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Series: Ultraman Cosmos

Ultraman Cosmos was created in the wake of the 35th anniversary of Ultraman, and is one of the most controversial series in the entire Ultra franchise. The series aims for a kinder, gentler Ultra Hero with emphasis on saving the monsters rather then destroying them, and a hero who fights very defensively. Still, here's the story as quoted from the Other Wiki:

"A kinder, gentler Ultra hero was released in the summer of 2001 to coincide with the 35th anniversary of the original Ultraman. The launch of the TV show is quickly followed by a feature film prequel, and is the first time for an Ultra movie and TV series to be so closely linked. Following recent trends, Cosmos is another type-changing Ultraman, with the all-blue Luna and asymmetrical red and blue Corona modes. The modes represent a "gentle" side and a "strong" side, respectively. Later in the series, Cosmos also develops the "courageous" Eclipse mode, with a symmetrical blue, red, and gold design. The series was extended to 65 episodes, which makes it the longest-running in the franchise to date.

This series is preceded by the feature film Ultraman Cosmos: The First Contact. The TV series takes place eight years after the events in the movie, when monsters are once again plaguing humanity. Now Musashi is a 19-year-old young man. He joins a wing of SRC known as Team EYES. Musashi encounters Cosmos again, and the two merge to defend the Earth.

The recurring villain in this series is the Chaos Header, a virus that either infects monsters or replicates them, creating a more violent and aggressive version."

This series is also notable as being the longest TV series of the franchise, with 65 episodes, and three movies. Again the series is very Lighter and Softer and can be very polarizing; still most Ultrafans agree the movies are awesome.

Ultraman Cosmos provides examples of the following tropes:

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