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A work that wraps around the awfulness scale to good and keeps going all the way back down, down, down until it's even more awful than the average victim of Sturgeon's Law. These works don't attract proper fandoms and aren't enjoyed in themselves they have neither the good points of a good work or Guilty Pleasure nor the charm of a So Bad, It's Good work; they simply draw attention out of a perverse sense of fascination. The French term for these works is "navet" ("radish" in English), a nod to how the vegetable of the same name tastes when overcooked (really bad; there is literally no amount of salt or sugar that can save it from being crap). Not to be confused with "nanar".

If you plan to seek out these works, note that prolonged exposure can cause wooziness, depression, weakening of one's grasp on reality, and banging your head against the wall repeatedly.

Works this bad are found in nearly all media, but the basic "I can't watch, but I can't look away" properties are constant enough for them to be united under one name. For all intents and purposes, such strokes of anti-genius are unique the way they fit together (or fall apart) can't be reproduced. Moreover, if it's impossible to imagine a parody of it, it probably counts.

From another perspective, consider a possible negative value on the classic "5-star" scale (and there's a film website which does exactly that). The farther away the work in question scores from zero, in either direction, the more entertaining it is to watch. The closer to zero it is, the more it tends towards this Trope.

Horrible works can have enjoyable reviews, as they allow a reviewer to exercise his/her writing skills to the fullest. If the reviews are uniformly more entertaining than the work, then the work is almost certainly horrible. Occasionally, you'll see one (or miraculously two) slices of Ham and Cheese to enjoy. Some, but not necessarily all examples of this Trope can be MSTed well.

While these works may insult their respective forms of media, they serve an essential purpose after all, without the "0", a perfect "10" would have little meaning.

The "really bad" stuff has been broken down by medium. Please remember to add only outstanding examples of suckitude to each of the individual categories. Just because you and some people you know don't like it doesn't mean it's Horrible. This is not the same as Complaining About Shows You Don't Like, since popular series are by their very nature excluded from this Trope; see Hype Backlash instead. Likewise, don't remove something from the lists unless you and several people you know think it's pretty good.

Here are some guidelines to help:

Also, keep in mind that just like any good work has to stand the test of time for its quality, so does a bad work. Sometimes the work could be incredibly misunderstood at the time of its release. It might be So Bad, It's Good, with the capability to grow on people. Contrarily, in very rare instances, a work might've actually gotten decent or, at least, middling reviews upon release, only to be retrospectively panned into oblivionnote . So when adding things, don't just rely on reviews and opinions from the time the work was released. Try to find some modern opinions on it as well; you might find that the work actually does have a fanbase.

Also, please don't start edit wars. If somebody challenges a claim, don't try to pull the "it's only you" crap. Civility isn't something Darth Wiki allows a pass on, especially since too much bile got this page redlinked in the past. If you want to debate whether or not a work belongs here and why, do it in discussion.

Contrast So Cool, It's Awesome and So Bad, It's Good, although this and the latter trope tend to overlap a lot. Compare Muse Abuse, which may occur both on this side of qualifying for actual artistic talent and its extreme opposite. See also Suckiness Is Painful, when fiction treats these works as actually being dangerous. If one episode or part of a work is this or simply polarizing, see Dethroning Moment of Suck. Most film examples are also Box Office Bombs, though not all Box Office Bombs are horrible, nor are all box office successes good (they can be helped by Misaimed Marketing and Never Trust a Trailer). When this happens to an installment in a franchise that's normally much better, it's usually a very good sign that said franchise is stuck neck-deep in a Dork Age. For instances of bad programming and the horrors of DRM, see Idiot Programming. For those things with wheels that barely qualify as "vehicles", see the Real Life subpage of The Alleged Car. For theme parks and carnivals you most certainly don't want to go to, see the Real Life folder of Crappy Carnival.

Important Notes:

  1. Merely being offensive in its subject matter isn't enough to justify a work as Horrible. Hard as it is to imagine at times, there's a market for all types of deviancy (no matter how small a niche it is). It has to fail to appeal even to that niche to qualify here.

  2. Absolutely no fanfics at all are permitted on these pages unless it relates to the accompanying example at hand.

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