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Main focus

    Dark Multiverse 
The Dark Multiverse, Unholy Realm Of Failed Universes
  • Votes: 1(Master Hero)
  • Date of ascension: 27 May(repost 21 and 24 May)
  • Description: A mirror of the DC Multiverse where everything goes wrong
  • Symbol: A pitch-black sphere, with a red "-52" in the center
  • Alignment: Chaotic Evil
  • Portfolio: Crapsack MULTIVERSE, Expendable Alternate Universe Deconstructed, Darker and Edgier Multiverse, Represents Everything That Could Have Gone Wrong With The DC Superheroes, Alliance of Alternates
  • Domains: Corruption, Doom, Chaos, Suffering, Hopelessness
  • Unholy to: Everyone in the DC Multiverse, especially Bruce Wayne
  • Underneath the DC Multiverse is a shadow, a Dark Multiverse. A reality home to every fear, every bad decision, everything that could go wrong. Unstable universes destined for doom, showing what happens when things go wrong with the main DC Universe. These failed universes were meant to be disposed of. But the Dragon to devour them, Barbatos, had other ideas.
  • The Dark Multiverse is said to embody the worst case scenarios, and Batman has a lot of worst case scenarios. That's why the Psycho Rangers who emerged to the main DC Universe were all evil Bruce Waynes. Now that the Dark Multiverse has expanded to the pantheon, it has spawned whole galaxies born from dark and morally questionable or powerful and potentially dangerous heroes going out of hand come from. Realms where Guts became the sixth Godhand in his quest for revenge, for instance.
  • Upon its ascension a new super-universe called Earth Negative 53 came into existence, which serves as the Dark Multiverse's answer to the Trope Pantheon. In it are realms where Cosmos is dead and Melkor reigns supreme, YHVH has destroyed free will, Lucifer's schemes have reduced everything to an anarchistic hellhole, machines have wiped out all humanity and nothing but an armada of zombies is left. The cosmic entities dedicated to preserving the Trope Pantheon have put this area under maximum security, locking Earth -53 up and throwing away the key. But rumor has it that some are escaping.
  • The DC Multiverse is made of positive matter, the Antimatter Universe is made of antimatter and the Dark Multiverse is made of dark matter. Nibbler was very nervous given he excretes dark matter that there might be a connection made between him and it. As Black Lanterns are heavily tied to dark matter, it was thought that he might be responsible for the realm's ascension. He's not, and is seriously indignant at this accusation. The Dark Multiverse is a perversion of dark matter in his eyes, a realm which embodies all he sees wrong with life. Even he sees it as abominable.
  • Merged Zamasu was both horrified and jubilant at learning about the Dark Multiverse. A realm created by the living fears and failures of people, it's the perfect reflection of all he sees wrong with mortals. It is horrifying for embodying that, and the best proof he has for his view that Humans Are Bastards and his cause is validated. It is also proof of what the inattentiveness of the gods will get you, since the Dragon Barbatos abandoned his job of disposing of these inherently broken realms, which tainted the main multiverse. While his argument has legs to stand on, Zamasu's inherent hypocrisy prevents him from realizing he's Not So Different: when reduced to Infinite Zamasu, Zamasu utterly corrupted the Future Trunks timeline into something so malignant it threatened the other timelines, and had to be completely erased. In other words, he became a Dark Multiverse in his own rights, one even worse than the actual Dark Multiverse.

Mule, God of Being Organic All Along (Mosco, Universe 3's God of Destruction)
Click here to see his true form 
  • House: Cybernetics And Enhancements (House of Technology)
  • Overdeity
  • Symbol: The Universe 3 emblem, a stylized targeting rectile
  • Alignment: Lawful Neutral
  • Portfolio: Turns Out To Be An Imp Piloting A Humongous Mecha As A Big Twist, Intelligible Unintelligible, Well-Rounded And Disciplined Destroyer Deity, Boring, but Practical, Having A More Dangerous Team Than It Seems Because Of Being Well-Prepared, Eye Beams, Edible Theme Naming, Reference To Luud, The "Original" God of Destruction, Ambiguous Situation, Face Death with Dignity
  • Domains: Destruction, Technology, Spirituality, Mechs, Logic
  • Herald: His angel and attendant, Kampari
  • Interested in: Hana Song, the rest of his house
  • Superior: Present and Future Zen'o
  • Allies: Optimus Prime, Asura, Ganesha, Galactus, Yveltal, Android 17
  • Respects: Destruction of the Endless, the more responsible and competent deities like Izaya, Ra, Hestia
  • On speaking terms with: Team Universe 7 (except Frieza)
  • Enemies: Merged Zamasu (murderer of his future counterpart), Nekron, Apophis and the Grand United Alliance of Destruction, SKYNET, Sigma, Nurgle, Bandos
  • Disrespects: Easily distracted and Jerkass Gods like Zeus, The Flying Spaghetti Monster
  • A bit annoyed by: Lord Genome
  • Uncertain on: Beerus (Universe 7 equivalent)
  • Each universe has a God of Destruction as they do a Supreme Kai and angel attendant, Universe 3 being no different. Presiding over destruction there is Mosco, an intelligent and practical deity. He governs the Spiritual Universe, an intellectually advanced universe with emphasis on technology. Though he seems like a robot, which given what his universe it's easy to see him as such, he is in fact an imp called Mule who pilots a mech suit. He very rarely gets out of the suit.
  • Doesn't get out of his suit, and wants the pantheon to refer to him as Mosco instead of Mule. It is unclear if he's actually weak without it, has a height complex, or it serves another purpose. In the Mosco suit he only speaks in beeps, with his angel Kampari translating for him. It's kind of like the relationship between R2-D2 and C-3PO, except without the snark. Interestingly C-3PO can understand the Mosco suit perfectly, and Kampari can translate the astromech's beepings. The reason for this is because it's an old suit.
  • Sigma and SKYNET are very interested in the suit. Possessing it will either allow them to control the bulk of his power, or they could just force Mule to be a prisoner of his own suit and try to access his power. Sigma in particular still won't let go of his taste of godhood. Mosco was enraged and immediately began destroying any trace of them. However as they have a bad habit of not staying dead and being living viruses, he was only able to chase them off for now.
  • Beerus may be the more well-known Destroyer Deity, but Mosco is more competent than him. There are better destroyers since his universe is 7th in mortal rank, but Beerus' is second to bottom. This is because he doesn't get into squabbles, and is focused on achieving his goals. In the Tournament of Power, that's winning. His was second to last, but thanks to Android 17 wishing the erased universes back Universe 3 still lives. He is very grateful towards 17 for doing that. He didn't have anything against Universe 7, or Beerus...though in the manga he was still annoyed at him for missing Zeno's hide and seek tournament.
  • Naturally, he despises Zamasu for betraying the gods and slaughtering them all in another timeline, himself included. Though a destroyer, he has a purpose towards his destruction and seeks to maintain balance and good development in his universe. He does not like the Grand United Alliance of Destruction as their goal is to destroy until there's nothing left. Also considers Apophis an utterly monstrous example of the Destroyer Deity, and the embodiment of the negative stigma they get. Not that he likes too much creation and life either, as he feels Nurgle is a colossal disturbance of nature.
  • Planned the Universe 3 team with Ea, focusing more on Boring, but Practical tactics and preparations. Universe 3 has some of the poorest performances, unfortunately for him. They only knocked out one fighter, Android 18. The House of Combat! was not impressed. Mosco was a little bit annoyed by Lord Genome as he's about beating mechs with his bare hands, which reminded him of his failures in the tournament. He hopes to improve his fighters' power so Universe 3 wins any potential future tournament the Zen'o might come up with. He is interested with Hana Song due to learning strength from technology and simulations.
    • To Universe 3's credit, they did last the second longest of the defeated teams because of their strategies, keeping half their team-mates until it was just them, Universe 7 and Universe 11. Their ace in the hole Aniraza is one of the strongest fighters in the entire tournament.
  • Interested in his house. He's been studying the different robotic gods so he can show them off to Ea, who's always a fan of technology and intellect. Him and Optimus Prime came to a mutual fondness of one another, due to being positive leaders and "robots". And while Mosco shares the Destroyer Deity title with Unicron, he uses it in a positive fashion and is not an Omnicidal Maniac. The different robotic, cybernetic and tech-savvy gods are studying his suit for its advanced technology, and to answer the question on how much of his power comes from Mosco instead of his true self, Mule.
  • Not a fan of the lazier, more irresponsible gods. He won't gossip or snark at them, but he won't care much for them either. Feels that Zeus is too childish, and the Flying Spaghetti Monster needs to be more careful with mistakes like causing the Great Flood while making pasta. For Bandos, however, this dispassion is outright contempt. Not surprising, given Bandos became a god by killing his predecessor and thus everyone on the planet. It reminds him too much of Zamasu.
  • Respectful towards the more responsible deities in the pantheon. Personally roots for Ra whenever he fights Apophis. He is somewhat fond of Hestia because she doesn't have the issues her family has. He gets along with other destroyers who aren't irresponsible and/or psychopaths, such as Galactus, Yveltal and Asura. Respectful towards Destruction of the Endless, though doesn't get him quitting his job.
  • Friendly towards Ganesha for being a deity involved with intelligence, which he thinks could help out Universe 3. He's interested in Ganesha due to his father being the Hindu Destroyer Deity. Also, he's glad he's not a musclehead like Rumsshi, the God of Destruction from Universe 3's twin Universe 10.

    George Washington 
George Washington, God of Reluctant Rulers (The Father of His Country, First President Of The United States of America, Commander-In-Chief Of The Continental Army, Mr President)
A portrait of George Washington.

    Sae Niijima 
Sae Niijima, Goddess of More Moral Female Antagonists (Sis, Woman In A Business Suit, Prosecutor, Leviathan)

    Lance Bishop 
Lance Bishop, God of Red Herring Traitor Agents (Serial Number A17/TQ2.0.35100E2)

    Flame Princess 
Flame Princess, Goddess of Flaming Hair (FP, real name: Phoebe)
Flame Princess on her Fire Kingdom throne

    Podrick Payne 
Podrick Payne, God of Loyal Rookie Allies (Pod)

Lurantis, Goddess of Pretending To Be What You Are (The Bloom Sickle Pokemon)

Kilowog, God of Alien Curse Words (Green Lantern of Space Sector 674)

    Abraham Lincoln 
Abraham Lincoln, God of Historical Badass Upgrades (Honest Abe, the Great Emancipator, the Immortal, King of Mars)
A photo of the president

    Lewis Anthonio 


    God Template 
  • House:
  • Rank:
  • Symbol:
  • Theme Song:
  • Alignment:
  • Portfolio:
  • Domains:
  • Followers:
  • Allies:
  • Enemies:

    Pokemon Template 
  • House:
  • Rank:
  • Symbol:
  • Theme Song:
  • Alignment:
  • Gender:
  • Ability:
  • Moveset:
    • Z-Move:
  • Portfolio:
  • Domains:
  • Followers:
  • Allies:
    • Partner:
  • Enemies:

    Treasure Template 
  • Appearance:
  • Alignment:
  • Portfolio:
  • Domains:

    Dominion Template 
  • Description:
  • Symbol:
  • Theme Song:
  • Alignment:
  • Portfolio:
  • Domains:
  • Sacred to:
  • Unholy to:


    Armitage Hux 

    Agent 9 

    Stan Smith 
Stan Smith, God of Forgetting Lessons
  • House: Memories (House of Mentalism)
  • Demigod
  • Symbol:
  • Theme Song:
  • Alignment: Lawful Neutral
  • Portfolio:
  • Domains:
  • Followers:
  • Allies:
  • Enemies:

Ganthet, God of Rogue Drones
  • House: TBA
  • Greater God
  • Symbol:
  • Theme Song:
  • Alignment: Lawful Good
  • Portfolio:
  • Domains:
  • Followers:
  • Allies:
  • Enemies:

  • On hold(may change depending on what will happen):

Other ideas

  • God ideas(15/20)

  • Rework ideas for later:

  • House ideas
    • Characterization: Due to the enormous size of Narrative, I'm thinking of making this its own house. What exactly would I name it? Whom might be the guardians of it? Also, I am thinking of making some more houses due to some being bloated. There are so many different type of expys I am thinking of a sub-house for them. I am also wondering if there's something I could do related to Character Roles that would help prevent it becoming too full
    • Aliens: Suggested before. When it gets to a certain size, I am thinking of making it its own house.
    • Personal Appearance: This is probably the most bloated house yet. How should we deal with it?
    • Undead: When it gets too big, I am thinking of making it its own house. It would be divided into Ghosts, Types Of Undead, Vampires and Undead Behavior
  • Sub-house ideas
    • Faith: When Divinity gets too big, I would suggest splitting it into Types Of Divinity and Divine Personalities
    • Music: When the houses get too big, what kind of new sub-house should we add?
    • Narrative: What sub-houses are too bloated, and what might serve to remedy it?
    • Royalty: Royal Activities. For tropes involving actions or activities of royalty. Would include Aegon the Conqueror and his sister-wives, Asgore Dreemurr, Cao Cao, Gaius, T'challa (Intermediate), Aerys II Targaryen, Jaime Lannister, Richard, Roose Bolton (Lesser), Cinderella (Demigod)
    • Time And Space: Once it becomes too full, may I suggest "Dimensions" or "Space Placement" for parallel universes and timelines, alternate dimensions and the such? Is there a better name? Would contain Amatsu-Mikaboshi, Yog-Sothoth (Overdeity), Funny Valentine, Rick and Morty (Greater), Gargos, Present Trunks, Tsukasa Kadoya (Intermediate), Lulu (Lesser), Gomez, the Unbidden (Demigod)

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