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Tropers: Joesolo
I'm a sci-fi fan, star wars, star trek, firefly, Doctor who(when it's on here in New Jersey). Chances are if you see a Joesolo soemwhere else on the internet, It's me note  If you see a Joesolo13 it's almost definitely me. note 

I like adding examples I've seen, I also try to fix spelling and grammar errors when I spot them, though I make them myself occasionally.

vandalise as much as you like in the folder, just add yours after older ones.

Also, If I start acting like a dick, and it's sometime after 11:00pm EST, please don't hold it against me, I get pretty surly when I'm tired.


     Tropes That apply to me 
  • Brilliant but Lazy If you couldn't tell from how bare this page is. I have a tendency to procrastinate, too. note  I do a bang up job if i'm interested though.

     Pages Started by me. 

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