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Horrible / Asian Animation

When we think about Asian animation, we usually think about anime and the like. But there's an awful lot of the rest of Asia, with an awful lot of animated series... and Sturgeon's Law applies to them as much as anything.

Important Note: Merely being offensive in its subject matter is not sufficient. Hard as it is to imagine at times, there is a market for all types of deviancy (no matter how small a niche it is). It has to fail to appeal even to that niche to qualify as this.

Examples (more-or-less in alphabetical order):

  • Ali Baba and the Gold Raiders, from the same Indonesian animation studio that brought us Beauty and Warrior and Space Thunder Kids (see below). The animation's laughably amateurish, being no more than hand-drawn characters incongruously imposed over a 3-D background ("Popeye the Sailor Meets Ali Baba's Forty Thieves" did that better with 1937 technology!). Despite being set in the Prince Ali Baba mythos, a guy wearing a Batman t-shirt and a fat dude wearing sunglasses and sneakers are seen, telling us just how seriously the filmmakers are treating the source material. The plot's ridiculous, most of the characters are idiots and it has one of the stupidest endings ever: the leader of the gold raiders (the main villain) is tied up and yelled at to get out (despite the fact he's tied up)...and then the words "Ali Baba and the Gold Raiders" appear on the screen and the credits roll. Check out MarzGurl's review.
  • Beauty and Warrior, "The Worst Anime Ever," is what happens when you let a financial company make a movie that's not just a commercial. Deplorable dubbing, abysmal animation, and painfully obvious overused Stock Footage. The plot is boring, incomprehensible, and almost nonexistent. Its most glaring flaw, however, is that it only has two or three character designs. The only difference between the two brothers, for instance, is eye color. The movie's one "saving grace" is that it's only about 50 minutes long. For an in-depth analysis, check out MarzGurl's review.
    • The camera has a seizure every time a plot twist happens. There's a lot of random zooming on people's shocked, slack-jawed faces, and those shots are held for a while. It hurts the eyes.
      • Funnily enough, random zooming is a common (and frequently abused) trope in 90% of Indonesian shows, animated or not.
  • Kiara the Brave is an obvious mockbuster of Pixar's Brave, filled with the terribly dated and jerky CGI animation, child pandering dialogue, and weak voice acting that we've come to expect from titles like these. But what makes a title like this in particular so horrible is that it isn't based on Brave at ALL. While the ripoff heroine is on the box, the movie is a total bait and switch. It turns out this movie was actually released in 2011 under the name "Super K", and the princess character was marketed to fool people into thinking it was related to the more recent movie. The real movie is centered around an unsubtle plot making reference to global warming involving a superpowered Indian child who can control the weather. It's terrible too, but at least it's not pretending to be something it isn't. Cinematic Excrement took a look at this garbage so you don't have to. MikeJ had a go at it as well.
  • Legend of The Condor Hero, which is an anime adaptation of Jin Yong's The Return of the Condor Heroesnote . Do note that only the first 26 episodes were actually made by Nippon Animation. This is due to production issues, low ratings and glaring deviations from the source material, forcing them to hand over the series to the Hong Kong-based studio Jade Animation to animate the remaining 52 episodes while Nippon are only responsible for the character designs. As a result the series suffered from a huge drop in quality; namely stiff and reused animations (especially in the Siege of Xiangyang arc due to featuring hordes of Mongol soldiers), same bland soundtrack used over and over again to the point of being tiresome, Off Model close-ups making dramatic moments narmy and the pacing is even slower than the anime episodes. Only a select few post-Nippon episodes are better-drawn but the special effects look fake and did not blend well with the animation style. The only saving grace is that the Hong Kong episodes are closer to the original novel and Jade Animation actually cleaned some mess the anime made with the continuity (such as the absence of Huang Yaoshi) because they have more episodes allocated for them.
  • The Legend of Kung Fu Rabbit (Tu Xia Chuan Qi), a Chinese film that is very obviously a Kung Fu Panda mockbuster, only with a rabbit who looks like a mix of Miyamoto Usagi, Richard Watterson, and a Moogle, voiced by Jon Heder in a Simpleton Voice. One of the other voice actresses is Rebecca Black, and the creators are proud of the fact that they snagged the singer of the notorious "Friday". It has a 3.3 on IMDb, a 2/5 on Redbox, and this review gave it a D-plus. The film got somewhat popular in the US by distribution in Redbox machines and Walmart. Watch the trailer here.
  • The Nutshack is the first animated TV show aimed directly at Filipino-Americans. Horrendous characters (Which unintentionally bear resemblance to racist caricatures), embarrassingly-awful animation, terrible voice acting, and a childish approach to...well, everything. It would be horrendous for something on Newgrounds, let alone television. And if the intro wasn't enough to scare you away... Made worse by the fact that it's a wholesale rip-off of Friday: The Animated Series. Both Rebel Taxi and The Mysterious Mr. Enter have had nothing but negative things to say about the show, with the former calling it the worst cartoon of all time, and the latter calling it the 4th worst animated series he ever saw.note 
  • Shen Shou Jing Gang (also known as Celestial Warriors) is clearly a rip-off of a certain popular show. The main hero is the yellow ranger (though, to be fair, since the show uses The Four Gods, it's obvious that he is meant to be the Yellow Dragon, which is kind of the king of those beasties). Have we mentioned the awful Conspicuous CG yet, or the absurdly cheap 2D animation, or how the two are sometimes incongruent (the chubby Blue Ranger's CG model has the same body type as his fellows)? And why hasn't its licensing agent noticed what it rips off? More info.
  • Space Thunder Kids, an animated movie straight from Korea about the Dark Empire trying to conquer the universe and three children that try to stop them with their Humongous Mechas. Of course, the movie follows the plot very loosely as it Jump Cuts often, leaving the story with a lot of unanswered questions. Off Model plagues this movie as characters (many of which are blatant anime knockoffs) are constantly drawn differently and have very strange facial expressions. The whole incoherent mess was made by copypasting eight different movies, including Mockbusters of Mazinger Z and TRON.
    • Arguably the only redeeming factor about this movie is the occasional bits of weirdnessnote  such as funny faces, random plot points thrown in and out and the infamous tank scene.
  • Thunder Prince. A Korean animated Cliché Storm that makes the Inheritance Cycle look original, it contains inconsistent character designs that make Jack Chick's shittier illustrations look like Dave Gibbons', and a spectacularly gory scene of the sidekick monkey playing around with the constituent humors of a snake's eyeballs, which the creators felt the need to flashback to for no apparent reason. The Big Bad undergoes instantaneous Badass Decay, and the back of the tape gives away the ending.
  • Your eyes will burn from watching any movie from Xu You Ji, a company that Chinese families can supposedly pay $275 to feature their child in a movie. The example linked here not only does completely rips off the mecha from Mobile Suit Gundam SEED and bizarrely use the cast from Monsters vs. Aliens as the villains, it also features horrible CG-rendered kid protagonists in plugsuits. Moreover, it uses music from Code Geass and Mobile Suit Gundam 00 in fairly inappropriate times (the music that plays during a certain character's death scene in Code Geass, for example, is used as the opening song). All in all, the unnerving combination of Uncanny Valley children and countless copyright violations has attracted much hate across the entire internet and led to demands to shut down the company. Here's an overview of their productions.
    • Another notorious work from Xu You Ji features a girl becoming a mermaid. The villain arrives and petrifies her unicorn, but the girl transforms herself into a mermaid to go underwater to find a fairy and stop the villain. About EVERYTHING underwater (and the songs "Under the Sea", "The Storm" and maybe to "Little Mermaid' by Bandari) are stolen and used with original content like characters, considering that the backgrounds and most sea creatures seen are from Finding Nemo.