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Funny Terrain Cross Section

We all know that nature abhors a vacuum, and artists abhor large empty spaces on their canvas. That's why in fiction, the underground is filled with crazy stuff. We often see a lateral cross-section of a terrain (mostly in drawn works) which has all kind of fossils (either a Stock Femur Bone or fully articulated skeletons), aliens, treasures or crazy objects scattered in for the sake of fun. Somewhat related to Funny Background Event.


Anime and Manga


Live-Action TV
  • A Monty Python skit where a buried casket is shown next to multiple other buried caskets in a cemetery who all form a bickering community of the dead.


Web Original

Western Animation

Video Games
  • The Magic School Bus Explores Inside the Earth had the bus drill from one area to another using these as loading screens.
  • XGen Studio's Web Game Mother Load mostly takes place below the surface of Mars. Underground objects include religious artifacts, dinosaur bones, Martian skeletons and treasure chests.
  • Plants vs. Zombies uses this as an easter egg and achievements screen. If one were to scroll down far enough, they would not only see references to other games Pop Cap Entertainment made (Like BeJeweled and Peggle), but it will eventually culminate in an upside-down picture of zombies in China.
  • In Professor Layton game Last Spectre, of all places, the top screen map shows this when in the Black Market.
  • The Cave has all sorts of items embedded in the surrounding rock, usually relating to the theme of the current cave section.
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