YMMV / Ultraman Cosmos

  • Archive Panic: At 65 episodes and 3 movies, it's one of the longest series in the franchise. And as noted below, it's a bit of a polarizing series, so if you don't like the Lighter and Softer tone, it's going to be worse than if you do.
  • Broken Base: As noted on the main page, this is a very polarizing series - mind you, this only applies to the TV series. The movies for the series are generally well-liked.
  • Crack Is Cheaper: As with all 1970's-2000's Ultra Series toys, finding them in a good price online can be considerably difficult.
    • To make matters worst, the 3 Asia-exclusive Ultraman Cosmos poseable action figures is very, VERY difficult to find.
  • Ensemble Darkhorse: The Chaos Ultramen.
  • Evil Is Cool: As mentioned in the Ensemble Darkhorse section, the Chaos Ultramen due to them being evil clones to the Ultra.
  • Heartwarming Moments: The act of Cosmos pacifying the Monster of the Week instead of killing them almost made this an Oddball in the Series, but...