Pantheon / Passion

Due to the Pantheon split project, the House of Love has been divided into four different Sub-houses.

The Passion sub-house is a where sunlight and flowers are present in the meadows; a very serene atmosphere where the Goddesses are will protect the values they hold dear.

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Intermediate Gods

     Belial and Nebiros 
Belial and Nebiros, Gods of Paternal Affection for the Adopted
  • Demon lords, equivalent to Intermediate Gods.
  • Symbols: A trident (Belial) and a puppet (Nebiros)
  • Alignment: Nominally Chaotic Evil, drifting into Chaotic Neutral (for Alice only).
  • Portfolio: Love for Innocence, Blissfully Oblivious Loving Children, Happy Adoptions, Appreciation But Not Love For One's Partner, Bonus Boss
  • Domain: Protection, Love, Fire, Illusion, Necromancy, Ars Goetia.
  • Allies: Mr. Koiwai (advisor). Raidou Kuzunoha the XIV, Mary Poppins, Lucifer.
  • Nobody knows for sure how they transitioned from sadistic Goetic demon kings to the fierce protectors of their loving adopted daughter Alice, herself now a Lesser Goddess in the House of Emotion. The full story is implied to be a horrific Tear Jerker, and the two of them keep it under wraps for her consideration.
  • The two of them represent part of the Goetia in the Pantheons.
  • They once got entangled in a conspiracy involving possessed phones, Alice, and Raidou Kuzunoha. Cottoning on the kid's potential, they later requested Raidou's aid via their master to weaken Alice and then rewarded him with the power to summon her as one of his demons. They saved him from her later during the case of the The Lone Marebito and returned all his things that Alice stole.
  • Nebiros is considered one of the premier necromancers of the Pantheon, and delights in fighting to prove his nigh-peerless skill. Alice herself has proven to be a most apt pupil, though both Belial and Nebiros have been kindly asked to stop her if she gets too out of hand. The sheer horror of the last time Alice exerted her powers to unleash a massive Night of the Living Mooks (which were Made of Explodium to boot) got them reprimanded. Nebiros just sees it all the more reason to better train Alice.
    • When Jack Skellington heard of Alice's powers, he wanted her to show a bit of it to him so he could use it for his Halloween acts. Belila and Nebiros immediately vetoed Jack's offer, but said that Alice could see Jack's shows as long as she behaved herself.
  • They have reluctantly called on others to allow Alice a bit more freedom with her desire for friends. Gentaro Kisaragi, Wednesday Addams, Mandy, Hansel and Gretel and Peter Pan were eventually singled out as particularly good candidates. Wishing to become better parents, they regularly consult both Mr. Koiwai and Gentaro for paternity advice.
    • To Belial and Nebiros's relief, Gentaro's currently trying to see if his good friend, Tomoko Nozama, would be interested in having Alice as a friend also. However, he was left astonished when he asked them about Alice's origins - both clammed up instantly. He is no longer sure he wants to pry in the matter.
      • Upon hearing about Gentaro's alternate self, and Alice's attempts to 'befriend' that Gentaro, Belial and Nebiros are worried about what would happen if Gentaro was resurrected, presumably because he'd act similar to Alice herself. In fact, they recently found out that when Gentaro died by Ryusei's hand, Alice revived him first, not Kengo. Belial and Nebiros weren't happy to learn that, but were relieved when Kengo used the Cosmic Switch to undo the damage and bring the real Gentaro back to life. The two made Alice apologize for her mistakes, but Gentaro and Kengo forgave her, causing the girl to cry in happiness. Gentaro and Kengo now visit her every now and then, taking her to the Rabbit Hatch and engaging in tea parties for her enjoyment.
    • With the ascension of Mary Poppins into the Pantheon, the two are relieved to find that she has been ever so patient and kind to Alice (and the fact that Alice didn't go Die for Me!! on Mary Poppins).
  • While they are trying to be good adoptive parents, this doesn't mean they are "good", period. As an example, they sometimes join Alice in her search for "friends". Sometimes they start the search by outright hunting innocents they can add to Alice's collection. Raidou and other summoners have been tasked with keeping tabs on them and stopping them if necessary... especially if they decide Alice needs more friends...
  • Despite allying with Mr. Koiwai, Koiwai states that Belial and Nebiros are not allowed within vicinity of Yotsuba. Considering what would happen to poor Yotsuba if Alice went Die for Me!, the demons agreed.

    Jack Harkness 
Jack Harkness, God of Pansexual Immortals (Captain Jack, The Face of Boe)

Nyarko, Goddess of Idiot Hairs and Manic Girlfriends (Nyarlathotep Yasaka, The Crawling Chaos, Slacker Breaker, Nyaruko, Nyarlko)
Full Force Form 

Lesser Gods

     Aoi Sakuraba 
Aoi Sakuraba, Goddess of Devotion (Aoi-chan)

    Bell Cranel 
Bell Cranel, God of The Dulcinea Effect (Little Rookie, Tomato Boy (formerly))
  • Rank: Lesser God
  • Symbol: A white rabbit with red eyes
  • Alignment: Neutral Good
  • Portfolio: Animal Motifs, Badass Adorable, Determinator, Emotional Powers, Farm Boy, Heroic Albino, I Just Want to Be Badass, Incorruptible Pure Pureness, Keet, Kid Hero, Magic Knight, Nice Guy, Took a Level in Badass, When All You Have Is a Hammer
  • Domains: Fire, Lightning, Rabbits, Love
  • Allies: The Killer Rabbit of Caerbannog (More like a pet, actually), Momo Belia Deviluke, Jurai Andou, Kazuto Kirigaya and Asuna Yuuki, Kite, The Time Goddess, Ceri
  • Enemies: Tewi Inaba, The Keeper, The Reaper, the Warmech, Black Mage,
  • High Priest: Hiro
  • One night, Bell "woke up" and found himself in the bed of a temple in the Pantheon. He immediately got into the mindset that this had to be a dream. Originally people tried to correct him, but as it was soon found that since he was still nowhere near the love of his life, Ais, he needs to think he isn't a hero yet so that he can strive to be more like her.
  • Befriended fellow dungeon-delvers Kirito, Asuna, Kite and Ceri, and often works with them to take on some of the Pantheon's assorted dungeons.
  • Speaking of Ais, upon his ascension Bell noted that Aiz had not ascended and was quite upset by it. The Council see no harm in this, since in many ways Aiz is more oblivious than he is. What she'd ascend for is currently unknown.
  • Upon ascending, a certain killer rabbit (much like Bell himself) immediately took a shine to him. Tewi is actually extremely jealous of Bell, and after one prank of hers relationships between the two have actually gotten pretty heated. Bell does NOT like Tewi.
  • At one point Bell casually revealed that he became an adventurer because he wanted to find a harem. Momo Belia's ears perked up, and she immediately went about "helping him". Bell has tried to point out that he abandoned the idea for a monogamous relationship with Ais, but Momo doesn't seem to be listening.
  • Jurai Andou and Bell, however, have a significantly more friendly relationship. They seem to love arguing about whether heroes or villains are cooler, and the fact that Bell has actual fire powers does not deter Jurai at all.
  • Bell can often be seen in the House of Gaming trying to get stronger. As a result he gets along with Kirito and Asuna. Both sound the same and enjoy level grinding so it makes sense for him.
  • Bell is horrified by how the Keeper brainwashes adventurers, and he has a hard time believing Black Mage can do the things he does. Thus, Bell immediately proved he was no slouch when he plowed through a good deal of the Keeper's own dungeon along with Kirito, Asuna, and Kite. He nearly got to fight the Keeper, but the combination of thunderbolts and all the powerful enemies forced him to retreat due to massive damage. It's a good thing too. He nearly died.
  • Zeus seems to have taken interest in Bell. When other gods who knew of Bell's heritage explained to him that it wasn't him specifically he was descended from, nor was he actually descended from him, he seemed to have kept his eye off him, though.
  • After Bell ascended, gods speculated that the seemingly friendly relationship between the Time Goddess and Bell might be the reason why he levels up so quick;y... But as it turns out it's just a skill that he himself is not aware of.

Cuuko, Goddess of Incompatible Orientation (Cthugha Yasaka, The Living Flame, the Burning One, The Ravening Chaos, Queen, Kuuko, Cthuko)
Cross Fire Sequence 
  • Lesser Goddess (Intermediate Goddess in Cross Fire Sequence form)
  • Symbol: A large fireball surrounded by Attack Drones
  • Alignment: Chaotic Good
  • Portfolio: Having Fire Powers, Mega Twintails, Psycho Lesbian, which eventually turn into Two Target Sexuality, Harem Seeker, Gamer Chick, Vapor Wear, Attack Drones, Mad Love, Sugar and Ice Personality, Moe Anthropomorphism
  • Domains: Fire, Gaming, Clothing (or lack whereof), Love
  • Allies: Nyarko, Mahiro Yasaka, Hasta, Yoriko Yasaka, Shantak-kun, Luhy Distone, Ato-ko Shirogane, Marida Cruz, The Console Patron Units, Chiaki Nanami
  • Enemies: The OTHER Nyarlathotep, whoever tries to harm or hit on Nyarko (and Mahiro to a lesser extent), whoever tries to mess with gaming industry, anyone who manipulates love (especially Raynare)
  • Commonality Connection with: Hyodo Issei
  • Cuuko originally acended into the Pantheon as the "Goddess of those Who Fight "Naked"" (she wanted to ascend for Girl Gamers, but the idea was scrapped), though then some gods felt like she was cheating a bit. Her new position was born when they noticed that not only is she madly in love with Nyarko, who is madly with Mahiro, but she also likes Mahiro for a threesome option, who would rather not have any part on it. And then there is her cousin Cuune, who loves Cuuko, but the feelings aren't mutual. Such, she got her new position.
    • Cuuko herself considers this being a challenge: she wishes to strip away this position by having Nyarko fall in love with her. Good luck.
  • She originally ascended around the end of "Project: Alternate Gentaro" as Nyarko got worried about Mahiro's safety, thinking that she wasn't able to keep an eye on him. As such, she and Mahiro started making so that she and Hasta would ascend. However, she wasn't told too much about the events, especially regarding Nyarko, Mitsuzane Kureshima and Chaos!Nyarko, in case that Cuuko would go on a rampage in order to get revenge for the sake of Nyarko.
  • Her original position was actually out of modesty: in her Cross Fire Sequence battle form, she wears nothing, while not showing nothing naughty due of her looking like "she is wearing body paint". Hyodo Issei thought that she was wearing something at first and used Dress Break on her to strip her naked, only to find out that she really was naked. He had to retreat really fast, as Cuuko was not only mad at him for attacking him, but because the only person who is allowed to undress her is Nyarko.
    • According to many gods, however, the two of them are Not So Different. Even so, the reconciliation between the two wasn't very easy. Some time later after the incident, Issei stumbled onto Cuuko watching hentai. He joined Cuuko - even though he wasn't willing at first, and while watching it, the two came to realize they are - all in all - not so different. Since, then, the two reconciled, and have a quite healthy friendship; now they can be seen goofing around from time to time - for example, they often play H-games together. The two would prefer not to speak about the incident, but before that event, Issei did develop a good friendship with both Nyarko (since Issei's girlfriend, Rias Gremory, is part of the Special Lovers Squad and all) and Mahiro (though he simply says that he made friends with Issei purely for reconciling him with Cuuko).
      • Of course, Cuuko was outright horrified when she heard from Issei's harem about Raynare's wrongdoings on him. To her, anyone who manipulates love like Raynare did deserves to be burnt to a crisp.
  • When Chiaki Nanami ascended, Cuuko went to her temple, have her a tight handshake to show that she has no bad feelings forwards her getting the position she dreamed of and the two of them played videogames for the remainder of the day.
  • Some gods have wondered if she and Tsubaki would be good friends, with both being redheads with Single-Target Sexuality to the point of extreme. However, due of events what include Mahiro and Nyarko switching bodies and Mahiro and Cuuko pretending being a couple, she started to warm to Mahiro and in her own words, "I will carry Nyarko's child, the boy will carry mine."
    • Cuuko does think that Tsubaki thinking Jin as her love interest and as a brother reminds her of her cousin, Cuune, who she made a Childhood Marriage Promise with, which she didn't understand at first and regrets ever since.
  • Is really avid player. Thanks to her ascension, she has been able to play all sorts of games, and he has even offered herself to test any upcoming game consoles. However, her requests have been denied, considering how heartbroken she got when one particular game console was cancelled.
  • Gets along surprisingly well with Patchouli Knowledge, due of both of them having that calm and stoic personality (even if Patchouli is bit more snakier than her) and due of apparent love for video games.
  • Might be one of gods what can access Senketsu's full power, mainly because it would actually be step up from her naked battle form. However, no one has tried to go with the experiment, since no one is sure how much heat Senketsu would endure.
  • Doesn't quite know what to think about Souji Mitsuka due the fact that Tail Red looks rather similar to her. Though she does admit that seeing Nyarko with twintails could be quite nice.
  • For some while, Cuuko was talking really little and has kept on staying in her temple more than she normally would. When people tried to ask about it, she just gave them a letter what read "I have no voice, and I must cry".

Hasta, God of Young Homosexuals (Hastur Yasaka, The Unspeakable One, Deity of Wind, The King in Yellow, Hasuta)
Click here  to see The King in Yellow (2nd version) 
  • Lesser God (Intermediate God in King in Yellow form)
  • Symbol: His two cowlicks and braid positioned like the Yellow Sign
  • Theme Music: Blast of Fate - Hayate no Yukue (only as King in Yellow)
  • Alignment: Lawful Good
  • Portfolio: Having Wind Powers, Hair Antennae, In the Hood, Nice Guy, Adorably Precocious Child, Boy Looks Like a Girl, Rapunzel Hair, Badass Adorable Homosexual, Young, Effeminate Gay, Moe Anthropomorphism
  • Domains: Wind, Hair, Homosexuality
  • Allies: Mahiro Yasaka, Nyarko, Cuuko, Yoriko Yasaka, Shantak-kun, Luhy Distone, Ato-ko Shirogane, Bridget, Laharl, Astolfo, Oren Pierre Alfonzo/Kamen Rider Bravo, Yuki Ashikaga
  • Enemies: The OTHER Nyarlathotep
  • Opposed by: Old Man Henderson
  • "Father": Hastur
  • Originally Hasta stood as the God of Hair Antennae, which he was fine with, but eventually wanted to be close to Mahiro as he could. So after others noted that he had the appearance what a twink would to a T (he is the King in Yellow, so the colour motive is clear) and only really realized his sexuality after meeting Mahiro, he was considered fitting for the spot.
  • Around the end of "Project: Alternate Gentaro", Nyarko got worried about Mahiro's safety, thinking that she wasn't able to keep an eye on him. As such, she and Mahiro started making so that he and Cuuko would ascend. However, he wasn't told too much about the events, especially concerning what happened with Nyarko, Mahiro and Mitsuzane Kureshima, just to be sure that nothing bad would happen because of that.
  • To many, Hasta is the sweetest one of the three who are in love with Mahiro. While Hasta is not a slacker in combat, he is generally a Nice Guy, and probably the one Mahiro doesn't mind the most.
  • Even though the confusion isn't major, some people still mistake him as being a girl, especially since he is in love with Mahiro. This ended up making him good friends with Bridget. He even dressed as him once.
  • Believe or not, Hasta can actually powerful enough to stop both Nyarko and Cuuko. However, most of his powers are connected this King in Yellow form, which he normally refuses to take. He currently needs Nyarko' help to trigger Cyclone Effect in order to make him transform.
  • Likes to visit the House of Knowledge and do unofficial work there, due of him being a staff member of Celaeno Library.
  • Has absolutely no idea why a man calling himself Old Man Henderson is after him. The first time they met, he had summoned Hasta into Michael Bay's explosive storage in plans to blow him and Hasta up. However, Hasta quickly knocked Henderson out with a gust of wind and escaped the place with him, leaving him by the House of Heroes.
  • He was once given permission to read The King in Yellow to see if he could understand what was going on. He actually managed to do so... but had to stop reading it after seeing how his species was portrayed in the book.
  • Don't let his voice fool you, he is not a tsundere (Mahiro is). This has lead to a interesting situation where he normally sounds like Rise Kujikawa, and when he is The King in Yellow, he sounds like Kanji Tatsumi.

     Heart Aino 
Heart Aino, Goddess of Love Power, Herald of Heart (The angel who fights for LOVE and Justice!, Heart-head, Pink Lady, Commander)

     Hinata Hyuuga 
Hinata Hyuuga, Goddess of Devotion to one's Love (Byakugan Princess, Hinata Uzumaki)
  • Lesser Goddess
  • Theme Song: Her titular theme, Fuyu no Owari Ni
  • Symbol: A white lily
  • Alignment: Lawful Good
  • Portfolio: (Possibly) Better Love Interests, Those Who Are Painfully Shy, Yamato Nadeshikos, Red Scarves, Fighting Alongside The Romantic Partner, Retroactive Romantic Introductions, Ending Up With One's Beloved, Happy, Stable, And Loving Marriages,
  • Domains: Devotion, Water, Knitting, Love.
  • Superior: Nana Mizuki
  • Followers: Shinobu Maehara, Amanda Sefton
  • Allies: Naruto (her husband), Orihime, Sapphire, Belldandy, Tsunade, Shikamaru, Jiraiya, Rock Lee, Kakashi, Guy, Juvia Lockser, Itachi (?), Sasuke(?), Kasumi, Fate, Yukari Hinata, Candice White
  • Enemies: Orochimaru, Madara, Obito, Kaguya.
  • Does not pass out nearly as much now that a mortal shell doesn't weigh her down. Whether or not Hinata has ever hooked up with Naruto has become the largest betting pool in the Pantheons, with evidence leaning both ways equally, much to the frustration of everyone. Eventually, the bet was over; She has hooked up with Naruto.
    • She would like to remind others that the report of her fainting are greatly exaggerated. It's also a bit of a sore spot for her.
  • Has kindly refused the advances of Shizuru and Zapp, to their dismay. Bond doesn't even try, less out of respect and more out of what might happen should the bet end in favor of Naruto having a clue. Or Neji, for that matter.
  • Has a good friendship with Orihime of the House of Music, due to having the same English voice actress, and they spend their time chatting about their loves and later their families Hinata normally tries to politely refuse her...."unique" cooking.
  • She finally confessed her love to Naruto, after Pain destroyed Konoha, and fought Naruto in the mortal realm, as she stepped in to defend him. The result of this is still pending (but has stimulated reactions among the fan-followers). However, her near demise at Pain's hands ignited Unstoppable Rage towards Pain, and eventually claimed victory.
  • Despite having seen him more than once, she has never once talked to Sasuke Uchiha, not that the latter took an interest nor having an opinion on her anyway.
  • Is aware of all the different characters that she is shipped with, which has caused her to question her fanbase's sanity.
  • Was previously offered to Kagome Higurashi before the latter took it, which she declined, and is baffled why anybody would want it. Cue the snickering.
  • Had a really awkward encounter with Hikage. Not because anything actually happened, but because all what Hikage did was say "You are not her" to Hinata and left her be.
  • She has formed a close friendship with Kasumi, due to their many similarities. Due to their gentle natures, they rarely spar but in the event that they do, they are extremely respectful of one another. Witnesses have been unnerved at just how polite they are to each other during said sparring sessions. Kasumi has cautioned her that she may need to toughen her resolve when it comes to hurting people, as she herself has come to grips with.
    • There is a rumor that Kasumi gave Hinata a few of her many outfits for 'whenever she wanted a change', including one of her old blue ninja ones. Some speculate that her first child was the result of Naruto seeing her in them.
  • Whatever you do, do not harm her family. Terumi tried to mirror a certain event and stole her sister's eyes. Her response? Well, she's not the fiancee of the future Hokage for nothing. It was one of the most surprising beatdowns ever seen in the Pantheon, ending with her ripping the stolen eyes out with her bare hands. None were more shocked that Terumi himself (For obvious reasons). Beware the Nice Ones indeed.
  • She has been asked (spelled interrogated) at random intervals by the I.S. pilots on how she managed to get her feelings across to her dense Love Interest. She honestly had no idea as she admitted that she herself didn't notice his growing feelings for her.

Inugami, God of Kindness-Induced Love
  • Lesser God
  • Symbol: A red armband with a black kanji for "dog" on it
  • Alignment: Chaotic Neutral
  • Portfolio: Kindness-Induced Crazed Love, Only Interested on One Person, Enjoys Other People's Suffering, Hates Almost Everything (including himself), Jerkass With a Gruesome Background, Gender Bender, Ridiculously Cute Critter, Dual Handguns, Iron Buttmonkey, An Inugami Named Inugami
  • Domains: Dogs, Love, Hatred, Abuse
  • Allies (or people he hate less than others): The current Yandere Quartet, Chuck
  • Enemies (or people he hates more than others): Kisuke Uzumi, Cats and those in close relation to them (especially Francesca Lucchini and Taokaka)
  • Possible Teeth-Clenched Teamwork with: Masato Kusaka
  • Originally Inugami was a dog what was abandoned since birth, with no one caring about him. And once someone did "adopt" him... let's just say that creating an inugami is not a pretty progress. Within his whole existence, only a girl called Kohina had shown any compassion to him, who in return is the only person in this world he truly cares about.
  • Inugami might be one of most spiteful gods in the Pantheon as he hates absolutely almost everything. Including himself. The only things he loves are Kohina and the suffering of others. However, he isn't really open about it, and usually keeps a straight-faced appearance forwards others.
  • He is quite interested in the Yandere Quartet, as he has no problem of their way of thinking about their loved ones. If he were to join them, that would make him the first male member of the group. Well, sort of. At the very least, he could work as the Team Pet.
    • This is why he sort of doesn't like Masato as both of them are competing for the "first male member" of the group and with both of them being jerks to everyone but the ones they love. Masato also expressed that he hates him for being an inugami, where as Inugami himself said in response "Like I needed more reasons to hate you".
  • In reality, Inugami cannot really recall what his gender was as a dog. As such, he can openly switch between a male and a female form, with the female form having dog ears and a tail. Though he prefers his male form.
  • Kisuke had an extreme freak-out when he heard he ascended, thinking that the cursed god Inugami had broken out of Kuzukyuu Muramasa and has started wreaking havoc. With one of his blades in hand, he ran to Inugami and stabbed him straight through... only to realize his mistake. Inugami was fine, though and made it clear that he would have no intention to unseal the cursed god. Kisuke still doesn't trust him, thinking that the cursed god would force him to become one of his lackeys.
  • He gets along with Chuck as both of them are canines who receive a lot of painful abuse.
  • Said to look like Minato Arisato. He doesn't really care for him, though.
  • If there was one thing he openly dislikes, it's cats. Though the cat-related deities he hates more than most are Lucchini and Taokaka due of them souding like his female self.

     Mai Tokiha 
Mai Tokiha, Avatar of Kindness

Mele, Celestial Love Martyr (Rin Jyuu-ken Chameleon Fist User, Rio-sama's Love Warrior)

     Miaka Yuuki 
Miaka Yuuki, Goddess of Chastity (Suzaku no Miko)
  • Lesser Goddess
  • Symbol: Suzaku, the Vermilion Bird.
  • Alignment: Lawful Good
  • Portfolio: Chastity, Naive Everygirls, Mikos, Perkiness, Screaming One's Name Dramatically.
  • Allies: Coraline Jones and Chihiro Ogino
  • Domains: Fire, Love, Balance, Destiny, Travel.
  • As the Avatar of Chastity, Miaka is often in direct opposition to the likes of Zapp, Bond, and Akio, but holds no grudges against any of them.
  • She's the only Goddess who declines the offer of appearing in the Pantheon version of The Jerry Springer Show, as she considers it repulsive and goes against her code of morality.

     Terra Branford 
Terra Branford, Goddess of Motherly Protection (The Esperkin, The Girl Who Pilots the Magitek Armor, Tina Branford)


     Companion Cube 
The Weigted Companion Cube, God(dess?) of Affection for Inanimate Objects

    Lissa and Maribelle 
Lissa and Maribelle, Goddesses of Girl-on-Girl Friendship (Lissa: Liz, Sprightly Cleric, Buttons; Maribelle: Mariabel, Dire Damsel)
Lissa is the left and Maribelle is the right
  • Demigoddesses
  • Symbol: Lissa's gown and Maribelle's parasol
  • Alignment: Neutral Good
  • Portfolio: White Mages, Fragile Mages when Promoted, Heterosexual Life-Partners, Hair of Gold, Heart of Gold (though Maribelle hide the latter a lot), Tomboy and Girly Girl
  • Domains: Friendship, Girl
  • Allies: Chrom, Robin, Lucina, Sumia, Kellam, Stahl, Alisa Bosconovitch & Ling Xiaoyu, Nagisa Misumi & Honoka Yukishiro, Sanya V. Litvyak & Eila Elmatar Juutilainen, Yuuki Konno & Asuna Yuuki, Lynette Bishop & Yoshika Miyafuji, Noel Vermillion, Makoto Nanaya, Tsubaki Yayoi
  • Enemies: Grima
  • Opposes: Neptune, Vinny (Maribelle)
  • These girls are the best of friends and notably very close. Maribelle loves her friend so much that she is constantly worrying when Lissa is off on a mission by herself. It's almost to the point of Les Yay given how clingy Maribelle can be to Lissa.
  • Lissa happily hugged her son Owain upon ascending into the Pantheon. What he told her about the Pantheon entailed all of the adventures and weapon naming. What he didn't tell her was about his daughter, Ophelia, who looks so much like her grandmother. So she's already a grandma before she even became 30 years old (Hell, she could be a great-grandma for all we know).
    • Leo knew about Owain's secret as Odin, but he agreed that for his mother's sake, Odin would be unknown to her, as knowing the truth would be too much for her, in his opinion.
    • It came as no surprise when Soleil tried to glomp Lissa, thinking that it was Ophelia. Then she found out that she's her grandmother, exposing Owain's secret. This eventually led Lissa to confront Owain about it, leading him to scream "NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO!!!!" before Lissa could point out that she was not even mad.
  • Lissa got to meet her ancestors for real upon ascension, including the real Marth, unlike the "Marth" that saved her life from a Risen. She ended up dreaming about the "Marth" despite the fact that he was her ancestor. Even funny, it turned out that the "Marth" was actually her niece!
  • Lissa found a bit in common with Elise and Sakura, the young sisters of the Hoshidan and Nohr Siblings. Though she seem to resemble Elise more than Sakura.
  • The two found that there were several girls who bonded with each other much like their own friendship. They would get along well, though Maribelle claims that her "darling Lissa" is a better friend than the other.
  • Maribelle doesn't like Neptune; despite them both having the same voice, Neptune is super lazy and has a really casual speech pattern.
  • Apparently, Vinny screwed with Maribelle if she was Lucina's daughter (we don't have much confirmation on the identity). Somehow, Sumia would be at the reunion despite never doing it to the other bachelorette's reunion. Maribelle is both furious and embarrassed by such a joke.
  • When Maribelle isn't hanging out with Lissa, she'll usually be with other rich ladies in the Pantheon. She can be a bit prejudiced with the lower class so she is a bit snobbish even toward the guests. Though she is trying to improve herself in treating them better as she would later become the new magistrate and help pass law aiding the poor.
  • Make Maribelle mad and she'll threaten to hit you with her parasol. She hasn't been studying self-defense on "parasol fu" for nothing. She decided to plan on forming a club with others who use parasols (or umbrellas, what's the difference) as a form of self-defense. She didn't bother inviting the Penguin, for his appearance repulses her and he was trying to charm her.
  • Unlike her brother Chrom or her niece Lucina who bear the Mark of Naga, Lissa doesn't seem to have one herself. She was at first frightened of being illegitimate until she saw one from Owain, in which she was relieved. Seliph could confirm that marks could be very strange in inheritance.
  • With the reports of NUNS WITH AXES from Lissa, (or Maribelle sometimes,) the Religious Bruiser thought that she was part of the Church Militant. She had to tell some of them like Alexander Anderson and Irina Shidou that it was just a joke that a small girl like her would hold a battle axe.
  • Maribelle is often asked to make a pass in the House of Schools to teach about 'how to be a Proper Lady, or just a proper high class people'. She's well loved, but she's noted to be an uber strict teacher, especially about the manners of speech, she gets a lot of remarks that she gets into a super Grammar Nazi level for that.
  • Also has a spot in the House of Friendship.

    Peko Pekoyama 
Peko Pekoyama, Goddess of Bodyguard Crushes (Super High-School Level Swordswoman Serial Killer Sparkling Justice)
  • Rank: Demigoddess
  • Symbol: A sword running through a Sparkling Justice mask
  • Alignment: Chaotic Neutral Chaotic Evil when in SHSL Despair
  • Portfolio: Stoic Woobie, Stoic Spectacles, Violently Protective Girlfriend, Single-Target Sexuality, Declaration of Protection, Bodyguard Crush, Master Swordsman, I Am Only A Tool To You, Sympathetic Murderer, Thanatos Gambit, recipient of an Anguished Declaration of Love
  • Domains: Protection, Love, Swordsmanship, and the mafia.
  • Allies: Fuyuhiko Kuzuryuu, Monomi/Usami, Makoto Naegi, Chiaki Nanami, Sonia Nevermind, Mikan Tsumiki, Kyouko Kirigiri, Byakuya Togami, Sakura Oogami, Aigis, Labrys, Hungary, Tsukune Aono, Moka Akashiya, Gintoki Sataka, Setsuna Sakurazaki, Sapphire Rhondanite
  • Odd Friendship with: Hibiki Hojo, Kanade Minamino, Usagi Tsukino.
  • Conflicting opinion: Everyone associated with the mafia, Prometheus and Pandora.
  • Enemies: Monokuma and his mastermind, Nagito Komaeda, Shiro Tagachi, the Yandere quartet, all serial killers, and anyone who harms Fuyuhiko Kuzuryuu.
  • The fourth rehabilitated member of SHSL Despair to ascend to the Pantheon. Like Sonia, both Naegi and Nanami noted that she will most likely not relapse. Unfortunately, neither Naegi nor Nanami were able to help her get over her 'tool complex'.
  • Some gods believe that the only reason she joined SHSL Despair was because of Kuzuryuu. She's refused to comment on this topic.
  • Took over this position from Aigis, who has permanently moved into the House of Weapons. They get along fairly well.
    • Aigis, with the help of her sister, Hungary, Usagi Tsukino, Hibiki Hojo, and Kanade Minamino, have been trying to help Peko with her tool complex and reassure her that despite her subservient position and failed Thanatos Gambit, she's still a person and should treat herself like one. Results were mixed.
      • Usagi, Hibiki, and Kanade are slighted shocked that Peko sounds so much like Usagi and Hummy, while Hungary joined in with the operation for she finds Peko's situation a little similar to hers in the past.
  • Occasionally heads to the House of Weapons to improve her swordsmanship, with a little assistance by Gintoki Sataka.
  • Finds Togami similar to Kuzuryuu. Togami is a mixture of shocked and disturbed by her due to her similarities and differences with Fukawa.
  • Is not sure what to think of Prometheus and Pandora. While she does appreciate their devotion to each other, their actions remind her a bit too much of her and Kuzuryuu in SHSL Despair. The fact that Prometheus sounds exactly like Kuzuryuu doesn't help.
    • She gets along well with Tsukune Aoko for that reason.
  • Upon hearing of Kuzuryuu's ascension into the pantheon, she was a mixture of incredibly happy to see him again, and incredibly guilty for failing to get him off of the island. She did not expect him to burst into her house and apologize for how he treated her in the past. He's also joined the group of people trying to convince her out of her tool complex.
  • She is currently a member of the Special Lovers Squad, along with Hungary, Setsuna Sakurazaki, and Sapphire Rhondanite. She was asked to join due to her devotion to protecting Kuzuryuu, and accepted.
    • Like the rest of the SLS's second division, she was heavily affected by the events of Vienna Burning. The SLS's plan to rescue Kuzuryuu and Konaka failed after everyone got Hinamizawa Syndrome. However, she and Sapphire were both cured by Shion, and were able to proceed with the plan. She was able to disable Nu-13 by forcing her to impale herself with her own swords, but was injured due to Nu having previously impaled her. While Konaka was able to help her recover during the battle, she's currently in the hospital due to the sheer amount of swords Nu impaled her with.
      • Usami actually visited her in the hospital once she ascended to check up on her. Peko tried to apologize to her for how she was treated during the island simulator, while the former was just happy to see that the swordsman is okay. She also promised to help her with her love for her Kuzuryuu once she gets out.

    Selina Kyle/Catwoman 
Selina Kyle Goddess of Attraction Towards One's Foes (Catwoman, The Cat, Irena Dubrovna, Marguerite Tone, Elva Barr, Belinda, Madame Moderne)
  • Demigoddess
  • Symbol: The paw print of a cat.
  • Alignment: More or less Chaotic Neutral, recently Neutral Evil
  • Portfolio: Attraction to Worthy Opponents, Feline Themes, Dangerous Fingernails, Catfights, Stealing Gems.
  • Domains: Thievery, Lust, Stealth.
  • Herald: Eiko Hasigawa
  • Allies: Dr. Harleen Quinzel/Harley Quinn, Pamela Isley/Poison Ivy Carmen Sandiego, Fujiko Mine, Nami, Kuroka, Inori Yamabuki/Cure Pine,
  • Rivals: Barbara Gordon/Batman
  • Enemies: Edward Nigma/The Riddler , Oswald Chesterfield Cobblepot/The Penguin, Lex Luthor, Barbara Ann Minerva/Cheetah, Roman Torchwick, Norma Desmond
  • Opposes: Zatanna, The Joker, Rohan Kishibe
  • Special Relationship: Batman
  • Conflicted Opinion: Felicity Hardy/Black Cat
  • Odd Friendships: Fluttershy, Asuka Langley
  • Here is a rather tragic tale of a woman with a complicated history. One of Batman's most formidable foes, she struck a deal with Felicity Hardy, the Black Cat, to share the title Classy Cat-Burglar. And for a while, things worked incredibly for them. Sadly, their own ambitions got the better of them. Both wanting to focus on gaining territory in the House of Crime, the two clashed over who would lead. A brutal Catfight ensued, leaving the Black Cat victorious and Catwoman without any divine power. Eventually, she worked her way from the bottom to become a mob boss in Gotham. The gods decided she has proven herself to return to the Pantheon, citing her relationship with the Caped Crusader. While she still hates Black Cat with a passion, even she admits her admiration for seeking a greater place in the Pantheon. Selina now hopes to do the same.
    • There was an intense debate over which subhouse to put her new temple in. Some members of the GUAG wanted to put her in the House of Tainted Love as a warning to those who think they could date villains. Ultimately, it was Batman who helped decide current location. While many heroes may fall sway to villains, the opposite can be true. Thus, Selina currently resides in the House of Passion.
    • Her partner Skitty was overjoyed to find out her favorite goddess has returned. The pokemon has been her assistant ever since Skitty ascended.
  • Despite this, she remains on good terms with Carmen Sandiego. Selina still feels awed with the audacity of her increasingly impossible heists. Nowadays, Carmen can no longer pit Selina and Felicity on the same mission lest their arguing cost them the theft.
    • She has also done a great job staying on good terms with other pirates and thieves in the Pantheon. They may not oppose Black Cat's rule, but they will balk with sabotaging Catwoman's current work. She does have a more storied history after all.
  • Among the first to greet of her returns were fellow Gotham Sirens Poison Ivy and Harley Quinn. The three have a long history with each other. While they weren't always chummy with each other, the three stand united. Their first order of business way to get revenge on Black Cat.
  • She has been subject to one of most storied relationships in fictional history with Batman. The two remained lovers even though all sorts of changes: as enemies, rivals and even allies on occasion. Currently, her latest heel turn puts the two directly at odds at each other. While Batman still tries to convince her to change her ways, she always retorts with the following line: "My world is all just shades of grey Batman, that's why you'll never really understand me."
  • Her relationship with the Joker is a much simpler matter, one of utter hatred. Not only has she been the subject of torture from him, she also opposed his former treatment of best friend Harley Quinn. If there's one thing she won't agree with Batman, it's her opinion of putting the clown out of her misery.
  • Zatanna is also those on her shitlist, but due to what she did to herself and Batman. She was the perpetrator in wiping out both of their memories to prevent a gruesome truth in the superhero community from getting out. When it did, she went straight to her temple to give her a No-Holds-Barred Beatdown. The two now have restraining orders on each other. Zatanna's pleas of an apology have gone on dead ears.
    • Because of which, she opposes anyone who has done the same to others. This especially goes to the god responsible for such memory wipes: Rohan Kishibe. The man refuses an apology, citing that some good does come from his powers.
    • As bad as her example was, she would never even attempt to compare her plight with that of poor Asuka. Their shared advocacy against mind rape brought the two together.
  • Has recently been identified as bisexual. Common knowledge predicted that meant some... quality time with Felicity. That went up in smoke due to the schism.
  • Her relationship with Lex Luthor was already strained due to straddling the line between supervillain and anti-hero. Now that she stands opposed to Gotham's chaotic rogues gallery, Lex officially severed ties with her, convincing his allies to turn on her.
  • Often offers Kuroka tribute for giving her the idea of changing her outfit to a sleeker black catsuit. Fluttershy commented on how much she liked the outfit.
  • Is not a fan of Norma Desmond. After expressing her disdain for her vocally, the White-Dwarf Starlet unleashed one of her followers upon her: Clayface.

     Sniper Wolf 
Sniper Wolf, Goddess of Infatuation for One's Own Victims

Soleil, Goddess of Toned-Down Bisexuality (Adorable Admirer)
  • Demigoddess
  • Alignment: Chaotic Good
  • Symbol: The stars on Soleil armor over top her sword
  • Portfolio: But Not Too Bi, You Gotta Have Blue Hair, Gratuitous French, Cute but Cacophonic, Eating the Eye Candy, Shared Family Quirks, The Pollyanna, Hidden Buxom, Hair Decorations, Even the Girls Want Her, Dreadful Musician, Badass Gay
  • Domains: Love, Combat, Dialogue
  • Allies: Corrin, The Nohrian Royal Siblings, Marth, Chrom, Ike, Robin, Lucina, Sailor Uranus, Makoto Kikuchi, Mio Akiyama, Miyabi, Ange
  • Enemies: Grima,
  • Due to being the daughter of Laslow, Soleil has inherited his enjoyment of chatting up women from him while also having an interest in men. Not that Soleil will marry another woman.
    • Despite sharing some qualities with her father, Soleil didn't inherit everything from her father, namely his skills at dancing. Which Laslow inherited from her mother, Olivia.
  • Soleil's way with words frequently attracts many other girls to her, and because of this, Soleil is good friends with Miyabi, Makoto Kikuchi, Ange, Sailor Uranus and Mio Akiyama as they all frequently attract other girls to them.
  • If you enjoy your sense of hearing to any degree, you won't ask Soleil to sing, no matter what.
    • The girls of 765 Pro find this ironic as they recall hearing Soleil's voice from Yuko Hori of the Cinderella Girls.
  • One of Soleil favourite ways to spend her free time is to spend it chatting up the other girls of the pantheon, however Soleil has a higher success rate of scoring dates than most Casanova Wannabes because she doesn't act perverted towards the other girls.
  • Many deities are worried about the event of Soleil binging on talking to girls as the last time Soleil talked to a lot of girls in quick succession, to break the habit, Corrin slipped some "Magic Gender Powder" in Soleil's drink to make everyone appear as a cute girl. To anyone not in the know, this would obviously look very suspicious.
  • Soleil was very surprised to learn that her father, Laslow, was not actually Nohrian but an Ylissian going by an alias.
  • One time, Soleil went on a stroll to the house of Narrative, there she met Korra and decided to start talking to her. About half way through their conversation, Asami showed up and Soleil was just like:
    • Fortunately, Neither Asami or Korra holds it against Soleil and they're good friends with each other.
    • There have been a few occasions when Soleil has hit on a girl such as the aforementioned Korra as well as Hibiki Tachibana and Haruka Takayama but she wouldn't realize that they are lesbian and have girlfriends but whenever this does happen, Soleil is quick to apologize and assure the girl she just hit on that she's not the type to be jealous of a loving couple.
  • Soleil once thought she saw her friend Ophelia in the Pantheon and proceeded to glomp her. To her surprise, she was instead glomping at her grandma, Lissa. While she did befriend Lissa fast, this has an effect of the well-hidden secret that Ophelia's father Odin Dark is actually Lissa's son Owain gets exposed. When she realized what happened, she quickly apologized to Owain, but he eventually didn't seem to mind about that, he got over it quickly and says that 'it's bound to happen in the end'.


    Tenri Ayukawa 
Tenri Ayukawa, Herald of Hopeless Suitors and the Goddess who only wants Happiness for her Beloved (The Anthrophobic, Dual-Personality Childhood Friend)
Click here for her appearance as "Diana" 
  • Theme Song: MAGIC of HAPPINESS. Alternatively, Kizuna no Yukue (Tenri Ver.)
  • Rank: Quasideity, by default. Borderline Lesser Goddess whenever Diana takes over.
  • Symbol: Her two Hair Ribbons placed on top of a purple Magic Box. Alternatively, the three letters she received from Keima from their childhood days
  • Alignment: Lawful Good
  • Portfolio: Next Door Childhood Friend, Shrinking Violet, Quiet Nice Girl, Hopeless Suitor who would rather see Keima smile, Willing Channeler, Secret Secret-Keeper
  • Domains: Friendship, Love, Magic
  • Allies: Keima Katsuragi (Her Childhood Friend-slash-Crush), Diana of Themyscira, Lelouch Lamperouge (Though he still gives her the creeps on occasion.)
  • High Priestesses: Tina Foster and Kosaki Onodera
  • Friendly Rival: Chihiro Kosaka
  • Shortly after Chihiro’s ascension in the House of Personal Appearance, some Deities ordered further investigation regarding Keima’s Mental Time Travel, in order to see as to how the God of Dating Sims slowly opened his mindset beyond the 2D world he so proudly immerses into. In between the inquiries surfaced the instances as to how Tenri got truly involved with Keima and his mission, particularly the point where he handed her three sealed letters regarding the truth about him. Cross-reference to her dossier revealed something heartwarming, and yet heartbreaking about her: She apparently knew (for a full decade in fact) that, despite her efforts to support Keima, she would never earn the happy ending she desired for both of them. Therefore, out of compassion and admiration for her selflessnes, her ascension to the Pantheon proper was recommended (as spearheaded by some of the deities of this very house), and the rest is history.
  • Outside the House of Love, she has also gained the admiration of Wonder Woman, partly for embracing the truth with little to no regrets and making sure that the said truth would not go unnoticed, and partly because of the Jupiter Sister (Her namesake, even) filling the gap in Tenri’s heart. She promised to look after her while she’s in the Pantheon.
  • While Tenri knew of Chihiro’s involvement in Keima’s life, she has yet to personally meet the woman who has captured the heart of the God of Conquest. According to her, it was probably for the best that she don't meet her for now, lest things become a lot more complicated than they were before her ascension. Nonetheless, she doesn’t ignore the possibility of properly settling matters with her, without the unnecessary bad consequences.
  • Despite being shy, she doesn’t mind approaching other deities from time to time. She is rather bothered with Lelouch though, as he treats her like how he treats his younger sister Nunnally. May have something to do with Tenri having the same voice as her.