Tropers / Plan Awesome

Plan Awesome is an animation grad student. A life time of watching movies/tv/cartoons/etc and being a giant raging geek eventually lead her to TV Tropes. Nothing was ever the same.

Prone to weird theories and significant lurking on the WMG pages, she's been making tiny ninja edits anonymously for about two years, and lurking about the whole wiki for even longer. She really has no idea why it took her so long to become a Known Troper. Once she's famous, though, you better freakin' believe that this page will be edited to include her name. Until then she'll keep referring to herself in third person.

The biggest derp in the world, and definitely a Genius Ditz, she sometimes comes across as a Cloud Cuckoo Lander. She's also consistently told that she is Crazy Awesome, but thinks that people who say this are liars. And are also the best people in the world. She's also a big fan of lampshades, clever poop jokes, and the juxtaposition of clinging to a child-like approach to fantasy versus the notion of accepting reality and growing up.

Plan Awesome hasn't written any pages yet, but probably will some day.