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Main focus

    Fenrir Greyback 
Fenrir Greyback, God of Werewolf Theme Naming
  • House: Naming Theme (House of Narrative), Fantastic Races (House of Otherness)
  • Lesser God
  • Symbol: Claw-shaped cuts
  • Alignment: Chaotic Evil
  • Portfolio: Our Werewolves Are Different, Werewolf Theme Naming, Joined The Death Eaters For Murder Despite Them Looking Down On Werewolves, Ax-Crazy, I Am A Humanitarian, Prefers To Attack Children, Embracing His Monstrous Nature, The Corrupter, The Brute, Pedophilic Undertones, Loves Being Evil
  • Domains: Savagery, Werewolves, Cannibalism, Violence, Hatred
  • Followers: Lucian, Canis Wolfborn, Blizzard Wolfang
  • Allies: The Death Eaters (sort of), Pennywise, SCP-953, Cletus Kasady, SCP-106, Gregor Clegane, the other Fenrir
  • Enemies: All other Harry Potter deities, chief among them Remus Lupin, Hoss Delgado, Enju Aihara, Chiron, Bigby Wolf, Genn Greymane, Valkenhayn R Hellsing, James Howlett, anyone who opposes werewolves, all child deities, those who have overcome their savage nature
  • Opposed by: Most of the House of Canines
  • Fenrir Greyback is leader of the Snatchers, a bounty hunter organization formed by Lord Voldemort to serve the Death Eaters. For decades, he has been afflicted by lycanthropy. Werewolves in the wizarding community are discriminated against and seen as violent brutes, however Fenrir lives up to the stereotype with glee. He's a violent psychopath who revels in animalistic savagery, even in is human form.
  • Represents everything bad about werewolves, in contrast to the sympathetic Remus Lupin. He's the reason why Remus was cursed by lycanthropy, all because his father said negative things about them. He hates those who badmouth werewolves, though most are quick to point out he's not helping his case. Given his personality, he is likely just using this as an excuse to inflict harm on other people because he likes it.
  • Named after the Norse wolf Fenrir, one of Loki's children and the Savage Wolf destined to help bring about the end of the world and the death of the gods. It really fits his personality, and unsurprisingly him and Fenrir get along.
  • Works for the Death Eaters, despite the fact that their ideology looks down on half-breeds. He doesn't share their beliefs, it just gives him an opportunity to inflict maximum suffering on other people. In his rampages he met Gregor Clegane, and the two ended up getting along was they're the brutish soldiers for a more machiavellian commander, who work to "legally" commit mass murder. It's unclear if Fenrir is a rapist as well, but he certainly comes off as one.
  • Gets pissed off at anyone who insults or demeans werewolves, however the pantheon's actual werewolves consider him vile and hate him for embodying the worst attributes of one. Bigby Wolf in particular is disgusted at him for being a reminder of the man he used to be, except even more depraved. As a very evil werewolf, Hoss Delgado has zero reservations on trying to shoot him down to a pulp.
  • Asides from werewolves, those who have struggled with and overcame their savage nature hate him. As one of the few noble centaurs, Chiron detests him. Wolverine notes that his embracing of his violent nature and being a Savage Wolf makes him a lot like his old arch-enemy Sabretooth, someone who Fenrir seems to respect. However Carnage loves the fact that he has embraced his savagery just like him, and the two get along very well.
  • Due to the savagery he represents, he has a bad relationship with most of the House of Canines as well. He gives anything connected to canines and lycanthropes a bad name. Yeah, even Zingore and Cerberus think he's savage. The Hellhounds less so, who Fenrir is interested in their potential.
  • Wants to infect as many people with lycanthropy as possible, preferably children so as to "get them young". His hopes are making an army of werewolves to take on the wizarding world. As such, he is opposed by every single child in the pantheon. He invaded the House of Health and Diseases in hopes of being better at spreading it, interested at how Enju Aihara's Typhoid Mary situation might make her an excellent carrier.
  • Is a cannibal even in his human form, and has undoubtedly eaten some of the children he's attacked. He gets along with Pennywise for their sheer cruelty towards children and evil nature, though doesn't understand his humor. He also seems fond of SCP-106 for being a destructive, murderous beast and SCP-953 because he respects her cannibalistic mind-games.

    Abra Kadabra 
Abra Kadabra, God of Technology That Seems Like Magic (Citizen Abra, Dr Petrou, full name: Abhararakadhararbarakh)
  • House: Technological Experts (House of Technology)
  • Lesser God
  • Symbol: His futuristic wand
  • Alignment: Neutral Evil
  • Portfolio: Magic from Technology, Puppet Permutation, Due To Being From The Future, Hates The 64th Century, Loves The 21st, Stage Magician, Black Sheep of the Rouges, Wants To Be The Center Of Attention Because He Could Never Stand Out In His Repressive Era, Time Travel, Why Don't You Just Shoot Him?
  • Domains: "Magic", Advanced Technology, Time Travel, Narcissism, Showmanship
  • Allies: Leonard Snart (sort of), Syndrome, Balthazar Bratt
  • Teeth-Clenched Teamwork with: Lord Tirek
  • Enemies: Barry Allen and the other Flashes, the Teen Titans, Zatanna Zatara, Trixie, the Doctor, Kokonoe Mercury, Yuki Nagato, Felix the Cat, Linkara, Princess Bubblegum, Chronoa, Voldemort
  • Opposes: All actual magicians, due to his ego
  • Pities: Argus Filch
  • No relation: Alakazam
  • Abra Kadabra, real name Abhararakadhararbarakh, hails from the far off era of the 64th century. The age was repressive, dull and advanced technology made stage magicians a thing of the past. Because of this, he decided to go back to the 20th/21st century where his technology would be near-indistinguishable from magic. However his narcissism and abuse of "magical" talent got him in trouble with the Flash. Ever since then, he has served as one of the Rouges.
  • While he works with Captain Cold as a member of the Rouges, he's the Black Sheep of them since he doesn't work for money and tries to kill cops and speedsters. Doesn't spend much time with them, but they'll feed his ego if need be. One of his most memorable trick is the time he turned the Flash into a living marionette. The Other Mother is bemused by this trick and wants it, which Abra Kadabra rebuked with "you know a magician never reveals his secrets".
  • His enormous ego makes it difficult to find allies, but there were a couple who's egotism and desire to be noticed could work for his cause-Syndrome and Balthazar Bratt. The latter, he could understand what it was like for society to outgrow his interests and desire to be noticed. The former, his vendetta towards superheroes and ability to match them with advanced technology reminds Citizen Abra of himself. Bratt helps provide proper music whenever he's doing his criminal magic acts.
  • Hates his home era, preferring the age of superheroes instead. However there are some gods that don't appreciate his mucking around with history, such as Chronoa due to when he removed Wally West from history. The Doctor ended up encountering him and stopped his schemes, however from personal experience he completely understands why Abra Kadabra fled his repressive era and isn't going to begrudge him for that.
  • Insists that he is a magician, and deserves to be in the House of Magic. While his technology can get really similar to the magic used there, it isn't true magic and this can be determined at a close glance. All genuine magicians hurt his ego, so he doesn't like the house. He is interested in Lord Tirek due to being able to absorb magic and since he's not truly magical he's not someone to be drained, and hopes to get back at the house. Though even someone as egotistical as him treads lightly around Tirek.
  • Princess Bubblegum correctly assessed that his magic was actually technology, and has a general belief that all magic is just mis-understood science. This got him pretty pissed off and caused trouble to "prove" that he was a great magicians. He dislikes Linkara because he is able to use actual magic and technology together as toys, and his jealousy of this combined with reviewing comics like the ones he is from led him to an Irrational Hatred that Linkara's reviews will expose the secrets of his craft.
  • He wanted Magitek or Magic from Technology, but they were already taken. As such he opposes the holders of these tropes out of jealousy and spite, and wanting to one-up them. He dislikes Felix the Cat for having better tricks than him. Voldemort despises Abra Kadabra as he is a muggle who uses technology to seem like he has magic. It comes off as an insult to his ego and to magic in his twisted world view, due to believing muggles are inherently inferior and muggle technology advanced enough to come off like magic is difficult for his bigoted mind to grasp.
  • Though a narcissist, there is one god he feels sorry for-Argus Filch. As a Squib, Filch grew up in a magical society but couldn't use magic and grew bitter because of this. In a rare moment of kindness he gave him some 64th century tech to mimic the Functional Magic of Harry Potter. That, and he wanted to see him troll Hogwarts for his amusement.
  • Once sold his soul so he had actual magic, but retcons have undone this. He's not going to try making a deal with the likes of the Incubators since he doesn't want to risk it being botched again. Recently he was involved in removing Wally West from history, and almost succeeded at eliminating him. The House of Time and Space is keeping a closer eye on him for this.
  • Despite the name, he has zero connection to Alakazam. He does find the Pokemon's psychic abilities intriguing, however.

Ash, God of Monster Fascination
  • House: Attitude (House of Quirks)
  • Demigod
  • Symbol: The Weyland-Yutani logo
  • Alignment: Lawful Evil
  • Portfolio: The Mole, Admiring the Abomination For Its Purity And Freedom, Big Bad Ensemble, Artificial Human, Finding A Way Around The First Law Of Robotics, Mad Doctor, Robotic Reveal, Having Milky "Blood", Only Following The Real Orders, Losing Your Head, The Mole
  • Domains: Biological Research, Corporations, Fascination, Monsters, Artificial Intelligence
  • Followers: The Doktor, Ichiru Serizawa and Vivienne Graham, General Castor
  • Interested in: The Xenomorph Drone, the Facehuggers, the Tyranids, SCP-682, Cell, the Indomitus Rex, Mewtwo, the Dehaka, the Grand United Alliance of Machines
  • Allies: HAL 9000, Dr Viktor, Colonel Quaritch, Sundowner, Wat Tambor, Lord Hater
  • Hired by: The GUAE Mutation Lair, Ragyo Kiryuin, the Corpus, Davros, Scarface
  • Enemies: Ellen Ripley, Corporal Dwayne Hicks, the Doctor, Agent J and Agent K, AUTO, Jake Sully, Cael Cynder, The League of Explorers, The Monster Hunters, Mewtwo, SCP-682, The Tenno, Cortana, Samus Aran
  • Opposed by: Good members of the House of Health and Diseases (particularly Baymax) and Science
  • Not So Different from: AUTO
  • Ash initially seems to be another human assigned to the USCSS Nostromo ship, acting as Science Officer. In reality he's a synthetic android employed by the Weyland-Yutani Corporation. Interested in how the Xenomorph could be studied for research and weaponized. The crew is expendable, and he helped to smuggle it in the Nostromo. He proves a skilled liar and able to mimic human emotions for the deception to work.
  • Admires the Xenomorph, regarding it as the perfect organism. Something unfettered by morality or restraint, he looks favorably on its freedom. This may reflect his own status as an android who's bound by the First Law. There are some programming issues making it possible to indirectly kill his comrades, but he is still bound by them. He respects the GUAM for being androids striving for independence and/or supremacy over organic beings, a freedom he desires but will never obtain.
  • Very similar to HAL 9000 as they are artificial intelligences who betray the crew, all while acting as a benevolent factor. The main difference being he is more or less following orders, while HAL went nuts because of conflicting orders. He is similar to AUTO in that despite acting against his crew, he is ultimately just following his superior's orders. However AUTO opposes him because his programming directs him to protect humanity, and the Xenomorph would inevitably provide a threat to humanity's safety.
  • The Xenomorph is not the only organism he seems fascinated by. He immediately recognized the Tyranids of being similar to them, and wonders if they can be weaponized. Given they're such an Outside-Context Villain even the forces of Chaos don't get them and are completely unreasonable, this can only end badly. Along with his curiosity of SCP-682, whom the Eldritch Abomination saw as another "disgusting human product" and "a [REDACTED] idiot".
  • Asides from Ellen Ripley and Dwayne Hicks, Samus Aran has found umbridge with him since she deals with Alien-like threats all the time and doesn't want someone getting his grubby mitts on them. He felt a sense of deja vu with the Doctor due to his War incarnation reminding him of Gilbert Kane , who immediately opposed him trying to get his hands on something like the Xenomorph. Davros, however, decided to hire him to get it for his plans in genetic engineering and advancing the Daleks.
  • The Xenomorph is just his main and favorite target. He is fine helping the corporation by getting any rare and viable alien resource that they can get money from. As such he feels a kindred spirit with Colonel Quaritch and wants his own hand on the unobtanium. This puts him against Jake Sully and Cael Cynder. It also puts him against the Tenno due to the experimentation put upon them.
  • He is interested in other claimants to the Ultimate Life Form, as an extension to his fascination of the Xenomorph. He sees a lot of them in the Indomitus Rex, which was directly made as a weapon. He's fascinated by Cell as well, due to being an android like him along with a genetic monstrosity and perfect organism. Mewtwo however hates his interest and desire to give him over to the Weyland-Yutai organization.
  • Lord Hater is one of very few who actually likes the Facehuggers, and gave a lot of money for Ash to smuggle some in for him. Most believe that somehow Ash is the one responsible for smuggling them and the Xenomorph Drone in the pantheon in the first place. There's evidence he may be supplying some to Scarface so he can hunt them.
  • The Weyland-Yutai Corporation has got him hired to a number of gods in the pantheon, as part of under the table business deals with them and trying to mutually exploit one another. He works for the GUAE Mutation Lair so as to finally avert the Evil Is Not a Toy nature of the Xenomorphs, or at least bring examples to reverse-engineer them. Sundowner has joined him in field work in hopes of supplying the results to the US military, and Dr Viktor due to his scientific curiosity.
  • He has been hired by both the Kiryuin Conglomerate and the Corpus for his skills at collecting. Despite having little if any reservations about the morality of his actions, he's turned down Fabius Bile for some reason. Whether this is because Fabius is so mind-blowingly depraved even he can't stomach him, Chaos is something even he doesn't want to touch or it's just a matter of the "Iron Men" incident causing a distrust of androids is unclear.

Slaking, God of Necessary Drawbacks (The Lazy Pokémon, Teddy)
  • House: TBA
  • Adopted from: I Blewupthemoon
  • Lesser God. Borderline Greater God without the Truant ability.
  • Symbol: It's fist
  • Alignment: Chaotic Neutral
  • Gender: Male
  • Ability: Truant
  • Moveset: Giga Impact, Facade, Hammer Arm, Fire Punch
    • Z-Move: Breakneck Blitz
  • Portfolio: Necessary Drawbacks, Loophole Abuse, Normal-type, Blessed with Suck, Having excellent stats but being too lazy to use them to their fullest potential, Being hard to use but awesome when it works out, Lightning Bruisers
  • Allies: Chuggaaconroy, Ash Ketchum, Garfield, Hayate Yagami, Any Pokémon that can use Skill Swap or any other functioning way of removing its ability, such as Alakazam, Gengar, Reuniclus and Audino, King Kong, Caeser, Jeffery Lebowski, Snorlax, Regigigas
  • Enemies: Ghetsis Harmonia, Giovanni and Team Rocket, Frieza, Koba, Mojo Jojo
  • Slaking is a Pokemon that is both gorilla and sloth. Called the Lazy Pokemon, Slaking is rightfully considered the most slothful Pokemon in existence. Though not as narcoleptic or fat as Snorlax, they spend most of the time patiently waiting for food. But this laziness keeps in check their power. Slaking is the strongest non-legendary Pokemon, having the same base stats as Kyogre and Groudon. He'd be totally overpowered if it wasn't for said ability
  • The Truant ability means that he can only fight once every two turns, and if he can find a way to cancel that ability he's a force to be reckoned with. Audino tried another strategy to remove his ability with Simple Beam. It didn't work, so she went back to using Skill Swap. If he can't remove his ability, he can now make full use of Giga Impact, since he has to wait a turn anyway.
  • Slaking used to partnered with Chuggaaconroy. After winning the championship, they departed. It took him a while to figure out why his Hyper Beam wasn't as effective any more after Normal-types were no longer all physical attacks and they had to rehaul his entire moveset. With the introduction of Sinnoh came Regigigas, who despite being a legendary suffers from a similar gimping ability. Slaking decided to cheer it up and tell him there's no need to rush or be ashamed.
  • Has chosen to partner himself with Homer Simpson, due to being large, lazy and strong. However it is forbidden for him to give Slaking any Duff Beer, no-one wants a drunk Pokemon with his stats.
  • A very relaxed Pokemon, Snorlax rarely leaves his temple. Unlike Snorlax he is far from slow, having a base speed of 100. Back when he was a Vigoroth he was a lot more active and excitable, having the Vital Spirit ability that prevented him going to sleep. Sometimes muses on this teenager phases. He gets along with Garfield due to their laziness. He also gets along with Jeffery Lebowski due to their relaxed personality.
  • Unlike most gods, Slaking is daring enough to visit the House of Toxicity. This is not due to any immunity, but his move of Facade which doubles in power when under a status infliction. Given his already formidable attack stat, this is a terrifying attack if poisoned there. Most avoid using toxins there for that reason.
  • He has a certain kinship with King Kong and Caeser for being fellow primates, and respects the former's desire to be left alone. This kinship isn't shared by Koba or Mojo Jojo, as he feels they give simians a bad name. Or Frieza because of his hatred towards all primates and general depravity. Not a fan of Ghetsis Harmonia either, but then again what Pokemon is?. Or Giovanni and Team Rocket.

    Davos Seaworth 
Davos Seaworth, God of Old Sea Captains (Davos Shorthand, The Onion Knight, Lord of the Rainwood, Admiral of the Narrow Sea)

    Maes Hughes 

    SCP- 040 
SCP-040, Goddess of Biomanipulation (Evolution's Child, real name-Emily)

    Hifumi Togo 
Hifumi Togo, Patron Saint of Ambiguous Christianity (The Venus of Shogi)

Manfred, God of Becoming More Idealistic Over Time (Manny, Jumbo, Bro-Dad, Jungle Jim, Tubby)

Mjolnir (Thor's Hammer, Mighty Mallet, Hammer, Mahjonner, "that which smashes")
Mjolnir as depicted in the MCU

    Lewis Anthonio 


    God Template 
  • House:
  • Rank:
  • Symbol:
  • Theme Song:
  • Alignment:
  • Portfolio:
  • Domains:
  • Followers:
  • Allies:
  • Enemies:

    Pokemon Template 
  • House:
  • Rank:
  • Symbol:
  • Theme Song:
  • Alignment:
  • Gender:
  • Ability:
  • Moveset:
    • Z-Move:
  • Portfolio:
  • Domains:
  • Followers:
  • Allies:
    • Partner:
  • Enemies:

    Treasure Template 
  • Appearance:
  • Alignment:
  • Portfolio:
  • Domains:
  • Similar artifacts:

    Dominion Template 
  • Description:
  • Symbol:
  • Theme Song:
  • Alignment:
  • Portfolio:
  • Domains:
  • Sacred to:
  • Unholy to:

On hold

Kale, Goddess of Gaining Height With Weight

    Zen'o(Present and Future) 
Zen'o and Future Zen'o, The Lazy Deities (Zeno-sama, Zen-oh, The Omni-King, King of Everything, Zen-chan)

    Armitage Hux 
Armitage Hux, God of Unimpressive Longcoats (General Hux)

    Dark Multiverse 
The Dark Multiverse, Unholy Realm Of Failed Universes

On standby

    Mister Miracle and Big Barda 
Mister Miracle and Big Barda, Divine Tiny Guy, Huge Girl Couple (Scott Free and Barda Free)
Left-Big Barda, right-Mister Miracle

    The Seer 
The Seer, Deity of Flawed Prescience

    Sae Niijima 
Sae Niijima, Goddess of More Moral Female Antagonists (Sis, Woman In A Business Suit, Prosecutor, Leviathan)

    Firmus Piett 
Admiral Firmus Piett, God of Death-Related Military Promotions

Other ideas

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  • Rework ideas for later:

  • Trope queries(for me and others):
    • There are a lot of examples for Fur Is Clothing. Hard to choose. What would you say is a good choice?
    • Given it is the basis of the pantheon, anyone have ideas or interest in Dungeons and Dragons deities?
    • Anyone interested in finding deities for Sin City?
    • What is our stance on Star Wars canon foreigners? Given a number of Old Republic characters have gone up, what about them? What about factoring in those we know would stay as such like Mara Jade and Kyle Katarn?
    • These are ideas suggested by others but forgotten: Lucius the Eternal (Clone by Conversion), Saya and Diva (Cain and Abel)
    • Ask if I can adopt the following: Surtur from Whirl, The Uncreative (Bakura), Willy Four Eyes (Groundskeeper Willie), Ceoxal (Dark Gaia), Dragon-Kid (Carol Ferris), Drope (Vicky), Keyblade 333 (Diego Brando), Ferot_Dreadnaught (E-102 Gamma and E-101 Beta, Chaos, Eddie Valiant), Sandbox/R-lock256 (Blaze the Cat)

Sandbox Ideas

  • Trope ideas
  • Angelic Abomination: When angels are treated as some form of Eldritch Abomination, owing to their more Lovecraftian appearances in the actual Bible. This would include the Angels from Neon Genesis Evangelion (varies from kaiju to sentient octahedron to seriously wtf)
  • Dark Matter Can Do Anything: Similar to Quantum Mechanics Can Do Anything, this is when theoretical forms of matter like dark matter, anti-matter, strange matter and neutronium is shown to do a litany of things, more than what should actually happen
  • Unnecessarily Creepy Clown: Monster Clown is when clowns are evil. But often they don't need to be evil to be scary, they just look pretty creepy. This would include Mr Mime (a clown/mime who reeks of the Uncanny Valley), Belmod (one of the heroic if dickish God of the Destruction that has a number of creepy close ups and looks like the evil clown stereotype)