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Webcomic: Sandra and Woo

A webcomic about food, love, and other important stuff.

Sandra and Woo is a English and German-language webcomic by Oliver Knörzer and Powree, about the adventures of middle-schooler Sandra North and her pet talking raccoon, Woo. It's drawn in an Animesque style with some western comic stylizations, and makes use of mostly unconnected story arcs. Basically, imagine Calvin and Hobbes aged up a few years, crossed with iCarly, and with some more serious plot threads.

Though the story most often focuses on Sandra and Woo's misadventures, it will also, at times, turn to focus on one of Sandra's two best friends, Cloud and Larisa, or Woo's adventures with his woodland friends, Shadow the fox and Sid the squirrel.

There is now a character page.

Sandra and Woo contains examples of:

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alternative title(s): Sandra And Woo
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