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Well, what can I say? The Whateley Universe got me here because of a discussion on why Reed Richards Is Useless. Three clicks later, here I am. I'm a sci-fi/anime nerd with access to Google, Wikipedia and such.

DrunkScriblerian quoted me in his sig line... *Luminescent Blush*

I'd offer cookies, but the baked goods over IP protocol has yet to be finalized...

I'm a fan of RebuildOfEvangelion's Rei and Mari, Star Trek's Data and Seven of Nine.


Love me some Babylon 5, SF Debris and any historical fiction.

I'm a barefooter indoors...I tend to ramble, and suffs yammer, I can't stay still for long, sometimes a talk in HTML and I'm always finding A Good Name for a Rock Band (my brain was broked before I got here...).

I was a bunch of different characters on the Whateley IRC Roleplaying channels...'s IRC servers, put #whateley-ooc or #Kane-ooc name into the Channel field. Hit Login and you're good.


  • #whateley-ooc (ooc chatter)
  • #crystal-hall (abbr. as CH 1) (General RP)
  • #crystal-hall-2 (abbr. as CH 2) (General RP)


  • #Kane-OOC (ooc chatter)
  • #Kane-Hall (General RP)
  • #Kane-Hall-1 (General RP)

If I'm there I'll say hi.

And yes, yous guys may vandalize here...