Tropers / Mr B

"Girlfriend? No i haven't got one, still looking for one that can stand me. "Mr B"

Is a 19 year old guy that lurks sites he finds it entertaining and/or educating.

Play Videogames also collects old videogames, old consoles and stuff that he thinks comes in handy one day. Spends lots of time with his friends cracking jokes and having discussions about everything between how to wash clotes to quantum physics, the later he states is complete mumbo jumbo. Being the bullied guy in many years Mr B have developed a skill to see the bright thing in everything, now after his studies in Media he lives in Sundsvall.

Also plays music and instruments, mostly folk, blues and rock. He owns 3 guitars, a Stratocaster nicknamed The Holocaster, a Levin Delux and a guitar that looks like a H&K, allso owns accordion and a Harmonica.

Likes to joke around and don't mind to pull of a prank now and then, things include waking a friend 00:00 singing Tommy Nilsson songs with 3 other guys.

On tvtropes he adds information from all the good/bad series that he have seen through the years and tries to correct all the spelling errors he sees (Don't get your hopes up high).

Member of the VGF Brigade