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Hello, this is Piterpicher.

After a year of lurking, I've joined this site on May 2017. And yes, I became addicted to it like everyone else.

I mostly do harmless edits, like typo, namespace and formatting fixes. Hovewer, I'm also translating this site to Polish. Translating work pages is my current goal, and then I'll discuss Polish trope names. Best Polish trope names (In my opinion) should be simple, clear, and not too infantile. I gave up though... at least for now. May come back to it.

I'm (usually) not too active on the Trope Launch Pad, because I think we have more than enough tropes, and most trope ideas are... meh. Maybe the People Sit on Chairs rule should end? But if you do want to help out, check out Gameplay Hindering Agnosia.

❗ High priority goal for now: Making a work page on the Geekwad Series, which covers two games: Wacky Funsters! The Geekwad's Guide To Gaming and The Geekwad Games Of The Galaxy. Check out the Obvious Beta in Wiki Sandbox.

Specific things I've done (In other words, Achievements):

Personal notes for myself, based on my past mistakes (Can be used as advice for yourself, too):

  • You don't have to use "Hello, X here" opening your every post.
  • If you're reporting a problematic troper, mention their name.
  • Tell the official policy, not your recommendation.
  • Try to go with the consensus, don't break it all of a sudden.
  • Do not ask for edits on other tropers' pages, even if it's for typos, old indexing or namespacing.

Tropes that apply to me:

  • Clueless Contributor: Downplayed. I know all the formatting and most of the main wiki policies, so it's not an issue on the pages, but my forum posts, especially on Image Pickin' tend to be stupid.
  • Grammar Nazi: More of a Namespace Nazi, though typos are also very annoying for me.
  • Ninja Editor: Has anyone seen a post made by me that wasn't edited at least once?
  • Single-Issue Wonk: Zig Zagged Trope. It's tough for me to focus on one Wiki thing at a time, but when I do, I put a lot of attention into it.
  • Troper Types: I'm probably the Eclectic Troper.

A page on Gladys Chucklebutty that I wanted to make, but I gave up. May try again someday.

"Ladies and gentlemen, boys and girls. Let's hear you scream for... Gladys Chucklebutty!"

Gladys Chucklebutty is a farmer, magician and children entertainer from Scotland. Born 24th March 1973, started her job in 1996. She's part of Blackpool Magicians Club. While her looks are somewhat manly, she's definitely a woman.

Her true name is Donna Collins, since her Facebook profile is called "Donna Collins (Gladys Chucklebutty)".

Links to her website, Twitter, both Facebook profiles and both YouTube channels.

Gladys Chucklebutty provides examples of:

Possible index: Entertainers

Possible redirect: Donna Collins

Score card for Gladys Chucklebutty. 1 means needs huge improvement, 10 means near perfect. Put how you rate it here:
  • Description: 5/10, needs some improvement.
  • Tropes: 2/10, most aren't about her stage persona.
  • Image and quote: 8/10, should be okay.
  • Conciseness: 8/10, it's far from a Wall of Text.
  • Not being too much about RL: 1/10, it's a huge issue.
  • Example context: 1/10, way less Zero Context Examples needed.
  • Lack of complaining: 10/10, no complaining at all.
  • Lack of gushing: 8/10, a little less may be necessary.
  • Grammar: 9/10, seems very good.
  • Humor: 2/10, Piter is too serious.
  • Total: 56/100, it's still in progress.

  • Less than 35: Page gets deleted.
  • 36-64: Page stays here for some more time and improvement.
  • 65-69: Page gets created in two weeks.
  • 70-74: Page gets created in a week.
  • 75+: Page gets created ASAP.

Last rated on 31.7.2017 by Piterpicher himself. Goals updated on 31.7.2017 by Piterpicher, too.

The Pyst song lyrics:

I'm sick of livin' in my livin' room,
I just can't see the shitty clue!
(Doo doo doo) I am pyst!
(Doo doo doo doo) Man, I just can't change my ugly mood,
Yes, I am one unhappy dude!
I'm pyst! (He's unhappy, so unhappy)
I could turn on my big TV,
But no one on there looks like me!
Makes me pyst! (Doo doo doo)
I change the channel, switch the switch,
Get the same old stupid bitch! (Change the channel, change the channel)
Man, I'm pyst!
A bunch of ugly superstars
Tryin' to sell me shoes and cars! (Cars and shoes, that's bad news)
Whoa, I'm pyst!
Maybe my ill mood would improve
If I put Egyptian food in a tube!
Like they say, just do it!
I could go bowling but I lost my ball,
I could hunt pigeons but I got 'em all!
I could go fishing with that other guy
But the only thing that bites
Is mosquitos and flies!
I could go to friends at work
But the boss is such a total jerk!
It gets me pyst! (Total jerk)
I'm changing tires, pumping gas
Which I've got in gobbling class!
Oh, pyst! (Gobbling class)
But every day I punch the clock
And still I'm hearing really hot!
Man, I'm pyyyst... (And he's pyst)
From 9 to 5, I bust my butt
Work like a slave and all for what?
I'm super pyst!
Is there some way I could change my luck?
I saw some aliens in my pickup truck!
Right now, my elders, are drinking champagne
Maybe I could have chocolate everyday!
Yeah... Now, hold on!
It may not be that bad...
Maybe it's my attitude about being too negative
Bumming myself out...
After all, I do have six channels on TV every which way
I have a room full of my medals
I know what to do if it rains
I have an athlete's body
But I still have athlete's foot
And I have a girlfriend who appreciates me
For who I am
Yeah... hey!
I feel so relifted
I'm gonna take me a little nap
Hey, ya honey!
Get your robot off that beast dog
Clean em' before they walk away
But baby!
This is supposed to be my castle
And all I get is pain and hassle!
(I'm so pyst) I'm pyst! (It's his castle)
You may really be the king
But I'm the queen so dig this thing!
Now I'm pyst! (Dig it dig it dig it dig it dig it dig it)
But I am old, get on my case
I only know one in my face
I'm pyst and I've got a right!
Yeah, I've got a left!
So wake up, smell the coffee time,
Go to work or you're history, piston!
Oh yeah?
But maybe I'm lifeless and you'll help, will ya?
And you'll be hootsin' tootsin' alone, big guy!
But I could be there and go from distant lands?
So go away!
This TV is nothing but trouble!
Lemme help with that!
Ugh, this is fun!
Yeah, go to the kitchen and make me ham, baby!

Anyone likes looking at moss balls? Here's some: