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Film: Sanjuro
What Wolverine is to the X-Men, Sanjuro(far left) is to these guys.

"You're too sharp. That's your trouble. You're like a drawn sword. Sharp, naked without a sheath. You cut well. But good swords are kept in their sheaths."
Matsuta's wife to Sanjuro

So, you're Akira Kurosawa, and you've made a pretty successful movie, Yojimbo. You had a good star, Toshiro Mifune, in a role that he was born to playnote  Your story was so good that it'd later get swiped wholesale by Sergio Leone. Disneyland hasn't opened in Japan yet so what do you do? Well, a sequel, obviously but what kind of a sequel?

Clearly, since Yojimbo was a dark, serious adventure featuring a lone man manipulating two criminal organizations into mutual self-destruction, Sanjuro, the sequel, needs to be that same character with not just one, or two, or even three wacky sidekicks, but ten, plus a character who misses out on the whole New York Jewish Mother stereotype only by being Japanese. Oh, and it's, the ending aside, a comedy.

All that said, it's still Akira Kurosawa, so it's a pretty damn good movie regardless.

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