Nightmare Fuel / Sandra and Woo

  • The 2012 Christmas strip. Oh, boy, that squirrel is in for it now for being such a meanie! What's Woo going to do- wait, what is he.....
    Little Fox: May I lick the brain box clean, daddy?
  • This strip not only illustrates a very real fear children have of losing their parents, but becomes a severe case of Nightmare Fuel when you notice a huge chunk of the cubs' mother's leg has been sliced cleanly off in the first panel, with the bone exposed, no less.
  • Because of Larisa's carelessness, 47 million people got arrested for possession of child pornography. There is no doubt that many of them are innocent, but that's not where the Nightmare Fuel sets in. It really takes hold when you consider the possibility of how many of them weren't. Even worse: according to this strip, everybody knew where to find Larisa after she posted the pictures. Let that sink in for a moment.