Fridge / Sandra and Woo

Fridge Brilliance
  • Cloud is drawn in a more Animesque style than the other main kids. He's half Asian.
  • Gunnerkrigg Court seems like an odd choice for a crossover, but wait: Sandra and Woo has mythical monsters such as mermaids and sasquatch, intelligent, talking animals, and animal gods—this is exactly what the world outside of GC would look like.
  • More than any other aspect of her pyromania, Larisa keeps emphasizing the fact that fire is beautiful and that she can't look at it enough. She knows that she's about to go blind.

Fridge Horror
  • Shake your head when Larisa seems overly interested in boys, among them Cloud. Squee! when she anyway encourages Sandra and Cloud to be together. Then find out that she's far more than just a diabetic. How much more, well, 'till later, that's just a tossup.
  • Larisa apparently has Wolfram Syndrome, which includes as the first symptoms loss of colour vision. The first thing she is likely to lose is the ability to paint.
  • The human god of this universe was previously just used for comedy in reference to the Raccoon Goddess' past. What does he do in his first appearance? Casually sign Sandra's death warrant solely to screw Cloud over. Let me repeat that: the human god sets up a child to die brutally so that Cloud, one of the nicest characters in the comic will turn into a ruthless crime lord over his heartbreak. When the devil is a nicer person than God, there's something wrong.