi. Anzu was initially a bit put off by Usagi's somewhat childish attitude (as patience isn't exactly one of Anzu's strongest traits), but changed her mind when she realized Usagi wasn't unlike Yugi at all, as the blonde was actually a really sweet person. Ahiru had to convince her to give her a chance, though.
  • Her confusion over the issue was such that it once led to an incident in which she intentionally got herself in danger to lure out the Other Yugi. Don’t bring that up. She’d much rather forget it.
    • She also wishes she wasn’t as known as the “Friendship Speech” girl, especially as she didn’t do those nearly as much as most think. She wasn’t even the one who did it the most in her show!. However, some deities (albeit only non-Japanese deities) have pointed out that she did do those a lot. Either way, she has rejected all suggestions to enter a Rousing Speech competition with Kamina.
    • She has taken LittleKuriboh's take on her in stride, but she is not exactly okay with how it mocks her friends (Yugi in particular). She's not very happy with the way he makes her out to be a Yugi-obsessed sex maniac, either, and she'll punch anyone who suggests that portrayal is correct. Grumble, grumble.
    • Katara sympathizes with her in regards to the Friendship thing, as Katara herself has to repeatedly remind people that she doesn't make constant speeches about Hope. This, along with other commonalities, have led them to quickly become friends.
  • Found to her dismay that she is not exactly a popular deity in some places (Die for Our Ship being a big reason). She tries not to mind it that much, but she found another friend in Kairi, who suffers from the same problem.

    Katawa Girls 
Emi Ibarazaki, Hanako Ikezawa, Lilly Satou, Rin Tezuka, Shizune Hakamichi, and Shiina "Misha" Mikado, Goddesses of Disabled Love Interests
  • Demigoddesses
  • Themes:
  • Symbol: A heart with a bandage on it
  • Alignments:
  • Portfolio: Disabled Love Interests, cuteness, making even the most cynical and jaded of men get a bad case of The Feels, warming even the iciest of hearts, schoolgirls, Their physical disabilities hiding their own psychological frailties
  • Domains: Love, Romance, Happiness, Tenderness
  • Followers: Shouko Nishimiya
  • Allies: Mikuru Asahina, Mai Tohika, Hinata Hyuga, WALL-E and EVE, Edward Scissorhands, Chiyo Mihama, Eiji Niizuma, and their love interest, Hisao Nakai.
  • Enemies: Makoto Itou, Sekai Saionji, Kotonoha Katsura (and the rest of the Yandere Quartet by extension), Trollkaiger.
  • Warmed the hearts of all the good and neutral gods in the Pantheon with their arrival. Those prone to bad cases of Cuteness Overload were effectively crippled for a week.
  • There were all pleased to learn of Hisao's ascension and put aside some time to set up a celebration.
  • Edward Scissorhands has particular fondness for them, and he makes sure to dress their hair every chance he gets. The Girls see him as a very lovable big brother, and Lilly in particular is very fond of him and invites him to tea often.
  • One thing to particularly note about Hanako: Giving her overprotection would instead incur her wrath. And it is depressing. Despite this, she is good friends with Chie Satonaka of the House of Food. Chie understands how shallow and self-serving a Declaration of Protection can be, as she can attest from her encounter with her Shadow Archetype.
    • Regrettably, however, an unfortunate series of events has left Hanako fearful of Chie's childhood friend and teammate, Yukiko Amagi of the House of Travel. Chie had been introducing Hanako to Yukiko, and the two were hitting it off pretty well when Yuuki Terumi decided to crash the party as payback for an earlier "Inn"-cident. Yukiko managed to match him insult for insult, before he finally lost his temper and tried to attack her outright. Before Chie could stop her, Yukiko summoned her Persona and turned Terumi into a screaming fireball. Unfortunately, the sight sent Hanako into a panic attack, and nowadays she shies away from Yukiko whenever she approaches, utterly unable to speak. Yukiko has expressed a lot of regret for this: she hadn't noticed Hanako's burns hidden under her hair, and has a sinking feeling that it was what Terumi had been planning all along.
    • On the plus side, both Chie and Yukiko find Hanako Ikezawa much more agreeable than their mortal classmate, Hanako Ohtani.
    • After a rather shocking outburst from Hanako after being overprotected, she suddenly found that a number of gods had a rather...strange sense of humor regarding it. To Hanako's dismay, while some were horrifyingly insensitive and others just confused her, she realized that a few of them actually got a giggle out of her.
  • Hanako also gets along with Haru Ichinose in the House of Life and Death, due to their similar pasts and desire for normalcy.
  • Don't try to engage Rin in conversation; even Freud gave up after two hours of trying to understand whatever the hell she was trying to say; Rin says the problem must be in his pants, Freud is investigating. Trollkaiger are giving her a wide berth, considering the effort needed to get a response from her not worth it (as Taokaka can attest) and bringing better returns elsewhere.
  • Emi is making fast friends with the Science and Transport deities; she's often more than willing to try out new modes of locomotion, with varying degrees of success.
  • Due to both being goddesses of love and Proper Ladies (as well as both being visually challenged), Lilly has made fast freinds with Tsubaki Yayoi; Hanako also gets on well with fellow shy girl Noel Vermillion and Makoto Nanaya who can relate to being made fun of because of her appearance. Lilly is also fond of inviting Mami Tomoe for tea.
  • Given that they (particularly Lilly) would make easy targets for pranks and other misdemeanors, Dick 'Robin' Grayson (due to his experience with disabled girlfriends) has been put on stand by just in case the likes of Trollkaiger try anything. They haven't. Yet…
  • They like that that newly-ascended Eiji Niizuma respects Hisao's desire of not having that onomatopeia mentioned in front of him note . They don't know that he is unaware of that bad joke.
  • Misha is technically not disabled which would disqualify her from entry, but Shizune made it clear, in her own unique way, that her entrance into the Pantheon was non-negotiable.
    • After some coaching from Archer, she has developed her own version of Unlimited Blade Works. Simon, Kamina and Yoko have expressed an interest in having her join Team Dai-Gurren when she isn't busy translating for Shizune.

    Keima Katsuragi 
Keima Katsuragi, Self-Proclaimed and (currently) Undisputed God of Dating Sims (The Capturing God / The God of Conquest, Otamegane, Dweeb)

    Mahiro Yasaka 
Mahiro Yasaka, God of Love from Cosmic Beings and Forks ("Boy", Hiro-kun)
  • Demigod
  • Symbol: A three-pronged fork
  • Theme Music: Gimme a fork × ooo Yameta
  • Alignment: Neutral Good
  • Portfolio: Attraction from Cosmic Beings, Using Forks to Defend Himself, Nice Guy With Surprising Skills, Only Sane Man, Unfazed Everyman, Brutal Honesty, Tsundere, Inability to Confess His Love Due of Nyarko's Behaviour
  • Domains: Love, Weapons, Niceness, Tsundere
  • Allies: Nyarko, Hasta, Cuuko, Ato-ko Shirogane, Keima Katsuragi (?), Tenchi Masaki, Almaz, Hyodo Issei (so and so), Gray Fullbuster
  • Enemies: The OTHER Nyarlathotep, Masato Kusaka/Kamen Rider Kaixa, any one who malign Cthulhu Mythos, Fuminori Sakisaka
  • Former Enemies: Mitsuzane Kureshima (for bringing out Nyarko's dark side)
  • Ascended with Nyarko, who practically dragged him in. There was no way she would ascend without her sweetheart. She even endured his forks for it, though Mahiro might have not minded it ultimately.
  • Aside of Nyarko (a.k.a. Nyarlathotep, The Crawling Chaos), he also has Hasta (a.k.a. Hastur, The Unspeakable One) and eventually Cuuko (a.k.a. Cthugha, The Burning One) after his love in different ways. Oh, and there are other aliens who want him. They find him attractive for whatever reason.
  • Do not underestimate his fork. The fork is the strongest weapon in the universe (or so he claims). After all, he can keep three Lovecraftian deities in check with one.
    • Aside of stabbing people with it, he also has a good aim with them. He was once able to a triple 300 on a dartboard using forks, which even made Bullseye slightly impressed.
  • He has gotten some help from people from House of Love, mainly Keima Katsuragi, to help him overcome his inability to confess his feelings. He really doesn't like the help, especially if it involves Dating Sims. He had enough of them after being stuck in one.
  • Malign Cthulhu Mythos around him at your own risk. He is a huge fan of those works and will stab the person who malign them with a fork. However, he hasn't gathered enough courage to talk to the man behind the writings himself, even though he has the chance to do so.
  • He might seem normal, but he actually has one supernatural ability on him: the ability to not be affected by shifts on time-space continuum. GUAG wishes to have him use this ability to assist them, due of him being rather low profile, but Mahiro himself doesn't like to be dragged into things like this. He can also resist the effects of seeing creature's true form more easily, though whenever or not this is an actual ability or he has simply gotten used to it is in question.
  • Heard about this thing called "Project: Alternate Gentaro" and is most concern about Nyarko, who wishes to get revenge on the guy behind it, Mitsuzane Kureshima. The only think what he can hope is that her desire for revenge doesn't overcome her completely, even if it means he has to knock sense into her.
    • Unfortunately, his worst fear came true, as not only would had Nyarko willingly bludgeon Micchy to death out of revenge, but after being turned into Chaos!Nyarko due of All-Star Power, she almost killed him before Mahiro stepped in, and then Chaos!Nyarko almost killed Mahiro if he hadn't delivered a Armor-Piercing Question at her.
    • After Micchy did his Heel-Face Turn, not only did Micchy thank Mahiro for saving him, Mahiro also forgave Micchy, even if he still remembers what his actions.
  • After the destruction of "Friendship Asylum", he and Nyarko did their best to get Hasta and Cuuko into the Pantheon so that they can be together and for Mahiro's safety. Where Mahiro has stated that the three of them can get on his nerves, they are too important to him.
  • Really only friends with Issei due the fact that he needed to be the voice of reason for Cuuko regarding the accident between the two of them. He doesn't hate him, but he doesn't talk to him that much.
  • Sort of the de facto leader for Special Lovers Squad's "Love Interest" portion, but due the fact that its not even a proper group, it is just a silly title. Though it did make him befriend Almaz due of feeling like they aren't that different regarding their adventures and Gray due the fact that Nyarko and Juvia are rather similar.
  • He is sort of confused on how many goddesses sound like her mother, Yoriko, like Belldandy.
  • Officially dropped the "Unwanted Love" part of his title after he himself kissed Nyarko in the lips after she said she loves him. And then he did it again. And then was sort of fine Nyarko kissing him the next day. The House of Love went "FINALLY!" in unison. Their only concern now is the fact that this development was due of Ato-ko so that she can break their relationship one day...
    • As it turns out, Mahiro did end up marrying Nyarko... and more or less losing his SAN Points right after the wedding. Fortunately for Mahiro, the two of them aren't married in the Pantheon due of some adaption problems and only he remembers it, though he is considering that if he did decide on that, maybe he should make it official... while making sure he doesn't regret his decision this time.
  • Also present in House of Weapons.

    Lady Macbeth 
Lady Macbeth, Patron Goddess of Villainous Wife and Obsessive Guilt Cleansing (Queen of Scotland, Gruoch Macbeth)
  • Demigoddess
  • Symbol: A pair of hands desperately trying to wash blood out
  • Alignment: Neutral Evil
  • Domain: Marriage, Murder, Insanity, Hand Washing
  • Portfolio: Pursues her husband to murder Duncan to become king, wants to become evil to get the throne, good at hiding her evilness, constantly wash her hand out of guilt Driven to Suicide, Happily Married to her husband, Would Hurt a Child
  • Allies: Her husband, Bellatrix Lestrade, Talia al Ghul, David Xanatos
  • Enemies: The Weird Sisters, Aang, Zuko, Katara, Sokka, Toph, Iroh, Harry Potter, Ron Weasley, Hermione Granger, Neville Longbottom, Lara Croft, Esmeralda Weatherwax and Gytha Ogg, Ned Stark, every good deities from the House of Royalty, the House of Magic and Prophecy, Gul'dan
  • Respected by: Azula
  • Teeth-Clenched Teamwork: Grand United Alliance of Evil
  • Opposed by: Every parents in the Pantheon who care about their child, every children deities in the Pantheon, Light Yagami, The Doctor, James Bond
  • Superior: William Shakespeare (although she has plans to overthrown him with her husband)
  • High Priestess: Duchess Felmet, Lady Asaji, Fox
  • Lust after by: The Overlord, Ra's al Ghul, Littlefinger
  • Her ascension bring upon fear not only on the House of Royalty, but also pretty every god in the Pantheon who worries that she and her husband are planning to usurp them. Because of this, spies and surveillance are constantly on watch in all of their temples to see what they are planning.
  • Was given a spot in the GUAE because of her and her followers's exceptional ability to convince their significant others to commit diabolical plan. Lady Macbeth doesn't particularly happy about the position as she refused to be a lackey of anyone but accepted it nonetheless in order to gain influence while planning to overthrow some of her higher up. Her insanity served as a double edged sword to the GUAE: while it dampens her usefulness, it also makes her unable to execute her plan.
  • Constantly washing her hand in the House of Mentality due to the guilt of convincing her husband to kill Duncan to take the throne. While this tendency was lessened somewhat when she ascended to the Pantheon, her temple constantly have various running water fountain.
  • Her temple is despised by Light Yagami due to the fact that one of his "admirers" Misa is inspired to follow this role to assist Light during the time he was mortal.
    • In contrast, her temple is Xanatos's favorite place to visit given the fact that his wife Fox resides there and arranged meetings in his off day. For a reasonable payment toward the Macbeths, of course.
  • Is on good term with Bellatrix Lestrade given the fact that both of the men they are in love with are violent and immoral. However, Bellatrix is jealous that Lady Macbeth actually got the men she loves while the former got stuck in an arranged marriage with someone she hates.
    • Because she chose to allied with Bellatrix, Harry, Hermione, Ron and Neville hate her gut and are on the camp that hope she never regain her full sanity.
  • Azula was at first very excited to hear about her ascension hearing about her deeds and ruthlessness. However, the princess was disappointed to discover that Lady Macbeth went insane out of guilt after what she perceived as a smart political move. While still respect her, Azula sometimes annoyed with her habit of constantly washing her hands and wished that she would someday cured of her insanity to fully used her ruthlessness. Because of Lady Macbeth said similarity with Azula, the Gaang and Zuko all despises her.
  • Engaged on a witch hunt with her husband after hearing that the Weird Sisters have ascended the Pantheon for their vague prophecy leading her husband's fall and death. This got the couple banned from the House of Prophecy and Magic.
    • Because of said witch hunt, as well as one of her high priestess is their mortal enemy, Lady Macbeth earned the ire of Granny Weatherwax and Granny Ogg.
    • Upon their witch hunt, she stumbled across Gul'dan and was immediately disgusted that he has the ability to contact demons to perform his deed. The fact that he is an ogre also makes her hatred for him increase ten-fold.
  • Because of her ruthlessness and the ability to assist and convince Macbeth to follow go through with the killing, many evil overlord with thirst for power have set their eyes on her and scheming to win her heart or kill off her husband (or both). These people include the Overlord (as she is similar to one of his possible consort), Ra al Ghul and Littlefinger.
  • Because of the long-running nature of her play and the fact that she is a pretty popular characters, Lady Macbeth acquired a few allies and enemies for her similarity to someone in their world:
    • James Bond once flirted with her as she looks like a few younger versions of his deceased boss M. However, Bond backs away when finding out who she really is in fear of her taking over MI6. Likewise, the Doctor approached her as he mistook her for one of his companion River Song but also backs away in fear that she would take his TARDIS.
    • Talia al Ghul is on good term with her given the fact that they both love their father and the men they fall in love despite their evilness. After learning that she looks like one of Talia's version, Lady Macbeth frequently appears in this form when meeting Ra in order to Squick him out.
    • Lara Croft was creeped out when learned that Lady Macbeth can sometimes speak like her and has been tight up her security system to avoid impersonation.
    • Littlefinger is especially intense in winning her heart and killing her husband as Lady Macbeth sometime looks like his deceased unrequited love Catelyn Stark. This also cost Ned to mistake that his wife has ascended and was quickly heartbroken discover that was not the case and Lady Macbeth is nothing like his wife.

    Masaya Aoyama 
Masaya Aoyama, God of Unreasonably Hated Love Interests

Ooi, Goddess of Clingy Jealous Girls (Ooi-cchi)

    Saori Takebe 
Saori Takebe, Goddess of Kidanova Wannabes

    Tenchi Masaki 
Tenchi Masaki, God of Unneeded Harems (Being of Heaven and Earth)
  • Demigod (though some evidence might suggest that he might be a Greater God)
  • Symbol: An embarrassed man being embraced and groped by a group of females.
  • Alignment: Neutral Good
  • Portfolio: Unlucky Everydudes, Chick Magnets, Magnetic Girlfriends, Pretty Freeloaders, Beware the Nice Ones
  • Domains: Balance, Passion, Suffering, Competition
  • Allies: Rito, Sasami
  • Can't decide which of the Goddesses he likes the most.
  • Even if nobody cared, or let alone look at Tenchi, he's shown to be quite a good fighter on his own.
  • Understandably, Mahiro Yasaka understands what it feels like to have people oozing over you even if you don't want that. They do wonder which one has it worse.


    Betty Cooper and Veronica Lodge 
Elizabeth "Betty" Cooper and Veronica Lodge, Goddesses of Contrasting Personality Love Triangle (Veronica: Ronnie)
  • Theme Song: "Sugar, Sugar", sharing with the rest of their fellow band members
  • Quasideities
  • Symbol: Their faces with blond (for Betty) and black (for Veronica) hair sharing a smoothie with Archie
  • Alignment: Neutral Good, with some moments of True Neutral from Veronica
  • Portfolio: Being in a famous love triangle with Archie, being Vitriolic Best Buds / Friendly Enemy with each other, famously sharing similar facial structure
  • Domain: Love, Personality, Family
    • Veronica: Commerce
  • Enemies:
  • Opposes: Any unhealthy love triangle and relationship, including Emma Frost, the ascended gods from the School Days series
  • Conflicting Opinion: Both: Sabrina Spellman
  • Love Rival: Cheryl Blossom
  • With Hinata finally hook up with Naruto, the largest betting pool in the Pantheon shifts to who Archie will end up with. This one is even larger and more intense than the last, pulling in deities that normally don't get involve themselves in betting, especially now that all members of the famous love triangle (square?) have all made their way into the pantheon and doesn't seem to leave or resolve anytime soon. It doesn't help the matter that his ascension is caused by a series that has him marry both Betty and Veronica, although in different timelines.
    • It got so intense that during a smoothie celebration between the four of them for their ascension was heavily watched by everyone to see if Veronica finally found a way to get rid of her competitors. She didn't, as Archie specifically states it is a "friendly" celebration.
    • Rumor has it that the betting involved got so big that someone tried to to bribe the Status Quo into resolving the love situation to their favor. Because Status Quo Is God, they obviously didn't succeed.
    • Doesn't help that both of them (and Cheryl) ascended because of this dynamic. Even after their ascension, the two of them still interacting with Archie and (secretly) winning his love.
  • Betty gets along well with Mary Jane Watson due to their similar personality. She even feels more sorry for Mary Jane after learning about the whole "One More Day" incident and how often the red-headed is mistreat by the writers of her universe.
  • Veronica has a very weird relationship with Seto Kaiba. Both of them bond by their usage of money to get out of their inconvenient. However, Seto is displeased with the fact that Veronica lacks common sense due to being raised in wealth instead of having to earn them like him. Veronica just retorts this by saying that investing a large chunk of his money to a children card game and obsessing about defeating his "boyfriend" Yugi Muto doesn't sound normal to her.
    • She get along well with Nagi Sanzen'in due to their share lack of knowledge about how the world work. They can usually seen spent time with each other complaining about how different "poor people" do things compare to them.
    • However, Veronica is disgusted by how much of a Jerkass Princess Morbucks acts and how shockingly selfish she is. Even she has standards. This caused a split between Veronica and one of her allies Libby Chessler, as Libby doesn't see any problem about her behavior, pointing out that Morbucks is less much of a threat than she used to be in her later appearance.
  • Both of them were stunned into silence after the discovery that Archie ascended because in a certain timeline(s), he performed a Heroic Sacrifice by taking a bullet fired by Wendell that were meant for his friend Kevin Keller. They both took a day off from their temple and spent it with Archie, much to his confusion.
  • Both of them were horrified and wary of Sabrina Spellman after learning that in an alternative timeline, her reckless use of magic caused a Zombie Apocalypse to Riverdale. However, their main beef toward this timeline is somewhat different: While both of them are upset that they have to leave Riverdale behind to survive, Veronica simply hates the fact that the apocalypse causes Archie reciprocates Betty's feeling instead of her, Betty is sad that Veronica and her sister Polly are much more of a Jerkass toward her in this timeline.
  • Was disgusted when they discovered the Psychotic Love Triangle the cast of School Days got involved themselves into. This caused them to avoid Kotonoha and Sekai's temple as much as they can and join the House of Love as Tomaru Sawagoe's enemies after discovered that the entire mess can be traced back to him.
  • Was NOT pleased when they heard a predator has ascended into the Pantheon. While somewhat relief that it is different from the one that fell in love with them, Betty and Veronica still doesn't take any chance.

     Cheryl Blossom 
Cheryl Blossom, Goddess of Third-Option Love Interest
  • Quasideity
  • Symbol: Her face with red hair with a very... unrealistic figure
  • Alignment: Neutral Good, although she can be True Neutral on her bad days.
  • Portfolio: changing from an Alpha Bitch to Jerkass With A Heart Of Gold, does NOT have a similar face to Betty and Veronica, Impossible Hourglass Figure (which she gladly shows), famously introduced to interfere with the love triangle with Archie
  • Domain: Love, Personality, Commerce
  • Followers: Ukyo Kuonji, Fumia Konoe, Sakuya Kumashiro, Cody, Setsuna Kiyoura, Hikari Kuroda, Otome Katou, Yuki Ashikaga, among others
  • Allies:
  • Enemies:
  • Love Rivals: Betty Cooper and Veronica Lodge
  • Opposed by: Any gods who feel their lives became more complicated by her followers, including Ranma Saotome, Shana, Yuuji Sakai, Tenchi Muyo
  • Ascended because out of the other options, she is the first, most influential and famous out of all of them.
  • She was surprised when Archie invited her to drink a smoothie in the House of Food with him, Betty and Veronica because of little she appeared in their world. Naturally, Cheryl took this as a sign that Archie still have affection for her but was soon disappointed when he said this is just a friendly celebration. It still doesn't stop her from wearing as little as she can get away with in a non-fanservice related house.
  • Strikes up a friendship with Mary Jane Watson because of the latter's role in earlier stories is to provide a third option for Peter in his love life outside of Gwen Stacy and Liz Allen. Naturally, Cheryl felt very sorry for her when learned about the whole "One More Day" incident and how often the red-headed is mistreat by the writers of her universe. Although she usually feels sorry in private after she learned that her love rival Betty also harbors similar feelings. She got an image to maintain.
  • Proud that she is the only person to not have a similar face to Betty and Veronica and boast that made her the most beautiful person in her universe.
  • Her ascension caused a major headache for the gods in the House of Love due to her followers tendency to suffer with their audience. Cheryl just answered that her temple just provide alternative options for the romantic outcome. It isn't her fault that the audience usually took it bad.
  • Was NOT pleased when she learned that Archie got married to both Betty and Veronica in an alternative timeline(s) while she is stuck waiting tables and has breast cancer. Also horrified when learning that her and and her brother was killed by The Predator in one timeline.
  • Swore herself to be Sabrina Spellman's enemies after learning that in an alternative timeline, her reckless use of magic caused a Zombie Apocalypse to Riverdale. While she officially states that she is upset because she was forced to flee Riverdale because of Sabrina and, unlike the rest of her friends, she doesn't really know enough about Sabrina as a person to sympathize with her, most deities think it is because she is rightfully Squicked out because of her "relationship" with her twin brother Jason in this timeline, as well as his death (whatever the heck that caused it). She even refuses to discuss that version of her and refers to that Cheryl as "Blaze".
  • Recently earned the ire of Kotonoha and Sekai after they discovered that some of their love rivals (Setsuna, Hikari, Otome and Yuki) are followers. Cheryl for her part ignored them as she thinks they are insane and clingy. She made good friend with Yuki though, so there's some good out of this mess.
    • Because she is the enemy of two of the most famous Yandere in history, the entire Pantheon is very surprise that Cheryl's temple hasn't been wrecked to pieces or been killed yet. It's turn out that Cheryl has been consulting with the House of Trickery to figure out a way to ensure peace within the House of Love: Cheryl agrees to keep out Kotonoha and Sekai's love rivals from going to her temple all at once in exchange for the two girls to stay away from her temple as far as possible.
  • Was NOT pleased when she heard a predator has ascended into the Pantheon. While somewhat relief that it is different from the one that killed her, Cheryl still doesn't take any chance.

    Kaorin and Nina Einstein 
Kaorin and Nina Einstein, Co-Goddesses of Unrequited Lesbian Love
  • Quasideity (Kaorin) and Lesser Goddess (Nina Einstein)
  • Symbol: Them in each others' Uniforms.
  • Alignment: True Neutral (Kaorin); Lawful Neutral (Nina, formerly Neutral Evil)
  • Portfolio: Satellite Characters, Tight-Lipped Lovestruck Teens, Girls with Major Girl-Crushes.
  • Domains: Community, Madness, Science, School.
  • Followers: William the Bloody has been known to drop by when he's really drunk or out of it.
  • Many of the members of the House were uncomfortable with Nina, a former member of the Disgraces, rejoining the Pantheon. Kaorin especially, since she would be sharing the position with her. However, Nina has promised that she is learning to become less racist and was allowed in due to her saving the Love House from Berii.
  • Kaorin is shocked that Nina still masturbates with "Table-kun", this time, for watching porn movies.

    Makoto Itou 
Makoto Itou, God of Psychotic Love Triangles

Tsukiko, Goddess of Necrophilia