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10:52:29 AM Apr 1st 2015
Why are Latias and Latios the gods of Venice Expies? I don't get that; that title should go to a place or to someone known for living in or in charge of a City of Canals. Are they?
09:29:46 PM Dec 10th 2014
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In honor of the new Disney flick, I would like to nominate

GoGo Tomago, Goddess of MAGLEV Suspension
  • Theme Song: The Streets of Sanfransokyo (starting from 2:45).
  • Lesser Goddess
  • Symbol: Maglev Discs
  • Alignment: Neutral Good
  • Portfolio: Purple streaks, Laconic Talk, Wild Driving, Engineering Expertise, Cold exterior hiding Good Heart,Gum Obsession,Dark Appearance for a Character on the side of Good
  • Allies: Big Hero 6, Mulan, Queen Elsa, Takumi Fujiwara,
  • Enemies: Yokai
  • Her need for speed, and her major in engineering led to her developing electronically-magnetic wheels.
  • Maglev wheels have the advantage of being suspended (due to the lack of resistance) that they manage to go even faster than normal wheels.
  • Even after developing the wheels, she constantly makes improvements to newer ones for faster output.
  • Later in collaboration with a young inventor named Hiro, she acquired a special suit utilizing her tech, for combat purposes.
  • Has never been seen in the same room as Ryuko Matoi or Mako Mori.
  • She often gives her trademark phrase " Woman up" to any member of the pantheon reardless of their gender.
  • Is good friends with Tak, due to their similar occupations as couriers and even challenge each other for races.
  • Subaru Nakajima has recently invited her to one of her races.

10:47:10 PM Dec 10th 2014
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... You may want to look at some of the other Profiles. There's not much in-universe trivia. Most, if not, all of their trivia is Pantheon-related.
10:59:40 PM Dec 10th 2014
Hmm... You've got a point. That can be rectified.
11:21:46 PM Dec 10th 2014
Bring it over to the Main Discussion page if you really want her to ascend. There are others there who can help build this.
11:23:11 PM Dec 10th 2014
Got it.
12:18:48 AM Dec 11th 2014
Is this "MAGLEV Suspension" even a real thing? No seriously, I have no clue.
09:31:10 PM Mar 26th 2014
I'm not sure if it was discussed, but shouldn't Kaneda be God of Badass Biker and not Tetsuo? It was Kaneda's bike and outside of one scene, I don't remember Tetsuo really using it.
11:09:47 AM Apr 1st 2015
I don't really know much about AKIRA, but according to his spot on the TV Tropes characters page, "he's not exactly the biggest player in the manga, and even gets Put on a Bus after the timeskip."
05:09:30 AM Jun 15th 2015
edited by nightelf37
Well, the position seems to be empty now. I have one character in mind, though biking isn't what she's all about. Her bike and biking skills are rather impressive, though; able to ride up walls with it, climb ladders with it, double-jump with it, and she can hang on a beam with the bike between her legs for an extended period of time.

Or should she be at the position of Goddess of Cool Bikes instead?
08:18:09 PM Sep 18th 2013
Shouldn't Hayate (Hayate the Combat Butler) be the god of Bicycle? Or at least his ally? I mean, Hayate has outraced a car at 80 kph, a sport car at its full speed on a highway, and a bullet train. And prior to the series, he's known as the fastest delivery bicycler in the country.
08:26:01 PM Sep 18th 2013
Being allies with Hayate should suffice.
05:03:43 PM Apr 23rd 2013
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I'd like a suggestion.

Chell, Goddess of the Portal Gun
  • Demigoddess
  • Symbol: the Portal Gun
  • Alignment: Chaotic Neutral, though questionable.
  • Portfolio: Never speaking, the portal gun, testing
  • Domains: Science, Laboratories
  • Allies: Link
  • Enemies: GLaDOS
  • Having earned her freedom from Appature Sciences, Chell was given a home in the Pantheon.
  • Captain Kirk was called on to help return her portal gun from space.
  • The portal gun is not to be stored in the Treasury, since Chell avoids GLaDOS at all costs.
  • She has never been seen near the bakeries in the House of Food

So what do you think?
02:00:27 PM Jul 9th 2013
Where's the theme song?
01:24:25 PM Aug 6th 2013
Never thought of it.
03:52:08 PM Aug 16th 2013
It's pretty decent.
05:59:54 PM Aug 16th 2013
I'm not sure it's decent. Need to put more portfolio entries. Those aren't enough.
11:57:04 PM Feb 18th 2014
Add the Companion Cube as her ally (of sorts).
06:56:43 PM Jun 18th 2014
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I took the opportunity to refine and embellish Chell's entry into the Pantheon. What do you guys think?

Chell, Goddess of Portal Travel

  • Theme Song: Chell Theme Companionship
  • Lesser Goddess
  • Symbol: Her orange jumpsuit. Alternatively, the Portal Gun
  • Alignment: Chaotic Neutral, although questionable.
  • Portfolio: Badass normal, Wields a hand-held, portal-creating weapon, Never gives up, EVER, Should not be tested under any circumstances, Chooses not to speak so she can annoy her enemies, Was told there would be cake, Made of iron, Has an unknown history, Known only by her first name, When all you have is a portal gun
  • Domains: Science, Video game physics, Portals, Seemingly impassible obstacles
  • Allies: Link, Companion Cube, Sona Buvelle
  • Enemies: Cave Johnson, GLaDOS
  • A few hours after her harrowing ordeal in the underground laboratories of Aperture Science and subsequent release by GLaDOS, Chell was recognized by the Gods for her remarkable ingenuity and tenacity. She ascended to the Pantheon with her Portal Gun and received her own temple completely covered inside and out with portable surfaces.
  • She was quite annoyed to learn that the A.I. that had tortured her relentlessly with test after test had ascended before her and taken up residency in the House of Technology and the House of Defense. She only calmed down once she found out that her arch-nemesis would be a considerable distance away from her and had other things to occupy her time.
  • The Gods knew of her history with GLaDOS and made sure that every House had a lot of portable surfaces, so that she wouldn’t feel too claustrophobic. If she ever felt that her safety was being threatened by the homicidal A.I. or any other undesirable gods, she could easily escape to another House through her portals.
  • Shortly after Chell’s ascension, the Portal Gun was considered a valued treasure that would be kept in the Vault with the other artifacts. After much heated debate by the Gods, it was to be kept with Chell at all times as its official keeper. Because the entrance to the Vault lies just beyond GLaDOS’s altar, and considering both party’s history with each other, this was a good decision.
  • Chell remains wary around the bakeries in the House of Food because of the possibility of cake not being there.
  • Chell makes frequent visits to the Companion Cube in its temple, where it will sometimes ‘sing’ to her.

07:02:30 PM Jun 18th 2014
Okay! That is a LOT better. Just need to fix some links here and there (No spaces. Single worded pages needed the double { and } to work. For instance? Use this: Pantheon/{{Weapons}} to create this: Weapons.)
07:03:31 PM Jun 18th 2014
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Sorry about that. Currently editing it as we speak as much as I can.

EDIT: Okay, that should do it. Thanks for the tips, Chris X.
07:54:01 PM Jun 18th 2014
Oh. And one thing. You don't need double spaces when you make bullet points. Like this.

*Point 1
*Point 2

Would look like this:

  • Point 1
  • Point 2
01:31:25 PM Jun 20th 2014
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I changed the bullet points so everything is single-spaced now. I'm new to this whole thing, so I don't know how long it takes for new entries to get approved or declined.
09:36:42 PM Apr 25th 2012
edited by bluerockerdragongirl
I'd like to Move for Caim from Drakengard to be made God of Dragonriders. I don't know if he would fall into war or travel though... Is there even a god of Dragonriders anyway?

11:56:27 AM Feb 14th 2012
I'm changing the triumvirate of Super Speed to Barry Allen alone, since he's supposedly the living incarnation of the Speed Force.
02:45:56 PM Mar 25th 2010
I'm nominating Thomas the Tank Engine as the God of Cool Trains. Objections? Thoughts?
09:12:17 PM Apr 3rd 2010
We already have Ryotaro from Kamen Rider Den-o and Maito from Brave Express Might Gaine as the Gods of Cool Trains. Why not just have Thomas as their high priest?
06:49:21 AM Apr 7th 2010
Sounds good to me. I'm new to this, so does someone more experienced want to take this one?
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